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This was the worst date ever...
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE. Today is about love. If you aren't in a relationship like us... make sure you let your friends, and family know how much you love them because that's what today is about! Thumbs up if u wanna b gray's Valentine?.. he made me put that there :|
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14-Fev, 2017

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Tysie Knightley
Tysie Knightley 2 soat oldin
I bet lots of people want to be both of there valentine baby’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brittany Kubesa
Brittany Kubesa 2 soat oldin
and i love to facetime 😂😂 just saying
Brittany Kubesa
Brittany Kubesa 2 soat oldin
i’m outgoing confident & adventurous 😏🤪😂
Aleena M
Aleena M 9 soat oldin
10:38 thank you!❤😂
que asas
que asas 14 soat oldin
emma wya 😂
Lauren Donovan
Lauren Donovan 16 soat oldin
Ok but like really why am i everything gray said he liked in a girl🤔😂💗
Alexandria Durham
Alexandria Durham 17 soat oldin
I love how I'm all of Gray's characteristics that he listed and my ideal date is to go surfing. Pretty much everything he is saying is what I would love to do
Paola Frye
Paola Frye 19 soat oldin
They have more fun than my husband and me on Valentine's Day... Next time I'll bring the "chocolate covered strawberries" 😊
Mayamaxkiki Kun oldin
0:00 to 0:12 😂❤️
Kate Gosteeva
Kate Gosteeva Kun oldin
"We dont have Valentines again.." Me: IM HERE BABYEH !
Lindsay Faust
Lindsay Faust Kun oldin
The best part of this video is Ethan's face when he's eating the gross food, and Grayson's reaction to it hahahaa
Gemma Parisi
Gemma Parisi Kun oldin
Ethan’s dream girl is Emma chamberlain!
gracie rosenthal
i want grayson as my val
gracie rosenthal
i swear every video ethan vomits or almost does 😂
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen Kun oldin
I wanna be Graysons valentine baby :(
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen Kun oldin
I needed this
Dripping Derp
Dripping Derp 2 kun oldin
There's no way I can see one of your videos without laughing at least once.
Anna Braun
Anna Braun 2 kun oldin
So gray‘d like to facetime his girlfriend? U remember emmas video where she ate meat for the first time? Who was gray facetiming? Go watch and find it out😉 No hate pls just for fun I‘m not saying any facts just a joke ok?
Anna Braun
Anna Braun 2 kun oldin
E toothpaste is not edible theres plastic in it kind not good a d fresh for ur body🐊💫
Crystal H
Crystal H 2 kun oldin
I can’t believe they filmed this one day before my birthday💜
Bonnie Jenious
Bonnie Jenious 2 kun oldin
Honestly why dont they have girlfriends(confused)😞😕
Mia serna
Mia serna 3 kun oldin
The intro confused me 😂💀
Morgan Pacifico
Morgan Pacifico 3 kun oldin
grethan is real kitty girls !!!
Leila Thomas
Leila Thomas 3 kun oldin
Vienna Shubin
Vienna Shubin 3 kun oldin
Omg what if on Valentine’s Day Ethan finally days that him and Emma are dating😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍
Fire Wheels
Fire Wheels 3 kun oldin
I love everything about this video
skit masters
skit masters 3 kun oldin
I LOVE gray more than ETEweete
Tiara Rezvani
Tiara Rezvani 3 kun oldin
Greathen is definitely real
Lorena Bernal
Lorena Bernal 3 kun oldin
ur dope
Aya Al wesabi
Aya Al wesabi 4 kun oldin
Well while everyone keeps on drooling on Grayson I'll be hanging out with Ethan playing video games as a date ...... And yea I am a girl not saying I hate Grayson it's just that Ethan is kinda left out anyone agree
Nicole Guardado
Nicole Guardado 4 kun oldin
comment down below who is the cutest?!?!
Nicole Guardado
Nicole Guardado 4 kun oldin
Vane dragon Vloging
678646482828 people want to have Ethan as there valentine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zoie Davis
Zoie Davis 4 kun oldin
i got all of those right
ella eilish
ella eilish 5 kun oldin
i just love how grayson is wearing sweatpants
Ayla Webb
Ayla Webb 5 kun oldin
Who needs romance when u have bromance😍 *sorry that was bad*
Cool Kids
Cool Kids 5 kun oldin
Wait what ?
Emma Jara
Emma Jara 5 kun oldin
Gray: what do I get in return? Ethan: you get to be my valentine *cuts to clip of grayeating a egg
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 5 kun oldin
0:00 in speed 2.0x
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 5 kun oldin
So imma just go and learn how to surf.😂
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 5 kun oldin
When a little kid sees two people kissing3:49 and 6:36
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso 5 kun oldin
They tried so hard for us aww 0:00
Why Don't We Luver
Why Don't We Luver 5 kun oldin
MercyOkusanya 5 kun oldin
OF COURSE IT WAS NICKI MINAJ!!! Ethan is such a snake 😂❤
Reanna Morris
Reanna Morris 6 kun oldin
Grayson: u were really awkward in 5th grade Ethan: I was a young savage Me:omg
Analise Sustaita
Analise Sustaita 6 kun oldin
Currently watching this during school and my teacher just said "were back" 😂
PoisonSky 6 kun oldin
Grayson isn’t sitting up straight and Ethan looks like a foot taller than him 😂
Tara Garton
Tara Garton 6 kun oldin
What about gingers ethan
Juliesa Cronin
Juliesa Cronin 6 kun oldin
9:10 into the future.. it’s Emma🤣 (2019 anyone?)
Yadira Villareal
Yadira Villareal 6 kun oldin
I would actually be one of your guys valentine 🥰😉❤️💚
Savanna Mariah
Savanna Mariah 7 kun oldin
3:08 I’m outgoing, confident, and adventurous ;)