Seven + Nine News. Black Gang Southbank Robberies.(eBikes)(Apex)

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Seven + Nine News. Black Gang Southbank Robberies.(eBikes)(Apex)



1-Dek, 2017



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Scott Oy oldin
the left are such feminine pussies ...sick
Garreth Dalton
Are they black or navy blue
Garreth Dalton
Australia, wake the fuck up. These vermin are going to destroy your beautiful country. If the government won’t help, assemble all patriotic Aussies, Lebs, Wogs, Bogans, And Bikies and wipe these fuckers out. Beat them until the learn.
Billy Bronco.
Billy Bronco. Oy oldin
Nothing that can't be Sorted with legal carry...1911..45
Derek Finch
Derek Finch 2 oy oldin
Is amazing that these attackers all have something in common I'll leave that up to you but it seems this type of thing seems to be widely done by these people in these particular communities what about the victims that's what matters not The Fugs he seemed to do it with immunity
Surfing Life
Surfing Life 2 oy oldin
Come into brisbane city and try this i will show you what real street fightings all about you pussys roaming outer suburbs if i ever see you in a group in the city dusters coming out and my big hook so you dont get away .
Garreth Dalton
Surfing Life I’m in.
Wizard 2 oy oldin
These videos are good at inciting racial hatred. I don't get how the channel is allowed to exist
Mr fIshY
Mr fIshY Oy oldin
@Shane Richardson you dumbass your saying he has a low IQ and you spelled guess wrong.
Shane Richardson
Shane Richardson 2 oy oldin
Typical lefty retard. Truth=hatred. That's logical if you have a low IQ I geuss
Phuque U
Phuque U 2 oy oldin
Then when you shoot the little savages in self defense, their Jue master crys "foul"
Lebron James
Lebron James 2 oy oldin
Phuque U since when a sudo get shot and people were crying always making shit up
Geoffrey 2 oy oldin
Insectoids. Hahahaha
Phuque U
Phuque U 2 oy oldin
Bawa7y79u9iyiitjķòoy8iyuì I o Abdulayk55ttr3 4 suck chit n' die, roach.
pauly goodin
pauly goodin 3 oy oldin
Arm up aim for the head and fire then put one in the head for certainty
John Brown
John Brown 3 oy oldin
This is good.. May Allah destroy australian country from the inside. We dont need an islamic army to invade australia.
Lebron James
Lebron James 2 oy oldin
JOHN BROWN y’all retarded there from South Sudan not Sudan we are Christians
Phuque U
Phuque U 2 oy oldin
JOHN BROWN You are on your last chance you filthy parasitic 2 digit IQ.
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
Allah is a fraud just like ypu
Greg K
Greg K 3 oy oldin
Greg K
Greg K 3 oy oldin
tee nicholls
tee nicholls 3 oy oldin
these skinny monkeys will get a hiding in auckland easy
K Mims
K Mims 2 oy oldin
tee nicholls that's what you all did to the indigenous people there.
Bill Kelly
Bill Kelly 3 oy oldin
Australia needs to implement a zero tolerance policy on crime by African immigrants! They need to deported back where they came from and their gangs smashed! All these criminal African youth should be put into mandatory work for the dole programs or sent out to country towns with populations of less than 2000 so they can’t form gangs!
Lebron James
Lebron James 3 oy oldin
How did adults get bashed by a couple of teenagers
0011clem raptor
0011clem raptor 4 oy oldin
Yes a few years ago , some fuckwit in Victoria created a worm hole to the' planet of the apes ' . Before the government could shut it down , thousands of them came through and settled in the outskirts of Melbourne . The cuck Victorian government and police force constantly deny any reports of out of control apes menacing the population. But the Victorian people see the aftermath of the worm hole calamity every day out on the streets and in the news . what can they do ?
Big PandaaOne
Big PandaaOne 3 oy oldin
Racist Dog.
Craig Goodwin
Craig Goodwin 4 oy oldin
So it’s blacks robbing their own kind as well, they really are a vile breed of people
Wizard 2 oy oldin
Wtf "their own kind", amazing how dumb racists are
JJH 17
JJH 17 4 oy oldin
My bike got robbed from southbank last month it was a speclized rockhopper
rock farmer
rock farmer 3 oy oldin
+Lebron James why does a persons skin color come into it... His bike was stolen.. Yes.. And???.. Where does skin color come in to this story..???
Lebron James
Lebron James 3 oy oldin
brother sly any proof it was black
rock farmer
rock farmer 4 oy oldin
+Samir Al-hafzi Said Mohammad Abou you are a racist... Why did you say the robber was white..??? Any proof..???..
Samir Al-hafzi Said Mohammad Abou
The person that stole it was probably white !
Denise Glover
Denise Glover 4 oy oldin
These kids need to be caught and sentenced to some stiff jail time before they start killing people it's not going to stop until u make them pay they think it's a big joke. They are laughing at law enforcemet
Blade Skorpion
Blade Skorpion 2 oy oldin
Catch them, strip them naked and broadcast them over www
CPO Durnell
CPO Durnell 4 oy oldin
Great job Australia, letting them, now your stuck because it don't get better. Their culture is not yours that is why they are from where they are from. One, two families, you can deal with, but you let hundreds of thousands in at the rate they reproduce, was just stupid. Whomever is responsible for letting them in should be publically stoned.
Anal 4 oy oldin
tie a weight to their legs and throw them in the yarra river. useless, smelly piles of dog shit.
Davey boy
Davey boy 4 oy oldin
Monkeys .they should be whiped
Davey Kerr
Davey Kerr 4 oy oldin
Shoot the cunts
American Aussie HoloKai
Ahhhh Australia now has wonderful African scumbag invaders they let come in....Stupid ass political morons
Mavis Green
Mavis Green 4 oy oldin
Anyone seen the movie AMERICAN SNIPER...well I would like one of those rifles for Xmas.....
Bambino Hisoka
Bambino Hisoka 5 oy oldin
catch those thugs put them to jail or shoot them dead
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned 5 oy oldin
Ahh yeah its never a great idea to have one set of laws for a certain race while efficiently enforcing the law on everyone else.....Never ends well just sayin
Wizard 2 oy oldin
Thankfully shit like that doesn't exist in Australia
Scott Young
Scott Young 5 oy oldin
Just think, if we had of fought alongside Germany during world war 2, hitler would have won the war, and Australia and Europe wouldn’t have this multicultural problem today. Fighting Germany during world war 2 was the biggest mistake we have ever made.
Wizard 2 oy oldin
Multi-culturism isn't a problem.
Bass Huntet
Bass Huntet 3 oy oldin
Multi culturalism means anti white
Juul Clark
Juul Clark 5 oy oldin
If law enforcement and judges take a stronger stance against these bastards, they would realise that they can't get away with their ongoing thuggery. But the way the law allows them to go unpunished, they are laughing at us and doing as they want to!
rock farmer
rock farmer 5 oy oldin
Shaved baboons
rock farmer
rock farmer 2 oy oldin
+K Mims Well,... You would know,..
K Mims
K Mims 2 oy oldin
rock farmer a hairless baboon is white
k 5 oy oldin
Shoot them down get rid of the pest
John Hounslow-Robinson
May be centre link should give them more money?
Mark Austin
Mark Austin 6 oy oldin
Who would want live in Melbourne to dam dangerous. Government don't care . Courts definitely don't care. Move 2 a safer. City.
jack dunne
jack dunne 6 oy oldin
Cops won’t do shit, fuck Australian justice system
Anton Maxwell
Anton Maxwell 6 oy oldin
Ones name is Ogga Bogga . His mate is ...I's Beaniga ... the other one is Click Click. All outstanding contributions to society.. In fact they were on their way to university to do the final exams to become heart surgeons. Those violent whites attacked them and made out they were attacked... ABC report...
mad ass
mad ass 6 oy oldin
Least somebody uses the O Bikes. Oh yea DEPORT
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma 6 oy oldin
Julian Burnside. Refugee activist.
Yacobus Fitri
Yacobus Fitri 6 oy oldin
“If you have any information please contact the police!” that’s all Aussie cops can do
Scott Young
Scott Young 5 oy oldin
Yacobus Fitri cops are too busy parked on the side of the roads with their speed cameras picking on honest hard working people driving to and from work.
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe 5 oy oldin
And yet if the public do anything they get charged
Richard Booth
Richard Booth 6 oy oldin
just the same in the UK. "Police are appealing to the public..." or "police would like to hear from anyone who might have some information" ...blah blah blah ...
Island life
Island life 7 oy oldin
Jeez I'd hate to live in Africa if this is what it's like........hang on a sec.......... !
Garreth Dalton
Island life I left Africa for this exact reason, I got called racist for explaining why I left, now you can see for yourself.
Anton Maxwell
Anton Maxwell 7 oy oldin
Also... importing Low IQ , violent, non contributing, non integrating , wellfare dependant, third world shit. WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA? Thanks government... you well and truly FUCKED that up. Everyone who has been attacked by these feral monkeys can claim a " victim of crime payment " Compensation....paid by .US TAX PAYERS. The Sudanese crime rampage will run in to the 100s of millions in Melbourne alone... plus welfare, housing,Education (lol) medical expenses....These parasites are costing us hard working citizen's a bloody furtune.... for what.... bite the hand that feeds them! Back to Africa I say.... goodbye.
Anton Maxwell
Anton Maxwell 7 oy oldin
Don't you feel " culturally enriched? " I hope Sarah Hansen Young , the greens and all the other Leftards feel good about this as ITS YOUR fucken fault.! MIND you .. Most delusional Leftie twats live in the leafy inner city , busy sipping non caffeine soy wank wank drinks , discussing how mean Mr Dutton is on poor refugees! Arrrrh! FUCK YOU leftie cunts.....
mustLoveDogs 7 oy oldin
mustLoveDogs 7 oy oldin
Immigration violence is now a NEW NORMAL.. NOT ONE PERSON ARRESTED - WHAAAAAT??? THROW THEM OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY - OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. You should be regretting it already. Australia hit 25Mil population bcs we imported 400,000 in the last year (2017) - most of them are muslim and blackAfricans. But the Government says that we have an import quota of 93,000 - whoDa thunk? When you import muslims and blackAfricans you import 1,400 years of inbreeding - therefore suffer from biPolar disease and other mental illnesses and we have BIG muslim and blackAfrican crime, home invasions, prostitution, gangRape, genital mutilation, honor killings, domestic violence and child molestation problems. Wow. What a great country we have - filling it up with muslims and blackAfricans. muslims and blackAfricans: will NEVER assimilate muslims and blackAfricans: Get out of our countries!!
Hee Wa Tam Suen
Hee Wa Tam Suen 7 oy oldin
Deport them.. toughen up Australian government and deport the criminals no second chance.....
Todd Adams
Todd Adams 8 oy oldin
And they haven't been deported?
RadicalDude44 9 oy oldin
Get rid of these fuckwits Australia !!!!!
Con Masa
Con Masa 2 oy oldin
They came here battered,and taking it out on innocent people,send them back peacefully
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
+Samir Al-hafzi Said Mohammad Abou get the fuck over your racist fuckin exuses cock, it's getting old hat and sounding as pathetic as it really is!
Samir Al-hafzi Said Mohammad Abou
Shame racist shame!
Tim Tam
Tim Tam 9 oy oldin
Only thing they will need is the nearest hospital and a great surgeon who can help restructure their face
delete the elete
delete the elete 10 oy oldin
Go be a criminal in your own land ...You are a guest in Austrailia be respectful.
The Postman
The Postman 10 oy oldin
If you Aussies can't get a gun, then carry a cane made of hard heartwood hickory and also get a Crocodile Dundee size knife. Or has your socialist leftist idiot government made those illegal to own too? And can you tell the diiference between an Aborigine and some skinny african punk? Last time I checked aborigines were not running around in gangs attacking people on beaches or trains? Only african scumbags do that. And lastly? Find where they live and take the fight to THEM! Once those little pricks realize their homes are known to the locals they have been preying on they might rethink their actions? And why are your police and politicians doing nothing to help? Are they afraid of being called racists by racists?
siargaosdn 4 oy oldin
to Fred M: you were doing well until "rethink". They don't, they act on instinct. If they spot easy prey they attack in numbers. If they feel like having a poo they drop their pants where they stand - in a train, on the street, in a building foyer - and have a poo right there. If they spot one of their cousins or their friend's sister and feel like a root they grab her, turn her around and grunt and sweat over her doggie style until they are satisfied - all five or six of them. They are uncivilised, straight down from the trees primitives with nothing to offer society. We have been done like a dinner by the politicians who have instructed the police to do nothing, and the miserable lot that populate that particular government department faithfully follow orders.
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 5 oy oldin
It's actually illegal to carry anything that is designed to be, or could be, used as a weapon unless you have a valid reason (self defense is not "valid). If you had a baseball bat you must be a baseball player same for cricket. It would appear the plan all along was to disarm law abiding Australians to ensure the criminals would not be injured whilst they were carrying out their activities as they are black. It seems that victims being mainly white is O.K. So all is going according to the Grand Plan of our weak P.C. governments and their leftist minions.
The Postman
The Postman 10 oy oldin
Do you notice the clothes they wear? Goodwill or NGO hand outs. What is wrong with Australian men? How much more of this crap are you going to tolerate before you start defending yourselves? Your cops are useless.
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews 11 oy oldin
Drop them off a bridge about 50 feet to the ground to study the noise that trash makes when it explodes
Nathaniel Bradford
Easy solution, don’t think of their race as a problem or a stop signal, do not fear them for the colour of their skin, for that fear is what they thrive off and allow this behaviour to be successful, instead throw all that political correctness bullshit aside and KICK THEIR FUCKING HEADS IN!!! Dumb arses
Róané Luther
Róané Luther Yil oldin
I can't see any teenagers? It's too dark.
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
+48thyounginn_kol learn to speak fuckin properly dickwad
Blac Kin
Blac Kin 4 oy oldin
Haha says the bitch wit pigskin
Say Whaaat
Say Whaaat 7 oy oldin
Keyboard warrior
48thyounginn_kol 7 oy oldin
Where yo bitch as live ima drop my location chciago, illinois 69th street south side hoe bitch as cracker😂
John Hounslow-Robinson
Why contact police they will let them go and you'll be a racist .
bill connelly
bill connelly Yil oldin
No respect,
Shoe Star
Shoe Star Yil oldin
WE ARE FULL! #imsamoan😂
MUNG STReightn
MUNG STReightn Yil oldin
John Hounslow-Robinson
Because they have been sued by some young black guys who where awarded 1million $ each.
BRETT Yil oldin
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 5 oy oldin
BRETT, No, our moronic P.C. politicians brought them in, and continue to do so.
flossiezz Yil oldin
Send them back to Africa with those FUCKING O’bikes!!!
Bodgie1960 Yil oldin
Dirty fucking imports, this is the shit out fucking stupid stupid stupid Government is signing off on , I miss my Australia, today it’s a dumping ground for the rest of the fucking world :😬😬😬
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
Australia been a fuckin joke for over 30 years
reid 2088
reid 2088 Yil oldin
Next time sumone comes up to you and hits you .... Grab them and put your fukin thumb in there eye socket ... Self defence... people . Really stand up for your self....
Alan Hayward
Alan Hayward Yil oldin
'Anybody's who's seen the teenagers, are urged to shoot the little fuckers...'
ToRebio Yil oldin
wakanda gorillas getting out of control here are n australia. they must be rounded up and be sent to a zoo where they can do whatever they want
Alan Sayer
Alan Sayer Yil oldin
same story wherever they go young black untouchable gangs of so called African appearance lets get this right they are African and there causing havoc wherever they congregate they need rounding up taken to the out back and left in wolf creek .
Liam Conroy
Liam Conroy Yil oldin
Shoot the fucking bush baby's .
ApplePie 2019
ApplePie 2019 Yil oldin
Oh look. Just like in America. Hint; it never gets better, only worse.
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
ApplePie 2017 what happen to you did you get block? Love your nick Dude apple pie lol Hahhaha.
john lennon james
The problem is no one is wooping their black ass there in Melbourne...Here in Sydney we always beat the shit out of them...Now they all gone!
Monkeh Yil oldin
80% of american crimes are being commited by black males. Looks like its a significant factor here too.
bigearedmouse17 Yil oldin
Will they be Deported after sentencing ?... NO ! of course they wont, # You can import them but you cant Deport them.
SOPE_ ONER Yil oldin
These cunts are weak straight up
Zal Moxis
Zal Moxis Yil oldin
and what will the police do about it...???? A=NIL !! Come on Victoria, let's see Melbourne have it's Cronulla riot....but lets see something really happen this time and put these mongrels in their place. The B.S racist reasons the press beat up for the Cronulla "riot" were not the real truth, the same thing was happening in Sydney but it was Lebs doing it.... Wouldn't it be nice if some politicians or celebrities got whacked in the process, then we'd see something done wouldn't we....?? But all the robberies in the meantime will continue by design of the social manipulators and the social justice warrior foot soldiers doing their bidding and keeping us in chains.
Mark Prendergast
Haha Melbourne this will not end well, so prgressive, so welcoming the divesity and poc of shit hole counties.
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
Mr trump the mafia crime: is an anti Aust he doesn't realise that American is about to go down the toilet. Just like pieace of shit that is about to be flush.
I am a reincarnated roman soldier ( well I was actually from a small village in southern Turkey and not actually roman at all ). I was serving with an auxilia that had been trained by the VI roman legion and was stationed in Jerusalem (to act as police, guards and reserve/replacements for the VI). This was at the beginning of what we know today as the first century. The VI and all the "roman" roman troops were all up north somewhere in what I think is today Syria (foreign troops in Syria! sound familiar?). Well anyway to make a long story short, I helped execute Jesus. Nothing personal. just orders and all. I just wanted to post this comment because 1. It really struck me that the guy they had playing Jesus in than passion movie and depictions here and in most other movies and videos don't look any thing like the guy I remember. They took a bit of film license with this one let me tell you! The real Jesus was a little bitty Jew (tiny even by Jewish standards of that time.). He looked just like a really skinny and less attractive version of that actor Woody Allen. He didn't have a beard. Most of the locals did but a certain number of them didn't in those days. Roman/Greek influence I suppose. And his voice OMG! In the movie version they have this bloke giving out them guttural manly grunts , shrieks and sighs. huh! The real Jesus had a very effeminate voice and screamed like a little girl when we were whipping him. Pissed himself too. ( well they all did that come to think of it.) I couldn't understand what he was saying but he was obviously begging for us to let him go and or stop. It's hard for people that have never actually seen this in real life to understand that the person on the receiving end of this kind of corporal punishment does not look noble, stoic or heroic to the crowd watching. I guess the director of the passion thought it would make Jesus look cooler with a lot of slow motion shots. The truth is the person that is on the receiving end of this kind of treatment looks silly and ridiculous and completely subjugated. Which is sort of the point of why they had us doing that kind of thing. It was a hell of a deterrent to crime. Well anyway the second reason I wanted to comment is that I feel real bad about what I did (What with him turning out to be the son of god and all,...in one religion) but you have to understand it was a different time and torture was not as stigmatized (no pun intended) as it is today. And we had a lot of people to nail up that day. Not to mention I didn't speak any of the local languages and my Latin was always a bit crap so for all I knew he had raped his mum or something.Show less
brazil is not Spanish and you are from british colony
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
alberto RODRIGUEZ You are either Mexican or Brazil from a Spanish colonial.
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
alberto RODRIGUEZ Hahahaha Aww ugly Did I say your American citizen. Or British? The problem with you ugly you jump into conclusion to fast. I think your so ugly it's destroying your IQ.
zet am american citizen not a british subject
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
What makes this people weak is they are brave in packs. They know they are skinny and strength stamina wise they don't have as far as I'm concerned. Compare to us Aust blokes we are buff. We need to teach this dick head a lesson...
The Postman
The Postman 10 oy oldin
What are you waiting for?
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Yil oldin
Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS And the mouth keeps going. Pitty your spelling isn't as good as your pretty mouth. 😅😅😅😅😅
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Yil oldin
Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS Be flying over soon. And I'll find you.
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Yil oldin
Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS I think I'm in love with you. You complete me. Can I come to your ranch? Xo
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Yil oldin
Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS Yeah Im sure you'd like my gun wouldn't you. 😂😂😂
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
I'm pretty sure if all the Australian citizen all gang up on them. Including Asian born Aust and Europe born aust gang on them bringing of what we have as a weapon they'd be fucked. Just like the old days when the skinheads rape the Viet and the Viet retaliate.
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta Yil oldin
Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS Lol hahahaha your trash talking about Aust like America capable to win a war. 1. American lost against Somalia hiding behind the Malay and Pakistani tanks. hundreds of US marines body fell apart into five pieaces because of RPG. 2. Hawaii got bomb by Japanese soilder 1945 Pearl Harbor. 3. Vietnamese war American lost 4. Afghanistan war America until now the situation hasn't been settled. Sure bin Bin Laden died but you lost great American building such as twin tower. Which crash down all the stock exchange and Many investors lost billions. Even pentagon the say even a fly can't enter but the terrorist manage to destroy it. So what the Fuck are you on about stupid.
OUTRAGED Aussie Yil oldin
It's happening because of the week government we have in Australia they have sold Australia to the UN AGENDA 21. ONE NATION IS THE ONLY PARTY WITH A POLICY ON IMMIGRATION. VOTE ONE NATION.
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
One nation lmfao with Pauline the dipshit and Latham the fuckin retard, that'll work out well
********** Yil oldin
Angry Aussie I agree, One Nation is the answer. None of the major parties including the Greens will do anything to take action on these animals. All those politicians are under the influence of those elitist, Zionist, Soros's hidden agenda
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Yil oldin
Keffas gonna be keffas
Blac Kin
Blac Kin 4 oy oldin
Crackers gone be crackers chicken shit muthafucker
phillip kalaveras
American blacks have been out of Africa for 300 years but their behavior is the same as if they just left yesterday. I other words; It is NOT going to get any better and with more on the way and you being striped of your firearms and anyway to protect yourselves your neverending nightmare is just warming up. You people need to rise up and take your country back.
Jeff Stryker
Jeff Stryker Yil oldin
Thanks dumb arse politicians for bringing these cunts here and now you wanna bring more here. Look what they have done to Europe, it won’t be long until we become like them.
Ultimate Warrior X2
In Quebec , as long as its a criminal he is protected and beyond if he has the color of victimisation (Black/Brown)
Summah Zane
Summah Zane Yil oldin
Give a white man a pile of bricks and he will build a city .... ... Give a black man a city and he will turn it into a pile of bricks
Raptor Cawk
Raptor Cawk Yil oldin
Why did you stopped replying to me Trump the MAFIA CRIME BOSS??? Oh because I completely rekt you with facts? Why don’t you kill your self you stupid libtard, Egyptians aren’t black
luke mcvicar
luke mcvicar Yil oldin
North Arfica is filled with berbers and Moars all ethnically arab.
Raptor Cawk
Raptor Cawk Yil oldin
Look at you, first said that you are a historian but your claim of Egyptians are black doesn’t have any evidence sources to back it up, then when you realize your loosing you just start the “your racist!” Bullshit.
Raptor Cawk
Raptor Cawk Yil oldin
Oh, because I completely EXPOSED YOU WITH FACTS??? You not some professional historians, your just another American liberal who’s still crying about Hillary loosing! And calling everyone a racist whenever they disagrees with you!
Raptor Cawk
Raptor Cawk Yil oldin
Why did you stopped replaying? Answer my question you fuck boi
Mc smokey man hey bro
send em home
Deanx73 Yil oldin
I would of shot them 100%
Ock0305w Yil oldin
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 5 oy oldin
Ock0305w, "In politics stupidity is not a handicap." Napoleon Bonaparte.
Farmer2492 Yil oldin
we need open season on them like duck season
Jen Werner
Jen Werner Yil oldin
Retarded scum
Malcolm Soh
Malcolm Soh Yil oldin
LOL---I see them and I walk away to the other direction. Apparently training in martial arts is a threat. LOL
Falaniko Robertson
Ill love to run into these dickheads nd give them sum island whip ass fuckn disgrace to all african raise
Harry Seldon
Harry Seldon Yil oldin
Black violence is expected and obvious. Look at the USA statistics. When IQ tests were done on blacks in sub-Saharan Africa, the average was found to be 70. All peer reviewed results for the last 100 years. So half of sub-Saharan Africans fall into the medical definition of mentally retarded. Making most of them completely unemployable.
Capt Fathom
Capt Fathom 2 oy oldin
+ashsqx324 boom lol
ashsqx324 Yil oldin
Harry Seldon yet they are smarter than the australian police, judiciary and legal system by miles!
OROTEGA Yil oldin
Bad news. From now on you've to deal with these chimpanzees, in USA got their freedom as slaves about a century and half ago and since, the have the same behavior. That's why will never disappear racism.
Raptor Cawk
Raptor Cawk Yil oldin
Where would you rather live, Norway or Congo?
OROTEGA Yil oldin
How the fuck you dare to say that? with the white dude picture of yours?
OROTEGA Yil oldin
We will be inside a big ass bunker
OROTEGA Yil oldin
Right! and they will eat each other. Bye civilation
chevy c10
chevy c10 Yil oldin
They are like cancer . You guys are fucked . Should never allowed them in to your country . Im from south africa . Maybe now you can understand why there was apartheid here . You cant live with those animals . But enjoy we have our own shit here because of other countries wanting south africa to get rid of apartheid . The same will happen all over the world then you will all understand ...... good luck
paw crawl Owens
paw crawl Owens Yil oldin
Hunt down and shoot these animals
Miles C. Anthony
You guys should've never given up your guns. Fuck these animal gang cunts.
Fancy Name
Fancy Name Yil oldin
You said “black” while describing black people. You are such a racist!!! (this is what American liberals tell Americans)
rek ur puss
rek ur puss Yil oldin
Where's Hando and Davey when you need'em
SLAM BOY Yil oldin
kill em all
SLAM BOY Yil oldin
You are an idiot
Stephen edwards
Stephen edwards Yil oldin
fuck em back to the shithole country they came from
nono nonowaay
nono nonowaay Yil oldin
They dindunuffin
sAN sEE Yil oldin
Should've sank that boat.
Rob Chillem
Rob Chillem Yil oldin
It's too easy.
Paul Mana
Paul Mana Yil oldin
sAN sEE or Fuckn blow it to pieces..😂😂😂😂
8 Terrifying Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape
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FaceTune Battle ft. Nikita Dragun
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Why Americans Love Taco Bell
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Flamin' Hot Snacks Taste Test
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