Undercover Boss - Retro Fitness S4 EP14 (U.S. TV Series)

Craig Dave
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Eric Casaburi, the founder of Retro Fitness, tackles some heavy lifting of his own on this all new Undercover Boss journey.



31-Dek, 2013

Undercover Boss Full Episode



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Jesse Bella
Jesse Bella 4 soat oldin
Spoilt little bitch
IndiaAgraTravels .com.
Wonderful job sir CEO. You will received priceless blessings. God bless you
Aryan Barzan
Aryan Barzan 7 soat oldin
meanness will always come around ...
ali veli
ali veli 9 soat oldin
Mr.ᏣᏂᏋᏋᎦᏋ 13 soat oldin
Jacquline is going to have a very hard time finding another job
Nick 15 soat oldin
Oh Jacqueline you fucked up big time lmao.
Jasmine C
Jasmine C Kun oldin
That teaches you Jacqueline. Rude obnoxious bitch.
NBAGOATS Kun oldin
He says You must love him to work for retro fitness. That is one ghetto ass gym, btw.
Mic k
Mic k Kun oldin
Instantly hated little cow
Random  - Gaming
Random - Gaming Kun oldin
1:42 voice crack xddd
leerag Kun oldin
Jacqueline reminds me of Amy from Amy's baking company. She even talks a bit like her. Amy is from Gordon ramsay's kitchen nightmares . ABC Amy's baking company I think the place is called.
Mia Kun oldin
He is unhygienic - not cleaning racks?
Mia Kun oldin
CEO is disgusting narcissist
Mia Kun oldin
With all due respect but his mom dies of melanoma and he promotes and sells tanning booths as part of gym membership. That's ...
Devan Eaton
Devan Eaton Kun oldin
Jacqueline is basically a full grown toddler brat , admit when you were wrong , and do your job to the best of your ability make it your passion that’s how grown ups do it
4jcBel Kun oldin
was that rude girl an actrice?
Ting Victoriano
Ting Victoriano 2 kun oldin
goodbye jacky have a nice life...
Nicholas Schmahl
Nicholas Schmahl 2 kun oldin
Why are people wondering if this is fake? Its so obvious it is!! Just imagine all the cameramen following him around while his actual employees ignore the fact.
kenbolz 2 kun oldin
I think Jaqueline is Fake/Scripted.
Martin M
Martin M 2 kun oldin
how is this "undercover" if there are cameras next to her?
Le Oui
Le Oui 2 kun oldin
I don’t know Ricky, it looks fake.
Hatim El farouki
Hatim El farouki 2 kun oldin
*shows a picture of her when she was overweight* CEO: Wow! holy cow
Kaydian Gray
Kaydian Gray Kun oldin
I swear those were the wrong choice of words hahahaah!
SUPER OG NASTY 2 kun oldin
yo i want a i phone xr and a new car thanks
Jfanz 2 kun oldin
Guys can we acknowledge it's all a set up? No employee who has a cell in their brain is going to behave like that in front of a camera. They know their boss will find out.
Jfanz 2 kun oldin
I just realised. Maybe she is just really dumb. 🤣🤣
dorothy kuno
dorothy kuno 2 kun oldin
This has to be staged.. It all seems shipped esp his second day!!
MARK YEN 2 kun oldin
Ironic!!! His mother died of a melanoma and he has tanning booths in his gym!!! Hypocrisy!!!???
kunta kintedd
kunta kintedd 2 kun oldin
Thats when 14:30 she knew she was in undercover overboss so she threw the Sob story to squeeze some moolah he asks questions and acts a way that no one does when learning and that gave it away
Ankit Nanda
Ankit Nanda 3 kun oldin
today i quit smoking. i want to live
Ilyass Gabow
Ilyass Gabow 3 kun oldin
I didn't know whether is true or not but I really like the idea. Wonderful
Eyas Doko
Eyas Doko 3 kun oldin
this dude went from lil dicky to John cena lol
Dovakiin13 FITFOAT
Dovakiin13 FITFOAT 3 kun oldin
This is all made up I'm guessing probably because it wouldn't be interesting
what 3 kun oldin
Mother: *dies of skin cancer Son: *opens tanning booth Ok????
L I P T O N 3 kun oldin
the ending with the statue and hi's mother.. That was sad :( :/
X.liv.vvv.x 3 kun oldin
After one day “My moms got lupus” “I was 240lb and was abused”. After one day at a new job, I hardly give up my name.
Mindaugas Jonaitis
Mindaugas Jonaitis 3 kun oldin
And who is filming?
Generous Muliar
Generous Muliar 3 kun oldin
Can anyone teach them that, how to say "what the hell is this camera man doing here?"
ytub danut daniel
ytub danut daniel 3 kun oldin
How they film it 🤔of course is fake vide ☺
Fabulous Chicken
Fabulous Chicken 3 kun oldin
"members are stupid" "I'm a nice person"... yeah totally.
PC GAMER 4 kun oldin
Under Cover Fake
Michael Hrustic
Michael Hrustic 4 kun oldin
They always got some dumb sob story with some of the employees , so annoying man
Katrina Blackwood
Katrina Blackwood 4 kun oldin
Katrina Blackwood
Katrina Blackwood 4 kun oldin
It’s so funny how she told him her life story when she finds out she’s on undercover boss😂
TigerHeart 4 kun oldin
What about the wipes?
Ras Mallow
Ras Mallow 5 kun oldin
Anybody realize that in undercover they all talk of sickness
terrivon-tal boyce
terrivon-tal boyce 5 kun oldin
im surprised jaqueline was even hired
Vera Speedwell
Vera Speedwell 5 kun oldin
being good person doesnt make you a good boss or employee. is how you treat people. with respect and manners. the franchise is losing money with her rude behaviour and lack of professionalism.
Cunning Linguist
Cunning Linguist 5 kun oldin
Character is how you behave when you don't think people (your boss in this case) are watching.
MusTaif S
MusTaif S 5 kun oldin
May Allah subhanawatellah put your MoM in Jannat ul firdos no matter what ever the religion is AAmeen your mom deserves it ...wow you are definitely the beat person
MusTaif S
MusTaif S 5 kun oldin
Berry is the one of the best Human being as well as an Excellent Owner
Karlmax Kiprotich
Karlmax Kiprotich 5 kun oldin
this guy is under drugs
Connor Brown
Connor Brown 5 kun oldin
Astrea Stan
Astrea Stan 5 kun oldin
"just wait baby, just wait." oh no. you are so fired...
Amy Amy
Amy Amy 5 kun oldin
I think the ceo as Barry is very attractive. He looks like someone who you'd know you will love and be loved back forever.
Nicholas Lai
Nicholas Lai 5 kun oldin
Just watching Jacqueline's segment has me dying Oml she's so fired XD
Jan Janssen
Jan Janssen 6 kun oldin
Jaqueline, please go read about narcism and you are going to understand your personality.
Josh Duchesne
Josh Duchesne 6 kun oldin
the vine “and they were roommates” is Jacqueline
Syndiccalls 6 kun oldin
"he would come across as bossy!" haha
f.azahrae ousgougou
FINALLY IT'S LUPUS!! Get Dr.House on the phone
jahedamilasan187 6 kun oldin
John cenaaaaa!!!
Shrapner's place
Shrapner's place 6 kun oldin
21:00 this....waaamaannnn godd
Saida Enna
Saida Enna 6 kun oldin
I would love too punch that stupid and mean bitch
U K I Y O 6 kun oldin
14:53 when the employees start noticing they're on Undercover Boss
Lil Bouze
Lil Bouze 6 kun oldin
Lil Dicky?
Hawkins Consulting
Hawkins Consulting 7 kun oldin
I love how she said "Seriously, like I can't even deal" .. I didn't think people spoke like that in real life
oliver mansfield
oliver mansfield 7 kun oldin
Secretly the girl hates her mum
sgtjoe2008 7 kun oldin
now every new guy in our company, i suspect is an undercover boss!
Dan 7 kun oldin
Second girl is placed. Definitely an actress
Richard Adams
Richard Adams 8 kun oldin
14:38 she knows hes the big wig now.
X SamGaming11
X SamGaming11 8 kun oldin
Yo this dude looks lil dicky
Harumi ram tatiana parengkuan
IT SAID UNDERCOVER how did she didnt recognize the camera if its like something strange
Intelligent Chip
Intelligent Chip 8 kun oldin
He got lots of girl managers
Geshon Lakatani
Geshon Lakatani 9 kun oldin
@14:55 it was at this moment she knew she was on undercover boss.
MAX Million
MAX Million 9 kun oldin
rumors has it that jacqueline works at a strippers club.. guess what, she is a floor manager... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MAX Million
MAX Million 9 kun oldin
Jacqueline.... You're Road you know... 😂😂😂
Cano 9 kun oldin
he looks like jon lajoie in disguise
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace 9 kun oldin
Jacqueline self-reflected, grew up and started working as an aide in an assisted living home in New Jersey. 👍🏻
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace 9 kun oldin
39:37 Sure it's good she lost weight, but did she take it a bit far?
LeBron James
LeBron James 9 kun oldin
Lmao this shit is staged. Wth IS THIS CRAP.
TheW0o0w 9 kun oldin
Wait so his workers don’t know who he is yet they sit in front of the camera talking about their experience with him like in 10:01 don’t they find it strange?!
Khalil Kharrat
Khalil Kharrat 9 kun oldin
on a scale from fake to super duper fake this is in super duper fake
Brazilian Jiu jitsu
Why do I have a feeling it's staged...?
Nadie Le Importa
Nadie Le Importa 10 kun oldin
Nobody should fear the managers. That's a completely wrong way to manage a company. I had never had fear to any boss. It's a respect relation that's all. Nobody should be captive by any company..
jimi 10 kun oldin
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does the camera man hiding? or they just pretend like there's nobody holding camera standing infront of them
Caliente631 11 kun oldin
17:48 wow she is sexy as fuck, i really wish i could see her in a thong and heels lighting a marlboro red and satisfying her need for nicotine, is there anything hotter than a girl lighting up and cupping a cigarette?
F.O .X
F.O .X 11 kun oldin
How she not realize there was a camera ?
NestorJR Madamba
NestorJR Madamba 12 kun oldin
Sven Nilsson
Sven Nilsson 12 kun oldin
I get so fucking bored when they get personal, mayby its because I’m a swede but I just don’t care about that Am I the only one?
LizarD 808
LizarD 808 12 kun oldin
Jaqueline = S C R I P T E D
Lars Van Den Broek
Lars Van Den Broek 12 kun oldin
It seems extremely fake and scripted.
XtremePlayer 61
XtremePlayer 61 12 kun oldin
18:30 i don't work for u! Actually you do xD
Wisky Bhai
Wisky Bhai 12 kun oldin
Good parsan
gilddo sawazaki
gilddo sawazaki 13 kun oldin
26:01 She is fat.
King of England
King of England 13 kun oldin
scripted to fuck oh my
gaurav bhardwaj
gaurav bhardwaj 13 kun oldin
Great man....
Aawishkar B
Aawishkar B 13 kun oldin
Why does he look like John Cena in a couple years time?!
Mustafa 13 kun oldin
Show is defintely scripted. noone can be as stupid as Jacq girl, naturally
Ruined King
Ruined King 14 kun oldin
2:56 Home alone kid da fuck?
vivek kumar
vivek kumar 14 kun oldin
one of my best show
Juquio 14 kun oldin
I normally don’t trust people who says I am a good person.