The Red Hydrogen One Holographic Smartphone

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This is my unboxing of the new Red Hydrogen One smartphone.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
This thing is nuts.
Adithya Sunil
Adithya Sunil 13 kun oldin
Still it does have a headphone jack
Raven Crow
Raven Crow 14 kun oldin
UNBOX THERAPY Im willing to take all your trash tech you store away
Adam Austin
Adam Austin Oy oldin
After only 1 month of software updates, you may want to reconsider your review. I bought it. I found your review doesn't apply to this device anymore.
Travis Golson
Travis Golson Oy oldin
I love this youtube channel, i just want to know what happen to the phones that y'all review.
Duncan Hansel
Duncan Hansel Kun oldin
Not actually their sensor. Just clarifying that
oldartguy Kun oldin
17-01-2019,Does the camra take polized picturs and can they easyly be downloaded into 3-d scanner and reproducers?
Ryan Reddell
Ryan Reddell 2 kun oldin
I might pick one of these up in a few months. After they go on clearance for $500-$600.
Ivanov Nikolov
Ivanov Nikolov 4 kun oldin
From where can I buy this phone ?
Give me a subscribe NO VIDEOS
It needs to be improved
Nelfred Magallon
Nelfred Magallon 5 kun oldin
Ds techbology that makes your head hurts
Nhelly Thempz
Nhelly Thempz 8 kun oldin
the intro is pure.
Tim Miller
Tim Miller 9 kun oldin
As soon as he said Android... Nope.
Noah Rodgers
Noah Rodgers 9 kun oldin
Bru when you gonna review the bluedio victory
Adam Atlas
Adam Atlas 10 kun oldin
fuck ya!
Abhay Bhagat
Abhay Bhagat 11 kun oldin
poor phone
Santi Gonzalez
Santi Gonzalez 12 kun oldin
I love it
Dimentive 12 kun oldin
So, it’s like… the 3DS?
Caliduchey 12 kun oldin
Cool!? Nintendo 3ds did this nearly 8 years ago lol
Melo GG
Melo GG 13 kun oldin
nothing new, it's like Amazon Firephone inside + nokia lumia outside
Muhammed Ibrahim
Muhammed Ibrahim 13 kun oldin
James Barrington
James Barrington 14 kun oldin
Fabulous presentation🤣💪& i want one....!!!?.. (& leave all the drivelling moaners in the dust...!!!!....
Wildwood Hoppe
Wildwood Hoppe 14 kun oldin
That's a assault phone we need to make those illegal assault phones kill thousands of children a year make assault phones illegal
Javier Escuella
Javier Escuella 15 kun oldin
Big ugly bezels? 🤔 Definitely you didn't see sony xperia phones yet 🤣
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva 16 kun oldin
This presenter is so damn annoying and NOT funny
MAGA PLEX 17 kun oldin
its pretty much a Nintendo 3DS, but a phone
John Trustman
John Trustman 17 kun oldin
The review is so annoying I can't tell anything about the product.
Mario peralta
Mario peralta 21 kun oldin
The 3d LG use in one phone 3 years ago
Shekel Goblin
Shekel Goblin 23 kun oldin
Fucking piece of shit holographic display blew up on me and sodomized me
Subi_fan 23 kun oldin
1300 $ is just insane for this POS...
Kane Lee
Kane Lee 24 kun oldin
OK ENOUGH ALREADY- let’s just cut to the chase! We’re all waiting for the hologram projection phone (R2D2 OB1) so until then
Jimboy 24 kun oldin
This phone's software is horrible, don't buy it lmao
Renata Ajzenszlos - Peral
Novelty? haha right never exist the Fire Phone and the Bixby I mean Firefly xD
Smol heart
Smol heart 26 kun oldin
Glorified 3ds
Heimerblaster 26 kun oldin
Not enough for too much, bada bing bada boom.
Carlo Stuccio
Carlo Stuccio 28 kun oldin
music was hardd
Aj K
Aj K 28 kun oldin
im switching to this from my iPhone XS max
Subi_fan 23 kun oldin
U dumb or u sarcastic ?
So glassless 3D is holograph?
Frodo Oy oldin
Software will win imo, we are already seeing a slow on Moore's Law
Yup 1900 as not even good lmao
R joseph
R joseph Oy oldin
Remember the Dell Streak was universally panned for being "way too big" and nobody would ever want a cellphone that big, because you'd look like a fool using it. Well...here we are in 2018. This Red Hydrogen may just be ahead of it's time right now. Let's see, how this thing pans out in 5-10 years. I actually like the design myself. Would I buy it now? NO. But who know's how this thing may evolve.
Piotr Bieniecki
Nintendo Kid
Nintendo Kid Oy oldin
Hey, I don't mind all the smartphones, but have you ever considered doing anything on budget phones and tablets that aren't complete pieces of crap and/or novelties? By budget, I mean no more than like $200.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Oy oldin
How much??
D Holls
D Holls Oy oldin
What was that amazing instrumental?
Glassy & Co.
Glassy & Co. Oy oldin
Siglo XXI
Siglo XXI Oy oldin
Too sarcastic.
PandawdyBob Oy oldin
Where's the holographic part?
Michael Kenney
tested this absolute POS from a friend who let me absolutely "toy" with it. if you are in the market for a screen that looks like you dropped it yet still works and a phone that overall runs slow games, eats battery life, is overpriced, not needed, and over hyped yet undersold..... I would suggest the latest BlackBerry LOOOOOOONG befor I told even my most hated enemy buy this brand new outdated laser disk the size of a man hoke cover when everyone else is streaming type of phone. how ever if your looking for a phone that naked you can violently throw across the room.... this is your jam.... ya drunks.
bobble1476 Oy oldin
im not evan looking for a phone but i love watching your videos
Arthur Walker
Arthur Walker Oy oldin
I like it
Dons adventures
Otherwise its a Nintendo 3ds phone
Hilarious Legendary gaming Yoshi
Looks like a regular Android to me I don’t like Androids their too slow so I’m not getting it
SimonDubstep Oy oldin
*....I would buy a 3D tv for that price....*
Horizon Oy oldin
Ur not funny. Horrible video. Good filming job camera guy. Flat Earth#
Germany Pajing
Please give me this phone when u receive the titanium version
M F S Oy oldin
Abe l
Abe l Oy oldin
I know the person who made it
Paul Mag
Paul Mag Oy oldin
Where's a link to it...?
They need to make it so you could record video in 3D and the later connect to your 3D TV and basically relive your vacation or whatever lol. Imagine ziplining in Costa Rica over a volcano's valley at 600+ feet and you get home and connect it to your TV and watch it in 3D.
coldkeyes Oy oldin
So you recommend getting this phone?
Dragons Taco
Dragons Taco Oy oldin
You showed us that some people thought your phone reviews were redundant and boring. So you added random footage of the dog. Well it works.
BPD MF Oy oldin
The pictures look fine. Quit being picky. We don't all have things of dollars to spend just to get a hair count of your chin (besides, you can count the hairs in that photo).
BPD MF Oy oldin
I prefer the boxed corners. I wedge the lower right corner into my hand when holding my phone and the curvy ones slip a little bit. Also, it is better for leaning it up against things. I also like somewhat of a bezel on the sides so that my hand doesn't press the screen when one handing it.
Merry Bhristmas
My school is full of iPhone users if i go to school with this phone i will get jumped
Im Deeelicious
Merry Bhristmas omg lmaooo
dean horton
dean horton Oy oldin
Love your channel, but Linus did a way better review on this phone. Sorry....
shafiqpro6191 s
maurijm21 Oy oldin
Then they'll make hydrogen 2ds
J&M Oy oldin
This phone is beautiful the Andriod system is dated and the scree is hell nawl
一推特 Oy oldin
diane doncheski
That's a miniature collie, for fucks sake!
Happy Fox
Happy Fox Oy oldin
Man you are the worst! Your so annoying and not funny anymore. You never really reviewed the damn phone! You reviewed 3D movie theater movies! Last time I watch Anything you review. To say you’ve run your course is an understatement. Played out would be more accurate. What a fat mouth. Dial it down and explain features and benefits like a real reviewer. Your not a comedian and your shtick is crap!
xyfer76 Oy oldin
What's the name of the song during the speaker test again?
Pantzer101 Oy oldin
Enough's enough already! 😂😂😂
Vince Johnson
Vince Johnson Oy oldin
Not gonna lie... I bought it a week ago, annnnnd I like it 🙄. And I'm an average consumer
SmartBrain Oy oldin
4:28 from the left Howard Bernadette Sheldon cooper and Penny .... i am just sayin
scotty10211 Oy oldin
Hardware will win but 3d is a no go lol my tv is 3d and I only watched 2 movies out of like 10 years lol and one time I had the LG 3d phone and the 3d tv and didn't realize I could make my own videos til I sold the phone lmao
bahhaziz Oy oldin
Do people really buy this? 🤔
Lewis Wright
Lewis Wright Oy oldin
HTC 3d copy Fail
xAsmir Oy oldin
whats up with fingerprints on camera lense ?
Dauntless Antt Lee
Yea let Hugo Strange have a turn in the video
Dine Lalumiere
Daymm boyz. This phone went to next level star wars holo tech to nintendo ds 3d effect real quick.
Shourya Mondal
This phone sucks! Like if u agreee!!!!
Jo ca
Jo ca Oy oldin
Can you please do less talking. More showing. I kept skipping and skimming through your video to find the most important feature to show: holographics. I end up skipping over your video
Soika Satsuma
Soika Satsuma Oy oldin
3ds for $1300.......seriously?
Nick L
Nick L Oy oldin
Lou you on the way lol
The ManCave Society
It’s not 3D it’s called 4view.. which pretty much is 3D without the glasses
Diemiten Oy oldin
The ManCave Society oh okay
The ManCave Society
It’s not 3D you need the glasses for it to be 3D. It’s called 4View.. I was just giving an example that it’s 3D without the glasses but it’s not called 3D
The ManCave Society
It’s not 3D you need the glasses for it to be 3D. It’s called 4View.. I was just giving an example that it’s 3D without the glasses but it’s not called 3D
Diemiten Oy oldin
Omg You said it's not 3D and now you say it's pretty much 3D
Rakesh Kharta
Rakesh Kharta Oy oldin
Who buy this ?
Brandon Prentice
Remember the HTC Evo 3D? Didn't work then, won't work now.
SoN oFaBleepBlop
same crap as the HTC EVO 3D ..and it failed !
awaung Oy oldin
Casino Slot machines uses the same 3D tech.
mr.power Oy oldin
Arpad Mozes
Arpad Mozes Oy oldin
Switch to mate 20 pro! Worth every single dollar!
Mr. Rey
Mr. Rey Oy oldin
Can you do a full camera test !
Uncle Billy Bob
My grandpa actually knows a guy who works at red
MuchycZ Oy oldin
Anyone knows the song name in the background? So chill.
Muhammad Yasar
Really looks 3d
jakerecords Oy oldin
Htc evo was junk too.
Jack Michaels
Jack Michaels Oy oldin
If Apple made this product then people would go crazy for it with better speakers, and the Iphone ten camera
RC Ranch
RC Ranch Oy oldin
Just remember all the people that commented negatively watched your video. So the joke is on them right? Haha
Malsi ito
Malsi ito Oy oldin
13 millions 😕 wtf .. i've never see a shiiiit with 13 M follower
RaveCoaster Oy oldin
What a Unit
Cellus Christie
I would love to see camera companies start designing phones that cut cost on the bells and whistles the general public wants and instead put more effort and budget into even better quality phone cameras, design tools ,workflows, collaboration tools ect for creators
Marvino Oy oldin
The 3DS already did it...