OnePlus 6T - Is This My Next Smartphone?

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The OnePlus 6T is here. This is my OnePlus 6T unboxing. Should I switch to the OnePlus 6T as my next smartphone?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
Should I switch to this next? Something else?
shiva kumar
shiva kumar 12 kun oldin
Linus Lidén
Linus Lidén Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy the s9 plus i think
Michael Hannigan
Michael Hannigan 2 oy oldin
It feels like my face is being pissed on after the pisser ate 6 pounds of asparagus.
kyle travis
kyle travis 2 oy oldin
Pratik Patwari
Pratik Patwari 2 oy oldin
No doubt
Douglas Pelin
Douglas Pelin 8 soat oldin
Guys I need help. I need a new phone. I'm thinking of 3 options. 1) one plus 6t. 2) galaxy note 9. 3) or wait till something latest from 2019?please share some thoughts
Douglas Pelin
Douglas Pelin 8 soat oldin
Guys I need help. I need a new phone. I'm thinking of 3 options. 1) one plus 6t. 2) galaxy note 9. 3) or wait till something latest from 2019?please share some thoughts
Muhammad Irteza
Muhammad Irteza 12 soat oldin
i bought this shit
tingkagol 14 soat oldin
Here's some perspective. I'm shopping for a new phone. This one doesn't have a headphone jack, so I guess that's one phone out of my list. And I've been waiting to jump ship to Oneplus from Samsung, but I guess the timing is off. I love my headphones and audio, btw. No worries.
Anon73618 10 soat oldin
You still have the regular OP6 which has a mini jack.
wolfseek 20 soat oldin
That’s fast on my iPhone X I gotta kinda move me face around the camera
Bruno Garcia
Bruno Garcia 20 soat oldin
I am wondering what country makes this kind of phone is it Korea or Japanese.?
Jtx Army
Jtx Army Kun oldin
Watching this with my OnePlusOne . Still bad ass phone
MrProTechHD Kun oldin
looks like the TCL of phones
kenny play
kenny play Kun oldin
WatchING on on 1+ 6T
Bruce Webb
Bruce Webb Kun oldin
No headphone jack! Try a LG V30 with quad DAC and some good music, then tell me if they made a mistake. Oh & it has fast charging too.
Emilio Cuevas
Emilio Cuevas Kun oldin
Its the apple companies fault that the head phone jack is gone
Nihal Shah
Nihal Shah Kun oldin
The OP6 can still hold it's own which goes to show how great Oxygen OS is! The OP 6T has the same software and better hardware so it's a no brainer when pitched against the best
Jeff Lynch
Jeff Lynch Kun oldin
Can 6T be used on Sprint?
OP pro
OP pro Kun oldin
Isn't no bloat ware a huge pro for this phone?
GreenEggsAndSpam 2 kun oldin
Thanks for reviewing this phone, I’ve had a old phone for quite a while and was thinking of getting this phone! Thank you for reviewing it, it helped me a lot on my decision!
tech and travel
tech and travel 2 kun oldin
Yes,I bought and totally satisfied
Kimi 2 kun oldin
doge mad*
Jer E
Jer E 2 kun oldin
Which is better one plus 6t or note 9
kenny play
kenny play Kun oldin
We'll, in terms of better, I would say, Note9. But best value? 1+6T. Way less money
aznmango 3 kun oldin
OnePlus is coming for apple
Scrotty McBoogerballs
So i guess for the wired headphone to stay alive theyll have to ditch the 3.5mm jack and over lightning and usbC ends or maybe some sort of magnetic coupler
Mayank Mittal
Mayank Mittal 3 kun oldin
Feeling broke already. Watching this on Micromax A106. More potato than a potato. *But It got a headphone jack* Yuss!
Fury Gaming
Fury Gaming 3 kun oldin
Watching on OnePlus 6t Lol
Kassandra M.
Kassandra M. 3 kun oldin
honestly thank you for this video
Kassandra M.
Kassandra M. 3 kun oldin
honestly thank you for this video
Johnny OrGBravo
Johnny OrGBravo 4 kun oldin
I love headphone jack but now days everything is Bluetooth
Inferno In Aeternum
No matter how good the phone may be, it having no headphone jack means i will never buy it
Inferno In Aeternum
kenny play no, its not the same. And besides, most people probably lose it not long after they get their phone, i bet i would. Also, i listen to music for at least 5 hours a day, i cant tell you how many times, and for how long, ive listened to music whilst charging my phone. Taking the headphone jack away is pointless in every sense of the word and just an annoying inconvenience
kenny play
kenny play Kun oldin
It does have one. Dongle
Maxim Lyssov
Maxim Lyssov 4 kun oldin
OMG. I'm still rocking my 3T for like 2 years and it's a great phone... Can tell you now, my next one will be 6T for sure, no doubt at all
Vishal Yadav
Vishal Yadav 4 kun oldin
Watching on my 6T😎
TheyCallMeTeemo 5 kun oldin
I've heard that they removed the audio jack, 'cause it would take to much space with the massive battery + snapdragon. Getting mine tomorrow after being a regular iPhone user, hyped is an understatement!
kenny play
kenny play Kun oldin
How is your 1+6T ??
Glock19ist 6 kun oldin
Interesting. As I look for new phones I'm constantly looking at other phones besides Apple. One plus is very attracting due to the positive reviews and price points. I generally hold a phone for 2-3 years before switching. Currently running the X but I'm tempted on switching to this now. It's the dam ecosystem that stops me. But I already have backups for everything. Won't affect me at all actually just a different way of doing things.
TheKawaiiQueen 6 kun oldin
Story time: went to the T-Mobile store today. Was about to flat out spend 1k for the note 9. So the universe pulls a fat can of good karma on me and their safe won't open (which has the pink note 9 I wanted). While I'm waiting one to employees asks me over the 1+6t section they have and flips the price over. He tells me "Look I know you're looking at Note 9, but let show you this. Now what do you guess is the capacity on this ?" Me: well, considering you're trying to convince me on this I would say the same as the Note 9 I'm getting. But if you didn't know I was wanting that I would have guessed maybe 64." He said: Yes you're right but guess the price point?" Me: well probably cheaper than the note 9 so like 800." Him: No." Flips the price card over and I see it's around $500 and my jaw drops. Then he shows me the camera (which I'm huge on) is better than the note 9! Then the other employee and him start talking about the phone and the company after I decided to buy it (almost immediately when he showed me) over the Note 9. Fell in love because originally I wanted a Chinese phone but didn't realize TMobile might not support Chinese phones. So I was estatic seeing it. Now I'm watching this video I realized: I already watched this. I was upset because I didn't know TMobile would have this phone so I said I was just gonna do Samsung. This was originally the phone that I wanted but thought TMobile wouldn't support it! The best part: I got this by accident and only spent 500!!!! I was about to drop 1k and the second best phone I wanted! For my first best!!!!!! I'm beyond happy right now.
Its Your Boi
Its Your Boi 7 kun oldin
You should unbox the McLaren version of the 6t
Rodrigo Pires
Rodrigo Pires 7 kun oldin
Hi what headphones did you had with the phone?
Laydon Souza
Laydon Souza 7 kun oldin
Swith to one plus 6t
tim qerimi
tim qerimi 8 kun oldin
Who gives a fuck ?!!!
Enrique Rios
Enrique Rios 8 kun oldin
Did he ever daily drive this?
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen 8 kun oldin
Bought the oneplus 6T, such a satisfying experience, miss the minijack though
Finnish Dude
Finnish Dude 8 kun oldin
Can you change to Honor Play?
Charles Wright
Charles Wright 8 kun oldin
The elimination of JACK!!! I can't watch the channel without Jack.
Velocity 8 kun oldin
Can I be your plus one🤔🤔🤔 6t
MOHAN BANNU 9 kun oldin
Face unlock👌😎
Balta Bueno
Balta Bueno 9 kun oldin
I've been with Samsung ever since the Galaxy S3 but now I think I might switch to the OnePlust 6T.
Tom murt
Tom murt 9 kun oldin
A9 review
Jaison Mathew
Jaison Mathew 9 kun oldin
Brother, does this phone supports android auto when connected to our car?
ucealmighty 10 kun oldin
Watching this on my OnePlus 6T 😁
G- creaters
G- creaters 10 kun oldin
theasylife 10 kun oldin
Hey Lou... Let's drop the word notch, & call it a drip.
Ben Sparrow
Ben Sparrow 10 kun oldin
You can watch netflix in a mini player while you do anything else. Apple take notes
Ben Sparrow
Ben Sparrow 10 kun oldin
The oneplus 6T can do almost everything an iPhone can do, does it faster, and can also do more, for half the price. Only cons if you like iPhones are the camera isn't as good (it's still really good! just iPhones cameras are better still) and obviously the emojis if you like apples emojis. (The emojis are probably the best android ones out though!) Don't count wireless charging and headphone jack as cons because 1. Who cares just plug the damn phone in, and 2. they supply you with an adaptor so you can continue to use the same headphones. THEY ALSO GIVE YOU A CASE AND A SCREEN PROTECTOR. HALF THE PRICE OF AN IPHONE X. HALF.
Vergill Sparda
Vergill Sparda Kun oldin
LMAO are you fucking kidding? The recent software updates on the 6t have made the camera stand on par with the Pixel's one. The only con with the 6t camera is the night mode which isn't as good as the Pixel's but you can just download that Google Cam apk onto your 6t and bam there you have a better camera than the Pixel 3's itself.
kyo 10 kun oldin
did anyone else stop watching the video after he said there's no headphone jack?
SKYE LOVER 2003 10 kun oldin
On my new OnePlus 3T and I love OnePlus so much
Bryan Yu
Bryan Yu 11 kun oldin
I’m not an Android user and this phone intrigued me because of the in-display fingerprint sensor and the Face ID unlock. However, the fact it doesn’t have wireless charging is unacceptable. This would be my go to android device if I were to change my device from 10s to an android device but my mind quickly changed when I found out it does not have wireless charging. I don’t know if this phone would replace my iPhone 10s but it would be my first choice but it has a nipple on it rather than a rectangular notch. I doubt this phone would be better than the iPhone 10s so I guess I would not be changing my everyday driver for a while. I was really thinking about switching to this as a secondary phone but the fact that it doesn’t have wireless charging is what turns me away from the phone. I’ve had wireless charging since the iPhone 8Plus and I’m really happy with that feature and to not have that feature anymore is unacceptable to me. Plus I think the 1Plus6T is a larger phone than the iPhone 10s. There’s not many other phones out there that can give iPhone 10s a run for it’s money. That’s my honest opinion but I know I’m paying a really high price for the iPhone.
Omega Mega Man
Omega Mega Man 11 kun oldin
The real question is...Can it play fortnite
Weylan DeBoard
Weylan DeBoard 11 kun oldin
I just switched from my Samsung S9. Yeah. I did that. And this is brilliant. Absolutely my favourite phone I've owned.
Weylan DeBoard
Weylan DeBoard 11 kun oldin
Switch to the 6T
Sh4rk Finn 76
Sh4rk Finn 76 11 kun oldin
Now that T-Mobile has these in the Us, they are gonna blow up son
winder lee
winder lee 11 kun oldin
PreVolt 11 kun oldin
I really want this phone but im only a year through my my main contract. 😔
vahid Hoseiny
vahid Hoseiny 11 kun oldin
Curse to poverty ☹️ I'm interested in this smartphone. But I'm unable to buy it because of being poor. In my country Iran, this phone is not sold. I have a y300 huawei. Working with this old and poor phone is very difficult. I wish I could work and live in another country. In Iran, radical Muslims rule. Have made people poor. Everyone here needs bread and bread. Good to you my friends. You have a good life. Appreciate it. Good luck for you.
Sheena Frederick
Sheena Frederick 11 kun oldin
First time ever hearing about this phone.
Basti K.
Basti K. 12 kun oldin
P 20 pro or one plus 6t .. costs the same right now in my area. Batterylife much differents ?
Anon73618 10 soat oldin
OP6 charges like a beast & has better software. I'd go for the OP but it depends on the user.
lou12393 Mick
lou12393 Mick 12 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name or brand of the sweater?
Mohammad Shikalgar
Mohammad Shikalgar 12 kun oldin
Is ear phones are included in box?
merídían dráth
merídían dráth 12 kun oldin
best unboxing channel
Xiaoming Wang
Xiaoming Wang 12 kun oldin
great phone
sevan ohan
sevan ohan 12 kun oldin
Hi can you do unboxing on CAT S61 you dont have any video on that
Happy Cupcake
Happy Cupcake 13 kun oldin
Switch to iPhone xr orange colour I will subscribe.
Martin Horsky
Martin Horsky 13 kun oldin
I cannot find any place with these prices
Ryyppäävä Raktorikuski
Watching on my OnePlus 6T 😍
prashant gotra
prashant gotra 13 kun oldin
Which variant is best sir for long term....6 and 8 gb ram ??? Ans plz sir
sumaiya605 13 kun oldin
I would only like to buy this phone bcoz it's rooted ,fastboot 😭 sadly can't afford it.
lyles music
lyles music 13 kun oldin
Why does wireless charging matter it's so freaking slow like who cares just put it on your fast charging brick it's not a big deal and it's not a deal-breaker
Watchme Struggle
Watchme Struggle 23 soat oldin
Exactly, you can't even use the phone while charging wirelessly. its nice to have I guess....
superciorgooo 13 kun oldin
Why not just make headphones with the same input as the charger????🧐
superciorgooo 13 kun oldin
To have type c for everything that goes in the phone...just saying!
thetflags 13 kun oldin
Someone should review their service. It is TERRIBLE! I broke my screen four days ago. THen I needed the IMEI to open an RMA request even though I ordered the phone through them! Four days later, not a single reply, update, nothing. Do you want to be without your phone for a week? Go for Oneplus. I called customer service four times. NOT A SINGLE PERSON ANSWERS the phones. Why are these people selling phones in the US???
ANIME IS MY LIFE 14 kun oldin
watching on my oneplus5
Alex Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez 14 kun oldin
Bought my first OnePlus 6T a few weeks ago and I love it, battery life is great, I go all day without charge. OnePlus is my new favorite phone. I'm sticking with OnePlus for a long time.
Deneen Saunders
Deneen Saunders 14 kun oldin
Man😑 the tik tok ads are gay asf😂 LMFAO
razorheadd 14 kun oldin
can you fingerprint unlock with the screen off?
Scott 10 kun oldin
Also if you do buy it, register your finger print in the dark.The light under your finger that reads your print will capture it better and seriously it works way faster after doing it like that.
razorheadd 13 kun oldin
+Scott thank you, cool to know
Scott 13 kun oldin
No but you can activate the screen by tap so you kind of double tap it on the fingerprint senser to unlock it. But the facial unlock is way faster.
bean 14 kun oldin
I like the symmetrical look without the headphone jack
Scott walton
Scott walton 15 kun oldin
I have it. It's an amazing phone for the money
CAESAR D-PSYPLE 15 kun oldin
Thanks for this review, So I've been in oneplus community since their first Flagship Killer the "Oneplus 1", Then Oneplus 3T and now Oneplus 6T. I was pretty much sure about Oneplus being next big thing. I think the reason behind removing audio jack is its "GIANT 3700 Mh" battery and the "MIGHTY DASH CHARGE" reason for not wirelessly charging the device yet. Hoping it to see this really cool feature in future releases.
Cale Lambert
Cale Lambert 16 kun oldin
Except it doesn't work with Verizon OR Sprint... Which is instant death.
Chuckiele 5 kun oldin
Blame Verizon and Sprint. They wanted to be different. All manifacturers should be incompatible to that nonsense then finally they might agree to one standard.
kunal kinger
kunal kinger 16 kun oldin
Watching on my Vivo v11 pro. With my headphones connected to my 3.5mm headphone jack. Jack.
Chilled Name
Chilled Name 16 kun oldin
6 more days until my 6t McLaren comes in I'm so hype!!!
Tryhard Gaming
Tryhard Gaming 16 kun oldin
I’ll wait til it drops to 300
quinn schider
quinn schider 16 kun oldin
AHHHHH! Why aren't you fat ?
Vincent Marin
Vincent Marin 16 kun oldin
Yo wtf ? This thing is way fucken better than a google pixel and it's doing things a galaxy s9+ cant do. It's way cheaper than galaxy and pixels.. ima do my good research on the oneplus 7 and the S10. (Typing from galaxy s7) lol
Mr. Lover_boy
Mr. Lover_boy 17 kun oldin
Chinese phone.! Bye..
ami noyon
ami noyon 17 kun oldin
keep the headphone jack.
Victor Fagerström
Victor Fagerström 17 kun oldin
I been an apple fan along time but now are the ridiculous witch those high prices so i absolutly geting a oneplus
Sense of Humor
Sense of Humor 17 kun oldin
when samsung galaxy s10 comes out to be the first ever smartphone with 99 percent glass then a new era of smartphones will take everyone by storm and the current smartphones will be like the iphone 3 no one cares.
abob123 17 kun oldin
Your reviews are bad and you should feel bad
Manan J
Manan J 17 kun oldin
Don't tell me he threw the phone at @2:55 🙄😑🙇‍♂️
corryn couture
corryn couture 17 kun oldin
Can't wait to buy this phone
Daniel Enochs
Daniel Enochs 17 kun oldin
Bluetooth earbuds no need for headphone jack now!
CineRaphael 18 kun oldin
How on earth did the same spec from Samsung galaxy S9 are cheaper on OnePlus 6t? Let’s me guess they use cheap plastic and no safety standard. Yea they think that using English name for they company will going to trick consumer to think that Oneplus is an American Company! Well nobody got fool.
Eunice Asante
Eunice Asante 18 kun oldin
I had the one plus 2 for 3 years then switched to iPhone 7. This phone is beautiful
TheSkepticSkwerl 18 kun oldin
Getting rid of the head phone jack makes it water proof
TheSkepticSkwerl 18 kun oldin
Honest question. How do you handle changing phones so often? I hate factory resetting cause it takes 2 hours to reget all my apps etc...