Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)

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Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)




24-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 7 oy oldin
I still can't believe all the awesome stuff we found!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another video from this spot! I'll convince Brandon to search for treasure this gross creek! haha - Big Boy
It’s Grace Time
It’s Grace Time 20 soat oldin
Love your channel thanks for making the BEST VIDEOS
Oakley Dokie
Oakley Dokie 17 kun oldin
You need to @iJustine and see if you get can more info about that!
virginija lavrikaitiene
I lac your vidyos🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒👍🤘
Roberta Duncan
Roberta Duncan 28 kun oldin
I want the fishing 🎣
I don't believe that people dump all that stuff arround the river. That's lame people
Alysa Rowe
Alysa Rowe 56 daqiqa oldin
Saw nose shark
CallanTube 123
CallanTube 123 Soat oldin
Part 2 please!
Steve Feyers
Steve Feyers Soat oldin
I know my timing on this comment is really bad but do you mean swordfish and anyway I love your vids and keep up the good work
Ethan Hilbrecht
Ethan Hilbrecht 2 soat oldin
3:03 thats from a weed whacker or its a bush cutter so yeah just to let u know
Mateo TV
Mateo TV 2 soat oldin
"MacBook Pro" its a apple IIe sauce boss no hate
CallanTube 123
CallanTube 123 Soat oldin
suzanne kistler
suzanne kistler 2 soat oldin
gactcah studio roplay
'part 2'
Derek Jacobs
Derek Jacobs 3 soat oldin
CD player ? lmao
Kelly Whitmire
Kelly Whitmire 4 soat oldin
#big boy
Craig Rushin
Craig Rushin 6 soat oldin
u should do a give away
Craig Rushin
Craig Rushin 6 soat oldin
Craig Rushin
Craig Rushin 6 soat oldin
get 4 wheelers and drive throw the canal
Amelia Hart
Amelia Hart 6 soat oldin
Hey guys you are the best
Alivia Olson
Alivia Olson 9 soat oldin
3:06 uuum a sawfish
Alivia Olson
Alivia Olson 9 soat oldin
If you fall you'll get a million views Doesn't fall *gets 2 mill views*
debbie linden
debbie linden 9 soat oldin
Part 2 part 3 part 4 5678910 and part 100(: I want part 1 to 💯
Thunder bolt 32
Thunder bolt 32 10 soat oldin
Hamsel Alvarez
Hamsel Alvarez 11 soat oldin
part 2
Haley Hay
Haley Hay 12 soat oldin
The Kroch
infinite list
infinite list 14 soat oldin
I subed and hit the bell
infinite list
infinite list 14 soat oldin
Part 2
Stina Peterson
Stina Peterson 22 soat oldin
Part 2
Jennifer Degnan
Jennifer Degnan 23 soat oldin
Go to the Severn river I found real emeralds there
Jennifer Degnan
Jennifer Degnan Kun oldin
Goblin shark
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Kun oldin
hello big boy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jake Christopher
Jake Christopher 12 soat oldin
Melony Edwards
Melony Edwards Kun oldin
Lol its a microwave brandon
Kid Perfect
Kid Perfect Kun oldin
My dads name is jake
Jake Christopher
Jake Christopher 12 soat oldin
Kid Perfect
Kid Perfect Kun oldin
They are called sawfish
Liam P
Liam P Kun oldin
Jessica Sims
Jessica Sims Kun oldin
can you go to the Jade river
crewsoccer10 Kun oldin
These guys are the definition of one mans trash is another mans treasure
Jake The Gaming 1
Dislikes are the fish
Dakota Oakes - Rookie
"How kind- Jake there is a train coming so we need to get off of the tracks." Said that so casually, lmao.
Sascha Dockery
Sascha Dockery Kun oldin
part two
Gabriela Arroyo
Gabriela Arroyo Kun oldin
parte thos
Rylee Lynn
Rylee Lynn Kun oldin
Lily James
Lily James Kun oldin
Big boy
washi whales
washi whales Kun oldin
Part 2
Julie Valenzuela
part 2
Mariah Schmidt
Mariah Schmidt Kun oldin
Part 2
panda love
panda love Kun oldin
do part 2 do part 2 do it plz love ur chanle
Twisted Graffiti
Saw fish
Lovis AJ
Lovis AJ Kun oldin
Part 2
saleha shahzad
saleha shahzad Kun oldin
sell it
Britnee Langston
Ibu Mir
Ibu Mir 2 kun oldin
Link 2244
Link 2244 2 kun oldin
the mac book is an 80s apple computer
Eisens plays saagon
read it read
Aaron Friedman
Aaron Friedman 3 kun oldin
At 2:22 he sounds so british
Elijah Kent
Elijah Kent 3 kun oldin
please talk louder
Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts 4 kun oldin
part 2
Unfriendlys GT
Unfriendlys GT 4 kun oldin
I found a guy spotted you and run away
Britnee Langston
Where what part!?!
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 5 kun oldin
Part 2
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey 6 kun oldin
Hey.... WHERES BIG BOY!?!?!
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 6 kun oldin
Part 2
anh nguyen
anh nguyen 6 kun oldin
It's a saw fish not a sword fish
Twisted Graffiti
Giuliana Migliosi
Giuliana Migliosi 7 kun oldin
da'monte braziel
da'monte braziel 5 kun oldin
+anh nguyen don't nobody care trying to be some kind of nerdy something you ain't impressing nobody
anh nguyen
anh nguyen 6 kun oldin
Saw fish dumb as
Matthew RobloxGamer
That’s a apple IIc
OMM 0910
OMM 0910 7 kun oldin
those are some nice shades you guys are wearing! what brand are they?
Ladan Bana
Ladan Bana 7 kun oldin
its called a sord fish
Katy San Miguel
Katy San Miguel 7 kun oldin
Can I have that gun
ardis pak
ardis pak 7 kun oldin
Still searching for the bag in the description
Sarah Verzino
Sarah Verzino 7 kun oldin
part 2
Jon Payne
Jon Payne 7 kun oldin
When you found the strange saw the type of shark was a sawshark
Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble 7 kun oldin
Part 2 😁😊
Sam Laskebetch
Sam Laskebetch 7 kun oldin
Saw shark
Mega699357 8 kun oldin
part 2!
GRAND GAMES 8 kun oldin
I wish I had that car wheel piece I am a collecter.
T.M. H.
T.M. H. 8 kun oldin
You guys are becoming trash men. It's sad to see so much trash, people are just to "trashy" why do people do this?
Britnee Langston
I agree with you why do people do that
Grant Haskins
Grant Haskins 8 kun oldin
that is a sawfish nose
Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen 8 kun oldin
Part 2 would be dope
Koda Wilson
Koda Wilson 9 kun oldin
PART 2222222222222222222(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Roblox Hacks And More YT
Hey i had no idea you lived in Columbus i was in columbus not to long ago
Crowel Da
Crowel Da 10 kun oldin
Try to find a hover board
thevorpal 11 kun oldin
i want a part 2!!!!!! ;):);):)
Lyla Rubino
Lyla Rubino 12 kun oldin
you should give the mac book pro to apple and see what they say!!!
Cristian Contreras
Cristian Contreras 12 kun oldin
Hi big boy😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez 12 kun oldin
Not the ocean
Sky Light
Sky Light 12 kun oldin
Zthats apple 2 ....piece of history
Senpai tigger
Senpai tigger 12 kun oldin
Imagine if they had a big spoon and put it in the water then took it out and found lucky things. That would be so cool. 🤯 Mind blown
HUNTER BROWNING 12 kun oldin
the fish you were trying to figure out the name of the fish it is a Spoon Bill fish
iiPaigeGamingx 14 kun oldin
Sup big boy 😂
Jerry Fritz
Jerry Fritz 13 kun oldin
laughing until crying emoji
Mike The Peaceful Individual
that gun was a tazer
Alex C.
Alex C. 14 kun oldin
Not a mac its an apple 2 in 1980 before the original mac existed
khang quach nguyen
khang quach nguyen 14 kun oldin
Weeeeeeeeet lannnnnnnnd
Sherlin Zetina Medina
yh big boy got a good tv
Sarada Uchiha
Sarada Uchiha 14 kun oldin
tiny oof small oof medium oof large oof huge oof humongous oof monsterous oof
Sarada Uchiha
Sarada Uchiha 9 kun oldin
Ma.Vilma Gallardo
Ma.Vilma Gallardo 15 kun oldin
part 2 plz
Mayada Alamari
Mayada Alamari 15 kun oldin
Part 2😀😀😀
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 15 kun oldin
Alex Salihovic
Alex Salihovic 15 kun oldin
Wow :O
april majdzinski
april majdzinski 16 kun oldin
You Have A great time to say that you are a candy store for your coment Razor TGM and a candy store for your coment Razor TGM and a candy store 7
april majdzinski
april majdzinski 16 kun oldin
Sword fish
Gia D'Amico
Gia D'Amico 16 kun oldin
Carson Reed
Carson Reed 16 kun oldin
Part 2
CelticKlein 16 kun oldin
luv ur vids
Alana Marmolejo
Alana Marmolejo 16 kun oldin
Is that a swordfish...?
Levi Pilkington-Fox
Levi Pilkington-Fox 16 kun oldin
Oakley Dokie
Oakley Dokie 17 kun oldin
LMAO you guys are so funny making guesses about what the stuff is! XD