Undercover Boss - Retro Fitness S4 EP14 (U.S. TV Series)

Craig Dave
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Eric Casaburi, the founder of Retro Fitness, tackles some heavy lifting of his own on this all new Undercover Boss journey.



31-Dek, 2013

Undercover Boss Full Episode



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de patriote
de patriote 2 soat oldin
yea yea...angels do exist....
Joseph DeMorgan
Joseph DeMorgan 7 soat oldin
i know why bob take her to thet work
I am no thing
I am no thing 9 soat oldin
Staged bs imo.
AzderielBane 10 soat oldin
This shit is so fake.
epualc 10 soat oldin
The boss look more cute with the wig and that trashy look :P
jonathan sjoberg
jonathan sjoberg 10 soat oldin
Holy sh*t Does the kid have Prada glasses
Nicolas Trottier
Nicolas Trottier 11 soat oldin
is it actually legal to spy on you employees and fire them in 'murica?! that's barbaric
Matej Grbac
Matej Grbac 11 soat oldin
I know for sure it's fake because IT'S NEVER LUPUS!
Zareef Tashfique
Zareef Tashfique 14 soat oldin
good luck to the fellow that is marrying jaqelin (or however you spell her name)
Zareef Tashfique
Zareef Tashfique 14 soat oldin
ok so there is a guy with a camera in their face and the ppl that work there are not in their best behaviors????
Mahesa Rangga
Mahesa Rangga 22 soat oldin
Why you looked like steve jobs!?!?!?!?
mad tex mex
mad tex mex 22 soat oldin
22:12 Jacqueline "just wait baby just wait". ha ha😁
LyricalMajesty Kun oldin
Yep definitely fake. The workers are definitely selling it for the camera.
JimmyJames82 Kun oldin
37:11 Really bitch!! she cursing while wearing a sideways cross of Jesus. I hope this show ruined her life because she acted like a fuckin idiot
BaileyRP Kun oldin
$75,000 to one girl, $60,000 to another, and the third gets fired, lifes rough hahahaha
DNZ DMRL Kun oldin
This is as fake as a woman having an orgasm.
PlectrumZ Gaming
awwwwe ^^
Andulas is
Andulas is Kun oldin
Jacquline was so obviously placed by the CEO to make an example out of her in case someone wants to join, wether members or employee
DoomKid 41
DoomKid 41 Kun oldin
Damn he's loaded...... never gonna be me ;-;
AFCA 1900
AFCA 1900 Kun oldin
How do americans buy this shit? God damn, it's so obviously fake that it's actually hilarious.
The Documentary Dude
Haha he straight up sacked her. Unlucky bih
pupznutz 2 kun oldin
That was so satisfying.
OfficialTrueStory 2 kun oldin
Jacqueline is a fucking bitch
Peace Maker
Peace Maker 2 kun oldin
soooo fake...
Blue Scorpion
Blue Scorpion 2 kun oldin
How'd they get those camera angles if it's truly undercover? with the angle changes there are at least two camera men following him around. it's a fake show :( the companies may be real, the "boss" may even be the real boss, but they are all acting, it's a show for entertainment purposes. I would love to watch a show like it and have it be real.
MrChopemup 2 kun oldin
I’m italian from New York , my mom died when I was 12 from cancer . . . What a big shit that was ...
x340x 2 kun oldin
i am 150% sure i saw this Jaqueline girl already in some tv show or movie
Slay Mink
Slay Mink 2 kun oldin
Eythan Arcega
Eythan Arcega 2 kun oldin
What the fck is that flying in 25:13??
megan garey
megan garey 2 kun oldin
Tbh Megan was good at the tour thing I hate when people push people into doing things like if I go shopping especially in like lush and places like that I hate it when the employees come over and be like oh have you seen the new blaaa blaaa blaaa like fuck of and let me shop man
Blue _Doublekill
Blue _Doublekill 3 kun oldin
i thought it was Andre Igoudala
K 3 kun oldin
He's so nice, brought tears to me!! Good employees are the best :)
kuririn1975 3 kun oldin
Even though it is staged that girl Jackie is the prime example of the crap attitude that is coming up with this generation. Imagine that same type of entitled attitude but in the military. That is what I have to deal with on the daily.
Maha Rani
Maha Rani 3 kun oldin
This is fake ,.. why did something mean if ur boss will watch this show??
jays68239 3 kun oldin
KURO CHI 3 kun oldin
"he would cross of as bossy" hehe
LOHX Jeff 3 kun oldin
Omg typical bitch....that attitude is so annoying,”I’m a good person” lady u tryna be delusional ?
Commentaar 3 kun oldin
I dont understand why people start telling there life to somebody that they dont know like te woman at 15:50 i think its all feak
Shane Waterchief
Shane Waterchief 3 kun oldin
Great acting👏🏼 those tears tho😭
Kieren Furnevel
Kieren Furnevel 3 kun oldin
We all know this show is fake but still, there are some stupid people who get even more stupid. NO one starts off telling people there life stories ESPECIALLY to random strangers, I mean what is this, a Forrest Gump movie. Next thing you know, boxes of chocolates are being passed around. GTFO of here with that shit.
METATRON 75 3 kun oldin
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 3 kun oldin
Jacqueline "just wait baby, just wait" bosses mind: "I shall wait but I will not hold my breath..."
Cambio de Rumbo
Cambio de Rumbo 3 kun oldin
Y de repente... Un comentario en español :P
Kevin Eontrainer
Kevin Eontrainer 4 kun oldin
This is a better way to do censorship. The usual Beep noises are so distracting and obnoxious sounding
Max Baker
Max Baker 4 kun oldin
kyler murray
kyler murray 4 kun oldin
Like I can't even deal hahahahah what a dumb Broad ,
kyler murray
kyler murray 4 kun oldin
Killing me softly ....he is lil dicky !
Abishan jegatheeshan
I don’t know if it’s just me but these 2 people have me in my feels hearing their story, but jacklin can go fuck off😂
Zephyr FPV
Zephyr FPV 4 kun oldin
Staged TV-SHOW/Commercial, hating on her is like hating on Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Lannister) lol said that, all the bois can thank me later: bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Jcolucci91 XD
Walter Vitarelli
Walter Vitarelli 4 kun oldin
I'm so happy some people put the effort and themselves in their jobs! That's the way to success!
Turkz 4 kun oldin
She’s from Jersey what did you expect
Phulen 4 kun oldin
Invisible cameras
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko 4 kun oldin
fake show, all acted
KlugStarr 4 kun oldin
No.... Really?
soheb ganeriwala
soheb ganeriwala 5 kun oldin
Good man..
True Jinn
True Jinn 5 kun oldin
These girls are the fakest.
KlugStarr 4 kun oldin
They looked real to me...
Colin Green
Colin Green 5 kun oldin
Nice and fake. Just what I wanted to waste my time on
Ahmed Arif
Ahmed Arif 5 kun oldin
Boonk died
Ahmed Arif
Ahmed Arif 5 kun oldin
Lit papi is here
alpha female
alpha female 5 kun oldin
please say tht second one was fired
Darren Greene
Darren Greene 5 kun oldin
Yabetz 5 kun oldin
Jaqueline 's on that roidrage huh
KlugStarr 4 kun oldin
Still hot tho
Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah 5 kun oldin
Megan found out what’s going on halfway through the show.
Ellis Dee
Ellis Dee 5 kun oldin
Wow! What a boss :-)
danie cliffe
danie cliffe 5 kun oldin
I feel like Megan clicked in he was the boss and decided to tell a sob story to try and ensure her job or get something out of it
Julian Edwards
Julian Edwards 5 kun oldin
you yanks have done it again. taken a decent British show and dramatized it, staged it, dumbed it down and added music. This show has a good basic concept and theme yet this version in comparison felt soo fake. That Jaqueline wasn't really like that surely?! Yea i just lean up here on my mobile? Bollox.
Chick B
Chick B 5 kun oldin
Jacqueline needs some discussions with a psychologist
Zepherelart 5 kun oldin
he looks like one of the main character from Hannibal Lecter
Dario Castro
Dario Castro 6 kun oldin
The Cheapest way to fire a bad manager and the greatest way to do publicity giving prices to good employers ... XD Saludos de argentina
Lady Harlow
Lady Harlow 6 kun oldin
Does Jacqueline have roid rage or is it just meth?
Kumar Shresta
Kumar Shresta 6 kun oldin
The CEO doesn't look at people in the eye....something seems shady about him. I want to like him, but I think there's something lucrative and extremely dishonest about him....This episode wasn't as emotional or impactive as the other episodes...
InsaneNyon 6 kun oldin
Jacqueline is a thicc bitch
Rahul Khamamkar
Rahul Khamamkar 6 kun oldin
Absolutely sure it's all fake.
ashleelmb 6 kun oldin
Jacqueline can't be real...like seriously? No bird can be that much of a nasty bitch unnecessarily. I don't understand how she doesn't get that swearing in front of the customers and calling them stupid is not how you do a good job...and playing on her phone...ffs!
Wai Lun Man
Wai Lun Man 6 kun oldin
Always that employee opening up their personal struggles, so the boss can be the hero helping and rewarding them.
mukkaar 6 kun oldin
Lol :D Feels so fake...
DuDil 7 kun oldin
Jaqueline is one of those people that'll never take responsibility and never admits that she's wrong...
Mk Zal
Mk Zal 7 kun oldin
I know this fake AF..stupid people
Pia Young
Pia Young 7 kun oldin
I need dinner *pulls out 6 different powders* ewww
heslop10 7 kun oldin
Did jackie remind any one else of Sammy sweetheart from jersey shore LOL
Heikel Majeri
Heikel Majeri 7 kun oldin
Must be fake.
Fya BON 7 kun oldin
So played, im not buying it
Chernoh Jalloh
Chernoh Jalloh 7 kun oldin
Never judge a book by it cover.
Stephanie Sissons
Stephanie Sissons 8 kun oldin
Are we gonna ignore the fact that there's a huge room... with only 2 chairs.
Mr S Is the Best
Mr S Is the Best 8 kun oldin
21:23 like a female Gordon ramsay
Martin Pokmat
Martin Pokmat 8 kun oldin
So so stupid boss!!! Fitness boss - without the brain.
chris bond
chris bond 8 kun oldin
Never seen a genuine real honest un scripted one of these fake shows yet! Scripted, false, ,and acted,, I mean none of the "employees" can see the lighting guys, the sound men, the cameras, etc etc!! Really? And everyone has a sob story!!! Give me a break!!
Oskar Stenman
Oskar Stenman 8 kun oldin
He has a net worth of 30 million btw.
Desmond Low
Desmond Low 8 kun oldin
Jacqueline, of all, the only one who had a cross on her necklace, had the worst attitude. My goodness. Why are majority of the christian people that I had met up to this point in my life all have attitude problem? What's the point of being religious? All the atheists I met are so much more compassionate. And I'm not an atheist!
Aiden Blanckenberg
Aiden Blanckenberg 9 kun oldin
At 12:45 i just thought to myself how can the people who work there not see the cameras
Joey Librea
Joey Librea 9 kun oldin
Does he fired them all? Or the two will be still working on him?? Haha. It made me confused. 🤣
Sub Man
Sub Man 9 kun oldin
Omg the boss was fkin generous.. The price being nice hahaha
Sub Man
Sub Man 9 kun oldin
That second girl was digging her own grave
Abdu Alamieyeseigha
Emil Boyadzhiev
Emil Boyadzhiev 10 kun oldin
this is sooooo fake
FeaR 10 kun oldin
Jacqueline 100% smash hands down no cap
Reime 10 kun oldin
Didn't know Jacquelin would act like that infront of a camera, this is the most real looking show I've seen
Kreagon 10
Kreagon 10 10 kun oldin
Wow i hate Jacqueline...
Mads Nedergaard
Mads Nedergaard 10 kun oldin
Sulyne Tuileisu
Sulyne Tuileisu 11 kun oldin
jaqueline "he is condescending and is not absorbing anything i say!" me "dude he isnt listening because its wrong, im pretty sure that ceo would know whats right for his company but i think he mad a mistake that is letting someone hire jaquelin!" lol i was just going on and on and on and she was also like "just wait baby just wait" then i was like "gurl u wait u wait ur gonna meet karma very soon
diane fuentes
diane fuentes 11 kun oldin
Can they share their blessings to der co workers dey deserve it too