Ultimate MRE Taste Test

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They say MREs are meals ready to eat. We you know you can, but... should you? We're here to test them out and see how they taste so you don't have to. GMM #1387
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26-Sen, 2018

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Noah Perkins
Noah Perkins 3 oy oldin
As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta
Kevin Anand
Kevin Anand 3 kun oldin
+Zleek You are a keyboard warrior. And a complete imbecile.
Jared Dean
Jared Dean 7 kun oldin
you cater to the army, not the other way around
yee yee
yee yee 14 kun oldin
Zleek shut up
Rose The potato
Rose The potato 28 kun oldin
Thank you for your service 😁
Tyrel Cowley
Tyrel Cowley Oy oldin
The trick to eating MREs for me, was to forget what you were supposed to be eating, and treat it as it’s own thing. Otherwise you start thinking it’s inedible. Grated after really hard days in basic training, eating anything was amazing.
Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark 11 soat oldin
If I could choose a MRE I would take the vanilla pound cake. Wait why did I say this?
Zachary Peck
Zachary Peck 11 soat oldin
They should have ranked the best MRE snacks because we all know those are what everyone wants
MRE'S dont get bad if they switched that with chef boyardi then itll get bad and theyll need to spend way more money.
Proud Panda
Proud Panda Kun oldin
I was camping with my dad and we brought some M.R.E's that were older than me and honestly I really liked the M.R.E
MrXcman92 Kun oldin
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin Kun oldin
CheshireCat 1015
N3ERO 3 kun oldin
most of the mres are good
Skullie 3 kun oldin
It's called a fox hole
Leslie Rae
Leslie Rae 4 kun oldin
Does Rhett think ‘inflamed’ is spelled ‘enflamed’?!
Drizzy Bone614
Drizzy Bone614 4 kun oldin
im pretty sure Au groton just means with cheese
Neeja 665.9
Neeja 665.9 4 kun oldin
You missed "meal resembling excrement". Our first sergeant told us that.
Killbarn 5 kun oldin
Where is steve
Matthew H
Matthew H 5 kun oldin
i had to have mres and i love thiem
Chef Fat Stacks
Chef Fat Stacks 5 kun oldin
This video was... Nice!
Killbarn 5 kun oldin
Steve should be on this video.
Bob Gutierrez
Bob Gutierrez 5 kun oldin
They are amazing to me
AnewDewDew 6 kun oldin
So GMM needs to revisit this, but change a few things. All the meals should be heated that require it, and the meals themselves need to vary. Chili Mac and Cheese, Beef Stew, Mexican Chicken Stew, Maple Pork Patty and Pizza need to be sampled. MREs aren't as bad as they made it seem.
Boaty C
Boaty C 4 kun oldin
maple pork patty not only smells like low-grade dog food, but it actually tastes worse.
Eric 6 kun oldin
I wish they would’ve ate the cheese paste on the cracker that’s the best part
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 6 kun oldin
How did you guys miss the five fingers of death, parenthetically described as Chicken Fingers?
Alex Vloggs
Alex Vloggs 6 kun oldin
The launch of the packet really killed me😂😂💀
Sarah Fields
Sarah Fields 7 kun oldin
My brother is in the army and when he came home he taught us how to make and eat and my brother said you guy did it wrong and by the way I think MRE’s are Good 😀😄😊
K 8 kun oldin
Inflammation is spelled with an I, Rhett; Not an E. That's not applicable for M.R.E. ;)
Big nibba
Big nibba 8 soat oldin
He's not the one who made them lol, blame the crew
Dominiq03 8 kun oldin
all of those are better than school food in america tho
Skips324 8 kun oldin
Thnks fr th mre's
Derek Moy
Derek Moy 9 kun oldin
Usually the Beef Taco comes with American Cheese (spread). What I tend to do is eat the beans and rice alone and put cheese with the tortilla and beef, that's just me.
Elijah Pedack
Elijah Pedack 9 kun oldin
Ya’ll forgot chili Mac
Jessica Pepper
Jessica Pepper 10 kun oldin
I could watch them review MREs literally e everyday
Evie Frye
Evie Frye 10 kun oldin
13:05 i died😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
gordon gillard
gordon gillard 10 kun oldin
Not in the military but i think that sulfur smell was from a slow burn kinda match head goo used in the mre to heat it.
Vanadium Vlogs
Vanadium Vlogs 10 kun oldin
They do taste good
Stutter406 10 kun oldin
Prathamesh Shelar
Prathamesh Shelar 11 kun oldin
13:06 *CHEF BOYARDEE* 😏 #pamtri
TherealG503jrpres 6r3n13r
He did it wrong
Roken 11 kun oldin
well one thing any army in the world knows for sure is how important it is to feed your soldiers well to make sure they're efficient. doubt there are a lot of MRE that are actually impossible to eat especially after whole day outdoors.
MrAirbornstinger 11 kun oldin
literally each one of those is like 10000 cals alone
Big nibba
Big nibba 8 soat oldin
Lmao what?
Gamer Wolf1223
Gamer Wolf1223 12 kun oldin
I love MREs. Vegan or not.
Sky Viper
Sky Viper 12 kun oldin
What does a unheated MRE look like on the inside
liam makes vids
liam makes vids 13 kun oldin
You guys should try mountain food
Anchor’s Away
Anchor’s Away 13 kun oldin
They did have chef boyardee in the army actually. But then they had to many and then they sent them out to us consumers. Actually started in a restruant. Welp I nerded our bye.
Luke Whitley
Luke Whitley 13 kun oldin
Why was there no chili mac. Those are the good ones
Luke Whitley
Luke Whitley 13 kun oldin
I love how they still say lean against a rock or something on the instructions lmao
Leslie Fannin
Leslie Fannin 13 kun oldin
i ate a mre it had bread with halenpano cheese
Blue Ray
Blue Ray 14 kun oldin
MRE stands for meals ready to eat they just forgot the t in MRE
Big nibba
Big nibba 8 soat oldin
They didn't forget it, that's just how it works
Valeria Avila
Valeria Avila 14 kun oldin
The tickets are sold out!! Bummer
Owen Parsons
Owen Parsons 14 kun oldin
Vegetarian Taco Pasta (Vegetable Crumbles with Pasta in Taco Style Sauce) couldn’t please Rhett and Link, making it tonight’s BIG Loser
The Garfield Destroyer
They don’t often put house hold food items in MRE’s because they are meant to last 10 years and up
Paige Stuart
Paige Stuart 14 kun oldin
I seriously wish I had a friendship like these two! It's crazy how they've been friends since what 1st grade? Then they ended up moving across the country together and making honestly a franchise out of literally being friends and talking and doing stupid things lol. I am a long time fan and I watch your videos every single day and you help me through so much because I always laugh while watching your vids! I love you both Rhett and Link and your whole crew. I'd really love to see and/or meet you guys someday❤❤
meh 14 kun oldin
i was in a MCJROTC in school during my freshman year of high school(i know its not like actual military, just sharing my experience with MREs), and during lunch while we were on a hike, we had to eat these. as a picky eater i hated literally all of the options lol. but the extra things you got with the meals were my favorite. i had a chocolate spread that someone gave me from their MRE, so i ate that and peanut butter on some crackers, it was really good in my opinion. the drink i got in mine was really good too. it was fruit punch, i loved it.
Splinter 14 kun oldin
Ive had the spaghetti and chili MRE and honestly It’s really good! It’s even better when you get skittles to go with them :3 (All of them have a odd smell and a metallic taste)
Kronos Studios
Kronos Studios 15 kun oldin
I’m from New Jersey and my birthday is November 9 LOL
Cole Work
Cole Work 15 kun oldin
I love MRE'S they taste so good to me I'm wonder where you get yours.
Art and Stuff
Art and Stuff 15 kun oldin
I read MRE as Mr E... Like mystery Am I okay??
TheMetzter 15 kun oldin
Think the tacos are good, should have tried the chili Mac and the pizza.
Grumpy Gamer
Grumpy Gamer 15 kun oldin
Shouldve brought crazyrussianhacker
dope russian
dope russian 15 kun oldin
The Asian beef stew if the best
Kazuki TheCommander
Kazuki TheCommander 15 kun oldin
Since ww2 chef boyardi spaghetti was on there
xtinneee 15 kun oldin
Mre's seem exciting for the first time and when you don't have to actually rely on them for your only source of food, lol.
Aaron Leicht
Aaron Leicht 15 kun oldin
Not supposed to cook mre inside. That’s why it stinks
MSH 9 15 kun oldin
when a 3 year old owns a pc 3 times more powerful than mine god dammit
MSH 9 2 soat oldin
Wait wtf how did this post on the wrong video?
Big nibba
Big nibba 8 soat oldin
Wtf are you on about
TheOldGuy 16 kun oldin
Ti Ti don't be blue your canteens been pissed in too
Ashley Vonier
Ashley Vonier 16 kun oldin
4 and Im getting tired of them already buddy i went from eating what I want when I want to surving on MREs for 2 meals a day for 7 weeks after hurricane micheal finding a beefy mac or buffalo chicken tortillas was like hitting gold but I'll never eat a MRE in my life again if I can help it
Uneven Sleeves
Uneven Sleeves 16 kun oldin
To answer Rhett’s question about the spaghetti ration lol, the reason why they can’t just throw a can of Chef’s best into the food packet is because that stuff might go bad too quickly (even as I’m saying this, I realize that it lasts in a can on it’s own for quite the while). The guys who engineer the MREs have to think critically about what is used in the food so that it’s made in such a way that it will easily survive high and low temperatures and still be plenty good for our military men and women. They’ve been trying to get a pizza ration out for a few decades now (at LEAST since Vietnam) and only just now released something good enough for them to ship out. It took them forever because they had to find a new way to make pizza that wouldn’t go bad but still have the right components to make pizza taste like pizza. With all that being said, great video guys. I hope you release another taste test soon because these are hilarious
Shivam Malluri
Shivam Malluri 16 kun oldin
Mr- Twinks
Mr- Twinks 16 kun oldin
My grandpa said when he was in the military he warmed up his meals with the muffler of his truck
Heugh Jassman
Heugh Jassman 17 kun oldin
I tell ya what. Some of them may not be the best, but they taste like heaven when it counts.
A Carrot
A Carrot 17 kun oldin
AdaptiveCaesar 17 kun oldin
Those heating elements are poisonous
AGENT [REDACTED] 17 kun oldin
rhett looks like he’d be a vet in the military
Layton Clouser
Layton Clouser 18 kun oldin
I personally believe the beef stew one is good hot and cold especially when your going through basic
PoliceBird Growtopia
Eddie 19 kun oldin
He said I’m tired after 4. That’s not even a day and a half. Try months ! (Enlisted Marine)
Taylor James
Taylor James 19 kun oldin
Someone tell Link not to inhale that toxic gas..
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher 19 kun oldin
I worked at a food pantry in college and sometimes we would get MREs donated but they were full trays of the chili with beans. Sometimes just beans. They were really nice for big families and holidays.
Just gonna say any of the breakfast ones are so much worse than anything else. And you're not supposed to use the heat pouches indoors because of the chemicals in the steam.
Kɪt cat
Kɪt cat 19 kun oldin
Its nerf or nothing
Master of Disguise
Master of Disguise 19 kun oldin
Cursing - A GMM first!
Galactic Adversy
Galactic Adversy 19 kun oldin
I've ate these during training weekend for Sea Cadets. They are a great way to keep energized and stay awake during drills, and much more. Vegetarian Taco Pasta, Beef Sausage Patty, and Chili are my favourites! Can't wait to have them again! (Hi from Canada)
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 20 kun oldin
Not great sarg. Aka this ain't it cheif
whatcha lookin at?
whatcha lookin at? 20 kun oldin
I always wanted to try a MRE, just to see how my daddy ate overseas in Vietnam!
game god
game god 20 kun oldin
Just put ultimate gives less views
walking accident waiting to happen
Link yeeting the MRE warming packet thing across the room had me gone 😂😂😂 I was laughing so hard till my sides hurt
Brian Meinshausen
Brian Meinshausen 20 kun oldin
When I was a kid my brothers and I found a ancient MRE in our grandpas garage. Don’t know how long it had been there but we decided we would try it. Sloppy Joe and it was awful. But it had chocolate pudding that I really enjoyed and some orange soda powder that was alright.
Monsterking 2001
Monsterking 2001 21 kun oldin
Chef boyardee could be found back then because the army asked Edgar (Chef Boyardee’s first name) to make food for the army
Abby Weiss
Abby Weiss 21 kun oldin
Me end my brother had the brisket and it made me and him on the verge of vomiting
Michael Sedy
Michael Sedy 21 kun oldin
Y’all messed up should’ve had chili Mac, with jalapeño cheese and crushed up crackers
cainezen31 21 kun oldin
We had one guy in our unit that was vegetarian. He aggravated the crap out of everyone when someone else would get that one MRE and ate it before he could get it. Then he wanted everyone's non-meat items so he could make a meal.
Big Meat
Big Meat 22 kun oldin
My dad always chose the chicken and noodles in vegetables and sauce while he was in the Marines
EJ -Games and more
EJ -Games and more 22 kun oldin
Does anyone else say sink it when they don't inside your head
FazeJevIsDad FortniteSucks
Other country’s are better
ExclusiveLots 23 kun oldin
mythical Rhett (and link) eats
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie 24 kun oldin
Link throwing the heating packet was the funniest thing I’ve seen today😂
Unicorn cats and Glitter
I fell asleep watching ark survival evolved level up hacks and woke up to this I love surfing UZvid it recommends everything for once I think I actually like what UZvid recommended me
DisAmericanBoot 4532
Who else died of laughter when link threw the mre thing?
Ed Schukar
Ed Schukar 25 kun oldin
Should have done this with Crazy Russian Hacker. #JustSayin
Dominic Maberry
Dominic Maberry 26 kun oldin
As a poor person who used to eat these all the time they make a really good tasting beef stew
narrow pookie
narrow pookie 26 kun oldin
Rex Paul Namang
Rex Paul Namang 27 kun oldin
Anthony Outdoors
Anthony Outdoors 27 kun oldin
MREs are good once and a while but when you eat it for almost every meal they get pretty bad
Cam Moose
Cam Moose 27 kun oldin
Fun fact, the vegetarian ones are the best because they come with 2 desserts