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VICE | Official Trailer

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VICE explores the epic story about how a bureaucratic Washington insider quietly became the most powerful man in the world as Vice-President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.
Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Jesse Plemons, Alison Pill, Lily Rabe, Tyler Perry, Justin Kirk, LisaGay Hamilton, Shea Whigham and Eddie Marsan.
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VICE | Official Trailer

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3-Okt, 2018

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dirty taco
dirty taco 27 kun oldin
the movie looks good but get rid of that stupid christin commercial before the trailer
Jay P42
Jay P42 28 kun oldin
Starring Christian Bale as Chevy Chase
boomerang2 28 kun oldin
And the Oscar for Best Trailer goes to...
Rishi Krishnaswamy
Rishi Krishnaswamy 28 kun oldin
It never ages. It's really relevant.
Harshit Yadav
Harshit Yadav 29 kun oldin
Who is here after this movie is nominated for Oscars?
Mathew Thottungal
Whoa why is Batman married to Lois Lane?
GauchoNic 17 kun oldin
Hahahahaaaa.... Plot twist in Superman Vs Batman
Isaac Mapes
Isaac Mapes Oy oldin
This movie was great
Ahmed Aly
Ahmed Aly Oy oldin
How is this Christian Bale?
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
song name?
Brett Kavanaugh
Slick Cheney
Donald Kinda
Donald Kinda Oy oldin
The way Cheney really got the job, was Bush Sr. told Jr. that if you're gonna run, you need a VP like I was for Reagan, someone to do the dirty work and carry the heavy loads, all under the radar. Only difference was, Cheney wasn't as low under the radar.
Sabrina marie
Sabrina marie Oy oldin
Christian Bale can transform into anything with perfection
Kampala  Twich Kampala
Batman what happened 😒
Lucas Hammar
Lucas Hammar Oy oldin
A question to everyone who has seen it: Should I really watch this film? Is it any good? Also, should I take it seriously, or is this film just fictional?
Sukrit Mishra
Sukrit Mishra Oy oldin
Barring all the recent judgments political pundits have passed on Vice, go and watch it. The story is a bit dry at times but the cast and the critical scenes made it worth my time
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious Oy oldin
the movie is incredible…see it
kathy evans
kathy evans Oy oldin
What the hell?? CHRISTIAN BALE??????how can a person change like this😱😲
Anupriya Chakraborty
Amy Adams deserve Oscar
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin Oy oldin
What’s the song at the first half? I know the second half is the man by the killers but the first half clearly isn’t
Alex 2018
Alex 2018 Oy oldin
Just saw it! Wow, they type casted very well for this movie! Christian Bale or Dick Cheney... half of the time, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference!!
sentra6661 Oy oldin
ok..now..i just read here that is Christian Bale, i didnt recognaise him..crazy, i stop the movie and look again :)..nutz..hmm...thats a 'must see' movie
M B K Oy oldin
I have seen this trailer for the 💯 times but still I can’t get enough of it. A trailer that is perfect in every second. HOT DAMN
Atif Mir Hussain
Best trailer ever. The background music initially... the slow build up. The Killers The Man track is excellent. Choice of a slow scene then a quicker montage. The build up to the names..then the song explodes. Great finish too.
Sorenkair Oy oldin
is it me or does chubby christian bale look like jeff daniels
ZAN3 ZAN3 Oy oldin
Hot Damn
Sarfaraz Oy oldin
Just incredible transformation
Girltown Oy oldin
he's so good.
Meizar Farizky
I love Sam Rockwell. Also goddamn Bale isnt recognizable here. Its like im really looking at the real cheney
Henry Carmichael
Loved this film! :)
Reetam Mitra
Reetam Mitra Oy oldin
Hollywood's "The Accidental Prime Minister'. :P :P :P Except this is how a satire/dark comedy should be.
Sukrit Mishra
Sukrit Mishra Oy oldin
And waaaay better than the jargon Anupam Kher featured in
Garrett D
Garrett D Oy oldin
I saw it. It’s very good. Not as good as The Big Short, but very good. Bale’s performance was great but the movie was a little too one sided. We were all expecting that though.
SarcasticFish Oy oldin
This is the best trailer I’ve ever seen
Tony Sfirro
Tony Sfirro Oy oldin
TerryMcGinnis Oy oldin
Christian Bale nailed Cheney. Damn he was good in the role.
kam dan
kam dan Oy oldin
Jack Waters
Jack Waters Oy oldin
When you have an Oscar, people will always try to take it, always.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore Oy oldin
Oscar for best makeup.
Albert Menendez
Bale is amazing Dick is straight gangsta
chris S.
chris S. Oy oldin
So it's called vice cuz old boy is the vice president?🤔 Interesting
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Oy oldin
I’m batcheney
Ismael Castro
Ismael Castro Oy oldin
Woman are gonna start taking over keep it up 😉😁
B Ruane
B Ruane Oy oldin
He has The Bastards hand movements down perfectly
Hadenuf p
Hadenuf p Oy oldin
Thought that was Chevy Chase!
John McDermott
Richard Dreyfus was a better Cheney.
Brendan Heade
Brendan Heade Oy oldin
Please give Amy Adams an Oscar
Man Texas
Man Texas Oy oldin
The Story of Christian Bale, starring Dick Cheney.
Christian Bale's voice pulls me right out of the act. It's off-putting and unnatural.
Qűęęń ÐMÇ
Omg, I was about to say Christian Bale got so fucking old! I'm glad to hear it's just a costume. 😂😂 Apparently I don't know how time works, lol.
Jose Valdivia
Jose Valdivia Oy oldin
I saw the movie. Believe me it's going to win many awards. Everybody's comment is how great the acting is, which they should.. But, once you see the movie your comments will be on how evil the real people were & I guess still are. if it's anything close to the truth
TheodoreJay Oy oldin
The real twist would be an alternate ending where Cheney became the POTUS ..... oh wait he basically was 🤔
sam's great
kung Few
kung Few Oy oldin
This trailer hasn't made me this excited to see a political movie since The men who stare at goats!!!
Johnny Foosba
Johnny Foosba Oy oldin
This trailer rocks! Must watch 20 times a day! Bale u Da Man!
manatarms Oy oldin
They all look their characters perfectly.
Proffesor David
Holy Baby Jesus!!!! I need ta pray right now...
malakkhi feliz
This guy is so funny he's funnier than me im 1st grade
Dwayne Burnes
Dwayne Burnes Oy oldin
I miss those day s
NerfBrayden Oy oldin
john west
john west Oy oldin
Only Christian Bale could play Dick Cheney.
kingraj333 Oy oldin
Am i the only one excited about rockwell as bush?! Hes the literally the best at playing idiotic comedic guys.
Relivedgaming Oy oldin
This movie was great everyone should see it
Danny Guzman
Danny Guzman Oy oldin
Its good to see Chevy Chase back on set!
gorg cloony
gorg cloony Oy oldin
Great movie!
Mark Fonseca
Mark Fonseca Oy oldin
This guy was a freak in the 80s
He looks like Jeff Daniels don't you think?
Charles Iannini
can't wait for Fatman Begins
webhead Oy oldin
dang Batman really can do everything
Jack The nazi hunter
Alright, are you guys excited for his next role as RBG
Christopher Smith
GREAT trailer!!! Having lived through this shitshow, I had NO desire to see it. Until this. Great job.
Darren Schivo
Darren Schivo Oy oldin
FOr some reason, this feels like Dallas the movie and that's old JR Ewing being asked to run Ewing Oil by his daddy Jock
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Oy oldin
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Ella Chi
Ella Chi Oy oldin
And the Oscar goes to...... Yeah, we know 👌
Gravyman Oy oldin
Hilarious movie. Will Ferrell's influence is certainly felt.
Brad Mowreader
From Empire of the Sun to American Psychopath to Batman to Vice. Consider the Arc of that story. Gives me f****** chills.
FGT308 Oy oldin
GREAT MOVIE!!! Theatres are packed and sold out.
Helen Gage
Helen Gage Oy oldin
So much! I have been trying to get a hold to the next w where's my order
Veldernia Thornton
Awesome WOW!!!
spence Oy oldin
saw it the other day, pretty good
John Brick
John Brick Oy oldin
This movie was amazing
Zac Random
Zac Random Oy oldin
No wonder he dropped batman
Should’ve casted will Farrell as bush
The Bacons
The Bacons Oy oldin
This movie is trippy, but I think powerful and needed to be made
Bradley B
Bradley B Oy oldin
The trailer >>> The actual movie
Poot Daggy
Poot Daggy Oy oldin
Sorry. I can only see Rockwell as Guy Fleegman. Christian though does bear a strong resemblance to Fatman as Dick Cheney.
Hav Risen
Hav Risen Oy oldin
I’ve been saying ever since American Psycho and The Machinist that Bale is the best in the business today. He still is. He’s surpassed Daniel Day Lewis. Just hand him the Oscar!
Jesse Seymour
Jesse Seymour Oy oldin
I want to see this so bad!
Racoon X
Racoon X Oy oldin
Its nice to see that a generation and its source material will get to have a biopic without and casualties.
Andre Wilson
Andre Wilson Oy oldin
Good Movie, go see it
Sporkyspoonz Oy oldin
Where was Christian Bale in this?
DumbBunny AMVS
He plays Dick Cheney
David Fuentes
David Fuentes Oy oldin
That’s exactly what they did
celtic guardian
If they make a obama movie the actor would be harembe
Super Critic
Super Critic Oy oldin
Is there an Oscar for trailer editing?
Sage Brignac
Sage Brignac Oy oldin
Holy fuck it’s not a superhero movie!
Viki Demos
Viki Demos Oy oldin
Thank God we can rely on our celebrities to inform us about our political allies. I go the movies instead of watching the news for real world issues these days. Amazing actors
망고 Oy oldin
Just a movie
jesse sester
jesse sester Oy oldin
Holy shit I can’t believe dick Cheney is played by Christian bale. How does this guy do it, fuck
Christopher Henderson
Christian Bale+Dick Cheney=Steve Carrel.
Love is here
Love is here Oy oldin
Love the song
Sherisse The AfroPunk Entrepreneur
When is this dropping? Xmas is tomorrow. Please post a link!
Thhhomas Oy oldin
batman and michael scott in one movie? sogn me up
Suzanne January
Christian Bale is Dick Cheney! Knocked it out of the park with this performance.
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