Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)

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Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable)




24-Mar, 2018

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Fikrlar 7 473
DALLMYD 6 oy oldin
I still can't believe all the awesome stuff we found!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another video from this spot! I'll convince Brandon to search for treasure this gross creek! haha - Big Boy
Logan Rodono
Logan Rodono 8 kun oldin
thats somthing id wan for my collection
Logan Rodono
Logan Rodono 8 kun oldin
that's a apple2c, the most compact of the apple2 line of pc's
Ayaana Abdulla
Ayaana Abdulla 8 kun oldin
Ayaana Abdulla
Ayaana Abdulla 8 kun oldin
Killerxxx Toys
Killerxxx Toys 11 kun oldin
Panda Nation!! /Chilly Kham J
Kelsey Rivers
Kelsey Rivers 23 soat oldin
That bag is 60.00 dollars!!! It’s a kavu bag!
misu the cat
misu the cat Kun oldin
8:32 they see me rollin they hatin
mg196 Kun oldin
Not a MacBook. Apple IIc.
Amya Osorio
Amya Osorio Kun oldin
That was super cool
The Crazy Coaster
I want dat bag
Nana Marie
Nana Marie 2 kun oldin
Hilarious!!! Great Vid
Quinton Marketos
Quinton Marketos 2 kun oldin
It was probably someone’s backpack
Harry Young
Harry Young 2 kun oldin
Part 2
Fraser Johnson
Fraser Johnson 2 kun oldin
I think it's called a sawfish.
sword fish*
Droid 16 alpha
Droid 16 alpha 2 kun oldin
send the Mac book away to get restored
Becca Brewster
Becca Brewster 2 kun oldin
It’s an apple IIc from 1984
Beast Mode99
Beast Mode99 3 kun oldin
Evie bee
Evie bee 3 kun oldin
*saw shark* *saw idk..* Me: SAW FISHH
Comedies Cats
Comedies Cats 3 kun oldin
uhm someone could be out there with a backpack and hung it up and so do not take it next time 8:09
Evie bee
Evie bee 3 kun oldin
Comedies Cats i dont think that would happen...they would be near the bag whoevers bag that was..
Kate Holloway
Kate Holloway 3 kun oldin
I was thinking that they talk to each other like chase and yummi then not two minutes later they start to talk about motorcycles
Sarp Ersoy
Sarp Ersoy 3 kun oldin
It isn't Macbook, Macintosh or iMac.
Charlie Cornwell
Charlie Cornwell 3 kun oldin
part two
Steve Nadeau
Steve Nadeau 3 kun oldin
Actually it is a Macintosh computer console and game console at that time and on the side you could put in a floppy disk that had something like 64k of disk memory and the console had itself 64k of memory only ( No cd's were existing at that time ) and on the back you could plug a video wire that is linked to your home TV to use as the screen and you had a plug for a matrix printer witch was using an inked textile band and you could plug a tape recorder to record the programs written in basic language and when you were loading a program from the tape recorder...it sounded like the first desktop modems when you were logging in with your internet service provider...IBM, Commodore and few other companies had that type of console.
Steve Nadeau
Steve Nadeau 3 kun oldin
+Tiffany Lee Il had time to spend 😂
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee 3 kun oldin
How long did it take for u to write that?
MV Master
MV Master 3 kun oldin
so much trash...
dave the dragon / jose torres
Phone colecterrrrr. Phone colecter roll out
Rowynn Slivka
Rowynn Slivka 4 kun oldin
“That weird that deer are out here bc there’s a entire city right there” Me: *looks up casually to see 3deer in my yard* oh boi...
Gavin George
Gavin George 4 kun oldin
Is a taser a gun? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
BTS ARMY Kun oldin
*lazer tag gun*
cristy Marticion
cristy Marticion 4 kun oldin
Thats funny haha
Jaelyn Bounds
Jaelyn Bounds 4 kun oldin
Part 2!!!!!PLZZZZZ
ecd 123
ecd 123 4 kun oldin
One time I found hafe of phone
John Rouse
John Rouse 4 kun oldin
He said be careful you might step on glass or nails then almost steps on a saw .-.
Noah Owenby
Noah Owenby 4 kun oldin
2:26 lol
sadie a.
sadie a. 4 kun oldin
Take a shot every time they find a phone
BTS ARMY Kun oldin
*pew pew*
Kallie Elizabeth
Kallie Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
big boy walking around with his lil backpack
Alphaback gaming
Alphaback gaming 5 kun oldin
Logan Bouillon
Logan Bouillon 5 kun oldin
How much for it???????
Developing Pickles
Developing Pickles 5 kun oldin
*these are deer tracks*
Bex Bense
Bex Bense 5 kun oldin
Everyone throw everything in the river
ecd 123
ecd 123 4 kun oldin
No... that's bad
ShoreRedneck16 5 kun oldin
Hey its martin Kyle
What if the water just come that would be bad
SCOTTY bella
SCOTTY bella 6 kun oldin
Part 2
Matt but ya know, 2 t's
why does the apple logo on that thing look like the trans flag
Matthew Ferraro
Matthew Ferraro 5 kun oldin
Matt but ya know, 2 t's because the Apple 2 was the first Apple computer to have colour
creeper gaming
creeper gaming 6 kun oldin
Are you selling that thing, that thing is cool.
creeper gaming
creeper gaming 6 kun oldin
Nvm that things dead af
Scooby Claw
Scooby Claw 7 kun oldin
Needle nose shark dude.
TheTexanFanMan 7 kun oldin
That's an Apple II not a Macbook.. our society has come down to this....
Apollo Lynx
Apollo Lynx 5 kun oldin
This thing was released 30 years ago! 😱
micanikko 7 kun oldin
Thats awesome! I wonder why people just leave their stuff in the river tho??
connor Lee
connor Lee 8 kun oldin
I have the same laser tag gun
The177Hunter 8 kun oldin
floppy drive, not cd
Ayaana Abdulla
Ayaana Abdulla 8 kun oldin
Pls like my comments
Ayaana Abdulla
Ayaana Abdulla 8 kun oldin
Stephanie Erway
Stephanie Erway 8 kun oldin
Love your videos! You have definitely inspired me and my friends to invest in some gear and look for treasures around the creeks here in Missouri! Thanks for the fire content!! 👌😇
sheshegirl xoxo cacita
Part two
Michelle Uruski
Michelle Uruski 9 kun oldin
I’m kinda sad that someone chucked that apple ll in the river those are getting more rare by the day
Michelle Uruski
Michelle Uruski 9 kun oldin
“MacBook” You have no idea how mad im right now
Please enter a name.
Realthelemon 9 kun oldin
that computer is an apple 2 c
Mithat Sinan Sarı
Mithat Sinan Sarı 9 kun oldin
you do like to call his name :D
Kawaii_garl_1111 Verge
Part 2
kitty gamer
kitty gamer 10 kun oldin
Brandon Caudillo
Brandon Caudillo 10 kun oldin
Part 2
isabelle Fallowfield
SuperStarSophie 9 kun oldin
isabelle Fallowfield
SuperStarSophie 9 kun oldin
Unowned Person
Unowned Person 10 kun oldin
Its called a saw fish pretty simple
Zion Martin
Zion Martin 10 kun oldin
Big boy
OmegatheNightWolf 11 kun oldin
Yall NEED to get fourwheelers!!!❤😅
Robert Meade
Robert Meade 11 kun oldin
That would be an apple II not a macbook pro.
Best brother Bro
Best brother Bro 11 kun oldin
Part 2
Clem Thomas
Clem Thomas 11 kun oldin
"cd player" aw you guys are too cute.. 5 1/4" floppy
daniels kazusevs
daniels kazusevs 11 kun oldin
i want to try fix that imac
Please enter a name.
It’s not an iMac it’s an apple llc search it up it was apples first somewhat portable mac and it was an ancient relative of an iMac. Them saying it was like a Macbook Pro is like saying that modern humans are ancient Egyptians.
Michelle Uruski
Michelle Uruski 9 kun oldin
Depends how long it was in the river
Robert Meade
Robert Meade 11 kun oldin
It is probably so corroded its not fixable.
Lauren Ventura
Lauren Ventura 11 kun oldin
Part 2
Cora Cartmell
Cora Cartmell 11 kun oldin
That microwave door
Madeline Ramirez
Madeline Ramirez 11 kun oldin
"Its off a microwave brAnd0n" 😂😂😂😂😂
Jrizy alvin
Jrizy alvin 11 kun oldin
Part 2
weird potato
weird potato 11 kun oldin
4:40 pew pew pew hehe ur dead Can somebody comment how many times "thank you good sir" was said
Alissa Luna
Alissa Luna 11 kun oldin
jake is hot 💀
xex-jd modz
xex-jd modz 11 kun oldin
King of memes Lol wut
It’s a not a Mac book it’s a apple 2 c
Realthelemon 9 kun oldin
NorfolkSouthern8102 Production
At 0:40 that’s a SD40-2
Hype Gamer
Hype Gamer 12 kun oldin
sord sharks
Gideon 11 kun oldin
Cord mammals
FnafFan64 64
FnafFan64 64 12 kun oldin
Big boy part 2
Nighthawke70 12 kun oldin
That is an antique Apple IIc. It preceded the Mac by more than a few years. That poor thing's been through the wringer.
Merlin Gaming
Merlin Gaming 12 kun oldin
Big boy🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎
Kymani Brown
Kymani Brown 12 kun oldin
Saw fish
MacKenzie Cox
MacKenzie Cox 13 kun oldin
Where is Big Boy
Ennui Attendre
Ennui Attendre 13 kun oldin
part 2
Galaxy Lightning Ninja
Part 2
Pashico 13 kun oldin
Michael Stevenson
Michael Stevenson 13 kun oldin
"Is this a laptop??"
Please enter a name.
No it’s an apple llc
Scott Delbo
Scott Delbo 13 kun oldin
Pickle_Potter 13 kun oldin
Part 2
That isn't an ancient Macbook Pro, it's a part of a Macintosh.
Tom 2404
Tom 2404 7 kun oldin
No, it is an Apple IIc
pandas are cuties
pandas are cuties 13 kun oldin
PART 22222222
iiSavageFaith 13 kun oldin
1:55 if you fall this video will get a million views though.
FastGaming Josmar
FastGaming Josmar 13 kun oldin
You Found my Full Cruch
fallout boy1213
fallout boy1213 13 kun oldin
the microwave is from mr.beast and is microwaved
Glassesnerd101 14 kun oldin
this bag is working out GreAt
Mini laser
Mini laser 14 kun oldin
Give me a shout out and I’ll give you one back👍🏻
Leo Baughman
Leo Baughman 14 kun oldin
That's not a cd port it's a floppy disk port
Farryn Brown
Farryn Brown 13 kun oldin
Looks to small to be a floppy. Might be a hard disk
MOHAMED SALAD 14 kun oldin
Stranger things looks like it was set here
Ale A
Ale A 15 kun oldin
Part 2
BroLoo Salt
BroLoo Salt 15 kun oldin
BroLoo Salt
BroLoo Salt 15 kun oldin
The funny Potato
The funny Potato 14 kun oldin
BroLoo Salt your lieing
Ale A
Ale A 15 kun oldin
BroLoo Salt lieeeeeeeessss
Abbi Battibulli
Abbi Battibulli 15 kun oldin
That’s my bag
Poke67883 Roblox
Poke67883 Roblox 14 kun oldin
Abbi Battibulli lies
John Myers
John Myers 15 kun oldin
It’s an apple II c
T cario
T cario 15 kun oldin
I'll have the fire extinguisher