I'm Switching To The Google Pixel 3 XL...

Unbox Therapy
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It's that time once again... I'm switching to the Google Pixel 3 XL as my next daily driver smartphone. Google Pixel 3 XL review coming soon.
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13-Okt, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
Is the notch a deal breaker for you?
owlYY Oy oldin
mickavellian 2 oy oldin
NO GORILLA GLASS in the back IS! can not hang on to my soon to be sold S9+ .SAMSUNG lost me after 10 years
Fred Nugent
Fred Nugent 2 oy oldin
John Smith
John Smith 3 oy oldin
why would a menthally healthy person like it?
Manish Duklan
Manish Duklan 3 soat oldin
You speak so good. It's inspiring
Tools-cars- Guitars
Give the price in the video
ChaosNew 2 kun oldin
Hey dude @unbox Therapy did you already uploaded a video of the experience after the switch?
Syed Taimoor Hussain
You looked like a lesbian in 2012 🤣🤣
Natiive19 5 kun oldin
I actually kinda like the notch lol
peter T
peter T 8 kun oldin
I have this moment , when I look at these videos , when I just want my nokia 3310 back.
Hank Moody
Hank Moody 10 kun oldin
You can't be trusted
Digital Apex
Digital Apex 11 kun oldin
This phone has the best camera on the market. “But... the notch.” This phone has easily 5+ hours of screen on time battery life. And the software implemented rivals competition in the market. “...Notch.” The phone can extract data off your old phone like old pictures, contacts, app settings, and even has wireless charging and screens calls for you. “NOTCH” This phone can turn into a jet, fly you to your own private island, and give you a blowjob. “NoTcH. REEEeEEEeeeE” They got rid of it. “... HeAdPhOnE jAcK ReeEeEEE”
Tanner Stengel
Tanner Stengel 12 kun oldin
Are you ever going to review this phone after switching to it?! Is it a good phone?!
Barry Collins
Barry Collins 11 kun oldin
bit late now hahaha pixel 4 will be out by september, i can only imagine he likes it if he hasnt posted the vid yet
Kamden Wojno
Kamden Wojno 13 kun oldin
When are we gonna see a final review by you of the pixel 3 xl been waiting months to hear your opinion. Despite I already bought it and I love it but I am curious what you think.
C. Hill
C. Hill 15 kun oldin
Has there been a update to this video?
General-Raptor 15 kun oldin
shortcuts573 17 kun oldin
hitler notch?
Xavier Brenneman
Xavier Brenneman 17 kun oldin
I think the pixel 3 is a joke and if they make a pixel 4 with similar design language they're literally throwing away money. I bet this one has sold nothing
Drake Coonce
Drake Coonce 19 kun oldin
We’re all waiting for the review!! I’m not sure if I should get the pixel 3 or the iPhone X or neither lol and id like a second opinion from someone who uses everything.
Eksnoverse 20 kun oldin
”You didn’t see the pixelated garbage I had to grow up with” *iPhone 5 in the corner* *Me watching on iPhone 5:* ”Yeah?”
jeffbigfan13 21 kun oldin
Notches look cool on display but when you have have to stare at it everyday it's appeal tends to lessen
Joshua Belton
Joshua Belton 23 kun oldin
How good is the pixel 3 for video recording?
ZOXTheGamer 24 kun oldin
How to share files via WiFi Direct for fuck sake? I know where it is located and I connect it to Samsung phone but I have no option to send shit and I can't receive anything... Da fak is this shit?
defender of the good
Lost me at no headphone jack, bye. Also brie larson hates you white males. True story.
Gabriel Naranjo
Gabriel Naranjo 25 kun oldin
Review was so helpful. I purchased the Pixel 3 yesterday and I should get it anytime now. I must confess it feel weird going from Samsung to a Google phone. Let's see how it turns out.
Tony Bardazon
Tony Bardazon 25 kun oldin
So where is the update? It's been 4 months.
Tony Bardazon
Tony Bardazon 19 kun oldin
+Drake Coonce I have a pixel 3 xl and there's no comparison to this stock AI user experience
Drake Coonce
Drake Coonce 19 kun oldin
Tony Bardazon dude yes hahaha I’m trying to decide on the iPhone x or the pixel 3
AndreAcustica Tutoriales
Don't switch, if I could ask for a refund I'll ask for one right now
Dean Wayne
Dean Wayne 26 kun oldin
Pixel is a great phone wow! So much better than the Samsung
Trope Zoid
Trope Zoid 26 kun oldin
The notch didn't bug me until I watched this and now it's driving me nuts.
György Csorba
György Csorba 27 kun oldin
I cannot find the conclusion video. Is it ever made it to happen?
Nice Person
Nice Person 28 kun oldin
The channel promotes Google phones too much. Maybe cos UZvid is googles and its always good to get on youtubes good side. But it taints all reviews he does.
Korpsefire K
Korpsefire K 28 kun oldin
" just need to say it's a good phone I got to get that out there". You say that every video lmaooo
gmf iq
gmf iq Oy oldin
1k$ lmao ya right stick it up ur ass google
Panha Vonn
Panha Vonn Oy oldin
Me too
Harold Baize
Harold Baize Oy oldin
I agree, notches are stupid. Those pixels around the notch have limited utility. Also, you need some surface area to hold or touch that isn't touch screen, so why not some area at the top and bottom of the screens? There really isn't any advantage to having the entire surface be a touch screen. It's one of those things that engineers see as a challenge but don't bother to think through whether it is a good idea.
Steeve G.-Lambert
2:33 triggered my Google Home
Drifter From Mars
Next year I'm looking to get the Google pixel 3 xl unless a new one comes out by then
APPS Hacker
APPS Hacker Oy oldin
you are really awesome
Beniamin Cojoc
you suck at review... sorry do something else !!!
Jman thegiantsfan
Jman thegiantsfan 20 kun oldin
Lol yeah ok. He is the top tech reviewer on UZvid but he sucks at reviewing, okay
David Torres
David Torres Oy oldin
i prefer google pixel comparing to iphone
Martynas Grigaliunas
I wonder if anyone finished to watch this video till the end.. Dude, do you know what you like?probably he doesn’t drive a car cause he can’t have the same car longer than 3 weeks..
Sila Ma
Sila Ma Oy oldin
Notch and Bezel_ Ugly so much
Darshan Oy oldin
My man is switching to the most gigantic notch in the world currently.
Dripps Dripps
Dripps Dripps Oy oldin
1:22 Disgusting joke good one🤦🏼‍♂️
Paul Avila
Paul Avila Oy oldin
Chamb Gabi
Chamb Gabi Oy oldin
Fck IPhone, Pixel 3 ordered 👍🏻
sh Oy oldin
blabb blabb blabb i still dont know shit about this phone smh
Julio Pichardo
Other that the screen, and wireless charging, isn't the Pixel 2 still a better deal? Comparison video would be legit...
David Ferguson
Pixel 3 XL sucks ass.
The Pond Boy USA
If you like waterfalls with color changing LED lights that you can change colors with your cellphone from a app from Atlantic follow me on instagram like the post up please and thank you instagram: ThepondBoy_USA
Lil J
Lil J Oy oldin
Andrew Pagetta
I'm using the original pixel and wouldn't exchange it for an iPhone xs
Mike R
Mike R Oy oldin
I was wondering if you did a review since switching to the pixel 3 xl I was wondering about your thoughts
ing.mcp Oy oldin
Jay Dimagiba
Jay Dimagiba Oy oldin
Bro what is best phone for you? Iphone xs max or google pixel 3?
Ken M
Ken M Oy oldin
Probably switches phones every month...
Cozetta Veal
Cozetta Veal Oy oldin
OMG!!! You talk to much... get to the piont 🅿️
Oliver Mandeville-Mottram
My opinion (shut ur mouth apple fanboys) Google pixel 3 XL > iPhone XS
Sean Mcmillan
Sean Mcmillan Oy oldin
Where is the review Lew ?
Where is the review of this phone
Lucas Testoni
Lucas Testoni Oy oldin
I'm just gonna buy the OnePlus 6t or 6, cus I want the headphone jack so I can use my aux jack in my car XD
Tay Choon Huat Chester
These so-called top notch engineers who are responsible for pixel 3 are probably retarded
Steazy King
Steazy King Oy oldin
I dont trust his guys reviews. Steered me in the wrong direction 3 times. Razee phone was a biased review, google pixel 1 didnt gt any regular issues on his review either. Pretty sure this guys just paid from the companies he reviews.
Ridwan Olisa
Ridwan Olisa Oy oldin
Have any of you pixel owners switched from a Samsung, and if so how was the switch? I'm thinking of getting a pixel on my next phone purchase.
UnravelZs Oy oldin
I love your all videos, you didn't hates some products of the chinese such as Xiaomi. But Linus Tech Tips....
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann Oy oldin
I never will enjoy a phone with a notch. And I use my phones as IPods so I must have the Audio Jack
Drone To Fly
Drone To Fly Oy oldin
Does it support duel sim cards. I currently own a Huawei Mate 9 and it supports duel sim beautifully. I'm curious if the Pixel 3 XL does the same. I've been eyeballing this phone for a while. Thanks!
Live Long And Prosper
Am I the only one who thinks this this phone is ugly?
Cameron Gray
Cameron Gray Oy oldin
I can't stand this guy. He over-hypes these phones to a religious degree, as if he's found the ark of the covenant of devices and the world will never be the same. And it's all thanks to him.
J-S Caputo
J-S Caputo Oy oldin
Still no review yet? Anyone? Did I miss it?
Piyush Saggu
Piyush Saggu Oy oldin
notch is so big that u can land plane on it
Creedford Oy oldin
Lol I'm watching this on a pixel 3 xl
plugplay Oy oldin
My wife (impatiently) for your review on this phone. Is there a reason you never posted it or commented on it again?
Roland Lawrence
great video! I was captivated throughout! :)
Jack Oy oldin
Please give link of that pink and white wallpaper in thumbnail
Deep Patel
Deep Patel Oy oldin
He covered the ugliness with the hat
Vanessa Odjo Dogbe
Purchased this phone and never have I ever been more disappointment on a phone, if you are willing to pay money for a phone stay with Samsung or if you dont want to, get a OnePlus but this phone not worth it's money, and that's coming from someone who had her phone broken and waited 4 months to save while using a 100€ phone which was low-key better, the notch not even a problem, I wish guys were as picky with their gf as they are with notches on phones, but honestly all the features that they claimed to have aren't what they advertise to be. I purchased it mainly for the translator in the headphones since I speak 4/5 languages going into 6 as I will continue school abroad and I thought I could use them (I don't know if I was being naive because if it were to do that then it would have probably been sold out or more known) but you can only do up to 2 languages and to switch you have to do it yourself because it's not able to recognize it unless you tell it, the camera it's aight but only if used alone, not compatible or as good with the rest of the applications (Insta, Snap, etc.) and Netflix glitches sometimes probably because they only used 4 Go RAM which for a price like this I don't understand why they couldn't have used something higher, and many other comments but I'll stop here.
Billy Bob Boojangles
Good deal dude, I went the other way. Enjoy!
Maverick5976 Oy oldin
@unbox therapy Ok so a few months later are you still using it? Or are you back to XS Max??? We are waiting for your review !
jack hollins
jack hollins Oy oldin
You annoying man!
mohsin saigal
mohsin saigal Oy oldin
Where is the review ?
Karthekeyan Periyasamy
I am sure he don't want to review this product, because it pushes him to say the phone is not good. So, either he has to be genuine about the product that its bad, or just leave it. I somehow feel he is biased towards certain products.
Alli Oy oldin
Am I the only one who likes the notch?
Driss SADOK Oy oldin
Best video and better switch this time my friend ;)
Roger Flores de Valgaz
3 months and still no review
I H 2 oy oldin
The IPHONE X sucks - Im trading up for a pixel!
Orlando VR
Orlando VR 2 oy oldin
Help! I’ve been trying to buy a Pixel 3 XL but I can’t find it anywhere (I’m looking on the internet, I haven’t gone to any physical store because I don’t know where it could be sold). Any place I should look for?
Enrico Romano
Enrico Romano 2 oy oldin
Less of a selfie more of a groupie😂😂😂
Dani Chen
Dani Chen 2 oy oldin
Sub option : KOREAN???
Raul Matesz
Raul Matesz 2 oy oldin
No review yet? How does Google’s ass smell?
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim 2 oy oldin
The video cover theme having your head down is so annoying. Ashamed to switch phones all the time?
J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle
Apple is going down
dajzilla 2 oy oldin
this guy is obnoxious
Bobby Ray Parris
Bobby Ray Parris 2 oy oldin
Damn i am over here using Samsung amp prime 2... Your boy needs help
Vlad 2 oy oldin
notification on this phone not good cos - notch hide it every time
Cesar Ontiveros
Cesar Ontiveros 2 oy oldin
How do you get to developer setting?
Angel lopez
Angel lopez 2 oy oldin
Dude they still have not fixed the Black Crush problem. That shit makes dark scenes distorted and pixelated. This is a big deal breaker. How can they sell a phone for $900 and have such an amateur flaw in 2018.
Steven B
Steven B 2 oy oldin
Holly shit ramble some more dumb fuck
Tony Amato
Tony Amato 2 oy oldin
I'll wait for the new razor phone
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 2 oy oldin
LOLI, what about the *NOCH*?
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 2 oy oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please 🙏
Zavier The Great
Zavier The Great 2 oy oldin
Dude no one really cares what phones in your pocket
Yash Lande
Yash Lande 2 oy oldin
Hey bro i am yours big fan asa well as me too love pixel 3 much....but unfortunate can buy😢
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