Is The Surface Laptop 2 The Perfect Laptop?

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Surface Laptop 2 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2RWWkOU
Surface Laptop 2 (International) - geni.us/DlcwFE
Unboxing the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. The Surface Laptop 2 is a traditional form factor laptop. It features Intel 8th generation Core i5 and Core i7 chips. It’s a thin and light package competitive with the new Apple MacBook Air.
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17-Noy, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
Surface Laptop 2 or MacBook Air?
Yugam raghav
Yugam raghav 8 kun oldin
The Fire Bucket
The Fire Bucket 21 kun oldin
RiCk sAnChEz
RiCk sAnChEz Oy oldin
Duuuuuude MacBook Air!!!
Darren5728 Oy oldin
I would definitely go with the Surface Laptop 2!
Thang Mach
Thang Mach Oy oldin
Black Friday sales. Bringing price down.
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh 17 soat oldin
Low resolution screen, lol, for $2,000+ speced up, hmm,,,,, still heavy also, HP does better ones for the prices.
UnaidedInk 4 kun oldin
What’s the song you always use to test the volume?
thematthewaustin 6 kun oldin
dame stevens
dame stevens 8 kun oldin
Can edit 4k on this? Does the graphics card support it?
31kiw 10 kun oldin
Really cool! Except for the Surface Connect port. That brought down my much loved SP3. Perfect device but it won’t charge because one pin in the charging port won’t recognise the charge plug. Such an Achilles heel.
Gabe Chub
Gabe Chub 11 kun oldin
Doest even charge
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 13 kun oldin
Great video.
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 13 kun oldin
I think I would choose a 2019 blade stealth tho... it has ports. caugh* caugh* microsoft king of ports lol please replace that mini display port already with a thunderbolt 3 plz
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 13 kun oldin
I only wish I could upgrade it and have more ports but ya know that laptop doesnt really look like it would be one of those laptops where it would be like this dope thing to upgrade it tho but I'm kinda disappointed that you cant upgrade the ram in the 2019 razer blade stealth... that's really sad... hey Leo just kinda a thought could you maybe kinda sorta review or UNBOX the 2019 blade stealth?
Irfan Beig
Irfan Beig 13 kun oldin
Guys in Microsoft still don't know about Type C connector!!!!
Samual Passon
Samual Passon 15 kun oldin
At 1:24 when he is showing off the ports, what is the long one next to the headphone that is covered? is there a way to take the covering off?
Izzy 15 kun oldin
The one thing that pisses me off about the Surface products is the MASSIVE glare issues. I want to make the switch from Apple but cannot handle the glare on these products...
Drashtant Patel
Drashtant Patel 15 kun oldin
I would go for Surface 2 as a value point of view, base model ( i5 +128 SSD) available for $799 in microsoft physical store, while macbook air starts at $1149.
vwpanda gaming
vwpanda gaming 15 kun oldin
is it touch screen
vwpanda gaming
vwpanda gaming 15 kun oldin
Tommaso Ricchi
Tommaso Ricchi 15 kun oldin
Neelanchal Agarkar
Neelanchal Agarkar 16 kun oldin
Dude you said that it has a thunderbolt but it does not have it
Daniel Jeremic
Daniel Jeremic 16 kun oldin
Hi I have currently the Surface Laptop 1 with i7 and 512GB SSD. Make sense to change from Surface Laptop 1 to 2? I dont see the benefits of this different editions. Cheers, Daniel
C F 18 kun oldin
Usb type C?
apple baffled
apple baffled 19 kun oldin
What song is that? The one he uses in the sound tests?
Chan Nyein Ko Ko
Chan Nyein Ko Ko 19 kun oldin
1:23 USB, thunder volt??? 🧐
Layla Raeleen
Layla Raeleen 20 kun oldin
could you do a review on the microsoft surface pro 6?? I thought you did a review on it but I can't find it
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 20 kun oldin
I’m so glad your finally started looking at Microsoft 👍 I’ve been waiting so longggg...I’ve been here since idek😂
Best Reviews 2019
Best Reviews 2019 22 kun oldin
I like unboxing laptop
Manuel Captanis
Manuel Captanis 23 kun oldin
Worst review I’ve ever seen
tinostarks 25 kun oldin
5:11 isn't Surface Book 2 a different product?
damma 26 kun oldin
Hell Microsoft is catching up to top dog.
BuckRogers 28 kun oldin
With all USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports, this beats the new MBA. As it is, I'd have to give a slight build quality bump to the Air and USB-C/TBolt pushes it over the edge for the win. Microsoft is almost there. The problem is that if they can't match or beat Apple in build quality, I would be very hard pressed to not buy a Mac. It's a huge deal with mobile devices.
Kim 29 kun oldin
WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME!? Your viewers are not deaf!
olansile hammed
5mins of my life i would never get back
olansile hammed
atrocious review
Y Ghatavi
Y Ghatavi Oy oldin
why would you pay for less weight? I'd pay for better hardware, I don't need a laptop to watch a movie with I may need it for working on a 3d app when my pc isn't available
parker jeon
parker jeon Oy oldin
wtf is this garbage review? kb backlight is at minimum and you say it's full?
Michael Trew
Michael Trew Oy oldin
Nice machine, but if something breaks you're pretty much done... not very repairable.
the cHroNic nOize co.
No usb-c. Bummer.
Erin Graves
Erin Graves Oy oldin
ok i would love to work with you lol. Your energy is giving me life! im deciding bw this one and a pixelbook, im hearing nothing but bad about the pixel. I just need something I can edit my youtube videos with
Diego Benalcázar
I had no idea there was a surface laptop let alone a surface laptop 2. They need better advertising. Also the quality does not seem that good. The screen ratio is ankward
shafiq rahman
shafiq rahman Oy oldin
What is the watch you are wearing ?
William Zhang
William Zhang Oy oldin
What's the name of the song at 3:44 that you used to test the speakers on the Surface laptop?
AEsTHETIcALLγ ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏ
The surface.
Fian Halim
Fian Halim Oy oldin
Just bought this for $800! It feels so pleasant, practical and portable to carry around. I also feel like I didn’t waste my money (which is the best part)! Also, the Alacantara keyboard really does make all the difference in the laptop experience! So soft! 🤯
Aymen Chouguiat
what about the new razer stealth
Norm Tu'i
Norm Tu'i Oy oldin
MBA for sure - just a better overall quality build. Don't have to mess with that sorry operating system, Windows 10 either.
M tO
M tO Oy oldin
I am pretty sure this is a mini display port and not thunderbolt 3.
Charles Martins Juviniano
We love Will! (Lew is awesome too)
jerome d'hulst
When will this laptop be available in europe?
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Oy oldin
Рикардо Милос
Please, make russian subtitles!
cawesome Oy oldin
I’m getting the surface laptop 2 soon (hopefully). Really excited. It looks amazing!
Heitor Castelo Branco Rodrigues Alves
What watch is he wearing?
m-ok -
m-ok - Oy oldin
A coworker bought one showed off to everybody at work and got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH the second week.
Srijan Tanay
Srijan Tanay Oy oldin
Plz donate I pad pro with its accessories to me
Rohan Saxena
Rohan Saxena Oy oldin
Obviously the surface
Jeffrey Oy oldin
Touch screen on a laptop = Worthless. Plain and simple. You'll use it 3 times and then say... "Okay did that, I'm good." Then straight back to the track pad.
Rohan Chaudhari
Surface laptop 2...oc
DaLizMs Oy oldin
that box looks like record albums I have, is it 12x12?
Adrian de leon
Love that thunderbolt is on there but no usb c :(
Lance N.
Lance N. Oy oldin
Surface book 2???
Blue Sunset
Blue Sunset Oy oldin
What annoys me is that Microsoft makes bad products of poor quality and puts them at the same price as Apple products.
Blue Sunset
Blue Sunset Oy oldin
+Alex Microsoft do the same with plastic products.
Alex Oy oldin
What annoys me ist that Apple manufactures their products for 1/4 of the selling price.
Danny the NPC
Danny the NPC Oy oldin
I’d go with the macbook personally just cause i think the fit and finish is slightly better but i’m a big fan of surface products as well.
A Casual Gamer
bad review
Joseph V.G.J
Joseph V.G.J Oy oldin
Surface is best
Joseph V.G.J
Joseph V.G.J Oy oldin
Toby Hinshaw
Toby Hinshaw Oy oldin
Can you unbox the Huawei Matebook Pro - it competes with both the Surface 2 and Air.
Nik Nak
Nik Nak Oy oldin
I'm a massive apple fan but in recent years I have nothing but disappointment! Microsoft is coming back! Great tech and great value. Apple makes too many compromises 😔 look at the iPhone x, that notch is fugly, not to mention the loss of a 16:9 ratio, what were they thinking smh
What you get should be based on your need
samuel gebru
samuel gebru Oy oldin
can they make it 1 Terra byte HD and downgrade the processor to I-3 lol I would happily buy that. what's up with these tiny hard drive on newer laptops?? so annoying
Dee Pak
Dee Pak Oy oldin
surface book 2 all the way
Shane Oy oldin
Its like impressions not a real solid review smh
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz Oy oldin
just buy a xps 15 1000 better than this shit
Nitin Meluha
Nitin Meluha Oy oldin
I will take the surface anyday
Best and the Bad
Randall Spaulding
Remember all of the surface ads that bashed laptops to no end? Insert “surface laptop.” You were being nice about the fit and finish of this; the entire device flexes a ton-including the screen which wasn’t mentioned. The suede-like material will surely wear out quickly. This is a completely average windows laptop for a crazy price.
TheDoctor50 Oy oldin
Surface Laptop 2
Suning Starseeker
Why is it only one usb port?
Shohel Rahman
Shohel Rahman Oy oldin
Loo make video on article 13
TheAwesomeBurger YT
Surface Laptop 2
Wafie 610
Wafie 610 Oy oldin
Unbox Huawei Matebook x pro laptop!!!
Morgan Wale
Morgan Wale Oy oldin
Surface book 2
Shresth Kansal
Considering the price and the "$200 off" deal surface all the way Also Lew can you make a review video of the Surface Pro 6 and compare it to the Pixel Slate and the iPad Pro That'd be Great Anyway Thanks for the Video
kaleido Oy oldin
3:44 song please
john cena
john cena Oy oldin
2:08 not at all creepy xd
Swapnil Nawale
Any MacBook Pro fans here?😄
🍅 Oy oldin
5:12 Surface **BOOK** 2... Excuse me?!
Ka Kin Au
Ka Kin Au Oy oldin
thanks sharing man. Are you going to try-out the Huawei Matebook X Pro? Want to hear your unbox opinion.
AK 511
AK 511 Oy oldin
I want a slim laptop that can run music making software easily, suggestions?
Kirby Le
Kirby Le Oy oldin
Use Surface Latop 2 and Macbook Air and let us know which is the BEST of the BEST in terms of price and overall performance. That is what you would call a review. TY
Sören Lindhoff
That "Thunderbolt" is actually a "Displayport". But whatever. Entertainment > correct information.
Suning Starseeker
such an amazing laptop for a screenwriter like me
Suning Starseeker
This guys funny.
Suning Starseeker
This guys funny.
Dilshan KB
Dilshan KB Oy oldin
1:58 mmm... 2:00 aaaaa...
Kaleb scott
Kaleb scott Oy oldin
Surface all the way because MacBooks spinning color wheel makes me barf plus on the old MacBook I messed up my keyboard and every key for typing was messed up.
Tha _Void
Tha _Void Oy oldin
Macbook air it is
Shawaiz Oy oldin
battery isn't replaceable
PLYT Oy oldin
MacBook but I would do neither
Derrick Hodson
At this point I’m looking for something that won’t get a virus or hacked... words sound weird I know probably won’t happen but surface or air for that?
InWorld _Vmir_
Xiaomi. Who knows?😅
Boneless Man
Boneless Man Oy oldin
Looks so sexy
cas33 Oy oldin
beware of flickergate