The iPhone Will Be Made In India... But Why?

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Looks like Apple will start assembling its premium iPhone X in India.
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Reports -
The Verge - www.theverge.com/2018/12/27/18157565/apple-expensive-iphone-x-models-assembly-india-tariffs
CNBC - www.cnbc.com/2018/12/27/foxconn-to-begin-assembling-top-end-apple-iphones-in-india-in--2019-source.html
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 15 kun oldin
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Maninder Singh
Maninder Singh 20 soat oldin
Unbox Therapy I
Difference Engine (DE)
Raj Gatle Nothing proud about it. They just want to sell iPhones in India.
Avinash Lilhare
Avinash Lilhare 3 kun oldin
The fact is. if there is something in apple thats higher quality than any other products dosent mean that people would buy it 4times of premium cost. So apple is out of the market because everyone take its first step as price range that can be used for at least 5 years minimum.
360 __i
360 __i 3 kun oldin
It is just to boom our SEZs
avishek sinha
avishek sinha 7 kun oldin
Love this video ❤️
Hino Naga
Hino Naga 54 daqiqa oldin
Population speaks
William Jones-Halibut
You can get some pretty good stuff made in India now. Plus the Indian market is growing and no likely to be hostile like China.
lanu432 3 soat oldin
So Indians had to pay double of what others are paying in almost other parts of the world?..Well, Indians r smart to ditch an 'average' phone in opt for much higher specifications..👏👏
Music HD
Music HD 3 soat oldin
Why are your talks always useless
Zorem Sanga
Zorem Sanga 4 soat oldin
Suppose if Apple iphone cost $500 dollar then in India ruppee it will cost around 70,000 ruppee so i think it will still be a flop becoz if this is gonna be the proce still only the rich people can afford this
Zorem Sanga
Zorem Sanga 4 soat oldin
Apple will be flop if the rate is not low Just like BLACKBERRY phones
Zorem Sanga
Zorem Sanga 4 soat oldin
INDIAN people are not stupid.... We r not gonna be cheat by APPLE company... Indian people are not poor one thing u need to know but we dont flex
Zorem Sanga
Zorem Sanga 4 soat oldin
They wanna come to INDIA becoz recently the employment rate in CHINA up in 1.5% an drops in INDIA by 1.3% so from that just think about it an the populations of INDIA
Prudhvi Raju Vysyaraju
Indians clearly understand that a mobile phone is a depreciating non persistent asset. Most people who can easily afford an iPhone in India won't buy it. People who are tech savvy won't get it. India will be tough nut to crack for Apple with the present strategies..
Akhil Djokovic
Akhil Djokovic 4 soat oldin
Very True, Apple needs to stop be so adamant
gurwinder sran
gurwinder sran 4 soat oldin
Well if this happens , i can and will switch to iphone x. By the way,when will it start?
arihantagarwal 5 soat oldin
It's not just tariffs. To open retail stores in India, 30% minimum volume should be assembled/produced locally. Apple is desperately trying to open Apple Stores here. This was the reason they started with cheaper phones like SE and earphones so that they reach 30% quicker.
Hype Ninja
Hype Ninja 5 soat oldin
It's cheaper to make them there
Michael Leung
Michael Leung 7 soat oldin
IPhone and apple brand been dry af since Jobs died.... Other phones are equal or greater for half the price, no real innovation from apple anymore...
Sahil Dias
Sahil Dias 7 soat oldin
Great video. Apple finally made a wise decision to make iPhone in India rather importing & selling em at unaffordable prices. Have seen many Indians in comment section, who have already started promoting votes for Modi. Lmao "This happened because of Modi so vote him!" For the sake of India & UZvid channels please stop promoting your political agendas here. Having an iPhone or any costly phone is a luxury & not a necessity! Wtf these people don't know what to prioritize in India first. And speaking of India's PM Modi who's not so bright to handle his job & a scum literally stealing tax payers money as well as he's proactively concocting plots & has stayed being dishonest to Indian citizens. All hoax but nothing is real. That's the reality of Modi. India is facing a very unfortunate situation in current times. P.S. I'll get bombarded by his blind supporters but fuck it tired of these promotions on my favorite channels💀
Simonssx 8 soat oldin
Disliked because of the wierd music. Unsettling.
Balasubramaniam Natarajan
Thinking 50 to 100 years in to the future is a joke for a tech company. Ideally it is only 4 to 7 years. Look how long it took for Nokia to become bright and latter bite the dust. Thankfully it is resurrecting.
Gurmeet Chahal
Gurmeet Chahal 9 soat oldin
China stole technology and they made big three companies and sale ahead than Samsung in many Asian and other countries. Apple doesn’t want to do same mistake with their upcoming products.
Anime Banz
Anime Banz 9 soat oldin
The price gap between iPhone and Android flagship smartphones is way too high for that tariff to make much of a difference. The iPhone has been steadily inching up in price every generation. You talked about the 2000$ price tag but that doesn't fully explain it. The purchasing powers of the currencies are very different compared to their exchange rates, and there has been a lot of volatility in the currency exchange rates recently so instead I'll explain how it's price compares to other things that you can buy. In 2011, the iPhone 4S launched at a price range of Rs 42000 - 59000 (depending on model). You could buy a cheap 100cc motorcycle for this price, the kind that lower/lower-middle income families buy. In 2018, the iPhone X costs about Rs 90,000 while the XS Max is about Rs 1,44,000. This is now getting close to the range of low-end sports bikes. Apple's (and all other flagship smartphone makers) strategy relied on hoping that people continue to throw their hard earned money forever. But people aren't that stupid and have other things to buy too. I'd heard of people buying expensive smartphones that cost 3x their salary on loan to "fit in". That kind of purchases aren't going to happen year after year. You can convince single young people to splurge their newly received (and sometimes not yet received) money on this must have gadget but when credit card bills (and rent, groceries, petrol bills) come back bite later, they'll wisen up and make more sensible purchases next time. A friend who is a massive Apple fan (and has a business that is doing very well) won't be buying any Apple phones in the near future. He got the iPhone 8, and even an Apple watch but one look at the iPhone X and he says "It used to cost as much as a Platina, but now it's nearly the price of a Bullet." (Both of those are motorcyles). The future is looking even more bleak for Apple when you've priced out even your loyal fans.
Technical Kushagra
Technical Kushagra 10 soat oldin
India puri duniya pe chayega Jai Hind
현실 세계
현실 세계 11 soat oldin
भारत को अपनी कंपनी बनानी चाहिए..... अमेरिका, जापान और चाइना अमीर हुआ कुए कि वो अपनी companies बना रहे हैं.... कुछ ना कुछ सीखो और बनाना स्टार्ट करो....भारत के लोगो को अपने पर भरोसा कर होगा... बिना कुछ नया करे कुछ नहीं होता.... जय हिंद....
want some cuppa?
want some cuppa? 11 soat oldin
All of these people complaining about iphone NOT being worth the price are correct in a way BUT i would rather a buy an IPHONE than get slaved by a chinese rip offs CHINA IS PLAYING US, HOOKING UP OUR YOUTH WITH CHEAPER PHONES TO DISTRACT US FROM OUR PATH. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US. GOD FORBID IF WE EVER GO IN WAR WITH THEM JUST REMEMBER , WE JUST PAID THEIR WAR EFFORTS. *WAKE UP !*
Vinay Vishwatma
Vinay Vishwatma 11 soat oldin
They're few smart Indians they will still not buy an I phone even if it got down and gave a neck toneck competition with other Chinese competitors we will buy what's relevant powerful and economical
Abhishek Sangavikar
Abhishek Sangavikar 12 soat oldin
*This is what i expect in comparison to the rest of the utubers. He is spot on, as far as Asian Market and Indian Users are concerned.* Our market ecosystem is so damn diverse in the entire world and the present young generation (atleast a noticeable chunk)...they go down to the specifics & then only roll their money out.
Brawneyy 13 soat oldin
The reason of sale decline of Iphone in India is the fact that the iPhone which goes for $999 in USA goes for ₹110000 in India which is equal to $1550. So it's ridiculous and any person with a sound mind wouldn't spend that much money on a phone
Vaibhav Thapliyal
Vaibhav Thapliyal 13 soat oldin
A 500 dollar iPhone will be great in India
Dhawal Jaiswal
Dhawal Jaiswal 13 soat oldin
I don't think price will be 30% lower, I think Apple will sell it around same price maybe 10% lower, in order to increase profit out of India, which they aren't getting due to tariffs.
Giridhar Singh
Giridhar Singh 14 soat oldin
It ain't 2000 bucks.Pfft
Ajit Mazik
Ajit Mazik 14 soat oldin
@Apple @Iphone go through this video do not underestimate India in technology adoption.
mayank patel
mayank patel 14 soat oldin
150 bucks..?? Are you out of your mind?? We spend a lot more than that on smartphones.
GOD 16 soat oldin
because you can still pay slave wage in India where in China the wage would've been 5x higher...
pravendra patel
pravendra patel 16 soat oldin
who has a thousand dollar every couple of year? l love my window 950 xl even Microsoft neglected window phone system.
shilanjoy bhattacharyya
That is very much more increase Love from India
Gary D'cruz
Gary D'cruz 19 soat oldin
Apple products are good but are very costly. Majority of the population are not rich to afford these products, Apple should reconsider their costs factor.
Aj Ay Je
Aj Ay Je 19 soat oldin
I don’t why Indians become so excited for getting assembly work since China don’t do it any more .
Utsav 9
Utsav 9 19 soat oldin
I slightly disagree with him.. if Apple has positioned itself as a luxury brand then it should stick with it and focus on higher middle class and rich people..lot of people now working in big corporate houses..they have a stable income...so in long run Apple will grow immensely.. Audi which is consider again as luxury brand, have cars range from ₹3 million to ₹30 million.. would it be wise if all or the sudden Audi launch ₹300k price cars just caz it won't to increase its market share? ..
Ricky majhi
Ricky majhi 21 soat oldin
That line about what is "mobile phones", loved it and that's the truth
Subhasish Bisoyi
Subhasish Bisoyi 21 soat oldin
people now understand its not just about status anymore
Difference Engine (DE)
Brilliant insight! Just amazing.
Punjabi Tadka
Punjabi Tadka 22 soat oldin
there is huge upper class people in india who likes to buy expensive things regardless what s their specifications just so they can prove that they belong to upper class.
Vikram Negi
Vikram Negi 22 soat oldin
There was a time when I used to wait for Apple devices and their innovations, Now it's either Huawei or Xiaomi. Apple is nowhere for such a long time.
Capt. Speirs
Capt. Speirs 22 soat oldin
Good discussion, currently an avg. Indian can buy an iPhone and he has to keep it for 10-15 year bcoz 90% population income ranges from 300k to 500k annually and new iphone cost around 120k thats why mostly they don't prefer iphone and switch annually between 10k-20k cost phones.
rakesh rocky
rakesh rocky 23 soat oldin
meanwhile one plus *evil laugh*
H R Singh
H R Singh Kun oldin
Apple walo ek bar ambani se puchlo kya pta apple ko hi khridle.......
H R Singh
H R Singh Kun oldin
After that second hand Indian I phone will be donated to pakistan😀😀😀😀😀😀
Akshay Gowda
Akshay Gowda Kun oldin
In India only stupid people buy iphones for showing off their wealth..
real Cyb0rG
real Cyb0rG Kun oldin
STC Kun oldin
Indian people don’t understand their iphone is overpriced because their country overtax imported phone!
Stefan Kun oldin
I agree u,part of it. it's not only the "low-income" counties like India (can I say that? or the liberals will jump on me?), even the Europe, US need a real cheap, affordable "platform" if Apple like to claim itself to transfer to sell "service" instead of hardwares or just admit the whole X series suck and was a failure. smartphone market are declining on most area, on Asia, it's climbing up but of cos it will never be a market for price tag like Apple. to survive, u need to either to create a new products for the current customer base or to create a new price tag to compete with those fierce companies like Xiaomi, Honor(Huawei). Vinyl die and there the CD coming, CD die and the ipod appear. there always new products to replace the old products. Samsung is well prepared as a company. regardless the Galaxy F a hit or not, foldable phones seem to be a way out when the smartphone market getting saturated.
raghup1 Kun oldin
I am from India and currently i am using Lenovo 6000+. It costs nearly 8000rs which is $135 and i totally satisfied with it. Honestly it hangs sometime but I've no problem.
anubis7 Kun oldin
They will make two versions
consulting insultant
an i for an eye an i for a (the 32) tooth
Ansari Umar
Ansari Umar Kun oldin
Jali to bolo kiski gand jali..mere desh se bhadvo ko kya problm hai..!!!
Devansh Choudhary
Apply doesn't sell smartphones, they sell a cut out apple's logo.
Hydra 2000
Hydra 2000 Kun oldin
discussion therapy
Devilion901 Kun oldin
Poor research, even lower end apple phones don't sell while 650$ One+ 6 soldout within few days, price isn't the issue, service is.
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan Kun oldin
One day india will run the world & that day will come very soon.
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan 11 soat oldin
+7-11 WAS A PART TIME JOB are you from isreal because isreal is one of the best friends of india, i think you are porkistani bitch.
lmao. One day Israel will run India and that's only about 10 years away.
Because India is second highest population in the world.😁
ChaoticStorm Kun oldin
Nobody wants an iPhone keep those in the garbage
Prahlad Dhakad
Prahlad Dhakad Kun oldin
We have only 2 kidneys and we love both.......🤣🤣🤣
bangbros111 Kun oldin
Child Labour😍
amit1202982 Kun oldin
This is great news.
Aminuddin Ansari
Indians could have buyed apple phone if their prices were reasonable...look at oneplus compare it with iPhone x and xs ..u will see the price vs specification
blacknester Kun oldin
They just need to make iPhone cheaper than Android phones to compensate for worse hardware and software and they would be selling like hot cakes.
dang0088 da
dang0088 da Kun oldin
If only india teach their damn people about condom.
florence george
florence george Kun oldin
Watching this video on POCO fone
PasscodeAdvance Kun oldin
IPhone only has 3D touch I like that. But Samsung is king! ^_^ I'm typing this on a Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 as of now ^_^
Shelvin Chand
Shelvin Chand Kun oldin
fiji water
Rohan Gupta
Rohan Gupta Kun oldin
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh Kun oldin
My excuse for buying Iphone is that I’m rich! Fuck the price I’m always gonna buy it!!!
rohit tiwari
rohit tiwari Kun oldin
Iphone can do it if makes it 500 deals the heart 2 rule markets
Vin711 Kun oldin
Samsung launching M Series in India only and thats gonna KILL the chinese brands. Indians are the most tech aware people and know iphone is overrated. Its gonna be a slaughter.
Miral Songhela
Miral Songhela Kun oldin
Here in India either you can buy an iPhone Xs Max(256 gb) or You can buy a pretty good sports Bike 😂 😂
Rajarshi Dutta
Rajarshi Dutta Kun oldin
I am a simple man. I see dog in a video, i hit the like button.
Lucifer Morningstar
9 and a half minutes of pure nonsense I got sleepy af watching this, say SUMN interesting about India 😴
Lucifer Morningstar
Why is only the white guy talking ?
ARJAV GARG Kun oldin
Apple will stagnate if they keep targetting the premium market
Liboni Ngullie
Liboni Ngullie Kun oldin
In India you can't buy imported goods. You are forced to buy local made products. There should be universal reciprocal tax system.
Cj Senanayake
Cj Senanayake Kun oldin
IPhone sucks
Wise Guy4U
Wise Guy4U Kun oldin
Because Apple wants that overpopulated market so bad. But Indians are not stupid.
A Rahul
A Rahul Kun oldin
😂😂😂If they want a substantial market in my country, they will have to give atleast a A11 bionic or A12 bionic at premium midrange smartphone rate (just like One Plus), with a great 📷 for that range and a 2 day 🔋, fast charging included. And any feature that the competition is providing and they are not, is a deal breaker...
I said, how come the quality is not as good as before
Kandari Kandari
Kandari Kandari Kun oldin
I fon se better h Chinese 📱 sala cheap prices me I fon wali facility deta h Aur I fon jada price Le ke be china se better fon nhi de pta Tabhi china world ke number exporter h jo pure world me sastai me Vikas ke sadhn deta h har country ke logo ko
EthanInGoa Kun oldin
Is a one lakh iPhone is 60k, the iPhone will start selling well again! Because the indian market's budget has increased since 5 years ago
P A B Kun oldin
It's damn..true.. Apple should reduce their prices.. for starters I m a student who aspires to buy iPhone..and I've been saving money from a year .. they are so expensive..
arlrmr Kun oldin
Hey! Hey!! Let the other guy talk!
mandy .netguy
mandy .netguy Kun oldin
I think in my opinion there is only one simple rule to do business and that rule is YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS LISTEN CONSUMER
Sritam Garnaik
Sritam Garnaik Kun oldin
Best analytical video ever made 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 nice job buddy 😊
Feel energy
Feel energy Kun oldin
Wake up gys aware about that
Alipt Shrivastava
I don't buy 1000usd smartphone because, we change smartphone after every 2 years , I m not gonna spent more than 500-600 bucks for a phone , its not a computer afterall
Michael Chen
Michael Chen Kun oldin
Cheaper labor
i-am-fr0m-eArth Kun oldin
We have destroyed mother earth and continuing to do so but still we care more about an inanimate mobile phone than a dying river. No wonder in some time we'll hang paintings of natural beauty coz none of it will be left and will be replaced by iPhone factories.
Kevin Anith
Kevin Anith Kun oldin
Jeez APPLE please don't do that the number of customers reps scams will triple.
Çode X
Çode X Kun oldin
we still have 133cr population so...133cr kidneys..so it would be fine I guess, we can afford 😂
CarnivalPS [Subscribe Now] 2019 Miami
🤣 0:35 selling things cheeper is not in Apples vocabulary 🙄
Tushar D
Tushar D Kun oldin
The reason behind decline in sales is because people have realised that there are better options available such as Oneplus, Huawei/Honor, MI but nonetheless there are some stupid people who thinks that having an Iphone shows their worth. So, Those people are always going to have apple products. Though, I would never buy an Iphone but going with Android flagships from Xiaomi, Honor or Oneplus or even Samsung is a better option.
want some cuppa?
want some cuppa? 11 soat oldin
I would rather buy an iphone than a CHINESE smartphone
bazuka0190 13 soat oldin
The only reason is the price an iPhone XS Max for 850 $$ it would make a killing apple is apple my man. Average consumer can careless about all the features on the other phones... everyone but 1 i know on my circle own iPhones
Brawneyy 14 soat oldin
+Tushar D exactly. There are phones that are better than iPhone and cost almost half its price, so any person with a sound mind will go for those phones rather than the unnecessarily priced iPhones
Tushar D
Tushar D 18 soat oldin
+Lucifer Morningstar that's not the point. Iphones are expensive compared to other flagship devices from other big companies, accept it! People think that having an Iphone is classy and shows your class, that's why they flaunt it with an apple logo in selfies and all the stupid thing they do. One of my roommate owns iphone 5s which is awful in today's date but he proudly says it with smile that it's IPHONE even though my phone is more expensive and better than his. That's how most of these people think, at least in India but as i said, many people nowadays think with their brain and they don't go with Iphones but with better options. Almost all the rich kids in India owns Iphones and no one can take away those things from them.
Ansari Umar
Ansari Umar Kun oldin
Ur comment is way 2 smart for half of the population here!!!
Bikramjit Biswas
one aspect is that Apple iphone has kind of a bad rep in india because of the restrictive ios... and iphone owners are seen as 'elitist' because of the high price and in a certain way looked down upon....the thinking generally is 'why would you pay so much for a phone- when half the price or much less would get you a better phone'...so it will be a real uphill battle for apple...and in india no one gives a shit about the ipad-
Shotgun Rain44
Shotgun Rain44 Kun oldin
California to India 🤩
Shatanjay Sudha
Shatanjay Sudha Kun oldin
India bruh india❤️
Oy oldin