UFC 229 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

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On Episode 6 of UFC 229 Embedded, strawweight Michelle Waterson welcomes her daughter and mother to Las Vegas. All of the fighters make weight on Friday morning. Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov celebrates with chocolate, as opponent Conor McGregor's team relaxes at home. Then opponents square off in front of a raucous crowd at T-Mobile. UFC 229 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor taking place Saturday, October 6th on Pay-Per-View.

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6-Okt, 2018




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Shorty 2 kun oldin
what did conor shout at khabib when he hit his hand away?
road to 1000 subs!
road to 1000 subs! 2 kun oldin
where are those pussy irish fans at??😀😊😊😊u fuckin nuggets,ur boy conor tapped.khabiiib 27-0 LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!
talab barber
talab barber 2 kun oldin
No flinch real eagle
علي الباشا
الحمد لله ..😊
molgan åberg
molgan åberg 10 kun oldin
Even if khabib would win anyways.. Fuck I would like to see Conor vs Khabib in Conors best time... Drunken Conor will keep loosing. Not just againt Khabib.
Louie Paul
Louie Paul 12 kun oldin
Still waiting on the thrill and agony of ufc 229
Louie Paul
Louie Paul 12 kun oldin
Ole ole ole oleee!!!! Ur boy tapped to a partial choke lmao
Ante Zivkovic
Ante Zivkovic 13 kun oldin
How did Pettis make weight at 156, isn't it supposed to be 155?
Abi 00-?
Abi 00-? 13 kun oldin
AngryZombie808 15 kun oldin
0:33 this grandma's english is not perfect, but her fighter's instinct is wayyy better than the entire Mctapper's fan combined.
Tarek Zoabi
Tarek Zoabi 16 kun oldin
Hunter 123
Hunter 123 16 kun oldin
Does he have a boner again?! Look at 3:28
GG WP 17 kun oldin
9.15 он даже не моргнул
Ибрагим ингуш
1000 0
Ибрагим ингуш
Alissa M
Alissa M 17 kun oldin
Conor broke bus. Khabib broke Conor.
maz3123 18 kun oldin
Khabib is so stone cold he didnt even blink when McGregor slapped his arm. The Eagle has eaten his prey.
ALI 20 kun oldin
Well Khabib strangle and drag McGregor in the floor and make him eat his word .
Firmansyah aL
Firmansyah aL 22 kun oldin
Khabib win alhamdulillah!
Tomas2085 24 kun oldin
Lol theres no noise anymore from the fans for Fergusson
Ничего Себя
It's almost impossible to find Conor fans comments from before the fight on UZvid 😂😂😂
Baby Boss
Baby Boss 26 kun oldin
And still, baby..
THE PATRIOT 27 kun oldin
I will never forget the hype i had for this fight
Alera SİMTEL 28 kun oldin
9:40 song ? Anyone?
team liquid
team liquid 28 kun oldin
to all all who is here after UFC229. type FUCK THE MCGREGORS
Dana white
Dana white 29 kun oldin
Khabib was in conors whole teams head lol they knew conor had no shot.. only chance he had was to play mind games
Olbap Rabocse
Olbap Rabocse 29 kun oldin
Dillon danis the baby sitter...looooool
Aзимбек Абилаев
Хабиб 👍👍👍👍👍
king Ali
king Ali Oy oldin
Kick out mccregor
Christian Lucas
Dawg, Mcgregor really the greatest
ammar saeed
ammar saeed Oy oldin
i love this Khabib
Аааа Бббб
Лобов ты конченый гандон.спора нету
Аааа Бббб
Как мне это рожа не нравится.боюс это попиянке я тахнул унего маму.и он появился.он сейчас живут Ирландии
ZelloTV Oy oldin
5:36 cameo from the G.O.A.T himself
Harith Jufryyy
8:06 music song???
Sardar Aayan
Sardar Aayan Oy oldin
Where are salty conor mcchicken's fan??
A F Oy oldin
*It's bad to be back*
VoiceSriLanka Oy oldin
@5:15 dildo Denis , he could only smash that
cheikh med
cheikh med Oy oldin
anyone knows what conor said when pushed khabib hand ?
Capital Bra Storys
At 3:15 ,is that Conor McGregor?He looks quite different 🤨🤣
Kajian Sunnah
Kajian Sunnah Oy oldin
Tony like idiot, he afraid to stare down and wear sunglasess indoor.
Panjshir Pjr
Panjshir Pjr Oy oldin
Khabib 🦅🦅☝️
Francis I will be back Ngannou
The amount of KHABIB BANDWAGONS ARE INCREDIBLE. I knew Khabib would win however I wanted Conor to win why, because I can proudly state that I love Conor 😊😊 I ain’t an idiot, I just love watching entertainment. He’ll be back for the rematch
Jim Metal
Jim Metal Oy oldin
No wonder Conor can't wrestle, because Dildo Danis job wasn't to train him to wrestle. His job is to babysit Conor's son.
Jobin John Mathew III
The statement that will go down in history as the most electrifying statement, "tomorow night,I'm gonna smash your boy"!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fabb7 PAPA
Fabb7 PAPA Oy oldin
It’s easy to talk after the fact. Ali that’s one shady SOB and talks a lot of smack he needs a good beat down! Conor should’ve fought after 2 years of non action instead of going against a guy who hugs his opponents stays on top get them tired after that nothing else matters. His coach and camp put too much defensive training that they forgot what Conor’s strengths are. It doesn’t matter what one does in life but anytime you put too much stock on the other side and not stick with what you’re best at you’re already giving the advantage to the other side! Bc you will never be as great as the other person in what they are great at. Let Khabib stand up not attempt any take downs from round 1 and just fight like a normal fighter he wont stand a chance! It’s easy to stand up against someone like Conor after the 3rd round when he was gases out so don’t give me that shit look he stood up against Conor look he got him with that punch! All Conor was thinking to stop the take down and forgot his own game what his great at! You won’t win with that kind of training minus lack of active fighting for 2 years against someone like Khabib who’s undefeated. I hope Conor learned a hard lesson I hope he gets the same passion when he was yelling $60 geez baby to Dana! When he had the hunger to be great but now his financially secure + his whiskey 🥃 deal making him tons of cash 💰. People will always hate doesn’t mean it’s correct bc in the end Conor has done so much for MMA and he deserves all the attention Bc he brings all the attention even though sometimes it’s bad. I hope for the love of fighting he puts all material things aside finds his hunger for fighting again goes out there and puts impressive performances and mentally gets ready and then he takes a rematch with Khabib and concentrated on what his great at bc Khabib will always fight aka wrestle and do the same thing there are no surprises he perfected the art of holding on to a person once he takes them down locks their feet and hands and I don’t care who you are take those away there’s nothing left to fight let alone get tired trying to defend the punches and get the guy off you! In reality Conor took more punishment against Nate versus Khabib but that was back and forth real fight exchanging punches kicks and some take downs! Love him or hate him people want to see Conor regardless even when they want to hate on him and deny everything else he has done! It’s not how hard you fall it’s what you do after to get up and redeem yourself and no one is perfect one day if he doesn’t retire Khabib will be knocked out cold 🥶 that’s just the way it is! If everyone fought how Khabib fights MMA will be paying us viewers just to watch the fights! It’s boring at times it doesn’t even look like mixed martial arts 🥋 just a guy holding on someone and punching that’s just a fact go watch his fights and only when he knows his opponents are very tired he will try to stand up with them which doesn’t make him great boxer or stand up fighter. His great at what he does and I’m not hating on him all I’m saying to beat him you have to beat him in what you are great at otherwise you will just defend takedowns and not fight to win which is what matters! For the sake of excitement and MMA I really hope Conor finds his fighting passion goes out there shuts his critics up and when his really ready goes for the rematch with much better game plan than just thinking of how his going to defend take downs and take least amount of damage! Instead punch and kick and move back walk around he attempts to shoot at the feet try to strike or kick him and walk back don’t go into him as he was doing and not leave room to scape the grabs. With speed and smart game plan all it takes is that one great punch to someone’s temple and I don’t care who you are that will be lights out and even if not it will open the door to unleash Hell on the opponent! But we will see if Conor is willing to fight again with all the money coming his way I can see why his passion is not the same when he was happy he made $60K after he won his early days fights! If there’s one fighter who made me want to watch MMA in this era it’s Conor bc no one does it better than him!
Jim Metal
Jim Metal Oy oldin
Oh look..another McTapper dickrider LOL
Luca Marino
Luca Marino Oy oldin
I could watch this vlog, as well as the fight, ten of thousands of time and never get bored. I'd like to give a little piece of advice to Conor MacGregor: keep your son as far away as possible from that shithead Dillon Danis.
vlntn Oy oldin
Name of the girl next to Mike Perry ?
Greenfield121 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else think Conor let him win?
Abdullah Oy oldin
Yeah because he wanted to come back only to be embarrassed in front of millions around the globe by his polar opposite adversary. Ofcourse he wanted to win but he was simply outclassed.
Jim Metal
Jim Metal Oy oldin
No. Are you stupid? Conor was getting smeshed the entire fight.
brandon packer
brandon packer 2 oy oldin
Conor looks nervous 😶
AD B 2 oy oldin
Anthony seems like a really likeable dude
Trevor Meredith
Trevor Meredith 2 oy oldin
I cant get over how joe rogan ran out that bitch and stood victorious as fuck then said "WHATS UP PEOPLEEEEE"
mohd syamim
mohd syamim 2 oy oldin
Vin diesel in fast and furious 1 movie - " winner is winner"
Ishaq Sameer
Ishaq Sameer 2 oy oldin
Yup,he smashed the boy..😝😝😋
Tamur Khawaja
Tamur Khawaja 2 oy oldin
Watching this video makes me feel even better when khabib knocked conor and then smashed his team and then his pathetic fans
Pap Lol
Pap Lol 2 oy oldin
Khabib Time . Khabib and Conor are both the greatest of all time
P K 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know the song that was playing during Conor and Khabib’s weigh ins?
BrotherMohd Hanif
arrogant mc tap
Moritz D
Moritz D 2 oy oldin
Conor Had obj and Drake still didn't work
гайрат Юсупов
Khabib 💪💪
Tony Lao
Tony Lao 2 oy oldin
Conor is such a pathetic JERK. A weak ass loser and quitter. A punk loser bully. Got what he deserved. Next, a bullet in the head of that chicken crackhead.
Naseer Khan
Naseer Khan 2 oy oldin
And Stilllll
Sinan Eren
Sinan Eren 2 oy oldin
Elhamdulillah my friend 🙏
Md Shamim
Md Shamim 2 oy oldin
Hit like if u love Joe Morgan's voice
mufasa 666
mufasa 666 2 oy oldin
07:13 08:30
Medou Cheikh
Medou Cheikh 2 oy oldin
Damn khabib eyes at 9:15 like hitman before he kills someone .
Яъкуб Муслим
9:05 Lmao Connor said I'm not gonna touch him !! Khabib will fooock all your team and stupid fans mother foocker
Lex law
Lex law 3 oy oldin
dana and Conor wanna trash talk, but Habib wanna to talk really, like a real man!
Lex law
Lex law 3 oy oldin
Habib time
Lex law
Lex law 3 oy oldin
big drama show))
jevgenijs veveris
jevgenijs veveris
разьебал конара как младенца
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed 3 oy oldin
Conor looks like cheap drama stage artist.
01101101 01100101 01101001
Conor is clearly on drugs.
Sohail Shaikh
Sohail Shaikh 3 oy oldin
khabib time 27-0
Turkmenka Babi
Turkmenka Babi 3 oy oldin
Alhamdulilah khabib 💪☝️alhamdulilah inshalah alhamdulilah ☝️☝️
sushil gusain
sushil gusain 3 oy oldin
Fuck conor prove urself now
Jdm Suspects
Jdm Suspects 3 oy oldin
Dehydration at its finest
Iceman 8
Iceman 8 3 oy oldin
Why walk about like you're carrying carpets Connor? Ma ma ma ma ma.
Brayan Galvan
Brayan Galvan 3 oy oldin
McGregor his team is son of a bitch😎❤️💯
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 3 oy oldin
Conor is going back to fight pass. Dana going to collect from the fanboys
TheWood678 3 oy oldin
We need Embedded 7
bhakto ke jijaji
bhakto ke jijaji 3 oy oldin
And the rest is history
Hendra Kusumo
Hendra Kusumo 3 oy oldin
Conor win vs BAS,,,
CHICO RIINA 3 oy oldin
And still ...
Alexandre Epanya
Alexandre Epanya 3 oy oldin
Damn my main man Conor got WHOOPED
Rawr5649 3 oy oldin
why did conor's homeboys dye their hair like Khabibs hat? That seems weird
Freddy79 3 oy oldin
9:15 look at Khabib`s eyes.DAMN
Freddy79 Oy oldin
+Alera SİMTEL true
Alera SİMTEL Oy oldin
And 9:40. He look like a warrior.
Freddy79 3 oy oldin
661 dislikes by mcTAPper`s fans
Mustafa Altaie
Mustafa Altaie 3 oy oldin
Conor's fans. i advise you to pick a new fighter to support. Conor can't win anymore you guys are gonna be disappointed for your whole miserable life ;)
Fayçal ELK
Fayçal ELK 3 oy oldin
Al hamdoullilah
Faiz Miah
Faiz Miah 3 oy oldin
Muslim Warrior defeats Irish Chicken whooped in the Church
Yaser Hakakh
Yaser Hakakh 3 oy oldin
It still feels good everytime i am watching this back. That's why you never talk that kind of shit. Just like jj against rose. She talked all that shit and it made her look worse when she lost. Khabib showed him how a true champion acts and fights. ( beside the brawl after which khabib apologized for)
Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt 3 oy oldin
Artem the pussy 😂😂
Eldi Kg
Eldi Kg 3 oy oldin
07:14 😁😁😁😁😁
Syed Zaman
Syed Zaman 3 oy oldin
7:28 give me background music name
Syed Zaman
Syed Zaman 3 oy oldin
6:26 give me background music name please
Laith Haitham
Laith Haitham 3 oy oldin
And he did smash your boy guys
munsarim mohsin
munsarim mohsin 3 oy oldin
@5.10 sec, now I know why khabib jumped to Dillon
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