Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)

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Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)




24-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 10 oy oldin
I still can't believe all the awesome stuff we found!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another video from this spot! I'll convince Brandon to search for treasure this gross creek! haha - Big Boy
Vìrüs Shâdy
Vìrüs Shâdy 8 kun oldin
Part 2 Part 2
joe vise
joe vise 22 kun oldin
Part 2!!!!
duell collins
duell collins 27 kun oldin
If the owners don't mind also cheek the creek that runs down to Bluff Creeks boat dock.
Larita phillips
Do more videos plz
MoonCat Oy oldin
Hey I just wanna say your videos are so cool and fun
shamealamealame Kun oldin
Part 2
Roman Salazar
Roman Salazar Kun oldin
where is the crunch
Alekh Rana
Alekh Rana 5 kun oldin
Biiiiig boiiiiii
Bella Howcroft
Bella Howcroft 6 kun oldin
Part 2
Brian Holzwordt
Brian Holzwordt 7 kun oldin
That looks like a part to the apple //C or E
Cancerous Videos
Cancerous Videos 7 kun oldin
Just not a macbook though is it
George Dorney
George Dorney 7 kun oldin
Laila Harding
Laila Harding 8 kun oldin
their vids are TRASH! Watch Man+river for actual entertainment and better finds.
Ashleigh Tirazona
Ashleigh Tirazona 6 kun oldin
@Laila Harding Like you can do any better?! 🙄😒
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash 7 kun oldin
I personally like these people better
Ryan Slade
Ryan Slade 9 kun oldin
Yes do a part 2
kookies & cream oof
kookies & cream oof 10 kun oldin
Part 2 pls😱😱❤👌🏻👌🏻
Lillie Dickerson
Lillie Dickerson 11 kun oldin
Part 2
jokings list
jokings list 12 kun oldin
You should come to new zealand and do this in our rivers and lakes
GTHESUPERMAN 2b2t 13 kun oldin
Apple 2c
Honeybee Niday
Honeybee Niday 14 kun oldin
i really enjoyed watching u holding that bag! can't stop laughing .
Gage Jernigan
Gage Jernigan 14 kun oldin
It's a sawfish
Logan Keizer
Logan Keizer 16 kun oldin
you should bring a metal detecter.
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Hunter 16 kun oldin
Soul Fish
dwights model railroad
Wait, by tha river there was a abandoned railroad across from that train bridge, 100k likes search the abandoned railroad
dwights model railroad
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 18 kun oldin
Flying Squid
Flying Squid 19 kun oldin
OH I thought it said while searching for Internet
Mags Clarke
Mags Clarke 19 kun oldin
Part 2!!
EthanTube3103 19 kun oldin
The apple 2c was from 1984
EthanTube3103 19 kun oldin
EthanTube3103 19 kun oldin
It's not a macbook pro it's a apple 2c. //C
Semiaj Elzea
Semiaj Elzea 19 kun oldin
Your really cool
brick super epic gamer 123 bricks
The gun you found was a laser gun
Mukhil Prabu
Mukhil Prabu 21 kun oldin
part 2
cpeek07 21 kun oldin
Part two
Mr.Doctor 22 kun oldin
hello i'm pro Apple it's Apple 2
Georgia Hill
Georgia Hill 22 kun oldin
I love fishing 🐳🐬🐟🐠🐙🐢
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 14 kun oldin
I saw that no one liked or responded to your comment so i am hoping this will make your day❤
Georgia Hill
Georgia Hill 22 kun oldin
I love you 😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️
Kayla Swayze
Kayla Swayze 22 kun oldin
What is up with people losing phones up in here? XD
Karson Klingensmith
Karson Klingensmith 23 kun oldin
Flame The Pikachu
Flame The Pikachu 23 kun oldin
Sebastian ignacio Rojas menares
Enun. Vibró. Vi. Una. Escopeta
Anna Leshinsky
Anna Leshinsky 23 kun oldin
Part 2
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez 24 kun oldin
You guys should probably check out the Detroit River It's actually really nice.
Lisa Chen
Lisa Chen 24 kun oldin
PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natalie Davis
Natalie Davis 24 kun oldin
Part 2
Natalia Slewa
Natalia Slewa 25 kun oldin
Poor trees
Erin O'Sullivan
Erin O'Sullivan 25 kun oldin
chicken 34
chicken 34 25 kun oldin
Alec W
Alec W 26 kun oldin
That is NOT a MacBook, it is an apple IIc
Sydney Seward
Sydney Seward 27 kun oldin
Flufflet 27 kun oldin
I know it's a joke, but i'm still triggered that you call it a macbook.
Laila Harding
Laila Harding 8 kun oldin
but they weren't joking...
SuperBart 23 kun oldin
Flufflet Same is the Apple llc
stefani robles
stefani robles 27 kun oldin
Rapscallion The Hip-Hop Onion
Hedge trimmers.
Charlie Burk
Charlie Burk 28 kun oldin
It's an Apple IIc
hobo roadrunner and princess xena
Charlie we will never understand this generation
RAYLON NGUYEN 28 kun oldin
im watching on a MacBook
Jeroen 28 kun oldin
I guess the guy who dumped the Apple 2, wanted to make sure no one could see his browsing history from 1986. Since internet became available mid 90's, this proves time travel is real. 😮
ursula larson
ursula larson 28 kun oldin
vote4freedom 29 kun oldin
That is definitely stuff washed in when water was higher. Our waterways and streams are very polluted.
the cool youtube gamer
it is not a macbook it is a apple 2
Sarah Skyman
Sarah Skyman Oy oldin
don't ASSUME because it makes an ASS out of U and ME
Elliott Frisch
MacBook? No. Even better! That is an Apple IIc. uzvid.com/video/video-rXONcuozpvw.html
Abe R
Abe R Oy oldin
Part 2
ungabungaable Oy oldin
actually that is a APPLE IIC made in 1984, I had one. lol. the " cd player" is a 3.5 floppy drive. that is also probably worth a few bucks even though its been swimming for a few years. also the other video from the same river, seems that river may have flooded and torn apart someones home and that washed down stream with the x box and other stuff. unless ya have allot of homeless around there. but considering all the stuff in the trees looks like someones house was washed away.
vote4freedom 29 kun oldin
Yeah I laughed when they said it was a cd player too. lol I agree that this is from a flood.
Xxxbigchungixxx445 Omg
Big boy big chungis
Melanie Holder
Hey the ancient Mac book is actually called an apple 2 my step mom has one
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
That's from filthy frann
Timothy Johnson
Go to the Tennessee river or one of our many lakes
Part 2
marblegecko Gamez
15:18 that’s a micro wave door lmao😂😂
Jing Arjay87
Jing Arjay87 Oy oldin
It's a fuccing apple llc
Trina McDaniel
my grandma has a macbook that i play on and thats the keyboard the slit on the side is not a CD holder its the sqare disk holder.
carson finley
carson finley Oy oldin
Part 2
MatteGamer2 Oy oldin
Kids throwing fire extinguishers out of the car
Sandy Owens
Sandy Owens Oy oldin
Jake is bid boy
Desiree Velasquez
That my fishing poul
melissa spealman
Hedge trimmer
Emmanuel Romero
U r soo nice
embie Oy oldin
Apple IIc
ItsM3Mariska Oy oldin
Swordfish 🐟
getrealplease Oy oldin
Lol its not a Mac Book.. Its an Apple IIc computer, and No its not a cd rom drive, its a 5.25" floppy drive.. They built them from 1984 to 1988.. It did not have a hard drive, and no they are not worth much.. You could get a monochrome CRT 9" or a color CRT for a bit more money.. They did have a Apple Flat Panel Display that was one color and did not work well or sell well.. But yeah.. Its an Apple II 4th gen.. And is not related to a Mac.. Only connection is that they were both built by apple. The Mac and Apple 2 were not the same computers at all.
Marin Kustić
Marin Kustić Oy oldin
They're just kidding around...
Naveen Rokuro
Naveen Rokuro Oy oldin
It’s saw fish
Nevaeh Alisauskas
I swear if you ever find a child body call the cops!!!AND WORRY
Truly Infamous
Man, I'd love to go to a place like that with a pickup truck just to clean it up all that trash. Looks like that's something I need to do this summer. Give that apple computer to 8-bit guy, he's repaired nasty computers before. ;)
leanna smith
leanna smith Oy oldin
You are so freaking awesome and you have a awesome UZvid channel keep up the excellent work you guys are good divers
Laila Harding
Laila Harding 8 kun oldin
divers? do u know what diving is? Man+River is better once u see one vid youll forget about whoever these people are
Kentoy143 Oy oldin
i was waiting for the part 2
elijah gaudet
elijah gaudet Oy oldin
Part 2
A. M.
A. M. Oy oldin
Its the Macintosh Ipad Xs Plus from the 80s
ItzLittleK Oy oldin
Part 2
Eleni Pelican
Eleni Pelican Oy oldin
part two
Morgan Penguin
What was that furry looking thing on the ground to the left at 9:55?
Renato Fogaça
lol a Apple 2
Ryley Morgan
Ryley Morgan Oy oldin
Makes me cring yall callin it a macbook lol. So I must inform haha. Its actually an apple 2, one of the origonal apple computers and most famous and kost sold in its time. Was truely inovational in its prime being made for a near 15 to 20 years.
Blade Anims
Blade Anims Oy oldin
Ryley Morgan It makes me cringe knowing you mis-spelled “cringe”
That Tophat Guy
Part 2
BLOWIN Oy oldin
Kelsey Lockhart
That card is for casinos 😁
theonlynik Oy oldin
AT 6:46 does he have a gun on his vest???
Sophie Fickett
The ancient MacBook Pro I think that it used to be called a Macintosh or an Apple llc
AlucardFTW5 Oy oldin
There may have been a flood that washed all that junk in the river on top of people just throwing all their trash in
TheHurricaneHunter // NickTHH
I think what you found is a Apple IIc
Izzy Workman
Izzy Workman Oy oldin
If i could name that river id name it the river of treasure
Alaine O'Connor
Swordfish if you did not know that go back to kindergarten I am 9 and I still know
Laila Harding
Laila Harding 8 kun oldin
or a sawfish
Laila Harding
Laila Harding 8 kun oldin
well they are actually talking about a saw shark so go back to kindergarten
Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper Oy oldin
You're really are uneducated, no wonder you don't have a real job
melissa spealman
U don't have to be nasty. I don't see you out here doing what they are doing. In fact they get calls from the cops to dive when they need help. So Mr. Hateful bug off an go else where these guys are awesome. There is enough negativity in this world without u adding to it.
Sheila Adkins
Sheila Adkins Oy oldin
Nobody likes you
Scarlett Dinsdale
how about YOU get a life, this dude is amazing!! He actually earns a lot of money off UZvid!!! I see you on most of his videos just commenting horrible things that he doesn’t deserve!! If you don’t like his videos then just leave!! Nobody wants you here, your just a hater. And when your a hater you probably just jealous of him, back off mate, if u can’t be nice to people don’t say it, think before you say!! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🤬🤬🤬😡😡
Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper Oy oldin
+Sunflower Shiba i have a life thanks and i actually earn my living
Sunflower Shiba
Wow, here you are again. You are on every video just commenting horrible insults for no reason other than you are jealous of them. How about you get a real life and then come back.
David Means
David Means Oy oldin
That's the Apple IIc (2c). Not a MacBook. Circa 1983
TheHurricaneHunter // NickTHH
David Means agreed
Fuc U
Fuc U Oy oldin
9:26 i have that blue gun. Its for laser tag
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