The Most Minimalist Phone

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This is the Punkt MP-02 phone. It's a major departure from the smartphone you're used to.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
How long could you go without a smartphone?
kosmas chrisos
kosmas chrisos 8 kun oldin
2 seconds
thomas mahon
thomas mahon Oy oldin
I've been going over 2 years.
coegj Oy oldin
Never had a smartphone, will never ever have one. Just have an LG flip phone, my phone is a phone, that's all it does is be a phone, that's all I will ever need it to be, a phone. I have a hammer but I don't go around hitting everything I see with it, it's a tool, I only use it when I need it for a hammer. Like my flip phone, I only use it when I call someone or someone calls me, which does not happen very often, I have my phone set to only ring when someone in my contacts call me, I have very few contacts in my contacts. I have two laptops I have upgraded to speed them up and a Chromebook, this all I will ever need to do internet stuff. It's so easy to be me and no one else. Love your video posts, thanks.
Insa Kohlbecker
Insa Kohlbecker 2 oy oldin
A day
Mahrufur Rahman
Mahrufur Rahman Kun oldin
You can get a Nokia 6300i or 6301 for around £20/$20 off eBay if you want WiFi or the 6300 for the same price if you don't want WiFi and they have more features than the punkt phone and is way cheaper I own the 6301 because I want WiFi
Matthew Stephenson
This is laughable. It’s a fashion accessory. If you really want a dumbphone, just go out and buy a burner
Ganesan vijayaraghavan
Your video's description page is quite larger than your video
Jiru Candy
Jiru Candy 4 kun oldin
This is just a much uglier ripoff of the Light Phone
pokhrel anant
pokhrel anant 19 kun oldin
i m interested to get it.....can i please get it in nepal? i will guide you to visit at mountain if you and i will pay the cost price of punkt mp 02 mobile . i am telling these thing because i like it very much and i cant get this mobile here .........so please who you are comming to visit here at nepal for entertaining beautiful mountain.......please dont forget to take one piece mobile phone ............thank you ......i like it.........
Kermit 19 kun oldin
Getting a dumb phone with Bluetooth is like moving 100miles out of town into the country and building a house 50ft from the interstate.
Haikal frandika
Haikal frandika 20 kun oldin
Why the phone is not camera
crizelda montilla
crizelda montilla 21 kun oldin
Only had the x for a few months and am now looking at Nokias. Could go for the Light I/II, but Nokia’s are funnier/greater potential for sympathy from strangers
Trevon Sailsman
Trevon Sailsman 22 kun oldin
i miss t9... can tex, not luk n i'm gud
Balooba 23 kun oldin
That's not T9. T9 was predictive texting. That's just... texting.
RageCageZilla MagillaGorilla4Sale
Abc mode edit: fixed capitals
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani 24 kun oldin
Both this and the light phone are very tempting devices, but the pricing for these devices are ridiculous considering that their manufacturing costs can't be that high. There's no hd res screen, high end processor or amazing cameras, even the building techniques are simpler.
Mandie Adams
Mandie Adams 25 kun oldin
That T9 though. My friends and I could really show up some of these younger peeps who don't know what T9 is. Oh, you think you can type fast on your QWERTY board smart phone. Let me show you what fast typing sounds like XD I miss it sometimes.
Caleb clark Sanchez
Caleb clark Sanchez 25 kun oldin
What kind of smart watch is that ,?
thierry smolders
thierry smolders 25 kun oldin
smartphone crapphone toxic phone it is a tool if i want to be left alone "throws phone" easy as that
Rick Terscale
Rick Terscale 27 kun oldin
Daft Punkt!!!!
modvs1 27 kun oldin
Finally a phone (that masquerades as a phone- only).
C45 Barber
C45 Barber 28 kun oldin
You wanna give up your phone give up your phone...fuck this.
Fang 1992
Fang 1992 Oy oldin
You have REALLY LONG fingers.
ASSK555 Oy oldin
5sec of phone, 5.48 min of your face
Jordan F
Jordan F Oy oldin
I like it
KaZet Oy oldin
Great phone!😍 With qwerty keyboard would be wonderful 👍😍
SevenDeMagnus Oy oldin
Hi, cool. Best when you're commuting and you don't want to take out your expensive phone for fear of snatchers. It'll fail though if it's as expensive as a cheap multi-touch smartphone. God bless, Proverbs 31
Sparkle Cat
Sparkle Cat Oy oldin
I don't want to hurt it's emotions but it looks like a calculator
Talks a lot.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Oy oldin
If you're looking for a more minimal phone, pass this one for now. Horrible software bugs that make it frustrating to use. Battery life lasts 2 days at most. They asked customers to wait a month for a software update that would fix all the problems it has, but it hasn't. Was looking for a phone to reduce my distraction, but this is not it for now. A shame because it is a beautiful phone. I'm returning it.
Nive Yoga
Nive Yoga Oy oldin
Can it run crysis?
Nive Yoga
Nive Yoga Oy oldin
Single ear bud?!
I feel like this would be a good starter phone for elementary or middle schoolers. I have always found it ridiculous when 8-year-olds have the latest, or generation before that, phones. I had a red Samsung flip phone as my first phone. The best feature was you could make numbers go through the rainbow when you were dialing them.
MiguelPpM Oy oldin
I kind of like it.
David page
David page Oy oldin
Your on point with your videos, but T9. Is auto correct text , traditional you have to hit the key for the number of times for the letter you need. I loved T9 , and some smart phones can still do it ...through settings .
Ret Ro
Ret Ro Oy oldin
Thats not t9. T9 was predictive text where you only had to press the buttons one time each lmao
Chirag Kawatra
329€ for this is tooooo damn high man
isaiah barthelus
*Calculator- phone edition*
Oarabile Mogotsi
Hilly Who
trisha torres
trisha torres Oy oldin
Awww good ol' butt dialing (:
Binbin Deng
Binbin Deng Oy oldin
i bought one, pretty usable actually, solid, a week of battery life
Sheikh Abdul Samad
Man really hilarious
Omar Delawer
Omar Delawer 2 oy oldin
Punkt is German for “period” as in the period at then end of sentence or "Point" as in point your finger at something.
Rick Terscale
Rick Terscale 27 kun oldin
+ScreaminEmu So is there any Punkt to having this phone? lol
Rick Terscale
Rick Terscale 27 kun oldin
My girlfriend is having her Punkt.
ScreaminEmu Oy oldin
The proper translation is actually “point.”
Dale Dotson
Dale Dotson 2 oy oldin
I want this phone but I'm. Not sure were to buy it
Gherell Michael Bey
I really like this phone but, $350??? Fck outta here.
Irritating Films
Irritating Films 2 oy oldin
You could probably be a really good Louis CK if you tried
Tyler Knows Nothing
Your best ranty film in some time!! Thanks :D
Zombie Kakuzu
Zombie Kakuzu 2 oy oldin
Liam Donaldson
Liam Donaldson 2 oy oldin
T9 isn't hitting the key up to 3 times per letter, it's the predictive software that actually reduces the number of key presses.
Alookks 2 oy oldin
no, we remember t9.
Steve Dineur
Steve Dineur 2 oy oldin
Why paying the price of a smartphone for a old Nokia ?
PEnCaRi kAYu
PEnCaRi kAYu 2 oy oldin
im using T9 keyboard when i using my first smartphone...because it to small for QWERTY for my fingers... btw..nokia 3310 still look "cooler" than that thing...
Paul Cresswell
Paul Cresswell 2 oy oldin
If you want a minimalist phone, just get a Nokia 105.
zky wolf
zky wolf 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know what watch that is? I want one!!
Eric Jonathan Martin
I know this is not the phone for everyone, but I have been using it as my everyday phone since I got one when it released and I have been loving it. Everyone who needs to can get in touch with me at any time, that hasn't changed one bit. If I ever need to get work done when I am in transit, I can tether my cell signal to a device. About the only weird thing is explaining to a coworker that my phone doesn't have a camera. But then for some people who work in very secure environments that may be a plus!
Mike Fox
Mike Fox 2 oy oldin
Just give me a USB chargeable Nokia 3310!
Matthew Baquero
Matthew Baquero 2 oy oldin
But does it have Bluetooth for the car?
James Thomasson
James Thomasson 2 oy oldin
Anyone know what watch he is wearing??
MrGedem 2 oy oldin
That is not T9, T9 has predictions, you can type word with one button per letter and pretty fast.
Fyan Muhamad
Fyan Muhamad 2 oy oldin
Remember when you can type messages without even looking at keypad like a pro.
Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox 2 oy oldin
At least it has Bluetooth??
Calvary 2 oy oldin
If you listen closely his voice kinda sounds like kermits.
random shota
random shota 2 oy oldin
stop this. or my fiancee will see this video and she will replace my iphone x with this little punk. wait, i am seeing myself gets punked
Tim Malecki
Tim Malecki 2 oy oldin
Use it for 2 weeks :)
Leo Putra
Leo Putra 2 oy oldin
Only Lou that can make 6 minutes video with this phone. If its me, once I open the box, i don't have any idea how I supposed to promote thing that has nothing on it
Thomas Huntley
Thomas Huntley 2 oy oldin
I used to be able to text a whole two paragraph text on t9 in like ten seconds
PCG 2 oy oldin
Punkt is a swedish word
indonesiarayas2 2 oy oldin
How i miss a t9 keypad...
Topher Green
Topher Green 2 oy oldin
Punkt means Dot....
xorkatoss 2 oy oldin
wtf so ugly xD
Janko Kinčeš
Janko Kinčeš 2 oy oldin
I saa monk in catolic monastery use dumb phone for time check.
Moothe223 2 oy oldin
This phone is better than mine. I have a TracFone flip-phone, im thirteen and its 2019
MaximilianMusk 2 oy oldin
It could be me.
Будем Жить
Ну и на хуй мне это надо!
Vaibhav Bharati
Vaibhav Bharati 2 oy oldin
i challenge you to live with that phone for 1 week... let see can u do it... if ur that techy
Zak Landman
Zak Landman 2 oy oldin
t-9 used auto spell. You didn't have to go through each letter like that. If you wanted to spell a word you just clicked the number one that has those letters in it and the phone would recognize all those letters in those numbers and create the work you're looking for and if it wasn't you'd press 0 and it would filter through other possible word of that combination.
Alkkiviades Zack
Alkkiviades Zack 2 oy oldin
can anyone tell me what kind of smartwatch lew wears?
Balázs Szulovszky
I actually like the concept of this phone, but not this way. A lot of things still missing to be a fully functional smartphone replacement, or a fully functional phone at all. It is designed to avoid modern smartphone features, but not technologies and services that provides solutions to keep connected. The lack of either RCS, VoIP or VoLTE is critical, because it is nice that you can make traditional calls, but a significant part of the world is moved to IP based services, like Messenger calls, Skype, Telegram, etc. and this is a big holdback in this concept IMO, not to mention the lack of various IP based tex services, which also should be important. This is a phone after all, and it's intended to stay connected to other people, but these lack of useful features makes it really hard to use as a daily device.
Aspiring Git
Aspiring Git 2 oy oldin
Them good old T9 days lool
LagunaFruit 2 oy oldin
Next video: "I'm switching to the Punkt"
MidnightFUn12 2 oy oldin
Buy a damn bb.
ToMigas24 2 oy oldin
Thats not t9. T9 used a dictionary to predict the words based on the keys u pressed
Ian B
Ian B 2 oy oldin
I could get that phone or I could just uninstall every non-factory installed app on my current phone. Hmm, decisions... decisions.
Ian B
Ian B 2 oy oldin
The Punkt MP-02 definitely reminds me of the feature set of my 2000s phones: Nokia 3590, Nokia 6101 and Nokia 6085.
Yadu 2 oy oldin
He's wired-up right now, top to bottom. It's disturbing.
andrea pietropaolo
Nihit Khunteta
Nihit Khunteta 2 oy oldin
Try unboxing Nokia 1100, just for fun
Doge is my pet
Doge is my pet 2 oy oldin
This phone’s battery last longer than anti-can kids
Jp Robles
Jp Robles 2 oy oldin
Whats the smartwatch he has on?
Yo Ko
Yo Ko 2 oy oldin
No one will steal that because it is disguised as a calculator circa 2005.
YeeteR YanG
YeeteR YanG 2 oy oldin
when i drive i use siri to call or text and i have the phone hooked up to the car so i can answer with the steering wheel
Dhyanu Bhardwaj
Dhyanu Bhardwaj 2 oy oldin
A headphone jack and option for memory card upto 128gb and I'd have bought it just so I have a cool looking mp3 player for when I travel. Battery will last for days ! Atleast 2-3 days of music playback I am sure.
StarryNights 2 oy oldin
If you need something like "live-simper-no-mobile-addict" type phone then you Might as well don't buy it. I have a 600$ phone and I hardly use it. No addictions at all. It's all in the mind folks you've gotta discipline yourself. Remember "Whatever you mind can believe, it can achieve" You've just gotta set your prioritise straight.
Bharat Bhushan Saxena
Dude u really need to see jio phone
Tori Knighten
Tori Knighten 2 oy oldin
I quite like it. looks great.
Nicolas Motte
Nicolas Motte 2 oy oldin
AH T9 the good old times of sms writing
Anjelique King
Anjelique King 2 oy oldin
Is this phone always in 'abc' mode? T9word is better. Its when you only need to push the button once. "Hey" would be 439 and you can select which three letter words use that number combination. As opposed to abc mode which is 4433999.
Lord Malice
Lord Malice 2 oy oldin
T9x omg
super pj
super pj 2 oy oldin
You never talk about T9 correctly. Tap the # or * key to swap input mode then tap something like 43556 to directly type hello with just a few taps.
Lucas Wilmot
Lucas Wilmot 2 oy oldin
Thats a calculator
jake berry
jake berry 2 oy oldin
Snake has entered the chat; Brawl stars has left the chat.
Stogieman29 2 oy oldin
I love how this era is amazed by shit designed 20 years ago
Vasu Sunny
Vasu Sunny 2 oy oldin
Make a video on ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M2
Poo Guy
Poo Guy 2 oy oldin
I've been using smartphones for years now and I gotta say as an 18 year old you miss out on a lot. Personally I really like the idea of a minimalist phone, but it won't happen without whatsapp (well ot's glorified texting basically). I've been looking into this and in europe i could get a 8110 (the bananaphone) and root it to install whatsapp sure, but idk I don't wanna pay for a new phone. I have decided to get a dumb phone when my current one dies. I'll miss scrolling through wikipedia on the train tho.
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