What is ASPD? (Anti Social Personality Disorder)

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Hey guys! There's allot of misinformation online about ASPD and I felt like I needed to clear them up :) Please feel free to ask any questions!
Love Always Iris

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18-Apr, 2017

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Goran Zangana
Goran Zangana 12 soat oldin
u aint a sociopath ur too fucking soft u jus wish u were fuckin poser
pincarto donn
pincarto donn 13 soat oldin
you want to see A.S.P.D at work, look around the world at all the dysfunction that is going on. the wars ,rape,murders, bank jobs,domestic violence, gang wars,drug lords, politicians watch the news and see what males with A.S.P.D. are doing to the fabric of life, tearing down all that is good ,and replacing it with chaos, slaughter and disharmony, in the name of ego,check out how these males with A,S,P,D will kill in the name of god,or profit or power,or all the above, they do not assimilate, they dominate, rule and regulate, omg how young and naive you are
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 13 soat oldin
Does anyone else totally read her body language as she has a diagnosis even if she didn't say it?
Mia Hart
Mia Hart Kun oldin
This video was so helpful thank u 💕👏🏽
Mia Hart
Mia Hart Kun oldin
Is it weird that I thought it was cute when u said that the person should run and hide if they got involved with your fiancé 😂 idk why but it’s kinda cute how ur protective and sound like u love her so much
P.J. Campbell
P.J. Campbell Kun oldin
How do you have anxiety /bipolar and ASPD? lol
Becky Grace
Becky Grace Kun oldin
I used to have issues with dissociating from my body but after i became a christian that cleared up. Getting into the occult makes mental issues WORSE. I saw on your instagram and im not judging but ive been into the occult and it has a huge influence of your emotional stability.
pincarto donn
pincarto donn 13 soat oldin
involving or relating to mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena. "an occult ceremony" just like the christian s, its all gang mentality,
Color.z d
Color.z d Kun oldin
Is starving you're self because there isent anything you want to eat in the fridge consider immpolisive?
chhaya Rathod
chhaya Rathod Kun oldin
Okay so I'm just a bitch
happybunny01201 2 kun oldin
will my sociopath ever leave me alone? im an "Empath" ... most the time hes after me for small amounts of money. i guess sometimes its for selfish sexual things.... i thought once he got a job he would be gone but hes like.. just possibly worse or something, im not sure. i knew what he was from day 1 and after a few times of getting drunk together i called him out and said hes dark, evil with maybe a tad bit of a conscience while his friend is mellow and chill but has 0 conscience. for some reason i just cant be the one to walk away so ive tried everything i could think of, to push him away but its not working.
happybunny01201 2 kun oldin
he's Narcissist/socio
Zach Gartside
Zach Gartside 2 kun oldin
im 16 and i used to have a girlfriend in sixth grade and now i dont really want to talk to people execpt my friends
Zach Gartside
Zach Gartside 2 kun oldin
ok nvm as soon as i typed that she clarafies
Zach Gartside
Zach Gartside 2 kun oldin
wait does this girl has this disorder or nah
pikachu ?
pikachu ? 2 kun oldin
Shane's series brought me here
123456789010 subscribers with no videos Mate
Smoking pot..... I’m high right now
Trojan X
Trojan X 3 kun oldin
Need help would u say am a sociopath ? If am with a woman I tend to be controlling and when I get angry I say loads of bad shit in anger to her such as if a woman told me she lost a baby and she been raped I would make fun of it to her and say loads of vicious insults about it when I fell out with her In Future then when am calm I expect her to forgive me just like that so I say am sorry but I don’t feel sorry for what I said it’s just Cos I want her to forgive me for what what I said and be ok with me again but if she don’t forgive and she’s says it’s over I end up lying to her that i was sexually abused as a kid and I say I wanna die and I fake crying just so she will forgive me and feel sorry for me so she will be ok with me but I don’t feel sorry for it and when we fall out again I say same shit again make fun outta it again and I think of another lie to make so she will forgive me but if she died I would be upset though I would cry if she died .but she threatens to walk I threaten to kill her and I get angry and if she walk I would feel betrayed and denied and get so much rage we’re I would want her dead for denying me . i also don’t care about people out side such as if a stranger got hit by a car and died I would not give a shit .the was a woman in her window when her house was on fire I did not care ..and if a woman am with flirts with a guy I get angry and want that guy dead .when I was in a care home I split one of the staffs member head open Cos she tried talk my mum outta letting me home and I laughed and I did not care and when she forgave me I did not regret splitting her head open I just thought she should just get over . I got in trouble with the law I acted when I was being interviewed I faked crying and I acted like I was so sorry but I did not care I acted so scared in court and sorry for it all so they will let me go but I did not feel remorse really is this all signs of a sociopath ? The is times we’re I think am normal and everyone is the ones who are not and then the is times we’re I feel like am messed up in head and wanna be normal I don’t wanna get checked by a dr in case I am one and if I go court in future they will no I could be acting when it came faking being remorseful so it would go bad for me if they new I was a sociopath
Trojan X
Trojan X 3 kun oldin
After me watching this vid I think I am one .if am with a woman In a relationship I To would destroy anyone who hurt her I would die for her .but if she walked out my life I would want her dead
Unphasedablaze Ray
Unphasedablaze Ray 3 kun oldin
Uh ,in a sense ASPD is a personality disorder in that ignorance is bliss from there individual perspective in a nihilistic form , being that optimistic behavior and networking socializing reconstructive creativity for a more healthier cognitive mind . As the complete opposite would be a pessimistic , witch in result conveys headaches and arguments of bad outcomes in the social environment in case no one solves nothing or benefits knowledgeably .
Michael Dufault
Michael Dufault 3 kun oldin
I'm someone that can go an entire year without interacting with people. When I'm around most people I just want to go and do my own thing and I'm not afraid to hurt others feelings to make that happen. The only people I enjoy being around are women. I can't stand most males and have an intolerance for society that grows the more I involve myself with it. I'm a non-conformist to the extent of being a radical and have an intolerance for societies self loving and all consuming destructive systems that makes me lash out at without restraint. You would have to say I'm anti-social but I can''t relate to any of the symptoms here. Maybe they should have a term for anti-social people who are just that way due to a choice born from a broad and intellectual observation of how fucking stupid people are as a species.
Mandi Emberley
Mandi Emberley 3 kun oldin
great video!!! you're really pretty. my dad has aspd so this was very informative
Andrew Simar
Andrew Simar 4 kun oldin
BULLSHIT. You are NOT ASPD. You don't have a grandiose vision of yourself, you don't consider others as inferior to you, you don't have this particular wish to harm and get revenge on others or society and... you are engaged! A sociopath is just unable to engage or to even fit in an institution, he doesn't even display his feelings if he has some... And look at you, you are clearly concerned about what people think of you, I don't believe that you are "not caring" of what others think knowing your enormous lack of confidence. There is a reason why we know so few things about sociopaths : they lie, they cheat, they adapt and they hide. A sociopath has huge troubles to tell the truth or reveal weaknesses because he consider himself better and thinks that people around are just images, not real people. You are a borderline who enjoys lying because you thought it was cool to be considered sociopath. Look at yourself you are just full uncontrolled emotions, you are boiling of self destructiveness, I'm sure you can't plan / manipulate anyone, you are just hurting yourself with useless fights, there is nothing tactical in you, you are not a predator, you are a victim of yourself. Good luck with everything.
ZeDeadly StoryBoards
Hey!! Thank you for clearing things up about aspd and congrats on being engaged!!
RoEnsch 4 kun oldin
For some reason I feel pitty for her. I don't kwow why maybe because she was hurt as a young chirld and now being ended up as being diagnosed with Aspd. Most sociopaths grew up in a very disturbing violent environment causing harm emotionally and fysically however I don't believe these people are ''bad''. They ACT bad but don't we all?
laliraigo 4 kun oldin
This was very educational. Thank you so much.
I want to die
I want to die 5 kun oldin
the boring factor sounds incredibly intense. I feel bad for these people.
Becky Grace
Becky Grace 5 kun oldin
Can You make a video of you talking about your feeling and emotions.
Daniela 5 kun oldin
Wow...never knew NONE of this!! Very interesting, thank you
Bree Kole
Bree Kole 6 kun oldin
Hi! Thanks for this video. I’ve been dating a sociopath for 6 months and he just broke up with me and said it’s because he’s too scared to love me and possibly one day hurt me badly. He cried so so much but I’m wondering if the tears were made up or real? He said he’s not sure if he’s capable of emotions but I know he cares for his close friends, family, and me. I want to make it work but not sure how to go about doing that in a healthy way....any advice?
Trash 6 kun oldin
This is probably a dumb question, but how can you have anxiety/bipolar and ASPD? As someone with anxiety disorders, they seem very mutually exclusive.
shlacked 6 kun oldin
uh, how are you able to admit you’re a sociopath?
Apathetic Misfit
Apathetic Misfit 6 kun oldin
I may be completely wrong but you seem completely normal, and I am going to completely shut up right now..completely!
JsuisL it's mē
JsuisL it's mē 6 kun oldin
I wanna be friends with u
Jiren The Gray
Jiren The Gray 7 kun oldin
What made you this way?
Karenylewellyn 8 kun oldin
Thank you for making this video, this is so helpful! I'm planning on studying mental disorders and this was very helpful.
Brooke Caron
Brooke Caron 8 kun oldin
This was very informative. Thanks for sharing some insight.
Brimmy Burner
Brimmy Burner 9 kun oldin
God bless you, but baby something bout that wig.. there are tons of tutorials online. I don't mean this mean whatsoever. jus a heads up, bexause it's not flattering.
Septiembre 9 kun oldin
Lani Rod
Lani Rod 10 kun oldin
Lol everyone here from shane ? Im not i was curious if i had this but i was undiagnosed
quaking sister
quaking sister 10 kun oldin
Mr X
Mr X 11 kun oldin
I am a Motherfucking Psychopathic charakter.
Kermit Sewer Side
Kermit Sewer Side 12 kun oldin
If someone fits all symptoms should they tell a psychologist, my friend seems to fit all of this.
Kittymakkaty 12
Kittymakkaty 12 12 kun oldin
can pepole with aspd not do cirminal things and be super cruel, but just simply not feel emotions? i am trying to reaserch and my friend claims that she doesnt feel emotions, but she isnt cruel...
Nayan Kalita
Nayan Kalita 13 kun oldin
The only sociopath i know is Sherlock Holmes.I like him.
riptorn 13 kun oldin
You're not a psychopath or a sociopath, real psychos don't care about anyone at all and are often very indifferent, when they do evil it's like they don't know it's bad and they talk about doing evil like a joke.
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall 13 kun oldin
Excuse me miss. Please take the time to read this note all the way through. I also have some issues. I hope I have some insight. You are not antisocial. As soon as you mention your significant other you show symptoms of a particular trait that negates the diagnosis entirely. Yeah! When you say don’t hurt my GF that look in your eyes is ahem EMPATHY!!!! Sociopaths don’t like empathy they hate it cause it gets them caught. You look like you love it but don’t get to enough. I know it because I have extreme empathy just like you. Homey. Most people have empathy but yours is... well a little bit more potent than average! Your definitely abnormal, but the reason is because your ,like, “Angelically” compassionate. Most people are like OMG somebody died. I’m so sad. I’m facebooking. You are like OMG I think I’m gonna slit my wrists. It’s weird. You’re misunderstood but not certainly a sociopath! The reason you think about killing people is because you wake up in the morning and think “Holy Shit” I’m not dead. That’s good I hope that North Korea isn’t a price of glass this morning. We’ll see if Feurer Trump has managed to control him self again today! Then you decide to think of something positive like your friends and that is where the desire to kill shit pops up. As soon as you think about the bullshit on tv and then your friends you get fired up. Then a little time goes by and the bullshit that the idiots at school say makes you start thinking about killing them. They seem to want to nuke the planet. Who gives a shit about them. You lie a lot because for whatever reason telling the truth seems get you screwed in the butthole. I stoped lying when I moved out of the house. I hated it as much as I think you do. The reason you break “social norms” is because the social norm is to kill Muslims and Asian people who nobody’s ever met, crack jokes about fags all day, support deporting starving hispanics without concern, revoking women’s rights, robbing all the world with a credit card that bought aircraft carriers to nuke the people we borrowed the money from to build it, throwing hippies into jail for trying to smoke you out and acting like all this shit is normal and ok. The reason you have impulse control is because every normal impulse costs shit tons of money and as soon as you get any it gets spent. And sometimes you feel like dying again and so you steal something to do so you don’t have to sit there and think about killing your self any more. Boredom. The reason you think about killing yourself is because of all the crazy shit you can’t control and shouldn’t have to because it all gets solved by peace, love, and decency. But every time you try to show yours own love and concern people get worried about you. Be happy you’re special. Your basically a saint. God is love remember. Just learn to accept yourself the way you are and stop as best you can the negative thinking and acting. That is what therapy is for. I know you’re a little angel because as soon as you went off thinking evil shit you went and got a psychological examination like yours u should have. A real sociopath wouldn’t do that. And then you went and started up a page about it to try to save the world even though telling everybody that will make them hate you. That is more empathetic thinking. Be blessed and have peace and love. If god hates. Lgbtqs im a kill him too. And get a second opinion on that diagnosis. Please get the hell out of that toxic crap your stuck in as soon as you safely can. Keep on going to therapy it hurts before it starts to help. And it helps. And love your self as much as you love others for a change. You deserve it. Just remember don’t stop loving them. Remember the word empathy is different from sympathy. Sympathy is relating with a persons feelings. Empathy is actually feeling pain when they do. You even hurt when you think about it. The world is a crazy place You’ll fit right in cray cray. Xoxoxo Peace Hope Courage And Love Look me up any time! parinoidhumans@gmail.com
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall 13 kun oldin
Oh and the reason your so bored is because of two things. 1 your broke and 2 your a brainiac. Bye bye
Laylur 15 kun oldin
Lmao this came in my suggestion after watching Shane's video. Weird
Fuxk Face
Fuxk Face 15 kun oldin
Ur on a Shane Dawson video
Shark Tails
Shark Tails 15 kun oldin
i am aspd male and i dont like fighting i would punch a wall rather then a person. even provked when i was in jail someone puched me ithen punched me again i wiped my mouth see blood i punched a wall then went and sat down on the edge of the shower he then kicked me in the head i did not retalyate he was taken by the guards cos the others called them i was 15 at time of this. i get angry when ppl dont understand me but im verbal cos i am scared to let myself go cos i dont think i would stop and i dont want to go back to jail but yes i smoke weed not that im going jail for tht but is still not leagl where i am now boredom o how i know about that im going though it all atm i am so bored i dont have many friends i have a few and i have a partner with borderline personalty we are argueeing alot of the time when its good its good but atm its not to good thats prob why i went looking about my condision i have had for many yrs when i was younger i did not have a care in the world stealling milk was a good time but they was my younger yrs now im in my 30s i want to be better cos i know i dont fit in dam im so hyper sometimes but i doubt anyones gonna read and understand me its just a mess but have it anyway
Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now
anyone else here because they have did and finally found youtubers they relate to? just me (and my alters)? ok then.
Unknown Productions
Unknown Productions 16 kun oldin
*It’s not a phase mom!*
Sophia Henderson
Sophia Henderson 16 kun oldin
who’s here from Shane??
Sara Rengstorf
Sara Rengstorf 17 kun oldin
Hi there. I’m wondering if you could give some background regarding the trauma that caused the disorders you are currently experiencing. For instance SRA or MK Ultra, etc. I’m wondering how you got to where you are today. Praying that you feel better soon.
Gage Linford
Gage Linford 17 kun oldin
Thank you for this video. I was diagnosed with Conduct disorder when I was 11. When I was 18 it transitioned into ASPD. I watched all these videos and read things and it made me feel like I was internally a horrific person and didn't know about it. Like many, I thought ASPD and thought immediately of serial killers, the joker, etc... I've been doing a lot of self reflection and I'm still coming to terms with it. Hopefully I can be as confident and open about it as you eventually.
Mike_Eternal 17 kun oldin
Anxiety disorder? I thought sociopaths have no anxiety at all which actually helps them do horrible things
Lexie Leaderman
Lexie Leaderman 18 kun oldin
This seems so relatable but I haven't been diagnosed. I'm also only 16.
Sakyiah Richardson
Sakyiah Richardson 20 kun oldin
Sakyiah Richardson
Sakyiah Richardson 20 kun oldin
Lynn Wallace
Lynn Wallace 20 kun oldin
I came back because I kinda remebered this gal and I was able to see from where haha this is the same girl that made the video saying that everyone needs to speak "American" HAHSJAKXNJA
G 20 kun oldin
“Run away as fast as you can.” Well, shit, I’m a cripple so I’m fucked. I think I know someone who has ASPD but I don’t want to assume and I feel like they’d kick my ass if I talked to them. We aren’t on good terms.
G 20 kun oldin
I’m shocked at how many insensitive comments are. Well, not shocked, but disappointed. She’s a fucking human, not a monster. She doesn’t have crazy eyes. She’s not gonna kill someone. I don’t have ASPD but I agree that there are situations where lying is acceptable.
G 20 kun oldin
Cognitive empathy sounds like what I’ve been seeing as sympathy, understanding their pain but not feeling it. 🤔
G 20 kun oldin
Thank you for making this. I’ll admit, I had such a demonizing premature assumption of ASPD and putting a face to it helped humanize it for me.
jburckhardt 21 kun oldin
This was hard to watch im not going lie, but I really wish you can overcome all those past childhood traumas that have let you to have this disorder. God bless
Alexis M.V.
Alexis M.V. 21 kun oldin
This is a really great description of ASPD that debunks a lot of misconceptions and makes it easier to understand. Thank you for being willing to share.
Heather mohan
Heather mohan 21 kun oldin
idk but I think I'm scary bc I killed a baby turtle and I didnt care I tried to kill my lil brother and cousin still didnt care I cut myself dont care ifk I need help
Zack 21 kun oldin
I have this thing called Maladaptive Daydreaming and when I saw Katie's video about it everything was so wrong and she even mixed it up with other mental illness. So I totally understand how frustrating it can be.
SSaiko 21 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video, I really needed this. This actually explained a lot of things that I've done or felt and made me feel less alone, like hey, there are people like me, I'm not a bad person for having this condition
ctdvargas 22 kun oldin
can you say cray cray?
justaa girll
justaa girll 22 kun oldin
who is here bc of shane?
TheBeautifulOdd _
TheBeautifulOdd _ 22 kun oldin
Are u gonna kill someone?
Master Procrastinator
Interesting video, very well explained. It's admirable (and rare) how well you understand and accept your own diagnosis. Out of curiosity, would you consider yourself an introvert?
ItzJustMay 23 kun oldin
Thanks for the explanation!! I kinda feel like I have ASPD because I dont socialize with people and I dont feel empathy for anything. And I get really bored and I would do anything. I remember I was so bored that I got in a fight with my "friend" because I was so bored. I also played with knifes and I didn't really care like no joke I didn't even care if I cut myself or if I got hurt. I also think I have ASPD because I remember I was with my brother and they was a cat that had gotten run over and I just laughed and my brother looked at me like a pycho... I dont even know if I have ASPD.. what do you think?
Kritty Kushsparkle
Kritty Kushsparkle 24 kun oldin
This chick is scary. Shes got the eyes
Jade Grenade
Jade Grenade 25 kun oldin
Okay so how can someone be fixed
Rissa Helene
Rissa Helene 26 kun oldin
sociopaths dont get diagnosed with aspd because they never see a therapist so its awesome youre seeing a therapist
Peter Bruns
Peter Bruns 26 kun oldin
The one issue I have with this is that I thought ASPD people DO NOT do themselves self harm. They don't cut themselves, and they certainly don't commit suicide. At least, psychopaths don't do that, and psychopathy is included in ASPD. She says when she gets bored she does things without considering the consequences, even where her safety is concerned. But I thought ASPD people (ESPECIALLY high-functioning psychopaths), as predatory instinct, are survivors. So why would they do things to create danger for themselves?
Alex Kess
Alex Kess 26 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this informative video!! You seem awesome and like you're really making the best of your situation. We all have our shit.
Princess Christine Edits
This sounds like a load of rubbish. It's not a mental illness to be irresponsible ND not caring about how u treat others is called being a bitch
Princess Christine Edits
+Lyzone no you aren't with ur lame reply, if u wanna believe ridiculous shit, cool for u
Lyzone 26 kun oldin
You aren't the brightest bulb in the box, aren't you?
Abigail Eike
Abigail Eike 27 kun oldin
I really enjoyed your video. You are brave for making it and you sounded very intelligent. I learned a lot from this and I just wanted to say thank you.
Marianne Lafrance
Marianne Lafrance 27 kun oldin
Who the hell is Shane that everyone's talking about? Shane Dawson? He's still around? Anyway, I loved your video. I'm passionnate about mental health and I learnt a lot!
AtypicalWeirdo 27 kun oldin
So like a psychopath or social path?
glittabones 27 kun oldin
This was fascinating - especially the part about boredom. I'm an Aspie and I very, very rarely experience boredom, and I can just imagine that it would drive a person insane.
Emperor Palpitate
Emperor Palpitate 28 kun oldin
What if you're lying about being a liar? Mind BLOWN.
it's possible
Saphy the lil' demonic one
Thank you for making this. I know alot of people who have these symptoms, and this helped me out alot.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 28 kun oldin
I have ASPD, psychopath. The only main difference I see with myself and others is something known as “shallow affect” which means my emotions are quite superficial and I don’t tend to feel things as intensely as others. Which also means I can turn my emotions off like a running tap. As for conduct disorders, I wasn’t really diagnosed with any but I always did poorly in my early years in school because I was never motivated and I enjoyed causing my teacher’s stress and I had a blatant disregard for my peers who were probably also fed up with me but I did not give a single shit. Today, I’m a functioning adult, I’m going to grad school in mathematics because it’s a subject that I absolutely love. ** Empathy will always be a challenge for me and I have grown to accept my condition even if the media paints me as a raging serial killer.
Johnny Wadd
Johnny Wadd 28 kun oldin
All them piercings...been touched inappropriately before....hum? Keep going to therapy...don't have ANY kids...STOP the cycle....
DaShawn F. Ranklin
DaShawn F. Ranklin 29 kun oldin
Straight up looks like an alien
DaShawn F. Ranklin
DaShawn F. Ranklin 28 kun oldin
+Give me my child support I think you're a fucking pussy bitch who isn't going to do anything, and can't. I bet you couldn't even cut yourself with your razor, let alone anyone else.
DaShawn F. Ranklin
DaShawn F. Ranklin 28 kun oldin
+Give me my child support lmao
Give me my child support
CH1LD SOLDI3R 503 I’m going to rip out your eyeballs with a spoon and make you swallow them. I will also draw crosses on both your wrist with a razor blade.
Random Internet Person
I have aspd, bipolar 1, and mental anxiety 😂 I want to answer question …soo ask
Lucy Fer
Lucy Fer Oy oldin
Thanks for clearing up your sick, I assumed your only dumb af.
DaShawn F. Ranklin
DaShawn F. Ranklin 28 kun oldin
Probably a mixture of both
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Oy oldin
She kind of looks like the girl on the one episode of Bull that has this exact diagnosis.
Divinely Guided
You taught me so much in this video. :) Thank you and I am glad that you've seemed to receive help and mature through this disorder. Its such a good point to make in regards to certain personality disorders that can tarnish the humility of someone entirely. Most people have hearts and feelings. We shouldn't treat them as if they are monsters just because they have experienced trauma in their life and need help coping with it. My dad was definitely every symptom of NPD when I was growing up, but life has made him much more humble, and after years of abuse and mistreatment, he has grown to become a better person. Still vain? Yeah. Still self-important? yeah. But 90% more understanding and sympathetic. I would never give up hope no matter how long I had to go without speaking to him. Many people can change. Many people can get help. Something to never forget.
Yashny Oy oldin
Is there a part 2 and is the video about red flags up?
Joel Badcock
Joel Badcock Oy oldin
I think I am more of a low functing sociopath or ASPD
Salty Marmaid
Salty Marmaid Oy oldin
here from shane's video. i wasn't offended by it, but i think this video explained the idea much better in a shorter amount of time. if you did a video on chronic boredom i would watch it
rindel donnet
rindel donnet Oy oldin
You ain't shit cunt.
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Oy oldin
she gone fuck you up.
rindel donnet
rindel donnet Oy oldin
You are just a normal person that had some shitty cunt parents and you won't do shit. If you do it had nothing to do with pretending you have a dis order. Its just not in order. Get it its no disease or illness or anything. It is just explaining your personality.
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Oy oldin
no. the shit she just explained about herself is disfunctional. she is receiving treatment.
rindel donnet
rindel donnet Oy oldin
This is all just human traits come from low pleasures chemicals in the brain and environment. Having nothing to do with acting like this is just how you are nothing you can do. You're wrong and prideful about having an excuse for all your fuck ups because you have no will power and never got your ass kicked
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Oy oldin
stfu. this is some real shit.
Lauri 2014
Lauri 2014 Oy oldin
I could swear you look like Poppy.
rindel donnet
rindel donnet Oy oldin
You make excuses to act like a cunt is what it is
rindel donnet
rindel donnet Oy oldin
A personality is not a disorder. Plus you are too proud to pretend you don't care. If you didn't care you wouldn't get off convincing us you're willing.