Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!

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Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds!




25-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 7 oy oldin
Can't wait to show you guys what we found on the next video! (We had to call the police) Subscribe so you don't miss that video!! Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see that video tomorrow! What do you think we found??
Kaiden Fraziee
Kaiden Fraziee 13 kun oldin
DALLMYD the action figure was an G.I joe i had it as an kid
Maria Avina
Maria Avina 15 kun oldin
Minu Bhujel
Minu Bhujel 16 kun oldin
RavenPlays l
Reva Morley
Reva Morley Oy oldin
Somebodys mom cassock and tired of their kid playing fortnite all the time and not doing his chore/ associating with his family so she finally had enough of it and threw it in the creek
Girly Gamer
Girly Gamer Oy oldin
I swear a boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend
Logan Brad
Logan Brad 26 daqiqa oldin
alguma mãe pegou os brinquedos do filho e jogou da ponte kkkkk
Eagle Star
Eagle Star Soat oldin
Mom got really made at son
Eagle Star
Eagle Star Soat oldin
Oh yeah and put it in the duffel bag
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 3 soat oldin
I have an Xbox original and that is a Xbox
Violent Flower
Violent Flower 15 soat oldin
A guy lost a game of fortnite and got pissed off so he out his X-box in a duffle bag and threw it in the river
Liam P
Liam P 15 soat oldin
Probably homeless people found the Xbox and they did not know what it was so they threw it in the river?!?!
The cool girl club Carmona
Maybe the boy who was playing whith the exbox and the mom hit tired ans threw is in the river
Dakota Oakes - Rookie
Dakota Oakes - Rookie 17 soat oldin
"No, it can't be. Is this really an Xbox?" (Cuts to Brandon doing his own thing) ... *Jake has an orgasm in the background* "I FOUND AN XBOX, BRANDON!" "I found another screw- You found a what?!"
Hey it's clodagh
Hey it's clodagh 21 soat oldin
That's a casett player
Savage Ps4 games
Play the xbox with the flat screen
Emily Baxter
Emily Baxter Kun oldin
I think a mum got mad at her kid and threw all his electronicks in the river. 😂😂
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane Kun oldin
*Angry GF throws BFs Xbox in water*
Muffin 17
Muffin 17 Kun oldin
Crazy ex got mad at the her ex boyfriend for getting a new girlfriend and she threw the Xbox
Sebastian Allison
Mom or dad got mad at there child and threw it
Gregorio Gallegos
Probably crazy mom drew the xbox
Brandon Dyche
Brandon Dyche 2 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure that action figure is from GIJoe
Harley B*ch
Harley B*ch 2 kun oldin
A teen got mad cuz they suck at call of duty 😂
Tyler Przybyla
Tyler Przybyla 3 kun oldin
i have an xbox just like that here! And it still works.
The kid wanted to go to his friends house but his mom wouldn’t let him so he snuck out and went down the creek to go to his friends house but he accidentally dropped it on the way back home😭😭😭
Brookes gatcha
Brookes gatcha 4 kun oldin
imma say the wife didnt want thier kids to play so she went out to go do some but rlly she got rude of it and it went in the rivee
jared salazar
jared salazar 4 kun oldin
Wife gets finally loses it over her husbands horrible hoarding problem
Jonathan Van Seghbroeck
A noob got to round 1 0n Zombies
Xmen Xmen
Xmen Xmen 2 kun oldin
And then threw into river lol
Henry playz
Henry playz 5 kun oldin
I loves Xbox
Christy Curenton
Christy Curenton 5 kun oldin
its not a nuntendo its a ds
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey 5 kun oldin
Big boy the gamer!
Lakie XD
Lakie XD 5 kun oldin
I think a little kid made all f's on a report card and the parents got mad and threw everything in the water. Idk
WalMarts lP
WalMarts lP 5 kun oldin
Fortnite dies in 2nd place
Lakie XD
Lakie XD 5 kun oldin
Yes I'm not retarded
WalMarts lP
WalMarts lP 5 kun oldin
+Lakie XD but there's no fortnite on the original so they blamed it on it
Lakie XD
Lakie XD 5 kun oldin
Yeah I was thinking lost a game of fortnite and got mad
Ralayne Regian
Ralayne Regian 6 kun oldin
I think the x box got I’m the river because of a angry girlfriend lol
Sabariah Abdul Mutalib
The first thing you found is a tape player...like CD player but tape player for music like in the 1970s.
Aaron Merida
Aaron Merida 6 kun oldin
a chickn bone
ramblingrebel68 6 kun oldin
Jake & Brandon were last seen running down this Creek screaming about an anaconda
Evander Nugent
Evander Nugent 6 kun oldin
that was sparten 7849
Calista 7 kun oldin
Love the video but... it’s really weird that you guys found so much kid toy stuff... ain’t that creepy?
rosalina puspita
rosalina puspita 7 kun oldin
I suggest you to dive in Ciliwung River in Jakarta, Indonesia. I bet, you can find king size bed or bicycle or... unwanted dead baby :'(
WackyGaming 123
WackyGaming 123 7 kun oldin
Maybe someone was taking there xbox and decided to go through a river and set it down and forgot about or or a girl friend or boyfriend.
Gabriel TUHI
Gabriel TUHI 7 kun oldin
XBOX TV = playing games all you need is a controller
Allie G
Allie G 7 kun oldin
Maybe a vengeful girlfriend/boyfriend got mad after a breakup and threw their ex’s crap into the river
Yung America
Yung America 8 kun oldin
Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen 8 kun oldin
Chetco River, Brookings, Oregon
Bryn The Phoenix
Bryn The Phoenix 8 kun oldin
Dani Bodiford
Dani Bodiford 8 kun oldin
A dad or mom got so made at a kid that they through it over the bridge
Koda Wilson
Koda Wilson 9 kun oldin
That's a Halo figureლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer
Xbox lost the awnsner is gta San andreas rage lol Original by :golden toy Bonnie the dark gamer
Elise Tindall
Elise Tindall 10 kun oldin
Mabe a kid was on a boat and his dad thought it was trash and threw it off the boat
Zavion Richards
Zavion Richards 10 kun oldin
Maybe a kid got angry because they lost their high score and threw the Xbox in the river
Aurora_ Syther
Aurora_ Syther 10 kun oldin
The kids dad probably kept on playing and his dad threw in the river
Aurora_ Syther
Aurora_ Syther 10 kun oldin
Is that 💩 water actually no it’s not Sorry
adriana neiderman
adriana neiderman 10 kun oldin
From a sleepover or vacation
adriana neiderman
adriana neiderman 10 kun oldin
A parent threw it in the river because the kid was using it to much
Tania Cordero
Tania Cordero 11 kun oldin
Wow that's cool when they Found a Xbox 360
Kori DaBell
Kori DaBell 12 kun oldin
chicken bone
cody vlogs
cody vlogs 12 kun oldin
The person was on his way to a sleepover and he crashed his bike
SniperBoyXx Master
SniperBoyXx Master 12 kun oldin
Issa chicken bone
Gryphtastic 12 kun oldin
its a deer bone
Alpaca Playz
Alpaca Playz 12 kun oldin
Chicken bone turts skool
Alpaca Playz
Alpaca Playz 12 kun oldin
There was a kid Traveling somewhere and then they crashed and all the other games fell out of the bag but then they got out and the kids stuff fell out of the car because the car window was open.
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 13 kun oldin
Maybe the kid was carrying it and he got introuble and his parents threw it in a river
Cassidy Richardson
Cassidy Richardson 14 kun oldin
can you shut up about fortnite
Savage gaming [TWS]
Savage gaming [TWS] 14 kun oldin
Dog bone
Gunlord of the Imperium of Mankind
Someone took the butthurt of the Halo 2 ending a little too serious!
Amelia-Rose Bass
Amelia-Rose Bass 15 kun oldin
Jim: hey son wanna go fishing? Dave: sure dad, but we ran out of bait... Jim: no don’t worry I have something that the fish will like.hehe Dave: umm ok , let’s go! Jim:ok here you go fishy !! Dave: DAD That’s my XBOX!!! What are you doing!!!? Jim:So do you regret eating the cat nip now? Dave:...... ;-; wow dad, grandma raised you well. 😂 I made this up hope you like it lol
me myself and i
me myself and i 15 kun oldin
For the tv ik it was tella fishing
Bob Erb
Bob Erb 15 kun oldin
Bad pics
KaoticGaming 15 kun oldin
Halo 2 just came out .....
Reese and Hayden Blogs
He or she did not like the Xbox and threw it away
PlasmaStudios 101
PlasmaStudios 101 16 kun oldin
Well angry father threw his sons XBOX
Tia McKee
Tia McKee 16 kun oldin
6:44 some cheated on someone else
Julian Stephens
Julian Stephens 17 kun oldin
When he picked up the DS and they kept calling it a Nintendo I got TRIGGERED 🔥
kaaden w
kaaden w 7 kun oldin
But is a Nintendo and Nintendo DS. Your comment triggered me
Mench Tahir
Mench Tahir 16 kun oldin
Julian Stephens doesn’t Nintendo make DS tho?
Tom Hodge
Tom Hodge 17 kun oldin
I'd say the x box was probably stole out of someones house and the police was closing in on the thief and they got scared and through it in the river\lake.
Kacper Od tak
Kacper Od tak 17 kun oldin
8:35 phone
Roman Jones
Roman Jones 18 kun oldin
Its stolen
AuRa Voltrex
AuRa Voltrex 18 kun oldin
They probably lost a game of Fortnite so they got mad and then throwed it in the river.
WalMarts lP
WalMarts lP 5 kun oldin
No fortnite on the original tho
Yuval Kaye
Yuval Kaye 18 kun oldin
AuRa Voltrex haha!!!
Lila Jackson
Lila Jackson 18 kun oldin
Going to try to play Xbox with the tv 📺
Krümmel Monster
Krümmel Monster 18 kun oldin
A father got angry and threw it into the river xD
Ines Mastnak
Ines Mastnak 18 kun oldin
Galaxy Ga'll
Galaxy Ga'll 19 kun oldin
A family was going on a ride trip and the kid make his mom angry and threw it out the window while driving in anger 🤣
Pikachu Gaming
Pikachu Gaming 19 kun oldin
I think the kid got f in his test theb his mom threw it
Kenzie Craile Calbang
I think a guy was going to his grandmas house then he got tired then he took his backpack off then left it.
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez 19 kun oldin
Big boy probably through it
Gladys Saylor
Gladys Saylor 19 kun oldin
Probably someone that didn't want it probably threw it in the little place that you are and yeah
Hailey Dodge
Hailey Dodge 19 kun oldin
That red thing is called a ds
Red Fox Gamer
Red Fox Gamer 20 kun oldin
Maybe a kid was walking with his X box in his bag and fell over then the bag slipped of the kids shoulders and crashed into the river
maybe cause a mum got to rage and threw it out lol like any Mom would do that and with the ninento I WOULD BE SO SAD
Peyton Wallace
Peyton Wallace 20 kun oldin
Kid raged on true crime
silkiestcargo1 20 kun oldin
Someone might have figured it out but that first electronic he found was a cassette player
DrippyXTrippy Gaming
Kids Mom probably got pissed and chucked it
Newfieland 21 kun oldin
Corey Clay
Corey Clay 21 kun oldin
Probably a kids got mad at his Xbox and threw it into the river
kenneth robertson
kenneth robertson 21 kun oldin
What camera DSLR do you use please, i can see its a canon but thats all. Great vids guys keep them coming.
Emma Caton
Emma Caton 21 kun oldin
Maybe playing fortnite with his mates on the bridge then dropped his bag
SuperYoshiFoxLogan 22 kun oldin
and now the ds
SuperYoshiFoxLogan 22 kun oldin
want that cassette recorder
dalton hermes
dalton hermes 23 kun oldin
A kid was riding his bike to meet his friend to trade off systems then the kid hit the breaks and sends his bag flying.
creightonvaught 23 kun oldin
To much gaming angry mom or dad
leon 00
leon 00 24 kun oldin
Taylor Swomp
Taylor Swomp 24 kun oldin
I'm wondering if something tragic happened, like the kid that was hauling the bag to a friend's house got hit by a car.
burp 20 kun oldin
maybe the bone belongs to the bag's owner
Charles Brotherton
Charles Brotherton 24 kun oldin
I think the thing you found at 1:24 is a cassette recorder that’s missing the tape slot.
trish phillips
trish phillips 17 kun oldin
It is I have one lol
Audrey Turner
Audrey Turner 24 kun oldin
That was a box turtle and you should have put it on the land because they can’t swim very good.
Gabriel Molina
Gabriel Molina 24 kun oldin
A TOY CAR TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel Molina
Gabriel Molina 24 kun oldin
im Subscribed but YOU FOND A XBOX
SuperYoshiFoxLogan 22 kun oldin
cassette player better