Ultimate Animal Fat Taste Test

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Today we taste test different types of animal fat. Whyyyyy??? GMM #1061!
Watch GMC on Saturday where they make fat popsicles and the crew records a sped up music album. goo.gl/QdXZdC
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27-Yan, 2017



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Fikrlar 4 385
Bethany Stewart
Bethany Stewart 2 yil oldin
Link's "let's talk about fat" in the beginning killed me lol
Elijah Foster
Elijah Foster 2 oy oldin
The captions missed it unfortunately!
Bryson Patterson
Bryson Patterson 4 oy oldin
Bethany Stewart it wasn’t funny at all
jfitz492 6 oy oldin
+Aniela Pham 😂😂😂😂 OMG YASSSSSSS QUEENNNN 😂😂😂😂🤣😃😄😍🤣😂😆🥰😚☺️😍😍😅😂😁😁
alex mason
alex mason 7 oy oldin
Bethany Stewart no one cares
John Smith
John Smith Yil oldin
Bethany Stewart ii
The Jack of Realms
The Jack of Realms 19 soat oldin
"...and were taking a look at some {kid gets kicked in head} OH my god!!"
The Jack of Realms
The Jack of Realms 19 soat oldin
wth why does YT keep feeding old S%$^ into my scroll...
John Smith
John Smith 2 kun oldin
I'm new to the GMM fam but is ti me or Rhett is always wrong and Link is right?
Amaranth Kun oldin
It's usually the other way around
It's so unfortunate this channel mostly relies on dead animal parts...
Tox927 6 kun oldin
"Its gettin barn yardy in ma mouth!!"
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 8 kun oldin
I'm glad you weren't in are game * throws *
Jostein V. Jordet
Jostein V. Jordet 9 kun oldin
"Lets talk about fat" Link Neal 2017
moemoe Davis
moemoe Davis 10 kun oldin
I wanna taste Stevie
PreacherManTV 11 kun oldin
You know... I've been able to handle a lot of these. This one's probably the worst for me. Bleck...
Daniel Jurišević
Daniel Jurišević 12 kun oldin
06:50 - 06:56 I rofled so hard!!! I watched this 20 times!
BeccaRaptor94 12 kun oldin
LOVE the *NSYNC-inspired title!
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco 16 kun oldin
So, goats are evil sheeps ?
nalAdroL .-
nalAdroL .- 18 kun oldin
0:57 Link... Please never do that again
Anna 19 kun oldin
If this was said in a book: "This is an animal you could mount," Rett said enthusiastically. "...be more specific," Link stammered.
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 19 kun oldin
My Whole Body Feels Sick.
Fashodie 19 kun oldin
I wonder how much weed link smokes? lol
sylvester spjut
sylvester spjut 20 kun oldin
i dont get how it could be unethical to eat horse, yes maybe because we ride them but in sweden we eat horse and there's no debate about it if its unethical or not
Gimli 21 kun oldin
for some reason youtube recommended decided i needed to watch this specific episode again. why not haha
AMANDA DAVIS 21 kun oldin
Oh God. I retched while watching ...yuck
the way home
the way home 22 kun oldin
What a great ad for veganism
Laura Jeann
Laura Jeann 22 kun oldin
*NSYNC: not a sponsor ?
Jack Landon
Jack Landon 25 kun oldin
"There's chicken fat, beef fat,... baby fat…. today, we're going to be expanding our palates, sampling all kinds of fat..." - No. Just no.
John Joshua
John Joshua 25 kun oldin
Chase is the most overrated worst part of Gmm
Andria Kelley
Andria Kelley 27 kun oldin
Haha Chase!
Quiwi Lin Lisolet
Quiwi Lin Lisolet 27 kun oldin
Horse fat is actually pretty easy to get. Quite a lot of countries don't mind eating their dead horses
xydoit Oy oldin
Boar is tastier than a pig.
xydoit Oy oldin
Duck fat is so tasty i can eat it without a thing and cold. You took too much fat in one time.
xydoit Oy oldin
Keto diet chapter?
Nika Grdzeli
Nika Grdzeli Oy oldin
That subtle "let's talk about fat" from link
Noah Zork
Noah Zork Oy oldin
Thank you Link 0:56, from all of us.
Its Just Tc
Its Just Tc Oy oldin
Rhett and Link gaining weight for 12 minutes straight
Shreyoshi Sikder
I know Rhett is #PHAT......Pretty Hot And Tempting😘😍
Brooke Keller
Brooke Keller Oy oldin
Rhett: i dont think they would do goose if they did duck The recent LTAT (stevie): because we had sea cucumber we couldn't have oyster Rhett was thinking about this before any of the crew did
Rob Trent
Rob Trent Oy oldin
5:12 "Did you taste horns?" LMAO
izzy cummings
izzy cummings Oy oldin
Vince Oy oldin
I usually don't get disgusted easily. I watched a lot of GMM videos of you guys eating nasty stuff, but this one, for some reason, i gagged many times and i had to take a break from watching it.
Joey Krumsee
Joey Krumsee Oy oldin
5:00 gives me life
6laderunner Oy oldin
Why is there not a service in which I can hire people to administer fat sacks to me? It’s not fair 😢
Sharky Sharklops
This looks like the Money Shot Challenge
Coco Mueller
Coco Mueller Oy oldin
Amberlee Woodhouse
Possibly the nastiest thing I've seen on this show
Noah Fruge
Noah Fruge Oy oldin
Nick Tokar
Nick Tokar Oy oldin
The next day two internet hosts were found dead after consuming copious amounts of pure animal fat led to a heart attack.
- Dilk-
- Dilk- Oy oldin
You know I remember when they did stuff with Chia Lincoln and when things made more sense back in the day.
Metalpug79 Oy oldin
I have a love/hate relationship with various animal fats. It obviously makes food taste better when it’s cooked down with a dish, or blended in a ground up mixture like with burgers... but a big piece of fat on the end of a piece of meat can easily gross me out if it’s super rubbery and chewy. Don’t know what it is, but it’s always bothered me tremendously. Also grossed me out anytime I heard someone say they could just chew on the fat with no problem.
Emily Sargent
Emily Sargent Oy oldin
Y'all really need to trust your instincts more xDD
Emily Sargent
Emily Sargent Oy oldin
This show never fails to make me queasy 😧
Tyler L
Tyler L Oy oldin
You know what’s wrong with Rhett on games like this? He pre-guesses everything the round before. Then moves on when it actually shows up, I think he has too much foresight for his own good
Light Daisy
Light Daisy Oy oldin
Link's quak-quak is the sweetest!
Max L
Max L Oy oldin
That’s a bison, not a buffalo
Gin Winsky
Gin Winsky Oy oldin
"fat sacks on our mouths" it's 2019 i guess
oh come on yall. its literally LARD! ughck!
AngelSpores Oy oldin
qiskko 2 oy oldin
lmao link tried to cheat off rhett so many times
Gabriel C
Gabriel C 2 oy oldin
Sorry, can't watch this one. Can't stand it O_O
Jessi amo
Jessi amo 2 oy oldin
*casual vegetarian binge watching their videos*
Megan Mystery
Megan Mystery 2 oy oldin
My grandma owned chickens and roosters my whole like growing up. She loved them so I can see what you mean Rhett!
Brett Binkley
Brett Binkley 2 oy oldin
Any keto dieters here?😂
Isaac Rahn
Isaac Rahn 2 oy oldin
They call themselves rednecks but they kept calling straw hay.. :P
Metal-Up- My-Bass
They hired chefs with fat sacks? Hmmmm this show has come a long way
TheRisenEmerald | Fortnite
Let's talk about fat
Thr Pins
Thr Pins 2 oy oldin
0:41 I got goosebumps good job guys didn't expect that from GMM
Jordon Cardenas
Jordon Cardenas 2 oy oldin
I guess they are spitters not swallowers.
ZeroWolfAlfa 2 oy oldin
next time you are in Sweden, go to the "meat spereadning" section. Scark with pre cut meat for sandwitch. get the "hamburger meat", dark red meat cutings. thats horse meat, even if it says beef nowdays. I guess it counts as beef religous fore some. but taste great.
Shelby Patton
Shelby Patton 2 oy oldin
1:33 I’m a fat sack
Francis P
Francis P 2 oy oldin
Link's animal noise are gold
Bird fat is more of a liquid
BlueFox The Cutest
"I don't condone animal sacrifice" Wut.........and why........
Jeffrey Henke
Jeffrey Henke 2 oy oldin
This episode is gross
BEEFY 7895
BEEFY 7895 3 oy oldin
I hate fat on meat 🤢
The Bellows
The Bellows 3 oy oldin
The picture of the "buffalo" is really a bison.
High Hopes
High Hopes 3 oy oldin
I have been binge watching gmm for days. Someone help. I might have accidentally ordered merch. What's happening.
Stef De Guzman
Stef De Guzman 3 oy oldin
I kinda noticed that the liquid-y fats usually stayed along the bird side though
gtarman8d 3 oy oldin
Yay! So Link can be "Fat Brian"
Gabby Metcalfe
Gabby Metcalfe 3 oy oldin
i live for the episodes when the guys are gagging on weird food 🤣
esther greaves
esther greaves 3 oy oldin
Fat bags! No I can’t do it! I can’t watch it! 😂😂
Hannah Maclaren
Hannah Maclaren 3 oy oldin
Helena M
Helena M 4 oy oldin
This was painful to watch
Lustrous Leo
Lustrous Leo 4 oy oldin
11:48 Rhett's eyeball has a stroke 😂
Goats are not EVIL they are sweet lil babies ❤️
gruesome 4 oy oldin
Rhett “this is an animal you can mount” when has Rhett been riding geese
Kirsch Rot
Kirsch Rot 4 oy oldin
cattle + fat=fattle (Rhett)
Thorne Pleiades
Thorne Pleiades 4 oy oldin
I shouldn't have eaten before watching this
Lauren Swearingen
“I can’t see yours” said the friend who pretended vitamins reduced spiciness lol
chris Bryson
chris Bryson 4 oy oldin
Roast your potatoes in goose fat and you'll never look back
Hunter O
Hunter O 4 oy oldin
I love how confident Rhett always is
vyzual 4 oy oldin
This is my worst nightmare
Kierra Stam
Kierra Stam 4 oy oldin
That's straw 😄
Sarah Mae Reynolds
I love how every time Link gags.. he covers his mouth.. like he’s gonna catch the vomit lol
dacypher22 5 oy oldin
Whoever came up with this episode concept was angry at Rhett and Link.
Nancy Mai
Nancy Mai 5 oy oldin
omg i gagged before they even started
Possibly Dell Honne
We eat horse in Switzerland. It's got a nice taste, but the aftertaste is really gross.
Sirlie08 5 oy oldin
This is the most disgusting episode ever made. You can eat balls or fish eyes, idc. But this made me want to throw up :D :D :D
gruesome 5 oy oldin
I never get to see Rhett retch like this
Brook Perkins
Brook Perkins 5 oy oldin
K I’ve seen them eat some nasty shit. But this has got to be the grossest lol
Lithuanian Hound
Lithuanian Hound 5 oy oldin
Pigs can have tusks, it's just that they're usually cut off before they grow too big.
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor 5 oy oldin
Rhett: "I don't condone animal sacrifice, buuuut....." New favorite quote
M.R.M 1
M.R.M 1 5 oy oldin
Please invite angry joe for one video
dennis werneth
dennis werneth 5 oy oldin
theirs 0.1 grams of total fat in an orange.
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