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welcome back for another vlog!
it's a new year and I've actually been going to the gym, but my diet is still horrible. i drop my skincare routine for the hundredth time. there is a lot of food in this video. gabbie hanna and i decide to do a mukbang with 7 different restaurants. talk about eating your feelings.




8-Yan, 2019

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K Sings
K Sings 11 kun oldin
I was so excited to watch this straight away...😞 But I’m still gonna like and comment cuz it’s gonna be great!!😂❤️
Chris Mahar
Chris Mahar 2 kun oldin
#sobreitya freaky friday
Aura Marroquin
Aura Marroquin 4 kun oldin
K Sings ui
Jacob Playz
Jacob Playz 10 kun oldin
I love you
Kieran McNeil
Kieran McNeil 11 kun oldin
Zara Sheikh
Zara Sheikh 11 kun oldin
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie 54 daqiqa oldin
I've never heard of a dog named Carl 😂😍💞
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
Am I the only one that gets irritated that when people do a mukbang they never finish the food. If you can’t eat it all just don’t buy that much
WBF gaming
WBF gaming 9 soat oldin
The MEME lady tell her i said hi i like that MEME
Chiara Vallini
Chiara Vallini 10 soat oldin
Omg how is corinna getting prettier and prettier eveyvideo?
Ratnadeep Nath
Ratnadeep Nath 15 soat oldin
Guys I'm gonna go to the gym and get fit cuz I wanna get my body into shape... Video ends up being a FUCKING MUKBANG. NICE.
Ally Schmitz
Ally Schmitz Kun oldin
Gabbie was cancelled cant she just go away.
Adam V.
Adam V. Kun oldin
Wow omg why am I watching this so late this is ICONIC!!! I loveeee them hanging out together aww
Adam V.
Adam V. Kun oldin
“I have to take a picture of this & send it to... *looks at Gabbie suspiciously* ..A BOY...”
Adam V.
Adam V. Kun oldin
Gabbie’s literally MEE when she kept getting super excited over all the food !!!
kittybelle29 Kun oldin
she is dating logan paul
Xander Markhay
Xander Markhay 2 kun oldin
I wanted to start watching u and I’ve been subscribed bc I love u in vlog squad and then u make this with my favorite
Nadia Saby
Nadia Saby 2 kun oldin
the fact that they're eating on a bed over WHITE SHEETS stresses me out so much. i'm having such a hard time focusing on the actual video omg
Jarelle Dalena
Jarelle Dalena 2 kun oldin
Diego pineda almeida
Luhviathan 2 kun oldin
I feel like that’s Logan’s Cavs shirt lmao that’s where he’s from. Unless she has one for some reason
Teabonesteak 2 kun oldin
Corinna be: At first, I was like "my brother died from suicide! HOW could someone be so insensitive that he'd film the body of someone who just commited suicide!? (Answer: views=money). Them I was like: That Logan made 14 million dollars this year...he's a genius! Gotta have his baby!
Fortnite Weekly upload
Tfue in the chat 💭😂
marlon medina
marlon medina 2 kun oldin
Logan Paul
Kris LaWho
Kris LaWho 2 kun oldin
I too want a turtle like Carl in my life
Ryan Levitt
Ryan Levitt 3 kun oldin
I saw your graduation picture in Fremd high school today
Jesse Carter
Jesse Carter 3 kun oldin
Gym breaking out??? What the hell. You mean the make up you wearing going to the gym breaking you out not the gym.
april hammond
april hammond 3 kun oldin
haha your a downgrade from chloe bennett
Gurpreet Dosanjh
Gurpreet Dosanjh 3 kun oldin
R u dating Logan PAUL ru serious
Viraj Shah
Viraj Shah 3 kun oldin
Ur a gold digger from TFUE to LOGAN FUCKING PAULL..
Maxxy MOO
Maxxy MOO 3 kun oldin
Fuck Logan Paul
Vanna Banana
Vanna Banana 3 kun oldin
Gabbie should get a dog. She would make such a good dog mom ❤️🐶 her and Carl are adorable
ChaoticMatters 3 kun oldin
Eboli lol
Faith Church
Faith Church 3 kun oldin
I love you so much💙💙great content ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😍😍
Luca Productions
Luca Productions 3 kun oldin
Iraj Safi
Iraj Safi 3 kun oldin
WHERES LOGAN PAUL HUH??? Lol yep corrina is dating Logan Paul WOW!!
Sofia Martins
Sofia Martins 3 kun oldin
Love how Carl just sits there looking, my dog would’ve already eaten the closest thing to her in a heartbeat
Sofia Martins
Sofia Martins 3 kun oldin
6:04 Gabbie with Carl is the cutest thing
Noc_merge 3 kun oldin
Are you dating Logan Paul I saw a photo of you and Logan sitting together at a basketball and Logan had his arm over your shoulders
Arce Gomez
Arce Gomez 3 kun oldin
logan paul..
Ellie Marie
Ellie Marie 3 kun oldin
It gives me anxiety with all that food on a white/cream bed...
ggflowergirl 4 kun oldin
So help me if your dating logan I'm dead.. that's not exeptebal, you can not take him... your walking into the logang territory, watch out, but your really pretty 🙄💜
ess tee
ess tee 3 kun oldin
ggflowergirl exceptebal
Luis Cortes
Luis Cortes 4 kun oldin
shes so perfect😍
Kellie Doung
Kellie Doung 4 kun oldin
Are you really going to disrespect your brother (who died from suicide) by dating fucking Logan Paul.. who is known for the making fun of suicide. DONT DO IT. He’ll manipulate you so just be smart please
Kellie Doung
Kellie Doung 2 kun oldin
Ashley's Adventures what reason is there for liking Logan paul😂
Ashley's Adventures
It's okay she wont listen to you tho so why waste your time I guess she likes him for a reason😀😇
Houry Jamgotchian
Houry Jamgotchian 4 kun oldin
I was cringing so much that you guys were eating on the BED!
YT. Headshotz
YT. Headshotz 4 kun oldin
Are you dating Tfue or Logan Paul
Bailey Cash
Bailey Cash 4 kun oldin
Carl didn’t reach for any food? That’s a good dog right there
Feodor Möller
Feodor Möller 4 kun oldin
Please tell me that ur not dating Logan Paul...
lx.demir 4 kun oldin
Ay this was published on my birthday
Legally Insane Chicken Legs
So now you onto Logan daaamn girl, you on the clout train gurrrrrl fucking your image up
Bella Scopa
Bella Scopa 4 kun oldin
Poor bud
car ben
car ben 4 kun oldin
Come back to fremd and talk at writer‘s week
Idk Squarepants
Idk Squarepants 4 kun oldin
So..Logan Paul huh
T M 4 kun oldin
T M 4 kun oldin
T M 4 kun oldin
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson 4 kun oldin
Your beautiful and you have perfect tits
Madison Daily
Madison Daily 4 kun oldin
i’m gonna take a picture and send this to- a boy 🤫🤔 (logan paul?? Tfue??)
Olivia Peff
Olivia Peff 4 kun oldin
Hey! Where did you get your small earrings?
Harambe G
Harambe G 4 kun oldin
Trevor 18 Chargers
Trevor 18 Chargers 4 kun oldin
You and Logan Paul?
F7 SiNQ 4 kun oldin
Gabbie is THE MOST cringeworthy annoying girl ever, and she talks to much, shite hair 😂, Whereas, Corinna is insane
lunx BaSick
lunx BaSick 4 kun oldin
Corinna why are you with Logan Paul
JessC Reads
JessC Reads 4 kun oldin
this was such a good mukbang!!!! ALL THE FOOD
Fires Ez
Fires Ez 5 kun oldin
Clout chaser tfue lol
Not Cloud
Not Cloud 5 kun oldin
Logan pool😑
Rob 5 kun oldin
S P I R I T 5 kun oldin
If you're actually dating Logan Paul, I've lost all respect for you and I'm unsubbing.
AFX EJ Backups
AFX EJ Backups 5 kun oldin
MUKBANG with Gabbie starts at 6:00 :)
Elaine Gallegos
Elaine Gallegos 5 kun oldin
Anybody see Corinna and Logan photos leaked of them being together
Allyssa Marie
Allyssa Marie 5 kun oldin
Corinna. No. Not Logan please 😞, you’re so much better than that
Zane Picketpin
Zane Picketpin 5 kun oldin
Wtf Corinna I thought you were disgusted by Logan Paul but a picture came out of you and him at a Lakers game with his arm around you
nat 5 kun oldin
ranch on everything is true midwest culture
Lil Bart
Lil Bart 5 kun oldin
Corina you fucking bitch you better not be dating Logan Paul or else for ass is going to get whipped with my penis and it’s going up your ass and your gonna like it bitch
nat 5 kun oldin
ok but what is up with her and logan
Miriam Kubaska
Miriam Kubaska 5 kun oldin
Ultimate Mukbang starring Carl 🙂
Hails❥♛🥃 5 kun oldin
Do you still nair your face??
Andrea R
Andrea R 5 kun oldin
So you and Logan Paul?
Gavin Coon
Gavin Coon 5 kun oldin
Hey corrina I fully respect your”relationship” with Logan and I hope it works out you and Logan have lost no respect from me
DuckThePolice 5 kun oldin
hope you're not "hung up" on Logan Paul.
siredtoharley 5 kun oldin
I used to like you now you're dating a guy who showed a dead body fuck u
spoder min
spoder min 5 kun oldin
Were you not just preaching a year ago on how you were disgusted by Logans suicide forest video cuz u lost you bro to sucide, LIKE THE FUCK? LOGAN PAUL, IM NOT EVEN MAD THAT U DATING (u should date tofu) BUT UTS U BEING A HYPOCRITE, UNSUB, UNFOLLOW, BYE!
Lizbeth Camacho
Lizbeth Camacho 5 kun oldin
Are you dating logan Paul?! OH HELL NAHHHHH😤
A guy with subs
A guy with subs 5 kun oldin
Who’s here after drama alert?
Yashashree Chavan
Yashashree Chavan 5 kun oldin
The boy is probably Logan Paul
ALJ 5 kun oldin
Please Save Logan Paul by dating her
Gamer Goddess
Gamer Goddess 5 kun oldin
Play Fortnite!!!!!!!! (For a video) (if you want)
Giovanni Camarillo
Giovanni Camarillo 5 kun oldin
Are you Dating TFUE?
FelizÂme 5 kun oldin
Best vegan pizza is at Sage near Echo Park!
Seon Woo
Seon Woo 5 kun oldin
Corinna is high
Connor Owen
Connor Owen 5 kun oldin
I love your vids also when u play with tfue
Junhyoung Kim
Junhyoung Kim 5 kun oldin
Salmaa Palacios
Salmaa Palacios 6 kun oldin
I love youuu , both of you are the best !!!
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis 6 kun oldin
it's an everywhere thing to put ranch on pizza
Eccentric●Artist 6 kun oldin
both are gorgeous ♡
AFX EJ Backups
AFX EJ Backups 6 kun oldin
Gabbie CAN take criticism you guys. She's just a human being who had a bad day. uzvid.com/video/video-MJ2KEQ462_8.html
AFX EJ Backups
AFX EJ Backups 6 kun oldin
The bully was malicious and conniving about attacking her.
AFX EJ Backups
AFX EJ Backups 6 kun oldin
Here for Gabbie.
NTUNKNOWN 6 kun oldin
Why would you eat all that on your bed 🤢
Sai Wee Layut
Sai Wee Layut 6 kun oldin
this is uncomfortable for me because they are eating on the bed.
OTF- SLAYER 6 kun oldin
Jk idc
OTF- SLAYER 6 kun oldin
Why did you cheat on turner
Katelyn Schlotter
Katelyn Schlotter 6 kun oldin
Pizza and ranch is an Indianna thing too.
Brynnlee Nash
Brynnlee Nash 7 kun oldin
im pretty 10/10 sure gabbie just ruined meat for me lolol, i don't mind i guess. @ 9:13
Emily Ricketson
Emily Ricketson 7 kun oldin
I love mixing random foods together 😂 I thought I was the on ly weirdo
FaDDe PADROTE 7 kun oldin