Undercover Boss - Retro Fitness S4 EP14 (U.S. TV Series)

Craig Dave
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Eric Casaburi, the founder of Retro Fitness, tackles some heavy lifting of his own on this all new Undercover Boss journey.



31-Dek, 2013

Undercover Boss Full Episode



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alfinechoco 54 daqiqa oldin
Jacqueline is a bitch!
bossman 291
bossman 291 Soat oldin
plot twist all of there money they offered came out of there pay checks
Lowell Hunter
Lowell Hunter 10 soat oldin
Uhm anyone notice money dose Bring happiness
John John
John John 12 soat oldin
How does this show work?? Do the employees express there past life to the “stranger” and hope for money 💰 😂
citrine dragon
citrine dragon 15 soat oldin
Jacqueline: self-absorbed, delusional, bitchy, liability and narcissistic bully...
Ann Cooks
Ann Cooks 15 soat oldin
The Jacqueline has an attitude problem... she's just stupid!!!
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 18 soat oldin
Jacqueline instagram?
Ball is Life
Ball is Life 19 soat oldin
same format every episode they need to change the script a little bit
Bash Beats
Bash Beats 19 soat oldin
This is so fake, like how would they not notice a camera man walking around with a big ass camera in their face
Kingjello 1710
Kingjello 1710 20 soat oldin
Jacquline is turning this gym into Hell’s Kitchen
Alren Videos
Alren Videos 20 soat oldin
omg the second girl wtf PEOPLE TALK THAT WAY?!
Kezzal 21 soat oldin
i like how she takes no notice of cameras shoved in her face
kpopgotnojams ._
Anyone think barry is better looking than nick
Abdulrahman AL Qirad
Undercover!! What about the cameramen around him? Can anyone explain?
Donnie Buenaventura
Jacqueline i believe you. You’re a good girl. Now fuck off
Julio De León.
Julio De León. Kun oldin
The owner is hot!! 😍
West G
West G Kun oldin
Holy jacq was cringy af.
Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt Kun oldin
He a dick of a man he nearly blew it right from the start he thinks he the best at everything like that Jacquline her attitude is shocking but I don’t think it right two bosses having a go at her but she total did deserve to get fired !!!!!
Muhammad Daudpota
Muhammad Daudpota 2 kun oldin
I wanna punch Jacqueline in the balls!
hassjeyjey 10 soat oldin
Muhammad Daudpota she doesnt have any way
How to annoy People 101
2 girls got lucky because they did something good. Then there's jaqueline. Lost reputation and lost her job. Good for her actually. Attitude is what matters the most
Down the Creek Will
These damn onions man
miruna spirache
miruna spirache 2 kun oldin
24:58 "Uhh, that's good stuff" lmao
TSM_Mythhh 2 kun oldin
ur daughter hot
chetan topre
chetan topre 2 kun oldin
I am glad he fired Jacqueline
Poor Nerf Channel XD
Poor Nerf Channel XD
Do they not notice the camera also all of them have sick parents?
Sam Danesh
Sam Danesh 2 kun oldin
Jaqueline was a wrong person at the wrong place! she could be a nice pornstar! she looks hot, aggressive and rude, with bitchy atitude which are the best materials for getting f*cked in front of a camera!
HenryPlays 2 kun oldin
Watched the whole video lovely
Milan Knoeps
Milan Knoeps 2 kun oldin
Fake as Trumps hair.
Angel Starfire
Angel Starfire 3 kun oldin
His undercover look reminded me of someone....but who?
Angel Starfire
Angel Starfire 3 kun oldin
1:42 ahh that voice crack lol
Giant Bitch
Giant Bitch 3 kun oldin
Theres camera everywhere and she still say and act likka BITCH
kaida498 3 kun oldin
fake shit
SamBlackGaming 3 kun oldin
Are Americans always this open to people they have just met...
Tony Ronald
Tony Ronald 3 kun oldin
A very successful 'boss' but a thoroughly nice man and I wish him a long, continuing successful life.
Austin Fisher
Austin Fisher 3 kun oldin
“I’ve been here for 2 years” not for long
Hamad Hadi
Hamad Hadi 3 kun oldin
Can anyone tell Jacqueline that she cant act for shit... and stay away from the acting biz... LOL!
MrNikosnik 4 kun oldin
What a cool boss, this gave me tears of joy. Amen
eaglemini 4 kun oldin
Such a fake show. There is always 2-3 employees with a backstory of an immensely tough upbringing and one piece of shit employee. As real as those storage war and tow truck shows.
Bleckwater 4 kun oldin
38:00 lol nice fake tears
Jochem 5 kun oldin
This is scripted. The front desk girl acts precisely opposite to what he strangely specifically hoped to see.
MrDard123 5 kun oldin
he doesnt own that gym. he didnt start it. he is the franchise owner. i wounder how many gym he opened himself. having 100 gym doesnt impress knowing you didnt actually open them
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 5 kun oldin
I may not be nice and kind all the time but being kind and nice feels good
Ayanga Cann
Ayanga Cann 5 kun oldin
this show is so much scripted I wonder how it is being believed and watched. :(
F0rscher 5 kun oldin
Thats one hell of a CEO..and give out help for those who need it thats just great....he is an example of people with passion for what they do.
Bryden Zhakata
Bryden Zhakata 5 kun oldin
Eric you are really inspiring your passion for excellence of execution could be seen through out the video , at some point looking at you i thought you were going to burst. The moral i got from this is video is being passionate about what you do will give you an extra drive to achieve being attentive to detail comes with it.
Darryl Mccomish
Darryl Mccomish 5 kun oldin
theres nae way she just happened to behave like that infront of a camera :D
Albert Ignatius Amo
The air that I breathe I know she is there Gone but not forgotten Forever in my heart.. Beautiful words for his mom. I miss my mom so much..
Uninstallme88 buffboi
Is it just me or is Barry a cute ass muthafucker
AirFouly 6 kun oldin
Jaqueline must be an actor. I don't believe that someone can be so openly stupid like her. Right from the beginning she started rambling
Naseer Ahmed
Naseer Ahmed 6 kun oldin
Heart touching
ramon huisman
ramon huisman 6 kun oldin
This shit is so fake
6 kun oldin
Y dose it look so fake, probably because it is 😂
Asia Mud
Asia Mud 6 kun oldin
Everyone's ignoring the camera crew.
Rodger B
Rodger B 6 kun oldin
33:09 Jacqueline is so evil her neckless cross is turning upside down
Hd Hd
Hd Hd 6 kun oldin
it’s obviously fake
squidbillie11 6 kun oldin
is it wrong i laughed when jacquline put on the water works? then got fired!!!! awwww yeeeeeeeeeeee
Willbane The Monty Main
40k and a trip over seas holy shit
TranceDJ 9
TranceDJ 9 6 kun oldin
This show gives me chills lol
maximilinamus 2
maximilinamus 2 6 kun oldin
Jacqueline is a bitch
Martin Bodin
Martin Bodin 6 kun oldin
Pouring shakes down the drain is wasteful but so is using tissues. Anyway, I don't believe this show is real anymore. Too many sob-stories and weird drama.
Valentina Dennis
Valentina Dennis 7 kun oldin
no you just wait baby ..
nineteen96 7 kun oldin
Jacqueline was THAT girl in high school
M McKenzie
M McKenzie 7 kun oldin
He really is not good at doing the undercover bit. He knows it all and fine so he should but don't tell everyone else how to do it when he is supposed to be in there as trainee. I was a bit irritated when he over argued re the drink at the start making announcement and also irritated that he undermined imo the woman with his trying to close a sale Both he could have waited until out from undercover. Too impatient. They both probably went home and said had to train a knowitall today haha. As for Jaqueline sadly there are people like her in customer facing positions. This was a few years ago and seems in follow up programmes she says she has grown up and learned. I hope so :) This was one of my least favourite episodes of the series. He to me did not come across that well.
nineteen96 7 kun oldin
+M McKenzie what?
M McKenzie
M McKenzie 7 kun oldin
Lol ninetteen96 read what actually was said.
nineteen96 7 kun oldin
You're just dumb. How can you not understand why he was feeling that way?
ghw1985 7 kun oldin
jack;in is fuckin hot but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan what a cunt lol
Dowork Son
Dowork Son 7 kun oldin
This is sooo fucking fake wtf
Mark 7 kun oldin
CEO = Narcissism much
road runneer
road runneer 12 soat oldin
Jaymarvin Estonido
Jaymarvin Estonido 7 kun oldin
thanks for sharing your experience in a different way toward to your business, its really helpfull when putting up your own business
# SnoFootball
# SnoFootball 7 kun oldin
That girl at the end that’s how we do it in retro fitness haha it’s his money getting spent on wet wipes
Pontius Fredriksson
God bless this man of Christ, such a respectful and lovely person
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop 7 kun oldin
no way this would be real
Anas Aziz
Anas Aziz 7 kun oldin
Girl on 18:00 is ACTING.
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget 7 kun oldin
This gotta be fake
max mebarki
max mebarki 7 kun oldin
those kids gotta love their dad, fuck you eric Casaburi yre too awesome
「 Jacqueline 」
「 Jacqueline 」 7 kun oldin
Feel so ashamed to share the same name as Jacqueline... horrible work ethic, horrible personality and horrible attitude
Madis Maripuu
Madis Maripuu 7 kun oldin
thats so obviously fake its disturbing to watch
mrdanni 8 kun oldin
So fake I just wanted to kill myself from the cringe
1M Views 8 kun oldin
This show is tooo fake
Sienna Evangelista
Sienna Evangelista 8 kun oldin
The girl that said she hates ppl just fucked up big time
niko spurr
niko spurr 8 kun oldin
It's a good idea for a TV show, but why not actually have real people instead of..... erm.... very shit, actors. Very obvious.
Nityanand Saswade
Nityanand Saswade 8 kun oldin
In India there is this Businessman who gives something big and special to his every loyal hardworking employees. Last year he gave everyone like 3500 people a house. This year he gave them Mercedes Benz car as gift.
glitch 8 kun oldin
this show is only for 50 IQ AVG Americans
glitch 8 kun oldin
stupid american show
Matts nj
Matts nj 8 kun oldin
TV is more fake than youtube pranks :) stil fun to watch tho.
Afterthought 8 kun oldin
I'm not surprised, considering it happened in New Jersey.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 9 kun oldin
The CEO reminds me of John cena
John Vank Gogh
John Vank Gogh 9 kun oldin
If i were the boss.. i wll Fired Jaqueline Immediately! .. Useless shiit
Albion F.C
Albion F.C 9 kun oldin
This guy is a definition of good leader doing boss moves
x-men supreme
x-men supreme 9 kun oldin
Well i want thet boss
Patrick Villavicencio
32:05 is that the Retro Fitness anthem
ichika Yui
ichika Yui 9 kun oldin
My question:Whos filming this? And how they didnt notice...
AVenged13m 9 kun oldin
how many cameras record this??how can this be real ?? There are 4 handheld camerem in their side recording them But his reaction and anger seems real Man i dont know what going on here And then they open up their guts to him how is that a thing??
KILLER_ PANCAKES 10 kun oldin
Jacqueline is hot
ʟɪʟɪᴀ x
ʟɪʟɪᴀ x 10 kun oldin
it’s obviously fake when there’s a huge ass camera pointed at your face the whole time
Hamza Alghazali
Hamza Alghazali 10 kun oldin
The gurl worh orange hair has a good heart
Clarence's Ybanez
Clarence's Ybanez 10 kun oldin
Lil dicky is that you??
Clarence's Ybanez
Clarence's Ybanez 10 kun oldin
good actors
hondansx1972 10 kun oldin
what a stupid bitch , i didnt know he was the CEO i wouldnt of done those things duhhhhh what a stupid bitch but i would still fuck her anal .
casey Ri
casey Ri 10 kun oldin
People really think this TV show is real...
schizo terry
schizo terry 10 kun oldin
His a fkn cunt off a bloke
Jacob Molyneux
Jacob Molyneux 5 kun oldin
as an aussie, idk if that's a compliment or not haha