iPhone XS + XR Actual Battery Capacity Revealed

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iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR finally get their actual battery specs revealed...
Graphics via GSMArena - www.gsmarena.com/
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 oy oldin
Is this enough battery for you?
PAPAROBIN GAMES 28 kun oldin
you can never have to much battery life
Sreeharan Balamurugan
Pancho Lopez
Pancho Lopez 2 oy oldin
Thinking to buy moto z3 play Fuck yea !! No more iPhone after 8 years Hasta la vista 🍏
SXDDEN D3ATH 3 oy oldin
NO My Phone Has More Battery Life than That So Disappointed In iPhone. Plus My Phone is Actually An ANDROID...
Ultra Instict
Ultra Instict 3 oy oldin
MLBB INDIA 19 kun oldin
I phone day are gone
Harsh Chimalwar
Harsh Chimalwar 24 kun oldin
I wanna buy a new phone so which one should I buy, iPhone XS or XR
harsh khandelwal
harsh khandelwal 23 kun oldin
buy samsung
JayTheBarber Oy oldin
Do a follow up on the XR PLEASE
Gaming Enthusiast 101
For a lot of people that battery would be enough, the question is. Who is the target market. I have been using the Xs max for 2 months and for what I use it for I can go 2 days without charging and still have about 25 percent.
I am kill_em_all3456
I have a solution, tell apple to fuck off and get a phone worth it, like the VIVO NEX OR NEX S
Sno Man
Sno Man 2 oy oldin
*Apple has Left the chat* *Android joined the chat* Android:Good job exposing those dumbasses
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen 2 oy oldin
Apple was designed to RIP you off
Steven's Vlogs & Compilations
XD my Samsung has a bigger battery than the 10s max I have a 3300 maH battery
SolidKeys Music Label
Wow... Just to realize that a 1000$ phone doesn't even have 4gb of ram XD
Jonathan 1
Jonathan 1 2 oy oldin
Do you mind putting a XS Max in that iPhone torture chamber? I know it’s durable but just how durable🤔
Pancho Lopez
Pancho Lopez 2 oy oldin
Thinking to buy moto z3 play 40 hrs battery No more iPhone After 8 years Hasta la vista 🍏 ex - amigo
Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt 3 oy oldin
Apple doesn't feel they have to publish the battery sizes the magic has always been in their software. I have a iPhone XR only 2 wks based on my usage I can get almost 3 days on a single charge. My iPhone is always there for me when I'm working as I use Apple maps multiple times per day and still it lasts.
Mihai Petre
Mihai Petre 3 oy oldin
Who ever owned an iPhone, knows that the RAM means not that much because the OS is much more simple than Android (I had an iPhone 6 after owning a Xperia Z3, that had 3GB of RAM, and I didn't feel a downgrade in smoothness, speed and multitasking) , doesn't have so much processes working as Android devices. And when using multitasking, iOS doesn't leave the program working in the background like Android, its software kinda "pauses" it like a game while you are facing an app. Apple products are different but overpriced anyway, I owned both of the OS, currently owning Android, and I can tell if an iPhone had 8GB of RAM and octa core SoCs with crazy GHz numbers, they would smash easily in smoothness and fps every Android device out there just because their user interface is rudimentary, simple and practically the same skin as the Original iPhone. Still, that doesn't justify the price, building a 256GB iPhone XS Max is about 450$ and they sell it at around 1400$. It doesn't mean is double or triple the phone compared to a OnePlus 6T or a Xiaomi Mi8 for example . That's Apple's problem, the price, you can get so many great alternatives for 700 bucks, that Apple is out of the graphic easily.
Joseph Musigi
Joseph Musigi 3 oy oldin
I phone the battery capacity is small and expensive increase the battery capacity like other phones Technology
JoeyDee 3 oy oldin
Geez people, they don't post ram or battery capacity because you can only compare it with other iPhones. An iPhone with 3GB ram still switches apps MUCH faster than all Android flagships thanks to it maintaining the state of the app much better. Regarding the battery, this video proves why they don't show the numbers. XS has better battery life than the X while having a smaller battery. No one should he using these stats for purchasing decisions since it's apples and oranges. What you should he upset about is Samsung shipping phones running at a much lower resolution than they advertise. If you have to enable a performance mode that kills your battery just to get the advertised specs, that's a lot sleezier than Apple hiding specs that can't be compared with other phones.
Nisreen Zoubiedi
Nisreen Zoubiedi 3 oy oldin
I’ve had my iPhone Xs for 12 days and it’s already decreased to 98% from 100. Idk whether I should exchange before my 14 day return with my carrier or let it degrade within months and get the battery replaced... kinda don’t want to go down that path. It’s a new phone don’t want to take it apart anytime in the next year. I’m not sure if it’s how I’m using it and charging it etc or if I got a bad batch. Apple diagnostic said there’s nothing wrong with the phone.
Nyckel St.louis
Nyckel St.louis 3 oy oldin
Which do u prefer apple or samsung
RealGamerFox 4 oy oldin
I just found out my phone has 3GB, but on the box it says 64GB... 🤔
THEREV468 4 oy oldin
I think iPhones biggest flaw is the price, other than that there great phones, I watched a video where the sales weren’t doing so great. I can understand why, nothing wrong with the phone just the price. I’m gonna be buying the xs, but the phone is 1800 in Canada with the 2 year protection plan, and the xr its 1300$ but to me, if you have the xs at say 750 with out the protection plan and the xr at 500 they would so so much more and in return they will find themselves making more money on the product. At cheaper prices more people are going to buy it and that’s probably why people lean towards android phones, not because they are better or worse, but because they are just affordable.
Fumi Yam
Fumi Yam 4 oy oldin
I bought iphone xs 2 days ago , i observe the baterry is it easy to low , first i phone in my whole life, but dissapointed 😞
Hyddra 4 oy oldin
I think your forgetting that anyone who buys an iPhone (or at this point almost any apple product) is already clearly not doing any research
Aser Almehgub
Aser Almehgub 4 oy oldin
Have a nice day too Lewis
Charles Orawo
Charles Orawo 4 oy oldin
Still glad I'm a samsung fan
Niank Shah
Niank Shah 5 oy oldin
See the battery tests now.... And tell whether it's enough or not....Xs max completely outperformed every smartphone with over a 4000mAh battery with it's so called insufficient battery capacity!!😂😂
Oh yeah I have the iPhone SE and the battery last for only an hour! LOL
Chaz 5 oy oldin
2:25 It isn’t the largest because apple have made IPads, computers and laptops
GAMERX ROLEXX 5 oy oldin
I have 4200mah battery capacity...
Mrdonkey13 5 oy oldin
Love it am looking into all 3 devices and couldn’t find anything on the battery for the iPhone XR... U the s#$t bro!!
Pazelloxu 5 oy oldin
High price for less battery life, lack of home button, and lack of headphone jack
oplix 5 oy oldin
XR display is garbage. I'm surprised that Apple put a 3000mAh battery in it.
Ryan 5 oy oldin
Android fanboy goes batshit because Apple didn’t say a number that they know will be compared by idiots like him and spread misinformation. Battery life can get affected by many things, software optimization and efficiency. The A12 CPU is an 7nm processor. Which makes it more power efficient. That’s why even though the battery is only slightly bigger, it’s battery life can get so much longer. Apple also doesn’t give RAM numbers because Apple does optimization. They want to juice the customer for their money so they make the RAM less and make up for it in software. But because of this, idiots like Lew will again compare raw data that doesn’t 100% represent daily use and start sucking Android phones’ dick. If you want accurate information, watch Dave2D, LinusTechTips, literally any other tech youtuber out there. Lew talking about his own opinions is perfectly fine. But when he does, he doesn’t get to call himself an “unbiased” tech youtuber.
Sean S
Sean S 5 oy oldin
Apple getting to greedy now Feel like getting ripped off £1400 for phone crime rate will go up this Xmas
Peter Wamea
Peter Wamea 5 oy oldin
Lew, Samsung will releas new phone called GALAXY A9 that have 4 REAR CAMERA, please make a video about it
M.A. Zaki
M.A. Zaki 5 oy oldin
0:22 - 0:59 I hope my friends see this. 4:00 HAHAHHA
IT COX 5 oy oldin
good job
Matias Sosa
Matias Sosa 5 oy oldin
Lew plis watch a battery comparison between x and xs... then you talk about it
Tech Truth Unveiled
If you all wanted to know that bad just open it up and look on the actual battery, it always says it right on the battery hahaha
Xavier Leduc Towner
2:20 he said the iPhone X’s max is biggest Device Apple has ever made. So how small is the MacBook?
Sercan Ozan
Sercan Ozan 5 oy oldin
Ram and mah is not meaning anything’s
Ozan 5 oy oldin
Lew is like "Stfu, I'm sick of your shit!" 4:17
excelerater 5 oy oldin
Sheep ......
Unseamingstew01 5 oy oldin
I don't get why apple has less specs then android. I've never been a iPhone fan. Come apple do better.
Jesse Osiobe
Jesse Osiobe 5 oy oldin
Your Day, My Day, Have A Nice Day
TheSpiderJem 5 oy oldin
*hits blunt* what if they lower battery capacity based on china models just because they have to provide that infirmation?
Albert Sitoe
Albert Sitoe 5 oy oldin
If the phone lasts longer with a smaller battery that's fine, the thing is if you see the successor have a smaller battery you then assume that battery performance is worse?
iluvj00 5 oy oldin
Let me tell you, I aint no apple fan but I got the iphone 8 plus given to me as a gift after my nexus 6p battery died on my, and I am astounded how I use this phone and the battery lasts all day. I play I instagram I chat....
Emppu T.
Emppu T. 5 oy oldin
The usual iphone user doesn't know what a mAh or Rom/Ram even is.
Steeve Morel
Steeve Morel 5 oy oldin
Then thing with Apple product is that they don’t use as much power then android or windows or any other. They are focusing on efficiency more then capacity, so yes with the new a12bionic there will be more efficiency so they can lower the capacity witch prevent making a bomb like someone that keep bashing on Apple to try to make profits. Yes it is important to have a good reference to power is the capacity the best? No, there should be an efficiency rating and an average usage specification. Those that’s should only be for hardware manufacturing, I see so many people making a wrong choice by only looking at the specs
zahrans 5 oy oldin
LOL at the whinging iBots in the comments section.
Sunky The Sunked
Sunky The Sunked 5 oy oldin
Better than Iphone 6 Plus’ (the phone that I’m using now) battery life
[ van sant ]
[ van sant ] 5 oy oldin
I stopped watching a lot of your videos because you are always biased in them. I get you don’t like apple devices, but damn... it’s a great device and apple devices can do the same or more with less through software/coding. I appreciate the information but your attitude towards it always ticks me off
Jake Wright
Jake Wright 5 oy oldin
I work in politics and when you go to an event the room is surrounded after 10am with charging iPhones in any socket available.road trips with politicians have phones plugged in 24/7 and a external battery is a must. If the power ever fails our Gov will be ineffective.
Christian 5 oy oldin
David Lopez
David Lopez 5 oy oldin
Hmm my phone has 3300maH battery capacity
Christina Grimmie
the ending was really nice
Parth Dholakiya
Parth Dholakiya 5 oy oldin
Lew got no chill for apple😂😂
IntenzBeatz 5 oy oldin
I come back and watch the ending of this video on a daily basis, have a nice day.
Rayne Teng
Rayne Teng 5 oy oldin
Who’s day? Your day? My day? Have a nice day haha nice one Lew lol 😂
Christian Myhre
Christian Myhre 5 oy oldin
It only made it sound like they have something to hide when you state it.
PAC MAN 5 oy oldin
Pogiboy Productions
Ganda ang iPhone! Congratulations! 😊👋
Tj H
Tj H 5 oy oldin
I think that's the first time i've seen a 5.5"+ device (which, in most cases would be classifed as a "phablet") having
Hector S
Hector S 5 oy oldin
will XR last longer than xs then ?
Yuettea 5 oy oldin
every components in different phone work together differently which affect a phone's intake on power. I rather prefer company that tells you the actual practical hours of usage in different scenario rather than throwing out a number that sometimes mislead ppl. Not too much of a fan of apple, but do agree on some of their doings.
Matthew Denis
Matthew Denis 5 oy oldin
Imagine the specs of the note 9 with the software optimizations of ios and options (customization) of android
irongolum 934
irongolum 934 5 oy oldin
so if the iPhone XS is having better battery life than the X cause of software, does that mean that they're holding back features for the X, cause back months ago Apple was reducing the speed of an iPhone to save battery.
Mitra Bobby
Mitra Bobby 5 oy oldin
“Untold Apple Files”
Mitra Bobby
Mitra Bobby 5 oy oldin
The background music...
Newezreal 5 oy oldin
Those specs are so 2016...
Aaron Syawal
Aaron Syawal 5 oy oldin
Have a nice day to you too my brother lou! 🤣🤣🤣
Awesome Tomato
Awesome Tomato 5 oy oldin
I wish there was someone like Steve jobs at Apple........
Our Adventure
Our Adventure 5 oy oldin
Where is your g shock Lew ?! XD
Helmi Ariffin
Helmi Ariffin 5 oy oldin
Have a nice day Lew :) You're the man!
kevin clayton
kevin clayton 5 oy oldin
Just put a 4000mah battery in your note8 like Ive done and call it good untill NOTE10 lol
THRIQUILLED 5 oy oldin
Yeah. . . . . 1000 dollars plz
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith 5 oy oldin
Hendry Irvin Maynard
i used to get hyped up with apple products. Now it looks like their engineers and developers are just marketing guy...
Pierry Delcy
Pierry Delcy 5 oy oldin
Lou! Stats are cool but the EXPERIENCE is what matters.
sagar kurhade
sagar kurhade 5 oy oldin
Even if the apple company starts selling carrots, there will be a lot of people buying, whether they sell in higher price.. 🤙👎
Gracious Ndagurwa
Lol I know right , the battery is nearly half of Huawei p20pro and Samsung note9 4000amh . I was laughing the other day .lol
Adeleke Olasope
Adeleke Olasope 5 oy oldin
I love it when this guy rants... Have a nice day!
Stefano 5 oy oldin
And the Xs still outperforms the note 9 with battery life wtf...
Lim Ying Kiat
Lim Ying Kiat 5 oy oldin
Apple roasted Kaw Kaw by "My Day, Your Day, Have a Nice Day"
fauxk 5 oy oldin
I’m all for detailed specs being released for devices but this video and the comments section here proves why Apple doesn’t release this information. There is no direct correlation between battery size and your actually device uptime/screen ontime/etc. Uninformed consumers will look at raw numbers and assume the phone won’t last as long a device with a larger battery, without taking into consideration software optimization and new hardware which is much more efficient than the previous generation. The goal is more screen on time for phones not just larger batteries.
Waylon Hopkins
Waylon Hopkins 5 oy oldin
Boi they said how much ram there was in it
Martin marty
Martin marty 5 oy oldin
Aryan B jayan
Aryan B jayan 5 oy oldin
Oh my god
Mr JAG 5 oy oldin
Great information
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 5 oy oldin
We'll in some ways mAh is not always a gauge for battery life as we all know that processor has a vital role in battery efficiency. A phone may have lesser mAh but through efficient processor, power usage is improved and thus prolonging battery life.
Oscar Ruelas
Oscar Ruelas 5 oy oldin
Hey man I’m glad you have moved on from the theatrics there was a time were used to a make an exaggerated deal for an unboxing.
astoria ayne
astoria ayne 5 oy oldin
comments: war zone me: could not give shit about android or apple just take your phone and go
s2foci 5 oy oldin
I see ZERO reason to get anything but the XR in my research. I don’t need an oled screen or 27 cameras, which is literally the only appreciable differences between these devices.
Best101 5 oy oldin
I’m going for the budget XR. Oh, wait... 😯
ragu ram
ragu ram 5 oy oldin
My day your day have a nice day 😂😎
Aoker 5 oy oldin
IPhone XS Max increases battery capacity, iPhone XR reduces charging time.😂😂😂😂
Tyril Jase Rivera
Even if it is just 2716mAh iphone outpower all his competitor it is not the capacity it is the performance of his operating system that consume low power consumption..🤔
Robert Doe
Robert Doe 5 oy oldin
I watched probably 50+ videos on your channel but never subbed. I like your unbiased opinion on everything you review. But that ending my friend was epic, unexpected and made me have a really nice day. You have yourself a new subscriber my freind *clicks subscribe button
Andres Ibarra
Andres Ibarra 5 oy oldin
My lg x charge has 4500mAh
Samuel Arana Tessari
That ending was an insta-like lmao..
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