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The world has enough superheroes. Watch the new #Venom trailer now. 10.5.18.
One of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.
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Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed
Scott Haze
Reid Scott




31-Iyl, 2018

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dazed wolf
dazed wolf 2 soat oldin
I got a weird feeling when the symbiote would take over. Like I have one already inside me.🤢
random videos
random videos 4 soat oldin
1:34 sounds delicious, for a parasite
Fuck dude!! shut up I need 10k subs
Can someone Make a music Video of Venom and Neffex-gossip
TropicalParadise 6 soat oldin
This movie is just throwing demonic possession right in your face. Satan loves mocking people
xxxtentacion fan
xxxtentacion fan 6 soat oldin
I love 2007 venom but his body was skinny 2018 venom is better because hes muscular
Wise Loaf
Wise Loaf 7 soat oldin
Kinda upset they changed Venom's voice.
[insert username here]
2:52 that poor woman, seeing someone being brutally eaten.
[insert username here]
2:18 o.O
XxgamernuggetprinceXx bruh
Brian Devvers
Brian Devvers 8 soat oldin
Too bad this is not even REMOTELY close to how venom began. What a shame marvel even backed this.... Then again, it did line their pockets.
perez 56
perez 56 8 soat oldin
So good
Spider man
Spider man 8 soat oldin
I loved the last clip where he just ate a guy and then acts all chill about it lol
Scott K
Scott K 8 soat oldin
Can't wait for the next Venom reboot. Third time's the charm?
paonicgem 10 soat oldin
I don't like it when they use Bible stuff in an athiest's point of view. The movie was a dissapointment. The symbiote talks too much.
Bourben Biscuit
Bourben Biscuit 11 soat oldin
Don’t get why the critics shitted all over the movie, it was phenomenal. I wanted to go back and watch it multiple times!
Daniel Cota
Daniel Cota 11 soat oldin
"Upgrade" is better :P
PELICULAS Y SERIES 11 soat oldin
ochko ochko
ochko ochko 11 soat oldin
Too much like an Prototype but pretty good.
Kristinka Olsavska
Kristinka Olsavska 13 soat oldin
The best film forever 😎👍♥
Gustav Beu
Gustav Beu 14 soat oldin
I wish I´ll be venom
D. Andrew
D. Andrew 14 soat oldin
this movie was good asf
dozierc 14 soat oldin
최병옥 14 soat oldin
Oh poor randy fack?!
최병옥 14 soat oldin
He must visit New Delhi
Reinolds Varela
Reinolds Varela 16 soat oldin
DOWLOAD ..... shortpe.com/20vF
Dave G
Dave G 17 soat oldin
Idk why reviews hated on this movie I really enjoyed it. I laughed more at this movie than any other Marvel film. It also moved along quite well.
Dylan Rapson
Dylan Rapson 18 soat oldin
best movie
Dark Soul
Dark Soul 20 soat oldin
EPIC 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Looooooooooooved it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ there's no emoji or expression defining it!! Tom Hardy is just WONDERFUL 😍😍😍😍.... isn't there any handsome Venom wanting him to become Us? It would be 😈👍
200rr R
200rr R 22 soat oldin
The most Watched Trailer Ever
ivaN aLamis
ivaN aLamis 22 soat oldin
.. They need spider man
Aiza Victoriano
Aiza Victoriano Kun oldin
cute venom
Blink Animations and Art
What did he even say there, “a purd in the wind”?
Jagroop Singh
Jagroop Singh Kun oldin
Mask, copy
JedemPoKucama Kun oldin
I adore this movie!! You must watch it!!! Hope there will be a part 2!😊
JedemPoKucama Kun oldin
+Akatsuki Clan you are sure?! APOLOGIZE!!
Akatsuki Clan
Akatsuki Clan Kun oldin
Im sure there will be part 2
Dean Morris
Dean Morris Kun oldin
Brilliant film just watch it & it's really good. Well worth the watch 😎.
saw it today. good not great 3/5 *s.
The True Weirdos
Guys, don't listen to critics this movie is amazing and a must watch I recommend seeing it! It was awesome
Dj Nell
Dj Nell Kun oldin
The need spiderman vs this venom
Ferdi qalati
Ferdi qalati Kun oldin
venom marveln en güzel filmi👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ramadan Osmanovski
I want VENOM 2
Nico Buhl
Nico Buhl Kun oldin
This movie good i seen it yesteday
Rajesh Rk
Rajesh Rk Kun oldin
Venom in avengers team
Sami lam
Sami lam Kun oldin
the lost paradise
Critic: such a parasite movie Venom: a parasite! Apologize! APOLOGIZE!
SG Heem gaming
SG Heem gaming Kun oldin
They should come out with a second venom
Conside Slasher
Conside Slasher Kun oldin
"When i get out this prison there will be CARNAGE"
HyperBlaZe Playz
If hondsome people like me is Busy... Im Gonna Tell You Later Coz Im Busy Watching Movie
Akun Sementara
Akun Sementara 2 kun oldin
Abdullah Mosa
Abdullah Mosa 2 kun oldin
Were are Spider-Man .
Josh Samuel
Josh Samuel 2 kun oldin
Jesus loves you.
Amigos Dos Amigos
Amigos Dos Amigos 2 kun oldin
And I have a parasite called hook worm🙃🙃
Alesxd Cover
Alesxd Cover 2 kun oldin
Venom ❤❤👍
Wandi KH
Wandi KH 2 kun oldin
This is pure trash! Overrated 😩
oh my God
oh my God 2 kun oldin
Clasma '
Clasma ' 2 kun oldin
0:00 That's me cumming.
Joshua Perreras
Joshua Perreras 2 kun oldin
Venom sounded better in the trailer.
x4rd0n 2 kun oldin
The only thing I didn't like about the movie is that they changed Venom voice, it sounds so weird in movie but so epic here in the trailer... rest is fine tbh, enjoyable, not great, but fine
leslie viridiana olvera ortiz
La película estuvo aburrida
La película estuvo super chida
Oussema Hmeid
Oussema Hmeid 2 kun oldin
WEeee! are Venom😈
Maverickmordy 2 kun oldin
Why Eddie wants to get back to the girl that left him , screw her, when everything is fine i love you, when things go bad i left you...too easy
Shady Fontaine
Shady Fontaine 2 kun oldin
Venom and eddie have the best friendship.
Clesh Alseder
Clesh Alseder 2 kun oldin
Fim nice
Who would believe venom was so sensitive?
cuando van a subir la película en youtube ?
Red Spirit
Red Spirit 2 kun oldin
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali 3 kun oldin
i just finished movie now and after i watch trailer again then i can say that trailer shows whole movie man......it all each primarily scene.
ayra delosantos
ayra delosantos 3 kun oldin
people who have seen venom didnt really got panic. the rocker dude, the cashier lady etc. lol
1 of billions
1 of billions 3 kun oldin
Not as good as it should’ve been the scenario is a disappointment..too much humor ruined it . must people in the comments are superficial .. you guys love movies because they are movies regardless of the other things that only critics can notice
Godzilla Fan 1954
Godzilla Fan 1954 2 kun oldin
+1 of billions the heck is that supposed to mean?
1 of billions
1 of billions 2 kun oldin
Godzilla Fan 1954 sounds illogical coming from a godzilla fan
Godzilla Fan 1954
Godzilla Fan 1954 2 kun oldin
The comic Lethal Protector this is based on Venom is always making jokes
Angel Blackham
Angel Blackham 3 kun oldin
Alekey3 3 kun oldin
this movie is basophie
David Lanphear
David Lanphear 3 kun oldin
Nasty. Brotha, you need God almighty
Haissen Barrios
Haissen Barrios 3 kun oldin
💪🏁venom si
Callie Savage
Callie Savage 3 kun oldin
Hey yo is there anywhere I can watch this rn IM DYING
Václav Nováček
Václav Nováček 3 kun oldin
They presented this as a scary movie, it ended up as a comedy bromance :D
Swaleh mazrui
Swaleh mazrui 3 kun oldin
Knock knock let the devil in
Silly Sasha
Silly Sasha 3 kun oldin
just watched the movie... I can't stop thinking about how the story will continue
Marina Ermou
Marina Ermou 3 kun oldin
Great movie
quang anh nguyen tien
Sony really did Venom justice in this one.
Süleyman Ozdemir
Süleyman Ozdemir 3 kun oldin
Ben bu fılmi flaş beyleye yükledim. Çok güzeldi yaratığın adı VENOM...
Léna Lockhart
Léna Lockhart 3 kun oldin
I've seen so many Venom x Eddie tentacles porn fanarts since this movie was released, internet never disappoints
Liz Marshall
Liz Marshall 3 kun oldin
Tom holland should have been in this movie
Layla Bates
Layla Bates 3 kun oldin
1:41 when your dog licks your face
cmkwan59 3 kun oldin
Apologize! Well I just didn't expect this~
Stephen Breen
Stephen Breen 3 kun oldin
I can't wait for Blu-ray!
C K 3 kun oldin
Arie Abdulghany
Arie Abdulghany 4 kun oldin
Amazing Movie! Love it!
IstAlexPlays XBS
IstAlexPlays XBS 4 kun oldin
I would have that thing control me
Aditya phutane
Aditya phutane 4 kun oldin
Trailer starts with the very last scene
Djozsah Lladones
Djozsah Lladones 4 kun oldin
Really entertaining. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Trần Hoàng Anh
Trần Hoàng Anh 4 kun oldin
Cho em xin bản quyền phim với ạ Give me the film rights
Claude LeBel
Claude LeBel 4 kun oldin
A very funny movie.
mc bad robot voice
mc bad robot voice 4 kun oldin
Grate movie but anyone else notice that is is just parasite?
Popescu Marius
Popescu Marius 4 kun oldin
11/10 would 100% watch again
Alyx E
Alyx E 4 kun oldin
just watched the movie but wanted another taste so here I am again
Amy Lou
Amy Lou 4 kun oldin
Amy Lou
Amy Lou 4 kun oldin
Omg hot
sharon ferrie
sharon ferrie 4 kun oldin
Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust 4 kun oldin
We Are Venom