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Vance Joy - Riptide (Lyric Video)

Piolo Ocampo
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23-Yan, 2015



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Tamara Spence
Tamara Spence Soat oldin
I love this song it makes me feel not alone
PeterTran 2 soat oldin
I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s here to play the ukulele 😂
Krystel Turaga
Krystel Turaga 2 soat oldin
1. I woke up 2. I met vance joy 3. I took a photo with joy 4. I cried But the order is sadly 2,3,1,4
Soumil Mukherjee
Soumil Mukherjee 4 soat oldin
Ad *vance* into the *joy*
SiW Glizzy
SiW Glizzy 4 soat oldin
2019 anyone 🤩??
Emily Hibbard
Emily Hibbard 4 soat oldin
ssamppa 37
ssamppa 37 6 soat oldin
Random Girl
Random Girl 7 soat oldin
"wE dOnT bElIeVe wHaTs oN tV"
Bev Day
Bev Day 9 soat oldin
I love this song
Elia Smith
Elia Smith 17 soat oldin
no matter what year or month you listen to this song in it takes you to summer
Bubbłe-Tea Editš
Bubbłe-Tea Editš 22 soat oldin
Where did i go wrong? I lost a fri-- oops wrong song!
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Kun oldin
andr3s ru1z
andr3s ru1z Kun oldin
Miss the memories of when this song came out. Middle was a great time
Katelyn Dunbar
Katelyn Dunbar Kun oldin
Simone Piselli
Simone Piselli Kun oldin
Sam Netto
Sam Netto Kun oldin
0:19 He is talking about me
Silent Pandaa
Silent Pandaa Kun oldin
Im a islander of course i can play a ukele.
Grim The Rib Ripper 420
My amazing beautiful Girlfriend told me to listen to this song and now I can't stop listening... It's makes my heart warm because I listen to it while thinking of her❤️❤️
amber odonnell
amber odonnell Kun oldin
I’m doing this for my talent show. HARD
reagan gray
reagan gray Kun oldin
I love this
Lupe Ferrer
Lupe Ferrer Kun oldin
Can you make turtle and kinkajou?
Rosemary Authier
Thank you! My bandmate plays a ______ and I wanted to make her smile
Daniel Racine
Daniel Racine Kun oldin
I sad day when you realize there is nothing left to be said that Vance Joy hasn't already said.
salla_ _mjolla
salla_ _mjolla 2 kun oldin
Maria Ola
Maria Ola 2 kun oldin
I swear she's destined for the screen😍😍🌍🌍🌍
DaIsY 2 kun oldin
MSP-Gacha Karamelli Pasta
Sugar And Bones
Sugar And Bones 2 kun oldin
when you see a funny comment and like it but then see it again further down and have to like it again so you're not being unfair
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper 2 kun oldin
I came here because of sorrow tv.
there are a group of songs that I can only listen to when it's late and my phone is dead and this is like on the top 5 lmao
Aetherian 2 kun oldin
Oml “And they come unstuck.” I can’t be the only one Who hears “And the car won’t start.” Please Tell me im not the only one..
Summer Yeah yeah
Summer Yeah yeah 10 soat oldin
Aetherian ur not ahha
Kiley Reeves
Kiley Reeves 2 kun oldin
I had a hard day at school but when I turned this on it felt better thank you so much
depressed weeb uwu
depressed weeb uwu 2 kun oldin
When you're right handed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The Undertale Fan
The Undertale Fan 3 kun oldin
Layan Haifa
Layan Haifa 3 kun oldin
I hate this song🤮
Oh yeah yeah yeah 3x
Layan Haifa if you hate it, then fuck off you shitty bitch.
big Chris
big Chris 3 kun oldin
Gotta Love youtube, I heard this down at my local and had too look it up 😎
gears racing
gears racing 3 kun oldin
We are Gears racing f1 team and we are racing f1 car
The reason why I wanted to have ukulele😂
Kylie Evans
Kylie Evans 3 kun oldin
Try 1.25 speed. I mean its still fine
Simone! Pixel!
Simone! Pixel! 3 kun oldin
win you was little and your mom smaked you with tht flip floo
Like vine
Like vine 3 kun oldin
I love this song and if you dislike the song you dislike the person which is harsh so I hope you enjoy the song😀
Alyssa Winn
Alyssa Winn 3 kun oldin
Me having a lump in my throat
Mr.MajesticMan 3 kun oldin
-you're gonna sing the words wrong-
Mr.MajesticMan 3 kun oldin
*Tide was sniped* R.I.Ptide
Chopsticks Yeah?
Chopsticks Yeah? 4 kun oldin
50% people talking about ukulele players 25% wE dOnT cArE wHaT yEaR yOr wAtcHinG iN 10% I’m watching in 2019 10%nice things about how they love* the song 5% I can play this in ukulele
More Peyton
More Peyton 4 kun oldin
Oceanic Lexie
Oceanic Lexie 4 kun oldin
I did the e-girl dance to this 😍
M S 4 kun oldin
I'm just here because of Tik Tok 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Orla Hannan
Orla Hannan 4 kun oldin
Whoooohooo! I can sing this while playing it on the guitar!😁😁😁
Zuzanna Wieczorkiewicz
2020 anyone
Cooper Neil
Cooper Neil 4 kun oldin
RIP lady at riptide.
Gamingwithbella1 AJ
Who else thought they’d never find someone special, but then, poof. Someone has came to you with the sweetest heart ❤️❤️
Cecilia Dion
Cecilia Dion 4 kun oldin
I LOVE IT. I have a ukulele but idk how to play the song
Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
Those moments when you go to comment on how you can SING the song and everyone else is like, "Ukulele players are such snobs".........
Ifax 5 kun oldin
I always that it was baby running down to the riptide not lady.
Moth Flight
Moth Flight 5 kun oldin
Who thought that it said 'and the car won't start' instead of 'they came unstuck'? Just me?? Okay
Google Account
Google Account 3 kun oldin
Moth Flight I thought it said “And the coma starts”
Perfix 5 kun oldin
*2019 anyone?*
Tran  Trang
Tran Trang 5 kun oldin
Dunno for u guys but I feel this song's lyric is actually sad but sing with a "it doesnt matter anyway" tune. Like the chorus: the lady run to the riptide and kill herself by letting the riptide take her away to the deep sea. And also the guy likes the girl because of her song (represent life/personality/etc), but he feels sad yet helpless cuz he knows she has something wrong, and she is trying to (voluntarily) ruin the lyrics/life/herself.
Swag'z my Name
Swag'z my Name 5 kun oldin
1:11 what that means is a cowboy quits being a cowboy and he runs to the city and what is says "he's running from himself"it means he's running away from what he really wants to make his gal "on the highest shelf"
Robert Dlao
Robert Dlao 5 kun oldin
I was in jail when i heard this for the first time. Kept me positive
Macey Matias
Macey Matias 5 kun oldin
I remember seeing my crush sing this song made me fall for her (i’m a girl and my crush is a girl🌈)
Jared Morales
Jared Morales 2 kun oldin
Macey Matias it's clipped
Natasha McGrath
Natasha McGrath 5 kun oldin
Ukulele players: *...* Everyone: *can you play riptide* Ukulele players: *Yea but I can play other songs too* Everyone: *pLaY rIpTiDe*
CrispyStudios 5 kun oldin
*hey hey hey*
Eric Slayer
Eric Slayer 5 kun oldin
Love this song 👌💕💕
Garrett Craney
Garrett Craney 5 kun oldin
“I was scared of Pretty girls, and starting conversations” The most relatable thing I’ve heard in my entire life.
7 4 7
7 4 7 5 kun oldin
what is this????????
7 4 7
7 4 7 5 kun oldin
hahaha die!
Kadence Curry
Kadence Curry 5 kun oldin
I was scared of dentists and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations Oh all my friends are turning green You're the magician's assistant in the dream Uh ooh oh ooh ooh Oh ooh oh ooh and they come unstuck Lady, runnin' down to the riptide Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand man And I love you when you're singin' that song and I gotta lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong There's this movie that I think you'll like This guy decides to quit his job and head to New York City This cowboy's running from himself She's been living on the highest shelf Uh ooh oh ooh ooh Oh ooh oh ooh and they come unstuck Lady, runnin' down to the riptide Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand man And I love you when you're singin' that song and I gotta lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong I just wanna, I just wanna know If you're gonna, if you're gonna stay I just gotta, I just gotta know I can't have it, I can't have it any other way I swear she's destined for the screen Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you've ever seen oh Lady, runnin' down to the riptide Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand man And I love you when you're singin' that song and I gotta lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong Lady, runnin' down to the riptide Taken away to the dark side I wanna be your left hand man And I love you when you're singin' that song and I gotta lump in my throat 'cause You're gonna sing the words wrong I gotta lump in my throat, 'cos you're gonna sing the words wrong
Rebecca idk
Rebecca idk 5 kun oldin
0:54 the lyrics are wrong its actually "cuz you've gone and sank the worlds wolf"
Gacha Aubrey
Gacha Aubrey 5 kun oldin
HollowVoid 6 kun oldin
ally lu222
ally lu222 6 kun oldin
Why is this song so goooodd
Savannah Fort
Savannah Fort 6 kun oldin
“I was scared of pretty” ***boys*** “and starting conversations” Same dude. Same
Kindsay Londik
Kindsay Londik 6 kun oldin
No one: Ukulele players: *riptide?*
Random Unknown
Random Unknown 6 kun oldin
I don't play the ukelele... My friend does. I PLAY DA GUITAR
IceCreamSweet IceCreamSweet
Subscribe to me! 😘
addicted2kpop yeshIam
Percy Jackson cries in the backround
Alexis Starling
Alexis Starling 6 kun oldin
Is it bad that I have a ukulele and don’t play this song😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Cute but don't get tricked i'm savage
Did anyone else that they spelled Michelle Phipher wrong?
Cheryl Cunningham
Cheryl Cunningham 6 kun oldin
Idk why but this just makes me so happy.....like it makes me happy cry...
Jocey Gomez
Jocey Gomez 6 kun oldin
I was scared of people and the dark I was scared of pretty girls and wearing short sleeves Oh all my friends have left me Their the reason of why I am doing this Oh,oh and the blades in my hand Lady, I can’t stop hurting myself Taken away to the dark side I wanna just be dead I love myself only when I see the marks and My wrist have so many scars on them Like if ya want me to continue it Srry that it was so dark
A Corn
A Corn 6 kun oldin
Who's listening to this in 2015?
* beans
* beans 6 kun oldin
anybody else watching this in 1986?
Adrienne Patterson
Adrienne Patterson 6 kun oldin
"all my friends are turning green" Yes well it's St Paddy's day, people think if they wear green they literally become Irish.
Simply Satisfying
Simply Satisfying 6 kun oldin
Starbucks lover21
Starbucks lover21 6 kun oldin
i like this song so much
Twenty Øne Panicked Piølets at the Disco!
I cant be the only non ukulele player right? I just really like this song
Alma Jane Hernandez
I can play this on the ukulele
najdobri drugarki
najdobri drugarki 7 kun oldin
CerysAnne TriesMakeup
Is this the equivalent of playing wonderwall on the guitar, but for the ukulele?
Abbie Lucy Gymnast
Abbie Lucy Gymnast 7 kun oldin
HeY hEy HeY
YourRegular AsianKid
My sister always plays this on ukulele 😂😂
Suad Alafandi
Suad Alafandi 7 kun oldin
I like the song
Michael Staelens
Michael Staelens 7 kun oldin
no one cars if you play a ukulele
Mackenzie Connor
Mackenzie Connor 7 kun oldin
someone: h- ukulele players: u want me to play rip tide don’t u someone: I mean-
FREDI 7 kun oldin
why in original video say: you gone and sank the world wolf, and here "you´re gonna sing the words wrong" ?
Vanessa N
Vanessa N 7 kun oldin
Your a star ⭐️ I
Danika Arbic
Danika Arbic 8 kun oldin
best song ever almost
bryanna bernhoft
bryanna bernhoft 8 kun oldin
March 15, 2019, playing adventure time:pirates on the xbox at 1:29pm while listening to this.
Mandy Kulinich
Mandy Kulinich 8 kun oldin
I don't really know what this song is trying to tell you. But I still like it..
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