Seven News. African Gangs Destroy Community. Police Declare No Gangs.(Tarneit)(Apex/MTS)

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African gangs have destroyed a community centre and making the area a no-go-zone either at night nor day. Police command have tried to propagandise the situation and also the dangers to the community.
Sorry no Channel Nine coverage.
Seven News. African Gangs Destroy Community. Police Declare No Gangs.(Tarneit)(Apex/MTS)



29-Dek, 2017

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Richard Booth
Richard Booth Oy oldin
Another so called 'youth worker' ... how many 'youth workers' does the world need?
mustLoveDogs Oy oldin
We are spending BILLIONS of euros/dollars bringing muslims and blackAfricans to our countries. AND then spending millions if not Billions on WELFARE for them. AND then spending millions if not Billions to protect ourselves from these animals. And they tell us: Go fuck yourself, we have our own shariaLaw, - Fuck Off! muslims and blackAfricans: will NEVER assimilate muslims and blackAfricans: Get out of our countries!!
Help The Rose
Help The Rose 3 oy oldin
This copa should not have the authority he wields.... he is on another planet
Catherine Rothe
Catherine Rothe 3 oy oldin
Send those apes back home.
Amaleen Rajbangsi
Shoot these cunts to sight
Ned fed up
Ned fed up 4 oy oldin
If it looks like a gang, walks like a gang, acts like a gang then well it is a gang wake up start deporting these thugs and give safety back to people who appreciate what Australia has given them. Use the riot squads and treat them like the grubs they are. We have these issues because we have weak politicians running our great country grow a backbone and protect your people. Just deport them no appeal just gone.
terrythekittie 4 oy oldin
This is the sort of shit the likes of Channel 7 and Peter Dutton like you to believe. Under your very nose your wages are declining, your penalty rates are cut, your chances of finding a new job are next to nothing, the very rich are getting very very very rich and you think migrants and especially dark skinned migrants are the reason for the problems...grow some balls Australia, stop watching vile redneck networks like Channel 7, that asshole network needs to go out of business, and if you are smart you will vote turds like Turnbull and Dutton out of office next year. Continue to watch Channel 7 and vote for the Tory filth and watch the nation decline any further...even some of you redneck trash out there might finally wake up....or will it be too easy to continue to blame immigrants?
desmond farrell
desmond farrell 14 kun oldin
What’s wrong with you,you dipshit pussy? The proof is right before your eyes.Become a victim of these thugs and you will soon scream deportation
kettlebelle1 6 oy oldin
Joe 13
Joe 13 7 oy oldin
ApplePie 2018
ApplePie 2018 7 oy oldin
The cops are in on it. They're freemasons. You cannot, and should not, trust them. The cops look like they're trying hard not to laugh. They've disarmed you, and now turned these savages loose on you. Arm up! Fight back.
Joe F
Joe F 7 oy oldin
that Coppa is delusional get real mate
BRETT 7 oy oldin
Even the people they interview are not even aussies, Australia is fucked
CuzKilla 8 oy oldin
i used to go there before and it looked cool but now looks like a waste land
wasp 8 oy oldin
If don't love the cultural enrichment then you are a RACIST
0011clem raptor
0011clem raptor 8 oy oldin
more cuck police. Victoria is run by cucks.
Bobby Blair
Bobby Blair 8 oy oldin
This is what happens when you give people endless opportunities to have a decent life, and free will stands in the way.
Aussie through&through
send the Sudanese back to the shithole that they come from The Australian government needs to stop bringing in all the human garbage to Australia.
terrythekittie 4 oy oldin
They are already in a shithole, the shithole that is Australia.
Morgan Hayward
Morgan Hayward 9 oy oldin
1:17 blonde guy seems to be wrestling his conscience as the officer lies through his teeth.
OceanBlue 9 oy oldin
Take an AR-15 rifle and ambush them at night!
terrythekittie 4 oy oldin
Every Channel 7 reporter you mean? Hmm, now that's an idea.
Falaniko Robertson
No one has the ownership of it he said.. my nigga we pay taxes for these properties so we can take our kids nd family there to play not to turn it into a shit hole dont bring your fuckn wildlife animal attitude here in Australia
SYMON TAYLOR 9 oy oldin
God help australia!!!!
Help The Rose
Help The Rose 9 oy oldin
Why do the police play down the truth....is it because they are Sharia compliant. Our schools should be educating our girls and boys to defend themselves from these foreign barbarians . When will the govnment stop importing these problems? When will the government own up to the fact that multiculturism means the death of the true blue ossie?
Daniel Nicholson
Daniel Nicholson 10 oy oldin
Daniel Andrews new slogan Victoria - THUG LIFE.
Xxdavid55 10 oy oldin
I use to hang there but then they come so I went to the other park decent they got it though
Tiwaking Tiwaking
Tiwaking Tiwaking 10 oy oldin
Andre Westbrook
Andre Westbrook 10 oy oldin
Cops and pollies in denial. Your neighbourhood next.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 10 oy oldin
"Any gang" is dealt with the same way _'the law' does not distinguish enthenicity_ when it comes to people breaking the law. Capsicum Spray, Tear Gas, Water Canons, Rubber Bullets what method is used is unimportant - Crush the gang by any means needed - so decent law abiding citizens have every right to feel safe on the street choose to be on 24/7 _Miscreant Lawbreakers from overseas_ should be *deported* once they have been dealt with. _Stern measures are needed so it sends home a VERY CLEAR MESSAGE that in Australia such things ARE NOT TOLERATED_ - end of story!
bigearedmouse17 10 oy oldin
Your Government and police are telling you "Nothing to see here" Remember this the next time you vote.
baits 10 oy oldin
John Smith
John Smith 10 oy oldin
And they've admitted the falsehood: There IS in fact a very serious black African gang problem in Melbourne..
Harry Reich
Harry Reich 10 oy oldin
Sign this petition to sack this useless police minister!!! www.change.org/p/politicians-sack-the-police-minister
Shark Attack
Shark Attack 10 oy oldin
Arm the citizens and let them kill any fucking thing that acts like animal, we do it all the time in USA
terrythekittie 4 oy oldin
So why haven't you killed Trump? An animal, yes?
Kranken Kumpel
Kranken Kumpel 10 oy oldin
Stop voting labor or liberal into government. liberals and labors dont give a shit about these problems as they live in very nice areas and dont see the problem first hand.
F Dc
F Dc 10 oy oldin
Calling Melbourne Vigilantes.... go in numbers to these parks and "destroy the baboons"- it's the only communication these animals understand. If they have a knife....we have a gun" GET THEM OUT OF AUSTRALIA
jason paul
jason paul 10 oy oldin
fire the dick head!!!!
Big M
Big M 10 oy oldin
Diversity is our strength..... No wait.
satt1313 10 oy oldin
MTS a largely African gang. No it is a all African gang.
MrStoneycool69 10 oy oldin
This is Malmo part 2.
M A 10 oy oldin
Remove centelink payments to all healthy young men and criminals. Bring back forced labor on big industries. People will learn skills and appreciate their earnings.
Richard Booth
Richard Booth 10 oy oldin
'Youth workers' sick and tired of these 'youth workers' we have armies and armies of them in the UK and they are usually poorly educated by highly paid and made into 'youth workers' because many of them are ex offenders themselves based on the rationale that they "'understand where the youth of today are coming from' ... " It's ironic in the fact that the rise in numbers of 'youth workers' we have runs parallel with the rise in crime committed by the young ... the anti dote' doesn't seem to be working ... just saying ...
unrealone1 10 oy oldin
au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/38440182/victim-of-home-invasion-pleads-with-offenders-not-to-hurt-others/ Victim of home invasion pleads with offenders not to hurt others HaHa no description?
mele host
mele host 10 oy oldin
I failed to get tonight's news. Seems like the same problem is kick-starting in Queensland. Also cringe worthy was women in Muslim garb. A pity see has been indoctrinated by a fake religion.
Jack Jr.
Jack Jr. 10 oy oldin
Shoot them! Fuck it! 😎
William Wallace
William Wallace 10 oy oldin
What the cops won't tell you is that the reason they say "no gangs" is because this is just how Africans behave, they don't need to be connected to organized crime.
Crow29Darkness 10 oy oldin
Time for Daniel Andrews to be voted out of Government in 2018.
K Moore
K Moore 10 oy oldin
Do you think our community has the balls to learn how to work together to start making a citizens arrest??? Probably not. Wake up to the growing police state and have a bitch about how weak we all are...
KYLD 10 oy oldin
And another one 😐 www.9news.com.au/national/2017/12/29/19/21/police-compare-gang-who-terrorised-family-to-pack-of-wild-dogs
mele host
mele host 10 oy oldin
Thanks for reporting. Currently I'm only getting Victorian news, so maybe someone can invest in a capturing items for Queensland news.
Happy Dude 420
Happy Dude 420 10 oy oldin
nathasha fernandez
nathasha fernandez 10 oy oldin
#notallafro-americans #notallafro-brazilians #notallafro-britains #notallafro-jamaicans #notallafro-haitians #nottallafro-australians etc. F A I L
Jen Werner
Jen Werner 10 oy oldin
Daniel Andrews has FAILED the state of Victoria! As for Victoria Police they are no different to the the English Police! PATHETIC! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC! (A true WASTE of tax-payer's money)!
Jen Werner
Jen Werner 9 oy oldin
Atlantean Sage Bomb Israel Now!!!
TheRealSapster 10 oy oldin
Andrews government bringing crime and safe schools to a suburb near you.
Atlantean Sage
Atlantean Sage 10 oy oldin
Jen Werner He hasn’t failed his Jewish masters , he is a big success
I AM ALIVE !!!!!
I AM ALIVE !!!!! 10 oy oldin
The world would be a better place without blacks fuck all of you
nathasha fernandez
nathasha fernandez 10 oy oldin
What a lovely country Australia is becoming. Welcome to the jungle!
sissy lou
sissy lou 10 oy oldin
Like Europe, USA and Canada.
Mother Clucker
Mother Clucker 10 oy oldin
nathasha fernandez Tourism goes in the toilet. Just ask France, Italy, Spain, Greece and I think England.
Me and Missy
Me and Missy 10 oy oldin
Cultural enrichment! Thanks you lefty bastards. You've ruined a once beautiful country...
Phil Osophical
Phil Osophical 10 oy oldin
We should not be criticising the darkies because this is their culture. What are you.. a racist.. you people out there voted for politicians who are doing this to your communities. dont vote and dont pay tax. Buy bitcoin or ripple or bitcoin cash or ethereum.
S D 10 oy oldin
Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp is a lying cuck and a bugman. His words mean nothing. Meanwhile AFRICAN GANGS become more violent and more organised. No-go-zones will spread and gangs like Apex and MTS will develop sophisticated para-military type hierarchies in future. Victoria Police Command needs to be overhauled and weak/subersive leaders like Andrew Crisp, Therese Fitzgerald and Lisa Neville purged. Melbourne has become an 'open city'. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5219245/African-thugs-trash-Melbourne-community-centre.html www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5216327/Victoria-Police-insist-dont-African-gang-issue.html www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5217657/Police-Minister-Australian-citizens-commit-crimes.html?mrn_rm=als1
Rnl Valen
Rnl Valen 10 oy oldin
Blind Melbourne police govern by leftist Labor government. uzvid.com/video/video-rwcBaG-S7UA.html
DVN 10 oy oldin
No gangs in Melbourne?
Morgan Hayward
Morgan Hayward 9 oy oldin
Come on...... They're a club that likes to hang out in community centres.
Vahaki Walahu
Vahaki Walahu 10 oy oldin
They are just black people. Kind of like how detroit get destroyed.
MERS1ER 10 oy oldin
"No we don't have gangs in Melbourne", only large numbers of Sudanese youths committing violent crimes. If that's not a gang than i don't know what the fuck is? Sudanese only come in gangs just like birds in a flock or a school of fish.
Claire Claire
Claire Claire 10 oy oldin
Well. To make that a usable space someone would have to check IDs and be armed.
MrAntiFarLeft 10 oy oldin
Looks like diversity renovations
Mother Clucker
Mother Clucker 10 oy oldin
MrAntiFarLeft I like that!
Crusaders hu Akbar
Crusaders hu Akbar 10 oy oldin
welcome to the jungle, in reverse
Ding Ding Ding Bing Bing Bing
Glad we export those 'Blacks Lives Matter' shit to the Oz........Lol
Phil Osophical
Phil Osophical 10 oy oldin
Ding Ding Ding Bing Bing Bing bing bing bong
Mother Clucker
Mother Clucker 10 oy oldin
In the United States we have coddled the black people to the point where they are screaming even louder for more free stuff. It is unbelievable and they are just as vicious and nasty as your BLACK people but I think we have more of them. Supposedly, 13% of the American demographics is black... in many cities back east, the ratio is over 50% and all of those cities are a horrible mess of crime and filth. I do not understand the stupidity of the white people buying into the BOO-HOO crap. They have no desire to learn, they have no desire to be decent, they just want to raise hell and destroy. There are decent black people that are highly educated who are just as disgusted with the low-life thugs.
MrStoneycool69 10 oy oldin
The stats say 13% but I reckon it's much closer to 20%.
John Hartin
John Hartin 10 oy oldin
Rain-Forrest Dingo : it is just more proof you can't civilize these creatures. Nothing that anybody does will keep them from being animals. No amount of education or social welfare programs will change them.
Me and Missy
Me and Missy 10 oy oldin
It amazes me how the American blacks have been there for a few hundred years, but their behaviour is the same as these primitives who just came out of Africa!
Korsion 10 oy oldin
Me and Missy
Me and Missy 10 oy oldin
Nah...animals wouldn't do this! They are primitive black people from Africa who will never be civilised nor do they want to. They've been given everything for free but they hate the white people who welcomed them with open arms.
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Thats called African Art
Help The Rose
Help The Rose 9 oy oldin
A Solitary Candle
A Solitary Candle 10 oy oldin
Or African Fart
Korsion 10 oy oldin