Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

Unbox Therapy
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This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.
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25-Dek, 2016

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 yil oldin
jose Ramirez
jose Ramirez 6 kun oldin
Fake lol
87ksan 8 kun oldin
What's the name is the song on the phone!?
pain 10 kun oldin
Asher Oy oldin
merry christmas!
dean nur
dean nur Oy oldin
come on bud send us that phone lol
Airo Fastidio
Airo Fastidio 4 soat oldin
Try oppo a3s
The Gameing room
The Gameing room 5 soat oldin
only if your Donald fucking trump
Padma Vathy
Padma Vathy 12 soat oldin
Can you buy me a apple I phone xs max 512GB
dr someone
dr someone 12 soat oldin
It better be wearable because I'm absolutely wearing it as fucking iron suit
Salahuddin Chowdhury
Salahuddin Chowdhury 23 soat oldin
In the future or in the past you made a $45,000 vid
Montalvo Monteka
20 banz An did you see the accessories it came with 🤔 them shits look dollar tree Accessories 😭🤣🤣
Phillip Steel
Phillip Steel Kun oldin
That phone is shit!!!!
sameer gull
sameer gull Kun oldin
this is blockchain based phone you can also buy the token of this phone in crypto exchange
sameer gull
sameer gull Kun oldin
this is blockchain based phone you can also buy the token of this phone in crypto exchange
Prince A Team
Prince A Team 2 kun oldin
China made.
Shiroba 2 kun oldin
$20k and that shit still looks ugly af lmao bootleg lookin ass phone, come on......
Steve Tourni
Steve Tourni 2 kun oldin
Where do I get one from
bigwill8270 2 kun oldin
20k phone and it has 17mp rear camera and 8mp front camera? 🤣🤣🤣
JDM Engineuity
JDM Engineuity 2 kun oldin
"this fall the cinema event ...." You sound just like animated Mark Hamil's Joker
De'Ryan Brister
De'Ryan Brister 2 kun oldin
This is for top secret people...
Andrus198524 2 kun oldin
20 000 and no shaver? nope from me!
OkayTaeLe 2 kun oldin
"People are trying to call me right now! You know what they're getting? A message telling them they're second class citizens!"
Vito R.
Vito R. 3 kun oldin
Most viewers are under 10 years old on here 😂😂
Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter 3 kun oldin
Canadian accent annoying af. MERICA
Allen Nemo
Allen Nemo 3 kun oldin
Who’s the phone for? In a word: cartel bosses
xXAcexX XxKuttaXx
xXAcexX XxKuttaXx 3 kun oldin
This shit better give me head every morning.
Papa Troll
Papa Troll 3 kun oldin
Talk about an anticlimactic video. This was like showing off a $500,000 car and not mentioning how it drives or performs or what its capable of... Who cares about a half-decent camera, how is this smartphone at being a smartphone? Does it perform like a mini-supercomputer or is it basically a well supported, blinged out Galaxy?
OutdoorBoi 3 kun oldin
And I thought iPhones were expensive
sanjay verma
sanjay verma 3 kun oldin
which mobile phone do you use?
Leeroy Rocha
Leeroy Rocha 4 kun oldin
can you buy the phone with gold because l got a lot os that
msba king
msba king 4 kun oldin
where is it? I can't find it on there website, only an average priced phones are there...
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 4 kun oldin
Please make a review on xiaomi redmi note7 pro
Ivan Acosta
Ivan Acosta 4 kun oldin
Do an update video today 3 years later, almost. 😀😄
videonaj 4 kun oldin
Now 2019, who will buy this for $20?
Julian Mulder
Julian Mulder 4 kun oldin
it looks dated
Chaitanya 4 kun oldin
Who's here reading comments?
Chaitanya 4 kun oldin
Watching in 2019 😁
Matthew Klinedinst
Matthew Klinedinst 5 kun oldin
20,000 dollars? Does it have amoled screen?
CLBMakeupTV 5 kun oldin
Do u have Dip in?
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado 5 kun oldin
Lol, I get better video and sound quality on my 250 dollar phone. 😂
Karma The Cat
Karma The Cat 5 kun oldin
If it can’t take me to Paris, it’s not worth it.
CCAREFFUL 5 kun oldin
That’s could silent
Mark Miranda
Mark Miranda 5 kun oldin
Sad thing about that phone is that it’s android
Joel Perez
Joel Perez 5 kun oldin
Just buy the one plus 6t at least it has face id
56170Viper 5 kun oldin
That phone is badass
Emin A
Emin A 5 kun oldin
bullshit, vertu is best ever!!!
Namal bro
Namal bro 5 kun oldin
Emad Hassan
Emad Hassan 5 kun oldin
if i will be able to play on it fortnite and pubg mobile in the highest graphics without lags i will buy it
7zar Vomva
7zar Vomva 5 kun oldin
5years from now cheapest phone have better specs than that.
WTWH 5 kun oldin
I can buy anything with money!
Donna Lippert
Donna Lippert 5 kun oldin
Crazy folks buying a 20 k phone? Really?
Richard Lemieux
Richard Lemieux 5 kun oldin
20,000.00$ phone....one sim?????
navneet404 6 kun oldin
King style like game of thrones
Mozay Menzelli
Mozay Menzelli 6 kun oldin
5:13 lmao
Jhnya Jones
Jhnya Jones 6 kun oldin
Nice camera quality
Suenique Suckoo
Suenique Suckoo 6 kun oldin
(Crack's the screen) another 15 grand for a new screen
Dumbarrse 6 kun oldin
just get a flip phone you loser
Guru Ya
Guru Ya 6 kun oldin
Griezman James
Griezman James 6 kun oldin
When u come to my country carrying this phone I swear u won't see your 2 hands again
jose Ramirez
jose Ramirez 6 kun oldin
It's fake
Sheena Frederick
Sheena Frederick 7 kun oldin
The camera is crap along with the design and backing. It’s just ugly. It’s for old rich guys lol
N3RDY Hoodlums
N3RDY Hoodlums 7 kun oldin
This shit better cure cancer
John Forgette Jr
John Forgette Jr 7 kun oldin
If I spend $20,000 on a phone it better be a direct line to God almighty.
Chinta Mani
Chinta Mani 7 kun oldin
And I used to think IPhones are expensive.
Paa Kwesi Akuffo-Ensaw
Its $20000 for pete's sake! It should have a self unboxing mechanism.
Epickimster 188
Epickimster 188 7 kun oldin
My dad bought one. Its really cool and worth it
Erica D
Erica D 4 kun oldin
Your dad likes to waste $$
Nastassia 5 kun oldin
No phone is worth 20.000 bucks. Unless it sends you to another dimension.
Donna Lippert
Donna Lippert 5 kun oldin
Too much money
Savage Master
Savage Master 7 kun oldin
Your dad can even buy UZvid.
Abishek Uprety
Abishek Uprety 7 kun oldin
is it andriod
Sly White Wolf
Sly White Wolf 7 kun oldin
iPhone is still better
Rectxfy - Critical Ops
the box is where it's at
Alex Johnstone
Alex Johnstone 8 kun oldin
Flick the switch, stops certain people calling you. It's called 'Do not disturb' on my phone lol.
Guy Dick
Guy Dick 8 kun oldin
It says they monitor suspicious activity on your phone... What about porn
Felipe Cavalcanti
Felipe Cavalcanti 8 kun oldin
this phone was made for politicians it seems....
Malaki Nyange
Malaki Nyange 8 kun oldin
Did he just say It can take a bullet
Malaki Nyange
Malaki Nyange 8 kun oldin
It aint worth my Money
NolifeTobi 8 kun oldin
Checkmate apple users
Ava L
Ava L 9 kun oldin
The Solarin? Sounds like a vape but ok
I would of smelled it ,
ShyftTV 9 kun oldin
I dare you to do a durability test with this
iherb mop737
iherb mop737 9 kun oldin
I need to buy a holy smokes.
Martín Borda
Martín Borda 9 kun oldin
This is a Sirin Solaris smartphone wrapped in carbon and gold. Cool gadget for the paranoic rich though.
lone wanderer
lone wanderer 9 kun oldin
Hope it makes you a cup if tea in the morning for that price lol
gagandeep GD
gagandeep GD 9 kun oldin
the best phone is pornable phone
Myles Brooks
Myles Brooks 9 kun oldin
still an android lol
Ali Ozturk
Ali Ozturk 9 kun oldin
B. Smith
B. Smith 9 kun oldin
For rich paranoid tweakers.
Bouzsi 10 kun oldin
Couldn't take the chew out of your mouth long enough to film this? Made it super annoying =/
Mojo 10 kun oldin
no phone is worth anymore than 20 bucks
Miguel Longid
Miguel Longid 10 kun oldin
I prefer the Nokia 638 in my opinion
Matthew Zaw Bawk
Matthew Zaw Bawk 10 kun oldin
But I don’t like design 😪😪
Options Forward 2.5
Options Forward 2.5 10 kun oldin
20 tonnes you crazy bastard lolol no way in hell would I put that kind of money for a smartphone
davit gogiberide
davit gogiberide 10 kun oldin
More expensive than iphone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stoney Steve
Stoney Steve 10 kun oldin
Call you on my seclairen while I'm speeding in my McLaren. Yuh.. aye.. soundcloud fame here I come
KurtBlueX playz
KurtBlueX playz 10 kun oldin
This looks like a nokia 2010 in gold version
Темирлан Сайранулы
For what?! For what?! We need this?! That’s stupid idea! I think,if u stupid u can got it.
HEK 293
HEK 293 10 kun oldin
Does it play pc games? Does it have windows 10? Is it just another android piece of shit? You are pathetic.
HEK 293
HEK 293 10 kun oldin
A $20,000 phone? You are a well trained monkey. (Slave)
hayden groves
hayden groves 11 kun oldin
subhash kumar
subhash kumar 11 kun oldin
Waste of money
guy nice
guy nice 11 kun oldin
google must be angry
VGAMERPRO 11 kun oldin
that shit better comes with life insurance Edit: 2.5 mill my currency i could buy a car insure and license that and still have money left to stock my house with food.
cdw willow
cdw willow 11 kun oldin
I buy throw away phone's , no security needed , cheap enough to toss every now and then !
Sumo Large
Sumo Large 11 kun oldin
But can it run pubg without crashing
hindi network
hindi network 11 kun oldin
Still andriod software build not safe.
GOD moosey
GOD moosey 11 kun oldin
he lost half his salary cap after buying that phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣
5 oy oldin