The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate
User thread - discussions.apple.com/thread/8551504
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29-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.
Adam Othman
Adam Othman Kun oldin
@Unbox Therapy my iPhone 7 Plus has the same problem.
Wow Nice Beat
Wow Nice Beat 12 kun oldin
I have an iPhone 5S and I have the exact same problem
Timati games
Timati games 14 kun oldin
I have an iPhone XS and it’s fine compared to others
xMr. Gamer
xMr. Gamer 15 kun oldin
I got an iPhone XS, no issues with it...
Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD
Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD 2 oy oldin
I dont have an iPhone XS only 5S and 6
Slley Soat oldin
$1K phone lmao
Racquel Pring
Racquel Pring Soat oldin
But both of them have notch 😂
Pawixzz Cahlz
Pawixzz Cahlz 5 soat oldin
Can i have one!
raphel Paul
raphel Paul 13 soat oldin
That is why i bought two 1+6.
William Fuendeling
William Fuendeling 14 soat oldin
I have X and the problem didn’t carry over for my phone
Forest Fire
Forest Fire 17 soat oldin
Mine works fine...
Bryan Yu
Bryan Yu 17 soat oldin
I have the 10s and I don’t have that problem.
Jonathan Peña
Jonathan Peña 20 soat oldin
What astounds me is how easily he was able to replicate the issue. This would not and should not happen with proper Quality Control.
Mohammad Rafeh
Mohammad Rafeh 21 soat oldin
Apple I💩.
Arctic Kun oldin
Apple: reverse the charging cable maybe uh? BUT U CAN ALWAYS FIX IT FOR 499$ 😀😃
anonymous youtuber
Come to Samsung ,the grass is greener over here.
William Cyphery
William Cyphery Kun oldin
Can I have one if the 20 I phones please?
Niko Prenc
Niko Prenc Kun oldin
And there we have a clickbait video that comes after the every review that this depressing channel makes
Aaron Vannistelrooy
$1800 for a device that won’t charge. Lol fucking only apple could produce a shit set up like that.
Orchestra Of Ruin
Orchestra Of Ruin 2 kun oldin
I just have a Samsung Galaxy S Core.
Kiromi 2 kun oldin
lou has so many videos about apple products bending and not charging and generally failing... so glad i switched to my note 8
H F 2 kun oldin
Is the problem solved?
Jordan Doyle
Jordan Doyle 2 kun oldin
Watcha doing after the video? Can I have one of them iPhones?
lovdusk 3 kun oldin
You’re charging it the wrong way
Martin Jönsson
Martin Jönsson 3 kun oldin
Walter John
Walter John 3 kun oldin
I think That iPhone is Fake🤔🤔🤔
Tiffany Lightle
Tiffany Lightle 3 kun oldin
Don't lie the iPhone x does work you sob
Zoe and Sammi
Zoe and Sammi 3 kun oldin
This is happening on my 7 the worst version
Maia Xiao
Maia Xiao 4 kun oldin
U should of changed the title to the Iphone xs max coz it says Iphone xs
US Vlogs
US Vlogs 4 kun oldin
Same Problem with iphone 6
Michael Andrada
Michael Andrada 4 kun oldin
fucking scumbags and they charge soooo much man
Phillip Steel
Phillip Steel 4 kun oldin
iPhone is crap
Kenzo Leong
Kenzo Leong 4 kun oldin
Note 9. Works everytime.
Kuchaii 4 kun oldin
My iphone wont charge if i use iphone head changer with iphone cable but it charge when i use other head charger with iphone cable smh. Can u try it and make a video of it plss @Unbox Therapy
Rana Sarayeldin
Rana Sarayeldin 4 kun oldin
A phone is for calling and that is all that matters
Sakura Yasuda
Sakura Yasuda 4 kun oldin
I think people don’t know that “some” chargers don’t charge until you wake it up, I have an iPhone 6 and it does the same thing. Hope this helped
Abdullah almohajer
Abdullah almohajer 4 kun oldin
I have same issue with my iPhone 6 Plus
Hammer Sandoval
Hammer Sandoval 4 kun oldin
Apple peak! 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴🤖🤖🤖🤖
Tomoe Fan
Tomoe Fan 4 kun oldin
Love the dramatic doom and gloom background music.
Alan Munoz
Alan Munoz 4 kun oldin
I honestly don’t mind the headphone jack removal so to me the best I phone could be the 6s plus or 7 plus or anything really but those 2 seem the most worth it but the 6s is s little outdated
TW GUYS YT mobile gaming
It also happen to my iPhone 5s
Elizabeth Kooshoian
Can I have an iPhone XS please
Devaughn Wright
Devaughn Wright 4 kun oldin
Thats what they get for getting iphones get a note 9 or s9+ ☺☺ all you SAMSUNG KNIGHTS agree
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin 4 kun oldin
My Xs never ever had this problem
Myckey Mitchell
Myckey Mitchell 4 kun oldin
I did some research and just wait till the 12.1 update than it will fix the charging
Martin Spoo
Martin Spoo 4 kun oldin
Iphone problems LMAO. Samsung forever
Davy Lammens
Davy Lammens 4 kun oldin
Even had it on the 8
Nathan Hoover
Nathan Hoover 4 kun oldin
iPhone 6 squad
MrDegsy69 4 kun oldin
I would think the fact that it is an iPhone XS is problem enough myself? Grow up and get a droid instead! Android = Real men that drink strong beer. iPhone = Effeminate shandy pants Panty waists that drink weak lager.
padmini raje mohite patil
Its because of using different cables
the gamer
the gamer 5 kun oldin
can you give me one
Selva kumar
Selva kumar 5 kun oldin
Nokia 1100 is charging well in my home
gaynano42 5 kun oldin
why is everyone acting like this is new? clearly the charger that comes with the phone is a defect to buy a better one from apple.
Sugar 5 kun oldin
I’ve never felt such anxiety in my life
Shashank Hegde
Shashank Hegde 5 kun oldin
U have a serious problem 😅
HenrySaltBoi Animation
My XS max sometimes stops charging even though it says it’s charging
Aidan Leddington
Aidan Leddington 5 kun oldin
Who else still has the 5s lol 😂
HugoElcabezas 5 kun oldin
Haha this kind of things happen to me but with old cables, and fluffs inside the phone
HugoElcabezas 5 kun oldin
I think is for the AC adapter, maybe the 5W has not enough energy to start it that way snd it would works perfectly with the 12 W AC adapter
Elijah Sierra
Elijah Sierra 5 kun oldin
3:40 the wire spells the word “one”
Simon Lindblom
Simon Lindblom 5 kun oldin
Typical iphone
mohmood sumaiya
mohmood sumaiya 6 kun oldin
I was never an Apple fan at the first place...
Renat Khanzarov
Renat Khanzarov 6 kun oldin
Imagine the level of my anxiety: I still got iPhone 6 because simply cannot decide what to do (totally into Apple ecosystem with 10+ devices)...what should I do?! Money is not an issue I just need a reliable smartphone!
default skin
default skin 6 kun oldin
in the start it looked like he wanted to sneeze but failed
Blake Baute
Blake Baute 6 kun oldin
I just have the xs not xs Max or iPhone c
Games/ Video's
Games/ Video's 6 kun oldin
I phones trash😩. My Samsung s5 works better than I phone x😂😂
Jaxon Freeman 20
Jaxon Freeman 20 6 kun oldin
the second last 10 xs max was on a low charge so that coulde be it
Mariam AlShamsi
Mariam AlShamsi 7 kun oldin
this charging problem is giving me anxiety
k t
k t 6 kun oldin
Mariam AlShamsi it was already fixed in iOS 12.1 haha no need to worry
Jeremy Pacheco
Jeremy Pacheco 7 kun oldin
Spending money gone wrong 😂🤣😅😂
Manisyah Rahmadhani
Babydraw 7 kun oldin
I thought the flipping over cable was a normal thing since the 6 tho, it’s like to see if I’m lucky to get mine to charge on that side if not I’m unlucky and have to switch over
dcxl.i 7 kun oldin
they did it on purpose to sell you wireless charging
triken 8
triken 8 7 kun oldin
My $100 android doesn't have that problem! Wanna exchange?
Trollzor Productionz
Apple is smart 1) can’t charge so buyer gets new phone 2) enjoy that moolah
Krishonda 7 kun oldin
Got a IPhone 7 Plus and experience this problem as well
anifnu 7 kun oldin
I still have the problem with iPhone XS Max...it doesn’t charge after I wake it...I’d have to reinsert the cable then it starts charging...
José pereira
José pereira 7 kun oldin
apple is the worst company ever.....
ashutoshdave1 7 kun oldin
Apple fool!
U Wot M8
U Wot M8 7 kun oldin
new feature gone
PoorStudent Vlog
PoorStudent Vlog 7 kun oldin
Well thats why most peopel have android
wow que movei
wow que movei 7 kun oldin
Its an iphone what do you expect,like if you prefer android
Kent Zheng
Kent Zheng 7 kun oldin
i've watched so many of your videos and i stil dont know your name. Is it LUBE?
Prince Momi
Prince Momi 8 kun oldin
Same problm is in my i phone 6😨😨
esther aitcheou
esther aitcheou 8 kun oldin
My iPhone XS won't charge even it shows the charging symbol. Most of the time, it doesn't recognize the lighting cable immediately. I really don't understand.
FAIROOZ BANNA PK 8 kun oldin
The Most Expensive Useless F**in Shit In the Planet ! ...
_Thomas_The_ Memer_
Lol I got a wireless charger so I’m safe :D
Mark Derrico
Mark Derrico 8 kun oldin
Shuuuuut up
Dynamic Gaming Clips
it would be cool if he said hey Siri to all the phones at once lol
TaidaDave 9 kun oldin
Apple died after Steve Jobs God bless his soul and hope he doesn't see what's it became
katie 1984
katie 1984 9 kun oldin
Iv got the iPhone 7plus. Due for an upgrade soon Don’t know which one out these the New ones to go. For 🤔 there’s so many Different Reviews On them
Me Nature
Me Nature 9 kun oldin
Get the wireless charger instead for only $999 it comes with two variants the wireless xs and wireless xs max --apple
X xGameBoy990x X
X xGameBoy990x X 9 kun oldin
Samsung has joined the server😂
Henry Kwek
Henry Kwek 9 kun oldin
This shows how trash apple is and they are scamming
J Ko
J Ko 9 kun oldin
It happens with iPad too. OMG. I hate Apple shits.
Luke Deveraux
Luke Deveraux 9 kun oldin
Apple - ifuck you... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Palea Mariana
Palea Mariana 9 kun oldin
This problem is on iphone 6 and 6s, and 8, is something very bad....😓😢
Satsui Nohado
Satsui Nohado 9 kun oldin
The iSheep don't care
th . ea
th . ea 9 kun oldin
i have an iphone xr. this doesn’t happen
Ross Kulma
Ross Kulma 9 kun oldin
This has long since been fixed with a bug fix download from Apple. Henny penny said the sky is going to fall! Not.
elchamber 9 kun oldin
I just found that out... on my iPad Air 2!!!!
basicallyanedit 9 kun oldin
the only reason i haven’t switched to android yet is because im an editor and android doesn’t have video star🙄 if video star ran on android you bet I’d have one lol
Tex Bookz
Tex Bookz 9 kun oldin
Mine doesn’t have any problems
Lukas Haderer
Lukas Haderer 9 kun oldin
Star Stable
Star Stable 9 kun oldin
Does the iPhone Xr have this problem ? Cuz I just ordered one for me
5 oy oldin