Is This The Best Laptop For Most People?

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Unboxing the 2018 MacBook Air. Is the new MacBook Air the best laptop for most people?
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9-Noy, 2018

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Picoy Lehaney
Picoy Lehaney Kun oldin
Dont buy apple products that is to expensive
jospin deek
jospin deek 5 kun oldin
Macbook everyday
hari charan
hari charan 5 kun oldin
This one will help btech student in programming please tell me Sir
Mark Schaukowitch
Mark Schaukowitch 5 kun oldin
Waiting for Ice Lake or Project Athena if Apple sticks with Intel. And those bezels are too much... Apple needs to shift to a 4:3 screen ratio on the laptops instead of 16:10.
Soumik Sharma Sarker
I am wishing to buy a new laptop for programming specially java and office work. For that I need a light weight laptop with decent performance. My budget is $1200. Which one should I pick? Your quick response will highly appreciated.
Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros 8 kun oldin
i got it, i love it
BASKAR SETTU 10 kun oldin
Ur buying so many products Give any one of the product to me for educational purposes
Martina Carmona
Martina Carmona 10 kun oldin
"Most people" cant even afford this laptop tbh
Wiktor Grotek
Wiktor Grotek 11 kun oldin
or Lenovo Yoga S730 😉
C O 12 kun oldin
No, it's the best for people who like to show the laptop logo in a coffee shop
varun arora
varun arora 14 kun oldin
In two years, Apple will throttle this with a new OS 'upgrade.' It happened to my Macbook. Now, it's dead. Finito. So looking at Dells now. Reluctantly. But Apple does not make sense any more. None. Not for tech specs, or for durability.
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips 14 kun oldin
Hey! I've question. Why do many people hate apple?
Donovan Mccrary
Donovan Mccrary 14 kun oldin
the MacBook will go far in life so im gonna go mac boo but I also like the ipad pro so I don't know just yet but we'll see
WawaXLeles Official
WawaXLeles Official 15 kun oldin
I want to buy Macbook only because I realize that so many youtuber use it. Can somebody tell me which one editing app better for newbie like me. ? imovie or adobe? btw.. I’m still new as youtuber. Thanks all
Adi 16 kun oldin
Android user here, you guys can hate all you want but although its overpriced it is still a great laptop, wanna know why? Cause unlike windows, macos is very stable and reliable.
mxystic -
mxystic - 17 kun oldin
*watches on MacBook Air*
youtube is hard
youtube is hard 18 kun oldin
apple sucks but the only way you can get laid in collage is with the apple logo
Default V.2
Default V.2 19 kun oldin
1:20 boi shut your apple fan boy ass up I unbox more bet stuff when you were in your dads balls.
Isaiah Rooks
Isaiah Rooks 20 kun oldin
I love how he says "NO more mag safe" like thats a good thing
Macbook air 2018 vs Macbook pro 2015 15" Second hand 500gb with 8ram of 16gb i forgot hmmm...
Dimitris Ger
Dimitris Ger 24 kun oldin
Poor kids hating apple and this product because they got no €
Shubh Arora
Shubh Arora 25 kun oldin
I'm between the 13.5 inch surface book 2 or this. What should I get??
Elias Ose
Elias Ose 27 kun oldin
My favorit youtuber
Elias Ose
Elias Ose 27 kun oldin
Symphatic guy
Ralph Revelar Sarza
Ralph Revelar Sarza 29 kun oldin
Stop overthinking, tech reviewers. I'm a former Dell user, and after a week of using the new MacBook Air, is it good enough? IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. The build quality is awesome. The brightness is fine! Don't rely merely on tech reviews, people. Check out the product in person. The new Air is such a great investment - well, at least for a writer like me who doesn't need so much power in my computing machine.
Tom S
Tom S 29 kun oldin
Well, you see, there’s this thing called the XPS13.
Özgür Alp Kılınç
i have no idea
Raymond Andaya
This guy is the most douche-y tech reviewer. Hahaha.
Prashant Dogra
Bro is it compatible for protools ?
bapx Oy oldin
Can people stop saying 130o for this and for that. Lmao guys, its 2018... Laptops are not used for gaming anymore... For coding I found my friend's MacBook very comfortable as he lend it to me bc my asus laptop was stolen. And i must say it feels amazing, ofc SO is different but the keys feel and the weight is just top notch. Also the battery life is really good as well. I will definitely buy a MacBook next year, not bc its apple or its the best laptop or bc its fast (cmon there are faster alternatives depending what you want to do). But bc it is cery comfortable to use, as a coder I find the keyboard very good as well
Alexa B
Alexa B Oy oldin
Can you connect a usb type C mouse to it?
Tanmay McGrath
It's called the air because it lightens your wallet.
Avi Negi
Avi Negi Oy oldin
Can I get this laptop for gaming (fortnite)
Abhishek Yadav
Which is the best laptop for it students ??
The dentys
The dentys Oy oldin
1.5 tb omg dats Big
The dentys
The dentys Oy oldin
Can u pls do a review on the iota 360 convertible laptop it's really cheap pls
Silver T
Silver T Oy oldin
Best for programming, business and very nice for students. You don't want to hear your fans or keyboard during a lecture. Really nice to work in public places like libraries, trains, planes, cafes and of course in your office. For gaming, high processing and home usages, get a tower pc. Really simple.
AHMED SM Oy oldin
Surface Pro is better imo it is still a tablet but with Windows OS not a mobile operating system
AHMED SM Oy oldin
They should combine the Ipad and Macbook Air
Ali Khamis
Ali Khamis Oy oldin
air (er ) in arabic means 'Dick'
Mr. Murica
Mr. Murica Oy oldin
Got it 2 days after it came out. Spilled iced tea on it 1 week after buying.
Solenn Oy oldin
This Laptop is Garbage. I wouldn‘t even buy it for 500 $
Jennyline Hirata
got the gold one! ❤️
Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews Oy oldin
In 2030 we will need to get a loans just to buy an iPhone 📱....... ‘oh the new iPhone came out, Iphone Xsss Max23 on sale for $18,999 ...
DatNamStick 817
But can it run Crysis ?
Toortog Pown
Toortog Pown Oy oldin
As much as don't like Apple I'm a musician and music hardware and software companies support Apple and especially iOS. Apple being both the hardware and OS make it easy for them to things like MIDI right out of the box. So at this point I'm might by a iPad Pro 12". Why because I can put it on a music stand with all my sheet music scanned in. There is some great iOS music apps. Now that iPad has USB-C port some of the music hardware may become compatible with Windows. But still have not completely convinced myself from watch and number of videos include Unbox Therapy on the OS short comings of iOS. So could end up nothing.
Petros Petr
Petros Petr Oy oldin
Making order tomorrow!!! Macbook baby
Krauser Fear
Krauser Fear Oy oldin
Probably not cause i am a windows fanXd
Austin Bell
Austin Bell Oy oldin
Anything with a Hard drive is pretty much obsolete these days in my opinion. Solid state drives are soooooooooooo much faster (obviously he knows that) but my late 2013 MacBook pro came with a 256gb solid state drive, and the bezel is pretty damn slim. no way in HELL would I upgrade to anything with a hard drive (I am aware that you can get them with a SSD instead of the HDD)
Jason Doucette
Made the jump from Mac to the Surface Book 2. Frig'n mcloven it!
Qader Big Qaderi
what if I say both
Julien Lindauer
Bluetooth 4.2. Seriously.
Madiline Scott
i love my macbook pro, but my air was way more lighter and the battery lasted way longer..
Brand Gardner
Brand Gardner Oy oldin
more info, less noise -- couldnt take it -- sorry headache already
Wearing Diaper :D
Katrina Celine Ditan
Yo, Unbox Therapy, how is the camera picture quality of your new MAcbook Air? I just purchased mine recently and was shocked at how poor the camera quality was when chatting on FB messenger, Skype, etc.... Maybe you can reach out to Apple so they could hopefully put out an update to fix this.
geoffk777 Oy oldin
Why would you buy this over a 13" MacBook Pro? For $100 more you'll get a better screen, a quad-core CPU (instead of dual core), and roughly the same size and weight. In fact, it's hard to see the point of the MacBook Air at all. Or buy a Windows keyboard and get a decent keyboard and better specs for a lot less money.
03Memito Oy oldin
Can you review the huawei Matebook x pro!! Like why haven’t you!! It’s fucking dope
Beau Wolf
Beau Wolf Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy, you should make a video about Matebook X pro laptop from Huawei. It looks amazing!
Yugesh Yugkanth
Sir please tell the best laptop for programming
Nandan K
Nandan K Oy oldin
$1200 for 8GB RAM, web browsing and a glowing apple logo. Value
2026 apple be like $65k for a iPad pro and $76k for the Mac book. Fans be like, I'll just sell my soul for that shit so fuck it. Don't judge me I'm a fan too,but 2019 is last time I'm going to buy a apple device.
Ojasv Singhal
Ojasv Singhal Oy oldin
Ayushman Anand
How many RAM????
Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi Oy oldin
that moment when you're older than Lew but apparently you were in diapers
Mohammed Siddique Hasan
Lol the way he sed u not going to get that logo on it
Omair Saya
Omair Saya Oy oldin
Any comments on the quality of the web cam on the new MacBook Air?... Hint it's trash
Oradub Oy oldin
As you aren't going to use it; can I have it? Lol.
ccseic Oy oldin
No problem here....Apple idiots will still pay for this POS. Congrats to Apple.....u just fooled more of the Apple afficiandos.
Harvey B.
Harvey B. Oy oldin
I don't like Apple because of their os but that's it
albert omar
albert omar Oy oldin
Which laptop do u suggest I buy ?
Razaele Garcia
Go for the Huawei laptop instead. This is robbery, Apple!
Razvan Vranceanu
Ye this laptop is definitely not a rocket, but it’s a great tool for a programmer and also a customer that wants a clean and responsive UI and look overall. You don’t buy a macbook for the specs, you buy it for the os and the attention to details.
Jing Kai Chee
Jing Kai Chee Oy oldin
No fucking USB Port..
Ruz 915
Ruz 915 Oy oldin
hahaha that sucks you guys are poor as fuck
G G Oy oldin
Sad they removed the light on the Apple 🍎 😢 was super cool
Max Daubenberger
Okay so I have worked as the Apple expert at my Best Buy for almost 3 years now and I can say confidently that this is a *decent* product. I understand why some people don't want to buy Apple products because of the limitations of the OS but what I don't understand is why some of you guys choose to harass anyone who wants their products. Apple devices, especially the computers, last a long time. On average, Mac users replace their devices far less often than Windows users. This is where I believe the higher price is justified. Not to mention the much lower risk of viruses/malware. Bottom line, let people buy what they want. If you don't like Apple, buy a Microsoft Surface, Lenovo Yoga, HP Spectre, or whatever other Windows computer you want/need. But if you have other Apple products, like how their devices operate, or just feel that they are the better option, then buy a Mac. Either way, don't make people feel bad about how they spend their money just because you don't like it.
Marcus Lorentzen Hanssen
Review the Huawei matebook pro
Joo Kim
Joo Kim Oy oldin
days of dedicated are over. Its time for data and app convergence. Across platforms and devices. designed to scale, small to large screen. TV to Laptop to tablet to phone to watch. plus other connected devices like Appliances and other 3rd party devices. OS should matter less as APPs move data through cloud services.
aamgdp Oy oldin
Meh, macbooks are only for very rich people who dont care about power
Steve Cloud
Steve Cloud Oy oldin
From a former Apple guy... just walk away. The PC is now far and away a more forward thinking product. Traded an iPad Pro for a Surface Pro, and am so glad I did. Apple has lost their innovation to worrying about their profit margins.
kirby march barcena
LateNite Oy oldin
I got the last good Mac they made, the mid 2015. I can plug anything in to it except a DVD.
Refugio A. Rodriguez
I have the upgraded MacBook Air 2017 ( 2.2 GHz Intel i7) should I get the new MacBook Air with Retina display? HELP!!
Ben Gregoire
Ben Gregoire Oy oldin
Jason Hew
Jason Hew Oy oldin
I gotta ask, the logo at the back doesn’t light up anymore?
u r right, it doesn't light any longer (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
Joshua Tharby
Joshua Tharby Oy oldin
I don’t think the usb c cable that comes with can be used for data transfer it’s just for charging.
Stupid Engineer
i hate apple, but i love eating apple.
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Oy oldin
Which one is better to macbook pro old generation or macbook pro with touch bar ...
Windex Oy oldin
Listens..... "Finally Apple has change their Mac Book" Me: What did they change the Name???
Budi Anto
Budi Anto Oy oldin
best laptop for everyone, my thought: new cheap chinese laptop with i7 and 1060 gpu.
Freddie Roques
I need a MacBook for logic Pro X and only have £400 aaaaaah it's so expensive! :(
Chi So Fly
Chi So Fly Oy oldin
Most people complaining about power in these comments are going to use the computer for Netflix and surfing the internet
Romish Majidov
Hey do you wanna trade one MacBook pro 13/touch bar with two hp spectre 13 new models. I could get refund so they sent me another one which as a noise problem as the old one , there is no noise problem when you use Microsoft edge though, this seems solvable but nobody could fix it, please let me know if you are interested
KSG Oy oldin
That's clickbait I saw title interested and then i saw mac. I laugh so hard
i have the 2016 air and I choose it over the 12inch macbook BECAUSE of the regular keyboard. I hate that new clicky keyboard. Still tho, if this new Air has the same battery life as the old model. and better BootCamp drivers I might just upgrade.
Juliagamez Oy oldin
If I get this laptop Can I download big aps like sims4?
ihazgamez Oy oldin
You kinda look like Steve jobs not to be rude
PickeWickle Oy oldin
do you like apple i dont think so then watch steve trabajo pineapple
São Paulo Soul
difficult choice, those that have always used a Mac and are comfortable only with the Mac OS, yes they will buy this. there are those that don't like an iPad, or tablet, they need a computer even if a tablet more than meets their needs, so they will also buy this. apple should have dropped this in price and started at 999 and then gotten rid of the MacBook completely. THEN this would be worth it. for now rather spend the money on a non Touch Bar 13 pro for the same amount, or an iPad Pro 256 gb.