The Levitating Turntable - What Magic Is This?

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Behold, the magical levitating turntable...
Maglev Audio - www.maglevaudio.com/
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5-Okt, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
That's something else right enough man! First time I've seen Yamaha Speaker units too and I'm no new boy to turntables and all! Neat.
Aaron Troughton
Aaron Troughton 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know what the video footage is from in the fade? It's hilarious!
Fatboi Kd
Fatboi Kd 2 oy oldin
Best UZvidr
Real Profi
Real Profi 3 oy oldin
Братишка, подари мне такой. Всю жизнь мечтаю. Привет с Киева)
Quackin Panda
Quackin Panda 5 oy oldin
Common Tater
Common Tater 15 soat oldin
Really? No comments about Buck Rogers dancing?
Jony Shelby
Jony Shelby 4 kun oldin
What dance is that from 4:30 - 5:00??
John Holden
John Holden 7 kun oldin
It probably (I'm not prejudging) sounds rubbish, but it was interesting to watch, and I was surprised at how low the price was for a neat piece of engineering.Good video.
sиacзя* 8 kun oldin
Jess Hull
Jess Hull 10 kun oldin
not for actually listening to music. if you want a great turntable in that price range look to VPI, clear audio, S.A.M.
English Teacher
English Teacher 11 kun oldin
TBH would have been better to not do the video overlay... interesting idea, but I wanted to see more about the turntable.
Jose F Pirela
Jose F Pirela 14 kun oldin
Can all the a u d i o p h i l e s just shut the fuck up and admire how much of a technological achievement is the fact that we can harness magnetism to nearly whatever the hell we want. Magnetic Levitation was only dreamt of back in the 80's and now we even have the first prototypes of hoverboards. I mean come on.
Benjamin Genter
Benjamin Genter 15 kun oldin
what was that background music at 2:25
Rod Chesnut
Rod Chesnut 15 kun oldin
In the ‘70s and ‘80s, yes I’m that old, we were concerned with records skipping through vibrations coming from the floor or wall into the turntable. Those vibrations might be the next door neighbor slamming his fist against your shared wall telling you to turn it down, or a heavy room mate walking by the turntable and the floor shifting in the old house you rented in college. Or worse some drunk trying to change your record in the middle of your house party. Hippies made macramé hangers to hang turntables from the ceiling to limit house vibrations getting to their turntable needles and scratching records. I bought the new Bruce Spingsteen’s The River two album set when I was a sophomore in college & was standing outside of my frat’s parking lot during a happy hour party. My buddy Tim and and I shared a second floor corner room above the parking lot. Tim was playing DJ & was prolly high as a kite, cause it was Friday. I remember hearing a bad scratch rip across my new album and the music stop. Tim sheepishly stuck his head out the window ashamed but gigging a weak ass ‘sorry Dude, My bad!” He had been moving the speakers closer to the windows to increase the volume without blasting the upstairs rooms, when he tripped and pulled the turntable. I don’t know if a floating turntable like this own would have helped? I do remember how bummed I was.
freek musbach
freek musbach 16 kun oldin
how yr gonna scratch dude?
Felipe Bento Pereira
Quanto custa um desse?
My Digital Life
My Digital Life 17 kun oldin
Smells high quality. This idiot has me sold.
trockfield77 17 kun oldin
Jeremy Holmes
Jeremy Holmes 21 kun oldin
How long does our actually take to play a record? Those motorized legs looked slow as fuck, as did the spin up time for the platter. Cringy handling of the gear and vinyl by the way.
TheEarthangel3631 23 kun oldin
What's the name of the song that plays at 430
E P 24 kun oldin
Imposing those images of dancers was very annoying. Your demonstrating the floating of it and we get the stupid hologram of dancers and took away the view of the floating disc
gagaa64 24 kun oldin
Like a boat on waves ( seasickness )..... :( Too much Up and down ( wow and flutter ) :(
Ron Djrocket
Ron Djrocket 24 kun oldin
Waste of money
kill as one
kill as one 25 kun oldin
Another gimmick for fools and there money
His Royal Dudeness
His Royal Dudeness 26 kun oldin
works on bullet trains, does not work on turntables
pauli kokkarinen
pauli kokkarinen 27 kun oldin
try scratch it
rdesarle Oy oldin
Levitate your cap to the right spot and stop trying to be Snoop.. It's a low end turntable for people that know better.
Andy A
Andy A Oy oldin
I will take the standard belt driven TT. There is a very high magnetic field around this thing, that's gonna contribute some IM distortion.
Elite Dangerous Club
Basically, it is shit... Unless of course, you like a TT that sounds like it is on a ship with a lot of wow and flutter!
Christopher Ramsue
What is this guys soundcloud…...my goodness
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Oy oldin
Dirtbag loud mouth.
john doe
john doe Oy oldin
soooooo how much is this new contraption ????
Elvira Arriaga
Thumbs 👍Up like Levitating turn table Video Review
Adam Olesen
Adam Olesen Oy oldin
That platter is wobbling all over the place... what the hell were they thinking
Stan TheObserver
My last...why can't they make a laser that reads vinyl? Seems easy enough. No wear at all ever.
Stan TheObserver
Whatever happened to the vacuum turntables? They held the record perfectly flat. In the 80's that was the last I heard of them.
Muthu M
Muthu M Oy oldin
super அண்ணா
alain gauthier
the choice of music is awful
Ivan Howell
Ivan Howell Oy oldin
If it ain't broke then don't fix it. Gimmick!
Sergiu Oy oldin
What happens if you encounter a power loss ? The platter will crash, as those 4 powered pins will fail to engage, I suppose.
MrMissingReel Oy oldin
I wanted to see the player.....not some stupid dancing scenes 🙄
Joshi Oyabun
Joshi Oyabun Oy oldin
the platter is not turning straight. Its a WoW and flutter mess......
JOGO Oy oldin
Not so expensive considering !! My j.a. Mitchell turntable cost about the same..might get one ..
Great way to get scratched, unplayable records with that insane wobbling.
Ernest Espinosa
Platter wobbles...
Ryan Gerard
Ryan Gerard Oy oldin
There is some turntable wrong with this 😁😀😁
Salvador torres
Another stupid idea
Salvador torres
John Wright
John Wright Oy oldin
i'll stick to my 1210's.
Sander S
Sander S Oy oldin
But is it Scratchable?🤔
NikooPlayer Oy oldin
That's cool. I have also a spinner mode, it is not the same but it worth trying...
G Man
G Man Oy oldin
Ole wobbly ass POS.
Jose F Pirela
Jose F Pirela Oy oldin
Ugh. The amount of audiophile bitching in this video is amazing. It's a damn gimmick, you do not have to buy it.
tom thompson
tom thompson Oy oldin
that thing is up and down like a brides nightie
Sorry, I can't take seriously a guy who can't even put on a baseball cap properly....
Bojidar4476 Zikulov
What the fuck man that's the most cool thing I have ever seen man the people have to call you DJ from the future
Mental Flux
Mental Flux Oy oldin
studio monitors are for production not for casual sitback listening. use passive speakers with a separate amp. trust me.
THTSound Oy oldin
This player is made because have no vibration :))))))) but the platter is moving like a boat on waves , come on mate :)))
Dragan Ilic
Dragan Ilic Oy oldin
Please learn how to properly adjust the equipment before you test and make video. You will ruin the business of this company while trying to be funny. You are not funny, trust me. You have 13m subs???? For this? This world really going crazy.
Joao Gouveia
Joao Gouveia Oy oldin
Another hipster gimmick. As he said, a nice toy to show off to friends. One of the most important issues on a turntable is the rigidity between the platter spindle and the tonearm mounting. Ideally the only movement the record should make is rotate. Here it wobles around. Some of these videos on HiFi reviews on UZvid are hilarious and show what little experience and knowledge people have on what is important on a turntable, tonearm and cartridge.
Joe Pasquarello
Theres a sucker born every minute...
Martin Pickard
Wow and flutter nightmare !!!
Jonathan Vogel
what a pile of shit
Sil Pereira
Sil Pereira 2 oy oldin
Hey is there any option to bye it online
Richard Mann
Richard Mann 2 oy oldin
So, after the first five of your friends see this ... the "WOW" factor is gone. For under $500.00, you can get a really good turn table.
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 2 oy oldin
So is this direct driven or belt driven?
B L 2 oy oldin
Imagine listening to this with your $3799 headphones
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche 2 oy oldin
Levitating or not, records still warped as shit just like in the 1970s
JetEyeNight 2 oy oldin
Looks dope but not practical
Vic Green
Vic Green 2 oy oldin
What will happen if the main power suddenly drop?
Christopher Ward
Christopher Ward 2 oy oldin
No. To play back a record well needs real precision, the best systems struggle to get all the information out of the groove. The bit that this one might achieve is a lack of bearing noise but the interface between the groove and the stylus was permanently in flux. It looked seasick and might sound seasick. The drive wasn’t tightly coupled enough to keep very constant rate of rotation. The key engineering was just not there to play records to modern standards. It needs a lot of work yet.
Christopher Ward
Christopher Ward 2 oy oldin
For the same price buy a Rega RP8 maybe unbox one of those.
DrQuadrivium 2 oy oldin
What a ludicrous, overpriced gimmick. .
Gerry Berry
Gerry Berry 2 oy oldin
This is a decent video HORRIBLY COMPROMISED by shitty visual and audio editing. Having different audio playing in the background whilst the record was playing was bad enough, but having some unrelated video floating behind was even more off-putting!
Евгений Полетаев
Das muzic!!! Вери гуд!!
Looks like a very slow process to actually start playing a record, my audio technica lp60 starts up faster than that
Fathom 2 oy oldin
Piece of crap for a generation of dick heads... 😏
Robert supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
The wow and flutter must be off the charts.
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony Lawrence 2 oy oldin
why does everybody do that stupid head nodding thing as soon as they hear anything with a beat.I see nodding dogs in the back of cars
fnagdungdagint 2 oy oldin
That thumbnail 😄
Ladislav Josephs
Ladislav Josephs 2 oy oldin
You should be talking more about the specs instead of superimposing the stupid videos.
Steven Kennett
Steven Kennett 2 oy oldin
Gimmick isn't worth the sticker price.
Konstantinos Stathopoulos
Ideal for scratching 😁
Paul-Ivo B.
Paul-Ivo B. 2 oy oldin
Lose the cap. You look ridiculous with it.
Edgar 2 oy oldin
Next challenge: Try 2 play a DJ-gig with this unit!!
Billy M
Billy M 2 oy oldin
Sounds terrible
Daniel Oloughlin
Daniel Oloughlin 2 oy oldin
terrible choice of music
Greg Clark
Greg Clark 2 oy oldin
$3900 to $4400 in Australia.....arghhh.
Arturo E.
Arturo E. 2 oy oldin
Bad product...
Ricardo Mejia
Ricardo Mejia 2 oy oldin
I just cringed at how he handled that record
GTAVGuru 2 oy oldin
If you coil enough copper or any other metal with a high level of inductance the right way because it creates and electromagnetic field if you induce the right polarity then you can theoretically make anything levitate
Paulus Januar
Paulus Januar 2 oy oldin
I still love a normal turntable
Jens Kühne
Jens Kühne 2 oy oldin
Magic? mechanical stupidity! High sensitive mechanical parts combined with high energy electronics to keep the platters 5cm in the air, with degrees of freedom in any direction, as everybody can see. This is just a gimmick, not a turntable.
Ralph Clark
Ralph Clark 2 oy oldin
There's no point if you listen to shit music
kleber Farinha
kleber Farinha 2 oy oldin
Plastic or diecast base and platter????
kleber Farinha
kleber Farinha 2 oy oldin
Smell like...what????
Mr. Londellj's Groovy Movies
Do you have any idea what kind of sound system you could put together for what this one component costs?
Dave30867 2 oy oldin
Sounds like its playing slow but im not aware of such sounds it doesnt sound like music to me sorry.
Andrej Zimmermann
jefferson 2 oy oldin
toys for tycoons!
Perhaps 2 oy oldin
Clearaudio makes two turntables that magnetically levitates the platter, and without the wobble seen in this video. The Clearaudio models are the Master Innovation and the Statement. Both are very expensive.
Derek Wall
Derek Wall 8 kun oldin
trident3b 2 oy oldin
in other videos I notice the platter being stable. Has something still not been correctly "set up" at this stage we see here I wonder?
trident3b 2 oy oldin
The "various magnetic portions" I think are reflective mirror for the sensor pair embedded in the plinth just under the platter.
Dream Abyss
Dream Abyss 2 oy oldin
Besides the coolness factor, the only reason to levitate the platter would be to avoid vibrations. But the arm is still attached to the base and that can transfer any ambient vibrations. As far as the gimmick of avoiding vibrations, you would be better off taking a less expensive table and putting some vibration dampeners under it. But of course, then you can't impress your friends with the cool factor. As for me, I prefer to impress my friends by the audio quality that comes from a good setup, instead of spending a bundle on something that doesn't improve the sound quality.
Bruno Messens
Bruno Messens 2 oy oldin
I am positive minded about all innovative designs ideas etc, as far as there is some improvement. But this is over the whole line ridiculous… Look clear to the video, the plate don’t keep the axis and level, which means that the needle is pushed and pulled horizontal and vertical. (this is btw how the needle pick up the signal from both grooves). You are supposed to keep it as stable as possible. The huge magnetic field required to keep the plate at level should not interfere with the extreme sensitive magnetic needle… Maybe they were clever enough to use a frequency far above the audible limit (20 Khz) but what about the harmonics? All high end turntables use mass to make all as stable as possible, 100 Kg for the Thorens reference and up to 600 kg for some “exotics”. A liquid mercury bath to keep it flat etc…. here they use the technology to make it levitate (weight =zero) It’s the most beautiful, and I guess overpriced, turntable to be an absolute piece of crap.
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