They Sent A Special OnePlus 6T…

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This is the new OnePlus 6T McLaren special edition smartphone. This edition features 10GB of RAM and warp charge (capable of charging the device to 50 percent battery in 20 minutes). The special edition also includes various collectors items for McLaren fans and a unique unboxing experience.
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11-Dek, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Oy oldin
This one after the Note 9 or some other smartphone?
100p subs with some videos imgay
Best phone
G.R.A .V.I.N
G.R.A .V.I.N 28 kun oldin
Try to unboxing Huawei Y Max I beg you...
Ciaran butler
Ciaran butler 28 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy this should be next switchhh
Soufiane El
Soufiane El Oy oldin
1+ 6t
BSCin CSE Oy oldin
তুই খুব প্যাচাল পারস রে বুইড়া... 😡😡😡
G Fierro
G Fierro 10 daqiqa oldin
No headphone jack, no wireless charging, no memory expansion, not water resistance ...nah. Its a great phone, but those some major things missing
ULTIMATEMANNY 44 daqiqa oldin
Not bad price compared with other brands with similar features.
Basop Junior
Basop Junior 14 soat oldin
Can I get a phone??
Basher Nagi
Basher Nagi Kun oldin
Love it I thank u she use it
Basher Nagi
Basher Nagi Kun oldin
The phone is sick
Din Gwapo
Din Gwapo Kun oldin
Give me samsung pls hahaha
huss1205 2 kun oldin
Extra storage, 256GB, extra RAM, a case with carbon fiber look, the book, the carbon fiber desktop thing, the software theme and the exterior color accent, all this compared to the base model, I think it worth the little extra cost..
Nikola Stikic
Nikola Stikic 3 kun oldin
3:38 what he do wrong to you :D
Ashish Jr
Ashish Jr 4 kun oldin
I have this and this is seeexy
Micah Tritscher
Micah Tritscher 4 kun oldin
$699... Would still get it over an iPhone
Zarni Htun
Zarni Htun 5 kun oldin
Name of the watch please?
GamingBlues 6 kun oldin
SpartanX5 6 kun oldin
Watching this on an iPhone 5 (yes a 5). dying for the 6t Mclaren
Ejay Caliwara
Ejay Caliwara 7 kun oldin
TreXZen 7 kun oldin
Us now: "10gb is a lot" Us in like 2 years: "ew only 10gb? I'm happy with my 128gb thanks."
Jovani Ortiz
Jovani Ortiz 7 kun oldin
If i had to choose btw an iphone xr and this 6t mclaren edition... i would definetely buy the 6t, is just so much better.
N W 7 kun oldin
Very swedish product
ANANDU kurup
ANANDU kurup 8 kun oldin
Hi iam a big fan of your i dont have a good phone for gaming so I don't play games can you recomend a phone for me.
Vyper Stryker
Vyper Stryker 8 kun oldin
@unboxtherapy if I order this phone from the OnePlus website, is it possible that they can send me a refurbished one? Please let me know!
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 8 kun oldin
Wait, did Jack actually respond?
jlyutiup 8 kun oldin
So this phone comes with a carbon fiber case? Oneplus rep told me it comes with a transparent grey case. Can someone pls confirm?
Nasir Sajal
Nasir Sajal 9 kun oldin
Hey Unbox Therapy. I watch most of your video. I like your unbox videos. I think you have many phone which you did not use. Give me one of those so that i can watch your video. My phone is broken and i cannot watch you properly. I will be lucky if you send me one of your phone. 😊
Wu Yu Hong
Wu Yu Hong 9 kun oldin
can mclaren some me one too? ill do a open box juz for them TT pls hahah
Marc Swan
Marc Swan 9 kun oldin
Seriously! about that trophy 🏆? any chance someone here that has the m'claren and wanna sell it 💵?
jacksputrid 9 kun oldin
Lot of porn fans here.
Sassgay Coochiha
Sassgay Coochiha 9 kun oldin
The 30 mins fast charge time is awesome, 10 GB of RAM is kinda gimmicky on a smartphone though.
spidey sense
spidey sense 10 kun oldin
Is this edition limited?
Mette Marit
Mette Marit 10 kun oldin
I love how you look so unimpressed on the thumbnail and you’re thinking of something like: “I have had enough of phones already can I just go... and be....” Thank you for letting me waste your time 🙏🏼
NotSpree 11 kun oldin
Would phones charge faster is the charger was just bigger? Or would the battery and charger input also have to be bigger?
Freez 11 kun oldin
what if oneplus made laptops?
Freez 11 kun oldin
idk why people dont buy this and go for iphone. SHM
PlainBagel 11 kun oldin
lol Mclaren, you will be disappointed
bala venkateshwar Betha
As prices are increasing abnormally for every next edition, it may ultimately lead to the end of oneplus in India, People will buy apple products though their prices are hiked because in India apple iPhone is a symbol of prestige, But oneplus has no such status
Lou Jay Dulalas
Lou Jay Dulalas 12 kun oldin
Watching in my 1gb ram smartphone 😂 cant even buy new charger. 😢😢
Team Action
Team Action 12 kun oldin
Fastest smart phone purchase ever, ordered one after this video, cheers!~
Varun Franklin De Souza
But unfortunately not the fastest charging phone right now.. OPPO R17 takes it for now. But still a huge fan of the OnePlus. I'm just gonna wait for the 7 :P
Damien 12 kun oldin
Oneplus 6T Pornhub Edition
thundergun100 12 kun oldin
Lol 4GB ram iphone wins against this easy
Abrar Hossain Rakib
Abrar Hossain Rakib 12 kun oldin
Aditya T.S.
Aditya T.S. 12 kun oldin
Awesome Video Lew.
Matthew Fanning
Matthew Fanning 12 kun oldin
OnePlus is the only way to go. I got the red 6 and it's the best $580 I've ever spent in my life. Samsung and Apple is an absolute joke in comparison, esp when we talk price. Btw, the 6 still has a headphone jack
elie bader
elie bader 14 kun oldin
What a beautiful sexy device 🤗😍
parth pandhi
parth pandhi 14 kun oldin
The default messaging app doesn't work on mclaren6t neither does any third party app... This is a serious issue with oneplus's latest and one of the most expensive one plus product!
Fabrice Ho-pive
Fabrice Ho-pive 15 kun oldin
Still waiting the review for mate 20 pro....
Ehab Hassan Mohamed
Ehab Hassan Mohamed 15 kun oldin
Amazing Phone Thank You
Tärsky 16 kun oldin
I just ordered this one today :)
Inu _TheGame
Inu _TheGame 16 kun oldin
Try using ar camera on the book u will see a video
Imtiaz Towhid
Imtiaz Towhid 16 kun oldin
Please can anyone tell me weight and dimension of the box of 1+ 6t mclaren edition ? I want to buy and ship it and gift it to my cousin.
Austin Hart
Austin Hart 16 kun oldin
UnboxTherapy you should definitely use this as your next smaetphone. Would love to know your thoughts.
i_Sauxy 16 kun oldin
One Plus Ganggg
1Mustaf1 16 kun oldin
PLEASE MAKE A REVIEW!!!!!!!! Compare it to the note 9 and Iphones pleaseeeeee and to all new top competitive phone models!
Chestodor 17 kun oldin
Does the McLaren edition get hot while charging?
LegendSixty9 17 kun oldin
the theme should be called pornhub instead of mclaren
Peter Sarkar
Peter Sarkar 17 kun oldin
Switch to mate 20 pro
Anti Toxic
Anti Toxic 17 kun oldin
Stop promoting HTC and fooling people! HTC provides no support or consumer protection whatsoever, You left me no choice but to splash it in your face buddy you’re going backwards!
HYPER L4NX 17 kun oldin
Note 9 is better
Haley Quinn
Haley Quinn 17 kun oldin
i love Mclaren phone better then iphone
Seidji TV
Seidji TV 18 kun oldin
idk if you know, probably not buy you can see "Virtual Reality" through your phone while you reading the Mc Laren story book!
Ayaaz Jaorawala
Ayaaz Jaorawala 18 kun oldin
Myael Bowes
Myael Bowes 18 kun oldin
So the phone has more ram than all the iPhone x is near the same size as the iPhone xs max 900 pounds cheaper than the iPhone xs max. It's is so hard which phone 2 choose (NOT) this phone is Peng
dreber total
dreber total 18 kun oldin
yes this one after the note 9
dreber total
dreber total 18 kun oldin
it is cool phone.
OG_Julian 11
OG_Julian 11 18 kun oldin
Where do i get it?
Rahul Jangir
Rahul Jangir 19 kun oldin
so now just like other phone manufacture, One+ has collaborated with Mclaren, waiting for the day when some company will collaborate with Maruti Suzuki or Renault
louishbt 19 kun oldin
McLaren fingerprint unlock man... Came for that
Musab Fethullah Kocyigit
I WANT ONE but i can't get my hands on one. They don't have them in germany
Maggizon !!
Maggizon !! 20 kun oldin
Is there anywhere you can buy that fucking box???? 😂😂 would looooove that entire box with all it incloudes 😇😎
Paris H.
Paris H. 20 kun oldin
I assume i can get that charger from my regular oneplus 6t?
T1M3BR34K 20 kun oldin
I´ll order it right now
Marc Swan
Marc Swan 20 kun oldin
Hi Man ! first of all, love your unboxing vid's !! but now i bought myself this beast but i broke the trophy :-( and i wanted this on my new desk.. tell me your price for it and please let me buy it of you !!
StandardNerd 20 kun oldin
Please make the switch to 6T McLaren. I want to switch over, but I would love to see your input.
Mohit Nagar
Mohit Nagar 21 kun oldin
I want this 😍
Aligatorxx3 21 kun oldin
So when the 7T comes out...we should wait for further "special editions"??! Why can't they have them from the get-go!
Urvansh Mehta
Urvansh Mehta 21 kun oldin
He is the only guy who managed to show the Carbon fiber print properly on camera. In the entire UZvid.
Lewis Tinio
Lewis Tinio 21 kun oldin
In future the phone charge only for 2 mins
Winnie The Beast
Winnie The Beast 21 kun oldin
Where to buy it? One plus website only sells stock 6t’s
Saphire Tiger
Saphire Tiger 22 kun oldin
There absolutely no content in this you piece of crap 80 percent of your videos are just this you need to feel guilty you ass
prota2 22 kun oldin
For the people who said poco is cheap and op killer remember op comes back and when it's comes back it comes back stronger and it has more class and best charger
prota2 22 kun oldin
Watching in op6t mclaren
Haja 22 kun oldin
ordered it today. bit sad they didnt give it the brand new snapdragon with 5G chip
Danny Gal
Danny Gal 22 kun oldin
I remember when this channel only had 13k subs, crazy huh!
mikki bokkook
mikki bokkook 22 kun oldin
Watching this on my McLaren LMAO
TwistedDuck Gaming
TwistedDuck Gaming 22 kun oldin
I have the OnePlus6T and it is amazing
ArUn FrZ
ArUn FrZ 22 kun oldin
U should probably switch to this one
Recognizedre 22 kun oldin
Sean J.
Sean J. 22 kun oldin
This is what unboxings are all about!!
YouTube _zak2712
YouTube _zak2712 23 kun oldin
What does he do with all the phones that he gets? Answer- He eats them ☹️
don Quixote
don Quixote 23 kun oldin
Watching on my 4gb ram laptop....
Jaya Kumar V
Jaya Kumar V 23 kun oldin
Samsung teaming up with fortnite
Obscene wusvdhe
Obscene wusvdhe 23 kun oldin
Where's the earphones?
Malkijah Rashad
Malkijah Rashad 23 kun oldin
I told yeah! Keep the phone... Let us know how it weathers the storm.
Illia Kulyk
Illia Kulyk 23 kun oldin
karar aljashaamy
karar aljashaamy 24 kun oldin
The update feels good , much slower than before (Only formula one fans will get it)
Athul raj
Athul raj 24 kun oldin
Haha daily driver Get it?
Chris Romberg
Chris Romberg 24 kun oldin
10GB of RAM...for what? Lol^^
かつKATSU 24 kun oldin
Pornhub 🔘
Techno GameStars
Techno GameStars 24 kun oldin
My dream phone which will never come true cause I don't have that much of money to buy it..
EnderKingI 24 kun oldin
Oh damn... if this phone came out before I bought my iPhone XS Max, I probably would have bought it... 10 freaking gigs of ram holy jeez!! And it looks absolutely stunning!
LeBron James
LeBron James 24 kun oldin
I’d trade my 8 plus for it 😂