What is ASPD? (Anti Social Personality Disorder)

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Hey guys! There's allot of misinformation online about ASPD and I felt like I needed to clear them up :) Please feel free to ask any questions!
Love Always Iris

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18-Apr, 2017

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DV5TIN 11 soat oldin
Course ur engaged to a woman 🙄
steve Vandendop
steve Vandendop 21 soat oldin
If you know how other people feel but you don't care, how are you going to have a long healthy relationship ? Every relationship has got ups and downs. It's when it's down and you don't care about the other persons feelings that the relationship will become an on/off switch. And it will always end ...
Emma the Crybaby
You sound VERY proud to have this disorder which is NOT okay.
king pixel
king pixel Kun oldin
That hairline tho
Felix Pavlovix
Felix Pavlovix Kun oldin
I know the fact i thought it was just a personality trait that was not being social. But now i know its a serious disorder.
Cortney Green
Cortney Green 2 kun oldin
Thank u. 2 of my sons has odd and conduct disorder and I was told they could be diagnosed later in life with aspd. I am trying to learn how to help also I have bipolar. Good luck and stay strong
FluffyCaveman 2 kun oldin
How did your friends meet you and approach you and why you sort of choose them as most special etc? And how is it like to be on that level of understanding from their perspective? 0:
hani hanani
hani hanani 3 kun oldin
Thank you for doing this video its very helpful to the people in general even sociopath. Yes people tends to see sociopath as monster, which is very questioning to me. Not all people are the same and obviously there's many type of sociopath, yes there's the monstrous type but there's also the kinder or more normal type. I am not diagnose with sociopath but I do have those certain traits, and even people pointing that out to me for having those kind of traits. And fortunate for me I'm gradually learning on how to actually become a better person in general, not to be a bad person, but just to live in the normal society like everyone else. Hope to watch part 2 for the video soon. Love ❤
Elf Machine
Elf Machine 3 kun oldin
Can you make a video about the chronic boredom?
Peter Whelan
Peter Whelan 4 kun oldin
I wonder what would happen if a sociopath tried to manipulate another sociopath?
Hunter Alan
Hunter Alan 4 kun oldin
thought i was on this spectrum, but im thinking im just pretty depressed.......meh
TheTrue American
TheTrue American 5 kun oldin
Lol why do you look proud of being a fucking sociopathic bitch I’m gonna fucking rip your fucking weave out
liam kosichek hubbard
Tahlia Richardson
Tahlia Richardson 5 kun oldin
Hi Iris, I am currently doing a research project on ASPD and I was wondering if I could contact you in some way and ask you a few questions? Thanks!
Andrea Dodd
Andrea Dodd 5 kun oldin
Here we go with the labels again. Different brains make different people. It's not difficult to understand. I don't want anything to do with anyone without empathy.
DanielleT192 5 kun oldin
This is very educational from differentiating between sociopath and psychopath and I personally think that people overuse these terms a lot these days and always put it as a black/white vision as opposed to realising there are different spectrums of these disorders (e.g. not all psychopaths are serial killers or sociopaths serial cheaters etc). I am very interested in knowing more about both disorders as I have a lot of the symptoms and I only really heard of the term sociopath when my ex referred me as one (with my lying, extreme obsession, lack of emotional empathy, sometimes manipulation). I really hope to understand ASPD in general as i think there's a lot to learn about these personality disorders and hope one day I know myself if there is any therapy for it as a lot of counselling sessions I have never been able to fully open up through fear that those counsellors don't specialise in ASPD
Zfc Games
Zfc Games 5 kun oldin
what kind of treatment i need
Zfc Games
Zfc Games 5 kun oldin
i am shure that i have aspd
Twice Daily
Twice Daily 5 kun oldin
I am scared of myself cause i dont give a shit if i died or not? Plus i have loads of symptoms for testicke cancer but my mind is like ”who gives a shit if you die you die” but i can easily do something about it but no i wont
justaperson 6 kun oldin
I have ASPD, low functioning. I’m going to therapy now (court ordered for reason I won’t get into) so hopefully I’ll at least control myself better but who knows. What you said about the boredom is so true it is unbearable at times.
Sugar Mama
Sugar Mama 6 kun oldin
Girl, you can not speak for all of the aspd diagnosed people! You may not murder someone or can love and understand someones feelings but someone else may not be like that and you are here encouraging people to be friends and in relationsgips with sociopaths and that is not good because they are not all like you.. even though i love that you made this video❤️
Zisrof 6 kun oldin
,,,,,,,,, she’s hot
D Von
D Von 6 kun oldin
How early did you know this and when did you first tell someone?
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker 7 kun oldin
This is the most helpful video I've found. Glad you're coping though and trying to raise awareness to this issue.
Shannon Hanson
Shannon Hanson 7 kun oldin
Thank you for this. I wish more Cluster B's were so self-aware and ready for therapies and diagnostic evaluations. Sadly, though most of our material is all second hand. Please push through and become a licensed professional in the field.
Deeter 7 kun oldin
ty for this.
eric robinson
eric robinson 7 kun oldin
Great overview and commentary...thankx for the perspictive!
Amy Griffin
Amy Griffin 8 kun oldin
How can you be in a relationship if people with aspd can't love? If your partner knows you have it doesn't she know sociopaths can't feel the feeling of love?
Chan Stacy
Chan Stacy 8 kun oldin
So basically you are a broken human.
Chan Stacy
Chan Stacy 8 kun oldin
Do yOuu loVe manipulating people?????????
Mariana Mez
Mariana Mez 9 kun oldin
who else is here from shanes series?
Kristufar Burhtun
Kristufar Burhtun 9 kun oldin
Who's to say this is a disorder? I would say I'm socially anxious, and many would portray that as a negative trait, an illness or a disorder etc etc. It's no surprise that society would conger up such a brand for people who don't fit in it. I'd say we evolved to be social creatures because we're safer and far more productive working in teams. But still, we're individuals with individual beliefs, desires, goals and aspirations of our own and it's these that make a working, fair, happy society difficult to achieve. The idea of cramming in as many people into a democratic state as paradoxically destined for failure as it would be trying to be best of friends to as many friends as possible. It gets harder the further you go. My point is, society will always struggle to make everyone happy, and you and I are the best examples of that. We are not the problem, we're the solution!
Kristufar Burhtun
Kristufar Burhtun 9 kun oldin
... into a democratic state as possible is as paradoxically* my bad
Kristufar Burhtun
Kristufar Burhtun 9 kun oldin
is as paradoxically*
Trolling Gamer
Trolling Gamer 10 kun oldin
I have this anti social disorder but I gotta say I’m really attracted to you 😍
RememberPL 10 kun oldin
I admire you! U r so open about your disorder and that's what I admire! My friend thinks I have it cuz I can't feel sympathy for others. Maybe its just because I'm a teenager but watching your video helped me a lot.
RememberPL 10 kun oldin
PS I love ur accent
&& 11 kun oldin
Why are you talking about your disorder and symptoms in the third person?? Also why are you reading all of “your symptoms” off of the internet, don’t you know your own symptoms??
Fae System
Fae System 10 kun oldin
Bc it’s an informational video
The Vulpix
The Vulpix 11 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video. I've been trying so hard to find accurate information on what its like for someone who has ASPD. I am in school to become a psychologist and I want to be able to help people in cluster B (I have BPD and strong empathy so I really want to help people who feel alone going through what I went through). Although I cant imagine what its like to live with ASPD, and Id like to do the best I can to learn, help and educate once I have more knowledge. Would you lie or manipulate your therapist or psychologist if all they were doing is trying to help you? I am aware that many people would, but Im curious if you're invested on working on yourself how the therapist patient situation works from your perspective.
Fae System
Fae System 10 kun oldin
I don’t understand lying to a therapist like if you don’t want thearpy don’t go. -Iris
Ian Arbues
Ian Arbues 11 kun oldin
what do you think about the difference between "empathy" and "compassion" per Paul Bloom's Book: "Against Empathy"
Olliewildlife401 11 kun oldin
I have an odd question, would you be able to validly claim you were 'Not criminally responsible' if you did kill someone with this disorder.
Olliewildlife401 10 kun oldin
+Fae System Some people mistake aspergers (Which is what I have) with being a sociopath. I mean I don't see a comparison. I will however note that someone with aspergers is not usually a forgiving person if you wrong them in some way. I'm that way, if someone pisses me off, it's going to take a lot longer then most people for me to stop hating that person. It's never gotten so far as me hurting someone, but the urge is there, i just want them to give me an excuse to claim self defense then I'm good to go. But then I just end up feeling bad afterwards.
Fae System
Fae System 10 kun oldin
No because you know the difference between right and wrong. You understand what life and death is you just don’t care. -Iris
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez 12 kun oldin
What causes this disorder?
Sebastian Ryker
Sebastian Ryker 12 kun oldin
I don't want to control you!!!Cerebral Spinal Fluid. Thalamus 3rd chamber ventricle. Your right brain female is controlling neurons that are assigned to your left brain male. Possibly the language center. All power to heal is inside of yourself. Your right brain is in control of your left brain. You are hurting yourself. Make amends with your inner child. Talk to her, ask her lots of questions. Reason with her. Both of you are 1 person. Build yourself. You're not a sociopath.
Sebastian Ryker
Sebastian Ryker 12 kun oldin
Problem is corpus callosum. Look up Enoch Tan mental gender. Took me 13 years to fix myself through meditation and understanding. Blessings. Bicameral Mind.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 12 kun oldin
This makes me see the world in a different perspective.. makes me wonder if there are only sociopath and unsocipath people
Coltons Leono
Coltons Leono 13 kun oldin
Very good video, information is spot on. 👌🏻 nice to see something that’s not demonizing aspd ,and missing half it’s info.
Samm Star
Samm Star 13 kun oldin
Thank you so much for being brave enough to educate people about your diagnosis. you are an awesome woman.
Olya A.
Olya A. 14 kun oldin
Hi, thank you for sharing something that is so stigmatized in our society, which causes a lot of people like you to crawl under a rock. It's brave. I wanted to ask you something about empathy. Understanding that you do not have psychopathy and that you have cognitive empathy, what would happen if you, say, walked one day on a street and saw a person kicking their dog and the dog squealing in pain? I understand that you would have cognitive empathy for the dog, as you described. Would you feel anything else? For instance, would you get upset or angry on dog's behalf? Would you get involved in protecting the dog? And let's pre-condition this by saying: no one knows you're witnessing it, so this is entirely a private voyeuristic experience for you. I also understand that sociopathy is on a spectrum. Some may be mild, moderate or severe. I'm trying to gauge how some of it works. It's like a colorblind person trying to understand what the world looks like for everyone else or vice versa. Is there an example of equivalency that you can try to give me that would make me understand this on a deeper level? I hope I said it specifically enough...
Thadnill 14 kun oldin
Can you feel emotions from movies and music?
Thadnill 14 kun oldin
How do you get tested and diagnosed with ASPD? Did someone close take you to see a psychologist or did you realize it by yourself or how did it all play out? I find this very interesting to hear
αle 14 kun oldin
I'm not trying to offend or say like that being a sociopath isn't hard or whatever but i feel like there's really no sociopathy here, i mean if she doesn't manipulate her friends and fiance or lie to them then it means that she has just like some sort of detachment from people which she doesn't care about and that's why she doesn't care about anybody else i feel like these people just had some trauma and turned like that, i don't think it's really a "disorder"
Abdi Abdi
Abdi Abdi 14 kun oldin
PG Joker
Stare Kotlety
Stare Kotlety 14 kun oldin
Hi there, you're very pretty. I hope you are coping well! Best God bless
The Non Goy
The Non Goy 15 kun oldin
You got most of these symptoms wrong btw
mac1bc 17 kun oldin
These people make good sex partners!
Lexi Ray
Lexi Ray 18 kun oldin
I think I have aspd I haven’t been diagnosed yet though I have noticed that I do have similar symptoms. I have little to non grief and empathy I manipulate people all the time for fun. I’m an amazing lier and I use it to my advantage. I’m not social at all I only have one friend but people are taking her away from me and it’s really starting to piss me off to the point I physically keep them away. I’m only social when I want to be it’s like a game to me. It’s so easy to pretend like I’m a whole different person. I was very abusive as a child and hurt any animals and people. Most of these incidents I don’t even remember but I have been told many stories about myself when i was younger. I have a very large ego I see no flaws when I look at myself I’m not the type of person who calls themselves ugly or fat. I’m not afraid of taking risks even If it means I might die. I never over think things but i always have a backup plan for everything. I say whatever I think no matter how the person may feel I just don’t care. Sometimes it pleasures me seeing someone hurt. Do you think I’m sociopath?
? no body special
? no body special 18 kun oldin
This is me all the way all except for the murder part unless I'm under the influence of a controlled substance
Im feeling sad af
Im feeling sad af 18 kun oldin
Failed classes like a mf, was fired for showing up late, did some questionable things, i am always bored, nothing catches my eye for too long. My empathy is shit, but i can cry, fake the shit outta it or go along. Conduct disorder, it was not caught on my teen years but once i started running my mouth it was enough to know i was hiding it. Im a sociopath, trying to live life like it was. Well unfortunately people read everything thats online, so we are kinda screwed 😂 i do manipulate people out of boredom, i lie to everyone around me, even my gf, mother, brothers, friends... Fuck it why not? i find it funny. Its good to have a sociopath youtuber, im gonna check you this one more often. Seeing my condition on another person seems interesting. And im writing this without even talking to the youtuber cause i know she doesnt give a fuck about any comment here... I know, i know.😂 Its okay, i dont care either
Looow Layrs
Looow Layrs 19 kun oldin
I think I might be a high functioning ASPD with psychopathic tendencies.
Nikki 20 kun oldin
Please do remember (for people in the comments) she is only speaking for high functioning people with ASPD. Someone who cares about going and talking to someone about it and seeking healthy means. Some may feel like they thrive in their issue. You never know which one is which because people with ASPD could easily lie and manipulate you into believeing their one of the "okay" people.
Laura Burke
Laura Burke 20 kun oldin
I have bpd and so many misconceptions with it aswell And I see so many people self diagnosing themselves with it. It is a piss off
Fae System
Fae System 10 kun oldin
We want to do a video on BPD too -Laura
Susan 21 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing. It's rare I get to hear from the sociopath or have one admit it. I have an entire family of cluster bs. My mother is borderline, my father and older sister are overt sociopath, grandma was covert sociopath and younger sister on the milder spectrum of narcissism but she is only one with empathy. The other ones can be evil and sadistic. Very parasitic, violent, and huge violators. They will violate you in any way...steal, lie, spy, snoop, hit, attack friends, destroy things, disrupt peace, cause fights and chaos, spit in your face or food, create discord, triangulate, yell, curse, threaten. I was staved a lot as a child, abused in every way, and evil sister tried to murder me on several occasions. My parents knew and did nothing. They loved the pain she caused me, they fed off that energy too. They rewarded her horrific behavior. She was their prized creation. She went on to have 3 children and tortured them. She has no relationship with them now and they turned out disordered as well. Not as bad as her though. I watched my evil father kick her in the head over and over and over while she screamed and begged for her life. I was maybe 6 years old and she was 8. It was truly horrific. I will never forget it and that is why I can forgive her. I do understand that a cluster B is repressing deep deep traumatic pain in the subconscious. My father is dead now and my sister remembers him as a good father. She disassociated from that trauma and can't recall it. She defends him. Cause I think he was a monster. Although I forgive him too...he was also abused as a child. But so was I and I did not choose that path. My heart is full of love, empathic and I care deeply about all people, animals, and nature. I have been so badly exploited, used and abused in life because of my early childhood programming. I am very withdrawn now, cut all contact with family and toxic friends, and finding myself constantly trying to educate myself about this human condition. I want to protect myself and my daughter so we don't have to suffer anymore. I understand there is spectrum to this and every person and their life experiences and conditioning are different. My family was on the extreme end of it but they weren't criminals or murderers. They did cause much pain to others and got away with all of it. Their number one target was children cause they are innocent and helpless. their own children were perfect victims cause no one would ever hear my cries or help me or my sisters. They were ver controlling and punishing. If you confront their bad behavior they will attack, rage, gaslight, and blame. They won't change. I'm not even sure they know anything is wrong with them. They would never admit they have a problem. I just had to walk away forever and grieve the loss of my family, as dysfunctional as they are. I still love them unconditionally and wish they could heal and find love but I know they cannot and I need to protect myself, love myself, guard my heart, and not allow them in. They feel entitled but they are not. I have taken back my power. I am sorry you have this disorder. I'm fascinated to learn more and better understand it because my family would never admit or share why they do what they do. Im wired up opposite so I can't make sense of it.
Gerald Breeveld
Gerald Breeveld 21 kun oldin
I've just been diagnosed with aspd. This helped me a lot! Thanks 🙏
Carl The Great
Carl The Great 21 kun oldin
I feel like my ASPD has helped me succeed in my career in business.
ladidaaa 22 kun oldin
Stop trying to humanize sociopaths
john haworth
john haworth 22 kun oldin
except that personality disorders arent diagnosed in the presence of bipolar type I or type II. also she cares for people, this girl does not have such a disorder. little or no cognitive empathy as you are describing simply does not exist in either primary (shrinkage of the Amygdala) or secondary psychopathy (Poor maturation of the frontal lobe). those parts of the Empathy Reward Circuit are simply not connected.
Wutterya Dewin
Wutterya Dewin 22 kun oldin
Kids today brainwashed into thinking they have disorders smh
Warmuser 22 kun oldin
Where is thw video with the flags?
Facist Incel
Facist Incel 22 kun oldin
You need Allah
lookatmepleasesir 23 kun oldin
cluster b personality disorders are abusive personality disorders. If you have been diagnosed with aspd and you're not abusive then you've been misdiagnosed
Cocoa Butter & Popeyes Chicken
How is it possible to be anti social and have the confidence to make a full UZvid video?
Kitty k B
Kitty k B 23 kun oldin
Your hair looks like a wig. Use lace front, they look really natural and pretty.
brian Litteral
brian Litteral 24 kun oldin
I dont talk to anyone for years on in drink cause im board and think about hurting people all time and think about blowing my head off every day what does tha mean???
Fae System
Fae System 22 kun oldin
That you need a fucking therapist -N.E.B
Quinn Rouse
Quinn Rouse 24 kun oldin
I’m curious about the emotional aspect. You say you can understand what others feel but you’re able to switch off your empathy. Are you emotionally sensitive? If someone would criticize you or your dear ones, would you be hurt or offended?
Bored Person
Bored Person 24 kun oldin
Thank you a lot for this video. I had a former friend which I assume have ASPD, and it helps me to understand a lot of things. (unfortunately, she was abusive to me but I still think she's not a bad person, she should just be diagnosed and work on it. :/ )
Greg 25 kun oldin
So everyone has it I think.
The Powerman
The Powerman 25 kun oldin
You are fucking hot. Would love to fuck you.
Larry Litzgerald
Larry Litzgerald 26 kun oldin
Damn, wish I was a psychopath because I have SERIOUS panic disorders and wish it could go away. So what's the opposite then?
Prof. Genki
Prof. Genki 26 kun oldin
You look insane in your thumbnail.
Ronnie 26 kun oldin
The nosering is a clear flag xD, sry, i hope you dont manipulate any men, i think many younger women use that power and their beauty with aspd:/
Martin Hristov
Martin Hristov 28 kun oldin
What you do if you’re angry? Cry? Hahah
Tara Lucent
Tara Lucent Oy oldin
When you say you don't lie to your close friends, are you referring to the other systems or people on the outside?
enjoyitbro Oy oldin
I'm sure you are making good points but I just can't get over how you wear your hair
Alexander Junior
I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions
Bificalera1 Oy oldin
Can a sociopath laugh or they'll fake It no mater how good the joke is ?
Eman Q. Medhat
I respect u but u fucking gave me the chills
Charlemagne_ Odilo
Damn, it’s pretty refreshing to see someone who doesn’t write sociopaths off as complete monsters 👌
Damien Rotter
Damien Rotter Oy oldin
You so cray cray..hey hey.. say what say what!!?? You should try a hobby. Paper airplanes, kites are fun and the best one is ice skating
Amber walworth
Every time she says murder she looks like she killed someone
lenard 123
lenard 123 Oy oldin
I have aspd High function Autismen and Adhd and ocd
Ornella Rose
Ornella Rose Oy oldin
Girl I don't have ASPD but I manipulate people who F with me 😂 and I'm so nice to others lol
Sam Wayne
Sam Wayne Oy oldin
You’re a thoughtful ambassador for those with ASD. That you’d seek treatment at all means you are way ahead of the curve. I wish you much success and happiness.
Cristian Perez
+Fae System I have Schizophrenia and my disorder compares to yours is worse because i have no empathy nor sympathy ,and fuck sakes they won't stop talking to me in my head, even though i say stop.
Spad Oy oldin
i'm an antisocial agoraphobic, it appears to me as though you likely have no issue in displaying your image (face) to the world; which i find impossible to do, can't even take pictures of myself.
Matthew Wehri
Matthew Wehri Oy oldin
i don't buy it
Necrovale Oy oldin
thank you for talking about it, i only have bipolar disorder but i im starting to think im a sociopath. im trying to grab my messed up thoughts and empathy to joe from "you" a show that i just ended up marathoning, i am indeed like joe as with obession when i like someone, i only liked some, but i do have this obession and suddenly when anything goes wrong i just don't care if they are dead, its all 8 or 80. and well, your video helped me a little to think more about this kinda stuff. so thx, you are brave and not a monster, but a bright wonderfull female knight! and i dont know who the hell is shane xD
She's not a psychopath.Borderline personality with narcissistic traits mabe but not a psychopath.
Sense TV
Sense TV Oy oldin
But your talking fine right now what the Fuck
Phil lives!
Phil lives! Oy oldin
Correct, ASPD can have cognitive/intellectual empathy, often termed tactical empathy, meaning that they CAN assume anothers point of view intellectually.. But somatic empathy (mirror neurons) as well as emotional empathy they do not exhibit. This is why an ASPD person can manipulate narcissists - narcs have that sense deafened - yet they are vulnerable deep inside. ASPD are different in that regard. Thus Narcs can be manipulated by sociopaths, because ASPD can partially empathize - but it is a cold type of empathy, and thus makes them ruthless. Narcs are good at manipulating overly emotional people like empaths, yet due to the narcs sense of inferiority and lack of cognitive empathy the narc can be beaten by the ASPD. It is like rock paper scissors: ASPD beats Narcissist, Narcissist beats empath, empowered empath beats ASPD... For an empath, the narc is more dangerous often, because the narc can make us completely emotional. Sociopaths can also do this to us, but the ASPD has a few vulnerabilities more readily used by empaths to protect themselves.. If the empath is NOT YET empowered though, the ASPD is far more dangerous if you dont understand them. The ASPD can empathize which makes them more dangerous - the narc can only mimick.. In regard to feelings the narcissist is actually vulnerable, the sociopath is almost invulnerable. Thus the sociopath has an upper hand on the narc - not necessarily on empaths who know... ASPD may convince you they are quite humane, because they can empathize with certain groups/individual.. Sociopaths can apply cognitive empathy, they can put themselves in your shoes for tactical advantages.. To gain.. Even more dnagerous is the psychopath who cannot empathize, feels no remorse and guilt and thus can act less restricted like narcs who are more like chameleons in this regard.. Narcs are shapeshifters mentally, psychopaths are more like robots. Sociopathy is different from psychopathy. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Fae!
Jada Leopold
Jada Leopold Oy oldin
She said deceitfulness is a symptom. Should we trust her??? Haha kidding. But. Very interesting video. But now I’m terrified of the world and everyone init. Will lock myself in my room now.
i finally found how to change username
And you can get many clickbait videos and subscribers because you can exploit youtube and not care what people think.
anti christ
anti christ Oy oldin
Tbh it doesn't make me wanna kill people, or lie or steal, break the law. Its more of a if I did I wouldn't really care if I did feeling. If I had no reason to do it then why would I do it, I'm just like y'all, but to curve the boredom just go inside your head, but warning you won't wanna come out
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Oy oldin
Silly little bitch. So fucking irritating.
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