The Truth About The iPad Pro...

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I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.
iPad Pro (USA Link) - amzn.to/2UiUCJU
iPad Pro (International) - geni.us/BBMAXHe
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
iPad Pro or Laptop?
Olivia Ural
Olivia Ural 23 kun oldin
Richard Lugto iPad Pro
ILoveTech Oy oldin
iPad Pro
Stan FB
Stan FB Oy oldin
laptop ...
nopea 3
nopea 3 Oy oldin
Noah Messer
Noah Messer 2 oy oldin
iPad Pro
La Zar
La Zar 2 soat oldin
5:30 thats the point.. they dont want you to replace a macbook with ipad.. cuz they would not sell macbooks anymore 🤔
Christopher - Geniris
Christopher - Geniris 21 soat oldin
What if you are a stdent ? Ipad or macbook?
Maxwell Rich
Maxwell Rich 16 soat oldin
An iPad is nice but you will have trouble with doing some assignments, printing things off for school work etc... If you’re looking for that mix between both, the surface pro is a hell of a product and I switched from a MacBook Pro to a surface book halfway through college and haven’t looked back since. Best of both worlds
dvrapant Kun oldin
I’m getting the iPad Pro for photo editing in Lightroom. Lightroom has Creative cloud and that’s how I plan on storing my photos for the most part. I’m getting the 1 tb and I thought about this for a long time, but decided to go this route because I think until they make the iOS to fully support an external drive I’m not really sold on using one at this time. I’ve read a lot of reviews and comments on these and I think its more of a hassle than I’m looking for. In Lightroom CC your edits and photos can sync to other devices like a desktop. So for portability, speed (the iPad is actually quicker than most laptops running Lightroom for photo editing) and just a nicer laid back experience. I can comfortably take it anywhere and edit my photos. Maybe someone with experience using a WD wireless external drive with this can help me make a decision on the 1tb vs the 1/2 tb iPad. I won’t go smaller than that. I have an iPad mini 4 that’s great but I want a larger screen and faster performance. I use the mini 4 to fly my drone, works great. I also looked into the Lacie copilot but honestly it seems expensive for what it is and it’s bulky and you have to use an adapter to plug into the wall which makes it even more of a hassle as well as having to use a cable to plug it into the iPad. Any thoughts? I have a Surface that kinda sucks because it gets hot enough to fry an egg on and it’s slow AF running Lightroom. I don’t want another Surface. Plus the is it a tablet is it a laptop toggling is just confusing and stupid. Def not gonna get a MacBook and have cables dongle bullshit just to use a card reader and anything else you wanna use. Apple said they were brave for making the MacBook the way it is, No, they were stupid and greedy. Seriously how can you proclaim your company to be best for graphic arts and not include a damn sad card reader on a 2,500 or more MacBook? I’m sure people love those things but I’m not going down that road.
Jabulani Harvey
Jabulani Harvey 4 kun oldin
tech vanguard device right here....invest in the habits too and you will reap many rewards
MsButterfly 4 kun oldin
How bout iPad Pro with boot manager to load either iOS or Mac OS whenever you want
MsButterfly 4 kun oldin
Still prefer windows though
Nathan Miller Video
If I wasn't a video editor that needs to use Premiere, Resolve, After Effects, have a Thunderbolt 3 port and some USB for DIT then yes. I would love an iPad Pro. I use my iPad Air 1 all the time for regular things like web, email, and watching content because I like it way better than doing those things on my Razer Blade Stealth. Not to mention the pro apps that are only on iPad and run very reliably on at least the Air 1 like DJI Go, DJI Naza, and LeadNav.
Nathan Miller Video
+Dante. The Stealth works very well with DaVinci Resolve and is lightning fast at transferring media on-site to a Thunderbolt RAID. I do most of my editing on my PC tower but I can't take that with me in my backpack lol. A lot of the on-site editing gigs I get hired to do are quick and easy edits that can be done without dedicated graphics in Resolve. I didn't go with the Razer Blade 15 because I've had bad experiences with laptops and all-in-ones I've previously abused with my workflow and they all show GPU defects within a couple years. Plus laptops with integrated graphics have much longer battery life. But for normal things like web-browsing, email, UZvid, and Netflix I waaaay prefer using my iPad Air 1 because it's nicer to hold, battery is insane, and the ability to use it comfortably is in portrait mode is freakin awesome.
Dante. 4 kun oldin
Nathan Miller Video How it performs for you the razer blade stealth? Coz it’s at the same price that the razer blade 15 and the dedicated graphics is not that good, can you plis tell me?
Max Abdullah
Max Abdullah 7 kun oldin
Is this a comparison between a condo and a house?!
R J 8 kun oldin
WAAAY to much chit chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saif bakri
saif bakri 10 kun oldin
fuck everyone who is with laptop ipad is the best thing to ever happen
Marcos Ibuki
Marcos Ibuki 10 kun oldin
It’s perfect for a person to person high level sales presentations. You can create all the presentation, do the necessary research and present that in it, the pen is the perfect point instrument
Savannah Byars
Savannah Byars 11 kun oldin
i don’t think it’s iPad vs. Macbook. iPads can do cool things that Macbooks can’t and Macbooks can do things that iPads can’t. they’re different! and used for different things.
Joao Moreira
Joao Moreira 12 kun oldin
iPad Pro 10.5
melanie curry
melanie curry 13 kun oldin
Is anyone having problems with the screen freezing and not recognizing touch? The Apple Pencil works with it just fine, doesn’t glitch but while not using it the screen acts like it is not responding to touch, glitches, gets stuck halfway through a scroll, etc.
Giulia Piglio
Giulia Piglio 14 kun oldin
2:00 lucky you ahah i really like your videos and you're also soo funny
Xxgalaxywolfie Xx
Xxgalaxywolfie Xx 14 kun oldin
Apple keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard Like Bluetooth keyboard Comment apple keyboard
tubedon1000 14 kun oldin
Good review. He reminds that what he says is how ‘he’ feels, given what ‘he’ does, or needs. So many reviewers simply give their judgement and often without stating the obvious, that they are writers and use a computer for their work. How many of the rest of us need a full keyboard in our lap all the time? Or a mouse to the side? For ‘me’ and my computing life, an iPad Pro is far superior than a 90’s style computer. My question is, ‘Can any laptop replace an IPad Pro and all the things it can do, that a laptop cannot’? Certainly not, for me.
Evan Gantley
Evan Gantley 14 kun oldin
I watched this on my I pad pro, he was delighted to see himself on UZvid
Evan Gantley
Evan Gantley 13 kun oldin
KUTRENUH He’s getting such a big head, I mean screen.
Katrina and Imani
Katrina and Imani 13 kun oldin
Evan Gantley he’s famous lol
Ibrahiem Ibn Saeed
Ibrahiem Ibn Saeed 15 kun oldin
The question is : iPad Pro OR Microsoft surface pro 6 😊??
FABI ! 9 kun oldin
Ibrahiem Ibn Saeed IMO iPad pro for sure. I tested them both in my Hands and the Surfaced felt so unfinished and unoptimized. Sure you have more abilities in windows but I just feel it..
Charlike Mike Reagent
hahahha "uuh okey, it's not a laptop, alright" haahhaha
Sick-kilzz 16 kun oldin
Brydge has a new keyboard coming out for the iPad Pro 2018 you should review that
Levi 17 kun oldin
Amazing device
Raven Hile
Raven Hile 17 kun oldin
Well iv never had a laptop and iv been trying to decide which to get, a laptop or I pad pro. I'm a digital artist so obviously iv been leaning towards the I pad. And because iv never had a laptop I wont be missing anything lol
Locker Room Talk Music
Raven Hile yeah. ipad then. I am about to buy one right now!
walter0bz 19 kun oldin
Hmmm. The chipset is powerful, held back by the OS.. but Apps can in theory do anything. Does this mean fresh territory for new apps, or are the AppStore’s saturated. I guess it may be unrealistic to get enough inter-app cooperation to workaround the lack of true file management, or could cloud based workflows solve this
Gavin Eldridge
Gavin Eldridge 19 kun oldin
If apple finally turns the iPad into a Surface, its game over.
Alex Russett
Alex Russett 20 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure there’s more key travel on the iPad Pro case than the MacBook Pro just saying
gary Henderson
gary Henderson 20 kun oldin
This is the first bad review! Not even close to being able to replace a laptop. I have it, I use it, but the fact that the keyboard (at the price) is not illuminated renders this product useless in bed for productivity. Awesome tablet, but no more. Crap for excel, pen useless (maybe ok for artists) but useless compared to Surface. Typical Apple, form over function (beautiful , but limited)!
Wendys /_\
Wendys /_\ 20 kun oldin
I kinda remeber him recording a video with a kid ( I think it was his son?) does anyone know if I was dreaming?
Angel Santos
Angel Santos 21 kun oldin
My version of an iPad Pro: Instead of a 12.9” iPad Pro, make it a 13” or 15” iPad Pro with a Brydge keyboard and case and use the Duet app to duplicate a MacBook’s software to the iPad Pro and I got a MacBook Pro with LTE, a touchscreen with 120Hz refresh rate, Apple Pencil, cameras, and 1TB of storage :)
john williams
john williams 22 kun oldin
i pressed 9 to skip to the end of the video
Chiu Chung
Chiu Chung 22 kun oldin
Whole point in their design is so you end up getting their laptop. Reason iPad won’t truly multitask anytime soon; reason MacBook won’t have a touch screen. Waiting for Microsoft surface to show how it’s done. Sick of apple tricks.
Brittaney Ede
Brittaney Ede 22 kun oldin
How do you get by using Mac's and iPads, without using an iPhone as your daily driver? I love all things apple EXCEPT their boring phones!
Yana Pavlovskiy
Yana Pavlovskiy 23 kun oldin
I’m a college student and I have a laptop and the iPad Pro. When it comes to writing essays or data analysis and other computational work, nothing beats a laptop. I literally only use my iPad to take notes and to read comfortably on a couch. That’s it. It’s an overpriced notebook in my own personal opinion. In the summer outside of school, I barely touch it. My brother plays games on it. Don’t get me wrong I love my iPad, I love having all of my notes and school apps on it and being able to access so many things, but it will never be comparable to a computer.
Chris Renaud
Chris Renaud 24 kun oldin
who said you can't have both.
RumbleRish 24 kun oldin
Agreed; as a college student I love my iPad and pencil and use it for taking notes, UZvid, etc., but I can’t imagine not having my MBP. It’s just not meant to be your only device
JoshCourts 24 kun oldin
I always use the zagg rugged book keyboard cases for my iPad Pro, but for some reason, months later, haven’t come out with anything
Don Kapsalon
Don Kapsalon 25 kun oldin
There needs to be an ipad/macbook hybrid.. with its own operation system somewhere in between, but not like windows did.
Henry Coats
Henry Coats 26 kun oldin
How about the apple. Bluetooth key board? It works for me.
Rajvir Manku
Rajvir Manku 27 kun oldin
Perfect for students
Henry Coats
Henry Coats 27 kun oldin
I Have a custom leather case with a pencil holder. I love it. I personally don’t like key boards. I have the older pencil, I’d be hard pressed to get the new one.
Henry Coats
Henry Coats 27 kun oldin
I have both a Mac Pro and I pad pro 12.9 I use my I pad 95% of the time. The dirty screen is my one issue. I try to use my pencil so I’m not cleaning all the time. There are some things you can only do on the laptop. I’ll have to say when watching to movies or listening to music, the iPad Pro has better sound and clarity.
javiertrx4 27 kun oldin
Im a law school student and also have 3 businesses. I first bought a targus stylus it was like 9 bucks at wallgreens. Then i bought a crystal clear keyboard. It was cheaper than the smart cover with keyboard and the ipen. Personally i love my ipad it does what i need. Maybe not for everyone of course but it makes very easy my work and my school stuff. Its for people that is on the go and check any info you need at every time, i only need a laptop to create documents faster but the ipad does the work fine. I would love to use an ipad mini i dont use as a keyboard. Does anybody know if this is possible?
William Skinner
William Skinner 27 kun oldin
If you don’t even know how long you used it for, why should we even listen to a word you say.
AgentStarke 28 kun oldin
Wish I could ditch the smartphone and just use an iPad in combination with a smartwatch
Terminal XI
Terminal XI 29 kun oldin
apples next step should be putting the mac OS on the Ipad Pro
IRONN 29 kun oldin
You can use the Bluetooth keyboard by apple on the iPad... keyboard problem solved
Chef Jose Soto
Well said you gotta put your shoes on like you are the consumer like we were or gonna buy that iPad I know I would.always want an iPad and a laptop I want always to hear the newest trend regardless of I buy it or not...but if you have an iPad laying around please send my way I can use it please. Thank you
Israel Carvalho
Soo.. if you want a real keyboard, you should buy a PC. If you don't, an iPad shoud be ok. No real point was made in 8:07 minutes of video
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Oy oldin
Dunno, I use all keyboard commands to navigate apps and web pages. I code on it using vim and tmux. For me, who hates the mouse, this thing is sick. It’s like a laptop with cell service and I’m a power keyboard user.
willen strauss
its excells at takin loads od notes like at university and consumin content, to read books and comics its great, if ya nver used a pc its okay ya will adapt and insult pc users, but if ya are o,d ever used a pc ya gonna miss loads of things tha perhaps ya can live wo vut needs to adapts newly
Sadman Ahmed
Sadman Ahmed Oy oldin
Get yourself a surface pro 6
Renee Bruce
Renee Bruce Oy oldin
Should put the pen in different colors or the same color as the iPad
550 Oy oldin
People are really in technologically
A. S
A. S 25 kun oldin
speak English or get out
angryape Oy oldin
Tablets are gimmicks for way to rich people
Ivan Bryan
Ivan Bryan Oy oldin
I need access to a terminal. iPad doesn't have a terminal.
Marc Anonymous
I am a 11 yr old who uses the 11 inch iPad, it works perfectly for me for typing essays, projects etc. I also love playing higher end mobile games like World Of Tanks and War Robots perfect for me
Knowell Bangit
Let's admit it. You dont go to a coffee shop to work. You're there to show off! And the ipad pro is the ultimate show off accessory. You work in your work place where you have access to evrything you'll need. And that is not the coffee shop
Iqraam Doherty
Can I have the iPad pro
jannis 27 kun oldin
Iqraam Doherty no
Deleonxii Oy oldin
Does the pin come with it
Marc Anonymous
Deleon Rodgers the Apple Pencil does not come with the IPad Pro you will have to buy it separately for 129$ US dollars if you would like the keyboard as well it’s 179$ US dollars for 11 inch iPad Pro keyboard folio and 199$ US dollars for 12 inch IPad Pro keyboard folio
Miljan Stanojević
You have way more devices that you can use!? So send me one...not some, just one! Will you?
Efe Nalçacı
Efe Nalçacı Oy oldin
İm am watching form an iPad Pro 2018 12.9inch
Marc Anonymous
Efe Nalçacı I’m on 11 inch
divagar s
divagar s Oy oldin
Ipad pro is total waste of money guyzzz
Timothy Lalli
Timothy Lalli Oy oldin
What if you want to sit and type with it on your lap? 😅
Shyam Sunder jjasoria
Only if there could a Choice between iOS and macOS in iPad 😅
Vee Oy oldin
I feel like this guy has such a negative bias against apple. Not really helpful...
Rundstedt2001 Oy oldin
Damn!!! Thats a looooong iPad.
Rocky LizardiBrown
This iPad is amazing. It con do anything I throw at it
Gabriel Nilo
Gabriel Nilo Oy oldin
Andres Vazquez
If you went two weeks without a laptop then you probably don't really do anything computer related on the go besides basic app use.....
Judah X-U
Judah X-U Oy oldin
“It’s just another iPad” I bet he’ll say without me watching the video. What a surprise.
WhaleTank Oy oldin
Needs a real OS
Lillian Rox
Lillian Rox Oy oldin
I just got the 11 inch version..I got a third party keyboard and honestly I like it better than the apple one because it has buttons on the top row that have things like “play”, “pause”, adjusting brightness, etc...I’ve gotten so used to that row of buttons not sure I could switch to an apple keyboard lol. The iPad itself though is amazing.....I was shocked at how fast it is and how great the screen is
Chris In DeLuxe
I use both, I see the iPad pr as an MacBook Pro extension, or what do you think jack?
큐에스 Oy oldin
i pad pro with Mojavi OS
Jake Bigg
Jake Bigg Oy oldin
You Should do a review on hoodies
beano ming
beano ming Oy oldin
Forget about what greedy tim told you lpad pro for designer, designer need desktop grade programs, need true file system, need so many usb port for hdd, for flatbed scanner to scan size related matter, for laser printer for proof, need otg to copy large among of all kind of files Designer like to work with dual larger screen, they dont work in tiny screen like lpad pro, working with real keyboard and mouse are 100 time faster, because you dont need to look at the screen or tap anything When you working with client, they will hand you hdd, thumb drive, ssd, lpad pro has no way to connect tim has been telling people lpad is a real pc for 10 years, did you see any professional use it for main tool, for example you walk in a tv station they are all lpad pro based video editor, or walk in a office everyone is inputing spreadsheet in lpad pro, no! All lpad are just toys and they will always be even after 100 years
Cary Clan
Cary Clan Oy oldin
iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro. The two talk with my iPhone and they easily share information.
Vampirizian Oy oldin
I have one of those Logitech keyboards that can switch between my pc and my phone and iPad super quick and that really helps solve some of the issues because I can just grab the keyboard and stick it in my bag, it's super light but it's full-size and very comfortable to me
ags0004 Oy oldin
IMO, iPads will never replace laptops or desktop computers. Their CPU simply isn't as capable of doing as much as a CISC cpu. You can't have that same power fit in a small box without fans. The heat generated by a desktop CPU and a desktop Video Card would fry the iPad. Still, it's a nice tool for who doesn't need a powerful device and just wants to browse the Internet or draw some simple stuff. iPads still would be terrible for heavy viceo editing and processing. The way I would envision a tablet to take over computers would be if all computation was made in the cloud and was transmitted to the screen in real time.
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma Oy oldin
I didn’t think for once about getting my dell laptop repaired for last 18 months (wow I just realised it). That speaks a volume about the utility of iPad Pro.
Robo Oy oldin
Without proper file management and mouse support, this would never replace a laptop for me.
Solo Russo2304
This guy son wish he was black
Birudu Gautham
1st world problems, not a clicky keyboard
TBolt Oy oldin
It’s not like the Apple keyboard is the only option. Zagg has always made great backlit keyboards for iPads. There are others out there, too. Screw the Apple keyboard.
J B Oy oldin
It’s crazy what people used to call “phones”, I’m 12 and and thank god I wasn’t alive pre-2007 you guys didn’t have internet and your cars were slow I’d rather die I can’t believe people carried giant phone books and wallets everywhere just to pick up a pizza you guys didn’t even have delivery yet so you went everywhere with all that stuff just to eat my god
Hi Lou, if you have extra laptop or iPad your not using. Please pass it off to me.
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides Oy oldin
It depends on each person's lifestyle mine I just move to iPad's phones simply because they are more easier for me
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides Oy oldin
There is a difference in using a laptop to a ipad or tablet I don't miss it much as my phone does pretty much everything
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides Oy oldin
I know someone who fixes these technology devices from computers laptops iPad's tablets phones even cctv so he pretty taught me the info I need to know
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides Oy oldin
If there is anyone to ask it would be me I have been into technology for near enough 20 years
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides Oy oldin
Yeah I know a lot about my tech apple has great sound they just need to tweak up a notch on their photo image it can look fuzzy when zoomed in a bit
Sacha Ullymce
Sacha Ullymce Oy oldin
I work as an engineer, doing drawing with cad I will do it at the office with my macbookpro, but when I do site inspection on site, there would be noway to use macbookpro or even 12” macbook since I work on standing position browsing around the project site and have a meeting afterwards, so I think every form of computers has it’s own unique function.
Josh Nunnelley
Plz do a tab s4 video
gordon zhang
gordon zhang Oy oldin
lots of apps do not fit the ipad now......
James Burke
James Burke Oy oldin
I agree. It has a place within the workflow as a tool. I use 12.9 for public speaking, OnSong, behringer x air mixer, and other tool type applications. I don’t believe it has replaced the laptop, but has filled in another void I didn’t realize was there. For me it’s secondary tool for "on the go" use rather than just office type use.
And yet again apple is back with another device to watch netflix on , really there is no other major role of this ipad in the actual world......the virtual world sure is a fairyland
Apple Pencil should be in multi-colors. space gray, black, white and pencil-yellow
Dutch_JaMa Oy oldin
Is it equipped enough for working for mid-school? I’m fourteen and I think this would be nice to work with for school and projects, but I’m not sure.
The Wolf
The Wolf Oy oldin
Not gonna lie. I’m mainly getting it for school and games plus videos. Plus me and my family go on a lot of long road trips. The iPad would be good for traveling... much better then any laptop in that sense.
Lou, its not an idea anymore! How long have we had the 2 in 1? I’m typing this on the iPad Pro... with that said, i will always grab my surface pro 4 when work is to be done! If apple were to have Mac OS on the iPad Pro it would be a game changer!
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