He Made $20k a Month Playing UNO | How to Make MONEY as a Kid WOW.. OMG!!! Gaming 2019

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In this video, I will discuss how Mini Ladd made $20k a month playing UNO.
UNO is a very coming card game among adults and kids alike. Everyone at some point or time in their life has played uno with friends. Anyone can enjoy a great uno card game.
But I must admit I would have never thought the simple uno game can make you money. I know that statement peaked your interest and if you never played uno before you now want to know how to play uno.
Now you can go online and monetize your play with uno multiplayer. With that being said it is already one of best card games ever. LOL
It is one of the great card games for kids also and a great way how to make money as a kid.
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11-Yan, 2019



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Make me want to create a gaming channel.
Creativ Brian
Creativ Brian 2 oy oldin
he really playing games lmao! I might have to start playing uno lol
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They playing games, REALLY PLAYING GAMES!
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#TMN👣💯!!! ........ and then it all clicked........
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My lord I would like that
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I know right!!!
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Joshua Felder 2 oy oldin
Jb! Can You Please Contact Me Whenever You Have A Chance...I Really Need Your Opinion On Something...My Email is josh@marketingsuccessgroup.com Thanks!
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Man that shidd crazy
Love Sosa
Love Sosa 2 oy oldin
Jerry Jefferson
Jerry Jefferson 2 oy oldin
gamers on twitch are making way more then that playing games just look it up dum ass
Jerry Jefferson
Jerry Jefferson 2 oy oldin
you just stupid and dont know how easy it is to make a income online nowadays
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Where is the lies when the proof is there? #BigOleFacts
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