Urban Decay Velvetizer-The HELL Is In This Stuff?!!? | Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina
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Urban Decay what's REALLY going on?!? The Urban Decay Velvetizer is INTERESTING to say the least. Check out my Velvetizer review while I share if it's worth the splurge!
Lashes I am wearing! bit.ly/2u9Jr8V
BAE designed my hoodie! bit.ly/2wg3cML
P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
Urban Decay Velvetizer bit.ly/2wf74xK
NARS Sheer Glow (Macao) bit.ly/2fjrxdQ
Dior Mirrored Gloss bit.ly/2weYPlf

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25-Sen, 2017



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Valeria C.
Valeria C. Oy oldin
13:55 😂
Fabricated Reality
I like the velvetizer better
Lisa Isabelle
Lisa Isabelle Oy oldin
Girl you look PHOTOSHOPPED 😱 I’m shook!
Nakyta F.
Nakyta F. 2 oy oldin
Does she have a video of the eyelook??
Cora LoveLee
Cora LoveLee 3 oy oldin
Cracking upppppp love your personality!!! You rockkkk!!!
Nadia Troxel
Nadia Troxel 3 oy oldin
I am LIVING for your curl pattern girl
Daphne Bondu
Daphne Bondu 5 oy oldin
It looks great regardless, girl. And you know it! 😝
oimiou 5 oy oldin
Your personality is my favorite 😍.
Muna Abukar
Muna Abukar 6 oy oldin
“She pays her bills on time” lmao
Night Star
Night Star 6 oy oldin
Focus bitch daaaaaamn camera lol
Erica Raths
Erica Raths 6 oy oldin
Jackie and Denis are too damn sexy together.. LAWDDD
Sadie 6 oy oldin
I need her hair!!
Christy Woods
Christy Woods 6 oy oldin
I Love the Velvetizer!
r campbell
r campbell 6 oy oldin
Love the natural hair. Not crazy about the color.
HoneyKiss Aj
HoneyKiss Aj 6 oy oldin
Well ounces are based on weight right? So if the powder is super soft it’ll be super light huh?
Elena PSU
Elena PSU 7 oy oldin
Wow... your mans accent is to die for... and he is so into you and cares so much about your interests that he knows what urban decay is?? Girl...
Kate C
Kate C 7 oy oldin
It looks like it really greyed out the color of the foundation tho☹️
Ruth English-Wilson
Hey Jackie! A friend told me to check you out and now I can't get enough!!!! I love your personality! I look forward to the JackieAino song at the beginning of every video lol. Also, thanks for your honesty on these products, you help people like me decide what's worth my money! ❤❤❤❤❤
G. E.
G. E. 7 oy oldin
Instead of the brush, can we use the beauty blender to apply the velvetier and foundation on?
mipinchecorazón hobi
I'm now wondering what it would do for the Glossier foundation, just for like a science experiment.
Sexy Sexy
Sexy Sexy 7 oy oldin
Hahahahahahah ure hilarious!! And this product looks SOO good on u! Love yaa
Grace Robin
Grace Robin 7 oy oldin
I know this is an older video but she totally needs to use this with the glossier skin tint!!!!
Clara Chang
Clara Chang 8 oy oldin
"okay im going to calm down now" *IM DYINGGGGGG*
Krystyna Rohde
Krystyna Rohde 8 oy oldin
Ive never seen a more perfect finish on a foundation with this. Wooooow
Erica Abell
Erica Abell 8 oy oldin
Her skin is so perfect! Like girl you're very expressive when you talk so where are your damn wrinkles Bc they're non-existent! Literally glowing! Moisturizing to the gods!
Lainos2011 8 oy oldin
Gurl, you so funny. Keep shining bright. Love Sydney, Australia xo
silentj624 8 oy oldin
It looks a tad grey/ashy but I this may be good to neutralize foundations that are too red or yellow. Edit: I take it back. lol no grey/ashiness.
Tee Coleman
Tee Coleman 8 oy oldin
Suzy Q
Suzy Q 8 oy oldin
So pretty! I have this product and liked it, but haven’t busted it out in awhile.
Dajah Nelson
Dajah Nelson 8 oy oldin
What I love most about you channel is that you not just post looks & tutorials, but you actually give reviews and great feedback on a ton of products that I would be nervous to try myself. I really appreciate all the help you give us & all the work that you do.. just wanted to stop and show some appreciation.. love you Jackie Aina
Ifeoma Osuoha
Ifeoma Osuoha 9 oy oldin
I'm really out here not even watching some videos for the reviews I just wanna watch Auntie Jackie be funny and just give me life 😆
Tina Jackson
Tina Jackson 9 oy oldin
But...if you love it in the Nars, you’re not “fixing” it...you’re making it even better, right?
oralia Zapata
oralia Zapata 9 oy oldin
What glasses are those?
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 9 oy oldin
Cool effects. I’ll let my friend Tina know about this stuff, she struggles with the viscosity of foundations.
Andy 9 oy oldin
Can someone tell me why does she powders her face before foundation???
Cassandra Reid
Cassandra Reid 9 oy oldin
I wonder if it will work well with Fenty.
Marjhan Hamilton
Marjhan Hamilton 10 oy oldin
Could you bake with it on deeper skin tones?
Mathilde _am
Mathilde _am 10 oy oldin
This powder is the fake one
Un Exceptable
Un Exceptable 11 oy oldin
Haley Marie
Haley Marie 11 oy oldin
just watched a John Kuckian video and apparently if u peel back the velvet label that’s around the container, it’s the Naked Skin Powder?!
kucki tea
kucki tea 11 oy oldin
I just exposed this product!!!!! Peel back the label, it's just their translucent powder with a sticker over it!!!!!
dillan926 11 oy oldin
the naked/ translucent powder just RE-PACKAGED.... PEEL BACK that label girllllllll.
Suzy Whitten
Suzy Whitten 11 oy oldin
Peel the velvet label off to find out what it really is !
Your natural hair is so pretty! I love it.
Natalie12768 11 oy oldin
I'm gonna try this with my Milk foundation.
lea sanchez
lea sanchez Yil oldin
“that sounds like an attack” jdsosjs me
Taylor Louise Medford-Major
“Lemme touch it” “NO” This sums up my relationship too tbh 😂😂
Carolyn Chacon Lovo
I come for the Jackie Jackie song 👏🏼
Jaimee Behl
Jaimee Behl Yil oldin
I love your videos Jackie❤️
Kyra Vlogs
Kyra Vlogs Yil oldin
I love how tight your curls are!!!
Amelia Bindofer
Amelia Bindofer Yil oldin
Your skin looks like photoshopped perfection IRL. I'm in shock. And you two are the cutest couple I think I've ever seen.
Beans And Cornbread
So that shit is like 136 clams an ounce? Lmaoooooo! Well, THEY can kiss my ass..
Paulette Lievano
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams Yil oldin
Dennis is my aesthetic
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams Yil oldin
i love you both!
Gigi Achebe
Gigi Achebe Yil oldin
"...she does not default on her student loans..." 💀💀💀
Angieleigh Eads
Angieleigh Eads Yil oldin
This is the second time I have watched this video and it finally hit me who you remind me of when you've finished your makeup. Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" era. But prettier than Whitney. Between you and Tati's reviews of this, I may have to heavily hint to my husband that I absolutely need this to add to my collection.
Jihane Benmansour
Girl i like you
Lauren Moore
Lauren Moore Yil oldin
Where can I find a Dennis?
Caitlin Gold
Caitlin Gold Yil oldin
LOve YOu
Ticolia Simpson
Ticolia Simpson Yil oldin
You look great! I fully appreciate your check in videos! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Miranda McCallister
I may have to try this.
Tanya S
Tanya S Yil oldin
I’ve been eyeing this powder, ever since the launch... but then I keep forgetting to buy it. *sigh* Maybe next weekend, while stopping in at Ulta or Sephora?!
hey celest
hey celest Yil oldin
*i-it it does look urban.*
Watermelon Lane
Watermelon Lane Yil oldin
Your skin looks photoshopped I'm shook
Adriana Ayala
Adriana Ayala Yil oldin
I always got to do break it down and do my little dance when she sings the Jackie song!
Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED
my lil girl is mixed and she loves ur hair
BeautyNoChaser Yil oldin
I mix my translucent powder with my foundation in the summer lol i feel like it’s the same shit
Linda Yil oldin
I can't be the only one that gets hype and does the Jackie intro with her 😂❤
JnaekoA Yil oldin
2 1/2 pumps? Did I hear u go in for more tho? Hmmm ... use more water foundation to make it thicker with velvetizer?? Makes no sense. Thanks for reviewing 👍
Christina CatLover
Jessica Mabry
Jessica Mabry Yil oldin
Thanks for the awesome review!
Yasmeen Z
Yasmeen Z Yil oldin
it looks soooooop good ...i never bother to comment on most yt vids...but it looks amazing!!!!
Shelby Austin
Shelby Austin Yil oldin
can you demo this eye look?
Darleny Ramos
Darleny Ramos Yil oldin
Maybe she drives an Audi now 😂😂😂😂
darlin i adore your natural hair! you're gorgeous !
Sydney Mello
Sydney Mello Yil oldin
Omg slay Jackie!! I love you!
I cant with this hair👎🏼
BriDon't ThinkSo
BriDon't ThinkSo 7 oy oldin
Michael Apicella That's her natural hair you fucking bozo
ye2low Yil oldin
I just subscribed today! You make it easier to figure out where I want to spend my 💰 as a WOC. On another note I would love to see you and Jeffree star collab and do each other's makeup. And I hope you triple your subscribers this year...3 mil or more.
Etta Everlasting
So we all sing 🎤 Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, JACKIE now!
Kayla Ortega
Kayla Ortega Yil oldin
what eyelashes ???????
Emperor Emesis
Emperor Emesis Yil oldin
Your natural hair is the bomb
Karri Carter
Karri Carter Yil oldin
Dexter's Lab?!! Lab-or-a- tory!! Lmao. My daughter used to watch that. Crack up every time you say it😂😂😂 love the hair❤❤💜😇🙏
Yessamin Romero
Yessamin Romero Yil oldin
Ive been binge watching u for 4 days now I can't stop watching your videos 😭😭💕💕
daciadaaci Yil oldin
does anyone know which nyx brush she is using to apply foundation?
Sydney Christiaans
Can you have Dennis say "Mans not hot" pls haha
Shayndel Thompson
So I’m like binge watching your videos lmao . I love you Jackie girl
Sha C Lo
Sha C Lo Yil oldin
You have the BEST content.. My Favorite Utuber 🎨 😍😍💄💄
Sha C Lo
Sha C Lo Yil oldin
Is this product better than the Patrick Starr product?
chayanne Santiago
I honestly can't even see any lines I looks so balm .Ive been looking for the best full coverage concealor.
Would this be good for bridal makeup?
Grace Yil oldin
You’re entire makeup looks so gooooood in this video
brOKen heart
brOKen heart Yil oldin
Jess Morel
Jess Morel Yil oldin
I’ve just started watching you about 2 months ago and I absolutely love you!!
Melodi Singleton
the lenz... thought i was high
dotmatrixxx Yil oldin
I totally getting this. After this review.
Ravin Thomas
Ravin Thomas Yil oldin
Naoomi Raymond
Naoomi Raymond Yil oldin
Can you try it with fenty foundation
Sheryl McNeill
Sheryl McNeill Yil oldin
$34 and I gotta mix my own shit? Do I look like a manufacturer? Fuck these trolling ass makeup brands for real.
Emily Talamantes
I llove ur hoodie where did u get it ?
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith Yil oldin
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