My iPhone XS Max Is Doing Something Weird...

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My iPhone XS Max is doing something weird. Subscribe for my upcoming iPhone XS Max review.
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26-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
What do you guys think?
And rew
And rew Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy that’s so fucked up
Khalid Kh
Khalid Kh 2 oy oldin
I stopped by the apple store right after 12.1 update to check out the iPhone xs max, and noticed that the beautygate is still there. I compared it side by side with my iPhone X and yes my iPhone X is still taking better realistic selfies compared to Xs Max. seriously what the nuck or duck is going on? I wanted to upgrade to Xs Max but the problem is still there.
Adriana Thompson
Adriana Thompson 2 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy I have had the iPhone XS Max for 3 weeks and I thought I was going crazy because my iPhone 7plus front camera was better! I hate the smoothed look it applies to me and anyone in the selfie. Honestly makes me wish I would e gotten the Note 9 instead.
Carlos Lantigua
Carlos Lantigua 3 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy That's why they did not invite you... "too sharp" for Apple
Barkha Gehlot
Barkha Gehlot 3 oy oldin
iPhone X selfie is way better. And i prefer natural photos
Cliff  Hankins
Cliff Hankins Kun oldin
I like the older iPhone 6 photo. Looks more realistic
Manthan Thakkar
Manthan Thakkar 2 kun oldin
@lew you shluld have send picture to another phone . It looks more of screen oled colours setting as well
Janul Wickramarachchi
Unbox therapy ! from my perspective that’s how you look actually in the iPhone XS and XS max.
I'd prefer the one clicked by the iphone X and iphone 6
bomb prank bomb prank
My grandma think that she saw an egg
Mr Joa
Mr Joa 6 kun oldin
They would make it an option I hate it!
Random RimRock // TripleR
Apple is sure a big bamboomy ass dickhead, beauty mode on me looks hideous
Yan Shum
Yan Shum 7 kun oldin
I buy this from my daughter
Patrick Todd
Patrick Todd 7 kun oldin
I feel like a lot of my friends would have just said "damn I'm looking fine af" and put no more thought into it.
West B.
West B. 7 kun oldin
I’ve noticed that instantly the moment I took my first selfie on my iPhone xs! I compared it to my selfie took in an iPhone 6 front camera and it looks awful. I’m not happy with it.
andrea martinez
andrea martinez 7 kun oldin
I honestly hate it that’s why I didn’t change my iPhone 8
Karunne Lowe-Nelson
Took a picture picture with the front camera on my sister’s iPhone XS Max... that shit look like a damn $30 android camera🤦🏾‍♀️
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 9 kun oldin
“Just take a portrait photo and then open the shot in the Photos app, tap the “Edit” button in the upper right and then slide the meter along the bottom to adjust the depth. As you slide the depth, it tells you what aperture is being simulated (from f/1.4 for really blurry to f/16 for no blur). This works for portrait photos shot with both the rear and front-facing camera.”
Suzzicorn 9 kun oldin
We could hope it was a software update. But, still the same "beauty mode". I should have seen this days ago, before I got the xs max..
jemairo_raids 10 kun oldin
Samsung is better
SEFF 11 kun oldin
Then iPhone 6 takes some really good pics when its next to the others
Rushabh Pasalkar
Rushabh Pasalkar 14 kun oldin
Can you please make a video on flare reflection on iphone xs and xs max let people know whats wrong with apple , I only trust on your reviews , thankyou .
MutoreoCookie 14 kun oldin
I'm not saying you have like a weird face or anything but you look like an alien on the Xs
Tight Plays Roblox
Tight Plays Roblox 15 kun oldin
Firelord2kGaming 15 kun oldin
My xs max is not turning on at all I just bought 4 days a go.
LOONI BEATS 16 kun oldin
And it’s not only doing it on the front it does it on the rear while recording video smh fk this phone lol
LOONI BEATS 16 kun oldin
Man I thought I was the only tripping lol my iPhone 8 camera is better than my iPhone X’s Max smh
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra 16 kun oldin
No matter how much weird things you may find on an iphone is still better then an android tupperware
Sourav Mk
Sourav Mk 17 kun oldin
Please give me I phone bro please please .iam requesting . Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Holly Hodgson
Holly Hodgson 19 kun oldin
my xr does the same thing, it doesn’t look good at all
Zaria Elise
Zaria Elise 20 kun oldin
I got an xs for Christmas and i took one look at the camera and I miss my 7 I want it back
2035solidsnake 20 kun oldin
Unc Lew, when will we be seeing that Oppo Find X 💚👀
Amira Zahra
Amira Zahra 20 kun oldin
Returned my iPhone XS it’s so annoying the useless beauty stuff quite annoyed
MrRainbowShadez 21 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure this is happening on my iPhone XR
DB3 21 kun oldin
Don’t look a gift horse, you need all the help you can get!
aabood007 22 kun oldin
What about the horrible lens flare issue with the newer iPhones nobody talking about that??
Ranjini Ranjini
Ranjini Ranjini 22 kun oldin
I choose I phone 10.
Kennedy Brown
Kennedy Brown 22 kun oldin
I’m mad disappointed, when i opened up to Snapchat i was wondering why i was getting this weird Galaxy Camera blurry effect so after tweaking with the phone i decided to googling it and i ended here and i want to cry...
izzy.duz.it_ 1124
izzy.duz.it_ 1124 22 kun oldin
Apple been using filters on their iPhones cameras, nothing new. Since the iPhone 6, same way Snapchat uses it's default filter on the camera
bbomberz NZ
bbomberz NZ 22 kun oldin
1:12 best photo ever LMAO lol
Logan Pearce
Logan Pearce 23 kun oldin
I just got my iPhone XS and I HATE the camera it look so bad! Especially on Snapchat. I used to have the iPhone SE and I think the camera on my old phone is better. I hope apple fixes this with a software update bc this sucks!
محمد الحامد
I noticed this when i moved from iphone 6 plus to 7 plus its shit
Nerdy Ninja
Nerdy Ninja 24 kun oldin
This Is How The Robots Walkin On The Street Gonna Look Like In The Future, They Want To Make That Look Normal For Us😂
Skyforce 213
Skyforce 213 26 kun oldin
I see it
*Veganislife* 28 kun oldin
Jus thought an XR - Yellow tint on screen - All settings off - no color filter and still tint. Seems to be widespread..WTF
Alyssa Middleton
Alyssa Middleton 28 kun oldin
Has there been any updates? Would u do an update video?
Devin Bowen
Devin Bowen 29 kun oldin
The problem is fixed now
Devin Bowen
Devin Bowen 25 kun oldin
Nasha Rush a software update
Nasha Rush
Nasha Rush 25 kun oldin
Devin Bowen how ?
Osas Promise
Osas Promise 29 kun oldin
Please you guys should advise me, I wanted to order for the phone and it is because of the camera, watching this video now I'm confused, I don't know if I should still go ahead and buy it 😕😕. . I have the money to get whatever phone I want but I don't know the best phone to buy
August Arellano
August Arellano 29 kun oldin
It’s not just the front camera but the rear camera as well, what a complete rip. My iPhone 7plus took better pictures than my xs max
August Arellano
August Arellano 29 kun oldin
It looks like a piece of shit android camera and I’m really upset about this shit, I just got xs max yesterday and I’m really upset about this!!
Xavin Dayal
Xavin Dayal Oy oldin
Serious back ground music
Tanmay Kalanke
Apple’s strategy: First create a problem, then sell its solution.
The worst thing is the quality on Instagram and Snapchat it’s really weird like if I was an Android 😭
Asyraf Rasid
Asyraf Rasid Oy oldin
Just dont buy iphone
player0227 6
player0227 6 Oy oldin
Chen Hien Foh
Chen Hien Foh Oy oldin
It from China Not weird
Cristal Gonzalez
i agree i Want it OFF ! i hate the blurry look 😒
John Mack
John Mack Oy oldin
Maybe its a feature for Tinder or likely as its App$e... Grinder.
Crystal Oy oldin
I couldn’t agree more. I am SO disappointed in this and just want my 7 plus back :( APPLE PLEASE FIX THIS!!
It's_ Nia
It's_ Nia Oy oldin
Y’all are stupid how tf is this clickbait when he’s actually explaining something that’s going on. You morons who are saying it’s clickbait probably don’t have the Xs
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan Oy oldin
Iphone 6's photo was much better than iphone xs & xs max and even better than iphone x.😅🤔 Believe me or not iphone se , iphone 6s and iphone 7 plus was better than the others....
j doubleu
j doubleu Oy oldin
Funny that ppl still buy iPhones. Like there is nothing an iPhone can do that another phone can't do better. I guess it's a good basic phone but you could buy a basic phone that is just as nice that's half the price.
j doubleu
j doubleu Oy oldin
+ananias viper :3 Nah did my research, got the rog phone.
ananias viper :3
j doubleu if you are poor you can show it buying a s8 in2019
Sushma Thapa
Sushma Thapa Oy oldin
Give me one☺
Sammy Nordquist
Fuck I just ordered a XS 🤦🏻‍♀️ I do not want a wors front camera then my 6plus... I want raw sharp photos..
Riley Thomas
Riley Thomas Oy oldin
just thinking. maybe it’s not just the camera. maybe it is also the true tone setting that the new iphones have that is trying to correct and is just over compensating
Alex Oy oldin
I upgraded from iphone se to iphone XR. It turned out that I look much better with iphone XR's camera and I like it.
Hritam Mondal
Hritam Mondal Oy oldin
Eraser Oy oldin
I don’t understand why you’re complaining.
Mahi S
Mahi S Oy oldin
Any solution 🙁🤔..
Emily Rad
Emily Rad Oy oldin
I just got the iPhone 10xs and I feel like it really messes with the skin tone. the skin is reading really red. the images also look kind on flat and "structured". its so weird.
fernando rodriguez
I think is cool bring ppl self esteem up.. can unboxing therapy test gps on xs max plz
Ananta Shahane
Hey, look we found our tech youtuberes' Alex Jones.
Mirna Lol
Mirna Lol Oy oldin
I wish I saw this video before getting the iPhone Xs max
Mr. Pasghetti
Mr. Pasghetti Oy oldin
This is obvious shady marketing and design. Just imagine a scenario in which people don't know this is happening. I take a picture with my new iPhone and it comes out looking great (beauty mode) my friend says "wow that looks so good can I give it a try?" He/she tries it and is impressed at how good they look on it to. Goes out to get a new iPhone just for that effect. It's bullshit because since it's an incognito type of effect, they believe they really look like that as opposed to manually having to edit or re-touch a photo. Completely shady tactic at a gullible consumer base if you ask me.
Horrorfav Oy oldin
The iphone x has the best picture
Logan Hurlbut
Logan Hurlbut Oy oldin
Has anyone ever tried to cover the bottom camera on an iPhone X or Xs and hit the 2x zoom button? While covering the bottom lens on my Xs, I can still see an image on the screen. Shouldn't this switch over to the zoom lens and then be black on the screen? I was shocked by this and was wondering if anyone else has seen this too.
R A Oy oldin
Has anyone seen taking a video both sides of the cam seen lagging/stuttering (like the frame rate slowing in some parts)? My cam is new and it is causing this.
Victor Mendoza
Keep up this new music.
Melissa Congdon
I thought this had been happening on my iPhone 7plus.
M locascio
M locascio Oy oldin
It's happening on iPhone XR too.
THEREV468 Oy oldin
What does your 6 look so clear and perfect? Mine doesn’t look that great?
Deshon Husband
You guys are being super overdramatic the side by side photos arent even a drastic change. 🙄 im ocer here expecting to see justin bieber CK underwear type of photoshopping and its this bs. Smh more apple haters crawling out to make stupid points over something not even serious. Like literally this wouldnt even hide your blemishes this would only make them not pop out so much. Plus I read it was just a bug so very soon you can put your vaginas away once apple tolls out a bug fix. At least iphone does that often instead of making you wait until you upgrade like android
mike peczinka
mike peczinka Oy oldin
Hate this feature. Love the phone so much but my Snapchat’s look funny now!
قاسم الزمزمي
Because iphone is phone for girls .girls want to be more bauty
Irma Bautista
Irma Bautista Oy oldin
If you dont want your iPhone can I have it ??
Cimerre Oy oldin
*Apple is a fruit*
zulu Oy oldin
i only realized this after i bought the phone... i started complaining to friends about how bad the front camera is, only to later on read reviews and see videos like this. it sucks cus i love the phone so much but i use the front camera too often to be satisfied anymore. sooooo disappointed !
Logan Atty
Logan Atty Oy oldin
Apple peaked at the IPhone 6s the only reason they took away the audio jack is so that people would be inclined to buy a wireless pair of headphones or earbuds, the lightning-connector Apple earpods, or keep buying the adapter that's like 4 inches long and I don't know how it affects the sound quality. They take something away and then get praise for creating an expensive solution to a problem that only exists so they can make more money. I think Apple is no longer "how can we innovate" but rather "how can we get these suckers to keep paying above a premium" I think the only reason Apple is still relevant is because of its history, imagine if a Chinese phone company created the "iPhone X" just with a different name.. do you honestly think people would buy it? nope! they pay for a logo, they pay 1000s of dollars maintaining an apple ecosystem which is not necessary in the least.
Guardian Of The Duat
Well look who buys apple phones basic bitches to post on instagram duh
Robert Oy oldin
That is an ugly face right there.
Carson Atkins
Carson Atkins Oy oldin
What if apple is secretly applying this to trick people into thinking that the apple cameras are just better than competitors cameras. If a customer sees the automatic beauty mode picture next to the natural picture of an android (or whatever) people will claim that the iphone camera is better, just because THEY look better in the picture
0932steve Oy oldin
I have a light brown skin color and it makes me look pink i compared it to my old iphone 7 and there was a huge difference im gonna downgrade to the iphone 8 people are saying it makes you look better but it really doesn't not true to skin tone at all
Gustdager Oy oldin
Looks like a new trend across manufactures, the race to the best looking photos. Ugh i fucking like a plastic baby doll when taking a normal pic of me. I hope you will soon get the possibility to turn it of. Til then, I'll look like a chinese model..
Sophia Sparkle
I still have an IPhone 7. I never experienced any camera or any problems. Who agrees that the old IPhones were better?
Sophia Sparkle
N I C O L E I sens who agrees, didn’t say who disagrees ok if you disagree keep your opinion to yourself
P O T A T O Oy oldin
Sophia Sparkle just you
Kamal Arif
Kamal Arif Oy oldin
Yo! Lew. I noticed something weird going on with my XS Max. When I press Side Button for Siri, screen turns black automatically and Siri’s responded slower only on top notch speaker. Then I have to press the Side Button again TWICE to wake my phone up. I’d appreciate your clarification regarding this.
amita gadkari
amita gadkari Oy oldin
Chill guys some people like to glow and look beautiful in pictures. That so wrong? People who take selfies and are all up on Instagram would probably love this. Only problem I see is that it should have been optional. Don't call people who don't have a problem with this shallow and superficial. It's not wrong to want to look good. People find flaws anywhere if you let them.
asdf Oy oldin
apple engineers are cute asian girls what the fuck do you expect
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel Oy oldin
Lew!!! This is important! Iphone xs and xs max has a big issue with the oled screen. When the brightness is on low, the screen flickers and that can be seen with a slow motion camera or a microscope. Either way it is hurting people’s eyes!!!
Brian Guan
Brian Guan Oy oldin
😶 he’s constipated
Carl Moritz
Carl Moritz Oy oldin
You dont need a beauty mode, you pretty MF'er!!! :o)
hansraj63686 h
I mean you're old and wrinkled....so you shouldn't be complaining tbh.
Luis Castro
Luis Castro Oy oldin
If you've seen most of apple buyers then you'll understand that they are looking for that option and you should already know how apple is so better forget about getting an option added
Off_mah_lawn Oy oldin
Wait, how did the iPhone 6 take the best photo? Wtf
Maurizio Zhu
Maurizio Zhu 2 oy oldin
2:02 don't take photos of eggs
5 oy oldin