Nine News. Gang Fight. (Former Apex Gang Member Talks)

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Former Apex Gang Member talks to Media and blames lack of social-workers and dislikes the idea of deportations. This is in light of ever growing gang culture in Australia a once peaceful nation before the Goyim-Agenda was espoused.
The problem is only going to get worse with the increase of diverse migrants coming into Australia.
The usual gravy-train social workers are agreeing with the claims for more inclusion and social works.
Nine News. Gang Fight. (Former Apex Gang Member Talks).



2-May, 2016

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peter b
peter b 7 kun oldin
DEE REDDY 8 kun oldin
What does APEX mean?
FAT BOI 9 kun oldin
If they were kiwis they would get deported and we are ANZACS... What the fuck is going on in Australia the Australian government is fucked.... Go to (Anonymous Australia) on UZvid and listen to what he has to say it's TRUE
Sydney TI
Sydney TI Kun oldin
Look up GANGSTALKING and you will see
Jared Tansley
Jared Tansley 9 kun oldin
Health & safety
Health & safety 14 kun oldin
if they want to do shit like this in Australia and new Zealand send the shit skins back that's after we put a rope around the necks of the ones that are doing the crimes. then send the rest of them back. then send the bill to there government for damages and costs for anything else.
desmond farrell
desmond farrell 15 kun oldin
More social workers is not the answer. Deportation is.
ben waltisbuhl
ben waltisbuhl 21 kun oldin
convicted 5 of them with a terrorist act and wach it stop over night
ben waltisbuhl
ben waltisbuhl 21 kun oldin
we need us gun laws
rejecter 01
rejecter 01 29 kun oldin
Sending these kids to youth workers would do as much for the kids as putting ear rings on a pig would. Waste more money on zero results. Politicians would rather waste tax dollars than admit they made a mistake and fix it. Why do we give these idiots our support and votes.
USA has been trying this for 50 years and it hasn't worked.
Joe Debrincat
Joe Debrincat Oy oldin
Fuck this black cunt
Joe Debrincat
Joe Debrincat 3 kun oldin
Fuck u black cunt u have 3 subscribers on your channel fuck of back to the jungle cunt
Joe Debrincat
Joe Debrincat 3 kun oldin
+William Lobwo fuck u dog
William Lobwo
William Lobwo 28 kun oldin
Joe Debrincat shut your dumbass up
tonino Italiano
Matter of time. . That's what's around the corner for you's
M H Oy oldin
The media at it again. Divide and conquer. Youth workers? Are you serious? Actually, are you fucking serious? I’m not racist, as I understand the meaning of life, and why different races exist. The problem is culture. Different cultures are not compatible, and people need to understand, these people don’t belong in our country. I don’t say that to be mean, I’m just telling it like it is. You will probably find yourself in their race in your next life, so don’t judge. I’m a medium and I know what is.
The gr8 plasticine bumble bee
So how can us folks change the world for the better? - 1 act of random kindness at a time, I suppose Act of random kindness at a time - show mercy especially to the those who have great difficulty defending themselves such as the frail elderly, mentally and / or, physically challenged and / or, small innocent kids
the media is trying to hook up more youth workers with black Africans by dressing them up with Western clothes but without warning them of their cultural background.
Panther Oy oldin
Go back to there country
Chris Zealotes
If these kids were aboriginal the cops would be on to them like flies on a carcass....hmmm.
Becsey 3 kun oldin
Chris Zealotes yep the cops are scared .
Chris Zealotes
Becsey Oy oldin
Deport deport deport.
Mick Kool
Mick Kool Oy oldin
Youth workers dont do shit
Juul Clark
Juul Clark Oy oldin
You can't make cream pie out of horse shit!
John sonter
John sonter Oy oldin
They are a desease look at all other countries taking them in only to be raped robbed and murdered. Your past is no excuse for acting like savage retards.
Rusty Wallace
Rusty Wallace 2 oy oldin
Kill them before they kill you.
Shut the fuck up Hater
Rusty Wallace is that what you guys did to the aboriginals
peter Halapup
peter Halapup 2 oy oldin
if they are doing home invasions and car jacking's and mugging's at 16 what are they going to do in lets say 10 years down the track = bank robberies, murders and this is what Australian immigration imports scum of the earth
Stephen edwards
Stephen edwards 2 oy oldin
fuck them...send them back home
Shut the fuck up Hater
Stephen edwards ok I’m aboriginal fuck of back to England
Malcom Canning
Malcom Canning 2 oy oldin
pandering twats
malena davies
malena davies 2 oy oldin
We all had to leave our friends and family to come to our new country...what a silly excuse they are using. "Sense of inclussion" ... they should be attending school and make new friends or find a job.... All the gang problems only began by opening the doors of Australia, to that part of the world...
Robert Velasco
Robert Velasco 2 oy oldin
When you stump problems like this with Politics everybody loses! Whoever made the decision to accept these people in should pay the funding for extra Social worker and police!
emond67 2 oy oldin
if you kept your guns you could just shoot them, but your government doesnt want you to be able to protect yourself or families from these gangs
Bozo Me
Bozo Me 2 oy oldin
You have no gangs at all says WAlly eed...you know that idiot from the project ......could someone please tell him that YES there is gangs in Melbourne ......
Maori Smurf13
Maori Smurf13 2 oy oldin
Apex is all shit haha they seen straight outta Compton that's why they tryna be gangsta but yous ain't shit
pete chase
pete chase 2 oy oldin
dance to the tune of lead cunts
pete chase
pete chase 2 oy oldin
shoot the cunts
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe 3 oy oldin
Do not allow in, if police can not control (if necessary) !
Jr Killa
Jr Killa 3 oy oldin
This is what happens when you allow certain people into your home.
andrew dods
andrew dods 3 oy oldin
Why shld we have to pay for 5000 youth workers? Why shld we have to mentor these Adults? Why shld our police be over stretched policing them, when there’s a drug epidemic and rampant white crime already? Why are these Africans here, why waste Our Money? What do they contribute? Why are they here??!!!!!
BRETT 3 oy oldin
HELLO!! 5000 More workers,it would be cheaper,smarter,and a lot more efficient to DEPORT,and STOP further 3rd world migration,it's so FCKN simple!!!
andrew dods
andrew dods 3 oy oldin
It’s obvious. Different cultures, different races. Doesn’t work ......
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 3 oy oldin
"It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing immigrants that want to kill us is a good idea." Frank Gaffney. Weak PC idiotic politicians importing the problem, leading a weak PC police "force" ignoring the problem, followed by a weak PC Judiciary "imposing" lenient sentences (if the perpetrator is ever caught) and qualifies ( based on race). Any wonder the people of Victoria have had enough of being the victims of this government instigated and sponsored violence.
Planet Earth Media
kill them all
Joel aka FäřQQ
Joel aka FäřQQ 3 oy oldin
Cheaper to send the black cunts home
Catherine Rothe
Catherine Rothe 3 oy oldin
I don't care about what excuses you have, you break the law fuck off back to Sudan.
Marc Inglese
Marc Inglese 3 oy oldin
We must put them away! This inclusion rubbish and identity politics is what is destroying our country.
Golden Squatch
Golden Squatch 3 oy oldin
When you watch these videos, it feels like 80% of your news is about Gang Members. Lol
Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan 4 oy oldin
If Melbourne has a Sudanese gang problem but Sydney hasn't, someone has to ask why. Is the cause of the problem the tactics of the Victorian Police by any chance? Black youth can't walk down the street without getting pulled over. The jails are overflowing with Aboriginal youth. White gangs of police and British invaders armed with deadly weapons terrorised Aboriginal Australia for 200 years. In the last year alone, white gangs from Australia destroyed a city of two million in Mosul, Iraq, using high-tech weaponry. The Prime Minister of Australia incites these gangs to go overseas and commit murder and mayhem and the Australian parliaments incite the police to go out and cause mayhem in the Aboriginal communities.
TombstoneHeart 4 oy oldin
I'm glad for that young man for getting out of the situation he found himself in, but the whole narrative of that story was based on the Australian taxpayer having to put his hand in his pocket and pay for nannies to baby sit people who not only can't behave themselves in OUR society, but make it abundantly clear that they won't behave themselves either. So we're expected to pick up the bill for their parents not controlling and disciplining their own children and for our politicians and police running dead on any crime that might see them ( police - politicians ) as being racist. To be brutally honest, I no longer care what sort of traumatic events these people have in their background. Their criminal behaviour shows that, without a shadow of a doubt, they not only don't deserve to be in a country like ours, but they shouldn't be allowed to stay here either. If and when the police grow the balls to make arrests and get convictions, then these should suffer the same penalties under law that we are all subject to and then deported back to the place they came from.
Gregory Knight
Gregory Knight 4 oy oldin
Shoot the black drop ins on sight...i guess thats not night time.... This is Australia...why let them in ?
Richard Witherow
Richard Witherow 4 oy oldin
When in doubt, OUT!
mattysixx 4 oy oldin
Monkey business 🤦🏻‍♂️
Alison  Hilll
Alison Hilll 4 oy oldin
Black males make up 6% of the population of the USA yet their are 50% of people locked up for murder why ?.
DEE REDDY 8 kun oldin
If those stats are 100% right, I'm guessing most blacks live in poverty and the projects? Doesn't excuse murder, explains the brains being so messed up.
S Phung
S Phung 4 oy oldin
Its always the blacks! Always! Seriously, either lock them all up or send them all back to their own country!
TheDeathwalker86 4 oy oldin
Smith and Wesson ..that's the solution