Apex African Gang Violence

Jack Hampton
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Australia is being flooded by African gangs resulting in violent mob crimes. People buy base ball bats and hair spray for protection.
'Diversity' is just a code word for White Genocide



11-Dek, 2016



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Peina Clarke
Peina Clarke Oy oldin
Fuckin kill the cunts fuck u Peter Dutton y aren't u sending these black fucks back to where they come from u don't mind sending kiwis home Ozzie stand the fuck up and do something and it ain't about white Australia u dumb fucks aborigines are the ones who belonged to that land first
Christopher Bray
Christopher Bray 6 oy oldin
Your a typical bunch of wankers, getting into trouble for protecting yourself, the worlds changed weather you like it or not Australia, wake the fk up
Don Don
Don Don 11 oy oldin
Bloody typical........... yes, you are allowed to defend yourself.......... but if you do, we will lock you up............
Sham27 G.O.A.T
Sham27 G.O.A.T 11 oy oldin
Omg ppl have gone crazy Why can’t we just get along
Barry Greer
Barry Greer Yil oldin
At 0.57-0.58 who’s he talking about when he stated ‘our’ suburbs???...my point exactly!!!!!...People need to quit sleepwalking and open yours eyes to reality this thing called white fragility and supremacy!!! We(human beings) all are one... and that the human race!!!
Barry Greer
Barry Greer Yil oldin
Is it me or did I just see only white hands in the beginning grabbing objects to protect themselves....this is what the world has come to...as soon as whites are in fear its a problem and that where the it begins...but as long as they are or were the ones afflicting pain and tragedy it law and order!!! The created white N.ieve I.ndividual who G.lorify G.reed and E.ncourages R.acism always throw a blind eye to what they have done for centuries for the sake of establishing a so called society!!! The more we(human beings)are different is the more we(human beings) are the same!!!!smh!!!
dogsitter68 Yil oldin
use wasp spray i hear it causes blindness
Ronald Mitaxa
Ronald Mitaxa Yil oldin
There is a simple and permanent solution. Simply blow the black bastards away . Guaranteed total rehabilitation.
Faruq.Black Power
Australia was a black land before the European savages came and killed the aboriginal Australian wo were black Canada USA Australia are stolen country not white countries In Africa there is over 10 million European living so Why are white people talking
rumple stiltskin
That bitch "BARBARA SPECTRE" She wouldnt last 3 mins. If I got my hands on her...!!!!!!
rumple stiltskin
"DEPORTATION" works at a rate of %100...!!!!!!!!
Micky Deloach
Micky Deloach Yil oldin
The cops should be appreciative of the citizens willingness to help, In the USA I carry a 1911A under my left shoulder when I'm out of the house! Ive used it 3 times in 15 yrs, but I was able to get home to my wife and kids but the bad guys went straight to the morgue! My wife and kids all carry concealed weapons and all know how to shoot!
Biden and other politically correct politicians have a death wish for the white race.
Kill them . They are not human. Don't call police. Don't talk to police. Chop chop if they happen to die inside your house. Police are on the side of criminals.
D&D Operations
D&D Operations Yil oldin
Bet you’re happy you flooded your country with third world muds and eliminated your right to bear arms.
White Man
White Man Yil oldin
fuck the police thay are good for nuthink, protect your life
Farmer2492 Yil oldin
if its black send it back if its white its alright
Frank Mgtow
Frank Mgtow Yil oldin
Send 'em back to their home country. NOW!!!
Malcolm Soh
Malcolm Soh Yil oldin
self defense is a threat to white Australians LOL
Summah Zane
Summah Zane Yil oldin
Give a white man a pile of bricks he will build a city ......... . Give a black man a city he will turn it into a pile of bricks.....
doonbro Yil oldin
What about a cricket bat what country is this?
wardoffthestate Yil oldin
Hairspray cause you wanna look real nice when you get smacked in the face with a machete !
Hu Man
Hu Man Yil oldin
Australians need to shovel up these shits and deport them to their shithole countries. That's the only way to get rid of the smell in Australia.
Silverknight171 Yil oldin
This is what happens when you don't have guns
EastSide Poeleh
EastSide Poeleh Yil oldin
Real gang doesn’t use weapons !
H. I. McDunnough
So sorry for all the Australians affected by this crimewave. You guys need to form large groups of neighborhood watch. Arm yourself with whatever you can. Don't let these criminals get away with destroying your neighborhoods. Don't be the sheep. Be the sheepdog. You can bet your sweet ass that if this were my neighborhood my neighbors and I would eliminate the issues. We would never stand for this atrocity that these refugees have brought to Australia. Makes me sick. I don't give a shit what color you are. You act like an animal you will be treated like one.
Max Wellness
Max Wellness Yil oldin
The west is crumbling protect your selves well you can. It's not your fault it was the weak people we elected who lied and shunned the reality.
Dave Chen
Dave Chen Yil oldin
Why does everyone u interview look sooooo uneducated
Christopher Bray
Thats the problem with this Australian government, we dont have the right to defend ourselves..Guess what your in for a rude shock..My blood is boiling & my guard is UP & READY !!!
Ed Thomsen
Ed Thomsen Yil oldin
Lol u can’t protect ur own property in this country???? GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Home invasion in the wrong house in America could end u up with a BODY FULL OF LEAD!!!😅😂🤣😅😂
Njiah Derrick
Njiah Derrick Yil oldin
Send them back where they belong, Trump is right.
Andy Richards
Andy Richards Yil oldin
they know you Aussies dont have guns,gees baseball bats and hairspray.hahahahahahahah.good luck
собачонка MUTT
Why can’t white man accept they time is done. Europe isn’t white anymore neither is UK. Let it go...
jacapo ten
jacapo ten Yil oldin
they wanna fucking outlaw baseball bat now or what? socialism in any form or degree is the tool of the evil banking Jesus hating false Jews.
Lulu Adness
Lulu Adness Yil oldin
many are buying weapons like baseball bats....ohhh yeh thats right we don't like guns in Australia, nothing a bit of blunt force trauma can't fix! (baseball bat will really help when its 4 on 1)
EastSide Poeleh
EastSide Poeleh Yil oldin
Lulu Adness real gang doesn’t use weapons
Lulu Adness
Lulu Adness Yil oldin
good choice!
Andy Richards
Andy Richards Yil oldin
machete i have in my bedroom,this shit is getting hairy
Choi Sha
Choi Sha Yil oldin
Choi Sha
Choi Sha Yil oldin
truckeemick Yil oldin
use your vote for free gun ownership. reverse the foolsh handback. that was by design so we could not defend against these unwanted invaders. the ultra elite/ iluminati dont want white races anymore because we build societys and civilzations and created democracy and wish for less government. they want only the dumb and compliance of the stupid black cunts everywhere. im not talking about brown people, im talking bout the real dark black purplish ones. they no good for anyone except for the ultra elites new vision of things.
7Point Deer
7Point Deer Yil oldin
Guys these are brain surgeons
Robert Sierpinski
Where are the nationalists? They eat a kebab ??Crying will not change anything, but the weapon will
Beavis Jones
Beavis Jones Yil oldin
Your freed slaves are way more pissed at you then they are in USA
Jack Hampton
Jack Hampton Yil oldin
Haha. They can't use slavery here for an excuse for savagery LOL.
MRHenHen 1986
MRHenHen 1986 Yil oldin
I hope they got some snags from Bunnings while they get stuff to defend themselves
bob johanson
bob johanson Yil oldin
We have guns in the USA. We will use them too. Fuckers do not want to come here. Our president don't want them either. Waiting for the word. Gonna be some dead illegals laying around.
Robert O'Connor
Robert O'Connor Yil oldin
Better get used to it, cobbers. Your politically correct, hand-wringing, effeminate United Nations puppet politicians are working tirelessly to bring about this situation. Your patriotism and hard work don't mean shit to these people. They are following a deeper, longer-term Zionist agenda. Swallow your pride, get used to the word 'racist' -- only the Whites are racist -- roll away your Union Jacks and other nationalist memorabilia, and realize that politicians are not your servants. They are your Masters. They are not passing votes based on what YOU think or want; they are passing votes based on what THEY want. You would shiver in your shoes if you knew just what it is that they want. Why do you think these outrageous things are happening now? By chance? Wake up, brothers and sisters. The survival of our race is in danger.
Kori Harpoon
Kori Harpoon Yil oldin
As a white American I will say I do not mind other races. If they work and follow the law I do not care because I have my own problems to deal with. However if thugs act like thugs then crush them and crush them hard.
Kori Harpoon
Kori Harpoon Yil oldin
Do you not realize that will happen no matter what? I nor the planet Earth will last forever. If a bastard attacks me then he needs to be put down. As for some grand plan for racial purity I have to ask: What is the point since this world will not last forever?
Jack Hampton
Jack Hampton Yil oldin
Well you will be blended out of existence and no one will remember you or your people. Gone. Extinct. Forever.
Mark Pathirana
Mark Pathirana Yil oldin
Apex gang is not just blacks. There are some whites in that gang too..
Kirsty Lyons
Kirsty Lyons Yil oldin
hey guys get Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray to keep beside the bed or in the car its far better than hairspray
Andy Richards
Andy Richards Yil oldin
mace spray check ebay
Kirsty Lyons
Kirsty Lyons Yil oldin
Make sure the bodies are never found..
TheMarker2015 L.S
TheMarker2015 L.S 2 yil oldin
They only flock to white countries.
truckeemick Yil oldin
TheMarker2015 L.S, have you noticed, that's where erything is.
NORD FALK 2 yil oldin
JEWISH AGENDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITE GENOCIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peter-john de jong
peter-john de jong 2 yil oldin
This wat happens when totally corrupted immigrants enter a country of peace and trust,,,where they become easy targets
garrisonsrs1 2 yil oldin
Mind control .
garrisonsrs1 2 yil oldin
Australian Gov is despicable.
Wun Hung Lo
Wun Hung Lo 2 yil oldin
in north carolina, we just buy more bullets. must suck to be neutered
Crow29Darkness 2 yil oldin
Thankfully the Australian Government is taking action deporting foreign-born Apex gang members on visas.
Colleen McGrady
Colleen McGrady 2 yil oldin
Aussies fed up with immigrationSweden fed upGermany fed Up France Fed up even China is fed up.... what does that tell you 9th circuit are you dumbed down ? Paid off ? Or stupid ?Folks support Trump or start buying baseball bats and hairspray like the Aussie HAVE to protect their families .We here in Seattle pay up to 45 thousand a year for our home tax and yet we have home invasions all over from illegal refugee terrorists why should we pay tax when our Government is importing criminals!
haddah gutful
haddah gutful 2 yil oldin
In whose imagination could even conceive the fantasy of islamists and Christians living peacefully together and why are western governments around the world forcing their own people to accept and condone the violence and death resulting from the implimentation of this evil conception .
Hershel Bucksbaumrhinostein
(((Tikkun Olam))) there goy.
Jen Kitching
Jen Kitching 2 yil oldin
Wake up! Stop the Islamization of your countries before its too late. uzvid.com/video/video-Wpy3FbYC5Ok.html
Darren Mandalorian
Darren Mandalorian 2 yil oldin
lol I thought this was just a normal news report, this video is well done for waking people up.
Shugyo ForYou
Shugyo ForYou 2 yil oldin
where are the bra boys?
Shugyo ForYou
Shugyo ForYou 2 yil oldin
Shugyo ForYou
Shugyo ForYou 2 yil oldin
that's the problem with the media right there. A "vigilante" is someone that leaves their home and looks for a criminal. Someone defending their home from invaders is doing what their government should have done
A true meme master
A true meme master 2 yil oldin
Diversity IS NOT a strength, if it was people would be practicing it now
I Need Coffee
I Need Coffee 2 yil oldin
Add an American, this video is surreal and, frankly, kind of pathetic. Baseball bats, hardware store items? Good lord.
danthedewman1 2 yil oldin
Pathetic...And they all let them take their guns..Vote that dumb law down and get your guns back..Or not..DUMB
San Handles
San Handles 2 yil oldin
They have to protect themselves because the police can't or won't, police response times are also an issue,,as is the judicial system that do not apply the law and DEPOT these mongrel thugs ,,,, if your carrying a baseball bat do have a ball and mitt with you ( your solicitor will thank you if you end up having to use it to protect yourself
Truthisstrangerthan Fiction
The objective of the CABAL aka ILLUMINATI is to destabilize all western nations so they can take over with their one-world government, the 'New World Order' you hear in numerous speeches. White genocide may be a byproduct of their strategy, but I don't see it as a goal per se. Having said that, racial and religious conflict are some of their primary tactics to deliver western destabilization. The CABAL has been very successful so far in Europe where a number of countries are in jeopardy of collapse under the Muslim immigration. Time to wake up people...
BUFF IT 2 yil oldin
t stupid fucking government. these men need to build there own guns
lyssianna 1
lyssianna 1 2 yil oldin
This is what happens when your government is conspiring against you, but you have not caught on to it yet... Think long and hard about the system that is flooding your country with criminal class trash, but threatening citizens for fighting back when police action is blatantly incompetent... Wake up Australia! They have done this to numerous other countries, the evidence and results are already there to be seen. Your government officials have been selling you out to globalist interests
Dason Heath
Dason Heath 2 yil oldin
WELL if the gangs are armed and the police are not there when needed then of course they should protect themselves. why die for a criminal. they are in your home and the ENTERED ILLEGALLY WHAT about oven cleaner spray ?
Kristopher Lewis
Kristopher Lewis 2 yil oldin
wake up Australia. a 52 yo women was bashed in Ipswich by 3 Africans for not giving them smokes or money.3 brave young men.its only going to get worse,the more of this 3rd world scum we let into our nation. before the do-gooder left wingers start attacking me for being racist,I'm not white,I'm indigenous! like others I am an Australian concerned about our nations future.help Australians 1st before importing others who are bringing their troubles and disregard for the country that has taken them in.
Kathleen Winser
Kathleen Winser 2 yil oldin
They should buy wasp spray! They should be allowed to have guns!
SCOTT DAVIS 2 yil oldin
Immigration to Australia from any African nation should be just as miniscule as Australian immigration to any particular African nation is: AUSTRALIA CHRISTMAS TIME PARADE: youtu.beAeA2W2rP7Cw Australia is big enough for measured diversity, but must preserve its national character.
andrew Hoard
andrew Hoard 2 yil oldin
Self defense is not taking the Law into your own hands it's a right. it's an inalienable right that cannot be taken by government and only a tyrannical fascist government would attempt to say that self-defense is he legal.
Jayson J
Jayson J 2 yil oldin
No more Sudanese refugees, they are nothing but trouble. They think car jacking, home invasion and robbery are all normal. They should not be allowed into our country and should be deported!
love is everything
love is everything 11 oy oldin
it seems to be very confused there, africans i assure you means Nothing culturally... are they muslim or christian??? do the people that riot in your country comes from congo Cameroun or benin? or sudan somalia or kenya? i live in a muslim area, blacks are very agressive but they are somalies sudaneses, senegaleses... we have no problems with camerouneses or others christians african at all... can you answer where they come from?
10daniel16 Yil oldin
a Routledge And meanwhile your aryan brothers are mass killing innocent kids in Florida stfu
10daniel16 Yil oldin
You understand your people fucked up africa in the first place? Dummy
Victor Nthamburi
Jayson J Australians! Do what the Gulf Arab countries do and keep these aliens in segregated camps. Hell no! Don't let 'em in in the first place!
EastSide Poeleh
EastSide Poeleh Yil oldin
Im refugee and not all refugee make trouble
Wayne Haile
Wayne Haile 2 yil oldin
tell the cops to go fuck themselves
ladimp58 imp58
ladimp58 imp58 2 yil oldin
no wonder they took the guns away , so you cant protect yourself.
Andy Richards
Andy Richards Yil oldin
get a machete,or hunting knife
Tony S
Tony S 2 yil oldin
And.. You're 100% right about that. It's genocide.
Faruq.Black Power
Tony S What about Aboriginal genocide and black genocide Committed by the white man Over 200 death million And over 100 millions slaves White people don't belong to Australia Black people are the Indigenous,Native,Aboriginal Of Australia and the world
T.W. M.
T.W. M. 2 yil oldin
Fuck the police
David Holz
David Holz 2 yil oldin
good thing you trashed your firearms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerald Dolan
Gerald Dolan Yil oldin
I still got mine
darrell matthews
David Holz still got mine ,ready to go.
Teddie 2 yil oldin
I hope Trump can get Australia to do right by it's people and allow them to defend themselves, and to do something about their huge crime problem. This is insane, totally unacceptable.
Teddie 2 yil oldin
I thought there were whites living in all of those countries already, especially Africa, which has a majority white population in certain parts. Japan is the closest exception, where immigrants only get a Visa if they're a skilled laborer, or marry someone who is a citizen. Why expect non whites to leave when we invade their own home countries and take their resources and replace their culture with our own?
Anonymous Bastard
Anonymous Bastard 2 yil oldin
They are defending themselves with hair spray? What the fuck is this shit? LOL!
James haury
James haury 2 yil oldin
Give Aussies back the right of self defense!This reporter is an Idiot self defense is a GOD given right.This was all precipitated by the Australin government drastically restricting ownership of Firearms.
Dlibity1 2 yil oldin
Fuck all you liberal douche Bags! Come near my family and you'll have a lot more than a bat to worry about. I wouldn't call the police for nothing! These animals need to be put in their place. Preferably with violence.
dude man
dude man 2 yil oldin
That's so right whites have to be put in line with violence bash the white cunts then piss on them
caveman Versace
caveman Versace 2 yil oldin
NO! NO! NO! NO! Buy fire extinguishers! They're just as cheap and they don't fall into the category of a potential weapon.
John Breakfield
John Breakfield 2 yil oldin
That's what guns are for
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 2 yil oldin
A baseball bat is better than nothing, but won't don't do much good when there's 15 of them with bats. You need a force multiplier like an assault rifle, where one person could mow down a group of these rats when they're trying to break your door down, but I realize that's not an option for you guys anymore. If I lived there, I'd do whatever I had to, to get a gun for self defense, regardless of the law. If I had to blow the brains out of a few of these bastards, I wouldn't call the police, because then you'd be in deep shit for having a gun and killing them. I'd figure out a way of hauling their bodies out in the bush under cover of darkness and feed them to the buzzards. You'd almost need a gun with a silencer so it won't wake up the neighbors if you were forced to use it. In America we sometimes take for granted our constitutional rights. In my state we can shoot in self defense and be given an award for getting rid of criminals. An elderly man in my state shot an ex convict that escaped from prison and car jacked him. The people got together and bought him a new bigger Caliber pistol, because the 22 caliber he shot the criminal with, wasn't big enough to kill him. They told him that if it ever happened again, they wanted the criminal dead. They also gave him an award of courage for taking this thug off the street. In Australia they probably would have locked this old man up and threw away the key, and let the criminal out on early release. I love the Aussie people, but hate that Queen controlled government.
james ohara
james ohara 2 yil oldin
You silly people, who's going to save you if it's not us?, uzvid.com/video/video-Rzgb5SGXolE.html
SnowPIG 777
SnowPIG 777 2 yil oldin
What a bunch of racists! They really should check their white privilege and be more diverse!
truckeemick Yil oldin
SnowPig; snowpig's always got its nose in the bag. beware people. dont you understand, i'll run my own husbandry program rather than your uncontrolled random version thank you very much. I'll be diverse if i choose and it will be where and when and with who i choose. you people have got nothing. you need containment and cognitive reassignment for your own safety and the safety of others.
SnowPIG 777
SnowPIG 777 2 yil oldin
+Dlibity1 Racist, sexist anti gay, Dlibity1 go away! No justice! No peace! No justice! No peace! No justice! No peace!
Jayson J
Jayson J 2 yil oldin
No more Sudanese!
Jayson J
Jayson J 2 yil oldin
No more Sudanese refugees, they are nothing but trouble. They think car jacking, home invasion and robbery are all normal. They should not be allowed into our country and should be deported!
SnowPIG 777
SnowPIG 777 2 yil oldin
+james ohara Racist, sexist anti gay, James Ohara go away!
flying donkeys
flying donkeys 2 yil oldin
Cant shoot the cnts theyve taken the guns thanks little johnny fckwit police cant protect 24/7 stick them in parliament house CUNTBEARER and see how long the pollies tolerate their shit.
dude man
dude man 2 yil oldin
Oh well you just have to bend over and spread your filthy stink pink cheeks and take a big black stink ballbags up your pathetic white pink azzhole with pride
Scott in Colorado
Scott in Colorado 2 yil oldin
Police can rarely prevent crime. Unless you want to bankrupt your economy with a cop for every person. Individuals are responsible for their own safety. When governments take this away, they simply become herded animals first the states' use.
Tim Henry
Tim Henry 2 yil oldin
I didn't realize you people have up your right to protect yourselves with guns. You kinda got it coming. ballbats for everyone. Nice
Tim Henry
Tim Henry 2 yil oldin
Be a wolf, not a rabbit. Arm yourselves. Never believe the police is always going to be there to protect your family. Do it for yourselves.
Michael Down
Michael Down 2 yil oldin
Keep doors locked 24x7
Dicks Wagging
Dicks Wagging 2 yil oldin
if the police won't take charge and serve the community then build a militia and storm the police station.... take it over and arm yourselves
Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis
Australia has a very generous immigration policy and we are very tolerant towards migrants who've assimilated into our culture. The only people who don't assimilate are Muslims since Islam has no separation of church and state and is a supremacist totalitarian ideology masquerading under the guise of a religion. If Muslims want to renounce Islam I have no problem with them. The only thing that "radicalises" Muslims is Islam itself. The more closely they follow it, the more radical their behaviour. Religion of peace? Don't make me laugh.
Je Suis Ce Que Je Suis
"Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white." While I know what the originator of this slogan is trying to say, the slogan itself misses the mark. A better slogan would be "Racial diversity is code for white genocide." Demonizing the term "anti-racist" is a mistake because doing so suggests racism is a good thing. Attempting to prevent the genocide of your own race is not racist. Policies promoting racial mixing are racist because inter-breeding destroys racial purity and diversity.
Al Gerbitz
Al Gerbitz 2 yil oldin
at about the 220 mark when Biden went on about whites not wanting the Muslim migration to stop fucking floored me
Susan R
Susan R 2 yil oldin
Yeah, I'm picking myself up off the floor, too! I had to play it more than once to be sure what I was seeing and hearing.
GrampsX7 2 yil oldin
Australians need to unite and start taking these people out, period, dead bodies in the streets is the only thing they grasp.
Ari Vat
Ari Vat Yil oldin
+Barry Greer, are you for real? I clearly stated it in my comment.
Barry Greer
Barry Greer Yil oldin
Ari Vat so where did you migrate from????
Ari Vat
Ari Vat Yil oldin
+10daniel16 says the ebonic speaking black gangbanger wannabee from some African shithole. I will remind you that you that ALL countries were taken over and resettled at some stage in their history. Most Australian whites do not have any history to the British criminals that were sent here. Your comment is a common one made by the under-educated. I am Finnish and I migrated here, I accept Australian customs and have done my best to be a successful contributor to the economy. You will be just another wasted life and a disgrace to your family and home country. Ship out all African criminals.
10daniel16 Yil oldin
Maybe you should unite and get a flight back to England where you guys are actually from and belong?
Capt. Cutler
Capt. Cutler 2 yil oldin
2:35 I'm filled with rage every time I see this lady and her goofy eyeballs. She looks as crazy as she is genocidal.
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