Valentines Day Date (CHALLENGE)

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This was the worst date ever...
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE. Today is about love. If you aren't in a relationship like us... make sure you let your friends, and family know how much you love them because that's what today is about! Thumbs up if u wanna b gray's Valentine?.. he made me put that there :|
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14-Fev, 2017



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Olivia Thomas
Olivia Thomas Soat oldin
Ik this is random..but I feel like Grayson would look cute in a black turtle neck.. 😂😂😂😂😂
Tatiana Franco
Tatiana Franco 18 soat oldin
4:38 omg he looks so good. His muscles tho💖
Haiqah Khaliq
Haiqah Khaliq Kun oldin
2019? 300 thousand people want to be grayson's valentine baby :')
Camryn McGuire
Camryn McGuire Kun oldin
They don’t have chocolate but they have dog food and Gray is allergic to dogs 💀
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Adams 2 kun oldin
I fit 2 of Grayson’s characteristics (in total) • 75 percent outgoing • 75 percent confident • 100 percent adventurous So yeah! Maybe... someday... probably never... will we get married And I feel alone once more😭😭💔💔 Edit: I realized that .75 times 3 is NOT 2, so I actually have 2.5 of the characteristics Edit 2: Math is not my best subject in school, in case you didn’t notice
Anya Sulyandziga
Anya Sulyandziga 2 kun oldin
How many times has Ethan thrown up on this channel? Someone actually count.
Anna Mariutto
Anna Mariutto 2 kun oldin
Omg Ethan’s hair😂😂 it’s so different now
Iris van Gils
Iris van Gils 2 kun oldin
7:47 only og remember. Or Dolan twins marathoners lol
Moonlight 3 kun oldin
*Grayson' type:* Outgoing Confident Adventurous *Me:* Can't take any social move and super awkward Insecure Can't get out of my house without being anxious
Kylese Strong
Kylese Strong 3 kun oldin
2019 and i still wanna know what was on those papers
Shante' Shorts
Shante' Shorts 3 kun oldin
I would love to be one of the Dolan twins valentine next year if they notice me
Prerona Barman
Prerona Barman 5 kun oldin
Karsyn Cumberland
Karsyn Cumberland 5 kun oldin
Ethan : yEA but I put up that camera they camera that camera and that camera Grayson: but WHO BOUGHT THE TABLE CLOTH
Iliana CM
Iliana CM 6 kun oldin
*Grayson “What do I get in return?”* *Ethan “You get to be my valentine!”* *Grayson *Eats the entire egg in one go**
Wolfy Flame
Wolfy Flame 6 kun oldin
*likes video infinitely*
Laysha Salas
Laysha Salas 6 kun oldin
Awww I want to be your valentine baby ❤️
Sofia I.
Sofia I. 6 kun oldin
Hey I’m outgoing adventurous and confident at least that’s what I hear And surfing is awesome
Tatum Pinnock
Tatum Pinnock 6 kun oldin
Me: *looks up how to be confident* *watches more of the video* *looks up how to surf* Me again: APPARENTLY SURFING TAKES PRACTICE, WHICH TAKES TIME FIRST OF ALL I don’t have the patience for that, SECOND OF ALL my grades are already slipping and I don’t have time to go find a surfing tutor or whatever But on the plus side, I’m 13 and have time to learn, and with the age difference between a lot of couples, 7 ish years isn’t all that bad, so YEAH! dreams are still half-crushed though lol
Ivy Lake
Ivy Lake 7 kun oldin
3:45 is a mood
Karo. 03
Karo. 03 7 kun oldin
Valentines dinner gone wrong....
vivenator 7 kun oldin
anyone notice that it said nicki manaj and yes at the end
Janessa Reid
Janessa Reid 7 kun oldin
10:05 me getting hit by an arrow by my dream man thinking I’ll be in a relationship with him but he turns out to be a f boy and actually never cared abt me and texted other girls behind by back and only wanted me for my body😪🤧 THAT WAS DEEP
Janessa Reid
Janessa Reid 7 kun oldin
Me noting all the things they want in a girl so I can be like one of them It’s a joke 🤧
justanawakwardperson Don't mind me
Ethan, I mean no offense, and I'm trying to tease you as a friend, but u got a weak ass stomach
livvy brown
livvy brown 7 kun oldin
When they say ‘chocolates’, they sound Australian 😍😍 Wish they lived in Australia too 😭
Megan Humphrey
Megan Humphrey 7 kun oldin
there needs to be a video of all of the times Ethan has barfed/regurgitated any type of food. Ha ha
Lily Weaver
Lily Weaver 8 kun oldin
#grethan 😂🌷
Milad and Mitra
Milad and Mitra 8 kun oldin
Sad thing is that I am everything Grayson likes but he is 8 years older than me he is 19
Alexandra Hilelly
Alexandra Hilelly 8 kun oldin
I’m still confused...how don’t they have valentines???
Grace Monaghan
Grace Monaghan 9 kun oldin
7:27 straight up reminds me of the rap battle video at the end 😂😂😂
farida sherif
farida sherif 9 kun oldin
5:39 *emma left the chat*
Charlee Hannah
Charlee Hannah 9 kun oldin
9:03 Emma Chamberlain
Taja_ Baby
Taja_ Baby 9 kun oldin
They were those shirt at the t.c.a❤😍😗
MasonAndKenzie Vids
MasonAndKenzie Vids 10 kun oldin
At 10:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 graysons laugh
Isla Perry
Isla Perry 10 kun oldin
is it just me or does gray look extra sexy in this video
Oof. jaida
Oof. jaida 11 kun oldin
I hope his dream girl is emma Chamberlain
Mary 11 kun oldin
Who is Ethans dream girl Me: Emma Grayson: Niki Minaj Ethan: Ya know what nevermind Me: I knew it was Emma!
Mary 11 kun oldin
Grayson: Like the video if you wanna be my baby Ethan: Dude the videos gonna get like 10 likes Video get 299k likes
jasmine tamer
jasmine tamer 12 kun oldin
Who’s the girl of my dreams *on the paper* Emma Chamberlain
jasmine tamer
jasmine tamer 12 kun oldin
#grethan all the way 😂
Mari Heartfilia
Mari Heartfilia 12 kun oldin
4:47 who else thought that was cute
ASMRSC 12 kun oldin
Ethma all the way
Jaidyn Evans Vlogs
Jaidyn Evans Vlogs 13 kun oldin
Who’s watching again in 2019 and I want to know his dream girl🤣🤣😂
Madison Ramsey
Madison Ramsey 13 kun oldin
Pause at 0:01 .... You will thank me
Cookie dough 431 Rose
Dude u have me gray just call me up dude ❤️❤️
BTS OT7 loveu
BTS OT7 loveu 15 kun oldin
Im sorry but i feel angry when people keep showering love for just one twin .....cant we just like love both of them. They are soooooooooooo adorable😍😍
TaleN desim
TaleN desim 14 kun oldin
Same. Also makes me mad when people compare them .
Sophie Campos
Sophie Campos 16 kun oldin
Ethan at 0:52 - 1:00 is the definition of my life
Christene Stringer
Christene Stringer 16 kun oldin
I’ll be y’all valentines I love you guys soo much 😘❤️❤️
Gabs 17 kun oldin
it's been 2 years now and I hope Gray's ideal girl qualities have changed
Slime family 1234 Cassata
I’m all those things Grayson said about what he wanted his gf to be😂😂
Abby Becker
Abby Becker 18 kun oldin
Who else guessed all of them correctly....... just me ok (Besides the ones they didn’t say on camera obviously 😂)
banger dolan
banger dolan 18 kun oldin
U know how ethan notices eyes first my eyes are the best part of my face
Baby cakes101
Baby cakes101 18 kun oldin
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
it was also a cool outro
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
6:37 Grayson's face tho ahahahah
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
3:48 grayson is me when I look in the mirror
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
3:08 I am outgoing, confident, adventurous date me, Grayson!! < 3
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
grayson looks so depressed at 1:16
Christeen Sweidan
Christeen Sweidan 19 kun oldin
that was the coolest intro they have ever done in the history of their channel ahahha
DiamondCrown Gacha
DiamondCrown Gacha 19 kun oldin
Noelle Radai
Noelle Radai 19 kun oldin
Wait hol up gray wants somebody who is Outgoing Confident Adventurous YASSS i found the one. Literally me😁
Rowley Kerry
Rowley Kerry 20 kun oldin
Who noticed that “Valentines” day said “valentuesday”
Sarah And friends
Sarah And friends 21 kun oldin
I wil be your valentine
salma 21 kun oldin
but emma is a blond *AND* brunette...
it’s caitlyn
it’s caitlyn 21 kun oldin
9:16 i bet it was emma chamberlain...!
Aubree White
Aubree White 22 kun oldin
1 i don't know how to surf 2 I have brown hair ....GREAT....
Katrina Dolan
Katrina Dolan 23 kun oldin
Ethan:blond or brunette Me: if he picks brunette I’m crying bc I’m blond Grayson:neither Me: whooooooooo ooh yay
Siena Schettino
Siena Schettino 23 kun oldin
Poor Grayson wasn’t supposed to get shot
Monique Smith
Monique Smith 23 kun oldin
If someone doesnt wanna be your valentines.. either of you. Even a guy or whatever. They belong somewhere they can get help
Inês Vieira
Inês Vieira 23 kun oldin
this table reminds me of a huge iphone with a PopSocket
Carmen Isabel
Carmen Isabel 24 kun oldin
avocado 24 kun oldin
_i wanna be one of those girls 😔_
Suushi Squad
Suushi Squad 24 kun oldin
I’m gonna go learn surfing for academic diversity day tomorrow. Grayson. I’m doing this for you❤️ jkjk lol
LaNiya Wade
LaNiya Wade 24 kun oldin
I thought ethan didnt have his first kiss.... (FLIP SIP OR SLIP CHALLENGE)
Katie Flener
Katie Flener 25 kun oldin
I'll put a thumbs up, but I don't want to be Gray's valentine. I am married 😂
Alena M
Alena M 26 kun oldin
Lemme smash? 🥺❤️
citlaly tobon
citlaly tobon 26 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Kass Nance
Kass Nance 26 kun oldin
When you have to sneeze and it won’t come out 7:26 😂😂
Jayden Vaughan
Jayden Vaughan 27 kun oldin
Hi, I'm here from 2019, where their haircuts are much better! 😂❤
Elise Owens
Elise Owens 27 kun oldin
Y’all they weren’t even friends with Emma yet soooo
Ping Church
Ping Church 28 kun oldin
Im back!!
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 28 kun oldin
@10:25 i'll be your valentine baby♥️♥️💍💍
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 28 kun oldin
"i can actually smell your breath from here and it smells freaking amazing"
YoursTrulySimmer 29 kun oldin
i wonder what ethan put down as his dream girl. i can only dream that it’s a brunette who has blue eyes, who also has a popular and growing youtube channel, who’s name is emma 🤠
Dragon Girl
Dragon Girl Oy oldin
3:09 * describes me* I WILL BE YOUR VALENTINE G
Adrianna Kemp
Adrianna Kemp Oy oldin
#Grayson or #Ethan ~*comment*~
Rosalinda Diaz
OH MY GOD! when Grayson asked his first question the first thing that came to my mind was adventures!!
Lauren Oy oldin
"I can actually smell you breath from here and it smells freaking fantastic!"😂
Shelby Acosta
Shelby Acosta Oy oldin
Freicheska Friday
Who’s on a dolan twins marathon and made it this far? 🙋‍♀️
Dorka Torbagyi
I love how Ethan went: this videos gonna get ten likes. Well, no cuz almost 300 thousand people want to be Graysons Valentine 😂
Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin Oy oldin
*I wanted to be Ethan’s but now that he’s taken 😉 I’m GRAYSONS!!!*
zoe Hi
zoe Hi Oy oldin
I will be your valentine Grayson ❤️
Cora Self
Cora Self Oy oldin
So how do they not have valentines?
Ava McGarity
Ava McGarity Oy oldin
Can I be your valentine lol just kidding you are to much older than me 😂😂😂😂😂
Totally Kate 218
Ethan likes ethier Emma chamberlain or nicki Minaj
My Torn Wallet
I would love to be grayson's valentine baby! 😍😘
Emuly Vids
Emuly Vids Oy oldin
Nicki minaj and yes says Ethan. ;D
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Oy oldin
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green Oy oldin
happy valentine day wish me Carolyn Regina green 😎🖤😃😎🖤😄🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛💞💙💜♥️💙💜💛
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