Ultimate LaCroix Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we find out what the best flavor of La Croix is. GMM #1041!
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9-Dek, 2016

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Fikrlar 7 679
TheSeriousBadger 2 yil oldin
Again I'm watching a video of two guys drinking soda and I'm highly entertained.
Lucinda Mobley
Lucinda Mobley 6 kun oldin
I've just tried my first La Croix ever (Orange flavor), and I am not impressed one bit. All I am tasting is fixy water with only the tiniest bit of orange flavor. I've had peach sparkling water of another brand and I COULD ACTUALLY TASTE THE PEACH IN THAT! This is just disappointing to me.
Kareena Thomas
Kareena Thomas 15 kun oldin
Sparkling water
Sophia Manzor
Sophia Manzor 19 kun oldin
you uncultured swine it's sparkling water
Caden Amstutz
Caden Amstutz Oy oldin
not soda
Eman Mat
Eman Mat 4 soat oldin
I just realized I'm wearing the same shirt as rhett
Finders-Keepers 6 soat oldin
Just glad to see them wearing hard hats....safety first.
Chrispyclean 7 soat oldin
La Croix tastes like your drinking sparkling water while someone whispers a flavor at you from across the room
Sabrina Bagnarol
Don't Lacroix for me, Argentina! I just about died when they said that😂
Wolf Luna
Wolf Luna Kun oldin
Wisconsinites unite!!!!
Steven Adams
Steven Adams 2 kun oldin
Lacroix is just flavored club soda. Nasty.
Ikol23 4 kun oldin
Evan Kauper
Evan Kauper 7 kun oldin
It's funny that lime and orange won, those are the two flavors currently in my fridge 😂👍
I never had this drink...I also never had a starbucks.
Evan Prior
Evan Prior 8 kun oldin
Just a la croix supporter passing through
Gtfo 9 kun oldin
Peach pear, key lime, tangerine, cran-raspberry?
christopher sailer
christopher sailer 9 kun oldin
Saying lacroix pamplemousse is spicy is the whitest thing ever
Torie Bryan
Torie Bryan 10 kun oldin
La Croix tastes like you licked someone else’s armpit
Holistic Jessa
Holistic Jessa 10 kun oldin
Alex is the best part of this
Eric Del Toro
Eric Del Toro 11 kun oldin
I'd rather have San Pellegrino, particularly the prickly pear and orange flavor.
Major 11 kun oldin
Is it bad that I like the coconut flavor
Vincent Regier
Vincent Regier 11 kun oldin
Pomegranate is the best one
Alekzzandra Ruiz
Alekzzandra Ruiz 12 kun oldin
and my favorite La croix flaver is kiwi watermelon
Alekzzandra Ruiz
Alekzzandra Ruiz 12 kun oldin
when i was watching this and I am 12 years of age i was drinking kiwi watermelon La Croix and you guy should do will it La Croix and try kiwi watermelon La croix
Angelo Frago
Angelo Frago 12 kun oldin
*insert french accent* la-mown cocoa-nu beh-rrhi pomp-le-mousse pah-ssio free pssh-yourhhh limhh mhang-gow ohh-rahnge
Vicious Blobfish
Vicious Blobfish 13 kun oldin
La croix is carbonated air in liquid form
LYDIA CROSIER 13 kun oldin
My husband doesnt even drink regular water anymore. Just La Croix 😂
Dark Nation
Dark Nation 14 kun oldin
Isabelle L.
Isabelle L. 14 kun oldin
Most Wisconsinites don’t talk like that
Kaden Wagoner
Kaden Wagoner 14 kun oldin
Came they here Alex say the name of the drink
Thorin Jordan
Thorin Jordan 14 kun oldin
I love LA Croix but it has to be cold
Princess K
Princess K 14 kun oldin
It's too bad that the passionfruit la croix is so crappy (I don't like it either), because one of my fav flavors is lilikoi/passionfruit and it is actually amazing. Try some lilikoi nectar and you will see how delicious it is!
Antonio DeFrancesco/Spongememes
“Asteriks” lol
Nadine xoxo
Nadine xoxo 15 kun oldin
I thought they were going to burp the whole time, XD..
Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump 15 kun oldin
Good job French,Wisconsin Alex
Steven Baker
Steven Baker 17 kun oldin
Used to bash on this stuff. Recently cut out soda but I missed the carbonation so I decided to give these another go and I'm satisfied
benny1051 18 kun oldin
i watched this video many times.....did link say "flavorite"
Chey.Wilkerson 19 kun oldin
Yeah not a fan of La Croix. I've only tried the Orange and hated it so I've never tied any of the others. I agree Sparkling ICE is great though (:
MATTHEW575M 20 kun oldin
no tangerine, no peach-pear... sad
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 23 kun oldin
La Croix tastes like TV static
hellraiserward 24 kun oldin
i prefer pepsi flavor myself.
SoliDeoGloria 07
SoliDeoGloria 07 25 kun oldin
Did link open the showby saying "...ranking our flavorite lacroix flavors"? Lol
Justin Poley
Justin Poley 25 kun oldin
I live in Wisconsin and I am disappointed that this is the extent of our representation.
Ambear Meower
Ambear Meower 26 kun oldin
it's wis-cawn-sin.t wis-cohn-son.
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 26 kun oldin
I have never had la croix. But im not a hipster, whatever that is...
Kensey 26 kun oldin
Key-Lime is my fav 🤤
Cheyenne Rowe
Cheyenne Rowe 29 kun oldin
My favorite flavor is I've never had a La Croix
Khlo G
Khlo G Oy oldin
I *love* grapefruit LaCroix
Charline Marie
cranberry pomegranate is so good
Michael Massaro
im drinking apricot!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Grace
RZX GG15 Oy oldin
I have a question. I'm a minor still and I don't know much about lacroix, is it a drink for everyone or is it restricted to just adults and if it isn't a drink for all, does it have alcohol in it?
cyann410 Oy oldin
Favorite is peach
cyann410 Oy oldin
La Kwa..".
Katya _
Katya _ Oy oldin
I love the tangerine one
wolverine96 Oy oldin
I love how he says "orange" completely normally
Loretta O'Keefe
Links leaky tube was bothering me THE ENTIRE TIME.
Jasen Bautista
I literally had my first La Croix 3 days ago and it was lime. I liked lime.
katie thull
katie thull Oy oldin
From Wisconsin, never had one!
Hero Storm
Hero Storm Oy oldin
Lacroix is really bad, if I had to choose between it or a bud light beer....I'm going for the beer!!!
SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man
SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man
Coconut milk is the meat the liquid is coconut water
Rosette Skye
Rosette Skye Oy oldin
I have never tried LaCroix before...
Cam x Cam
Cam x Cam Oy oldin
communist froot loops
Elizabeth Flok
Real wisconsoner yeah I should be there because I live in Wisconsin
katie thull
katie thull Oy oldin
Elizabeth Flok it’s Wisconsinite, dear 😘
Raging Raichu
Raging Raichu Oy oldin
I love La Croix. Expensive, but so damn good.
Susans Martin
Susans Martin Oy oldin
Ha! Actually Passion fruit kill the mood. Men in my country avoid them
Simson Chowdhury
The only reason I clicked on this is because I love Remy LaCroix 😍😍 those who don't know her, Google it and don't forget to thank me if she helps 😉
Gogo Oy oldin
we don’t have this thingy in France lmao
OneThirdLife Oy oldin
The best flavor of LaCroix is not drinking it in the first place.
Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton
I just got a hold of an orange lacroix and it tastes like ass. If you don't like mineral water don't drink it. Its mineral water with orange air that promises joy and only leaves you with the dissapointment a child would feel finding the toy receipt after Christmas.
mastaman78 Oy oldin
La Croix tastes like TV static
Drizzy Bone614
I like wet mango shells does that count
Angry Wisconsinite!
Mittens Oy oldin
No nectarine? That’s my favorite!
bobby lolz
bobby lolz Oy oldin
i just need a video of Alex saying the names of all La Croix drinks, b/c every time he says it i crack up. this would be when i'm pissed
Arthur Allison
Coconut is the best Lacroix flavor
кιттιє мєω
I'm not a big fan of this drink mostly cuz of the bitterness >^
Shook Cow
Shook Cow Oy oldin
La croix is the best I’m actually drinking one rn, but if u are uncomfortable with the taste add some stevia. And if you don’t like la croix you should most definitely try zevia it’s great! P.S coconut la croix is the best!
Poisonous Laughter
My French teacher drinks a lot of La Croix because she's allergic to sugar and everytime she gets one out, most of my class goes, "Ugh" bc we all cannot stand it. When I drank it, I couldn't do it because it has like that overpowering water taste instead of fruit flavor and it just tasted like carbomated water and that has been known to make me vomit 😂😂.
DosagePosage Oy oldin
Lacroix tastes like bitter battery acid
The Unstable Unicorn
My Favourite LaCroix Is Berry
srikar Oy oldin
how to send videos for the outro
Dmpsix Oy oldin
The only Lacroix I like is Remy
Kristjan Thompson
I like grapefruit and lime the best
AilingOstrich Oy oldin
That flannel 👍
Nate Kallsen
Nate Kallsen Oy oldin
I’m from Wisconsin and I’ve never had la croix
Natasha Roder
Natasha Roder Oy oldin
You're not missing much. it's overpriced and over hyped. Klarbrunn is sparking water also made in Wisconsin but it tastes better in my opinion and has a better price.
Tae with Suga Kookies and mochi
*_I have never tried LaCroix_*
Amy Noelle
Amy Noelle Oy oldin
Can you guys try Bai drink flavors?
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy Oy oldin
My favourite lacroix is coconut and orange
Sherman Cater
Sherman Cater Oy oldin
I've tried 3 different flavors of that stuff. I don't remember what they were, because they all tasted the same, and all nasty.
Kirtus Lorett
Kirtus Lorett Oy oldin
Cola is my fav
Espo 718
Espo 718 Oy oldin
Total ripoff of popular 80s song Locomotion, used for the opening theme. How did they avoid copyright infringment? It's blatantly copied.
god145 Oy oldin
Espo 718 because it’s old?
kry key
kry key 2 oy oldin
Next Try Waterloo Sparkling Water!
aot.nerd. 2 oy oldin
Anyone else think lacroix tastea disgusting
hailey ann
hailey ann 2 oy oldin
nononono you have to add the sugar
Riley McCullar
Riley McCullar 2 oy oldin
Strawberry Lacroix tastes like you were drinking sparkling water and someone ate a strawberry in the house next to you
Delaney Flickers
Delaney Flickers 2 oy oldin
Lemon and lime are my personal favorites.
VLF 2 oy oldin
A rather Wisconsin sentence. Come on up to Eau Claire and have some Leinenkugel's with me; leave your LaCroix at home.
pablo jams
pablo jams 2 oy oldin
All la croix tastes like fart water
Cloud 2 oy oldin
* is from Wisconsin but doesn't like LaCroix *
Chato Arreguin
Chato Arreguin 2 oy oldin
None bc i drink ice
La Croix tastes like cutting down a tree.
Siobhan Birmingham
smh where is key lime