Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis

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TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL - Now Playing! Starring Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, and Tyler Perry.
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A joyous family reunion turns into a hilarious nightmare as MADEA and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia and unexpectedly plan a funeral, which threatens to reveal sordid family secrets.
Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios present, a Tyler Perry Studios / Lionsgate production.

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31-Okt, 2018



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Ana Xhelo
Ana Xhelo 9 soat oldin
If tyler Perry had medea on Netflix for even a day i would be happy.
Lee Pearl
Lee Pearl Kun oldin
Talaziah Major
Talaziah Major 2 kun oldin
Movie is funny .! 🤣 and good ☺️
Hotgal Craigg
Hotgal Craigg 2 kun oldin
Can't wait to see dis
Iyunah Wimberly
Iyunah Wimberly 5 kun oldin
Yall when i first watched the beginning i thought madea was dead , until I watched the movie .😭 ‘ I was real life about to cry .💀
Giuseppe RSA
Giuseppe RSA 6 kun oldin
Can't wait!
Baia forev
Baia forev 7 kun oldin
The movie was funny in parts but it felt a little thrown together. Tyler Perry you can do better
hedegaard8 8 kun oldin
Is this a movie with only black people in it? :(
Screaming Measles
Screaming Measles 7 kun oldin
Its a Tyler Perry movie, so yeah prolly mostly black ppl. He plays the part of some of the characters.
hedegaard8 8 kun oldin
WTF is that 15 second shit intro for?!?!? Just show the fooking trailer and piss off man!
Da'Quan Robinson
Da'Quan Robinson 8 kun oldin
I loved this movie can't wait til it's on dvd
Temporicide 9 kun oldin
So this is the Niggeerrr responsible niggerrrs wearing dresses and blaspheming. PATHETIC. unfunny garbage
Screaming Measles
Screaming Measles 7 kun oldin
Well Tylers a lot more talented than you are 🙄😒
Delove blam53
Delove blam53 10 kun oldin
Thinking it was a movie like the six sense, when she thinks she is Alive, but actually at funeral she was the one in the casket
Mae Mae
Mae Mae 10 kun oldin
But the ending pic looks like Beyonce's pregnancy picture
Judy Deputron
Judy Deputron 11 kun oldin
I love you and I love your movies
ArmorInPlace 11 kun oldin
Now I Madea can breathe now that she's done with all the plays. 🤔😉😊😘
NewName 13 kun oldin
Oh my LAWD I thought they done killed madea off! I started tearing up before the video played!
tashan patterson
tashan patterson 13 kun oldin
Please tyler dont retire madea yet, its one of those good things we have got left.... Movies these days are crap and so is music🤦🏼‍♂️
Danielito Torres
Danielito Torres 14 kun oldin
That funeral gonna be messed up
Ari W
Ari W 16 kun oldin
Madea isn’t what it used to be😭
Gregory Ray Dorff
Gregory Ray Dorff 16 kun oldin
Anyone else noticed sister Squint in the choir????
Judy Wambui
Judy Wambui 18 kun oldin
Waiting waiting
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 18 kun oldin
Saw this film with a group of friends and it was hilarious❗️🤣👏🏼
Deborah Akinyi
Deborah Akinyi 19 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 love you madea l wanna watch the all movie
Kayeye Comedian
Kayeye Comedian 19 kun oldin
Madea is the bomb! I really can't get enough of him!
BaronvonPiano 20 kun oldin
Rumor has it this is the last one. At least it will be until Tyler Perry runs out of money. Seriously though I love the Madea movies but when saw this new movie I felt it wasn't that good at all, and not quite a great note to end the series on, so please just one more movie? I have a great idea for a Madea movie: Madea's Family Road Trip. Her niece is getting married to a dude who just isn't right for her and is cheating on her without her knowing and everything, and Madea, Joe, Aunt Bam, and Ms. Hattie have to travel across the country to stop the wedding.
Henry Dickerson
Henry Dickerson 21 kun oldin
Madea believes in God Lord jesus Christ
Cruise For Life
Cruise For Life 22 kun oldin
Organ donor! hahahaha! Tyler Perry you rock man!!
SuperJrich 22 kun oldin
CORNY CORNY CORNY AS USUAL 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿.. I mean I know America is desperate to laugh but damn
pink Crystal
pink Crystal 22 kun oldin
who else wants to see madea in a horror movie because girl it aint gonna be a horror movie no more
Imelda 22 kun oldin
Yes, I watched it at home that is
Kimmy Rhodes
Kimmy Rhodes 22 kun oldin
This looks so funny I love Madea she cracks me up
Susan Wangui
Susan Wangui 23 kun oldin
All i know is dat one day i wil meet tyler perry in this life!!looooots of luv frm kenya😘😘
Carol Revis
Carol Revis 23 kun oldin
Movie was hilarious 😂
Eti Amelinda Parhorasan
I most definitely gonna go c this and purchase it like I have ALL Tyler Perry’s movies ... I’m not big on the plays but I don’t wanna A Madea Family Funeral=>> [ str3amm0vie.blogspot.com/464504 ]
Alexandra Hernandez
Alexandra Hernandez 24 kun oldin
Okay not hating or anything but they need to stop with these movies already. It's funny no doubt, but it's getting old. What's next, Madea goes to outer space?
Alexandra Hernandez
+Screaming Measles Nice one!
Screaming Measles
Screaming Measles 7 kun oldin
What about Madea’s skin care routine? 😍💅🏻
skankhunt42 skankhunt42
Dude, just come out the closet already @tylerperry
Paul Russell
Paul Russell 26 kun oldin
Very nice.
Kpawtheking06 06
Kpawtheking06 06 26 kun oldin
“ARE YA READY FOR MIRACLE”?! Oh I’m ready!! “Halleluyer”!! 😂
peace love
peace love 27 kun oldin
It is degrading to black people!
Screaming Measles
Screaming Measles 7 kun oldin
The person who makes these movies is black lmao. Im black and I see nothing wrong with it
Ur. Jams
Ur. Jams 27 kun oldin
Sorry, but I left with my friend mid-way skskks it was so boring. He was falling asleep.
Bill Sloan
Bill Sloan 28 kun oldin
Since we are running out of time...going to see this with a friend & her Grandma tonight
Pondkid Gaming
Pondkid Gaming 28 kun oldin
I’m going to watch this as I’m typing this there will be tears
Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills 28 kun oldin
Madea hasn't been funny since the first play... same ole mess over and over, like all of Tyler Perry's stuff
Suwito hakim
Suwito hakim 28 kun oldin
Black American comedy movie
Vaness Wiley
Vaness Wiley 28 kun oldin
Ahead xx pleased cheat with it heat with it
Sherry Kenney
Sherry Kenney 28 kun oldin
Freaking crazy hilarious
NationBabies Gurl
NationBabies Gurl 28 kun oldin
It’s not sad its funny at some parts😂😂
jadyn bowen
jadyn bowen 29 kun oldin
I love this movie
Sebastian Pacheco
Sebastian Pacheco 29 kun oldin
its March 23... still not out
Nancy King
Nancy King Oy oldin
TP illuminati sellout.
Jay Lo
Jay Lo Oy oldin
Who else thought madea died??? 😂😂
tanja sakna
tanja sakna Oy oldin
Madeà ❤️❤️❤️
Nathan jamar wallace johnson
this the church if u come up here with that bullshhh i punch u in ur face then ask the lord to forgive me
A daft punk
A daft punk Oy oldin
Black-on-blacksploitation big momma's house white girls garbage. Can't believe y'all giving money to people pushing this shit that cuts down all blacks with stereotypes. All it's missing to make it more lowbrow is fart jokes.
Imron Aziz
Imron Aziz Oy oldin
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Jewelz Oy oldin
Courtney Burrell looks so much like michael ealy. Even his facial expressions.
Bitter Lots
Bitter Lots Oy oldin
There should be a prequel to madea’s life.
Christian Heinz
Sad it’s the last one
Jennifer cali
Jennifer cali Oy oldin
We need to see (Madea joins the UFC)😂😂or Madea gets lost😂
Maria N Carrico
I saw this movie Saturday The whole movie theater was laughing their heads off 😂 I had to go to the bathroom really bad 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
fuhjrvr Oy oldin
I could’ve made this trailer wtf.
Tevin Cozart
Tevin Cozart Oy oldin
0:17 amazing Grace
Semper fidelis Semper Paratus
I heard this is his last movie portraying madea
Yvonne Crump
Yvonne Crump Oy oldin
I love telry parry
Official_Kiki _
I watched this yesterday 🤣🤣🤣👍🏾
Juny ThePooh
Juny ThePooh Oy oldin
I was skeptical of movie ratings, but It was my first ever madea movie and I loved literally everything. I think ill go watch all previous Madea movies
Diane Mitchell
Bro this movie had me hitting my chair with my face red asf 🤣
Jalal Albustami
Typing this from the movie theatre.. DO NOT PAY MONEY TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! One of the worst movies I’ve ever watched.. felt like torture going through it
kaitlynne spivey
Best movie ever stg
Mr. X
Mr. X Oy oldin
It’s not Madea’s funeral, but the character is dead in a sense since there won’t be another movie.
Stacey Ohh
Stacey Ohh Oy oldin
Anyone who has watched the movie out here? I did. It was great
Daya Jones
Daya Jones Oy oldin
Diamond Drayton
I went to the movies yesterday & saw this let me tell u this movie is so fuckin funny !!😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Got our tickets for tonight already
vash thestampede
I don’t see how ppl watch these movies they keep getting worse. He puts less and less effort into this shit and what y’all do give this nigga millions. Y’all some suckas I gues his initials are TP because his movies are full of shit
This trailer is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Chow Chow Teddy
I saw this for my birthday on March second even thought my birthday is on the first
Stanley Cabiness
Madea comes out 2020 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
Stanley Cabiness
This MAN gay an church people wont.. the main ones supporting this crap
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores Oy oldin
Last movie for madea.
pramesh extra
pramesh extra Oy oldin
OK man in here (pramesh acharya) I downloaded it
Pedro Mendoza najera
Very nice movie
Dewalt 459
Dewalt 459 Oy oldin
THIS MOVIE WAS TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!! i normally like his shows but omg this one was awful. Please please save your money. The actors are the worse. People in the movies were boo-ing big time. I cant believe he is going out w this one, damn its bad.
Melissa Giovagniolli
This cannot be the last Madea movie!!!!! We need Madea!!! 😂😂❤❤❤❤❤
Masheika A
Masheika A Oy oldin
OMG yes I'm going to watch this tomorrow I'mma be laughing my azz off 😂😂😂
Masheika A
Masheika A Oy oldin
+Shay_Bloom YT addict yes it made me laugh and ohk
Shay_Bloom YT addict
Hey was it worth it did it make u laugh? I'm deciding whether to watch it tomorrow
Michelle W
Michelle W Oy oldin
I sure will miss, Madea. May she go on in peace. Goodbye! 😉😊
cebolenkosi ngcece
Great adn very funny movie, i saw it in Cinema in South Africa, never seem to amaze us with great movies :)
Want a sprite Cranberry?
I almost freaked out in the beginning cuz I thought madea died
Ray H
Ray H Oy oldin
"This is the church! If you come up here with that bull... I don't mind bustin'you in yo face, don't ask Jesus to forgive me!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
According to Tyler Perry, this is Madea's final film appearance. If this is the best screenplay that Madea can come up with, then Madea does need to retire from films. Madea's first couple of films were terrific...after that, each one of Madea's films became more and more Hollywood. This one was obviously written to please the unimaginative Hollywood producers and an increasingly superficial smartphone addicted audience. I went to see this film today at the AMC movie theatre which has wonderfully large movie screens. The screen was much too large for this small cliché ridden film. Some of the scenes are ok, but in general this film has not much to offer in originality other than the tired old clichés of a predictable mediocre script. But like a lot of Hollywood crowd pleasing films, the money is there to be made to line up the pockets of unimaginative executives. I'll stick to the new foreign and independent films that are released in NYC. They don't make much money but they are the last bastion of great cinema.
Nqobile Nhlapo
It's definitely worth watching..... Tyler Perry never disappoints 👌
3ig Soulja
3ig Soulja Oy oldin
Movie on my channel
Carletta Goodrich Mann
This movie 🎥 is hilarious. Amazingly animated . simply Charming but true to life . family dynamics varied and a trilogy that all people can relate to. affairs of the heart that tie us together and change our life streams. write on TYLER. Write on you might be the hardest working man in America for this time. of course James brown was the hardest working entertainer next to me and MJ lol
Careless M!nds
R.I.P Madea
Bob Toung
Bob Toung Oy oldin
umm im confused now he speaks like her does he play her im really confused
Bob Toung
Bob Toung Oy oldin
Cyndy Kated yea i wonder if this is the final medea movie
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated Oy oldin
Bob Toung he's her.. Lol! plus other characters
The Naive Pikachu
You had me scarder than the holy day. I don thought my queen madea finna rip 😣😣😣
David Mora
David Mora Oy oldin
Movies aren't funny they suck.. A guy portrays an old robust lady.. Let that sink
Chicky Nugget!
I saw this it was so funny
B G Oy oldin
"I wanna know if he's an organ donor" 😂😂😂
ArmorInPlace Oy oldin
I was thinking about ALL children that are not provided for by their parent(s) whether it be from doing drugs, infidelity or from whatever they do just to benefit themselves.(Even Rich famous people are in this category if you think about it)🤔 KJV 1st Timothy 5:8 Those that don't provide for their own are worse than an infidel an infidel means an unbeliever. Wow, imagine what God thinks about somebody like this. The mother that lost her husband in the Madea movie touched my heart because it made me think of what God thinks about people that don't even care anything about their children. Anyhow I'm more concerned about what God thinks about this and...............🤔😚 He thinks that they're WORSE than an unbeliever. now that's bad.
Man that movie was so funny bro
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