Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

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You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!!
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17-May, 2018

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BowserJrLarryFan Soat oldin
why did you stop fox from landing of our planet?
jjmah7 2 soat oldin
I clicked on this cause I haven’t watched a video from the Theorists in years. The moment MatPat started talking though, I had to stop watching before I started choking kittens. Go fuck yourself MatPat lol
scwidy dude
scwidy dude 4 soat oldin
How can there be decimals in people
Christian Emerson
Christian Emerson 6 soat oldin
I like CinemaWins' hypothesis: the point is not the populous size. He does it so that the populous learns from their mistakes and does better.
Rhino Tamer
Rhino Tamer 10 soat oldin
I wonder who would win thanos or super man
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 16 soat oldin
Why Thanos kill Ali a
oscar sanfilippo
oscar sanfilippo 18 soat oldin
Is Captain America iron man,s unkel
Dom Led
Dom Led 19 soat oldin
In the beginning at the top it said Manos
Tenderizer17 19 soat oldin
How about, instead of killing half of earths population, we just render half of them infertile. Preferably all religious.
Tron 2028
Tron 2028 21 soat oldin
Matt became UZvid
cowmilkshakes BJ
Watch fee's video on thanos
Roldan Rosario
Roldan Rosario Kun oldin
He didn't bring up Abortions.
Steve Cabrejos
Steve Cabrejos Kun oldin
3 postcredit scenes ... 1-the original avengers´ tower... happy is talking to some guy finishing the sell of the building. suddenly a big noise outside, we see that a big piece of the A in the avengers´ logo on the outside wall fells down. The remains resemble the number 4. We see the face of that guy looking at it, the camera follows down his extremely enlongated neck back. 2- "Many years ago"... Thanos is fighting someone and he is not happy. He is about to hit somebody when he gets cut in his face... three long cuts just below one of his eyes... he looks worried and the camera turns to show a hand with three blades coming out from it... a voice says: "let´s finish this, bub!" and the fights resumes. 3 - It´s all dark... we hear some footsteps, a familiar face comes to us, he is Stan Lee, he talks directly to the camera: "It´s been my pleausure guiding you all through this universe and adventures. But it´s time for me to go watch some other realities and heroes. You be good to each other and remember that you will be all here in my heart. See you around!"... he walks away and suddenly, he starts to glow and transforms into a big figure, big bald head that turns around and put a finger to his lips and makes a noise... shhhh!
BaboonPlayz Kun oldin
so basically, we all need to wear condoms. Got it
Nathan Jordan
Nathan Jordan Kun oldin
No MatPat, just no. You AND Thanos clearly need to go back to school and take some stats and math courses. Maybe I'm thinking too much into this, but if the snap truly kills 50% of the world's human population randomly and totally indiscriminately AND all in one instant, the result would be much more statistically likely to de-populate the developing world than high-income countries. If you think about it, almost 60% of the world's population is in Asia (18.5% in China alone) vs 4.3% in the USA and less than 0.5% in my home country of Canada. So unless Thanos is running a very complex random number generating algorithm that takes population distribution into account (which I highly doubt), this culling is not going to work out how you think it will. I guess you can only expect so much from a genocidal purple idiot and a theatre major
Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma Kun oldin
This is why we have WORLD WAR,, to control our god damn rat like population.....
Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma Kun oldin
You know the dislike's are from Abrahamic believers ....
GunEagle-Gamer / Bronin the Ronin
Colonies, I'm telling you. Use them for food production so we don't hunt more species to extinction, ports to mine asteroids for materials, and house more population even to use as a exploration base of operations for space travel. Just throwing that out there
Matt Sackman
Matt Sackman Kun oldin
Urinetown is fantastic. Run, freedom, run!
Hayden Brutas
Hayden Brutas Kun oldin
umm he has the reality stone he can just make the avengers not exist soooo why did he lose?
Angelo Forlin
Angelo Forlin Kun oldin
Nice pawn stars reference
Playlistnation Kun oldin
Our school did Urinetown the musical!
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius Kun oldin
*I'm* saying "yay, Black Death!"
Mudkip328 Kun oldin
Why not just make double the resources idiot.
Amelia Pierson
Amelia Pierson Kun oldin
Yes... But... I mean, we're talking about genocide here
cactus Kun oldin
Cmon Thanos, why can’t you use your Reality Stone to give infinite resources?
Ramsay Sanders
Ramsay Sanders 2 kun oldin
That's the whole point of Infinity War!
DroidExtreme Dxd
DroidExtreme Dxd 2 kun oldin
Kevin Rosario
Kevin Rosario 2 kun oldin
14:12 so true If thanos actually did that, everything would be fine Life if you agree, comment if you want to say something or disagree
Lonnie Sheets
Lonnie Sheets 2 kun oldin
More people=more ingenuity. Aluminum used to be so rare to obtain it was used at kings dinner tables instead of gold. We adapt. We're creative.
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 2 kun oldin
sir Reinhardt
sir Reinhardt 2 kun oldin
the west has a decline if birth rates. but arab county's are skyrocketing because they have no laws really against rape and the subjugation of woman. do you see a fucking problem there?
sir Reinhardt
sir Reinhardt 2 kun oldin
iv known the world needs culling for decades. plagues where the planets way of keeping the population stable. humans as a whole are shit creatures. we destroy, dont care about anything but ourselfs. iv loved thanos for ages even before the movie and to actually see it i cheered in the cinemas.
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 2 kun oldin
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 2 kun oldin
Vecouse and and Jake paul are stronger than thanos wtf?
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 2 kun oldin
0:34 Jake paul is proof for the next movie
Brett Kerr
Brett Kerr 2 kun oldin
Glad thanos left the best Vsauce channel. Lol
Redsteven124 2 kun oldin
MatPat would be could at civ 5
Zac Dragon
Zac Dragon 2 kun oldin
Evan Frioux
Evan Frioux 2 kun oldin
best quote ever "this is all in the name of social science and marvel movies".
Tj Thompson
Tj Thompson 2 kun oldin
RIP spidey
Tyler Jordon
Tyler Jordon 2 kun oldin
Why didn’t he just wish for all life to live in peace in harmony
Tyler Jordon
Tyler Jordon 2 kun oldin
But Thanos species is dumb because they had advanced technology like spaceships why the hell wouldn’t you just leave or send half your people to another planet or some shit like that.
Andres Matamoros
Andres Matamoros 2 kun oldin
The snap did not delete Jake Paul’s channel...SNAP AGAIN!
Katerina Kittycat
Katerina Kittycat 3 kun oldin
Wait are you saying that thanos was right to do what he did?
Ivan Bracamonte
Ivan Bracamonte 3 kun oldin
dkm gaming
dkm gaming 3 kun oldin
mat pat Thanos os crazy he enjoys killing
Zeeshan Syed
Zeeshan Syed 3 kun oldin
Why’d you spare jake Paul, man?! What the heck? 😑
TheMacGamer1253 3 kun oldin
He actually described the population growth in relation to wages. Here’s how he described it. Higher wages led to more kids, which led to lower wages, which led to less kids, which led to higher wages, which led to more kids, and on and on and on. He describes it as a cycle that will never break. In your case MatPat, you’re substituting money for natural resources. Same basic concept.
TheMacGamer1253 3 kun oldin
We’re just starting to learn about Thomas Malthus now actually.
Instinct Bros Gaming
Japan has a population visa to where people can live in Japan just to reproduce.
james McDonald
james McDonald 3 kun oldin
also you have 6 f***ing infinity stones, use them to summon infinite resources instead!
james McDonald
james McDonald 3 kun oldin
dude! seriously! if you have two kids? you need a female counter part to have two kids, and they need two opposite sex, partner in crime to have two kids (assuming you stay faithful together and won't file a divorce after that night of horizontal passion), this wont double the population. problem arises when some as...oles start to procreate relentlessly like guinea pigs.
Heather Dominico
Heather Dominico 3 kun oldin
0:26 not interested in a nutshell
Jeffrey Smith Jr
Jeffrey Smith Jr 3 kun oldin
Acutely thanks probably didn't just kill humans remember they said he whipped out half of all living things not all killed could be humans
Shaun Jimbangan
Shaun Jimbangan 3 kun oldin
If they have second channels why does he care?I mean he got ride of half of all youtube channels are gone so he got what he wanted.Did he want the people to stop making youtube videos all together,why did he not just,snap half of all youtubers away?
DiamondSquidJoe 3 kun oldin
Yes but if half the universe is gone half the food will be needed. If half the food is gone then it will be like he didnt snap...he will snap so much it will just be him and one other guy.
erii 3 kun oldin
This reminded me of Dan Brown’s Inferno where a vector virus that causes sterility in one third of the population was spread.
Lyght Vang
Lyght Vang 3 kun oldin
Austin Magee
Austin Magee 3 kun oldin
omg 2:41 i was thinking are you serious
Dustin Heims
Dustin Heims 3 kun oldin
O saw the ship at 12:29 cant sneak past me.
Badduncan96 3 kun oldin
Alex G.
Alex G. 3 kun oldin
Some things to note: It's easier to destroy than to create. Also doubling something would be four times as hard to do as halving something. Also also, the gauntlet was destroyed in the process of halving all life in the galaxy, so I don't think it could handle doubling all the resources, yet alone making infinite resources.
Piers Spicer
Piers Spicer 4 kun oldin
6:09 YES!!!!!! THIS IS URINETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akaimatronic 4 kun oldin
12:02 MatPat is a flat earther.
Yellow BananaGO!!
Yellow BananaGO!! 4 kun oldin
Do you know the name of the place
Squdo gaming
Squdo gaming 4 kun oldin
feh meh
feh meh 4 kun oldin
Look at the rat utopia experiments before saying to just double all of the food.
saanvi rao
saanvi rao 4 kun oldin
1:05 hmmmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔
Narcosis YT
Narcosis YT 4 kun oldin
You are wrong Life finds a way
marley jones
marley jones 4 kun oldin
Yeah black deth
Aleia Knight
Aleia Knight 4 kun oldin
I literally just watched Inifinty War (finally) so that I could watch this without spoilers
TACOSANCHEZ 2318 4 kun oldin
0:25 are you telling me everybody in avengers that was snapped has a 2nd life
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Thanks doubling the resources would actually be worse because if he were to double the every resource including food water and materials such as wood and fossil fuels than there would be less places to store said things like if we doubled the population of all trees Than it would have a drastic effect on this earth making so human would have less place to stay and if we doubled our food which mainly consists of animals than there would be more animals than we’d know hat to to do with and we’re already having a hard time fitting 998 million cows on this earth imagine having over a billion I’m not saying thanos is right all I’m saying is doubling the resources wouldn’t be a solution either
Don Smith
Don Smith 4 kun oldin
Also, a culture shock event like that would also be a rally cry like 9/11 to join military or shore up the “ranks” at home.
Don Smith
Don Smith 4 kun oldin
It’s a dumb ass plan because the half who is alive can still reproduce so one to two generations will make you in the same place. So in twenty to forty years he would have to “resnap”. Issue your missing is human isn’t the only population either. It’s throughout the galaxy 🌌🤭😳no graphs for little Groots or a host of other planets shown. Thanos exclaimed that resources are finite meaning instead of snapping more resources his snap would have to be redone more exponentially because they can only go down. That means the next kull would be 75 then 90,95,97.5...
Master Of Figuruines
i love Urinetown
Eric M
Eric M 5 kun oldin
Why couldn't Thanos just double the resources instead of wiping out half the Universe? He could do anything once he got all the infinity stones.
09SniperKiller 5 kun oldin
Btw China took the 1 child law and threw it to the garage a year ago
Mr. Derp
Mr. Derp 5 kun oldin
4:57 *MatPat explaining incest*
Ajay Parthibha
Ajay Parthibha 5 kun oldin
*FBI wants to know your location.*
Jabore Brown
Jabore Brown 5 kun oldin
Thanos isn't really right when thanos killed half of all living thinhs he will also kill the plant and animal life so he would deprives us of clean air and food so he would have just made it worse
ROBLOX - MrKnightBlox - YT
Wait whole new solution: Make reality where you can respawn. Just spawn random resources and Earth would be a paradise. You cannot die.
Chuck Jackson
Chuck Jackson 5 kun oldin
Let me ask this question - at the outset, I will say that I do not believe Thanos thought his great plan through... *Why would Thanos kill half the universe when, in another milenia or or less, the universe's population would probably be right back where it is now?* I mean think aboout it - yes, for a time, there may be some "utopian" societies where resources and space were plenty, etc. - which is why Thanos thought this was a good thing in the first place. However, he didn't do anything to take away the technological, medical, cultural, societal, etc. advances so after the great _purge_ we shall call it, half of the universe has to figure out how to pick up the pieces and go on with life - *BUT* they now have an enormous amount of resources, with same technology (its not like some UNIVERSAL EMP BOMB sent the universe back to a human equivalent stone age), etc. they have to manage. Good sensibilities and willingness to let by-gones be by-gones would prevail for a time but eventually, created beings are flawed and we'd go back to our old ways of excess, strife, war, etc. But living creatures will always replenish and repopulate. Eventually, the universe would be right back in the same situation Thanos was misguidingly trying to rectify - overpopulation, lack of food, war over resources, etc. At best this was a tempory "means" to reach this misguided end. In time, the universe would be right back in the same exact situation he was trying to do away with. I just don't think Thanos thought this through...
Eric Dees
Eric Dees 5 kun oldin
Main point; Cutting the population in half would not reduce the carrying capacity by half. Carrying capacity is determined by resource limitations, not by intrinsic evolution of the populations stage in growth. Just on the mathematics; The logistic curve is a solution to coupled differential equations, sometimes called the 'predator-prey' equations*. In this scenario we would consider ourselves the predators, and food (plant or animal) as the prey. Additional terms could be included to express the key limitation, such as finite water or space, but since those don't multiply like living organisms, they result in the classical logistic curve only. 1) There then exist multiple paths of behavior that can occur, including stable oscillations, asymptotic reaching of the carrying capacity, or overuse of resources leading to extinction events 2) Cutting the population in half would predict inducing wilder oscillations, as initially we would have an abundance of resources, causing more rapid progression of our growth. It would not a priori change the carrying capacity. 3) No mathematical model exists which can completely account for societal and social evolution leading to conscious restriction of growth rates. We could technically all decide right now on nearly any growth rate, and it would be a discontinuous behavior in our model. 4) The carrying capacity can be altered by various physical mechanisms. For example, the invention of the Haber-Bosch process allowed the earth's carrying capacity to increase dramatically, by increasing food supplies achievable. Summary; Many outcomes would be possible, and carrying capacity CAN be changed, but it is NOT through affecting the population directly. *logistic curve is included in a generalized form, used to physically bound the behavior properly in the absence of predators. Its inclusion represents both a multiplying threat, and static resource limitations combined.
Noah Takai
Noah Takai 5 kun oldin
I am Disapoint... I was hoping to hear the her use the Nugget Voice when you swapped roles. T.T
John Duarte
John Duarte 5 kun oldin
Well yeah duh he’s right. The dilemma is a question of morals rather than cold logic. Is it the best decision to wipe out half the population for the betterment of the other half? Our heroes say no, Thanos says yep ALSO YES I SAW URINETOWNNN
Rebeca Donadon
Rebeca Donadon 5 kun oldin
I’d love to see you do a video on the “series of unfortunate events” that Netflix series is full of mysteries
Wing Ding Gaster
Wing Ding Gaster 5 kun oldin
✡□︎✞ ✌❒︎☜ 👎□︎♓︎■︎☝ ✡□︎◆︎☼ 👌♏︎⬧︎❄ ✌■︎👎 ❄♒︎♋︎⧫︎🕯︎💧 ⚐😐📬︎
Wing Ding Gaster
Wing Ding Gaster 5 kun oldin
Wing Ding Gaster
Wing Ding Gaster 5 kun oldin
✋ ✌💣 ❄♒︎☜ ☼♏︎♋︎☹ ♦📬︎👎📬︎ ☝♋︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎☼📬︎
Sinveous 123
Sinveous 123 5 kun oldin
Why didn't he just double resouces?
Juju 5 kun oldin
But in Infinity war, why couldn't Thanos give the population half the resources? If he could snap and kill half the population, he could give people resources.
Jack Bruce
Jack Bruce 5 kun oldin
0:22 how can you snap with just a pointer finger, like how?
Livie Loo Who :3
Livie Loo Who :3 5 kun oldin
Rhaegar Targaryen
Rhaegar Targaryen 5 kun oldin
I would kill half of all life like thanos my hero
batbro guy
batbro guy 5 kun oldin
Yay black death woo
baku kory
baku kory 5 kun oldin
Your analysis ignores the fact of unequal distribution of resources... when 1% of the world controls 90% of resources that creates a great deal of scarcity
howie le
howie le 6 kun oldin
Hey mat I'm a Big fan of your video s. So me and my cuz was watching the move and we had a really big question. How Big is thanos p🍆 so we came to the conclusion the he si 21 inc Do u agree??
Kïñg ẞrysøñ
Kïñg ẞrysøñ 6 kun oldin
And now murders will kill a bunch of people