Dolan Twins
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This was a very interesting video for us to make. Throughout our lives, we've gotten used to being grouped as the same person by others because of how "similar" we seem being identical twins. People will say things like "you guys" or "you two" when they're only talking to or about one of us. This doesn't really bother us too much tbh but after switching lives just for 24 hours we realized that we are really NOTHING like each other.
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17-Iyl, 2018



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Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo Soat oldin
Ethan is like a normal person Grayson is an organized person that needs a check list or else they freak out
Brooke Addison
Brooke Addison Soat oldin
I was watching them eat there Pizzas and I thought about a video Idead! Idea: The pizza challenge How does it work: Put each topping that you bought in a sepprate non see through bag Then, 1 at a time pick a bag and put that topping that you got on your pizza Later: Once your done bake the pizzas and then eat them! Like if you wanna see them do this!
softdol.s 2 soat oldin
rip graysons wing earring 💔
Jessica Putri
Jessica Putri 2 soat oldin
Grayson does like all the house work lol
Lisa Boyd
Lisa Boyd 2 soat oldin
I have a mix of both life styles
Carmen Roberts
Carmen Roberts 2 soat oldin
thatts not how you make banna pancakes
Sophie Kwee
Sophie Kwee 2 soat oldin
is Bryant📷 always in their gym..??
DanceTillMidnight 3 soat oldin
Grayson is who i want to be but Ethan is who i actually am
Internet Trash
Internet Trash 4 soat oldin
Okay I definitely have Ethan's lifestyle haha
Olivia Jade
Olivia Jade 4 soat oldin
I kinda live like both of them. I hate waking up early so I sleep in but when I'm up and awake I like to get things done and go to bed a bit earlier
Brianna Sankey
Brianna Sankey 6 soat oldin
Ethan’s hair looks better like this
Zoey Channel
Zoey Channel 7 soat oldin
Honestly I’m Ethan’s lifestyle 😂
NoName #6698
NoName #6698 8 soat oldin
Dale Rogers
Dale Rogers 9 soat oldin
Grayson:you look so stupid! Me:you're twins!🤣
joan kilbane
joan kilbane 9 soat oldin
I have eathans life style
Ruby Moon 5
Ruby Moon 5 9 soat oldin
I don’t blame Grayson I love anchovy pizza 🍕 please don’t judge me!
Mireya Coria
Mireya Coria 11 soat oldin
15:05 what’s with the purple light on grays phone
What 2000
What 2000 12 soat oldin
Omg Romeo is in this ew
JoshyDC 808
JoshyDC 808 13 soat oldin
Grayson or the (Ethan) of this vid totally faked that victory royale lol
Riana Wadhawan
Riana Wadhawan 14 soat oldin
6:25 LMAO 😂
Angie Clark
Angie Clark 15 soat oldin
I swear on my life me and ethan could honestly have the same freaking personality accept im a girl like im always getting called emo all i wear is dark colors i wear the same pants atleast twice a week (i wash them i aint nasty smh..) im a rock nerd sksk and i have all my tattoos planned out which include a skull on my thigh and a bunch of black roses and i would die rather than do the dishes and cook accept i have to cook and do my laundry smh.. And im getting gauges next year cause my school dont allow them right now but yeaa that really wasnt any of ur buisness but i literally have the same routine as ethan and its crazy
Jada Crews
Jada Crews 16 soat oldin
Im definitely Ethan
astro 166 2
astro 166 2 19 soat oldin
i am ethans route
Wardah Arsalan
Wardah Arsalan 19 soat oldin
the vid was awesome until Romeo Lacoste came.
Reagan Goodman
Reagan Goodman 20 soat oldin
I have Grayson’s life style 100%
avacodo Jones
avacodo Jones 21 soat oldin
Emi Morgan
Emi Morgan 21 soat oldin
I am definintly like Grayson I love to work out and eat healthy but most of all watch y’all!!😜😘
Dr Sprinkle
Dr Sprinkle 22 soat oldin
My lifestyle is wake up play fortnite and go to sleep
Taylor Faith
Taylor Faith 22 soat oldin
Grayson - How you are around your family. Ethan - How you are around your friend's.
Elisabeth Nickerson
Elisabeth Nickerson 23 soat oldin
Grayson's lifestyle
Tiila Jackson
Tiila Jackson Kun oldin
At 16:44 grayson went from wearing the red crop to to wearing a black top then back to the red top
Babby shark Dodododododo
Why is Grayson so mutch more mature than Ethen
Babby shark Dodododododo
This is random but.......can you get a dog 🐶 not forcing you but it would be cute
Bianca Kun oldin
ethans morning voice
D.I.Y Girl
D.I.Y Girl Kun oldin
Y do u guys always slap each other's butts??
nancy Guerrero
nancy Guerrero Kun oldin
Why does he have a crop top lol
Texting queen XDXD
AROUND 15:04 you can see a bright light on the phone blink by the camera part
Cailin Crabtree
Cailin Crabtree Kun oldin
Graysons lifestyle is better than ethans
Texting queen XDXD
you guys could’ve used your finger to brush your teeth 😂
Liv Michael
Liv Michael Kun oldin
My life style is soo Ethan like Grayson who would do the dishes go shopping and do the laundry list I rather play fortnite honestly
Blast seTics Blast seTics
I have Ethan’s style
Mounia Hertzmann
Why does ethan wash the dishes and THEN puts them in the dishwasher x) u dont have to do both boi Edit: fuck romeo
Old Grayson
Old Grayson Kun oldin
“We are very different on the inside” Me:....THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Serena Maloney
Serena Maloney Kun oldin
Ethan:*pours water on grayson* hi gray *stands there not knowing what to do*😂
Serena Maloney
Serena Maloney Kun oldin
I mean morning gray😂😂😂
Serena Maloney
Serena Maloney Kun oldin
Ethan:your a lazy f***! Grayson:IM BEING YOU! Ethan:*walks away ashamed*
Kiera R2005
Kiera R2005 Kun oldin
Grayson cuz I like to feel the PoWeR !! 😂😂
Alexandra Zsiros
It is just me, or does anyone think that Ethan looks better than Grayson??
HazukiGaming 1
HazukiGaming 1 Kun oldin
Ethan literally mixed an egg with a mushed banana then fried it *He made a banana omelette*
Abrianna Gamino
Abrianna Gamino Kun oldin
Bro when Ethan is washing the dishes all cool and I see his glasses I’m all like I have those glasses 😂💀
Breanne Harris
Breanne Harris Kun oldin
I'm mote of a grayson:)
Lexi's Corner
Lexi's Corner Kun oldin
6:24 😂😂😂😂 his face
Partypig Shane
Partypig Shane Kun oldin
15:36 the way he’s just walking and it looks so real and how the dude didn’t even look at the camera just randomly started walking is too funny bro😂😂😂
Jazlyn Yomona
Jazlyn Yomona Kun oldin
unicorn vlogs
unicorn vlogs Kun oldin
I got Ethan's lifestyle
Ivania Montero
Ivania Montero Kun oldin
29:05 the best part of the video
Nemilia Polad
Nemilia Polad Kun oldin
I have Ethan’s routine but i would like to have Grayson’s. Wait , I actually have a combo of both
Madison Heidewald
every time i watch this, i always realize that Ethan just made a banana omelette 😂❤️💕
Nadine Kun oldin
Ethan you made a banana omelette 😂💕
Alisa Moisa
Alisa Moisa Kun oldin
Grayson = Me like I'm the only one who wakes up early and likes colourful things
Vilde Ik
Vilde Ik Kun oldin
21:30 LOL XD
Mykah Shalvoy
Mykah Shalvoy Kun oldin
i have Graysons life style
Flowers of Peace
Why does Grayson own a crop top?
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson Kun oldin
I honestly made a banana pancake like Gray does just to try it and it wasn’t actually bad 😂
Jasmine World
Jasmine World 2 kun oldin
Why does Grayson own a crop top😂🤨😳
Selina and Friends
Selina and Friends 2 kun oldin
Did you notice at 16:48 Ethan is wearing a black shirt then seconds later it's the crop top.
Katie Parker
Katie Parker 2 kun oldin
Graysons routine: Expectations Ethans routine: Reality A.K.A me 24/7
Jaylynn Chambers
Jaylynn Chambers 2 kun oldin
Someone here in 2019 no....ok🤣😂
LOL AND OMG 2 kun oldin
I’m totally Ethan but I love Grayson ❤️
Cheer Kitten326
Cheer Kitten326 2 kun oldin
21:30 Extra Virgin. Olive oil “JUST LIKE GRAYSON” OPOHHHOHO KSKSKSGFJRBEDJJC ASDGJI BURNNN 👇 Make this blue if yk what I mean
LOL AND OMG 2 kun oldin
“Once you wake up...once you wake up your gonna feel the POWER I fEeL lIkE sHiT
franckie’s world Xx
Avalon Casteel
Avalon Casteel 2 kun oldin
my twin sister is like ethan because she never does the dishes or laundry
Eva Casteel
Eva Casteel 2 kun oldin
i have grayson and my twin sister is ethan
Kaerae303 2 kun oldin
grayson is adorable when he sleeps
Gamer girl Destiny
Gamer girl Destiny 2 kun oldin
16:30 lol😂😂
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye
Hi Guys i have a question.... Is Grayson Gay? Because when he put his cereal bowl in the sink he was leaving then he smacked Ethan booty
Phoebe brown
Phoebe brown 10 soat oldin
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye np I’m happy to help
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye
+Phoebe brown Ty for responding to my question. I knew he dated girls in the past as well just was a random question but ty
Phoebe brown
Phoebe brown 2 kun oldin
Bloxburg Roleplayers Aye he was just joking I’m sure he would be gay with his brother 😂and to what we know he is not gay bc he has dated girls in the past
Claire Ellbourn
Claire Ellbourn 2 kun oldin
U guys are fricken twins why are u worried about using each others toothbrush
Gray and E Dolan •
Do YOu fEeL tHE pOWeR?!
Gray and E Dolan •
Grayson with Ethan’s Earings though...😍
Gray and E Dolan •
Graysons routine is litterally the routine of a 30 year old father of 3....
RocketSquirrel 2 kun oldin
I have Graysons lifestyle because I do everything for my roommates while they sit around and do nothing all day.
Arcadia Salome
Arcadia Salome 2 kun oldin
that face tho 😜😜😜
Lil Mkay
Lil Mkay 2 kun oldin
Come up with a video idea 😤
Destiny Ayah_1411
Destiny Ayah_1411 2 kun oldin
TBH, I’m more like Grayson
Mary Andersen
Mary Andersen 2 kun oldin
Ethan actually really good in that purple and white shirt LMFAO
Callmehaley 2 kun oldin
We are very different on the inside, yeah like he has asthma
Jasper Canchola
Jasper Canchola 2 kun oldin
I hav Ethan's life style
Sophie Gabaree
Sophie Gabaree 2 kun oldin
“He acts like I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do” *spreads olive oil on pizza with a fork*
JasminClaire 2 kun oldin
“you ruined it by wearing it” 🤣
Haylee Marie
Haylee Marie 2 kun oldin
I kinda have grays styles and I don't know 😂
Cj Hall
Cj Hall 2 kun oldin
Eathans routien
laurrest887 SCS
laurrest887 SCS 2 kun oldin
Okay Ethan made banana scrambled eggs not pancakes xD
AVADAKEDAshley B 2 kun oldin
Can someone explain why Greyson has a cropped top in his closet
demodoggo 3 kun oldin
Meme Master
Meme Master 3 kun oldin
THE GLOB SQUAD 3 kun oldin
THEORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! okay so, grayson wants to be a dad but doesnt want to be called dad... with a 'y'. so 'y' is 1 letter and dad has 3 letters and if u add that its 4. and 4 is one letter short from 5. And Ethan has 5 letters. Now, my theory is.... grayson wants Ethan to call him dad. i know.... crazy right?!🤣😂😁👍
Manuel Soto jr
Manuel Soto jr 3 kun oldin
How has asthma
Manuel Soto jr
Manuel Soto jr 3 kun oldin
I do sorry if I don’t know how to spell
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon 3 kun oldin
I'll go with Grayson''s routine 😜😜😜
Queen Kaye Vlogs
Queen Kaye Vlogs 3 kun oldin
Technically I have Grayson's lifestyle...Grayson is younger but much mature. Ps.Grayson's lifestyle is more fun..not hating just saying
fuck t series
fuck t series 3 kun oldin
grayson ps routine is my routine but i dont have to wake up some body end not cooking cause im only 10
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