Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis

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TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL - In theaters March 1, 2019. Starring Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, and Tyler Perry.
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A joyous family reunion turns into a hilarious nightmare as MADEA and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia and unexpectedly plan a funeral, which threatens to reveal sordid family secrets.
Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios present, a Tyler Perry Studios / Lionsgate production.

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31-Okt, 2018

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John Rivera
John Rivera 5 soat oldin
This movie is going to be epic but this is too bad that this will be the last Madea movie ever. I hope Tyler Perry brings Madea back out of retirement someday and makes more Madea movies and plays. The Madea character will be missed.
Dereck Furler
Dereck Furler 6 soat oldin
I can't wait to see that movie.
Yaya Clay
Yaya Clay 18 soat oldin
Madea is funny she be roastinh
ArmorInPlace 23 soat oldin
Madea's eulogy Dear Madea, You have passed on and are in the arms of Jesus. Hallelujah hallelujah! You have set an example for all and hope and pray that you get what you deserve. You have taught all of us how to not be a walking that and how to hold the gat. (gun) just in case. My Hope and prayer is that the good that you taught us will remain in our hearts forever and make a difference in the world for the good of the people. Now, keep us in your prayer and dance to Kool & the gang when you enter the gates of Heaven and celebrate. Sincerely, a faithful fan and friend Michelle. W
Jeanette Jackson
I thought Madea was dying..... but now its someone eles funeral.
nelson rodriguez
Where is Mr.brown????
alattimore 65
alattimore 65 Kun oldin
Shave dat beard
Warren Gaines
Warren Gaines 2 kun oldin
The next Madea will be E J Johnson
Scorching_ Quesadilla
I was so scared I thought madea died Jesus 🙄🙄
laury anne
laury anne 2 kun oldin
Even watch it that I start to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
Roy Kanye
Roy Kanye 2 kun oldin
Yay David Otunga is heree
Tom Skylar
Tom Skylar 2 kun oldin
Can’t wait to see this one the first madea movie in theatres for me
Maruchan Chiken
Maruchan Chiken 2 kun oldin
People still watch these
D DE 2 kun oldin
Tyler Perry used to be so funny and was rising up like Eddie Murphy with his humor touching different audiences. Never as funny as Eddie was back in the 80s ans 90s but comparing his uprising as a new Hollywood star. Old Tyler Perry was funnier. I knew Hollywood would change him. That new money always DOES. Tyler resorts back to Madea only to keep his fans happy. The old Madea was more in tune with comparing her to some people you may have encountered. This new aged Madea is just too goofy and its obvious trying to be funny, not funny at all. Tyler said in one of his plays He WOULD NEVER ALLOW HOLLYWOOD TO CHANGE HIM OR HIS SCREEN WRITING. Guess what. Wheres God in his movies now??? I was drawn to his story lines about God. God is gone as soon as he got Hollywood. Another bites the dust. No Christian writers in Hollywood. Hollywood need more God movies, all these other movies he is writing has nothing to do with God and they are just another drama or match Hollywood story lines with crime, drama and etc... Where is God Tyler??? God gave him a platform and look what he does... Wheres God at in his movies?? Hes another screen writer in Hollywood, he aint no different. I cant tell anymore, he blends right in. Thats a shame.
Alexiuswheirdok Johnson
My aunt said Madea died I almost got depressing cus this saves me form school
Selena Poston
Selena Poston 3 kun oldin
on my birthday 😁🤩
Destini Dixon
Destini Dixon 3 kun oldin
As I read the comments, I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who thought that it was Madea's funeral 😂😂😂😅😁
AIMEE FOSTER 4 kun oldin
I agree with so many others...I did not laugh not one time watching the trailer. It’s NOT hate just because we’re not all laughing. Everyone has their preferences. Several of us prefer a deeper storyline and movie like Diary of MBW, I can Do Bad all by myself, The Family that Preys, and even the one where Loretta Divine passed away, and the siblings were fighting. We all love Madea BUT as of late, the storyline has gotten a bit more silly and doesn’t resonate every well. Let folks have their opinion: not everyone thinks “every” movie is funny just because it’s TP. We all know he’s a Genuis but his audience is very diverse in what we all like, or don’t like. So just because someone mentions they don’t like the Trailer, wont be seeing it etc, doesn’t make them Haters! It’s makes them human. Just because you find it funny or worth seeing. Doesn’t automatically mean everyone else will. So stop with the immature comments calling people haters. That’s absurd! And believe it or not, Tyler would probably rather know the truth from his fans rather than everyone try to pretend they like every movie he puts out. He wants the constructive criticism: it’s how he evolves and gets better! So I’m sure he doesn’t mind it: he’s mature enough to know not everyone is going to like everything so stop acting like he’s ignorant and expects praise for every project! You’re the dummy if you think that’s what he wants!
Beelzemon MC
Beelzemon MC 5 kun oldin
I thought it was for madeas funeral 😂 but since this is the last Tyler perry madea movie I'm in!
Zana Music
Zana Music 5 kun oldin
Hearing Madea’s voice while Tyler is dressed as himself is the creepiest thing
Tstaten4 6 kun oldin
Joe really needs his own movie 😂
supersabre29 6 kun oldin
I hope its released in Australia
Vector Videos
Vector Videos 6 kun oldin
vhsman lyric
vhsman lyric 7 kun oldin
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith 7 kun oldin
Im going 2 go 👀 this 1 ooh my😬
Yaya Williams
Yaya Williams 7 kun oldin
Bruh! When I first seen that casket I thought madea die😭😭
Phone Burritoo2121
Phone Burritoo2121 7 kun oldin
When I saw this first I thought madea was gonna die and I was saying "if she dies her spirit will live on" 🤣🤣
Mia Williams
Mia Williams 7 kun oldin
I really hope my friend anit go to hell because she always talking shit😭😭😭😭!!!
Michael Chouest
Michael Chouest 7 kun oldin
Man” Apparently he was taking some type of stimulant.... were having trouble Keeping it down ....” other man” I wanna know if he a organ dona”
amazeby .shan_
amazeby .shan_ 8 kun oldin
Madea a postor to rass😂😂😂😂😂
Carrington Standberry
Who else thought he movie was going to be about Madea dying
The country Boys
The country Boys 8 kun oldin
Thank god madeas still alive
Phyllis Harris
Phyllis Harris 8 kun oldin
William Arianna
William Arianna 8 kun oldin
If Tyler perry ever stoped making these movies I would die
ArmorInPlace 9 kun oldin
GLORIA THOMAS 9 kun oldin
I love T .P. whatever he put together I'm on board , He is GREATNESS
CJR News
CJR News 9 kun oldin
This would be my very last tyler perry movie i would ever watch since hes killing off madea his future movies are gonna suck since theres gonna be no more madea unless he makes spin offs with Joe
wadaw 10 kun oldin
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Becky Warren
Becky Warren 11 kun oldin
Tyler Perry is freaken hilarious!!!😂😂😂
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thought madea was going to die in this one?
Denique Matthias
Denique Matthias 11 kun oldin
Cant wait 3.0k likes if u can't wait
Tabitha Riley
Tabitha Riley 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed that Madea hit that beyonce pregnancy photo shoot pose?
elohim660 12 kun oldin
Glory Days31
Glory Days31 12 kun oldin
Suck it Lionsgate. Claim this! (Booming fart)
Frank Feliz
Frank Feliz 12 kun oldin
Lionsgate is shit.
sushanth shetty
sushanth shetty 13 kun oldin
Fuck you lionsgate
kJer Irl
kJer Irl 13 kun oldin
Hey Lionsgate, this movie sucks and you suck. Fuck you
John LeCates
John LeCates 14 kun oldin
Censor this Lionsgate. You suck as a company. Movie looks alright, not my bag though. Still, stop bullying reviewers with copy right claims.
DueceVision 14 kun oldin
yoooo wtf is david otungas square ass doing there?
Janeejin 14 kun oldin
Bro somebody told me she was gon die praise the lord madea still alive