Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

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War veterans and peace activists came together to see if they could understand one another. Despite differences of opinion, we all have more in common than we think. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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10-Dek, 2017

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skillett gil
skillett gil 3 soat oldin
So we're not going to talk about the man at 4:53 who is talking about forcing cultural ideals of our society on another? Isn't that what whites have been doing for the last 600-700 years to oppress Native Americans and people of color in general that didnt follow their way of life/religion? Dude basically admitted that it still happens today.
Lucas Liew
Lucas Liew 23 soat oldin
Activists? What're those? A small group of radical ideologues reinforcing each other. Hardly any effort required. They should get educated people for these discussions. Does the world even know world peace and how if such a thing work? I'd highly doubt it.
G3MiNi 2 kun oldin
Leave activist vs someone who’s never lived in that era to where they could have a choice of influence through the internet.
MrMcMaster12 2 kun oldin
It’s amazing how fast you can find the radical(s)
Noah Langrehr
Noah Langrehr 2 kun oldin
Why dont they try to stop murder from inside their country.
Dee Cookie
Dee Cookie 2 kun oldin
"A country in africa..." Bleugh. If your going to use an example, please specify. Africa is massive and varied
kittysrock16 2 kun oldin
This was so mature and nice to watch
Peter Hanna
Peter Hanna 3 kun oldin
did that man just say 'groovy'?
ColonicGerm 537
ColonicGerm 537 3 kun oldin
I'm confused coz the vets said they wouldn't die for world peace but if they think that what are they fighting for. Like isn't the ultimate goal of war, peace. Maybe misunderstood can someone please explain it to me if I have.
hey you! stalker
hey you! stalker 4 kun oldin
Just wasted my time .....
hey you! stalker
hey you! stalker 4 kun oldin
1:16 keep ur theory 4 urself biatch
Mahmoud Suhail
Mahmoud Suhail 5 kun oldin
Peace activists have the healthiest minds and hearts on earth.
LaRue Sensei
LaRue Sensei 7 kun oldin
that asian girl so cute
Goth Wannabe
Goth Wannabe 7 kun oldin
In order to achieve peace we must go to war right? i mean look at Iraq
gar field
gar field 7 kun oldin
Anti-vax and pro-vax
Xendurr 7 kun oldin
Everlasting peace is something we will not be able to fathom. To get it, everyone must agree that peace is good but not everyone is like that. Peace is short-lived because violence can sometimes be a necessity, something to counteract another's violence. Of course, you can obtain it through war and violence but that just makes "obtaining peace" a necessary evil.
Anxrch 7 kun oldin
Why would you have to say “A culture in africa”? Like you could have used any other example but you’re that ignorant you had to reach for Africa😕
liam 7 kun oldin
he referred to all of them as soldiers... even the marine
Harrison Finnerman
Harrison Finnerman 8 kun oldin
Great discussion, the guy with the beard on the peace activists side wasn’t trying to grow or have a discussion just wanted to hear himself talk
A_chilles ._.
A_chilles ._. 8 kun oldin
Uhh I'm enlisting in the Coast Guard and my only obligation is to protect our shores and beaches and ad in search and rescue. Does that make me desensitized to killing?
A_chilles ._.
A_chilles ._. 7 kun oldin
+inhaled kiss Ah no worries man!
inhaled kiss
inhaled kiss 7 kun oldin
I don't want to be disrespectful, because the coast guard does great work and puts their asses on the line for people on a daily basis. I don't think this discussion was about service, it was about war and active engagement. I don't want to pretend to wrap up the intention of the talks because everyone takes something different from it, but I don't think it was about nuances of the ways people could be in the military.
Local Dreamer
Local Dreamer 9 kun oldin
Ummmm ok so this was beautiful
socially inept spider-man
We wouldn't need people to be veterans if we had peace talks and agreements in the first place, we wouldn't have problems like isis if the past generation hadn't lied about "weapons of mass destruction", most terrorism comes from revenge because of what the west has done to the east
Aku Tenshi
Aku Tenshi 9 kun oldin
War: If you lose you lose a lot If you win you lose a little less
BaldingBeast 10 kun oldin
We're designed to compete and fight for our lives, as nature intended. World peace just isn't possible so long as resources are finite.
What The
What The 10 kun oldin
“I’m all for world peace, but I respect you for going to war and feel u have made the ultimate sacrifice”... it just shows when u put one of these cowards in front of a vet they change their opinion immediately.
Ann J
Ann J 11 kun oldin
It would have been interesting to also hear from a older veteran from Vietnam or Korea and how they have reflected on that period of their life as more years have past
Tatsu XL
Tatsu XL 11 kun oldin
People should be realistic, World Peace is never going to happen. There's no Good without Evil and there's no Peace without War.
War is wasting the taxpayers money and for what? Everyone says their fighting for our freedom, no freedom was won way before some of us were born. There is no need for us to go to war just because you think we should it's the other countries problem to deal with we have our own problems to deal with, you're just killing your own citizens when you send troops overseas. They come back with PTSD and flip out on any little thing and can't go back to living a normal life and some end up killing themselves cause they can't take it anymore. I know I've experienced it first hand my uncle who was a SG. in the army who was in the Desert Storm war has PTSD and is all messed up in the head, medical problems. War is not the answer fix your own country before fixing another.
+Tron Tron Vulgar Fly? Good one, they lose their lives by going over there and creating war with has nothing to do with them a**hole. Dying for a country that already has freedom but yet destroying one that doesn't using our money to fix what they destroyed it makes no sense that you support stuff like that.
Tron Tron
Tron Tron 11 kun oldin
remember you lose a few bucks while while men and women lose their lives.... but vulgar flies like you won't understand
Goncalo Coteriano
Goncalo Coteriano 11 kun oldin
Ami is hot!
JoshintheGym 12 kun oldin
This was great. Mad respect to the vets. I also empathize with those pushing for peace. I feel like the majority of men and women in the military feel like they're fighting for a better and more peaceful world :).
gr8rsk8rh8r68r 12 kun oldin
this middle ground was actually really hopeful and sweet. i wish everyone was this understanding and rational
icareg 12 kun oldin
Hello to everybody from america or to the peoples that share the same views. There is something that has been on my mind for years now: Why do you as American value the military and Soldiers so much? I come from Switzerland and here we don't share the same "fascination" (for lack of a more fitting word). If anybody would be willing to take their valuable time out of their day to share their thoughts or insight with me I would really be grateful. Thank you and have a nice day.
Giuseppe Dursi
Giuseppe Dursi 13 kun oldin
Oh, America... that lively place where even the most hardcore pacifists end up *ʀᴇsᴘᴇᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʀᴏᴏᴘs* at the end of the discussion
Artemis Chemistry
Artemis Chemistry 13 kun oldin
I love Adam.
DarthVaper \//\ Gaming
4:58 He means circumcision ? It depends on the environment and place even the people to classify it as mutilation. If it’s a tribe in Africa doing it without proper tools and a hospital...yes.
Christian Solomon
Christian Solomon 13 kun oldin
Do these guys go to lunch after they have their discussions? I have no idea why I'm concerned about that but it would be nice. 😂😂😂
Orgiano Sexus
Orgiano Sexus 13 kun oldin
Well, I don't know... when you feel like you have the right to go somewhere else to take someone else's resources... by force, and exterminate whatever comes in your way to make sure your greed and lifestyle is preserved...What is actually the war all about?
Cristina Navarro
Cristina Navarro 13 kun oldin
Can we have a better woman/ man ratio in the videos?
ffust doog
ffust doog 13 kun oldin
it isn't killing it is protecting
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi 14 kun oldin
War is an ignorant man's solution to a lack of unity. Don't fight wars with guns and marketing. Fight with books, awareness, and education. Only reason people go into other countries on behalf to conduct is to (1) take their resources (2) set up a system where home country gets rich or (3) spread religion. For once, I'd love to see people going into other countries ready to die just to put a collection of books into another person's hand. And no, not the Bible.
Cap Cap
Cap Cap 15 kun oldin
World peace will never be achieved
JakobLmao 16 kun oldin
I’m very pro-military, pro-gun, and I consider my self a patriot. I absolutely loved all viewpoints on this video. Especially the views from the activist with the beard. He eloquently displayed his views and I loved the way he spoke. I think war IS evil. But it’s a necessity evil as talked about. I think as humans we will never see the end of violence. Sad realty.
Captain Skater
Captain Skater 16 kun oldin
Damn it's almost kinda sickening to hear the activists talk about giving their life for world peace when all they've ever done is give speaches about peace while the veterans have strived everyday when they were on duty to be able to have world peace without having to give their life but yet willing to give it if it is required, and I guarantee most of them have been in a situation where they've thought that they were going to be giving their life for an attempt to make the world closer to having world peace while the activists just sit at home protected by their military and veterans, bc of the veterans this pussy ass niggas r alive. Like this niggas are just sitting there talking abt how they've lived a good life and how they dont wanna die but would for world peace, while the veterans day after day didnt even know if they were gonna go home like this niggas probably got some PTSD and the activists are just talking about dying like its nothing
PR.DeltaDash 12 kun oldin
Captain Skater think about all the vets who have marched as peace activists after they returned
Esty Draws
Esty Draws 16 kun oldin
World peace is only achievable by one nation taking over all other nations. That's literally the only way.
Debo Datta
Debo Datta 17 kun oldin
Anyone know the asian girls twitter/IG?
General Mandible
General Mandible 17 kun oldin
Is the dude with the beard wearing heels?
Mytty Dohun
Mytty Dohun 17 kun oldin
Small cute Asian girl? Surely she’s one of the veterans, right?
76239mm 17 kun oldin
joining the military is the best decision to do in these modern libtarded times,only way for a man to preserve traditional values and isolate his mind from SJWs
İntihar İpi
İntihar İpi 17 kun oldin
Next: Mass Slaughterers and the parents of the victims seek to find common ground
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 17 kun oldin
Good grief, stopping genital mutilation has been achieved by bringing women form another culture to speak to groups of women about the health problems, men to speak to men, developing a core group of villagers that stop the practice. This core group of local people become teachers about the medical problems associated with fgm and go out into other village to speak and encourage the others to stop the practice and to become teachers...and if that doesn't work, women have started their own villages where no men are allowed. No war or violence necessary. Please look into community organizing.
mike mikey
mike mikey 18 kun oldin
does the guy going back to Afghanistan really believe he is protecting freedom? lol
Tug Life
Tug Life 18 kun oldin
4:54 Are you circumcise? See where I’m going with this...
Legit OPness
Legit OPness 18 kun oldin
Finite resources will eventually spark violence so world peace probably not gonna happen unless some one invents some infinite resource that's clean
Cetin Ka
Cetin Ka 20 kun oldin
You guys are doing great job here. I reckon, time to reach issues of yhe other part of the world. You are strong enough to do. Well done!
IkeArt Films
IkeArt Films 20 kun oldin
Best middle ground vid imo. Everyone had good points, and they all seemed to be able to agree on things. They all saw where the other was coming from. Many times I was suprised who stepped forward in agreement.
Mr Frost97
Mr Frost97 21 kun oldin
The only way for World peace is war when there is no one left to stand up to the UN than no one can truly be a threat and when every enemy is killed the world becomes a better place and then peace is possible
Herry Dic
Herry Dic 21 kun oldin
A good soldier doesn't see his enemy as fellow man
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels 22 kun oldin
I love all of these
dreamingofbooks 22 kun oldin
The dude that connected an argument to war is horrible! Killing people and taking their life away is not the same as argueing with someone!
JReece21 22 kun oldin
The guy at the end... "You probably havent seen all of them" This was the last one i hadnt seen. Lolz :D
Sam 22 kun oldin
4:58 - 5:14 This is starting to sound like the same logic and reasoning that colonizers used when they colonized Africa stating that they were ‘saving Africans from their savage ways’. What makes you think that you’re entitled to come into someone’s home and tell them that their customs do not align with yours and are thus wrong and should be changed even through violence?
MrKEMills 22 kun oldin
This is like the Republican vs Democrat debate.
Dawson Adams
Dawson Adams 22 kun oldin
Why do I want to go get a drink with all of these ppl in the video?
Vima Majesta
Vima Majesta 22 kun oldin
Nobody plays victim and everybody respects each other. Love this.
FLAVIGUY 6IX4OUR 22 kun oldin
my father is a vet
marcelo guanco
marcelo guanco 23 kun oldin
With what Adam said in the beginning of the video that the military brainwashes soldiers is not true, That the military makes you give up personal believes to fight in war is not true . For example in world war 2 there was a soldier by the name of Desmond Doss who went to war without a gun do to his Christian believes, its a true story, he fought on Okinawa at hacksaw ridge as a combat medic without a weapon and saved 75 lives. Trough out his time at boot camp his commanding officers told him that he needs to pass rifle qual "qualification" to pass boot camp but he refused and while the rest of his battalion members made boot camp hell for him he didn't quit
Mason Richins
Mason Richins 23 kun oldin
I liked for the veterans
Gamarleton 23 kun oldin
these two groups of people want the same thing. it's just that they easily missunderstand eachother.
Erin Clark
Erin Clark 23 kun oldin
But veterans could be peace activists, right? They could have been drafted
lucas holtkamp
lucas holtkamp 23 kun oldin
Get that air Force guy outa here. They should have gotten real vets. Not saying that that guy didn't see people dieing.
Evan Clardy
Evan Clardy 23 kun oldin
The guy at the end really killed it for me
Robert 23 kun oldin
Just because you are a soldier doesn't mean you aren't for peace
Nick Follett
Nick Follett 23 kun oldin
Should do an Orphans talk to their Parents, I’d love to participate in that personally but, I’d equally love to watch and listen to some parents opinions and thoughts, etc.
Liam Walsh
Liam Walsh 23 kun oldin
Being against a war is not being against the soldiers. Peace activists want to bring home our heroes from wars that we don't need to be in.
Monique Castelli
Monique Castelli 24 kun oldin
Anyone else read the title as vegetarians???
stuka80 24 kun oldin
Lots of veterans are not pro war.
stoned panda
stoned panda 24 kun oldin
Cringy asian people
Infinite turtlesenses
"The only way we can get them to accept our culture is through violence" WHAT???!!!!! I'm East African born and raised in Tanzania. We have many different tribes and traditions and cultures. Whites do not HAVE to convert us for accent their culture. If they don't accept our culture, where is the need to compromise with us? There needs no compromise when you can just leave us alone. Let our culture be our own, you don't need to control it.
Lemur Lover
Lemur Lover 17 kun oldin
yeah he said it like a white supremacist and I hated it too... but on the other hand having mutilated genitals is a major medical problem for those who have them (I know, I have them)...so something must be done to heal those with this medical problem to eliminate pain and infection and even some deaths that are caused by this practice of cutting. The something that must be done is just bringing in doctors to share more knowledge about the human body to help teach local people more methods in addition to their own to prevent death, infection, and pain. It needs to be a knowledge sharing. And I would hope African doctors could also share with doctors of other cultures the things they have learned so their methods can be applied to other cultures. Maybe they know of some herbs that are a good medicine that Europeans never heard of. Basically doctors from all cultures around the world need to talk to each other and share what they know so that all humans around the world can benefit from all of the knowledge from the world's doctors. :)
Steven Foster
Steven Foster 24 kun oldin
War is only a necessary evil to those to don't have to participate in it. If the congressmen and women who vote to go to war are told they now have to go fight in it...watch how quickly diplomacy becomes the best option.
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 24 kun oldin
damn that Asian girl is fine
Amber P.
Amber P. 24 kun oldin
The two vets who wouldn't die for peace - isn't that why you became a soldier in the first place?!!!!
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd
hsdjsd shdhsdnsmsd 3 kun oldin
They are honest, the others aren't.
Amber P.
Amber P. 8 kun oldin
+Simi Lue it's still like the point of the job though, in my opinion
Simi Lue
Simi Lue 8 kun oldin
Most soldiers join the military as a job for money and provide for their families. Not nessecarily because of some moral obligation they feel
Firebender 117
Firebender 117 25 kun oldin
Aren't peace activists tryna stop vets from being killed
jasonmask6696 25 kun oldin
why does the redhair guy look like willem dafoe and denis leary and that pastor from the religion and science middleground
Diego Schnake Venegas
This gives me hope
Kelcie Liddell
Kelcie Liddell 25 kun oldin
I'm very grateful for these videos, this is amazing and very effective at opening my mind.
Edward Chun
Edward Chun 25 kun oldin
Yo, Ami is the cutest girl I've ever seen in my life.
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness 25 kun oldin
Define peace? Not fighting? Not arguing like my parents? Jk
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness 25 kun oldin
World peace is happening now until WW3 in 2045 hope im wrong jk
PinkSpder 25 kun oldin
Didn't know Tai Lopez was a Vet
Doge Doge
Doge Doge 26 kun oldin
I do agree with the fact that if a culture promotes violence, the best course of action is to exterminate that culture. Antifa, Nazis, ISIS, social-justice warriors, etc.
GhostlyTeehee 26 kun oldin
World Peace doesn't mean any more disagreement. It's to be able to direct disagreement and conflict towards a meaningful resolution instead of total bloodshed
The Almighty Loaf
The Almighty Loaf 26 kun oldin
so Killing a human is bad? what about an isis extremist?
Wicked Nikki
Wicked Nikki 26 kun oldin
What’s that old saying? “If you want peace prepare for war.” Your peace may not be someone else’s peace, so yes people will fight for their sense of calm.
Andre Smit
Andre Smit 26 kun oldin
Went well till the last part.
How hard does this woman want to overact
Levon Wilson
Levon Wilson 26 kun oldin
Peace activist people really amuse me. They have no idea what defending something
Jbeil-Byblos Baalback
I’m loving the old man, very wise.
Opinunate ted
Opinunate ted 27 kun oldin
Lots of veterans are peace activists and vice versa. It is not like they are two opposing teams. Veterans know better than anybody how bad war is.
Great Value Bleach
Great Value Bleach 27 kun oldin
For there to be peace there must be war
Katy 27 kun oldin
People who want to be soldiers should die in my opinion. Those people are murderers who should not be alive.