When Your Parents Are Sociopaths & Narcisists - Don't Become Them

Natasha78d - Truth Love Wellness
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Huge to move away from this & not become your parents



14-May, 2016



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Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 4 oy oldin
I watch this video whenever my mom goes nuts acting like a victim when she'd always cause problems and rant about it for hours. Like how I'm the source of her problems, I ruined her life, wanting to call the coppers or any neighbor to do so, how it's my fault all the time. This video reminds me to keep calm and don't mind everything she says and secretly open my phone voice recorder to show the coppers that comes by later what she's going hysterical about for the n-th time.
oopmahs oopmahs
oopmahs oopmahs 4 oy oldin
This is helpful
Minnie Somow
Minnie Somow 4 oy oldin
From Shane Dawson
sanjana gupta
sanjana gupta 4 oy oldin
Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson 4 oy oldin
Came over from Shane Dawson’s channel
BAM 4 oy oldin
Who is here from shane
Bad Habbits
Bad Habbits 4 oy oldin
Shane Dawson?
Claudia Redweik
Claudia Redweik 4 oy oldin
preach it sister!
Random Account
Random Account 4 oy oldin
Anyone here from Shane’s video? Edit: Forgot to mention this is a super helpful video, thank you
October Country
October Country 4 oy oldin
This was very inspiring, thankyou.
Joanna 4 oy oldin
Here after shane's vid. Thanks for your strength in sharing! :)
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald Yil oldin
so true! thank you.
Nathan Grundler
Nathan Grundler Yil oldin
God bless you.
Curly Highness
Curly Highness Yil oldin
That's my Mama! I had to cut ties a few years ago by moving far away and not talking to her because it never ends. I'm much more peaceful now. Whew
Jisela's LiFe
Jisela's LiFe 2 yil oldin
I am 19 and my whole life I lived under my parents and their narcissism and controlling ways. I am finally taking a stand and it angers them. I was turning into one but realized that I have to fave certain things I never did and do the last few things you mentioned and am at least on my way to new beginning with a bit of closure and freedom. Howver it is a difficult time being I have to be with them one more month till college starts again...any advice please.
Natasha78d - Truth Love Wellness
+JiSeLa De KiM HyUn First you have to stop puttling all of these details on the internet, this is between you me and the world. You can't write your life on here, it will come back to haunt you and all of the younger generation uses the internet like therapsits. So stop that for now. You are an adult and have to start making adult decisions. One and a half months seems like eternity, but it is not, it will pass, yes stay in your room and write, read, learn things and stay out of a toxic person's way, and if you can go out and see friends, go, and have some fun to replace your stress. Do not write me any more details I am not going to publish them, and you do not have the right to unload on my channel. OK, You have to not dump your problems on new people you meet either, you will never make friends, you have to heal yourself and not be toxic yourself to others.
Jisela's LiFe
Jisela's LiFe 2 yil oldin
+Natasha - Life Coach - Healer - Speaker - Writer Thank you very much. What do I do to deal with this for this month and a half I have to wait to go back to college. I am trying to so what you say but every chance she gets she just hurts me and I have no where to run to other than my room and rarely go out with my friends because she gets angry and is constantly calling me. Yesterday I made the choice to not anzwer and when I got home she just death stared my dad too and then went to sleep. This morning I woke up and all I heard was her speaking badly about me and blaming me for things I don't even know and right now I am tempted to go to my friends house for her birthday party while they left without me but I don't know if I should. I have never done anything like that.
Natasha78d - Truth Love Wellness
Just take your time, you undo the bad habits you were taught slowly, and then you start to break that away and see who you really are. I am positive you are talented, smart, wonderful, beautiful and going to have a great future.
Natasha78d - Truth Love Wellness
Yes, this is what they do, and how your 19 years have been, same for most of us. But you do get to look at yourself and choose now not to become them at all. Go to school, go learn how to be happy and different, go to college, look for good people, do not tell everyone your problems, just observe and look for laughter and fun. And start to just get relase from them, a break from them, and change yourself. One of teh hardest days I ever had was when I got to California, and met a really nice man. And he loved my smiile. He took me on a date, and after the date he said it was so disapointing to have a date w/ me, because all I did was complain. I grew up in so much darkness and negativity that I did not even know I had become just like my dad. I was so hurt by what he told me, but it was true, and from that moment, I changed, and learned to catch myself when I was acting like my dad. And I became the opposite, and just stopped being so unhappy inside, judging and picking on everything and everyone, and I was never ever like that again.
Jisela's LiFe
Jisela's LiFe 2 yil oldin
Thankyou very much, it really helped me understand so many things. Short and sweet and I am glad I caught myself before I followed my parents footsteps.
GMarie -Behind The Mask-
New Jersey and New York City are two of the most narcissistic states in the US in my opinion
Natasha78d - Truth Love Wellness
It probably feels like that but it's everywhere. and I mean everywhere, the grass is not greener.
Narcissist dad recorded
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