Is This The Best Laptop For Most People?

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Unboxing the 2018 MacBook Air. Is the new MacBook Air the best laptop for most people?
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Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Kun oldin
Should I get Huawei Matebook X Pro, Dell XPS 9570, or Asus Zenbook 15?
Shadow JD
Shadow JD 2 kun oldin
1:18 just cuz u've been unboxing apple products for so long doesn't mean u don't dislike them, just saying 😂 good vid tho👍🏿
oink in yo face
oink in yo face 2 kun oldin
eew a mac book ill take windows all day everyday sorry apple fan boys
Saadman Mahfuz
Saadman Mahfuz Kun oldin
Fatima Jeddo
Fatima Jeddo 4 kun oldin
I have th oldest version of macbook air 11 inch which I consider as the best laptop Apple ever produced that met regular students need, and then they stop producing such a useful devices to more expensive one that needs more gadgets than anyone can afford!!!
Hüseyin Temizkan
Hüseyin Temizkan 5 kun oldin
what an embarrassment
AMAN MISHRA 7 kun oldin
I am in need of a laptop for my studies plez suggest me best laptop in cheapest price
Benjamin Gygi
Benjamin Gygi 8 kun oldin
I have the MacBook Pro with touchbar 13 512GB 2018 and it is better than the same price of the 1.5TB Air
Bcoool 2017
Bcoool 2017 9 kun oldin
Typing with my New 2018 MacBook Air and I love it.
TheJooomes 13 kun oldin
This might just be the best laptop for most people. But i'm not most people, i'm poor.
Baboonbootymeat 14 kun oldin
I typed Samsung laptop and this shit came up
Balkaran Singh
Balkaran Singh 14 kun oldin
Who is here from Unbox Therapy's new video
You can get a dell xps 15 with the same specs, touch screen, pen and gtx 1050 to for same price
Pradyut Kumar Mridha
I've it too, better for mean persons.
Sahadat Morol
Sahadat Morol 19 kun oldin
How much amount in Bangladesh.
Kaleb  Petrosyan
Kaleb Petrosyan 20 kun oldin
This guy unboxed a very expensive tech piece every week and I have been saving for a MacBook for like a year. What is this life
Futuristic Bot
Futuristic Bot 22 kun oldin
I’m a full apple sheep and I disagree with almost everything you said but I do really appreciate your video quality, I gave you a like this time.
03 Mattz
03 Mattz 22 kun oldin
All these niggas hatin on macbooks cause they stay broke 🤣 and thats fax
Eleanor moon
Eleanor moon 23 kun oldin
Willy Milly
Willy Milly 23 kun oldin
Im watching this vid on this laptop
Zetsuke4 23 kun oldin
Wtf why is it a different shade of white/gray/black at different angles????
Parsa .E
Parsa .E 25 kun oldin
Hannah Livingston
Hannah Livingston 25 kun oldin
Can we talk about how I bought the new macbook air and it was the worst camera I have ever seen?!
Victor Deras
Victor Deras 26 kun oldin
laptop over an iPad
Archit Kothari
Archit Kothari 27 kun oldin
MacBook for the average person......guess I am not even average
nothing realer than a Steeler.
Imo my 2 in 1 shits on all Macs
gabriel Oy oldin
I have seen people complaining about the price. I currently live in Brazil and the price of this device is 11000 reais = 3000 dollars..... Stop complaining 😂
iJono Oy oldin
it’s like the ipad lineup we had the iPad Pro (the largest and most powerful) iPad Air (Bigger than the normal iPad) iPad (smallest and probs least powerful but isn’t called the Air?) yeah..hopefully you get my point
knuckles zedawg
The best laptop for most people would cost like £500. Most people do not require a super high power laptop. They do not require the shell of it to be made of space grade unicorn horn. They do not require it to be badged as a partially eaten fruit. The best laptop for most people, for one it isn't apple, because apple stuff is overpriced, even most fanboys will admit that. The best laptop is not the highest powered machine, nor is it the lowest powered machine. The best laptop for most people is an average to slightly above average performing Windows laptop. Something that costs in the region of £500...
Momin Talukder
In average MacBook pro is best.But in this price range I think Mac air is best.ipad has not all the facilities we need.💥
Pat Smash
Pat Smash Oy oldin
I'm watching this on the 2018 MacBook Air
Chocolate Hogger
It’s So Low Powered And It Costs 1200$. Hahaha If It Wasn’t Based On The Power Of The MacBook I Would Go To Microsoft
h0lsteiN Oy oldin
cant have a custom backgrund on it.. it resets after reboots.......
Robert Robinson
Bad keyboard design
Muhammad Waleed
TΩwmaX Oy oldin
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar Oy oldin
I mulled over replacing my 2004 MacBook air with the 12.9" iPad pro but after much deliberation I think I will be buying another mac.
Water Dragon
Water Dragon Oy oldin
“I’ve been unboxing apple products since you where in diapers” You got me there
Irwin Rex
Irwin Rex Oy oldin
Fcuk Mac
Flaviu Oy oldin
Apple laptops ? No thanks !!
Owen Anthony
Owen Anthony Oy oldin
I need a good laptop for my classes but I don’t have Money to by a good quality laptop.
"I've been unboxing Apple products since you were in diapers." Lewis is 34. I am 41. Lewis must have been one talented little sperm if he was unboxing Apple stuff when I was a toddler.
Dji awesomesource
Wheres the speaker test?
For iPhone sell kidney For Mac sell yourself
Tom Hallett
Tom Hallett Oy oldin
2015 must of been the last year i bought an apple product, everything past 2015 just seems to lose good features or ends up with something that makes inconveniences elsewhere, usb type c is just a pain meaning you have to buy adapters, headphone sockets disappearing the list goes on, feels like you get less but the price still goes up..as the owner of an ipad air 2, imac 2014, macbook pro 2014, iphone 6s plus ,ipod touch 6 gen and apple watch series 3 i can say nothing beats these to where it compromises anything
Crubob11 Oy oldin
It is good for lightroom? I'm not a pro, just an hobby, love photo (raw) help me pls
Colin de Deugd
Colin de Deugd 2 oy oldin
Okay hold up what's up with that awesome set? I haven't watched in a while... what did I miss?
Rohan roy
Rohan roy 2 oy oldin
Jason Parker
Jason Parker 2 oy oldin
It's funny people claim the MacBook Air is expensive... I'm looking at base model of $1200. When I compare similar Windows laptops... they are all equally as expensive...and many times more so! Especially if you are wanting SSD-only solution, instead of hybrid HDD/SDD. **Plus** the fact that when you look at Amazon reviews for these Windows laptops.... SOOOO many people are reporting problems with trackpad, keyboard, bricking. I think you are actually getting a steal when you buy a MacBook because the overall quality level is higher. (Yes, any laptop can have problems.... but your chances of problems are much less with a MacBook.) It's a great value.
jax a
jax a 2 oy oldin
Good lord, I just want to buy another laptop, my dell inspiron went out after 7 years. I been watching all these info videos on UZvid, and getting confused as hell.
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 2 oy oldin
No, Apple products suck ass. They’re overpriced.
ian walker
ian walker 2 oy oldin
I got the 12" Macbook and it suits my needs 100 percent, however the new air does look really nice.
Howard Daley
Howard Daley 2 oy oldin
Ridiculous, for those potential Mac sheep, buy a refurbished 16 or 17model on Amazon, for 1400, I could get a Lenovo or a Vaio. The thrill from Apple is gone folks. Tim Cook's will sink Apple.
Simos805 2 oy oldin
Right now iPads have amazing hardware but the software is a little bit limited and basically it has no pro apps to support it! That’s a shame because as I said, iPads has amazing powerful hardware that indeed it can outperform a majority of laptops at this price points but without developers to make software to take advantage of it, the iPad it still remains a secondary device 😕 So right now, unless you have a very specific work scenario that you know an iPad would hep you get your work done (like using GarageBand or sketch on ProCreate), the more safe rout is a MacBook because of the way more possibilities it has to do things. You can do way more things on a MacBook but for sure, there are some things an iPad can do better than a MacBook because of the touch interface and the apple pencil and the amazing iOS software that takes advantage of this touch interface. It would be great to see more and more pro apps to take advantage of the iPad and the iOS to be a little bit more open on those device, to have Finder for example etc. For example, if the real Photoshop CC gets to the iPad’s app store and can do all (and I mean ALL) the things it can do on the mac, I think it will be amazing and more useful to edit photos on photoshop on an iPad than on a MacBook with a mouse because of the touch interface and the Apple Pencil!
QWERTY BG 2 oy oldin
I prefer the old one. For the same price i can buy 256gbs MacBook Air 2017, i mean in Bulgaria
oli tesla
oli tesla 2 oy oldin
OBVIOUSLY USBs are now to expensive so let’s just use thunderbolt to Inconvenience everybody!🙄🙄
Tim McDermid
Tim McDermid 2 oy oldin
I'd rather have the Surface Go
iiiTixna 2 oy oldin
iBook Squad, iPhone 3GS Squad? No Okay good I have a iPhone 7 Plus and A MacBook Air 2018/19!
Herculean TV
Herculean TV 2 oy oldin
ironic, I am watching this on the MacBook Air 2018 so,, the same thing he is reviewing lol it is nice
KrakenTL 2 oy oldin
Who's here from his latest bad news video about this laptop?
night2night3 2 oy oldin
Hey are you gonna update this video since you had the keyboard issue?
Mike Schlager
Mike Schlager 2 oy oldin
It's not thee ebeest lap top
Suliman Deeb
Suliman Deeb 2 oy oldin
I am from the future, the keyboard sucks
No you
No you Oy oldin
i kinda like the keyboard xD
Patawee Perez
Patawee Perez 2 oy oldin
when you always buy an apple products that is too overpriced from its aspect but forced to buy it because of the apple logo, why not buy the logo alone and put it in your PC laptop LOL
Abdur Rafay
Abdur Rafay 2 oy oldin
What is the song in the back
Alishah Rohit
Alishah Rohit 2 oy oldin
Unbox therapy which watch put in hands pls tell me ???
Picoy Lehaney
Picoy Lehaney 2 oy oldin
Dont buy apple products that is to expensive
jospin deek
jospin deek 2 oy oldin
Macbook everyday
hari charan
hari charan 2 oy oldin
This one will help btech student in programming please tell me Sir
Mark Schaukowitch
Waiting for Ice Lake or Project Athena if Apple sticks with Intel. And those bezels are too much... Apple needs to shift to a 4:3 screen ratio on the laptops instead of 16:10.
Soumik Sharma Sarker
I am wishing to buy a new laptop for programming specially java and office work. For that I need a light weight laptop with decent performance. My budget is $1200. Which one should I pick? Your quick response will highly appreciated.
Justin Swain
Justin Swain Oy oldin
I'm running the surface laptop 2 and I love it. For programming and office work I would highly recommend it.
Angelo Villones
Angelo Villones 2 oy oldin
MacBook Air definitely fits those qualifications and MacOS makes it a great product. If you don’t care about the OS, then the Microsoft Surface Laptop is a great product as well that runs Windows effectively and it’s about a $100 less.
Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros 2 oy oldin
i got it, i love it
BASKAR SETTU 2 oy oldin
Ur buying so many products Give any one of the product to me for educational purposes
Martina Carmona
Martina Carmona 2 oy oldin
"Most people" cant even afford this laptop tbh
Wiktor Grotek
Wiktor Grotek 2 oy oldin
or Lenovo Yoga S730 😉
C O 2 oy oldin
No, it's the best for people who like to show the laptop logo in a coffee shop
varun arora
varun arora 2 oy oldin
In two years, Apple will throttle this with a new OS 'upgrade.' It happened to my Macbook. Now, it's dead. Finito. So looking at Dells now. Reluctantly. But Apple does not make sense any more. None. Not for tech specs, or for durability.
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips 2 oy oldin
Hey! I've question. Why do many people hate apple?
Donovan Mccrary
Donovan Mccrary 2 oy oldin
the MacBook will go far in life so im gonna go mac boo but I also like the ipad pro so I don't know just yet but we'll see
WawaXLeles Official
I want to buy Macbook only because I realize that so many youtuber use it. Can somebody tell me which one editing app better for newbie like me. ? imovie or adobe? btw.. I’m still new as youtuber. Thanks all
mxystic -
mxystic - 2 oy oldin
*watches on MacBook Air*
youtube is hard
youtube is hard 2 oy oldin
apple sucks but the only way you can get laid in collage is with the apple logo
Amrit Garcha
Amrit Garcha 2 oy oldin
1:20 boi shut your apple fan boy ass up I unbox more bet stuff when you were in your dads balls.
Isaiah Rooks
Isaiah Rooks 2 oy oldin
I love how he says "NO more mag safe" like thats a good thing
Macbook air 2018 vs Macbook pro 2015 15" Second hand 500gb with 8ram of 16gb i forgot hmmm...
Dimitris Ger
Dimitris Ger 3 oy oldin
Poor kids hating apple and this product because they got no €
Shubh Arora
Shubh Arora 3 oy oldin
I'm between the 13.5 inch surface book 2 or this. What should I get??
Elias Ose
Elias Ose 3 oy oldin
My favorit youtuber
Elias Ose
Elias Ose 3 oy oldin
Symphatic guy
Ralph Revelar Sarza
Stop overthinking, tech reviewers. I'm a former Dell user, and after a week of using the new MacBook Air, is it good enough? IT IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. The build quality is awesome. The brightness is fine! Don't rely merely on tech reviews, people. Check out the product in person. The new Air is such a great investment - well, at least for a writer like me who doesn't need so much power in my computing machine.
Tom S
Tom S 3 oy oldin
Well, you see, there’s this thing called the XPS13.
H. Özlem Kılınç
i have no idea
Raymond Andaya
Raymond Andaya 3 oy oldin
This guy is the most douche-y tech reviewer. Hahaha.
Prashant Dogra
Prashant Dogra 3 oy oldin
Bro is it compatible for protools ?
MrR3set un
MrR3set un 3 oy oldin
Can people stop saying 130o for this and for that. Lmao guys, its 2018... Laptops are not used for gaming anymore... For coding I found my friend's MacBook very comfortable as he lend it to me bc my asus laptop was stolen. And i must say it feels amazing, ofc SO is different but the keys feel and the weight is just top notch. Also the battery life is really good as well. I will definitely buy a MacBook next year, not bc its apple or its the best laptop or bc its fast (cmon there are faster alternatives depending what you want to do). But bc it is cery comfortable to use, as a coder I find the keyboard very good as well
Daniel Gawron
Daniel Gawron 17 kun oldin
Same I've had the xps 15 and Huawei matebook x pro but I've watched a lot of videos saying macbook is good for programming. Same major in going for aswell.
iiLexie 22 kun oldin
Hope you got your Acer back.. Man. That guy Is gonna get Karma for stealing your Acer...
Alexa B
Alexa B 3 oy oldin
Can you connect a usb type C mouse to it?
Tanmay McGrath
Tanmay McGrath 3 oy oldin
It's called the air because it lightens your wallet.
Avi Negi
Avi Negi 3 oy oldin
Can I get this laptop for gaming (fortnite)
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav 3 oy oldin
Which is the best laptop for it students ??
The dentys
The dentys 3 oy oldin
1.5 tb omg dats Big
The dentys
The dentys 3 oy oldin
Can u pls do a review on the iota 360 convertible laptop it's really cheap pls
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