Nine + Seven News. 1 In 20 Homes Robbed.(Apex Gang)(Melbourne)

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Every 15 minutes a home is invaded in Victoria State. 1 in 6 are direct, which may include the home owners being home. The Police and Media are refusing to tell Citizens the racial background and other factions of the perpetrators in most cases, or simply not reporting the incidents. The consequences of Multiculturalism and its tyrant followers, are the cause.
Nine + Seven News. 1 In 20 Homes Robbed.(Apex Gang)(Melbourne)



4-Dek, 2017



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Henry Weaver
Henry Weaver 6 kun oldin
Congratulations Australia, you are on the fast track of being THIRD WORLD!!!
Mick Carson
Mick Carson Oy oldin
One way to fight back is to band together and catch the bastards, burn them at the stakes yourself or feed those bay sharks. When there are millions of vigilantes patrolling the streets in groups of 6 every 400-500 metre radius, what can the law do? They can't charge millions of righteous people who are sacrificing their life, their time to make the streets safer, can't they. And what can the piss-weak police do? They can't arrest these criminals if the law allowed them back in the streets with a slap on their wrists. So, police does nothing, the law does nothing, then what? It's high time you and your neighbours watched each other's backs and catch any criminals who cause unrest, then tried under 'their' own 'law', like the good old day where men were men, watching each other's properties with axes and pitch forks and if they caught criminals, they'd be burned at the stakes. Now, that was a real law, not like this bullshit bleeding hearts law. A law is a law and bleeding hearts must be ignored to restore order, or be told to shut the fuck up and obey the law. Not this waste of taxpayers money of taking crime in courts, where even in courts there are bleeding bleeding hearts who then give them bail with a slap in the wrist. Then the criminals go out and do it again and again. You call that a law? Band together, brothers, it's your only chance of returning to a crime free Australia. Education is the key point to begin, not this bullshit of following Left, Rights, Middle... If you had listened to Pauline Hanson during her time in politics, the black were nowhere to be seen, and so were Muslims. But the ignorant bleeding hearts, with their 'i feel sorry for these people' attitude have called her a racist. Now, eat your heart out from the damage these aliens are doing to the country and its white Australian population. Ignorance is bliss, not only because of your 'I feel sorry for these people' attitude but you lack brains, intelligence, common sense, the results of all these illicit drugs that you and your parents have been taking since the late '60's. Drugs that have done yourself great mental damage and you no longer think on the difference on what's right and what's wrong. Yet, on the other hand none of you have given a two Bob shit about our own kind, war veterans, Viet homeless and beggars, none of you have taken in a homeless white child, orphaned kids in need for a foster parent and a future. No, you would rather go chase African kids and raise them in this country, but like an ignorant retard, you don't realise that this will start interracial breeding because when that black child becomes a man he will need a cow of which some dumb Australian bimbo falls for him, and then, that's when all these mixed inbreeds start to appear and re-mix further where nobody knows who they belong to, what race they are. But, in Australia, the ignorant bleeding hearts, those who think or believe they're always right, simply say they're Australians because they aren't humans of a kind themselves, they haven't got the knowledge on how to remain with one kind, especially women who are the weakest of all human species. They will lay with anything that moves regardless of who it is. And men are also the blame. They allowed their daughters, or sisters, to sleep with horses, apes, etc. which is one of the biggest consented rape activity ever done by women. But, if a women is raped by a man with or without consent, she cries rape. In the '60's we used to say, 'Here comes the Beatles, lock up your daughters unless you want them to come home pregnant'. That is reason enough of women being the weakest of all species. They can't control themselves. That's the problem with women. Shame.
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Oy oldin
The government/media love this shit. It makes money. Lock your doors idiots
Derek Finch
Derek Finch Oy oldin
It is amazing the lack of ability of the government last Friday almost like the ecchan dining the brutality of these robbers they are doing nothing to stem the onslaught against the decent the innocent people of Australia this is a fine example of the globalist and the Socialist ideologies that his government's promote the lack of ability to throw these people out of the country when they have come from foreign bases and committed crimes against humanity and against the innocent fine example of the police to deny the fact they have lost control of the streets or Australia I feel sorry for all the victims and I do not believe the perforators of his crimes should have any rights they should be cast out from Society and if they are from foreign Lands and I've not been in Australia long and should be cast out the land where they came from so they couldn't reach description on the countries they've already destroyed and now they come to Australia to describe the people of that country with the consent of the Australian government this time the Australian people started to defend themselves and form their own groups of people to ensure the safety of their properties and their districts the government and the police are not capable of protecting the decent and the honest people of Australia
paul Drake
paul Drake Oy oldin
A criminal with a gun? I thought they are illegal in Australia? How can that be? So law abiding citizens can’t own a gun or defend themselves? Wow. That’s a nice country to be a criminal in. I love it; what dopes these Aussies are, lol.
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Oy oldin
You nailed it, it's insanity and the government and media love every minute of it. More guns less crime. More dead criminals and unfortunately more self protecters in jail thanks to a pathetic unjust legal system
paul Drake
paul Drake Oy oldin
Come on people- organize and rise up.
camo man
camo man 2 oy oldin
Filthy apes.
Katie Harvey
Katie Harvey 6 oy oldin
Introduced castle law to Australia and watch criminal activity drop equal the playing field
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee 2 oy oldin
Katie Harvey ...your right.... I bet the politicians have security..
mele host
mele host 6 oy oldin
Oh I so agree with this. It's also natural law, so there's not reason why we don't already have it.
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 6 oy oldin
These thugs are laughing at us.Piss weak judicial systems.Victorian voters are stupid.It's not happening in NSW.
Mick Carson
Mick Carson Oy oldin
Stick with that strict policy, Peter 😎👍
mustLoveDogs 7 oy oldin
We have 80,000 blackAfricans in Melbourne... and you wonder why we have a problem?????
m.tracy m
m.tracy m 2 oy oldin
Sounds rotten!
mustLoveDogs 7 oy oldin
If the Labour Party (backed by the Greens) get into power in the next Australian election: The FLOODGATES WILL OPEN and we will have a million rohingya plus another million muslims and blackAfricans on our doorstep. When you import muslims and black Africans you import 1,400 years of inbreeding - they suffer from biPolar disease and other mental illnesses and we have BIG muslim and blackAfrican crime, home invasions, prostitution, gangRape, genital mutilation, honor killings, domestic violence and child molestation problems. Wow. What a great country we have - filling it up with muslims and black Africans. islanders, muslims and black Africans: will NEVER assimilate islanders, muslims and black Africans: Get out of our countries!!
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Oy oldin
Absolutely nailed the self destructive insanity of the government parasites
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee 2 oy oldin
mustLoveDogs ... Set up vigilante groups. Your government has sold yall out.
mustLoveDogs 7 oy oldin
They are only ransacking your country BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR CULTURE. Just like the muslims with their genital mutilation, honor killings, domestic violence and child molestation problems. IT'S THEIR CULTURE - WE CANNOT CONVICT AND DEPORT THEM. WHY THE FUCK NOT? What is going to happen to our society when these animals reach 10% of the population???
Chris Gold
Chris Gold 7 oy oldin
this is multi cultural australia the worlds most devided country a civil war coming
ApplePie 2019
ApplePie 2019 Yil oldin
Harry Reich, American Sheriff's are corrupt. They arrest good ones like Arpaio, then let corrupt ones like Broward County Sheriff Israel loose on the public. Sheriff Israel is a member of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, and so are his four deputies that "stood down" during the staged school shooting in Florida. They hob knob together at a local mosque. The problem is islam, and liberals. They have an agenda to take over. Many American politicians have converted to islam and satanism. The entire world is in trouble. Get guns. Get machetes. Do something because they will keep coming. All of this will lead to revolution worldwide.
ApplePie 2019
ApplePie 2019 Yil oldin
Hmm, it's becoming more and more like America over there.
BRETT Yil oldin
Fuck 2 brand new ss commodores one each wow
Bourke Snap
Bourke Snap Yil oldin
Australia becomes land of crims. Government and police ignore it all. Nothing is published. And so, Melbourne retains the 'most livable city in the world' title. Not! Bloody liars.
Sedyana Yil oldin
ACE ACE Yil oldin
Malcom Canning
Malcom Canning Yil oldin
stop moaning, we voted 4 the politicians.
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Oy oldin
Kill yourself and make the world a better place, they'd be in whether we voted or not. Ever heard of the new world order fucktard?
Rocky Ride
Rocky Ride Yil oldin
They targeted new homes because they have new appliances What is that mean? Pls explain!!
W0ll0H Yil oldin
security systems??????????? whats a security system gonna do against 8 Africans ??? breaking in and bashing you half to death????
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee 2 oy oldin
W0ll0H ... I would rather have a gun off the black market than become a victim.
Harry Reich
Harry Reich Yil oldin
Bring in American Sheriffs to show aussie cops how its done!!!
When is something going to be done? So many times there are no arrests..is it racist to lock them up?
Ash Heath
Ash Heath Oy oldin
These pussy PC fucks don't wanna be called racist by the fascist tyrannical PC police
Harry Reich
Harry Reich Yil oldin
Sign this petition to sack this useless police minister!!! www.change.org/p/politicians-sack-the-police-minister
Atlantean Sage
Atlantean Sage Yil oldin
This is the result of mentally ill leadership in our so called government ! We are being ruled over by the likes of the degenerate Malcolm Turnbull !
Da Rising
Da Rising Yil oldin
You can take the monkey from the jungle But you can't take the jungle from the monkey
Jen Werner
Jen Werner Yil oldin
bastards! I read in one of the comments on yt that Australia has let in three lots of 50,000 thugs again this year... by planes ... WTF? I thought we had put had end to that amount and now we are listening to Sara Hanson Young? Grow some balls Turnbull ... You are a disgrace to the Nation!
MrStoneycool69 Yil oldin
Where's Anton Chigurh's shot gun when you need it...
MrAntiFarLeft Yil oldin
We should be allowed to shoot home invaders in the face
Korsion Yil oldin
It is the Apex gang and yet they show 3 white youths breaking a door down?
jimmy vegas
jimmy vegas Yil oldin
Welcome to America! Now get your guns back
Me and Missy
Me and Missy Yil oldin
I'm, wouldn't be the Africans would it? Oops, scuse my political incorrectness!!!
Claire Claire
Claire Claire Yil oldin
Incredible. And no one is armed.
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