Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!

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Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!




25-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 10 oy oldin
Can't wait to show you guys what we found on the next video! (We had to call the police) Subscribe so you don't miss that video!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see that video tomorrow! What do you think we found??
Olivia Edwrds
Olivia Edwrds 28 kun oldin
DALLMYD Maybe it’s just you know a house blew up or something on the Xbox fell out of the house
tommy1 gene113
i think how an x box got in river is kid wqoddent get off xbox she toke it and hide it in river to rouin the xbox
Adrianna & ethan Jastrzebski
DALLMYD I think you found a rusty pistol Or Tristian found a rifle
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
+ItzCurswing Gamer no one cares
Thacia Naylor
Thacia Naylor 2 kun oldin
I really love their friendship. They don't dis on each other, they just help each other and respect each other and that's goals right there.
Tamara Winger
Tamara Winger 3 kun oldin
I can pick you up on helping
Tamara Winger
Tamara Winger 3 kun oldin
Tamara Winger
Tamara Winger 3 kun oldin
Probably that Xbox to tell me to shut him up on the walking trail in the bag baby do it on the ground
yosef elkaslasi
yosef elkaslasi 3 kun oldin
it’s my Xbox I lose hem before very long time hhhh
Nischal Rai
Nischal Rai 4 kun oldin
I want to be your partner 😭😭
Jen Armstrong-Dawson
That should forevermore be known as Gaming Creek. LOL
charlie carroll
charlie carroll 7 kun oldin
Anyone else see the ring beside the bone?
Ben Addison
Ben Addison 4 kun oldin
Looks like a shell upside down
Insxcivble 6 kun oldin
charlie carroll yeaaaah I have seen too 🖐
Brian Holzwordt
Brian Holzwordt 7 kun oldin
Xbox had red ring of death and got tossed
Euer Hochwürgen
Euer Hochwürgen 4 kun oldin
the original xbox never got such a thing, it was indestructable, it even withstand bullets
Emma Grace
Emma Grace 7 kun oldin
The mom probably got mad at the kid and throw all the toys and Xbox in the river 😂😂
Joe Hopping
Joe Hopping 11 kun oldin
i think some one was just like "this XBOX broken. YEET"
Poke Player700
Poke Player700 12 kun oldin
The thing you thought was an iPad was a trail camera:)
Melissa Heward
Melissa Heward 13 kun oldin
Remember how big boy from the Xbox well I have an explanation the might be the right one maybe somebody stole it from a store and they wanted to hide it but then somebody caught them and then they went to jail and they never got to get the Xbox because they died in jail for they forgot about it
ryan hammond
ryan hammond 14 kun oldin
Trucrime is a really really good game
The 4 Frenchies
The 4 Frenchies 15 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that was a cassette tape player. Not sure but I think so....
Brick Parker
Brick Parker 4 soat oldin
I think it was an eight track player
Hannah Thacker
Hannah Thacker 16 kun oldin
Maybe a mom got mad at her kid because they did not stay off it so the throw it in the river
Wolf named death
Wolf named death 16 kun oldin
Some kid probably hid that to much porn in his search history so he chucked it in the water
Sjskkxksksks Dkdkkddkdkkd
A bully stopped kicked the kid the kid ran and the bully chased him
nick99 18 kun oldin
The simple answer on how the xbox ended up there is easy. The answer is flooding
Mags Clarke
Mags Clarke 19 kun oldin
Mags Clarke
Mags Clarke 19 kun oldin
Someone was traveling and dropped it and didn't come back
Kharece Phillips
Kharece Phillips 19 kun oldin
I think a girlfriend possibly threw the xbox in the river and the games and gameboy eventually went downstream from the bag.
DOLPHIN 19 kun oldin
there was a halo 2 lan party in the river, hence the xbox and the tv
Bella Lupo
Bella Lupo 20 kun oldin
Human knee bone
Bella Lupo
Bella Lupo 20 kun oldin
The kids mom got mad and threw his or her Xbox Into the lake or river
Starestroyer312 CAMS
some angry mom mad about their kids grade yeeted it
Logan loud
Logan loud 21 kun oldin
I guest somebody got too mad at the fortnight and threw it in the river. Yes yes I know fortnight was not here in 2004 I was making a joke so don't get mad at me.
Logan loud
Logan loud 18 kun oldin
Sorry I didn't know how to spell it.
Trashed Tube
Trashed Tube 18 kun oldin
Logan loud *fortnite
Mary Beth Stone
Mary Beth Stone 21 kun oldin
That's my Xbox
Mary Beth Stone
Mary Beth Stone 21 kun oldin
My Xbox
Mary Beth Stone
Mary Beth Stone 21 kun oldin
Mary Beth Stone
Mary Beth Stone 21 kun oldin
Heart me please
Mary Beth Stone
Mary Beth Stone 21 kun oldin
You found Xbox
Leanne M
Leanne M 22 kun oldin
I don't know if anybody has told you yet but the very first item that he picked up, the electronic that was black is an "Ancient answering machine"
Turtle Viper YT
Turtle Viper YT 23 kun oldin
Parents threw it in because kid was being bad
Trevor Grotophorst
Trevor Grotophorst 24 kun oldin
dog bone
Trevor Grotophorst
Trevor Grotophorst 24 kun oldin
parent got mad and through it in the river
Jonathan Rood
Jonathan Rood 24 kun oldin
When your parents dump all your video games into the river ;)
Dairis GotEmxD
Dairis GotEmxD 25 kun oldin
7:14 Best game of all time at thet time...I Played it for days when i got it:)))
Cody Pennington
Cody Pennington 26 kun oldin
I can't believe all the crazy stuff y'all find but that Xbox definitely got thrown out by some pissed off parent.
Jamie Viator
Jamie Viator 26 kun oldin
a kid mom got angrey and thorw it there
Tammy Mossholder
Tammy Mossholder 26 kun oldin
Xbox got there by a disgruntled girlfriend
Luke Andler
Luke Andler 26 kun oldin
Briar Robertson
Briar Robertson 27 kun oldin
that bone look like it be *CHICKEN!!!*
Rhys Hunter
Rhys Hunter 27 kun oldin
I wonder what game is in it may be like the first halo
Ashlin Brown
Ashlin Brown 27 kun oldin
Crazy ex
VaPoiR FX 27 kun oldin
at 10.04 you missed a ring
duell collins
duell collins 27 kun oldin
Someone's gf got mad as hell and took vengeance.
Mystel Reynolds
Mystel Reynolds 28 kun oldin
I'm a kid. The bone was humannnnn
yoyo johnny 67
yoyo johnny 67 28 kun oldin
How would you find a Xbox in a river
melissa greene
melissa greene 29 kun oldin
It was my cassette player I had in the early 80's in the beginning of the stream
christian oppelt
It my x box
Mystel Reynolds
Mystel Reynolds 28 kun oldin
AndyDandy Oy oldin
The first thing he found was a Nintendo
NoVa Z
NoVa Z Oy oldin
I believe that was a bone that a dog would normally chew and the owner took the dog to the river and the dog could’ve lost the bone in the river
NoVa Z
NoVa Z 25 kun oldin
random bird studios no just no it understand it KFChildren it’s a childs bone
random bird studios
random bird studios 28 kun oldin
no it was a chicken bone mate u can tell if u have ever gone to KFC
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi Oy oldin
Kid probably played too much Xbox so the parents dumped it in the river.
Timpa Limpa
Timpa Limpa 20 kun oldin
Samurai Levi and the bone was the kids 😂
MatteGamer2 Oy oldin
Girlfriend dumped his boyfriend for playing too much games and then throw his xbox in the water.
James Tweedell
A kid probably said his X-Box was probably stolen ...so his parents would get him another one....
Julie Hendrix
Julie Hendrix Oy oldin
Love your videos! You guys are great!!
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith Oy oldin
The kid got mad at the game in the Xbox and blew it up and threw it in the river hahah and that bone looks like a chicken bone
Eli Hodge
Eli Hodge Oy oldin
They got a PS2
Abdel Plasencia
Eli Hodge so they down graded
Sawyer ;3
Sawyer ;3 Oy oldin
They found stuff a kid would have. A toy car, action figure, Xbox, and a DS. I think a kid was killed and they got rid of the evidence to make it look like he drowned..
Roselee Lucia
Roselee Lucia Oy oldin
When he picked up that bone there was a ring beside it
Holly_ playz
Holly_ playz Oy oldin
I Have An Original Xbox (The One You Found) And Older Xbox 360, A Newer Xbox 360, An Xbox 1 And An Xbox 1 S
Brad HILLS 29 kun oldin
Holly_ playz Same
Fayth Withrow
Fayth Withrow Oy oldin
Mom angry at her kid for playing to much and throw it into the river.
Ashley The wise
Some spoiled kid threw it in the river secretly when the new Xbox came out and lied to his parents that he was mugged
Paul C
Paul C Oy oldin
Someone had a kleptomaniac in their neighborhood who feels bad about stealing and tosses it in the river so they won't be discovered.
Neko Féerie
Neko Féerie Oy oldin
maybe a person had a Xbox for christmas but he wanted a PS4 so she/he took it, put it and throw it away without telling anyone XD
TheRealRockyRoll's OtherAccount
Died at top two on fortnite
Truly Infamous
Someone must've gotten fed up with that true crime game and destroyed their Xbox.
Wwe Kid
Wwe Kid Oy oldin
Krazy girl
elijah gaudet
elijah gaudet Oy oldin
I bet you the Xbox got there because some wife got mad at her husband for playing on his Xbox all the time so she threw it in the river
Freakrunner Nederland
when you found the bone, there was a ring on the right, see film (10.00)
roydriver74 Oy oldin
Oh my god! Human remains!? (10:00
Brooklyn Ehrisman
A dad got mad at the kid and threw it into the river
smile more
smile more Oy oldin
The xbox ended up in the river because the kid was jamming on it to much and the parents had enough so chucked it into the river.
Bajan Canadian
Looked like there was a ring to the right of the bone
Zackary Risley
6:44 I think someone saw your channel and said HMMMMM how is this channel so good? screw you Xbox imma do what these guys are doing *puts Xbox in a duffel bag and drops it off a plane EDIT: 10:12 Dog Chew Bone?
Gary Burns
Gary Burns Oy oldin
Leave a corment. Lol
the obber
the obber Oy oldin
I now how the Xbox get into the river it's kid geta rage and drop the Xbox lol
FeRtAlBeAr 69
FeRtAlBeAr 69 Oy oldin
That's the og xbox from 2001 boi
Holly_ playz
Holly_ playz Oy oldin
I Wasn't Even BORN In 2001
Holly_ playz
Holly_ playz Oy oldin
And I Have One XD
Tracy Deters
Tracy Deters Oy oldin
maybe someone was mad and they threw it in the water and it was someone else's
Jackson Rendleman
Long story short....dead kid
Ryken Dingwall
the day was mand at the kid and he throw it in the river
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Oy oldin
he thort it was waterproof
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Oy oldin
kid RAGE on fortnite and throw in river
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Oy oldin
PenguinBoy14 Oy oldin
+Cody Jones okay
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Oy oldin
i was just jokin around
Cody Jones
Cody Jones Oy oldin
ok OK gee calm down
PenguinBoy14 Oy oldin
It was on a orginal xbox so no fortnite LEARN cody
Sheila Adkins
Sheila Adkins Oy oldin
He lost a game of fortnite
Finn B-H
Finn B-H Oy oldin
The kid would not get off his xbox so his dad grabbed the xbox and all his games jumped in the car and drove to the river and threw all the stuff in the river
Izzy Workman
Izzy Workman Oy oldin
Child playing to much xbox and mom got mad and in river you go
The Spicy Boi Channel
Kid was playin the first halo and got mad at one of the missions
Djlink01 minecraft
It's called a DS by the way but it just frustrated me.
Madeline Maloney
That was mine I dropped it in the ocean
Shiny mega gengar Fam
Dear bone
Shiny mega gengar Fam
Angry mother threw it in the river
Not A Player #4768
exactly what i was going to say
Milly_Playz67 Oy oldin
Or her
Milly_Playz67 Oy oldin
His game crashed.
alpha hawk
alpha hawk Oy oldin
The Xbox 360 came out they bought it and threw it in
Louise Widdrington
Well the last comment was about the tv you found and I said a neighbour through it in the river because they were playing it too loud, now we know why they were playing it so loud they were playing the Xbox on it so loud the neighbour through the tv in one place and the Xbox somewhere else, this comment is turning into a story lol
Bradley Davies
I think that the kids perant got peed off so he/she threw the Xbox the ds the game the car and the figure off of one of the bridge
Jazzy Mullen
Jazzy Mullen Oy oldin
I think the way the Xbox ended up in the river is a kid got bad grades or did something really bad and the parents threw it out.
Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper Oy oldin
The xbox ended up in the stream because they realised PlayStation is better
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