I'm Switching To The Google Pixel 3 XL...

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It's that time once again... I'm switching to the Google Pixel 3 XL as my next daily driver smartphone. Google Pixel 3 XL review coming soon.
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13-Okt, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Is the notch a deal breaker for you?
mickavellian 9 kun oldin
NO GORILLA GLASS in the back IS! can not hang on to my soon to be sold S9+ .SAMSUNG lost me after 10 years
Fred Nugent
Fred Nugent 27 kun oldin
John Smith
John Smith 28 kun oldin
why would a menthally healthy person like it?
Ice Boxxer
Ice Boxxer 28 kun oldin
No I honestly like it
Gooby Oy oldin
The notch i dont mind since its an option
Orlando VR
Orlando VR 13 soat oldin
Help! I’ve been trying to buy a Pixel 3 XL but I can’t find it anywhere (I’m looking on the internet, I haven’t gone to any physical store because I don’t know where it could be sold). Any place I should look for?
Enrico Romano
Enrico Romano 14 soat oldin
Less of a selfie more of a groupie😂😂😂
Dani Chen
Dani Chen 22 soat oldin
Sub option : KOREAN???
Raul Matesz
Raul Matesz Kun oldin
No review yet? How does Google’s ass smell?
Angus Lee
Angus Lee Kun oldin
The pixel 3 xl notch is now a meme,but not the iPhone
Nathan Kim
Nathan Kim 5 kun oldin
The video cover theme having your head down is so annoying. Ashamed to switch phones all the time?
J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle
Apple is going down
dajzilla 6 kun oldin
this guy is obnoxious
Bobby Ray Parris
Bobby Ray Parris 7 kun oldin
Damn i am over here using Samsung amp prime 2... Your boy needs help
Vlad 8 kun oldin
notification on this phone not good cos - notch hide it every time
Cesar Ontiveros
Cesar Ontiveros 9 kun oldin
How do you get to developer setting?
Angel lopez
Angel lopez 11 kun oldin
Dude they still have not fixed the Black Crush problem. That shit makes dark scenes distorted and pixelated. This is a big deal breaker. How can they sell a phone for $900 and have such an amateur flaw in 2018.
Steven B
Steven B 11 kun oldin
Holly shit ramble some more dumb fuck
Tony Amato
Tony Amato 11 kun oldin
I'll wait for the new razor phone
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 13 kun oldin
LOLI, what about the *NOCH*?
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 15 kun oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please 🙏
Zavier The Great
Zavier The Great 16 kun oldin
Dude no one really cares what phones in your pocket
Yash Lande
Yash Lande 16 kun oldin
Hey bro i am yours big fan asa well as me too love pixel 3 much....but unfortunate can buy😢
theres another way but some people wont seek it
I hate notch darn i phone copy crap
Gerren Howard
Gerren Howard 17 kun oldin
Watching this on my 10s and I’m happy with my great phone.
HazzMechanist 18 kun oldin
I’m switching to a Huawei p20 lite
Brandon Boone
Brandon Boone 18 kun oldin
Y'all really trippin on a notch?? 😂
Orlando Millan
Orlando Millan 19 kun oldin
I love how all of your I am swiching to ... thumbnail pure regret
PatRiot 20 kun oldin
Google is Satan.
hihuia hhu
hihuia hhu 20 kun oldin
Keep pixel 3 xl for 1 year
Cesar Augusto Jimenez Sanchez
You never followed this up... I bought a Pixel 3 XL and it does all the *smart* stuff a smartphone is supposed to do. But it falls behind when it comes to the *phone* stuff... You can't even make a phone call without people complaining about not hearing you properly!!!! This is a great camara... A great assisstant... But it is a shitty phone!
sd sd
sd sd 21 kun oldin
The notch bigger than the wall of chine unbox therapy
Vardaan Johri
Vardaan Johri 21 kun oldin
Is it 64gb or 128gb u switched to ?
Enoch Benoit
Enoch Benoit 21 kun oldin
What happened to the extended review???
Christopher Prosser
Christopher Prosser 22 kun oldin
I switched from iPhone to Samsung
Krogen 23 kun oldin
Dude where is that pixel 3 review???
Bojo David
Bojo David 18 kun oldin
That's what I'm looking for
Mariah Lemke
Mariah Lemke 23 kun oldin
I sooo want one lol
EddyPlays55 !
EddyPlays55 ! 23 kun oldin
When you still have a iPhone 5 se
TWITCHIE224 24 kun oldin
cant do android OS anymore.
fikri zain
fikri zain 24 kun oldin
Hey there i got a promo code for you guys, Just enter the code at checkout, valid through Jan 1st, 2019. Time’s almost up to get $100 off Pixel 3 or $150 off Pixel 3 XL. redeem their offer before Jan 1st, 2019 Pixel 3 Promo code: B-6RXM0IJB5Q6INSS4BWUTYP3 Pixel 3 XL Promo code: B-6RT0UV3PO04L9Z96NZWLD8I
Naga Alapati
Naga Alapati 24 kun oldin
Try to stay away from Google phones , they are great and work untill warranty and then for no reason they won't and you call customer care and they say nothing can be done because out of warranty, you protect your phone with screen protectors and otterbox cases , never drop them. Crappy phones from Google . Just a suggestion turn on developer mode and debugging mode on so that if your phone doesn't turn on , you can try something
Christian Vibar
Christian Vibar 24 kun oldin
Can you give me an iphone XsMax...lol.
User 24 kun oldin
Listen y'all! I love the notch. Period.
Shaik Fazil
Shaik Fazil 25 kun oldin
I hate the notch
ambspier 26 kun oldin
Yeah i was sold on this one then no headphone jack lol.
Afshin 26 kun oldin
what happened? you won't let us know what happened with your experience with this phone?
AJKchief39 26 kun oldin
Was thinking about buying it then.... no headphone jack.... nope
Toxic Filmz
Toxic Filmz 13 kun oldin
AJKchief39 buy Bluetooth..
Brandon Roman
Brandon Roman 21 kun oldin
AJKchief39 u could use a bluetooth headphones if u can
Brandon Roman
Brandon Roman 21 kun oldin
AJKchief39 u could use a bluetooth headphones if u can
Right Twix
Right Twix 26 kun oldin
1:24 look at the time on the phone... 🤣🌿
nidas marma
nidas marma 27 kun oldin
Pixel design is so weird for me .
TheHjkkkl 28 kun oldin
Notch and Jack... Deal is broken.
CodyTheDoggo 29 kun oldin
Watching this on XL
StepzYT Oy oldin
Everyone is complaining about the pixel, iPhone, and the one plus while I’m still waiting for the new sidekick to come out...
Ricardo Lepe
Ricardo Lepe Oy oldin
When is the Pixel 3XL review coming very interested on your knowledge.
NickJC Oy oldin
Hey if anyone is getting the google pixel 3 xl. Let me know. Send me your email. I got a code thatll get you 150 off if you use it by jan 1st.
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
If you hate the notch - like this comment.
Omkar Teja Moola
Anyone planning to buy Pixel 3/3 XL from India, I've a discount coupon for Flipkart. Reply here.
Chivas Pasagdan
Can you make a video for Honor 8X, thanks..
ithinkfresh Oy oldin
Google Store Only: Pixel 3 Promo code - $100 off: B-P3DXV4YP3RS91GO5GTJNYVS Pixel 3 XL Promo code - $150 off: B-P3ZQS3UYJMRS8OGG17KRW1L
Arianna Cortez
Talk to much
FRED Oy oldin
Use these at Google Store and Get $100-$150 off.. Pixel 3 promo code: B-S9X38HD4EUCGSGQ8ONXCGU6 Pixel 3 XL promo code: B-SA4FHW8Z2CJ3VVNQZPZOVXP
Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews Oy oldin
wtf you didnt even say why it was good
Tomas Baboun
Tomas Baboun Oy oldin
Pixel 3 Promo code: B-NUTPN7G3IJ5WFOF28B8A1DTPixel 3 XL Promo code: B-NV76WXAJ1LHNMH5S79D1D7Q 100$ off codes pixel 3 150$ off code pixel 3 xl
Ss Ar
Ss Ar Oy oldin
I love this phone,getting used to it.
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Does Pixel 3 work as smooth as ios devices?
Tyler Barron
Tyler Barron Oy oldin
This man said forget about the notch it has a snapdragon processor...most phones do now bruh say the number at least
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Oy oldin
0:00 scream
Farhan Khair
Farhan Khair Oy oldin
you bitched when iPhone X had the notch but when Google FOLLOWS it, not even sets the trend, you glorify it? Bro....
Ken DeWade
Ken DeWade Oy oldin
So I tried the Pixel 3...... very unhappy, took it back and went back to my iPhone XR
Neyda Sandoval
Neyda Sandoval 25 kun oldin
Ken DeWade what was the problem? I’m very curious
NabilRider555 Oy oldin
Are you just not used to Android devices?
Amol Loya
Amol Loya Oy oldin
Are you getting paid by google for this?
Leah Vaidian
Leah Vaidian Oy oldin
Yes I understand the garbage you’re talking about I had a 5s and recently got my dad’s old 6s which barely works
James Corrigan
bro why you hate the notch so much? not gonna lie i kinda like it
joym824 Oy oldin
I would hide the notch too!
Lionel Cepeda
Lionel Cepeda Oy oldin
This is the most beautiful phone I have seen
Filip Chiuariu
Lew it's December already. Close to two months now. We need to know the verdict.
Adil Choudhury
I'd rather buy a flip phone
Kyle R
Kyle R Oy oldin
Yo it's been over a month where's the final review!?
Islam Guenaoua
Almost 2 months we still waiting for the review @unbox therapy
Michael Mcgriff
you waited so much time talking nothing I stopped the video , 2 mins wasted thanks.
Araik Muradyan
Nothing better then iPhone
ownyourarse Oy oldin
wheres the review?
[WUT]minty Oy oldin
I LOVE the pixel 3 my son is getting it on christmas
Haris Aziz
Haris Aziz Oy oldin
Samsung S9+ !!😍😍😍
Arjit Chopra
Arjit Chopra Oy oldin
Where is your review??
Ed Regaspi
Ed Regaspi Oy oldin
So, was he able to find out?
John Carvell
John Carvell Oy oldin
It's an awesome device people that use more than one gig of data a month are socialist I have 1 gig a month and it last me all month and I use my device a lot so I don't know why you need all this crazy data unless you're a socialist
J Mirabile
J Mirabile Oy oldin
I used the Pixel 3XL for about 18 hours. I couldn't throw my SIM back in my Note 8 fast enough.
atang lesang
atang lesang Oy oldin
Why do you always touch your face when you are switching to a new phone.
Papers, Please
But truly the best phone is my toaster.
Akash R
Akash R Oy oldin
what happened to this pixel you didn't post/update anything on it....
Pioter Jurski
Pioter Jurski Oy oldin
I think Google paid him to not publish his review 😜
Enoch Benoit
Enoch Benoit 21 kun oldin
I hope this isnt the case. Would really lose respect for the channel.
BlakeSkitz Oy oldin
I'm switching to a Samsung Galaxy S8
Recipes From A Novice
No headphone jack is the real deal breaker here!
DanielCao Oy oldin
He looks so sad
LegoStudios Oy oldin
Can we please get the damn review already
HM Cuber
HM Cuber Oy oldin
Im 14 and was born in 2004, ive seen pixlated garbage
Anonymous_ Gamer
Google pixel 3 has 7 hours of battery life IPhone X has 15 hours 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Deepen Wadhwa
Deepen Wadhwa Oy oldin
It's been more than a month, when's the review coming?
Luis Santana
Luis Santana Oy oldin
What's up with the full review!?!
Ravin Reeves
Ravin Reeves Oy oldin
I Love Your Video's! Huge fan.❤
BadlyFiction Oy oldin
so whats the verdict???
DJ Cassidy
DJ Cassidy Oy oldin
need this pixel review pleasen
pittala suresh
Adam 3d
Adam 3d Oy oldin
why get a white phone, then cover it in black?
jarod atkins
jarod atkins Oy oldin
Heck all phones have eyes. Some phone just got the piriot cover over the other eye lol
Dear Google...
3 oy oldin