The Truth About The iPad Pro...

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I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.
iPad Pro (USA Link) - amzn.to/2UiUCJU
iPad Pro (International) - geni.us/BBMAXHe
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iPad Pro or Laptop?
Yonan Godoy
Yonan Godoy 17 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy iPad Pro
Aaron Andreas Geckeis
Unbox Therapy both
Tomas Matejka
Tomas Matejka 7 soat oldin
Ahahah Apple SUX
Zane West
Zane West 10 soat oldin
You can use most Bluetooth keyboards on the iPad. And the iPad can replace the computer for most people I think.
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert 14 soat oldin
100% of the commentary on the iPad Pro 11” applies 100% to the 10.5 Why is every review making it seem like *now* it’s an issue that the iPad is held back from being a “laptop replacement” by iOS? This was *already the case* a year ago. All the 11 brings is even more unusable power and a USB port that can’t even be used to attach storage. Why are we pretending this whole “could *almost* replace a laptop BUT... iOS!” idea is new?
swoon drones
swoon drones Kun oldin
I'm doing this, too, bit it's a nightmare with backups abs photo editing.
Turtl Kun oldin
iOS 13 is probably gonna fix a lot of the problems with the iPad Pro 2018 right now.
Dark Kun oldin
it's a tablet period
vnratc Kun oldin
Everyone who thinks that a tablet must replace laptop is so missing the point. It is a separate category of devices! Period.
Xavier Domange
Xavier Domange 2 kun oldin
From reading the comments, a lot of people are missing the point of the iPad If you want something more like a laptop then get a laptop and stop complaining that the iPad isn’t that. It’s a unique device that you can do different things using alternative methods and also many things that laptops themselves can’t do. (Probably targeted towards a different audience than you) If you want a tablet with a computer operating system then get one of those touchscreen laptops with a detachable keyboard. Problem solved
Anna Nutella
Anna Nutella 2 kun oldin
I've started to see a lot of people use this iPad or an older version to write notes in my math classes. I basically have to use paper to take notes since everything is in symbols so it'd be nice to be able to use a device for that.
IveonL 2 kun oldin
Get a laptop, imo it makes you look like you're working/productive and smart in public LMAOOO, but yeah get a laptop tho
Diego Leonardo
Diego Leonardo 3 kun oldin
You are a big heater of Apple but thats right! Hahaha
塞尔吉奥 3 kun oldin
30 seconds in and I’m bored.
Shreyas Kalyan
Shreyas Kalyan 3 kun oldin
Laptop less...Maybe a good choice to switch over from Microsoft to Apple
Collin McGuinness
Collin McGuinness 3 kun oldin
To date, the ONLY tablet I've ever used that could also be used as a laptop is the Surface Book & Surface Pro. I just wish developers of casual apps would stop treating is like 2'nd class users. I PAY for hbo now, Hulu, etc. The apps either haven't been updated in a long time or (hbo, tbs) force me to use my browser 🤬 There are almost a billion people on Windows 10. More than there were four iOS and Android when they made apps for those platforms. But we're ignored
Raycorn 3 kun oldin
*Hey Unbox Therapy i want to ask a question and i REALLY NEED AN OPTION:* I want to ask what should i buy: An IPad pro Or an iphone xs I dont know what to get the ipad is gonna be an upgrade for my ipad bc my ipad is an ipad air 2013 But the phone would be my first phone I really want an phone but at the same time i really want an ipad pro bc i love art *pls help*
Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson 4 kun oldin
I think that he recorded both video's in the same day look at his clothing ... what a coincidence
Xklusiv 4 kun oldin
I wish Steve Jobs was here. The iPad line would definitely NOT be the bullshit that it is, now. I cannot believe that Apple is pumping out unrefined shit like the iPad Pro.
Josh Mccartie
Josh Mccartie 5 kun oldin
Completely agree with this video
Billy Jean
Billy Jean 6 kun oldin
I feel this is kinda an unfair competition because iPad is still iOS compared to windows 10 a laptop will always be better ! An iPad is a tablet ...is convenient and faster in use !that’s why it exists Right ?! but paying a 1000 € for a iPad Pro tablet is just not worth it in my opinion.
David Jordan
David Jordan 6 kun oldin
You really need to follow this up with a full review to stop people buying this half finished expensive piece of sh/t. It's a shocking mix of average hardware and terrible software that should never have been released and I think you have a duty to review it fully and let people know what to expect. I was lucky enough to get a refund on mine after a bit of arguing. But I wish I'd never bothered in the first place.
Alpha Data
Alpha Data 6 kun oldin
When you review apple products I feel you are afraid of offending apple fans APPLE SUCKS and I’m writing this from an IPhone X 💔
thicc 7 kun oldin
Its still funny how people think a pen sticking to an ipad is innovation.
Peripo 7 kun oldin
Spot on.. it's a tablet, not a fkn laptop. Also why you shouldn't get the 12.9 version, it's not comfortable to use as a tablet.
David Watt
David Watt 7 kun oldin
ipad. a cloud based computer. if no internet or no cloud and then you are limited.
lucifer 73
lucifer 73 8 kun oldin
pixel 3 truth not here yet
Gabriele Lazzati
Gabriele Lazzati 8 kun oldin
Apple is scared of cannibalize itself that is why it block via software the potential of ipad Pro so you will buy a Macbook Pro
Mac McRae
Mac McRae 8 kun oldin
the numba one shortcoming is how it doesnt have a real os. the numba 2 shortcoming is how it doesnt have 2 functional usb c ports. Numba 3 it needs a 15 inch version.
CityKanin 9 kun oldin
I hate using a laptop! The first time I got my hands on an iPad my world changed! Now I have my 11" Pro and I definitely plan to accessorise it to be my do-it-all! :) Joining my Nikon D7100 straight to it and using the Apple Pencil 2.0 for drawing - what more could I need? And keyboard -wise, I have the old non-num pad apple bluetooth keyboard to use if I need one. It's mainly obsolete since I have tiny-ass hands that glide effortlessly even on the iPad's keyboard. And I mean TINY-TEENY-WEENY lady-hands!
Zach Stanley
Zach Stanley 9 kun oldin
The note 9 has more compatibility opening all those tough files(mkv,mp4, zip) you can connect a wireless mouse AND FULL keyboard with an otg connector. charging s pen too.. same ram management. No expandable storage, no usb c.. sorry apple.
Zach Stanley
Zach Stanley 9 kun oldin
Not to mention dex functionality!
Jonathan Lozada
Jonathan Lozada 10 kun oldin
All it takes is one update in iOS for iPad and everything changes. A better files system, mouse adaptation, and actual use of the usb-c port. It’s all up to Apple
bandersnatch6546 10 kun oldin
I just got my new iPad Pro 11 inch with the keyboard and pencil, all the bells and whistles and I am soooo loving it..! for now at least.
Christmas Litmass
Christmas Litmass 10 kun oldin
I got this just so I could play fortnite on a bigger screen than my phone
Blade MK
Blade MK 6 kun oldin
Christmas Litmass wow what a waste of money.
feat_china 🇨🇳
Christmas Litmass PUBG has a much smoother mobile app. So much fun to play on a ipad.
David Holmes
David Holmes 10 kun oldin
I just got the 11 iPad Pro an I thinks it’s amazing 😉 much prefer it to my other iPad Air 2. Feels like Apple are moving towards the laptop replacement but not just yet. Apple doing it in droplets 💧 can definitely feel they got something cooking with this ipad.
J D 10 kun oldin
If they make a Mac book with a touch screen I think ppl would stop buying the iPads
J D 10 kun oldin
It’s not gonna replace a laptop if they don’t increase they’re storage by like 100% without charging 200$ for a little bit more storage. But I do agree its a TABLET not a computer.
redX111t 10 kun oldin
Tablet is good as a tablet, doing basic stuff and media consumption on the go. You can't ever be as productive without a proper keyboard (and a mouse). Also iOS is not suitable to do anything seriously productive, you can't even properly manage your files. They probably try to compete with Surface here, but it really is pointless because of iOS, it's only good for phones and tablets as it is. If they launched a significantly different version of OS for tablets, they would have some chance. But they already have a laptop to sell, so most likely they don't care that much.
Eeshka92 12 kun oldin
2:59 I See Something Weird On His Hand.
redchilli450 12 kun oldin
2:11, just curious is your iBow bent?
Eme 12 kun oldin
I just got the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 512GB WiFi today and I’m loving it so far and not using my MacBook Pro !!
Cody Hill
Cody Hill 13 kun oldin
is it easy to draw and make designer stuff on that thing ? Is it worth it for that ?
Sebi Haidler
Sebi Haidler 13 kun oldin
Ipad 2018 + Logitech Slim folio keyboard = If you dont have a problem with a smaller keyboard its amazing. They keytravel is good and the size of the keys is also fine, its just a bit smaller than a 13 in Laptop keyboard. But for this price (like 400€ combined) its an amazing device. I can write, excel and powerpoint without any problems. Emails and such ofc aswell. Multitasking is much better than on a Windows laptop. For that price you also wont get a nice laptop anyway. If you compare a new pro and the much more expensive (and worse) apple keyboard to a notebook its gonna lose for me always. For that price I get a nice laptop. But since 2 months now I am using my Ipad with the logitech keyboard for 90% of my tasks (also the pencil, which is great aswell but pretty expensive in my opinion. If youtubers always say it´s not a laptop killer, you have to ask yourself what you are doing on a PC 99% of the time. If I would edit video I would definitly go for a laptop or desktop setup. But even for editing photos I started loving the Ipad. And again I don´t think most people need a PRO. srsly the standard 329 € model is fucking great for the price. Its like 1/3 and does everything a consumer needs, not a PROsumer I guess, but for University work or general organisational tasks I don´t ever thought I don´t have enough Ipad with my base model.
Vanlalawmpuia Ralte
Vanlalawmpuia Ralte 13 kun oldin
ma laptop so bad giv'me some of yours pls
Bhaskar jyoti Bhuyan
will ipad ever ever ever support external storage ?? will ipad ever ever ever get a full fleged file management system ??
Bari Martin
Bari Martin 14 kun oldin
Why not have the keyboard case have a hinge that can support the weight of the iPad boom faux laptop
O prefer to have a simple tablet (mi pad 4) and a very good laptop (surface laptop 2)
Logic Works
Logic Works 14 kun oldin
I have a question? Why not get rid of the camera and the speakers? It’s not needed. My air-pods are infinitely better than 4 speakers for audio and no one uses either one them anyways. How much would that save? It seems obvious to me that it’s waste. 2 models? Something. I don’t want a camera. I don’t need the audio but I do like having the speakers. The value is my question because I don’t really need them.
Nic Sal
Nic Sal 14 kun oldin
Thanks Lou, needed that last bit. Looking into buying this or an apple laptop of some kind for College coming up. I’m thinking unless the iPad Pro gets stepped up to the extreme in the next year or two I’m going to get a laptop like the new MacBook Air or something like that
Lyla Mae
Lyla Mae 15 kun oldin
I just want one for art..
MF Kamil Fauzi
MF Kamil Fauzi 16 kun oldin
New iPad Pro is awesome but I agree Apple need to upgrade the OS and software. I still got the old iPad Pro and really love to draw on it. Just started doing speed painting series in my channel.
Angel Cortes
Angel Cortes 16 kun oldin
You forgot it also bends really easily, you fucken apple sold-out
Brice Terronez
Brice Terronez 16 kun oldin
Terrible specs all around. I’ll stick to my school-issued chromebook
Elia Van Mechelen
Elia Van Mechelen 16 kun oldin
It’s made to watch porn
Roger Zheng
Roger Zheng 17 kun oldin
did it bend? (lol)
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 17 kun oldin
The obvious here is that Apple very purposefully does this...making TWO different items, lap top and iPad so they can sell somebody BOTH devices. I have a Piexlbook but struggling to like the software but love the hardware a lot. But I want a hybrid of laptop and pad which the software of Pixelbook and now Slate offer, however, the software of chrome os is just proving to be just awful. If the iPad had a better keyboard, with trackpad, I would have probably already gotten it. I'd feel like if I got it, I'd truly miss a real keyboard and certainly a trackpad. There's no good option here for me. C'mon Google.. why can't you have better optimized software?!?!?! ugh
Bobbie Hill
Bobbie Hill 17 kun oldin
i watch all these tech videos and ask my self "what did i do wrong?"
Baba Dusa
Baba Dusa 18 kun oldin
Why you haven’t spoken about the bent gate of the iPad Pro ? I mean, you’ve got such an important Chanel on UZvid, you can say something to Apple!!
fm carv
fm carv 17 kun oldin
Baba Dusa because there’s no such thing as a Bendgate
Richard Colbert
Richard Colbert 19 kun oldin
Thanks, in part to this video, I recently bought an Apple iPad Pro 11" from AT&T with LTE built in. I, for the most part, love the device but there is a major flaw with the design. They are being shipped (sold for over $1,000) and are BENT RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Mine is no exception. Apple is, so far, refusing to admit it is a defect or make it right with their customers. Very very upset at this point and will be taking it to AT&T today to see if I can get a replacement that ISN'T BENT!
Mark Johnson II
Mark Johnson II 19 kun oldin
sucks this guy has a really weird personality; otherwise these are good videos... Perhaps get a better host?
Arpy 19 kun oldin
The uses of any iPad - Watching Videos - Reading (News/Books) - Checking email - Light Browsing For everything else you need laptop. iPad pro is nonsense. Its just hyped, high price fancy device. Apple could not make any better than iPad Air 2 and hence degraded its 9.7 inch iPad and increased its size to sell at high price with fancy "pro" suffix.
PuRpLePiCkLeS 19 kun oldin
As a artist who is studying digital art AND is obsessed over taking notes, I. HAVE. BEEN. CRAVING. A. I. PAD. PRO. *FOR THE LONGEST.* DEAR GOD! But that cost is stopping me from getting it😭
El cat
El cat 19 kun oldin
Apple is ight. Dope no doubt. They get down..but eh.
Maisonier 20 kun oldin
The ipad is a toy. The iPad Pro is an expensive toy.
Maisonier 9 kun oldin
+CityKanin what? you can't connect even a bluetooth mouse ... what the hell!
CityKanin 9 kun oldin
Jelly much?
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers 20 kun oldin
I hate laptops , I have never owned one, so for my an iPad is the way to go.
Ahmad Hasan
Ahmad Hasan 20 kun oldin
Why does apple say that iPads are meant to replace laptops but apple has a whole line up of laptops and iPads
alyssa brittingham
alyssa brittingham 20 kun oldin
I need a laptop for school this summer and so on. I had my mind set on the 2018 Macbook Air, but after watching more videos and articles, i think I want the ipad pro and a keyboard. You can type on it, which is good for essays, but you can also use it for personal use, like games and stuff. Kind of a 2-for-1
No name
No name 20 kun oldin
I rather buy a Bluetooth keyboard than the iPad one
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 21 kun oldin
Great video great review.
Mau5 Fan
Mau5 Fan 21 kun oldin
Nowhere close to a laptop. All that power means nothing if you're using iOS. Still the best tablet though.
Hanastasia Th Hanastasia
I love the IPad Pro, it’s my favourite Apple Product and just favourite tech piece. I use it all the time for note taking, brainstorming, art, quick music composition, animation, games, social networks, mails, etc. I also use it as digital tablet with my mac. If I could, would only use it and not have a MacBook. But I’m a student in Computer Science. I need a computer to code. In fact, I would replace my Mac if Apple had a hard piece of keyboard with some more powerful components in it (Like a surface laptop I think) to transform it into a Mac with Mac OS. But quite sure they’ll probably never do it
Mhd Andre
Mhd Andre 21 kun oldin
Eon Lee Music
Eon Lee Music 21 kun oldin
Lots of websites are not optimized for iPads...
Clive Edwin
Clive Edwin 22 kun oldin
If you invest in an IPad Pro ask the question: What is the ROI of investing in such a device? What does it cost you? ; Does it expose you to new: experiences, opportunities, people etc. If the ROI is greater than the investment then utilise the device in a way to bring the ROI. (ROI = Return of investment)
keshav charan
keshav charan 22 kun oldin
It would be great if the keyboard expands into arm-restable key board along with a track pad
Dexter Tittil
Dexter Tittil 22 kun oldin
The only issue is iOS. Sorry to say but Android as an OS makes more sense for productivity. Android features with iOS apps and we will have the perfect tablet.
jintat87 22 kun oldin
Since you don't like it, can you send it to me please?
Alexandre Hasegawa
Alexandre Hasegawa 22 kun oldin
@Unbox Therapy Ipad pro-2018 with Microsoft surface keyboard can you try to test it????
Hemanth 22 kun oldin
I’m software developer so iPad for me is big no no
Mostxa 22 kun oldin
I already have a MacBook but I still want an iPad Pro. I will start University next year and I am not sure which device I should use. Whether buying the iPad would be such a waste of money or... i should buy it because it won’t be such a waste of money. I will study medicine and I watched all those videos of taking notes...😭😭😭 they are so beautiful. What should I do? Should I buy it?
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz 23 kun oldin
How did you missed the bend.. I just went through 3 brand new iPads at two different stores and they were all bend..
Shahbub Anwar
Shahbub Anwar 23 kun oldin
Watchin dis on ma iPad pro....
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong 23 kun oldin
Sack whoever edited this video.
Ronny Bagdadi
Ronny Bagdadi 23 kun oldin
Get Apple Magic Keyboard and Canopy case. Done.
Roberuto Uchiha
Roberuto Uchiha 23 kun oldin
Make ios13 better with file support be able to use usbs
Kshitij Raina
Kshitij Raina 23 kun oldin
Did you notice a bend?
Francisco Valenzuela
Did it come-BENT??
dezent 23 kun oldin
So a review by a youtube guy doing youtube videos about the possibility to work on the ipad. Try an accountant or system administrator instead and see what they say.
MrLuigisASMR 23 kun oldin
Make video about the bent ipad pros 2018
Jel0XD 24 kun oldin
Wil it bend?
user name
user name 24 kun oldin
Hey when are you going to come up with a better click bait title than "the truth about blank"?
mah music santos youtube etc.
Any advice what kind of devices i can use for graphic illustrations? In under a budget.
Antony John
Antony John 24 kun oldin
youtubeuser 24 kun oldin
These tech youtubers seriously need to fucking retire this tired ass "the truth about....." title
Stephen Lozada
Stephen Lozada 24 kun oldin
4:30 my sentiments exactly. There’s just something fun about it vs pulling out a laptop. Just type it in real fast if u have to be booting up the MacBook 💻
Anders Olsen
Anders Olsen 24 kun oldin
I was considering upgrading my iPad Air first generation to the new IPad Pro but I discovered that I had 12 apps purchased in App Store that needed upgrade and was not working anymore. I contacted Apple to complain as they have needed an upgrade for a long time. Apple just told me to contact the software developer and that I had absolutely no rights as consumer few months after purchasing the apps. The software developer I contacted did not care about my problem with there no longer working apps. I purchased an Apple IPad because I wanted to get access to all the apps in App Store and I wanted to be sure that things were working. Since this is not the case there is no reason for me to pay extra for an Apple product so I will wait for a tablet from the competition, which is 11” and save myself a lot of money.
jakehenderson 1
jakehenderson 1 24 kun oldin
Stop screaming!!
Damon Jones
Damon Jones 25 kun oldin
I like you and agree with a lot of your thoughts, but it drives me crazy how you title your videos. You can’t say “the truth about...” because it is strictly your opinion.
Tamrelax 25 kun oldin
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Some One
Some One 25 kun oldin
Eh what bout the mouse
an alien undercover
an alien undercover 25 kun oldin
do the bend gate 2.0
5 oy oldin