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New get ready with me video also with a chit chat and life update!
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8-Yan, 2016

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alair davis
alair davis Oy oldin
Jaclyn! 💕 What mascara do you use?
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
D Mug
D Mug 2 oy oldin
I wish her original Jaclyn Hill had more of these colors that she has in her Z palette
Elizabeth Gregory
2018!!! Yes
Alyana Samantha Magpantay
Wow I miss this Jaclyn
Opal Goon
Opal Goon 6 oy oldin
You sort of start looking like a man------bahahahahaha
Lauren Clark
Lauren Clark 7 oy oldin
watching this now that z pallet reminds me A LOT of her pallet with morphe! was this her inspiration for her pallet? either way i love the pallet!
victoria aucoin
victoria aucoin 7 oy oldin
Raven !
Raven ! 8 oy oldin
Abigail Kern
Abigail Kern 8 oy oldin
NO HATE!!! I absolutely love Jaclyn, but it's funny...if you look at her "favorites" palette in this video, it's VERY similar to her collaboration with morphe. AGAIN NO HATE!!!
Krystal thurlow
Krystal thurlow 8 oy oldin
What brushes did you use to put your powder on with?
Το κανάλι σου
Cynthia Sullivan
Cynthia Sullivan 9 oy oldin
You’re so pretty.
Kristin Sato
Kristin Sato 10 oy oldin
I absolutely love that your singles palette looks so similar to your Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette!
Adilene Jimenez
Adilene Jimenez 10 oy oldin
I love to get ready while watching your videos, please do more get ready with me!!!! you are​ so funny and so beautiful! more videos like this!!! Love you!
Cori Ottak
Cori Ottak 10 oy oldin
Ohhh I love this look sooo much
Audrey Claire
Audrey Claire 11 oy oldin
The palette of single shadows she shows looks so similar to the Jaclyn Hill palette from MORPHE!!
all video clip
all video clip 11 oy oldin
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER Yil oldin
I LOVEE this look so much one of my favessssss
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER Yil oldin
24:54 omggg I love you so much Jaclyn!!😂😂😭😭❤️❤️
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER Yil oldin
18:25 😂😂💀💀❤️❤️
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER Yil oldin
Ohh my goshhh your so beautifulll and OMGG I LOVE your freckles their so natural and adorable and make you look youthful and so good but you also look so amazing in makeup as well obviously!!!😏❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chantelle  Bouska
Just saw this video and it looks just like the Jaclyn hill x morphe pallet ❤️
makeupbyalaina Yil oldin
So heart warming watching this at the very end of 2017, seeing that after trusting in God and his plan that you have purchased and furnished a beautiful, luxurious house☺️
Arizona Babe
Arizona Babe Yil oldin
Love you jaclyn currently going through a bunch of older vids. Thank you for everything
Arizona Babe
Arizona Babe Yil oldin
This was almost 2 years ago how surreal
ShesBeautiful Irvin
love your videos.....I love when you are being goofy!
Patricia Jackson
Pause the video at 3:41 Bella funny
Kourtney Ende-Braun
Indhuja Arun
Indhuja Arun Yil oldin
Currently watching this video and hearing you talk abt getting a new hse and abt how yall saw a dream hse but smone else bought it , and seeing that now yall managed to buy your dream house that is so beautiful and seeing your journey is just so amazing!!! So proud of you Jaclyn!!!
Mavi Cole
Mavi Cole Yil oldin
Watching this video now, the color scheme of your z palette looks a lot like your Morphe palette!
Amalie Berg Vollan
Melissa Benson
Melissa Benson Yil oldin
I'm sure your dream house was worth the wait 💟
Tayler Yil oldin
watching this now after watching your new house tour .. proud of you :)
Gesarela Talavera
HAHAHAHAHA sorry Carly, OMG how much I love you 😍❤️❤️😭
Lindsey Wheeler
Lindsey Wheeler Yil oldin
you are hilarious i love you
ariadna ligorria
this pallette looks so alike the one she created it with morphe! 🙊
Adeline Slagle
Adeline Slagle Yil oldin
Your palette you used in this video literally looks almost exactly like the palette you just released with morphe! That is so stinking cool, seeing the colors you love become your own palette. Love you Jaclyn ❤️ and I know this is old but I rewatch your videos all the time 😂
sophie Marie
sophie Marie Yil oldin
@jaclynhill I miss the extras at the end of your videos but I love you soooo much your the best 😛❤💙
Brandi Taylor
Brandi Taylor Yil oldin
I rewatched this video after the Palette reveal with Morphe....The Z-palette she created with the single shadows that she said are her favorite colors looks a lot like her newly revealed MorpheXJaclynHill palette. :)
Tiffany Lynn Green MUA
You are amazing I really starting using highlighter after watching your vids. Love Tiffany
Soma Grace
Soma Grace Yil oldin
Only Jaclyn would say "I want this in a candle!!"
Judy Rowley
Judy Rowley Yil oldin
when she did her nose and forehead conceler it looked like a margarita glass
Me myself & orchidée
you are gorgeous I love redoing these make up looks
Chelsey Cormier
Chelsey Cormier Yil oldin
My mother is turning 30 on April 20th, and you are just absolutely her idol. You've given her so much confidence and she feels beautiful again. Last year was rough for her and I wanted to do something special for her. I know it's a long shot, and I don't have a lot of money, but I was wondering if it was possible to buy an autograph from you and have it shipped here to Texas? I just know she would love it so much.
Bbhhh Ghh
Bbhhh Ghh Yil oldin
It's so late but I've literally watched her say "that is white bitch" at least 20 times and I can't stop laughing!😂
Skylar Ash
Skylar Ash Yil oldin
I have severe anxiety too, girl, I getcha.
Lauren Kimberlin
Love this look on her
whitney Yil oldin
you should put a video together of just your extras from all your videos! i would watch it over and over and over
EmmaLeeRad Yil oldin
Literally have been dealing with derealization for two years now. I've been binge watching you for months now at work - oops - and to hear that you have it too... omg. I've learned once I am feeling it come on that I'll recognize it and it will go away, thank god. So sorry for you or anyone else dealing with it. It sucks.
Emily Caskie
Emily Caskie Yil oldin
I wish I could get my makeup done by you Jaclyn!
Sophey Potter
Sophey Potter Yil oldin
You can just melt wax and add some of the Sacha oil and let it cool with a wick and you'll have a Sacha candle!
MissMarie 89
MissMarie 89 Yil oldin
I NEED to know what brush she's setting her face with!!
Hannah Houston
Hannah Houston Yil oldin
What brush did she use for setting her under eyes
Emily Larson
Emily Larson Yil oldin
Could you do a day in the life video Jaclyn? ❤ I love you so much! You're queen of perfect landia
esmeralda alvarez
I jus started watching these videos of you & omg I love you 😭💗💗 this videos is awesome
Stormie Fox
Stormie Fox 2 yil oldin
This is still my fave video of all time! 😆 I love the bloopers at the end and this look!!
Kat R
Kat R 2 yil oldin
Please do another chit chat, get ready with me!!....with bloopers. 😍 Always my fav.
Stacy Burkart
Stacy Burkart 2 yil oldin
I just found you and safe to say I am addicted. You are so talented and detailed. Thanks for keeping it real!
Haha exactly a year later watching this
Zahra 313
Zahra 313 2 yil oldin
Love watching you videos over and over my husband was watching for a good 15 minutes till I caught him off guard lol your very amusing he said lol. Your gorgeous Hun love love love your chit chat videos.
Reiley Collier
Reiley Collier 2 yil oldin
So to do your makeup do you have to go down the street?
Tsarah August
Tsarah August 2 yil oldin
Reiley Collier only for recording videos, she mentions on snapchat that she will bring beauty products from home that will be used for tutorials or reviews
Amanda Vivas
Amanda Vivas 2 yil oldin
i just clicked this from my "watch it again" list and it happens to be a year ago... Still so good!
lbhmakeup 2 yil oldin
Just watching this in December of 2016, because I love Jaclyn and need a new video but don't have one so I'm just rewatching 🙃
Averee Wade
Averee Wade 2 yil oldin
lbhmakeup same
Clarice Capobianco
Clarice Capobianco 2 yil oldin
I could watch hours of Jaclyn Hill extras lol. Am I the only one?
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER Yil oldin
Clarice Capobianco yesss sameeee I woulddd
maria teresa tapia
Clarice Capobianc
Sweet VW
Sweet VW 2 yil oldin
Pleas do a get ready with me for the morning and night. Skin care and makeup
katherine smith
katherine smith 2 yil oldin
Tori Poulin
Tori Poulin 2 yil oldin
You should do a video on how you clean your makeup brushes
Erika Monarrez
Erika Monarrez 2 yil oldin
I love you sooooo much!(:
Shelbie Marshall
Shelbie Marshall 2 yil oldin
please do a new beauty room tour!!
alexis platt
alexis platt 2 yil oldin
You are so beautiful it's insane
Kesley Agan
Kesley Agan 2 yil oldin
Can you please do a review of your cool laser treatment? I am looking for the best way to treat my hyper pigmentation and the damage I did to my skin being a lifeguard! It would be great if you talked to your followers MORE about protecting themselves from the sun. I tanned in tanning beds and didn't wear sunscreen like I should have when lifeguarding. I was diagnosed with melanoma at age 28 and have had to have multiple surgeries and have to have check ups constantly. I am cancer free now, but maybe you could talk more about the SPF benefits that some makeups offer (I use IT Cosmetics foundation which has a great SPF, but I put Neutrogena sunscreen under my primer). Girls are getting diagnosed daily with skin cancer that can kill. You have such a platform. Let's hear you talking more about what spray tans you use to look your best and how they're SO SO MUCH BETTER than tanning in a tanning bed!
Sarah Alyssa
Sarah Alyssa 2 yil oldin
Best 30 mins ever spent lol
Ammaarah 2 yil oldin
"do you see all my breakouts right now" lol whereeeeeee.
Jackie Blazek
Jackie Blazek 2 yil oldin
Scrolling through your twitter I saw all the hate comments and fights that people bring you into. I usually don't comment on social media like this, but I just want to hopefully bring some positivity to your day. Even though I don't know you personally, everything you've shown us, you've made me a more positive person. I love coming home and watching your videos. Thank you so much for being strong with all of these nasty people on social media. I hope the negativity stops💖💖
Marjorie Reyes
Marjorie Reyes 2 yil oldin
I love this kind of videos ❤️ Thank you for making my sunday night special!
mamfimoomoo 2 yil oldin
Brilliant, you make me smile. Keep up the amazing work!! 😘
Katie Correll
Katie Correll 2 yil oldin
Do you put mascara on every time you where false lashes?
Krista Burgess
Krista Burgess 2 yil oldin
I miss ur videos like this!!!
_shar0na 2 yil oldin
You're so cute I love yous (New York accent 😉) xoxo
Grace Moran
Grace Moran 2 yil oldin
can you do another one of these!!! love you
Noelia Garcia Martinez
Jaclyn! I love your videos so much 😩💓 I discovered your channel a few months ago & now I watch your videos all the time 😅. Your personality is so great! Stay beautiful Jaclyn ❤️️
Michelle Sheely
Michelle Sheely 2 yil oldin
alyssa craft
alyssa craft 2 yil oldin
You're doing great! Keep trying to get good at these get ready with me videos. We will still stick with you! You rock and you're amazing and we all love you!
Traci LeAnn
Traci LeAnn 2 yil oldin
I love your chit chat videos!! Do more!!! Good luck on the giveaway today!! XOX
Ashley Kroneberger
Ashley Kroneberger 2 yil oldin
That liquit lip you wiped off do dry matte they just take foreverrrrr. But they last really well once they do I love em.
shelbipurtell 2 yil oldin
When I can't sleep I always rewatch old videos lol 😂💖
Molly Shay
Molly Shay Yil oldin
shelbi purtell me right now haha
Rachel Spurlock
Rachel Spurlock 2 yil oldin
Jaclyn, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you do. Ever since I moved into college this August I have suffered from constant anxiety and panic attacks. Your videos are one of the only things that can pull me down from a panic. Listening to you talk about not only the makeup but how you're overcoming your anxieties is so inspiring and I just wanted to say thanks. You're amazing and you're helping so many people with what you do. Thank you so much! Rachel
Taylor McCraney
Taylor McCraney 2 yil oldin
Guurrrllll, quit it. You're my fave. Those bloopers tho!
Allison Cervantes
Allison Cervantes 2 yil oldin
Why can't I be as pretty as you are with no makeup 🙄 stop I love you
Leelu Cervantes
Leelu Cervantes 2 yil oldin
We have the same last name😱
Νικολέττα Μ.
you are sooo prettyyyyy
Sam Sater
Sam Sater 2 yil oldin
I love you I love you I love you ❤️❤️
jordan pennell
jordan pennell 2 yil oldin
Paige Wilcox
Paige Wilcox 2 yil oldin
Am i the only one binge watching old videos?!? Just me? okay. 😇😇💜💜
Brooke Nicole
Brooke Nicole 2 oy oldin
Paige Wilcox all the time
Jazmine Samano
Jazmine Samano Yil oldin
Same. Love her❤
Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon Yil oldin
Doesn't she remind you of Rachel Greene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 😘😄
Emory Slane
Emory Slane Yil oldin
Paige Wilcox hahahah your funny with you relevant comment and then thinking your the only one bahahaha
Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon 2 yil oldin
Meghan Nicole no honey you are not the only one
Simply Alyssa
Simply Alyssa 2 yil oldin
i just love you so much..., you're soo fun to watch..., im sure your friends are having alot of fun when they are with you. and long your make up tips
Carryl Edwards
Carryl Edwards 2 yil oldin
I luv you so much Jaclyn, you always make me smile. i really like the chit chat get ready with me videos. i actually love all your videos. the longer video the better💖
Melissa Gomez
Melissa Gomez 2 yil oldin
You have the best extras haha!
Kyra Coeur
Kyra Coeur 2 yil oldin
Hi Jaclyn. I totally understand you're de-realization situation because I have it as well. It really sucks to deal with. I'm so suprised when you said you have it because I thought I was the only one. I love you and your videos. ❤️
Natalie Neal
Natalie Neal 2 yil oldin
I suffer from the same things! No joke!!!
Gabriella Daniela
Gabriella Daniela 2 yil oldin
I love ur videos ur so beautiful. Can I ask what color do u use for the abh brow wiz???