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Ty Dolla $ign & Lauren Jauregui - In Your Phone [Official Audio]

Ty Dolla $ign
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27-Okt, 2017

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Fikrlar 4 465
Queen Yoncé
Queen Yoncé Kun oldin
Queen Yoncé
Queen Yoncé Kun oldin
Harmonizer gang
shay deluca
shay deluca Kun oldin
Song is definitely a bop. Never heard it before nw. Why wasn’t this on the charts compared to the bullshit that’s getting constant AirPlay
Oye calamardo oye calamardo
Camren 😫😫😭😭
Lauren Jaurega
Lauren Jaurega 4 kun oldin
E o prêmio de ranço do ano vai para
millla milla
millla milla 5 kun oldin
ranço Tyrone kakskskskjekejee mas a msc é foda
Saria 7u7
Saria 7u7 6 kun oldin
This is why i'm gay
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres 6 kun oldin
Lauren hace una colaboración con Camila y se convierte en un hit mundial
Fernanda Bertoldo
Fernanda Bertoldo 7 kun oldin
Lauren salvou a musica
Olivia B
Olivia B 8 kun oldin
I must have played this song over 300 times in 3 days!!!
Bobby Montana
Bobby Montana 8 kun oldin
Melody on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 dis a banger
Mais Uma Perdida No Mundo
It's Camren Yo
Mikaele Braz
Mikaele Braz 9 kun oldin
Porque vc não grava vídeo falando pouco de sua vida beijo mikaele crato
Mikaele Braz
Mikaele Braz 9 kun oldin
As meninas porque elas não fica juntas deve SER por causa de que de sua opiniao
Mikaele Braz
Mikaele Braz 9 kun oldin
Acamila no brasil vc vai algum shom dela
Mikaele Braz
Mikaele Braz 9 kun oldin
Nossa é verdade elas a inda estão juntas qual sua opinião faz vídeo comentando
Mikaele Braz
Mikaele Braz 9 kun oldin
Comenta algo se vc acreditar camrem existem
Curacao Luiza
Curacao Luiza 9 kun oldin
I love you so much lauren❤😍😘
Alan omar
Alan omar 10 kun oldin
No se por que mierda sigue con ese estúpido, hay mejores hombres que el e incluso mujeres. Que mueren por ella y la tratarían mucho mejor
Jack Santos
Jack Santos 10 kun oldin
Quero feat de Camila Cabello e Lauren♥♥ Camren ia real!
Nina Kh
Nina Kh 10 kun oldin
This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Citlalli Rodríguez
Citlalli Rodríguez 13 kun oldin
Lauren ❤️
leonie 7211
leonie 7211 13 kun oldin
Nina Kh
Nina Kh 13 kun oldin
Luciana gg
Luciana gg 13 kun oldin
melda ünal
melda ünal 13 kun oldin
klip bekliyoruz bebeyim❤
Esther Reis
Esther Reis 15 kun oldin
Só gosto da música por causa da Lauren mesmo hahahah
Ale 002
Ale 002 15 kun oldin
The laugh at the beginning sounds like Selena gomez' laugh!
Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony 15 kun oldin
Ty is talented and Lauren is talented too. but this song is boring to me and i dont know why. I hope if they make music again there is story telling and some kinda rnb ballad
SSB Vegeta
SSB Vegeta 17 kun oldin
Who is Lauren
J Brown Tha Niner
J Brown Tha Niner 17 kun oldin
This song is so hard damn!!!
Oye calamardo oye calamardo
Maria Julia Moreira
Maria Julia Moreira 19 kun oldin
Só tou vendo por causa da Lauren
Nate 19 kun oldin
Mayla Silva
Mayla Silva 20 kun oldin
Her voice lit
Nasreen Khan
Nasreen Khan 20 kun oldin
World's best song ever
Chloe LIN
Chloe LIN 20 kun oldin
lauren is lifeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dona do deboche
dona do deboche 20 kun oldin
Eu quero camreeeeen
Camila IsGreat
Camila IsGreat 24 kun oldin
The PR is working. We are here just for Lauren.
Itzayanna Dannae
Itzayanna Dannae 24 kun oldin
Zareth Lagunes
Zareth Lagunes 24 kun oldin
wesley marcedo
wesley marcedo 26 kun oldin
O clipe com 3 ou 2, 1 milhão de visualizações mais com pouca cutida o pessoal podendo pelomenos curti foi o que aconteceu tmb com o clipe all nigth
Yasmim Lira
Yasmim Lira 26 kun oldin
BballNintendo3 27 kun oldin
best song on the album
Camila Arias
Camila Arias 28 kun oldin
Danna Tamez
Danna Tamez 29 kun oldin
Like si camren es real
Isabel Salas
Isabel Salas 29 kun oldin
you are amazing Lauren Jergi ❤
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 29 kun oldin
Kaylee Bowen
Kaylee Bowen Oy oldin
Is it just me or is that not Lauren's laugh at the beginning? Like I know her laugh pretty well, and I don't think that's her.
Dee Brandon
Dee Brandon 29 kun oldin
it's not her laugh.. i think it's the producers signature
harooold jauregui
laurennnn omggg😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥
Dorkas Gnonlonfou
Jauregui 💖27 ♍
A.H.B Oy oldin
Solo la escucho por que canta Lauren ❤❤❤
Paulo Tavares
Paulo Tavares Oy oldin
*Lauren!* 🔊❤😈
Sol Martinez
Sol Martinez Oy oldin
I love Lauren😍
Uma Cortes
Uma Cortes Oy oldin
She is singing to he, isnt she?? Because HE IS ALWAYS IN HIS PHONE!!
Duda Bessa
Duda Bessa Oy oldin
Cryptiic Oy oldin
Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos Oy oldin
I Love Lauren🌈❤😭❤❤😍
camren neto jaregay
lauren you are so perfect 💘🎆
Tiaellen Lov
Tiaellen Lov Oy oldin
Ty droguinha
#DD11 T.G
#DD11 T.G Oy oldin
Só dei like por causa da Lauren
Carla Nunes
Carla Nunes Oy oldin
LOVE lauren
Zoé Liliana
Zoé Liliana Oy oldin
Lauren 😍🤤💕
Stephany Cabello Jauregui de Mendes
Tyren is PR 😐😟
Dee Brandon
Dee Brandon 29 kun oldin
stay delusional
Angelvani Angelvane
J’adore le rire de Lauren au début 😍 Elle a trop une belle voix ❤️
damiest mik
damiest mik Oy oldin
I love lauren
Jacob Reve
Jacob Reve Oy oldin
Oh❤my Lauren !!!!!!! OMG !!!I love you Lauren
Katherine morelia Calderon
solo vine por lauren ❤
Jacob Aureliano
Came here to read this cringe ass camren shit
Salma Youssef
Salma Youssef Oy oldin
Camren 4 ever
Kiki Kok
Kiki Kok Oy oldin
Well Lauren is talking to Camila and your mom...that's why she's always in her phone duhhhhh
Keisy Rodríguez
sólo vine a decir que Lauren es hermosa, canta hermoso, tiene talento y... CAMREN MANDA :V
Morganna Parrish
Mariana P
Mariana P Oy oldin
Vim do futuro para dizer que o ty está preso
Mariana P
Mariana P Oy oldin
Lauren salva
Jorge Juarez
Jorge Juarez Oy oldin
Jéssy Jaurello
Querendo ou não, essa música é um hino ♡ I love you Lauren
Jéssy Jaurello
Lauren maravilhosa, te amo mulher ♡♡♡
sasha riverweb
breana brown
breana brown Oy oldin
Omg!!!! I swear i thought she was black then i started seeing they was dating and now my mind is blown !!!!
Kerol Oy oldin
I love Lauren so much
Shidqi Wafensa
Supercalifragilistice xpialidocious
Fuck why did Lauren have to be so good
Mary Bravo
Mary Bravo Oy oldin
queen and king 😍 shit
Marjori Jauregui
Flarlesson Ryan
HDJamzy 17
HDJamzy 17 Oy oldin
1:01-1:02 always sounds like Trey Songz to me 😂
Eve Oy oldin
C'S Almeida
C'S Almeida Oy oldin
Estou aqui pela Lauren. "Só pela LAUREN" ❤❤❤
Alex Ivan
Alex Ivan Oy oldin
Kinda short tho
Camila IsGreat
1:13 Lauren singing 😍 The rest sucks👎
Kh4lizz Oy oldin
Esme Caneda Parra
Venice Gomez
Venice Gomez Oy oldin
Lol too much dislikes. It's okay. I love Lauren but I'm not feeling the song 🍌
Musa Mia
Musa Mia Oy oldin
ty and lauren perfect couple
Kaylee Bowen
Kaylee Bowen Oy oldin
Musa Mia HELL NO
* ÃÏŘĔ* Oy oldin
I,m just here for lauren #camren
[Swoop] MSP
[Swoop] MSP Oy oldin
Lauren is queen she slayed my face off and my pixels are quaking
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Oy oldin
Bruh can’t stop replaying it 😌💜💙
Aaliyah Dukes
Aaliyah Dukes 2 oy oldin
I didn't think I needed a song so bad
3 yil oldin