Using A Flip Phone In 2017...

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The Samsung Folder2 is one of the last of a dying breed of phones... The Flip Phone. Of course the Folder2 is far more advanced than those old school flip phones like the Motorola Razer etc. The Folder2 runs Android, features dual cameras and a touch screen. The Folder2 is unlikely to replace your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 but for the right person it just might be what they're looking for. I have to admit, there's something satisfying about flipping a phone and having a good old fashioned phone call. The Folder2 retails for around $350 (converted price) and is available in parts of Asia including South Korea. The camera is probably the most disappointing part of this device as it's no where near the expected quality of a Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Note 8, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. That said, it's only $350 so it's tough to compare to Apple's and Samsung's flagship smartphones. I'm thinking the the Folder2 could be popular amongst the older generation, those looking to avoid devices that are fully touch navigated like the Galaxy S8 or iPhone X.
Does this thing remind you of your first phone? Do you think the Samsung Folder2 should still exist in 2017?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Yil oldin
What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?
Oodeezy Deezy
Oodeezy Deezy 22 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy iPhone 6 would like to upgrade to deez nuts
I wanna die
I wanna die Oy oldin
I have a j5 2017 and wanna pixel 2 or 3
Arindam Mahapatra
A Moto G5S plus. Wish to upgrade to Pixel 3
Angus Lee
Angus Lee 2 oy oldin
I want upgrade to realme 2 pro
Awais Khan
Awais Khan 3 oy oldin
iPhone 5s but I want a iPhone 8 Plus 128gb red
FUCK YOU from 2019👆👆😝😝
Christopher robinson
10 b subs
Dhruv Lashkery
Dhruv Lashkery 3 kun oldin
Samsung galaxy fold
Justo Torres
Justo Torres 3 kun oldin
I need one real money and real deals get done on talking not text messages.
Noemi Rosales
Noemi Rosales 3 kun oldin
Omgee he is too funny and entertaining! 😂😂😂😍😍
ren Capinding
ren Capinding 4 kun oldin
Still love it,
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher 5 kun oldin
98% bullshit.... 2% something to watch.
Kevon  Daye
Kevon Daye 5 kun oldin
Gawd, I remember getting my first razr phone with my enlistment bonus. Felt like such a badass.
Massn'oo 6 kun oldin
2k19 samsung and huawei: excuse me?
Samimarwat Dik
Samimarwat Dik 6 kun oldin
Love this phone, can anyone gift it to me? I am from Pakistan. +923458724337
Briceyda Garcia
Briceyda Garcia 6 kun oldin
I low key want it
gamma force
gamma force 7 kun oldin
go die in hell
gamma force
gamma force 7 kun oldin
i am dissapointed in you
gamma force
gamma force 7 kun oldin
now i am man spredding and jerkin off
gamma force
gamma force 7 kun oldin
u are also fuking gay
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gamma force 7 kun oldin
stop hating
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gamma force 7 kun oldin
ur mom is pretty gay
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gamma force 7 kun oldin
u are a hater
KEE CHEAT HNG 7 kun oldin
Missing flipping the phone
Vince 8 kun oldin
This is the Galaxy Fold
Josh Pooskita
Josh Pooskita 8 kun oldin
Would this work on Verizon? I'd love to mess with this thing and use it as a daily driver for a while
Manan Awasthi
Manan Awasthi 9 kun oldin
From where can I get it in India.
Jan Arsola
Jan Arsola 10 kun oldin
Minje Kim
Minje Kim 12 kun oldin
Hi Lew, I'm from Korea, the reason that many people (especially students) still use flip phone is that most parents take away there smartphone and replace it with something that is only used for calls. Many Korean students don't even have a phone.
im a filthy weeb
im a filthy weeb 12 kun oldin
Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on footage
GamingWithNitro !
GamingWithNitro ! 14 kun oldin
Anyone who used Motorola flip phones, Just hit like!
Vladimir Casillas
Vladimir Casillas 14 kun oldin
I have a note 9 and recently I found out it's not even the US model and that I've been over paying for it.. luckly I'm not into the contract to far so I can cancel anytime. I might just get this one
brutalistix 14 kun oldin
i still use my flipper sony ericsson w508 :D
actually satan
actually satan 15 kun oldin
Holy shit i need this. I actually unironically want one.
Maurice Weathington
Maurice Weathington 15 kun oldin
I wonder how it playing Pokémon on? 🤔
I have a nice profile photo! Right?
wow the new 2019 samsung foldable phone looks great
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U 17 kun oldin
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry 18 kun oldin
I have a Samsung J3 2017 and that has outdoors mode too - it's bloody brilliant! The UK version of this does not have the play store installed but I guess you can download it after?
Husky Abroad
Husky Abroad 18 kun oldin
How about the Samsung w2019? its pretty popular here in China
Ehsaan Cool
Ehsaan Cool 19 kun oldin
Samsung returning the technology.
MLBB INDIA 19 kun oldin
Can I play pubg in this phone ?
Kurtis Qu
Kurtis Qu 19 kun oldin
Hmm, I can't find it anymore. I DEFINITELY prefer flip phones over modern ones, they're a bit more durable, they are easy to use, AND THERE ARE BUTTONS! Also, they're are smaller than current phones and they look damn awesome.
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 19 kun oldin
5:22 that Girl Screaming in the Video
Prince Arthur Louis Pagan
Dude, I just love your work. You are an amazing hilarious Guru!
SUSANNA RITCHIE 20 kun oldin
Hello! Could you pass me the purchase link? please!
Josh Bjorstrom
Josh Bjorstrom 20 kun oldin
*2019 Comes* Samsung: *MORE*
prankin' sleepers
prankin' sleepers 21 kun oldin
omg i had a dream with a flip phone in it n it had android on it was my dream inspired by this??? Lmao
Anthony Hargrove
Anthony Hargrove 21 kun oldin
Smiles while watching this on my flip phone
David Kerr
David Kerr 21 kun oldin
Brian the Korean
Brian the Korean 22 kun oldin
Supper meme review 0:00
brigadierliane 23 kun oldin
I used to love T9 texting because I could send a message without putting my phone out too high from my pocket
DaRieL aRCeGa
DaRieL aRCeGa 23 kun oldin
unbox a Nokia 3210, hahahah
jother john
jother john 23 kun oldin
He's obviously paid well by Samsung...🙄🙄🙄
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed 23 kun oldin
What's the price bro
Samuel Stinnette
Samuel Stinnette 23 kun oldin
Who uses FLIP PHONES anymore?!?!?!?!?
Samuel Stinnette
Samuel Stinnette 2 kun oldin
A phone with a flip screen that is just a piece of crap
Brent Haymon
Brent Haymon 2 kun oldin
What is a flip phone?
Gamingwithdev Brown
Gamingwithdev Brown 24 kun oldin
Where was these
TopGearAE86Turbo 25 kun oldin
well i'm using a Au KYF31 andriod flip phone from japan. and i'm happy using currently now. my favourite feature was flip to answer and close to end call.
Azi Smythe
Azi Smythe 25 kun oldin
Owned the first apple smartphone for two days when it first arrived, and recognized it as the inferior marketing device that it was. Went back to flip; stayed with flip. Happy.
Kacie Breider
Kacie Breider 25 kun oldin
Kinda want it lol 😂
XxDeadlyDragon1 26 kun oldin
Flip phones are the best foldable phones I don't care about what foldable tablet phone they are pushing out these days.
James Young
James Young 26 kun oldin
I don't even need one, but I'm buying it haha
WherestheLAMBsauce 26 kun oldin
Im also from the future and If you have a flip phone and hate foldable phones press like 👇
C Butler
C Butler 27 kun oldin
Jesus Christo, Isle of Dogs.
dayne shento
dayne shento 27 kun oldin
I’m from the future, Samsung just developed a foldable smart phone... We’re back to flip phone ladies and gentlemen.
please help me watch my videos
Until they release the galaxyF
Matthew Millner
Matthew Millner 29 kun oldin
Wish it was dual sim
Alwaysme_T 29 kun oldin
I used to love flip phones, I remember hanging up the phone used to be so satisfying. I wouod used my moms phone like it was my own and play on here phone all the time like I had friends with phones. I actually still have a home phonr with a cord and a rotary phone. Plus flip phones are still kinda popular my cousin has a flip phone. And my friends have one too.
kurama the nine tails boy
My friend has a flip phone
Cookie pie ツ
Luna Callisto
Luna Callisto Oy oldin
Dude,nobody cares.stop trying to get a lot of likes
Random Redhead
I’d love such a phone tbh..
Mike Reif
Mike Reif Oy oldin
I flip people off with my flip phone
Hardtalkbbc Oy oldin
Mystery solved ..you look like Garfield
William Bradford
So it's a smartphone with a keyboard
deathcapone Oy oldin
i think flip phones look cooler
Lil Nigga Cheese
I used to have the nokia flip phone
J'adore Alles
J'adore Alles Oy oldin
9:00 "Where the weed at." Ha
Jasen McDaniel
Why do people still talk about old phones it is getting old. I still want to learn about oldphones. Up to date phones are good.
Jalin Belcourt
did I see you using a sspyderco
Melissa L
Melissa L Oy oldin
I haven't seen a flip phone since I was in 9th grade. I got one for christmas in 2010 and boy when I look at one now it's like nostalgia.
jonh jonh
jonh jonh Oy oldin
I didn't know flip phone still exists
Joanna Marie Roa
Im using blackberry curve rn in 2019
Maxiserm destroyer
I’m using a iPhone XS Max gold
Love Indonesia
Sir, please help me have my plexibel broken where I have to look for it, while I ask on Samsung Indonesia there is no selling
Jaxxen Cheney
Jaxxen Cheney Oy oldin
People at school trying to roast me for having a Kyocera Cadence, threw it really far and got it. Zero fall damage, didn't even chip it. Flip phones are godly. The only things I don't like are that it can't take videos, and the keyboard was a little hard to use at first, but I really don't like touchscreens at all, so I prefer a flip phone. I'm very glad I stumbled upon this video, my mom said when I'm 16 she's letting me get a smartphone but I want this instead.
abdikadir bin Rashid
Reminds me Gustavo from breaking pad
it has more ram then my s4
m7md for games
Wtf thats samsung
Gaming with Charlie
Imagine playing Fortnite on a flip-phone.
GintarasPlayZ Oy oldin
I’m Using iPhone 4S One Would Like Too Upgrade To iPhone 6
Cary Grants
Cary Grants Oy oldin
very far from funny .
gotdibz Oy oldin
Does it track you - I’m wanting to be off the map
JohnKhan Wayne
JohnKhan Wayne 26 kun oldin
All sim cards track, no?
TieFighter34 Oy oldin
Rambo style.
nur fitri syfiqca sabri
Does this phone support WhatsApp?
James Gilliland
I would use one of these, what's so hard about putting a separate screen on the bottom and minimizing the bezels so it flows well I hate the idea of actual folding screens it seems they will never be durable enough or fold as flat, but if you made a dual screen flip phone with super thin bezels that will open 180° itd be awesome
baby girl
baby girl Oy oldin
That’s a nice phone I still wouldn’t buy it
The Boss!
The Boss! Oy oldin
I miss these phones so much
KanishQ Quotes
Dark syde Phil of the tech world
WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation
anyone tried rooting a flip phone? curious
Christienne Faith
*Would you believe if i say my school came up with a new rule this 3rd semester and decided to not allow students to use touch screen phones and use keypad ones? Cuz that's what is happening right now.* 😂 *they are gonna put this new rule in the student handbook later on. They say it will benefit the students to avoid getting distracted at class. We sometimes have surprise inspections and let me tell you. Me and my friends decided to put our cp on a plastic and throw it inside the trashcan.* _we never got caught again and didn't brought a touch screen phone the next day._
Poonam Dhingra
Who else is watching in 2019
WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation
fuck sakes :/
Gardening Tool
I want it
Hero Gamer
Hero Gamer Oy oldin
i am still using an old flip phone model for text and call especially when i am out of town due to a better reception if compare with smartphone.
Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr.
Just curious why don't u go back to the 1980's & do a review on the big gray brike cell phone since u did a review on this flip phone.
Benny Greene
Benny Greene Oy oldin
Anubhav Kesarwani
I do not like bezel less phones 😒
Steven Johnston
keep it up, I love your channel. greetings from Vermont.
Steven Johnston
dude 😂 you are hilarious
Aaron Man
Aaron Man Oy oldin
How much was the phone and how did u get it.
Reuben McKechnie
Does it do Spotify & SoundCloud?
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