Two 118-Year-Olds in Bolivia May Be the Oldest Living People on Earth

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Two Bolivian seniors may be the oldest living people on Earth. Zenon and Julia are each allegedly 118 years old, born in the year 1900. If Zenon's age is verified, that would make him the oldest male ever to have lived. Meanwhile, Julia celebrated her big 118 in late October. At a party in her honor, Mama Julia serenaded her admirers on the charango, a kind of lute. Then she tucked in to a healthy serving of one of her favorite foods, cake.



4-Noy, 2018

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char44445 Kun oldin
My dogs high score was 10
Chris Crum
Chris Crum 2 kun oldin
World, Please be agaisnt abortion!
xxIluvyouguysxx 2 kun oldin
I can’t imagine living that long 😂
Katie Mejan
Katie Mejan 4 kun oldin
All my fellow Christians out there, one word: Methuselah😂
Caroline Gilmore
Caroline Gilmore 4 kun oldin
0:04 orth
Red Cheez it / Mix
Red Cheez it / Mix 5 kun oldin
Omg they need some real support they better live to 2023 at least like THEY NEED THAT RECORD
Farmer joe
Farmer joe 6 kun oldin
My nana is 102 years old
Slime Keke
Slime Keke 8 kun oldin
My birthday is in nov 4 that’s the day this been posted so that’s how old imma grow on to be or maybe older
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 8 kun oldin
You just witnessed the second life.
Vanessa Thaine Galindo
Quinoa secret 😙😍
Gevo A
Gevo A 8 kun oldin
Black people be like "slavery was still around in the US back then"
Rosario De Castro
Rosario De Castro 8 kun oldin
In our country in philipines one woman is 120 years old
Lone Wolfgang
Lone Wolfgang 8 kun oldin
They were freshmen in high school when WWI broke out.
Anna Okuneva
Anna Okuneva 8 kun oldin
Blessed Princessa
Blessed Princessa 8 kun oldin
A woman in my country Jamaica is 120 years Sooo nooo they’re not the oldest
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 8 kun oldin
I wonder if they still poke......
Benjamin Welton
Benjamin Welton 8 kun oldin
#50 on Trending!
brianda yanizz
brianda yanizz 8 kun oldin
Es increíble
Lea Keo
Lea Keo 8 kun oldin
Omg they must be so healthy and strong meanwhile I’m probably gonna die soon from the amount of Mountain Dew I drink in a day
James V.
James V. 8 kun oldin
When they still ask for your I.D but you're 118 years old!🙃
simon alvarez1324
simon alvarez1324 8 kun oldin
parece un puto cadaver momificado
Kalub Trujillo
Kalub Trujillo 8 kun oldin
My great grandma lived to be 100 before she died on new years eve 2011, how many people here know someone age 100+
Sam Kennedy
Sam Kennedy 8 kun oldin
Can they talk still ?
Benny Perez
Benny Perez 8 kun oldin
God bless there soul 🙏🙌
Crack Shot
Crack Shot 8 kun oldin
So 119 years ago there was an entirely different set of people on the planet
Rosa Miranda
Rosa Miranda 8 kun oldin
I’m from Bolivia!🇧🇴
Sir Hugglebutts
Sir Hugglebutts 9 kun oldin
She's so cute
Ritchie Navarro
Ritchie Navarro 9 kun oldin
Santiago Bron
Santiago Bron 9 kun oldin
When their parents were alive Bolivia still had a coast.
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson 9 kun oldin
God bless them
john STEPP
john STEPP 9 kun oldin
Two of their grandparents ago and we founded the USA
Icy_wrld 9 kun oldin
At least she is legal
Hudson Criston
Hudson Criston 9 kun oldin
I just want to snap their fragile arm😊
Gacha Cat
Gacha Cat 9 kun oldin
Aww cute 🎂
Jack 47 :v
Jack 47 :v 9 kun oldin
From Bolivia with great really long lives :D
Bob Sebring
Bob Sebring 9 kun oldin
Good for them. Too bad they live in a third world country. Just for the idea of all the advancements that they could of directly have had experienced when it first came out.
Nickibeebs 8 kun oldin
Bob Sebring I’ve been too Bolivia and they have everything.
daniel veizaga
daniel veizaga 9 kun oldin
Ayyyyyyyyyy I heard about this a few days ago. Now I know what to eat each meal
J-Hey 44
J-Hey 44 9 kun oldin
I thought they were like a couple
stop thebullshit
stop thebullshit 9 kun oldin
Oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 118 bhi
Crystal Hall
Crystal Hall 9 kun oldin
Awwe they're so beautiful 😍🤗
I Can't Think Of A Name
See that ones, dead, dead, dead, dead from the neck down, dead to the feet up, but thats life!
Nevaeh Hunt
Nevaeh Hunt 9 kun oldin
Wow so cool
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez 9 kun oldin
Sucks that they will die soon :( Comment on 2025 and tell me what happened to them
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez 9 kun oldin
If the cops see this and think imma kill someone well you're WRONG so don't get that in your head.
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez 9 kun oldin
Just keep me updated
イムラン 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one who feels like protecting them?😭
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 9 kun oldin
They would have been 12 when the Titanic sank, 18 when WW1 ended, 45 when WW2 ended, and 101 when 9/11 happened. YIKES!
Iris Cloud
Iris Cloud 9 kun oldin
Omg! My name is Julia too 😱😜😝
MrQbenDanny 9 kun oldin
" I would give anything to be 100 again..."
jbentley8383 9 kun oldin
And you have to wonder why the people who set the world record for oldest person is in third world countries...and not in the U.S, where we get healthcare and plenty of medicines to "live longer and be healthy."
click my picture
click my picture 9 kun oldin
Awe I hope I live this long
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 9 kun oldin
There this guy that’s 124 at my moms nursing home..
5000 Subscribers with no videos
they should be a couple
jbraunger 9 kun oldin
Looks painful
Plant Maven
Plant Maven 9 kun oldin
Good grief, eating right is a curse🙁
Marisol Rosales
Marisol Rosales 9 kun oldin
Bet not even me would beat the record,for all the junk i eat
chago javi
chago javi 9 kun oldin
amen dios le de mas salud. god bless more years
IriPlayz ROBLOX 9 kun oldin
This is a miracle 😍
Bhone Myint
Bhone Myint 9 kun oldin
In Myanmar 125 years old woman
10,000 subs with no vids!?
*I bet she has the renegade raider*
Smokefatdoinks 707
Smokefatdoinks 707 9 kun oldin
That'd be like being born in 2000 and being alive in 3018😱😱
J S 9 kun oldin
Wow and i thought my grandpa was old he's 100 right now. o:
The Reaper
The Reaper 9 kun oldin
Who tf wants to live to be that old and weak I would only wanna live that long if I was young for ever
Reis World
Reis World 9 kun oldin
Aww truly amazing. Not sure if I want to live this old.
Awesome! 9 kun oldin
If these people ate the food that we eat in the US, they wouldn't have made it past 60 lol.
Bob Bibb
Bob Bibb 9 kun oldin
Legend has it there is someone out there born 88...1888 that is
SuperThischannel 9 kun oldin
Guys. This man is so old, that he would not have qualified for the draft in WWII.
Erik o r
Erik o r 9 kun oldin
Erik o r
Erik o r 9 kun oldin
Erik o r
Erik o r 9 kun oldin
Soy Boliviano
Liam Latham
Liam Latham 9 kun oldin
*buys quinoa
Matthew Wooten
Matthew Wooten 9 kun oldin
I have a family member that was older then 118 but we couldn't prove due to no records
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 9 kun oldin
Wow so amazing how people can live for that long and enjoy life specially when you have a partner
Aimee Martinez
Aimee Martinez 9 kun oldin
Wow that's amazing
WAFFI ? 9 kun oldin
Can they have s*x
Chris Crum
Chris Crum 9 kun oldin
World, I'm CC, a Teal ……...!!!
El elegido
El elegido 9 kun oldin
David W
David W 9 kun oldin
I want to live to see year 2100. I will feel fulfilled.
RICK SANCHEZ 9 kun oldin
He’s not the oldest ever to live, White Wolf was a Native American who lived 127 years
Amber W
Amber W 9 kun oldin
Pass me the quinoa
Typical Tym
Typical Tym 9 kun oldin
I was thinking about this a long time ago. In class we’re doing research on WW1 and I suddenly thought there shouldn’t be anyone that served in the army is alive to this date. Find this in trending and it blew my mind because these people couldve served in the army in in 1918 because they were old enough but I just realized that the military didn’t accept any more troops on 1918 june 15
Fire Nation Files
Fire Nation Files 9 kun oldin
They turned 18 *A CENTURY AGO*
YaXīs 9 kun oldin
The oldest man in the world is 142 he was born in 1888
Cheese 9 kun oldin
If I ever get that old just kill me lol
The Golden Emperor
The Golden Emperor 9 kun oldin
They’ve seen the world change
素妍 9 kun oldin
Okay but the oldest person on Earth changes every other day according to the internet!
dillon noda
dillon noda 9 kun oldin
It’s videos like this that make no nutt November so difficult.
Timothy Demonbreun
Timothy Demonbreun 9 kun oldin
What a woman has lived to be 122? That’s incredible I didn’t know that.
Ricky's world
Ricky's world 9 kun oldin
she kinda look like mama COCO🤗
official Natalie
official Natalie 9 kun oldin
My dads grandma is 100!but she cant move much!😭💔
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez 9 kun oldin
Thats awsome ...
Fabulous Killjoy
Fabulous Killjoy 10 kun oldin
Fabulous Killjoy
Fabulous Killjoy 10 kun oldin
Abigail Cortez
Abigail Cortez 10 kun oldin
Aww but did u see his home tho who wishes they could help?
Abigail Cortez
Abigail Cortez 10 kun oldin
L & L Book Reviews
L & L Book Reviews 10 kun oldin
They look pretty good too 😂
ii ii
ii ii 10 kun oldin
Just think about this, they were alive when 9/11 happened...
naila vivas
naila vivas 10 kun oldin
Noel Leon
Noel Leon 10 kun oldin
Just die already.
golditale butterfly
golditale butterfly 10 kun oldin
She’s so cute playing the guitar
Carlos N
Carlos N 10 kun oldin
Someone from here will live to 125+ because the medicine is advancing throughout the years
John Connor
John Connor 10 kun oldin
I might be just me but these “oldest” ppl seem to be getting “oOOlder” 😨