Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

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War veterans and peace activists came together to see if they could understand one another. Despite differences of opinion, we all have more in common than we think. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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10-Dek, 2017



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 919
Dale Xz
Dale Xz 26 daqiqa oldin
Liberals/democrats are ruining this country change my mind......
Even Brown
Even Brown 8 soat oldin
Would USA go to war with India and China because some people there practice female infanticide.
MadDixie Rebel
MadDixie Rebel 19 soat oldin
As long as there is freedom of thought and feelings, there would never be world peace.....
Sambo H
Sambo H Kun oldin
I like the visual representation of how the peace representative people are "left in the dark." And the veterans were "in the light" 0:44. If you haven't been in war dont speak about peace.
Kirstine Termansen
Dictators get voters,,,, to disasters
Karim Kun oldin
Clarissa Osuna
Clarissa Osuna 2 kun oldin
Peace activist: We shouldn’t fight wars. Keep the peace. *another country declares war* Peace activist: WE SAY PEACE NOW YOU CANT HARM US. *other country invaded and bombs the country takes over and destroys Americans history* Peace activist : pikachu face
5Gonza5 2 kun oldin
Always remember that the NAZIS weren’t defeated with hugs
Heron XVIII 9 soat oldin
Always remember that the COMMIES weren’t defeated with bullets and shells
Ryley Stacey
Ryley Stacey 2 kun oldin
It’s pretty simple when you think about it Should of simply stated “I fight for your freedom to speak and live” Simple done
B DUB 2 kun oldin
1:20 to about 1:27 what is that figure beside him?
lars kagg
lars kagg 2 kun oldin
Why nobody makes documentaries about invaded countries and see what the people of that country will say. Show us the other side.
dat boi
dat boi 3 kun oldin
That first guy in the brain washing apperently doesn't know darwinism or every scientific value in history as well
dat boi
dat boi 3 kun oldin
Society wasn't devoloped through peace.
Praiseworthy Nobleman
We make war that we may live in peace. - Aristotle
Daily Life of a Drone Haiden, Trace, and Isaac
Let's be honest... if America didn't fight for freedom, USA would become a country were it was illegal to protest for peace
kelvin lor
kelvin lor 3 kun oldin
Desmond Doss a man who fought in world war 2 with out using a gun and yet he saved alot of lives including both Japanese and Americans he refused to use a gun because of his religion and yet hes willing to run into hell. My statement here is that there are military roles that doesn't require you to hold a assault rifle
kaz kk
kaz kk 3 kun oldin
Death to peace activists
kaz kk
kaz kk 3 kun oldin
There is no middle ground here. The peace activists need to be killed and the veterans need to be disciplined
Fegels 2 kun oldin
Nah, you're retarded.
kaz kk
kaz kk 2 kun oldin
Fegels ; How dare you say such things. I'm one of the few who is thinking straight .
Fegels 2 kun oldin
And people like you should be locked up.
MegadethDude2001 4 kun oldin
Veterans ARE peace activists. Cuz if there isn't peace, there's a risk in watching your friends die.
Boaz Williams Bradley
veteran Ben Griffin has a very good speech on this subject
Benson Fang
Benson Fang 4 kun oldin
what if you're ron paul or Tulsi Gabbard and you happen to be both?
peculiar ali3n
peculiar ali3n 5 kun oldin
Know Jesus, Know peace.
peculiar ali3n
peculiar ali3n 2 kun oldin
+Fegels Well then, no Jesus no peace. ☺
Fegels 2 kun oldin
Easy there, religion is cancer.
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 5 kun oldin
Using violence to make people adopt our way of life. Huh. Maybe we should ask every imperialized group how that worked (Africa and Americas). Or things like Iraq. Also, that 8:00 question oof
joshua person
joshua person 6 kun oldin
See my thing is no madder if you agree with military or not millions of millions of people HATE AMERICA WHAT IT TO DIE I SHUR WANT A MILITARY TO PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY. ......... That was a very small simple perspective I don't want any comments
Manny Austin Anderson
This channel does a great job dividing people.
Fegels 2 kun oldin
No it doesn't it allows us to hear points of thought from individuals we might not have been able to converse with. This is a good thing.
Jake LaCombe
Jake LaCombe 8 kun oldin
Yeah no that guy got on his chair like a child playing leap frog
Aya Afterlife
Aya Afterlife 8 kun oldin
How tf do you confidently think you know what goes on in the military when you’ve never been in the military
MegaHerbMan 8 kun oldin
This one is beautiful :)
Griffin Chalem
Griffin Chalem 8 kun oldin
Peace activists and soldiers are not opposites
Vincent Tian
Vincent Tian 9 kun oldin
when asking who will die for world peace, all 3 peace activist stand up, along with one veteran. but I only trust the veteran.
Mark Lane
Mark Lane 9 kun oldin
Jew lovers
Vooligan 9 kun oldin
Suggestion of improvement: at the end of your videos could you please have them talk about what they have learnt from each other during their conversation? We always see both sides but ironically never actually see the participants reach a "middle ground" and getting to hear what they think would greatly improve these videos. Besides that, enjoyable as always, thank you for the content.
A. Y. Kay
A. Y. Kay 9 kun oldin
I like that a pseudo-Christianity “necessary war is evil”. The human families, societies and civilizations are selfish. A society is structure toward murder. Narcissistic sociopathic leaders and psychopathic leaders get power over us by stealing our lives, our families, our productions, our properties and our comfort-zone using war and propaganda.
chauncy primm
chauncy primm 9 kun oldin
I’m confused, everybody wants peace
SkoomaThurman 10 kun oldin
I hate when people throw hate at active troops or veterans. I understand that war is bad, pretty sure everyone does but that doesn’t mean you have to disrespect them. Spitting in their food when they use their discount, arguing with them because of their PTSD service dog is in a store, etc. Plus not all troops/ veterans are “killers”. There are different jobs in the military that doesn’t involve being at the front line of war and not everyone joins for the same reason (poor and the military will be their step up in life, has no home, wants to go to college etc.) not everyone has money or resources to succeed in life. Either way, don’t disrespect them because they’re still a human being just like you.
Dead pool
Dead pool 10 kun oldin
At first, I though the bearded guy a cold ass veteran
Dustin Hicks
Dustin Hicks 10 kun oldin
I don't understand the peace activist views. What exactly do they condemn and approve of? Just certain wars? All wars?
bigBlilman Gaming
bigBlilman Gaming 11 kun oldin
Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to be in the Marines, I think it's the most honorable thing you could do. I hate peace activists because war is something that will always be there. When I turn 18 I am inlisting.
Mikeyvigs14 10 kun oldin
bigBlilman Gaming You mean Enlisting haha but anyway I honor your commitment
ItsLiggsBaby Liggy
ItsLiggsBaby Liggy 12 kun oldin
Alpha males vs beta males.
Ghizlene Sn
Ghizlene Sn 12 kun oldin
I think the guy that said we should use violence on people others culture is totally wrong . How about aducate them that it's wrong . Maybe jail would be a better choice than killing them
Turner League
Turner League 12 kun oldin
McCaully Culkin needs to get a clue.
JACOBY4DG 13 kun oldin
If u truly want peace u would have to have cultures collapse along with countries, religion, politics, and a few more
JACOBY4DG 13 kun oldin
Lol there is never going to be peace in the world which again liberals support this stuff conservatives tend to be smarter about things. Even then it’s like temporary but ideals of people’s culture won’t let that happen like pure Islam as in that won’t change they will always hate us. Maybe but very unlikely an alien invasion would bring us together but then people would rebel ‘‘ peace movements’’ 😂 Na no such thing as true world peace
Lunie Louis-Privat
Lunie Louis-Privat 14 kun oldin
The problem is we are accustomed to a culture and problem solving that resolves around war and violence to the point we dont even know what world peace is like our how to achieve it. :/
Dominick Morsell
Dominick Morsell 15 kun oldin
That first peace keeper guy who came up saying they brainwash soldiers looks like Jacob from far cry 5
Literally just a piece of pie
If you aren't willing to die for peace, don't fight for it.
Devyn Takes The World
Guy in the hat is a bullshitter
Ben Prickett
Ben Prickett 15 kun oldin
I hope the guy in the hat is doing ok back over in Afghanistan. God bless the troops!
Tillman Davis
Tillman Davis 11 kun oldin
No god bless the peace activists
Carson Kress
Carson Kress 16 kun oldin
Why were the veterans POGs. I would have been better to bring in guys that had been in Combat Arms jobs.
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch 17 kun oldin
Listen peace activists, terrorists aren’t humans
Aoife Temple
Aoife Temple 18 kun oldin
See there are just wars, but no war really ends happily, innocent people always die. Like for example world war two was necessary, but it was devastating for anyone involved.
Alaa H
Alaa H 19 kun oldin
Americans, stop invading other countries and killing innocent people!! Stop the massacres!! You killed so many innocent people in different countries!!! When will you stop?!!
wasgeht dichdasan
wasgeht dichdasan 20 kun oldin
You first have to break the soldier to built him up new how you want him. That how all army's do it! I guess you can count it as brainwashing
David Ferguson
David Ferguson 20 kun oldin
The framing of this middle ground was ridiculous. Saying the opposite of peace activists are veterans is incredibly wrong.
Travis Payne
Travis Payne 20 kun oldin
Not what I thought. Quite disappointed, to ask the question about world peace... These guys can't even strive for peace right here in the US.
Bigdawg _gun
Bigdawg _gun 20 kun oldin
I was really surprised, instead of the peace activists thanking the veterens for their sacrifice i really did think that they were gonna say some very rude things to them about their career choice. It really made me think...
Bigdawg _gun
Bigdawg _gun 20 kun oldin
This video made me happy 😊
George Andrews
George Andrews 20 kun oldin
Did you know it is LEGAL to discriminate against Veterans??
Santiagø Møriarty
Santiagø Møriarty 21 kun oldin
This episode was so much more peaceful than I expected. Nothing but respect for both groups. I think war and violence in general should be avoided whenever possible (which I think is most of the time) but I do NOT resent or disagree with the soldiers. It's an incredible service they're are doing us. On the other hand I also fully support peace activism and think that it would solve so many problems. Thanks for this episode- it was really great to see both sides of this. And again- respect to both groups. Thanks
SandKing14 21 kun oldin
Any liberals get offended
Christian V
Christian V 22 kun oldin
At 3:00 i wish he would have mentioned that the USSR (a ally of the US at the time) killed just as many Jews as the Germans, for the exact same racist reasons, over roughly the same period of time. The US joined the war on the side of a Soviet Union, a country that was equally anti-semitic as germany at the time.
sarah rdm
sarah rdm 22 kun oldin
Make love not war
Elion Kilos
Elion Kilos 22 kun oldin
Peace activists are just to pussy to fight
Joey Lopata
Joey Lopata 23 kun oldin
The Second Amendment Says We The Citizens Have A Right To Bare Arms AKA OWN A GUN
ariel itzhaki
ariel itzhaki 23 kun oldin
this is just one guy talking. you might as well have invited him to give a lecture
smnr 23 kun oldin
Here's a statement they could ask: Military is for defense, not offense.
Hello 23 kun oldin
1:00 Have you ever heard of natural selection or evolution? It's called survival of the fittest, of course it is normal.
Demos Ioannou
Demos Ioannou 24 kun oldin
i cant understand how an american soldier protects his loved one by fighting in iraq iran somalia afganistan rest of the world !! if you defend i am 100% with you , even if i am the enemy ! do americans understand that they are the offenders ?
Kaia Smith
Kaia Smith 25 kun oldin
First thing I read I thought it said vetranarians
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram 25 kun oldin
wow removing evil of genital mutilation by violence , thats a great way 👏👏👏
Red_Shadow001 25 kun oldin
I think peace achieved through the suffering of others will never be true peace. Just thinking about the sorrow left behind for each person that has died, i can’t really see how that can help us get to world peace.
aileengvrcete 26 kun oldin
this was amazing.
GeT_DuCkT 26 kun oldin
The first dude that walked on the brainwash part has such a punchable face
Foosmar Kyo
Foosmar Kyo 26 kun oldin
The statement for this topic shouldn't be understood as "if I die, there WILL BE world's peace". It should be asked as "would you sacrifice your life for a chance that there might be world's peace". I'm pretty sure that, that changes a lot and there wouldn't be as much of "of course!" people. And this migitates line between soldiers and "peace activists".
tripthelight fantastic
This is such a GREAT video series. MUCH needed in the world today. This is how people with different beliefs USED to talk to one another.
Thing about peace is that I can't ever happen. There will always be one rotten apple to spoil the entire bunch
Destini Ayus
Destini Ayus 27 kun oldin
but intentions do not always matter
Cass Bruns
Cass Bruns 27 kun oldin
It bothers me that the guy in the white shirt says “to get them to accept our culture.” I think the point of world peace should be to understand and respect other cultures while not always agreeing. To force our culture on others would be to destroy another’s culture. We are stronger as a world when we have different ways of thinking and problem solving.
Antoni Gates
Antoni Gates 28 kun oldin
Could’ve watched this for an hour.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 28 kun oldin
We don’t need world peace we need peace in the United States
Still Can't Find Jimin's Jams
As much as I wish we could have world peace I don't think we'll ever have it because there are so many different customs, cultures, religions, etc which do not go well with eachother at all (like islam and the west, they don't go) so I don't think we'll ever have it which is really sad but true.
Montana 29 kun oldin
Ok the last question made me tear up. I have a Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran grandfather and I think one of the saddest stories he ever told was about a friend he lost. He was in the Air Force at the time and before going over a Marine who he'd grown up with in Boston gave him a pocket knife and told him to return it when they got home. The day before they went home the Marine died and he still has that knife, it one of his most precious treasures not for monetary value, but for the emotional value it has.
Diana 29 kun oldin
Unfortunately, there’s nothing more natural for a human being than killing. 01:00
John Lockard
John Lockard Oy oldin
Hahahaha these dudes aren’t COMBAT veterans. They were supply clerks or finance specialists or something like that. No combat veteran would talk like these pansies.
Zach Eckman
Zach Eckman Oy oldin
World peace is impossible and someone who hasn't been in the military has no idea what it's like when it comes to the military brainwashing people question
Jaspren Oy oldin
To find middle ground. Carry a big stick, and speak softly.
Jason Oy oldin
Why are you in the military if you wouldn't die for world piece?
Isabella Vasquez Del M
The last part of this middle ground made me cry, the part about wether they knew someone who has died. This thought really scares me because my brother is going to the military after high school and I deeply fear that something like this will happen. It makes me cry every time I think about it, I can’t stand the thought that I might never see him again.
Dømïñïç Nïttï
"The ultimate sacrifice" the peace activist said it himself
Jimmy TwoToes
Jimmy TwoToes Oy oldin
It seems...it seems ...it seems to me...it seems...yeah yeah yeah it seems
Big Nibba Chungus
The guy in the back hat Noel said he was scheduled to go back In March which is next month from the time of this comment so prey for this man that he makes it home safely.
Don't tread on me
0:59 Obi wan kenobi is that you?
Elvira Njume
Elvira Njume Oy oldin
To the African comment, the % of people who commit those acts are really small, usually coming from a traditional or religious mindset, isolated village away from cities etc. Many people (mainly women activists) from those cultures do a lot of work to educate the people (mainly men) on their wrong practices and try to put a stop those practices. However, Africa as a whole DOES NOT PRACTICE THOSE ACTS. His comment through me off. Why didn't he pick an act that his own people commit that he doesn't like and wage war against them.
Kristina Gutheil
Stumbled upon this series by accident and wow!!! Just wow!!!
John Christian
Peace Activist are showing their foolishness and make their country less powerful
CaL S Oy oldin
There is no peace, just chaos and order. There is no unjust war, at least to those who started it.
Overwatch Gale
The concept of dying for world peace is contradictory. If I had a son and I died for world peace my son wouldn’t be at peace because his father is dead. We can’t ask fictional scenarios it’s a waste of time
Cam598 Oy oldin
Wtf??? One guy thinks world peace is not possible but war is not necessary, what is that one guy on?
Micah De Asis
Micah De Asis Oy oldin
Nooooo!!! This was too short!!! Make those episodes 20 minutes
Deangelo Laws
Deangelo Laws Oy oldin
World peace activists are so cute lol
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