The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate
User thread - discussions.apple.com/thread/8551504
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29-Sen, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 18 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy happens on my two iphones xs and they are not the max it’s so much more frequent and annoying
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 20 kun oldin
Thankfully not experiencing this problem, nor the issue with the sound coming out of only one speaker.
Adam Othman
Adam Othman 2 oy oldin
@Unbox Therapy my iPhone 7 Plus has the same problem.
Wow Nice Beat
Wow Nice Beat 2 oy oldin
I have an iPhone 5S and I have the exact same problem
David Smith
David Smith 2 soat oldin
Their entry level iPhone uses the screen technology that's over 5 years oldand they're charging $800 for old technology f****** crazy
David Smith
David Smith 2 soat oldin
Note 9 baby fuck iPhone
Ivan Velasco
Ivan Velasco 4 soat oldin
song? 7:35
benny 4 soat oldin
It looks like a software problem to me 🤔
gibbeh 5 soat oldin
THAT is why i am using the se
Huran al Efaz
Huran al Efaz 8 soat oldin
And because I don't buy iPhone .
Yiğit Ölmez
Yiğit Ölmez 9 soat oldin
I got it too on 7 plus. Just put a small piece of paper (Small as a iPhone camera) in charge port. Device senses the charge cable as a a accessory so if you keep it from transfering any data, it can’t do anything else without charging but you can still hear from headphones.
Norman Bataille
Norman Bataille 11 soat oldin
is this finally resolved by Apple?
Jean Q Nguyen
Jean Q Nguyen 20 soat oldin
Pur...lease that's your big problem?My Iphone xsmax is creepy and slippery, helplessly attracted to the floor because it's owner can't get a grip, slid off desk from a slight elevated angle, skied down the floor from clothes pile, slipped off my hand/limbs, none of its predecessors has this tendency..now that's a 1st world problem
Lightning Whip
Lightning Whip 20 soat oldin
iPhone XR for the win.
Gacha's glitch
Gacha's glitch Kun oldin
Can’t you give me one XD
CreshChrash Kun oldin
Omg I thought it was IPHONE XS BUT IT WAS IPHONE XS MAAAAAX! But if I do get a max… SCREW THIS OLD THING 😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘 ITS 2019 Rn and this vid is in 2018 sooooo :3
boly byky
boly byky 2 kun oldin
too soo many dramatic people this gate has been fixed so dont be scared !!!
boly byky
boly byky 2 kun oldin
already fixed
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 2 kun oldin
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Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands 2 kun oldin
Apple = Shit
Kaine Joyes
Kaine Joyes 2 kun oldin
Almost like apple want you to buy a wireless charger 🔌...hmmm apple is dead 💀 📱
Nicholas Manes
Nicholas Manes 9 soat oldin
Darth Mihai
Darth Mihai 2 kun oldin
S10+ for the win
Kancho Raj
Kancho Raj 2 kun oldin
Give me a iphone plzz😊😊 You had many Can you??😊😊
James 2 kun oldin
Was this fixed?
Alex person u dont know
I had the same problems with my 7 plus before I got XS Max haven’t had this problem yet on new phone.
Valeria Longagnani
Valeria Longagnani 3 kun oldin
To all u poor apple users, do the right thing, be a better person, and get it android, ur life will never be horrible again.......
World Breaker
World Breaker 3 kun oldin
You have so many iPhones.... I'm trying to switch from Android. Help me out, make me a believer!
sdemosi 3 kun oldin
Further evidence of poor quality control from a once great brand. Compare the response from Apple to what happened when they accepted the antenna issues of the 4. No Steve, no shits given
Reuben Guevarra
Reuben Guevarra 3 kun oldin
Can it happen to a IPhone XR
Ricardo Cortes
Ricardo Cortes 3 kun oldin
my phone died last night now i cant charge nor turn it on +( i need help
halie_g💕 4 kun oldin
What about the XR?!?
Charen Engelen
Charen Engelen 4 kun oldin
And still people buy Apple products after al these shitty thinhs and high prices... Samsung Rules!
Shabaaz Afnan Syed
Shabaaz Afnan Syed 4 kun oldin
Who else tried this on there phones after watching this video 😅😂. NOTE : (Not for iPhone xs and iPhone xs max users.)
Newbicus Games
Newbicus Games 4 kun oldin
Haha apple users
Newbicus Games
Newbicus Games 4 kun oldin
Wait I’m typing from an iPod 6...
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey 4 kun oldin
This is what happen when Apple start working after MWC
Credo Lopes
Credo Lopes 4 kun oldin
That's why I have a huawei 🤔
potatolife 4 kun oldin
same thing is happening on my iPhone 7
uganda buganda
uganda buganda 4 kun oldin
So what should we do now
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 kun oldin
Good kidney for bad phone. What a waste😂😂
AWAY AT THE MOMENT 5 kun oldin
Oooh have the same problem with my 5s🤔
Akashvani Somaroe
Akashvani Somaroe 5 kun oldin
Dont worry its just a software problem
TheKennyg123 5 kun oldin
maybe its a way to force you to buy wireless charger?
Chamath Bandara
Chamath Bandara 5 kun oldin
you're getting boring
Setota 5 kun oldin
Samsung is better hahahaha
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 6 kun oldin
how would we know you were not controlling the power outlet. plus at 6.30 minute,you held the same phone which was charging a minute ago with a tap. Come on Unbox Therapy, i think you may be manipulating the audience too much.
leonii gaming
leonii gaming 6 kun oldin
Twice Dahyun
Twice Dahyun 7 kun oldin
its not the phone problem, it was the quality of Iphone charger (wire)
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh 7 kun oldin
Just get a samsung
Shamindra Hewavithana
All I learned is that this is a hint to Apple killing the lightning port
Draven Fajingler
Draven Fajingler 7 kun oldin
samething happened to my ipod 5 apple wtf
Devil0027 7 kun oldin
My iPhone 6 Plus and 8 Plus have done this before. But not regularly just once every blue moon. Where i would have to wake it up before it recognized the charger. I thought it was just me. I didn’t know the newer ones did this too
Dax Alexander
Dax Alexander 8 kun oldin
Just finding this. It’s been happening to me. Also that the device doesn’t wake up.
Ludaka CS
Ludaka CS 8 kun oldin
Unfortunately, Apple if dying slowly. The macbook pro, the xs/xs max are killing the company. I think they need something innovative and new in order to satisfy their customers.
RT Animations
RT Animations 8 kun oldin
What if the iPhone XS Max is completely out of battery. Would it charge? Would not be able to turn it on, when it'd be dead.
Ivan Reyna
Ivan Reyna 8 kun oldin
It's 2019 does it work now?
hey bitch
hey bitch 8 kun oldin
Ok chill out fam
hey bitch
hey bitch 8 kun oldin
No charge next one
hey bitch
hey bitch 8 kun oldin
No charge next one
hey bitch
hey bitch 8 kun oldin
Calm down man yeh
Rue Sarii
Rue Sarii 8 kun oldin
You should give some of that iphones to me😊
black heart
black heart 8 kun oldin
iPhones sucks🤬🤬
KWEE PENG ONG 8 kun oldin
This IS why my family DONT BUT IPHONE!!!!!!
ArsenAl_ B_Fire
ArsenAl_ B_Fire 8 kun oldin
Did they fix this?
SaRang AbbaSi
SaRang AbbaSi 9 kun oldin
Apple Introduced a New Feature Tap To Charge lol 😂
DUKE LA MODE #1 9 kun oldin
this is happening to my i phone 7 ?????????/ but i got 3 new cables then it worked ?
James Lewis
James Lewis 9 kun oldin
Way to screw this up Apple
K T 9 kun oldin
iOS 12 is a freakin nightmare
Jared JeanBaptiste
Jared JeanBaptiste 9 kun oldin
So you bash Apple in everyone of your videos.. but you constantly are admitting to using their products as your own.
Legend Gang ONE
Legend Gang ONE 4 kun oldin
Jared JeanBaptiste fr 😂
Abdulshakur Islam
Abdulshakur Islam 10 kun oldin
That doesn’t happen to my phone
Mr Tolis
Mr Tolis 10 kun oldin
1500$ bullshit
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 10 kun oldin
Everyday I read about an apple Xs bug.. Wow..
marcos lobo
marcos lobo 10 kun oldin
Apple f. us again!
Barry Rosette
Barry Rosette 10 kun oldin
I remember this guy, Apple when he got started!! He was skinny but had lot's of energy!! Helped a lot of people. But then he got rich. Then got a little Fat (Politically incorrect but you see my point). Then he got lazy. Started to have health issues. Then he got sick. Started to have all sorts of problems with stuff. You better wake up Apple and get your health in order before you die. This type of death is always a slow painful death too!! I like you! You're a good guy. Snap out of it and help your customers before it's too late!!
Nedas Bicenovas
Nedas Bicenovas 10 kun oldin
"remember the ancient thing called charging.well it's gone" -Apple
Jennystuff 10 kun oldin
*watches on iphoneXS
DreamersNights 10 kun oldin
I had the og 3g next phone was android n i hated it until i swtched back to iphone. You may have to fight with settings and go through 14 crappy apps to find a good one but memory expansion and variety wins. I can make my cheap 70$ k7 into the phone that works best for me. The phone i want. Down to access to the file system. I can get itunes songs on it. I can get google’s AWFUL music player or find a better one on their app store OR the internet. I can even change the file names of songs bought through google play (hidden in a system folder and named with a numeric code for copyright i guess) so the 15th music app that sounds great and has a ton of features i didnt even know i wanted, will find and use their songs. My iphone is the iphone and hope you like it that way. Lucky for me itunes is a decent music player. I wish it could hold all my songs.
Subaruuu12 10 kun oldin
People still use iPhones?
Lil Lilly
Lil Lilly 10 kun oldin
Guys... just buy a samsung:)
Ss californian.
Ss californian. 9 kun oldin
No its trashy and laggy
Gaara`s Princess
Gaara`s Princess 10 kun oldin
I have an iPhone XS Max and I’ve never had this issue
Prafulla Nariya
Prafulla Nariya 10 kun oldin
This same problem is with my iPhone 6
Paradoxers 10 kun oldin
thats correct many of my friends have this issue
Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh 10 kun oldin
They haven’t fixed it I just tried it with my iPhone 8 Plus and it didn’t take the charge...
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams 10 kun oldin
Glad you are making videos like this! Thank you sir! I always look to you for my toys and phones. You ROCK!!!
Twin Turbo Autism
Twin Turbo Autism 10 kun oldin
I don't think its just the Xs max.. My 6 also has the same problem. But its just a guess. I dunno if its just the age of the phone or ios 12
DrHouse2004 11 kun oldin
Renew Crew
Renew Crew 11 kun oldin
These retards should sell the company to people who can actually do there jobs hahahha
Renew Crew
Renew Crew 11 kun oldin
Renew Crew
Renew Crew 11 kun oldin
Hahaha fail
Andreas Enström
Andreas Enström 11 kun oldin
iPhone 6s have the same problem sometimes.
Kevin TheGamer162015
I know how to fix. Buy samsung no problem no expensif
Dear fung
Dear fung 11 kun oldin
I think it may be the problem of the mute function. The phone that you can charge when the lock screen is available does have a sound on. But it's a huge problem damn you iPhone
Diego Gutierrez-Barnes
This guy can find stuff wrong with everything
Jhonny Patino
Jhonny Patino 11 kun oldin
Had this problem too on my iPhone X Max
antonio valle
antonio valle 11 kun oldin
Thank God I see reviews and do my search. I love my Samsung note 9 lol
Brian Luna
Brian Luna 11 kun oldin
Wtf that is why my moms phone was not working
Mango Afel
Mango Afel 11 kun oldin
Just get the Samsung. Problem solved!
Car Videos
Car Videos 11 kun oldin
Check your plug point -Apple-
Clara N.
Clara N. 11 kun oldin
It happens sometimes with my iPhone 6s
TPike777 11 kun oldin
Apple has fallen so far..they will soon begin pissing off the fanboys that are keeping the company afloat.. I never was a fan of the company other then the iPod. Ive been an android user since i got my first cell phone 10 years ago and have no intention of changing that. I also refuse to pay $2k+ for an underpowered laptop. Ill stick with PC. Goodbye Apple...you did it to yourselves.
Repost.x X
Repost.x X 11 kun oldin
Umm I have the Xs Max and mine works perfectly fine but certain charges don’t work
Pratik Sonawane
Pratik Sonawane 11 kun oldin
Should Purchase Iphone XS Max or Upcoming One Plus 7
a m
a m 12 kun oldin
that charging cable has got it in more times then i probably ever will in my life.. 😭😭😭
Kosy Kitty
Kosy Kitty 12 kun oldin
*laughs in andriod*
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