Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test

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Today we find out what the best flavor of La Croix is. GMM #1041!
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9-Dek, 2016



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 7 760
TheSeriousBadger 2 yil oldin
Again I'm watching a video of two guys drinking soda and I'm highly entertained.
TheSeriousBadger me too im highly entertained.
Lucinda Mobley
Lucinda Mobley 2 oy oldin
I've just tried my first La Croix ever (Orange flavor), and I am not impressed one bit. All I am tasting is fixy water with only the tiniest bit of orange flavor. I've had peach sparkling water of another brand and I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE THE PEACH IN THAT! This is just disappointing to me.
Kareena Thomas
Kareena Thomas 2 oy oldin
Sparkling water
Sophia Manzor
Sophia Manzor 2 oy oldin
you uncultured swine it's sparkling water
cubsfan 154e56544
Holly Hegna
Holly Hegna 24 daqiqa oldin
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 5 soat oldin
0:00 "Today we're rating our flavorite La Croix flavors." I really appreciated that pun, Link 🤣
Da Boi King Pickles
Da Boi King Pickles 19 soat oldin
La croix > soda
Broly 4 kun oldin
Vaultdweller117 4 kun oldin
Im from Wisconsin and i hate La Croix But i do love Bubly ❤️
Cassia McCarthy
Cassia McCarthy 6 kun oldin
*"Kakonoot"* - Alex 2016
Elizabeth Petersen
Elizabeth Petersen 7 kun oldin
*What’s your favorite flavor of LaCroix?* Me: yes
Chupa Thingy
Chupa Thingy 10 kun oldin
Point of fact: while La Croix was invented in Wisconsin, the company that owns it now is based in Florida.
Chupa Thingy
Chupa Thingy 6 kun oldin
+ANGELO JOSEPH SALAMANCA "oh really" what? That it was invented in Wisconsin? It was indeed. It was created at the G. Heileman Brewery in La Crosse, WI. I grew up in La Crosse. 🙂
Chupa Thingy oh really???
Jesse Cantwell
Jesse Cantwell 10 kun oldin
BigTimeReview 10 kun oldin
My personal fave of all the ones I've had has to be Lemon. That is perfection in a can.
BigTimeReview me too
scrappinyou 11 kun oldin
TazTalksYouListen 14 kun oldin
LaCroix News! finance.yahoo.com/news/lacroix-national-beverage-corporation-earnings-god-handicapped-111221630.html
The Mad Pie
The Mad Pie 15 kun oldin
i watched this while drinking the pamplemousse la croix
Dagan Love
Dagan Love 17 kun oldin
La croix makes me wanna die
Oli Jono
Oli Jono 19 kun oldin
Saying LaCroix with the american accent doesn't make it american. It's french, "TheCross". It's like if you said Bagwetty for a baguette. It just sounds so bad... Anyways, they are making fun of it so it doesn't matter so much.
Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez 20 kun oldin
I thought Alex was from Michigan 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Michelle Ellington
Michelle Ellington 21 kun oldin
Love LaCroix, I've been enjoying it more than regular water. I have no problem drinking 5 LaCroix cans a day. Really enjoyed this video and I do think I agree with your final 3 choices. Also I have never tried mango, coconut or apricot flavors. I didn't know they had those flavors.
Ultra Gaming
Ultra Gaming 21 kun oldin
sad you didn't try tangerine! That is the BEST FLAVOR!!!!!!!!
Shiroz Levi
Shiroz Levi 23 kun oldin
the way he said mango sounded so israeli !!!
Starla Lunde
Starla Lunde 23 kun oldin
Why did they use this instead of cups?
Bridget Devoy
Bridget Devoy 23 kun oldin
My favorite is cherry lime!
djdraino8 24 kun oldin
After working at Target for 5 years.. hands down Lime was the number 1 seller.
Shark Boy
Shark Boy 25 kun oldin
Tangerine 🍊
Amber Yoder
Amber Yoder 26 kun oldin
The main thing people say is that coconut lacroix tastes like sunscreen😂😂 love you guys
Casey Woodroof
Casey Woodroof 26 kun oldin
youre la croix delivery system is leaking
Brenan Uphoff
Brenan Uphoff 27 kun oldin
La Croix tastes like Alkaline... don't try it 🤢
okqy_cxlla 27 kun oldin
Ad: bla bla bla, If you're _ready_ .. Me: More like RHETT-y
William Caraos
William Caraos 28 kun oldin
Had a sip of LaCroix before I left to go out and got pulled over and ended up blowing over a .08.....
Joey Lanter
Joey Lanter 29 kun oldin
hey so you guys should try flat fizzy water does it just become normal water of is it flat water
Nilly Phily
Nilly Phily 29 kun oldin
fresca is better
Alivia Olson
Alivia Olson Oy oldin
I've never had any other flavor but lemon but it tasted exactly like lemons in carbonated water
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Oy oldin
Cran raspberry is my fave!!!
Grace MacDonald
Coconut all the way!!
emma Oy oldin
i never knew i needed alex in a beret until this moment
Kailee Sanchez
I just bought an entire case of la croix and I actually hate it... what do I do now with this huge case of la croix 😭
Lily Potratz
Lily Potratz Oy oldin
lol i live in wisconsin
Junior Oy oldin
Up alll night
Angela Sumner
Angela Sumner Oy oldin
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Oy oldin
Has anyone else noticed that Link sometimes says flavorite instead favorite?
Biggie smackie crakie wackie
Sees title *Sips sprite*
hannah grant
hannah grant Oy oldin
Currently, drinking a passion fruit la croix
p-o morin
p-o morin Oy oldin
Actually impressed at how well Link said Orange. Bit hard on the R but pretty good!
ethereal intoxicated canary
I was feeling really sad today and then the french guy pouring the liquid just made me laugh for the first time in a really long time. :)
Elizabeth Hepler
Try the mixed ones! Like the tall skinny cans
Rod&Charlotte Footnote
I was drinking lacroix while watching this
DP91 Oy oldin
Polar >>>> La Croix
Proxory Tp
Proxory Tp Oy oldin
"I had a lot of grandma neck"
Aryan Sadat
Aryan Sadat Oy oldin
Alex is fat, ugly, and unfunny. Why is he on the team again?
Why does link seize up when he drinks from this thing?
Horrible nothing drink. Embalming fluid.
zella sage
zella sage Oy oldin
Wisconsinites don't speak like that
Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made
Ill stick to my walmart brand flavored sparkling water ✊
Jacques DesChamps
French stereotypes in the vidéo!!! Pourquoi?!?!
Jacques DesChamps
La Croix, made in France actually...n’est ce pas?
Daddy Derrick
Daddy Derrick Oy oldin
i have literally never heard of lacroix until that one asian dude posted a video of '" People In LA When it Rains" and he was all like why is lacroix falling from the sky im like wtf is that
Ryan Dill
Ryan Dill Oy oldin
I just started watching GMM. And I’m a fan. But is Rhett like annoyed with Link at this point. It seems like everything Link says Rhett has a weird face to make. It’s funny but it makes me wonder like do they only hang out at the show? Do they just pretend to still get along because of the show?
Mitch Miller
Mitch Miller Oy oldin
We don't talk like that lol
blank blank
blank blank Oy oldin
I pray to god they were cold
iMRM.1472 Oy oldin
lemon carbonated water, taste like the skin of the lemon, not the juice in it
ChrisAllGod Oy oldin
Everyone that hates LaCroix has just had a little and has never fully tried it for more than a day if you drink it you think its nasty but then by your third one you become addicted and drink it more than regular water
JSA Racing
JSA Racing 18 kun oldin
That happened to me with the lime and orange LaCroixs, though my new favorite is the tangerine flavor.
Abbie Smith
Abbie Smith Oy oldin
My big brother calls La Croix hairspray water. Lol he's a goofball
Ryan Bowser
Ryan Bowser Oy oldin
I prefer Apple Bubly
Happy Hobby Hole
My favorite flavor is Pamplemousse (aka grapefruit) 😂
Lauren Tomasik
Born and raised in wisconsin and NEVER knew la croix was from here...
Jeffrey Hitchcock
Key Lime is out of this world. Dessert water!
Jeffrey Hitchcock
And I’m from Wisconsin
Owen Nielsen
Owen Nielsen Oy oldin
They really mickey moused that head contraption together! haha
Kat Willacker
Kat Willacker Oy oldin
I thought alex was from Michigan not Wisconsin. So whats the truth GMM
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Oy oldin
I bet Ryland Adams watched this! 😂
rachel schlough
rachel schlough 2 oy oldin
Hey I'm from wisconsin.
Meme Vault
Meme Vault 2 oy oldin
Ryland adams is quaking
JR MCGRIFSTER 2 oy oldin
Hey coconut is gucci
JR MCGRIFSTER 2 oy oldin
Lacroix is kinda tasteless, yet I still drink it when I can’t have pop. Yes I said pop,i live in Michigan.
Justin Garner
Justin Garner 2 oy oldin
The woman behind the camera’s laugh after the guy said the flavor was hilarious
Mikale French
Mikale French 2 oy oldin
La Croix taste like anxious sparkling water was, at one point, near some fruit.
Eman Mat
Eman Mat 2 oy oldin
I just realized I'm wearing the same shirt as rhett
Finders-Keepers 2 oy oldin
Just glad to see them wearing hard hats....safety first.
Chrispyclean 2 oy oldin
La Croix tastes like your drinking sparkling water while someone whispers a flavor at you from across the room
Sabrina Bagnarol
Sabrina Bagnarol 2 oy oldin
Don't Lacroix for me, Argentina! I just about died when they said that😂
Wolf Luna
Wolf Luna 2 oy oldin
Wisconsinites unite!!!!
Steven Adams
Steven Adams 2 oy oldin
Lacroix is just flavored club soda. Nasty.
Ikol23 2 oy oldin
Evan Kauper
Evan Kauper 2 oy oldin
It's funny that lime and orange won, those are the two flavors currently in my fridge 😂👍
I never had this drink...I also never had a starbucks.
Evan Prior
Evan Prior 2 oy oldin
Just a la croix supporter passing through
Gtfo 2 oy oldin
Peach pear, key lime, tangerine, cran-raspberry?
christopher sailer
Saying lacroix pamplemousse is spicy is the whitest thing ever
Torie Bryan
Torie Bryan 2 oy oldin
La Croix tastes like you licked someone else’s armpit
Holistic Jessa
Holistic Jessa 2 oy oldin
Alex is the best part of this
Eric Del Toro
Eric Del Toro 2 oy oldin
I'd rather have San Pellegrino, particularly the prickly pear and orange flavor.
Major 2 oy oldin
Is it bad that I like the coconut flavor
Vincent Regier
Vincent Regier 2 oy oldin
Pomegranate is the best one
Alekzzandra Ruiz
Alekzzandra Ruiz 2 oy oldin
and my favorite La croix flaver is kiwi watermelon
Alekzzandra Ruiz
Alekzzandra Ruiz 2 oy oldin
when i was watching this and I am 12 years of age i was drinking kiwi watermelon La Croix and you guy should do will it La Croix and try kiwi watermelon La croix
Angelo Frago
Angelo Frago 2 oy oldin
*insert french accent* la-mown cocoa-nu beh-rrhi pomp-le-mousse pah-ssio free pssh-yourhhh limhh mhang-gow ohh-rahnge
Vicious Blobfish
Vicious Blobfish 2 oy oldin
La croix is carbonated air in liquid form
Lydia Claire
Lydia Claire 2 oy oldin
My husband doesnt even drink regular water anymore. Just La Croix 😂
Dark Nation
Dark Nation 2 oy oldin
Isabelle L.
Isabelle L. 2 oy oldin
Most Wisconsinites don’t talk like that
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