Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!

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Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!




25-Mar, 2018

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Can't wait to show you guys what we found on the next video! (We had to call the police) Subscribe so you don't miss that video!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see that video tomorrow! What do you think we found??
Gobind the Gamer
Gobind the Gamer 2 kun oldin
Mr Caleb
Mr Caleb 12 kun oldin
Chloe Corbitt
Chloe Corbitt 13 kun oldin
Hey cuz what you been up too miss you
Juana Aguilar
Juana Aguilar 15 kun oldin
DALLMYD it is min
Diane Galindo
Diane Galindo 21 kun oldin
It was a mobster that was practicing lol 😂😂😂😂 then got caught up in a chase and dropped it.....go figure lol
john harvey
john harvey 49 daqiqa oldin
a man stole the xbox then he dropped it in the river
kiahmaynpets 10 soat oldin
My dad has one of those Xboxes
Lu Lu
Lu Lu 10 soat oldin
That car u found I have the newer version that is the same size
Valerie Brown
Valerie Brown 17 soat oldin
The weird object is a Cassett recorder!!!!!
Blake Holland
Blake Holland 17 soat oldin
Fish game nowadays
Slenderjay 21 soat oldin
Da Xbox was used to smuggle drugs XD
Olivia Roberts
Olivia Roberts 23 soat oldin
I know this might sound morbid, but what if some kid was kidnapped from his home and the kidnapper told him he could take a only a duffle bag with toys/games in it. And after he was tortured murdered the kidnapper dropped the toys off in the river. To get rid of all evidence.
odsonic Kun oldin
who needs an xbox when you have girls
jessica moore
jessica moore Kun oldin
An ex-girlfriend threw the ex-boyfriend’s gaming systems out lol 😆
Connor Meehan
Connor Meehan Kun oldin
His mom got mad and theough it away
golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer
Somebody died by a creeper on the xbox
MV Master
MV Master Kun oldin
a DSI damn
Harold Roland
Harold Roland 2 kun oldin
Somebody stole it
Griffin456 Extras
Griffin456 Extras 2 kun oldin
1:29 dude u found a tape recorder
Hannah Arianna
Hannah Arianna 2 kun oldin
It broke and he or she got tired of it and put it there and left it
Brinto Paul
Brinto Paul 2 kun oldin
his mama was so angry at him and kicked his Xbox in the trash
Chris Barnhard
Chris Barnhard 2 kun oldin
1:23 do I have to tell you that’s a cassette player
Christy Louu23
Christy Louu23 2 kun oldin
Got mad at a video game or family member and threw it 😂😂
Cade Easterwood
Cade Easterwood 2 kun oldin
It was 1999 and a mom got mad at her so for playing it to too long that's why it is in the river
Ever Skjaveland
Ever Skjaveland 2 kun oldin
Anthony Aguiar
Anthony Aguiar 2 kun oldin
It's actually cold a Macintosh computer
Nate Fernandes
Nate Fernandes 2 kun oldin
His mom through it out
Kat K
Kat K 2 kun oldin
I think since it's so close to the bridge it was on the back of their parents pick up and flew off because it wasn't secured properly
Noah Owenby
Noah Owenby 2 kun oldin
Fahri Hamdani
Fahri Hamdani 2 kun oldin
That's chicken bones
Daniel Gaut
Daniel Gaut 2 kun oldin
Hayden Shuler
Hayden Shuler 2 kun oldin
I know a UZvidr called speedy diver he can probably fix it maybe and the Nintendo
Noa Smith
Noa Smith 2 kun oldin
A kid was spending to much time on his Xbox, so his parents threw it into a stream so he would never find out it.
Mahayla Dick
Mahayla Dick 3 kun oldin
Someone stole the Xbox and dropped it while running from the cops.
Rebecca Roth
Rebecca Roth 3 kun oldin
Some kid wanted to stream river treasures but alas there is no streaming in a steam😢
Jordan Zazulak
Jordan Zazulak 3 kun oldin
A kid was biking across the bridge while holding the bag with the Xbox, and maybe slipped, and dropped it in the river
Bluey 4 kun oldin
That xbox looks like it's from 60 years ago.
Simion Wilson
Simion Wilson 4 kun oldin
Dog bone for them to like chew on
Aiden Bouchard
Aiden Bouchard 4 kun oldin
the kid threw it there cause he didn't want to hear it my turn on the xbox
Scooby Claw
Scooby Claw 5 kun oldin
It looks like Robocop
Ultimate 17
Ultimate 17 5 kun oldin
You say Xbox 23 or more times
Ángel Castro
Ángel Castro 5 kun oldin
Looking for trash
Vampos the mixel
Vampos the mixel 5 kun oldin
**finds an Xbox** me: oh cool **finds a Nintendo DS/3DS** me: _N O W A Y_
Nadios Place
Nadios Place 5 kun oldin
I like your eyebrows 🙂👍
Christie Hemminghaus
Probably walking and dropped it
Kyle Berberian
Kyle Berberian 5 kun oldin
Someone lost at a video game
Psy22 6 kun oldin
Psycho dad threw that Xbox in there.
PizzaKing25 5 kun oldin
Psy22 too true
hunter stone
hunter stone 6 kun oldin
They got the ring of death and through it in the lake or the parents got mad that their child was on it for so long that they disposed of it
Daimon147 Gaming
Daimon147 Gaming 5 kun oldin
The ring of death was xbox 360 this the is the original xbox
Hunter Wray
Hunter Wray 6 kun oldin
Someone lost a fortnite match.
bethavelino1 6 kun oldin
Thats my xbox my father throw it when i am at school!!!🤷🏻‍♂️😭
Vampos the mixel
Vampos the mixel 5 kun oldin
bethavelino1 yea sure liar
Riley Foster
Riley Foster 7 kun oldin
He lost a definite game so he chucked it
ethanmiller6305 7 kun oldin
ann keairns-mcdonald
I love frog's!!🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 and tutles 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
ann keairns-mcdonald
maybe a dad was mad at his kid for playing 😬Xbox games all the time so that's why he threw it in the river and the kid was sad 😞😞😞😞😞💍🌉🌅
Harry Bosse
Harry Bosse 8 kun oldin
Is that another gold ring at 9:58 that you guys missed?? How did you not see the gold circular object in the water but I can 😶
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 8 kun oldin
Go back on ur video when u find the bone. To the right of the bone looks like a silver ring or could be a key ring. Love the videos.. Stay safe and stay awesome brotha's
Beeswaxs956 8 kun oldin
Kid was going to friends house, bullies threw his bag in river.
Murica 121
Murica 121 8 kun oldin
Car wreck
Nylahgames 19
Nylahgames 19 8 kun oldin
5:54 mama got mad and threw it in the lake
SMDB 9 kun oldin
A dad got mad at the son and threw the xbox in the water 😂
Christopher Townsend
Thrown a bridge
PandaGurl 328
PandaGurl 328 9 kun oldin
I think it’s a really good idea to pick up turtles and small animals and reptiles, so they they are ok and aren’t hurt or don’t step on them
TheGamerGuy1890 8 kun oldin
I agree
Alexis World trans
Alexis World trans 9 kun oldin
A very piss off parents
Valentine Torrez
Valentine Torrez 9 kun oldin
There was a ring next to the toy car
Valentine Torrez
Valentine Torrez 9 kun oldin
There was a ring next to the toy car
Madeline Ramirez
Madeline Ramirez 9 kun oldin
I think a child was being a total jerk and rude ass and the mom was fed up and threw his xbox(inside the bag) in the river . That's what happened 😊
Madeline Ramirez
Madeline Ramirez 9 kun oldin
"Hes living life in the polluted wilderness" 😂😂😂😂
framedfull 9 kun oldin
that was my first console ever and im only 13
Teresa Hartley
Teresa Hartley 9 kun oldin
that si mey
Crimson Wolf
Crimson Wolf 9 kun oldin
If that XBox had Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Game, that dude would be so disappointed because it got Delisted
Madison Elane Vandergriff
I bet they bought the Xbox then they got so mad at losing the game that they were playing and they threw the Xbox in the water
Zac Ethan
Zac Ethan 10 kun oldin
Zac Ethan
Zac Ethan 10 kun oldin
Fel off big boy
FanOfYoutubers 10 kun oldin
Some dude didn’t want the bag and didn’t realise he had an Xbox in it and threw it in the river
Alexandria Reynolds
Alexandria Reynolds 10 kun oldin
The first find was a vape batterie charger
Axienesse Gaming
Axienesse Gaming 10 kun oldin
I have one of those cars it's blue
Galaxy Reacts
Galaxy Reacts 10 kun oldin
The natendo is an DS
Killin Films
Killin Films 10 kun oldin
Many ISIS/ other terrorist organizations used game consoles to communicate because it could be tracked and stuff. Idkk.... duffle bag with just an xbox and no cables remotes or games in the middle of a river. Iidddoonnnooo
Leonis Fletcher
Leonis Fletcher 10 kun oldin
Gamer rage
Endergem 11 kun oldin
I think its like his story but the owner ran into a alligator and the bag was to heavy so he left it.
Sujeto 20
Sujeto 20 11 kun oldin
10:09 the bone is from a chicens sombody came there and it some wings of it
Havaski 11 kun oldin
someone raged on the Truecrime and on the Pokémon and trew the 3DS and the Xbox into the river
Chai'el Ma'etheius
Chai'el Ma'etheius 11 kun oldin
Ended up in the ditch when the Xbox got the red eye
Addictive Gamer
Addictive Gamer 11 kun oldin
7.30 “I didn’t grab it cause I thought it was trash”
print man
print man 11 kun oldin
Dad got sick of the XBOX & threw it in the river...
Kane Turalde
Kane Turalde 11 kun oldin
who else saw a ring when they found the bone?
Naomi Yisraëla
Naomi Yisraëla 12 kun oldin
That water turtle is a mexican yello cheek, they eat fish but they also like small birds and chickens, many people keep them as house pets.
Mo B
Mo B 12 kun oldin
*j u i c y*
Elijah Denning
Elijah Denning 12 kun oldin
You missed a ring at 10:00
ant JELLY 12 kun oldin
Chicken bone
Sher Grissom
Sher Grissom 12 kun oldin
So glad I found part 2, I looked for it in the title but I had a hard time finding it. This is so cool, you had me at Apple.
miss maya gray
miss maya gray 12 kun oldin
Brayden horne
Brayden horne 13 kun oldin
I'm probably the only kid my age who still plays the Xbox original ( I'm 12 )
Santi Peralta
Santi Peralta 8 kun oldin
It still play ok on ps2 every once and a while
Theron Engen
Theron Engen 12 kun oldin
No your not i play still
Zachery Harp
Zachery Harp 13 kun oldin
Nice xbox
Maria Renteria
Maria Renteria 13 kun oldin
Probably someone broke up and that was his her xbox
Nyla King
Nyla King 13 kun oldin
All that stuff seems like it came of of the bag
SkywarredYT - Gaming And More!
5:05 you’re welcome
Jonathan Coomes
Jonathan Coomes 13 kun oldin
Kid crashed his bike and backpack fell off the bridge
Christifer Schmuck
Christifer Schmuck 13 kun oldin
Carlo Sartinas
Carlo Sartinas 13 kun oldin
Did you take the Xbox home
Giraffe Woman
Giraffe Woman 13 kun oldin
It’s a DSi that’s so cool
Blackbird Foss
Blackbird Foss 13 kun oldin
I ink a kid was going to his grandmas or sommit then went to go have a swim in the river and forgot the bag
Conor Mcelligott
Conor Mcelligott 13 kun oldin
Someone was playing a game and got mad and threw IT in the river
Chloe Corbitt
Chloe Corbitt 13 kun oldin
Hey cuz! Love your vids! Miss you❤️
いつもワクワクして見てます! これからも頑張ってください!
Kentkenny 13 kun oldin