Ultimate MRE Taste Test

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They say MREs are meals ready to eat. We you know you can, but... should you? We're here to test them out and see how they taste so you don't have to. GMM #1387
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26-Sen, 2018



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Noah Perkins
Noah Perkins 5 oy oldin
As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta
dabmotha Kun oldin
@Noah Perkins a vegetarian with a job that is to kill man? Maybe I got wrong you're not a vegan.
Bill Bob
Bill Bob 9 kun oldin
Thank you
Sneaky Squirrel
Sneaky Squirrel 10 kun oldin
Vegetarians in the military don't eat MRE's they just forage for berries and leaves.
Urnext PLS
Urnext PLS 10 kun oldin
I've tried that it was amazing
meshuggah life
meshuggah life 20 kun oldin
Should've tracked down a vomelet(vege omelet)for them to try.
Joshua Woolbright
Joshua Woolbright 4 soat oldin
Link: "oh i could use my camo thing". Link: *uses his camo thing* Link: but i'm not going to do that". 11:31
Joshua Woolbright
Joshua Woolbright 4 soat oldin
13:54 he does it again to
egypshun03 9 soat oldin
It saddens me that you guys didnt get to try the jalapeno cheddar cheese spread with the bread. For MREs its pretty good
KrazyFuckinCrackers1 11 soat oldin
You should have laid it on its side while cooking helps the themp
Ben Play's
Ben Play's 11 soat oldin
You guys forget one think.. these MRE's are for emergency/military. In a bad situation, or when you out in the field, these foods are the best you can wish for..
Gregory Sebastian Gunawan
Better than the bucket that’s for sure
Ebb N Flow
Ebb N Flow 20 soat oldin
You guys should try Korean Military MREs. They are supposed to be really tasty and if there's anything you can trust, it's that Korean food is ALWAYS tastier than ours.
Have you seen Gavin?
MREs are awesome i always bring some while hiking
Alex Cloer
Alex Cloer Kun oldin
Is it just me or does the taco looks so good
bro gaming
bro gaming Kun oldin
wasup[ frp
dabmotha Kun oldin
The only I have tasted was the spaghetti and I liked it.
Abdallah Jaradat
You needed pashtet to make your food taste better
Sgt Slim
Sgt Slim 2 kun oldin
Next time you play with MRE's take the heater and put it in a plastic bottle (sports drink bottles that begin with G work the best) that's had holes poked in the lid/top. Then pour a little water along with your full tiny MRE bottle of Tabasco sauce in it. We cleared a 50 man hooch with one bottle!
Sgt Slim
Sgt Slim 2 kun oldin
The ravioli vegetarian was the best MRE. Just cheese and pasta in that same sauce you guys tasted. LOL
Rob The Closer
Rob The Closer 2 kun oldin
Technically, you prop it up against a rock or something. That's what the directions say.
Some Person
Some Person 2 kun oldin
Why didnt you collab with CrazyRussianHacker
VideoKing 88
VideoKing 88 3 kun oldin
I miss the old intro
Jay Mo
Jay Mo 3 kun oldin
I've always thought au gratin potatoes is French for old rotten potatoes
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens 3 kun oldin
bro beef taco is literally the best mre out there
Jimmy Irwin
Jimmy Irwin 3 kun oldin
Two words Veggie Omelette 🤢
Dark dusk Days
Dark dusk Days 4 kun oldin
They’ have trays in the army
Jake 85086
Jake 85086 4 kun oldin
Crude i missed the tour of mythicaly
Gary Hartwell
Gary Hartwell 4 kun oldin
Click this if you’re watching this in 2019 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
James Cruz
James Cruz 2 kun oldin
Gary Hartwell I guess I'm watching this in 2009
Leonard Rascon
Leonard Rascon 4 kun oldin
Just eat the laxative gum 👌 it'll make it go down easier
Pottymouth 1
Pottymouth 1 5 kun oldin
Y’all arecfunny
Blu Toon Huski
Blu Toon Huski 5 kun oldin
Emo Priest
Emo Priest 5 kun oldin
13:06 y throw it lol
Jerome Youssef
Jerome Youssef 5 kun oldin
I am in the air cadets program and twice a year we go into the forest to “survive” and they give us these MRE and we used the Coco beverage powder as starter fluid I am in 830 squadron
Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey 5 kun oldin
This video has a nice hiss
Beanhead1337 Gaming
i love the flc over the flannel
Jovana Aleksić
Jovana Aleksić 5 kun oldin
Ya'll know why the taco is at number 2? Ask taco bell 🌮😂
Danz McNabb
Danz McNabb 6 kun oldin
Where's the hiss, and the coffee instant type II?
Stephen 6 kun oldin
A rock.... or something.
Jesse Shapiro
Jesse Shapiro 6 kun oldin
How do I get one of the mugs they have sitting on the desk?
Sam Mueller
Sam Mueller 2 kun oldin
through their online store
kolyn assu
kolyn assu 6 kun oldin
the Canadian pork sausage patty mre is soo good
Lee Reynolds
Lee Reynolds 3 kun oldin
Is it made from real Canadians?
x31omega 6 kun oldin
Chili mac is the ONLY way to go.
PeasleP 6 kun oldin
Happy Bear
Happy Bear 6 kun oldin
The two personality types- "I see food. I eat it." "I see happiness."
Nathan Ward
Nathan Ward 7 kun oldin
Jordan board
Jordan board 7 kun oldin
Please get taras kul on the show!! (Crazyrussianhacker) would be the best cola ever.
Gonzo's 7 kun oldin
Gmm should make a patch for the troops.
url_ removed
url_ removed 7 kun oldin
mre pound cakes are really good
Where is ammo?
Where is ammo? 7 kun oldin
Oh how it hurts to see how you heat up your main meal
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 8 kun oldin
Tell me why when he spelled yum, in my head I had to spell it out and like sound it out just to understand it spelled yum
Manny Blood
Manny Blood 8 kun oldin
The metallic taste is your utensils, they come with heavy duty plastic spoons and forks
Mumdawg21 8 kun oldin
You guys need to try First strike ration, they were testing them when I was in Afghanistan, much better than the typical MRE's
Johannes Albrecht
Johannes Albrecht 8 kun oldin
Do more MRE videos, I'm sick of the Russian guy. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan but his videos are getting boring.
Just The Tip Gaming
Au gratin Potatoes sprinkled with breadcrumbs or grated cheese, or both, and browned.
James Wallace
James Wallace 8 kun oldin
What happened to the cheese and veggie omelet. Only the hardest of warriors could stomach that stuff.
Nick Ostergard
Nick Ostergard 8 kun oldin
The brisket is my favorite out of the ones they tried but the rib shaped bbq pork patty was my actual favorite.
Tom 8 kun oldin
You failed to make "a rock or something" joke... Disappoint.
The teenage Casual
The teenage Casual 9 kun oldin
MRE only taste good if you have sweated hard for a few hours and had 10 minutes for breakfast so you didn’t eat much 💀
Grumpydude 103
Grumpydude 103 9 kun oldin
I used to eat these on expeditions in army cadets my least favourite was augratin potatoes (sry don’t know how to spell that) any way we called them old rotten potatoes only one kid liked them so we gave them all to him and the kid who didn’t like there meal would take his he would straight up eat like 4-5 packs of old rotten potatoes in one day
HailToTheKing 9 kun oldin
Thank you for your survace of killing arabs
Pudgee Monkey
Pudgee Monkey 9 kun oldin
Only main meals?
Salvador Rodriguez
Salvador Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
Are the tortillas eaten cold?
Pettyy Boo
Pettyy Boo 9 kun oldin
Them Just being themselves is so funny to me lol
Dean Novelli
Dean Novelli 9 kun oldin
If you like MRE reviews check out Steve1989MREInfo, was hoping mythical would refer to him, he's awesome and consume 70 year old food.
Abe 9 kun oldin
I love the yt channels that cover mres and review them. Tho I doubt you're eating MREs on army bases
Khal Nag
Khal Nag 9 kun oldin
After one too many of theses in Texas I can officially say all mres are nasty but the crackers are awesome in the field.
Weave SNATCHED 9 kun oldin
Holy crap what’s holding up the MREs there’s nothing behind them....
Bagel Bob
Bagel Bob 10 kun oldin
I never liked eating only plants anyway.
Trevor Vaught
Trevor Vaught 10 kun oldin
They weren’t meant to taste good lol they were meant for nutrition only I thing they can get up to 4000 calories a meal
Bad Goyim
Bad Goyim 10 kun oldin
Beef taco and beef brisket are my favorites
pirmigrin jr
pirmigrin jr 10 kun oldin
My brother is in the army and he got me a MRE and it wasn’t that bad
Urnext PLS
Urnext PLS 10 kun oldin
No doubt you guys got That 4 11 dollars
Harold Elledge
Harold Elledge 10 kun oldin
The new MRE's are pretty good. For me it was mostly the older versions that just sucked the life out of me.
tyler titus
tyler titus 11 kun oldin
The hot sauce that comes with most MREs is the only thing saving them😂
xXtentionKord 11 kun oldin
Why is not Steve1989mreinfo in this video
Gregory Larks
Gregory Larks 11 kun oldin
"whats that metallic" as they eat with a metal spoon
Colonel Chronos
Colonel Chronos 9 kun oldin
thats not how that works
Majestic M4ngo
Majestic M4ngo 11 kun oldin
Au gratin potatoes are TRASH.
Evan Vdovich
Evan Vdovich 11 kun oldin
Links rig is still better than Canadian issued tac vests #feelsbadman
Denise Tidwell
Denise Tidwell 11 kun oldin
I have consumed a number of MREs and the ones I particularly enjoyed were the taco MRE and the chicken and rice (for some reason).
Nicholas Waggoner
Nicholas Waggoner 11 kun oldin
4 of the 6 menu options they had were a tomato base; rookie move since it's all the same 'mater.
frank grimes
frank grimes 11 kun oldin
5 months late .... let'[s get this out onto a tray. NICE
oxysz 11 kun oldin
Mom it’s scary spaghetti!
Travers Kilroy Cooper Alvirez
Oh shit... The veggies taco was made of crayons!
Trent Walker
Trent Walker 12 kun oldin
Who added the anti-flavor wrongness to the brisket?
Graham Michael
Graham Michael 12 kun oldin
Those arn't military regulated M.R.E.'s, those are for disaster relief and civilians who just want to try them.
light 12 kun oldin
Where's steve1989mreinfo when u want him?
dillon luther
dillon luther 12 kun oldin
Meals refused by Ethiopians
Steve Ramsey
Steve Ramsey 12 kun oldin
The flameless ration heater is only supposed to be at a slight angle off of horizontal. The instructions are printed right on the bag. Congratulations, you are dumber than members of the U.S. Army.
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano 5 kun oldin
But not quite marines. At least they didn't eat crayons.
MilkMan central
MilkMan central 12 kun oldin
Link actually said somewhat a curse word on gmm.
Call Me Noon Noon
Call Me Noon Noon 12 kun oldin
When are you coming back to NJ or NY!?!?!?!?!?!?
Vikram Bhojanala
Vikram Bhojanala 12 kun oldin
Who else still doesn’t know who is rett and who is Link
C 12 kun oldin
Let's get this out on to a tray. Nice.
Steve Ramsey
Steve Ramsey 8 kun oldin
Everybody keeps forgetting the "m'kay".
NOS Huffer
NOS Huffer 12 kun oldin
MREs are the best. I used to live on those
Svea PearmanCovers
Svea PearmanCovers 12 kun oldin
10:39 It's.. a... GOOD MYTHICAL MOOD
Nathanael Brown
Nathanael Brown 12 kun oldin
Beef taco is the best by far
Tyrell Davis
Tyrell Davis 13 kun oldin
White chicken chunks is definitely the best
William Rex
William Rex 13 kun oldin
You need to set it at an angle when cooking. It can't heat up right if you set it straight up and down like that.
Mavis Newton
Mavis Newton 13 kun oldin
Here chad there is only thing left it is just 42146847470007596869 steaks
insanity4311 13 kun oldin
I liked ur old intro I miss it
Ryan 13 kun oldin
Let's get that out on to a tray. Nice.
ThirdEye47 5 kun oldin
Nice hiss
Sharky Sharklops
Sharky Sharklops 13 kun oldin
They really should have gotten Steve on as a guest for this one. At the very least he could have shown Link how to properly use the FRH
cometastral 13 kun oldin
Seems to me like people are stealing ideas from other channels now. MRESteve has been doing this for years.
Dustin DeVaughn
Dustin DeVaughn 13 kun oldin
In the military you dont have time to heat them up. Be a real man and eat it without heating. Also there was a beef teriyaki on when in was in the military that i thought was the best tasting one by far.
Fuck the Pasta linguine
Am I the only one who feels like they were high in this?
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