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23-Mar, 2015

MakeoverKylie Jenner (Author)MakeupBeautyTutorialLookLipReality Television (TV Genre)Cosmetics (Quotation Subject)



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 282
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 5 kun oldin
She looks orange and awful in this video. Not attractive at all.
Noor Q
Noor Q 4 oy oldin
her lips look like she got stung by a bee
Dragon Ball Rebirth
My proudest Fap
T T.
T T. 7 oy oldin
zZz ZzZ that voice ZzZ zZz
Sonia Siddiqui
Sonia Siddiqui 10 oy oldin
People think that slow sick voice sounds so sexy no it doesn’t it sounds like you are ill or for real slow. Another side note she looks like a damn frog, wtf is wrong with society when this fake bitch is considered sexy and beautiful.
Joao.000000000 Lima
Kylie eu te Amo linda beijo
Ace Family Edits
I’m appalled this was over 3 minutes😂😂 jk
Terese Drew
Terese Drew Yil oldin
I love CVS i get all my lashes from there... gets me everytime
charlottedunn xo
Why does she sound really ditzy?
Catta Bonata
Catta Bonata Yil oldin
is she on drugs
Cher Horowitz
Cher Horowitz Yil oldin
Who the hell paints their dog's nails and why?
U- X
U- X Yil oldin
I love the way she speaks
Lui Poppy seed
Lui Poppy seed Yil oldin
"Lip liner definitely changed my life"
Mette Frølich
Mette Frølich Yil oldin
Who's here for the ASMR? :D
Hildebrunn Yil oldin
Her lips move weirdly when she speaks. They seem fixed.
Daddy Dana
Daddy Dana Yil oldin
I hate you Kylie, but your voice is so fuking soothing 🤤🤤🤤
Raymond Pelosi
Raymond Pelosi 2 oy oldin
Shut The Fuck Up
Sam Kirk
Sam Kirk Yil oldin
She is robotic and completely dead behind the eyes. This is especially sad because she is an 18 year old girl...
Bruna Larissa Sylva
cheguei 🙆🙆🙆🤗🤗🤗🎊🎊🎊
boi Yil oldin
i dont necessarily like her but she'd be a good asmrtist lol
Keidi Sanchez
Keidi Sanchez Yil oldin
I hate you
Nick rye
Nick rye Yil oldin
why she look like fuck .yuuu
Haley Christine
Haley Christine Yil oldin
She's so boring before she actually had a personality now she's just bland.
xeizai Yil oldin
Her lips look huge in this video
Estella Fross
Estella Fross Yil oldin
Her teeth make her face look so weird with her lips
Кирилл 2 yil oldin
Gk с Вами!
virgilio Ramos
virgilio Ramos 2 yil oldin
This bitch sounds xaned the fuck out and like her breathe is hot as fuck. "I getttt alllllll my lashesssss"
virgilio Ramos
virgilio Ramos 2 yil oldin
This bitch sounds xaned the fuck out and like her breathe is hot as fuck. "I getttt alllllll my lashesssss"
JLH Edits
JLH Edits 2 yil oldin
am I the only one here for "I love cvs because I get all my lashes from there" ???
damjam borree
damjam borree 2 yil oldin
Guys, I'm in a genuine dilemma here - I can't decide whether Kylie SOUNDS more dumb or LOOKS it, someone help me out please...
shamailah1 2 yil oldin
He sounds dump like her sisters, they have a weird voice.
INSIDE OF PAG 2 yil oldin
last year and she looks like a diff person, so much plastic surgery since then
Catherine Dougherty
It's just annoying because she's faking this voice. She's trying to sound sexy and I think it's annoying as shit. If you followed her before like 2012-2013 when Vine was popular she NEVER talked like this. She's so fake I can't stand her. Such a bad role model
Darkwolf787 2 yil oldin
tbh I'm so glad Kylie goes to Dr. Simon Ourian for her lip fillers now because her lips were kind of botched looking in this video and in early 2015 in general. her lips look WAY better today than they did in this video
KarolinasKrafts 2 yil oldin
Loved your video!
Gaby._ Gutierrez
Gaby._ Gutierrez 2 yil oldin
I fell asleep some many times😝
Jaden Ewan
Jaden Ewan 2 yil oldin
She so thinks she's the shit right now despite she's had everything handed to her on a plate x
Jaden Ewan
Jaden Ewan 2 yil oldin
Chich Cababs I wouldn't be jealous of her success or anything that she has, if I was on the bones of my arse. Jealous, more like couldn't give a toss
영음수 2 yil oldin
makeupby Aidan salty much ?? gosh jealousy is killing you
maufmaufify 2 yil oldin
oh man... so young and already so damaged by plastic surgery. her eyes don't blink together and lips look so weird and her bottom face is like paralyzed. This is just sad.
Jess Moore
Jess Moore 2 yil oldin
Is it just me or did her voice totally change?
Mrs. Fiore 4
Mrs. Fiore 4 2 yil oldin
She's boring.
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym 2 yil oldin
Arlene Fiore like u
Jenny 19
Jenny 19 2 yil oldin
Thanks God for my natural thick lips
lmfaoavmandy 02
lmfaoavmandy 02 2 yil oldin
Jenny 19 same
Jenny 19
Jenny 19 2 yil oldin
+Chich Cababs I do
영음수 2 yil oldin
no one cares
Jenny 19
Jenny 19 2 yil oldin
Her lips tho
Andrea Burtina
Andrea Burtina 2 yil oldin
neo tokyo
neo tokyo 2 yil oldin
I'm sooooo happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks she should asmr videos 😂😂
Karen Suchy
Karen Suchy 2 yil oldin
aliana yourmom that's why I'm here I'm so blown away that other people are the same haha
llgrctps 2 yil oldin
i honestly don't know why she fixed her teeth, i think she already look gorgeous
llgrctps 2 yil oldin
+Honey Moon yeah, just look for some old pictures of hers
Melek Başkan
Melek Başkan 2 yil oldin
wait what do you mean she fixed her teeth????
lakyndal Bradley
lakyndal Bradley 2 yil oldin
she sounds like a nice person to be with I'm a girl and she's not that pretty to me Tyga
lily rodruiguez
lily rodruiguez 2 yil oldin
It is really soothing
lily rodruiguez
lily rodruiguez 2 yil oldin
MSasy Hero
MSasy Hero 2 yil oldin
whats her lips secret?
migwell saceda
migwell saceda 2 yil oldin
Her voice is soothing. She should make an ASMR channel.
Sol 2 yil oldin
i would pay for an asmr video of hers
Queen 2 yil oldin
Look up Lily Whispers ASMR. She's obviously not Kylie but a lot of people have said they're very similar 😁
rosegvnn 2 yil oldin
she has such a relaxing voice
rosegvnn 2 yil oldin
Karen Suchy
Karen Suchy 2 yil oldin
Sol uhh that's why I'm looking up her videos hahahha I love her voice
5sosforeverock !!
5sosforeverock !! 2 yil oldin
niurkasandoval me too, I was like: I'm the only one who see this for asmr, but now no... haha
Melynda Cate
Melynda Cate 2 yil oldin
wow she looks so ugly here.
영음수 2 yil oldin
just like you expect u look ugly all the time .. bish bye
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend 2 yil oldin
When you look at Kylie, she looks like the type with a loud mouth, but her voice made me sleepy
Kylie Caldwell
Kylie Caldwell 2 yil oldin
I love the way her voice sounds it so soothing
kschoeck 2 yil oldin
She should do ASMR
Yahaura Gaming
Yahaura Gaming 2 yil oldin
faze rug likes you he lives in san diego ca and his name is brian
Nadine Hasson
Nadine Hasson 2 yil oldin
Who else typed up Kylie Jenner voice
Ayana Brown
Ayana Brown 2 yil oldin
why is only one side of her face moving
Emilee Palmer
Emilee Palmer 2 yil oldin
amar ab surgery numbs you up man
Sofia Deny
Sofia Deny 2 yil oldin
Cause shes a robot
i follow this girl on snapchat cause sometimes her snaps are relaxing. Someone make an asmr video of Kylie.
Ghjjk Ldl
Ghjjk Ldl 2 yil oldin
God! She look horrible now. I've watched old videos of her, i mean whe. she was cute. That's so sad
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 yil oldin
oh wow her old teeth sucked lmao no wonder she got veneers
Nadine Hasson
Nadine Hasson 2 yil oldin
I love her voice
gabs 2 yil oldin
Her voice is so relaxing gosh
Olivia Dalma
Olivia Dalma 2 yil oldin
yessss I thought I was the only one
Michelle Moreno
Michelle Moreno 2 yil oldin
omfg yassss
Simone Regina
Simone Regina 2 yil oldin
it's called vocal fry lol
Simone Regina
Simone Regina 2 yil oldin
it's called vocal fry lol
Natalie King
Natalie King 2 yil oldin
No personality.
Natalie King
Natalie King 2 yil oldin
+Chich Cababs haha psycho
영음수 2 yil oldin
just like u .. fuck off hater .. continue flipping burgers or ur ass will get fired
Jo Mizzle
Jo Mizzle 2 yil oldin
I'm sorry but the left side of her lip looks fucked UP
Leeann Charles
Leeann Charles 2 yil oldin
She admitted that in the past she went too far with the lip fillers but she has since gotten a reduction and her lips are perfect now!
manisha reddy
manisha reddy 2 yil oldin
I started playing this and my sister ran away crying I love you kylie but omg
Nikol *_*
Nikol *_* 2 yil oldin
ugly look and personality
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym 2 yil oldin
A donut oooooooooo
oh 2 yil oldin
oooooooooh boi you got roastedddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by a donutttt
A donut
A donut 2 yil oldin
like you?
Iris García
Iris García 2 yil oldin
I love her voice is so relaxing ......Can't stop to watching this video 💤
oceanceaser 2 yil oldin
wtf is goin on with her lips
ezl bundadi
ezl bundadi 2 yil oldin
two minute... more like 3 :/
Yara Kanaan
Yara Kanaan 2 yil oldin
Tammy Keegan Youtube
"Contour and lip liner changed my life" Nooooo, booty implants and lip injections changed ur life. 👆👆
Slit god
Slit god Yil oldin
Tammy Keegan UZvid Okay and honestly why do you care if you hate her so much? 😂😂
Calvinwestburg 2 yil oldin
Tammy Keegan UZvid be honest how old are you?
chica chica
chica chica 2 yil oldin
Tammy Keegan UZvid. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tammy Keegan Youtube
nope im older than twelve
Morgan Aubel
Morgan Aubel 2 yil oldin
+Tammy Keegan UZvid You may not be 12, but you're probably younger lol.
Charlie A
Charlie A 2 yil oldin
That bottom lip like it came with instructions haha
Nerice Goldstone
Nerice Goldstone 2 yil oldin
she's so mono tone. how can people listen to her boring voice 😒😒
Yeaster 2 yil oldin
I love her voice lol it's so unusual and not what I was expecting
UrbabygirlLolita 2 yil oldin
I feel like her lips looked so good when she had that grunge phase last year ( that's my fave phase she's had) because they weren't too big but they weren't small
Jessica Abbott
Jessica Abbott 2 yil oldin
She got a botched lips
Amy Young
Amy Young 2 yil oldin
This poor girl's essentially had her whole face mutilated for the sake of her relentlessly mercenary and fame-hungry mother. Not only do her eyes open at separate times, her mouth raises on the left side. I don't blame the kid, she's just a pawn in this game who desperately wants to fit in. Problem is, this girl has had a limited education and no mind of her own (despite their millions), which is why she's continued the Kardashian tradition of making a living out of endlessly injecting and extracting fat in and out of various parts of her body. It's a shame that she thinks this is what constitutes success, and an even deeper shame that the young people who follow them believe that this is what they should aspire to be.
Anna 2 yil oldin
Her face looks so fucked up
Marian Sanchez
Marian Sanchez 2 yil oldin
well, only her lips but yeah :s it's really hard to accept oneself but when you got money it's riskier to do that because you can afford plastic surgery :s and sometimes it doesn't look as good as you'd like to.
Nadine Hasson
Nadine Hasson 2 yil oldin
Don't be jealous
shopping star
shopping star 2 yil oldin
when she smile, she looks like a plastic surgery gone Wrong 😔
Kae 2 yil oldin
just keep coming back to this to sleep
Alizeh Abdul
Alizeh Abdul 2 yil oldin
When would the Kardashians and Jenners realise that their voices are wayyyyy too vocal fry and its soo sophoric?!
Udderly Smooth
Udderly Smooth 2 yil oldin
She can stop a crying baby with that voice. And then put it to sleep.
Monica Mejia
Monica Mejia 2 yil oldin
No personality
Hannah Liebensohn
Hannah Liebensohn 2 yil oldin
I love Kylie but this was so boring to watch
Bridget 2 yil oldin
Lmao when will you people realize that she is fake af and she's dating a guy almost 10 years her age smh.
Noor Nimri
Noor Nimri 2 yil oldin
her lips are like balogny. ew...but I love her its just idk what happened in this video
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams 2 yil oldin
Loren Tre
Loren Tre 2 yil oldin
Omg thisis before she got her teeth done (veneers) her lips look bad !!She is beautiful anyway!
Alexis Floyd
Alexis Floyd 2 yil oldin
Does anyone else find Kylie's voice relaxing?😂
Alexis Floyd
Alexis Floyd 2 yil oldin
I love asmr
Marzina Begum
Marzina Begum 2 yil oldin
search for asmr, i dont really get it but you as well as a lot of other people do
Barirah Mehmood
Barirah Mehmood 2 yil oldin
brooklyn johnston
brooklyn johnston 2 yil oldin
It's funny how everyone is hating on her lips. I'm sorry if you got something you were really self conscious about fixed would you want people making fun of it? Also if you don't like her then why are you watching her videos lol
OLIVIA BROWN 2 yil oldin
How could people dislike this
Joselyn Almada
Joselyn Almada 2 yil oldin
her face in 1:04 hahahahahahhq
bgbreakdown 3 yil oldin
There is only one Kylie and it's not this creature.
HardToBeAPoopGod 3 yil oldin
0:45 brought me here
evelin may
evelin may 3 yil oldin
no hate, but in most videos i see of her all she looks like shes so lazy to even speak like she talks a certain way thats boring.
Cat Prowess
Cat Prowess 3 yil oldin
diverseloner417 3 yil oldin
Kylie is on xans and you can tell lol
dkec20 3 yil oldin
Why does she talk like that
Lisa van den Berg
Lisa van den Berg 3 yil oldin
She said she had never buyed any makeup just stole it from her mom.
A A 3 yil oldin
MelissaW 3 yil oldin
Omg she looks like 40! And she sounds sooo bored
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym 2 yil oldin
MelissaW like u
sirjohnnyful 3 yil oldin
Her voice makes me itch. No joke!! Damn!
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