Undercover Boss - Retro Fitness S4 EP14 (U.S. TV Series)

Craig Dave
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Eric Casaburi, the founder of Retro Fitness, tackles some heavy lifting of his own on this all new Undercover Boss journey.



31-Dek, 2013

Undercover Boss Full Episode



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Joel Oinas-Kukkonen
Joel Oinas-Kukkonen 9 soat oldin
How can she talk so rude I mean when there is a camera on her face?
Rivka Van Breugel
Rivka Van Breugel 16 soat oldin
Jaclynn is the worst person ever
Lisa Sheffield
Lisa Sheffield 21 soat oldin
I was cringing listening to the rude girl. Fire her ass immediately
Damien O Callaghan
Damien O Callaghan 2 kun oldin
7.55 JESUS CHRIST Imagine listening to that VOICE all day long.............................
Czar 2 kun oldin
Don't worry, the girl is just an actor.
Chris M
Chris M 4 kun oldin
Hahaha "I'm a good person"
bluetrancelvr 4 kun oldin
Bye, Felicia! Lol
Sophomorechance 5 kun oldin
This is the fakest fucking bullshit ever. Why would some slut on the juice bar be commenting on someones membership LMAO.
Ace The FireDragon
Ace The FireDragon 6 kun oldin
Jacqueline makes the CEO cry.
JACKY Only 7 kun oldin
Watching this at 2019. This channel seem die already
I put it on YouTube
Jackie you are the weakest link goodbye
Roxy roller
Roxy roller 7 kun oldin
Jac is a cunt
Baby Sari Diningrat
Jacqueline is the worst employee..she is also a horrible young lady..her mouth is horrific..what ? She said because she doesn' t know that is the ceo ? What a stupid excuse. She has no right to say the horrible thing to the members whether the ceo witnessed her or not
Ehm 11 kun oldin
I wouldn't be able to handle someone like Jacqueline.If 1 day I had her in my business,I would'nt last that full hour with her.
michael kahondo
michael kahondo 12 kun oldin
i think the undercover guy looks way more better then the real one
Best China Deals
Best China Deals 13 kun oldin
He looks like Chuck Norris after a very long nap. 😂 i.imgur.com/BUN8GNC.png
Stone Heart
Stone Heart 14 kun oldin
Gold digger prank gone right 30:50
Syed Waseem
Syed Waseem 14 kun oldin
i wonder its a undercover show then who take camera in hands like are they blind
Claudia Neymour
Claudia Neymour 15 kun oldin
Dumb girl what hard in it to say im sorry
CIBO PARTNERS 18 kun oldin
fake tears rude as hardcore no one should ever give this girl a job ever no respect what she needs to do is get on a treadmill fat ass
zmajoljupka 19 kun oldin
this seems sooooo fake
Zarathos Angel
Zarathos Angel 20 kun oldin
why i feel it is all fake show
Ghoora Umar
Ghoora Umar 20 kun oldin
Ohhh that bitch !!!
deadly_unicorn 21 kun oldin
Jacquline= 1000% suitable for CEO position
harsh RIDES
harsh RIDES 24 kun oldin
Can't they see the camera shoving up their face all the time? Scripted?
steve young
steve young 24 kun oldin
The bitch with the attitude should be fired immediately
ht moh
ht moh 24 kun oldin
At 26.06 she said, at least he's not a fat guy putting up a gym. Thats coming from a fat person working at a gym. She probably thinks shes fit.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 25 kun oldin
I will cast the slut for a pornmovie
g jim
g jim 25 kun oldin
Set up
Polish PlumBag
Polish PlumBag 25 kun oldin
"if you cant follow that menu, your brain dead" puts 2.5 pumps 😂🤣😂😅😅😂🤣
Stuart Cumings
Stuart Cumings 26 kun oldin
Jaqueline is pretty hot and would be much better if she dropped the diva attitude.. She may well of done now
negrier1 27 kun oldin
There's plenty of Jacqueline out there, obnoxious, argumentative and not in it to learn whatsoever.
James Fleming
James Fleming Oy oldin
"Megan I would like to give you the money for you to get an apartment 10mins from where I live"
Remy novver36
Remy novver36 Oy oldin
this dude rich as fk!
Remy novver36
Remy novver36 Oy oldin
damn! he gave that girl over 40, 000 for making him clean the duumbells.
Remy novver36
Remy novver36 Oy oldin
tahts girls dilluisional! lolol!
Remy novver36
Remy novver36 Oy oldin
contestant? give me a break. so fake. nobodys stupid to believe that! they know what undercover boss is.
raghu905 hiphop
Really awesome and good hearted person he done good... 😘
Elliott Hyde
Elliott Hyde Oy oldin
That rude girl is clueless.
NooblyHunter 203
Jacqueline's ass gonna have a print of my shoe once I kicked her out of my company if I saw any of my employees with that attitude. I will NEVER accept employees, men or women, with a self righteous personality thinking that just because they have the seniority would treat other employees or customers like that. No excuses. Period.
ridwan naga
ridwan naga Oy oldin
Good for jacky
Ali Raza Shah
Ali Raza Shah Oy oldin
To those people saying the show is staged and how these workers are opening up to a stranger so easily. Well look at it this way. They’ve already been told the show is a like a reality tv show or something where the contestant (the undercover boss) is taking part in hence why the cameras are all over the place and they are aware of that. So obviously they know they are already on tv which is why they are opening up to a stranger because they know he’s a contestant on a reality tv show already. They just don’t know he’s the undercover boss. I don’t think the show is staged I think it’s very real....
Omar Oy oldin
He looks like Charlie Cox and lil dicky mixed together
David Wheeler
David Wheeler Oy oldin
Reavx Oy oldin
There's no doubt some of this is prescripted "picked out employes" and what not, But Jacqueline she's the only person who shows that it aint all staged, because no one would be stupid enough to take such a permanent slam to their professional career, she's not going to get hired anywhere ever.
Indera Syah
Indera Syah Oy oldin
ooo yeahhh..haha..poor that manager girl...bahahaha..
Ce real
Ce real Oy oldin
That's why he can become a boss, he is awesome
Didn’t know Konnor from the Asencion is the CEO of retro fitness
Armando B.
Armando B. Oy oldin
Seems everybody is at least part Italian in the US
Amalito funny kittens vlogs
First lady Megan so kind and pretty 😘 third girl amazing 💕
TeamChaps Oy oldin
Is Jacky an Actor or is she for real..Coz she is a Pain in my Ass
tarkoj reed
tarkoj reed Oy oldin
I like the way he says thank you maam..Good job C.E.O. EMPLOYEE LIKE HER ITS A TOTALY WASTE OF MY MONEY...I do the same..
DoneZone. Oy oldin
holy shit this CEO Is SICK, i want to have one
Rando Amparado
Jaque reminded me of someone whom I've worked with. Worst experience. Uses words to me i front of the guests, got traumarized with that experience. Self righteous people shouldnt be involved in this kind of business.
vasile enache
vasile enache Oy oldin
fake. so the CEO comes in front of me and say " HEI i am giving you a gift of all together 40000 dollars" and me saying: i know that working hard pays off, thank you
Katie Reed
Katie Reed Oy oldin
Jaqueline is vile with a serious attitude! So glad she was booted.
Masoud Namini
Masoud Namini Oy oldin
Why do you think if they work for you they should love your company while you pay them low wage and you drive an RR. Your company is just a steppingstone
Nasiem Ashruf
Nasiem Ashruf Oy oldin
Not enough people talk about how great jaqueline’s tits are
Pete Mason
Pete Mason Oy oldin
30:55 - looks like some inappropriate workplace touching right there
Pablo Rodriguez
It’s so fake ! If the life story has figured it I’m sure she had as well.
Alison Smith
Alison Smith Oy oldin
Jacqueline is a psychopath. I would not want to encounter her anywhere.
Athisii Andrew
I wish I had a gym in my place
Kamal Mohamed
Kamal Mohamed Oy oldin
America is watching you jacky
Adam Oy oldin
What a facking bitch She needs black Dick in her asshole
Aʟᴘʜᴀ Wolf
*H O N E S T L Y*
Kidlat Dogena
Kidlat Dogena Oy oldin
Jacqueline have a very bad attitude..
Osama Been-lagging
22:03 "you don't have ppl skills barry i'm sorry" says the person who ignores her customers, is on her phone constantly and the way she talks to the guy, and she think she has more ppl skill.
Fany Puspita
Fany Puspita Oy oldin
He looks better with long hair
John Constantine
and the camera follow you everywhere, FAKE~
Carlos Ochoa
Carlos Ochoa Oy oldin
Cross as bossy? Yea because he has a boss mentality but in a good way without abusing
Carlos Ochoa
Carlos Ochoa Oy oldin
Lil dicky?!
Jonah Lindhé
Jonah Lindhé Oy oldin
I don't get it the employees must know that there is a camera crew there and must know why they are there. Also how can they not tell that he is simply wearing a bad wig?
The second gym seems more of a fast food joint rather than a fitness gym!
Abigail Brewster
Some of this seems rehearsed. I too wondered about the obvious cameramen... but remember the employees are told that the undercover bosses are competing for a reality show prize so the cameras will be following them around.
Cakeatrain 2 oy oldin
So much bull..
angery dogger
angery dogger 2 oy oldin
damn this show is legit trying to emotionally control people lmaooooooooo
angery dogger
angery dogger 2 oy oldin
scripted af, she wouldn't act like that in front of cameras, she's at a workplace, nobody would act like that, well I mean, she IS acting cause it's scripted
angery dogger
angery dogger 2 oy oldin
why is she talking to the camera about the guy if he's undercover, this whole show makes 0 sense
Akshay Ghormare
Akshay Ghormare 2 oy oldin
is that fake?
Scholar Saumu
Scholar Saumu 2 oy oldin
Am surprised that Jacqueline gal was not fired on the spot regardless of being undercover 😱😱😱
Umar Kayani
Umar Kayani 2 oy oldin
Eric was very patient with Jacqueline. She was a toxic person with horrendous personality traits that could bring down many a great company. I really hope she changed all of that for her own sake.
JasonB 2 oy oldin
This boss sucks. I wouldnt work for him even for twice salary I work now.
Sameer Cheema
Sameer Cheema 2 oy oldin
you guys know this show is fake right?
shi ver
shi ver 2 oy oldin
wow not this guy is epic and awesome
KLASS podcast
KLASS podcast 2 oy oldin
great boss, i was surprised to see how self entitled some of these woman where,
Mariana Ortiz
Mariana Ortiz 2 oy oldin
the perfect man does exist
Issam Mejdoubi
Issam Mejdoubi 2 oy oldin
So fake it makes me wanna puke, continued watching for curiosity
CEO with a golden heart
Vigilate Videre
Vigilate Videre 2 oy oldin
That Jacqueline. I think she’s cute hot and pretty but at the end of the day no matter how beautiful you are physicaly it doesn’t matter and its useless when you have that kind of attitude towards other people. It reflects to who you are really, inside. No matter how you justify.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 2 oy oldin
I’m high and can’t work out if it’s fake or not
papicha Or
papicha Or 2 oy oldin
eklerks 2 oy oldin
Jaqueline should do the money collection. 23:10, everyone is afraid of her.
xᴅ xᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋɪᴇ
John Cena?
John Marlon
John Marlon 2 oy oldin
I liked him better as Barry
jayjay Tolentino
jayjay Tolentino 2 oy oldin
with wig lil dicky without wig john cena hhaah
jayjay Tolentino
jayjay Tolentino 2 oy oldin
that girl has a big ballss
Micha Zajac
Micha Zajac 2 oy oldin
From Zero__
From Zero__ 2 oy oldin
how fake was acting that chinese girl
yessa 2 oy oldin
When they start to talk about how rough their life has been, you just KNOW they sussed the whole thing out and are trying to up how much they get out of it. People aren't as daft as they think they are.
Dylan Sawyer
Dylan Sawyer 2 oy oldin
18:42 think he means tits
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