The Project Tesla Solar Powered Smartphone

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
If you had unlimited $$$ which smartphone would you buy right now?
victor reyes
victor reyes Kun oldin
I would buy an incredibly overvalued smartphone and sell it to a diehard apple fanboi at twice the price, so that way I can start a small company of really usefull solar charging phones and/or batteries.
GHOSTUSER00 Oy oldin
Nuff said.
Adam Othman
Adam Othman 2 oy oldin
Samsung Galaxy S10 when it comes out
The Master Reaper
IPhone XR
mike mathews
mike mathews 3 kun oldin
Well i carry a 10000MaH battery bank and a 10 watt solar panel to charge up both under 60.00$,how’s that???
Rajesh Biber
Rajesh Biber 10 kun oldin
Nice iPhone Tesla project
clown192 13 kun oldin
Looks like one of them $15 solar powered phone chargers bolted onto the back of an iPhone. So no wireless charging then unless it is daytime.
Raymond Lu
Raymond Lu 19 kun oldin
..... You Can Buy A 2000 mah Phone Charger On Ebay For 99 Cents....
Даниил Грунин
LEWIS: ...solar powered smartphone. ME: HOLY GUACAMOLEE! LEWIS: ...iPhone... ME: Ahhhh... Huh...
Lekker Random
Lekker Random 23 kun oldin
Can i have it?
Simon Miller
Simon Miller 25 kun oldin
Why is it so thick? I've been wondering why they don't put solar cells on the back of smart phones for years now. But they don't have to be so thick. A solar cell can be just 0.5 mm and using the latest cell efficiency could deliver 2W of charge on an average size smart phone in direct sunlight giving a 9 hour charge time from 0 to full capacity. With all of the useless gimmicks they're shoving into smart phones these days I'm astonished that in built solar charging hasn't become a mainstream offering. If the ability to get a 20 percent charge in a couple of hours without plugging in isn't a worthwhile feature then what is, especially when so many phones already have the full glass backs? It would save lives. Come on Apple and Samsung...be first.
Myroo Wieds
Myroo Wieds 28 kun oldin
like iphone x with solar powerbank back case
Zero 2
Zero 2 29 kun oldin
Won’t it be super hot because the solar takes the sun light and charge the phone
Nicola Is my drug
Lucy medievalC
want one!! my dream is to have a solar powered smartphone!!
Radean1 Oy oldin
"Opulence... I has it!"
Capitan Capitanov
RTG powered smartphone next
Daniel Tomo fckn
this is retarded, for obvious reasons you generally keep your phone out of direct sunlight 🤷‍♂️
Pathum Gamage
Pathum Gamage Oy oldin
My lexus rx 300 less than that price
Tham Wui Yoong
Tham Wui Yoong 2 oy oldin
Son, put the phone under the sun, drop dead it's ain't going happen.
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed Zakaria 2 oy oldin
“So it’s for you Jack.” 😂😂😂
Ajmal John
Ajmal John 2 oy oldin
Stupid I can just get iPhone with battery it’s very thick and heavy and I won’t pay more then 100 dollars for it at all lols
We_Are_Ultra_Fast And_Powerful
thx for the unbox! Very informative!
Ufo Passenger
Ufo Passenger 2 oy oldin
Some blade runner shit. Slim it down bring it on future
Igi Wycky
Igi Wycky 2 oy oldin
The price around 5k its unbelievable stupid. And stupid are the Ppl which gonna buy. U make ur phone ugly as shit. After u paid 5 k u will notice after a year or two that u don’t want this peace of clumpy shit anymore. And than? Uve lost 5k. Buy a Rolex, and charge ur phone as the rest of the Volk :)
Jimmy Ardie
Jimmy Ardie 2 oy oldin
That's what Elon Musk using now .
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 2 oy oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please 🙏
qwerty keyboard
qwerty keyboard 2 oy oldin
its kinda pointless, just use a normal solar panel
Ryan Durchholz
Ryan Durchholz 2 oy oldin
I remember when my calculator could be powered by solar and it didn't cost $5000.
DarkShadowsX5 3 oy oldin
so slapping a solar panel on something is "Tesla" now? lets brush that facepalm aside for now. getting a folding solar charger with built in batter pack is far more efficient and cheaper than this hideous pile. not to mention its an iPhone... you could get a down payment on a Tesla car for that price.. and it would be money well spent. this is a complete waste of money right down to the phone.
evo emperor
evo emperor 3 oy oldin
The luxury item you don't need. Just plug your phone or buy battery bank save you more money to buy another iphone or just buy a better phone.
HerrArendt 3 oy oldin
Nikolaj Tesla, you fool!
Doc T'Soni
Doc T'Soni 3 oy oldin
"made on earth by humans" - Geez, why do they have to humiliate us in front of the whole fucking universe?
Also are you fucking kidding me with this? You can get solar chargers that plug in via microusb that don't cost five fucking thousand dollars, you know this right?
"Made on earth by humans" Oh my gooooood, take Elon Musk's dick out of your mouth for ten seconds so you can watch my eyes roll right the fuck out of my skull at that one
Miljan Stanojević
Tesla is Serbian...and his legacy is dedicated to Serbia. So this Elon Musk moron making money by useing Nikola Tesla and his name to make money but on other side his idol is Thomas Edison...I spit on everything that Elon Moron Musk does!
Plug & Play Reviews
The way the magnetic charging cable connects is just really silly. Thats a serious design issue for me... but then again, if I ever have that much money maybe I can complain about it ROFL
Gil 6
Gil 6 3 oy oldin
It’s so ugly
Moose576_theonly 3 oy oldin
what about the camera, does the bulky part show when u taking a photo
Tyler Sephiran
Tyler Sephiran 3 oy oldin
And y'all think you're so cool with your $1,000 regular iPhone X. Buy this one now I bet you won't.
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
I had been wondering what phone will be next until people become able to do internet...phone calls....etc with inplant......now I see.
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
When does it arrive?
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
...so now everyone knows where the word bling came from.......it’s ble’s cousin.
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
All my life yep pretty much.
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
Dang u know Jack....Jack!
Jack Hoffman
Jack Hoffman 3 oy oldin
Cuz...If I weren’t hum’n and bleing how could I even be slightly humble?
Nino Walker
Nino Walker 3 oy oldin
Wait it is very hard to look at your phone when the sun is pounding. And that is when solar is best so it is retarded. Plus do you really want to be in the sun or air-conditioning. Just another trick to give them all your money.
Karam Gulati
Karam Gulati 3 oy oldin
utsav garg
utsav garg 3 oy oldin
I have a solar powered portable charger. . saved myself an extra 5500$
Alan Reyes
Alan Reyes 3 oy oldin
I have a charger did I just save 5000$$$!?!?
Another Settlement needs your help
This is Russia, that explain everything.
Abhishek Rajshekar
Ugly mod for an already ugly AF phone !
mudit jain
mudit jain 3 oy oldin
Cheffak 3 oy oldin
But, but ... im not an engineer yet but if youre using the phone, the solar thingy points to the ground and its not active ... Thats not very useful is it?
BullsEye3333 3 oy oldin
A video with a solar powered product and you didn't even go outside. I can't believe how half assed these videos are. Why not let us know if it works well or not?
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 3 oy oldin
What a waste of fck money. What's up with winter time or night time??? NO CHARGE???
Winter O'Dochartaigh
Tesla needs to be making a solar smartphone for "normal" humans that can't afford that bs price...
daniyal k
daniyal k 3 oy oldin
This phone is your life saver on mars so all the marsians it's a must have
Stale Potato
Stale Potato 3 oy oldin
Aal Soediroes
Aal Soediroes 3 oy oldin
IOS or android?
Rakesh Kharta
Rakesh Kharta 3 oy oldin
100 years from now future people will be laughing at us after watching this video. They would say see how they were astonished at a solar powered smartphone and now our smartphones are charging by oxygen.
Gerard 3 oy oldin
Nothing like having some more radiation in your pockets!!!
Camilo Leon
Camilo Leon 3 oy oldin
That's just horrible, 0 in aesthetics
Abdurrahman Abokhors
Ppl are crying over its price....shouldnt you guys be happy that someone is actually trying to make selfcharging phone ? But meh you y'all just humans ....
Bronze Ground
Bronze Ground 3 oy oldin
wireless charger still work?
Android.A Android.A
That's cool
GMT 3 oy oldin
'Caviar Royal Gift' is the tackiest company name I've ever heard. It's like how Apple and Guchi rely on their brand name to fake the quality and worth of their products.
Giorgio Bikos
Giorgio Bikos 3 oy oldin
in which planet do we have 30 hours of continuous sun light?
sign Kabdwal
sign Kabdwal 3 oy oldin
That ooohh😂
Nivle Prof
Nivle Prof 3 oy oldin
where did you get those money?
101 0311
101 0311 3 oy oldin
What happens when they bring out a new iPhone and new iOS and makes this phone completely redundant
Muhammad Hafiz
Muhammad Hafiz 3 oy oldin
iPhone : Next Model is The Time Travel phones
Dilber P Shakir
Dilber P Shakir 3 oy oldin
not at all worth at 6000$ we personally could mod and make this iphone under 1.5k $(1250$(for iphone xs max 256gb)+solar powered wireless powerbank(~50$)+ body fabrication)
Leonard R
Leonard R 3 oy oldin
What about buying a solar case or solar portable battery? 😂
YngBastard 3 oy oldin
The phone doesn't look too safe to me
Tech Opener
Tech Opener 3 oy oldin
WoW But What about camera when you keep in front of Sun
asdf 3 oy oldin
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That's just a $5000 case?
Samuel Boston
Samuel Boston 3 oy oldin
it looks "cool" and all. but why would I even buy it?!?(provided I had the money) the only time the solar would be able to charge would be during the. Guess what? I'd use he phone all day! meaning it would only really get to charge at night time....when the sun is down. meaning I'd have to use the regular charger they provided, meaning I wont get to use the special feature I payed so much for lol I guess the phone just isn't for me. I love the Idea of renewable energy on a smart phone, but this one just doesn't seem practical to me
Linda S Mucassi
Linda S Mucassi 4 oy oldin
"made on earth by humans" - that really sounds like something aliens would write
D4yDre4mer 4 oy oldin
it's a shitty mophie case with a solar panel on it....uh. NOT worth 6 grand. Not even worth 1.5 grand.
Marco 4 oy oldin
How to spend 6000$ to let someone glued 20$ power bank on the back of your Iphone.
Jeop 4 oy oldin
I think they didnt tap into yhe batter they made a batter that uses solar power and can charge wirelessly and put it over the phones wireless charger thats why it is so huge
Colin Norman
Colin Norman 4 oy oldin
You ever think that they just slapped a wireless charging power bank on the back and didn’t actually mess with the internals of the iPhone.
Yoni Engel
Yoni Engel 4 oy oldin
My dream phone is an all around bulletproof slim foldable phone that never needs manual charging. I still wouldn't pay $6K...
Yoni Engel
Yoni Engel 4 oy oldin
I used to love phones, before they started charging thousands of dollars in phones, screen and battery replacements and releasing phones before they're properly tested. I have the S8+ and just don't see any reason why it's worth upgrading to any new phone.
Yoni Engel
Yoni Engel 4 oy oldin
I love when he says: Ovechkin's got one...
SpringtTruc 4 oy oldin
If i had unlimited money id buy the mate rs
rgavilanes01 4 oy oldin
Luxury item???!!!!!, for that kind of money, I could by like 10 solar charging battery packs.
he who have the ability to buy a $ 6000 phone but he have no 30 hours times for the juice !!
i have an iphone XS and a solar power back protection cover with 5000mah power bank...!!! now i can say i have an iphone X Tesla !!
Gadgets 247
Gadgets 247 4 oy oldin
Nice video but not nice product
jan rodriguez
jan rodriguez 4 oy oldin
What if u drop it???
Benny Ong
Benny Ong 4 oy oldin
This...looks like a solar powered power bank, glued onto the back and wirelessly charging the iPhone at 5W.
Ank M
Ank M 4 oy oldin
To be honest its ugly
cyrus kaap
cyrus kaap 4 oy oldin
I have one of this from Samsung.I bought it 10 years ago and its smart to.
Nayan Shrivastava
5-10$ solar lamps have those panels with batteries tooo....why!!!!
thefoxtorq 4 oy oldin
solar panel for something that stay out of the sun, it would get so hot to recharge and at night.... winter..... every momments of our day
thefoxtorq 4 oy oldin
30 h to charge lol you can use your phone 2h per day
PhilFei 4 oy oldin
Even if it's here I still wouldn't be able to afford it in a 5 years
SKZEY™ 4 oy oldin
But there are $50 IPhone Cases that do the exact same...
Anime guy
Anime guy 4 oy oldin
my lenovo p2 has 5100 maH battery
Kuldeep Yadav
Kuldeep Yadav 4 oy oldin
Without apple logo it's looks like some weird Chinese company device....
Alex Wong
Alex Wong 4 oy oldin
6 grand for a solar power power bank stuck to the iphone X. Seriously?????
Sudharsan Prime
Sudharsan Prime 4 oy oldin
How did you get these weird things
perplexed 666
perplexed 666 4 oy oldin
What a bunch of jews, 5000$ for the 256 GB model? Is this a joke...
Domi 4 oy oldin
Or get a charging case
Paul Air-Yeez
Paul Air-Yeez 4 oy oldin
its wack!...i'd rather buy 4 new iphone xs and 10 high capacity,fast charging power bank, jack
Siegbert schnösel
Looks like a cheap case
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