The iPad Pro Is Bending. I'm Not Happy.

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Is the iPad Pro too fragile? Did Apple sacrifice structural integrity in exchange for thinness? Several reports have emerged suggesting that may be the case. Some are claiming that their iPad Pro arrived bent in the box, others suggest the iPad Pro is not backpack friendly.
Reports -
Macworld - www.macworld.com/article/3329747/iphone-ipad/no-apple-bent-ipad-pros-are-not-acceptable.html
The Verge - www.theverge.com/2018/12/19/18148957/apple-ipad-bend-pro-2018-shipping-manufacturing-confirmed
Laptop Mag - www.laptopmag.com/articles/ipad-pro-bend-controversy
Macrumors - www.macrumors.com/2018/11/16/new-ipad-pro-bend-test/

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 16 kun oldin
In your opinion, should Apple replace the bent iPad Pros?
Logan Draper
Logan Draper Kun oldin
The problem is the fact that the microphone and the plastic spot for the pencil are in the exact center of the frame. It makes it structurally weak and they'd have to redesign the internal makeup to fix it. Basically make a new iPad
Essjaythegreat 9 kun oldin
Koala Flavor
Koala Flavor 11 kun oldin
Heywood Jablomi
Heywood Jablomi 16 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy yes mine is bent lol
OneGoogleUser 16 kun oldin
Prafull Gupta
Prafull Gupta 3 soat oldin
C'mon dude you need to do the rituals. You need to BEND it.
Amor Evora
Amor Evora 7 soat oldin
Make a vibranium ipad
BleakVision 20 soat oldin
Who the hell demands thinness?
Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron O'Rourke Kun oldin
Wont apple ever learn that pepople that dont want products that cant handle normal use? Just waiting for the apple sheep to tell me how apple products bending is somehow a good thing
Paul Godfrey
Paul Godfrey Kun oldin
ps never buy so called american products lmfao
Paul Godfrey
Paul Godfrey Kun oldin
ps get back to the usual not a reality show pmsl
Tom Nix
Tom Nix 2 kun oldin
I’m just about to swop from 5th gen iPad to pro 11” if I open my box to a bent iPad then I will be bending someone’s ear .... and they should replace any product that has a design flaw... it’s apple 🍏
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem 2 kun oldin
انا احبك يا unbox therapy
The Muslim RC Racer
only an individual with psychological issues would actually buy this after knowing it bends after normal use
Dávid Mikula
Dávid Mikula 2 kun oldin
Every company should make 1-2 cm thick devices with 6K mah battery. Then no bent problem.
Hazza Brown
Hazza Brown 3 kun oldin
Bend it like beckham
Kareem Khan
Kareem Khan 3 kun oldin
They need to be officially recalled and replaced when they redesign/reproduction the 2018 IPad Pro the series 2 or redos should be built out of titanium alloy or at the very least reinforced steel if they wish for it to remain that thin and long This was asking to happen the phone can bend but it isn’t the biggest issue it’s a way shorter piece of aluminum and a tad thicker the iPad is bending straight out of the box and to me that is a recall
Victor Hazbun
Victor Hazbun 3 kun oldin
you don't need an IPad, buy a Macbook PRO/Air.
ᖇᗩᑭTOᖇ ᖇᗩY
Guys should I buy an IPad Pro? Or save my ~$700 for later?!
Jarvis Rinklebaker
Jarvis Rinklebaker 4 kun oldin
And jerryrigjackass doesn’t do bend tests on other tablets. Hmmm. A paid shill he is.
Hi Im APOP 4 kun oldin
Weird and worrying flex, but ok.
Robbie Rolfe
Robbie Rolfe 4 kun oldin
If Steve Jobs was here this shit would have never happened.
RandomRants 4 kun oldin
They should create a case that’s not too thick but strong enormous gg to prevent bending. I feel like that would be a easy fix and if they do do that then they also should replace as many bent iPads as possible. They should make the case hella cheap because it’s apples fault for the bending so at least they should make the case cheap!
Angel zhang
Angel zhang 4 kun oldin
If the iPad is bent from the factory, why don't they open the device in the store and make the employeers make sure it isn't bent
Uncle Live 69
Uncle Live 69 5 kun oldin
Why he always wear an hat ?
Stephen Cheung
Stephen Cheung 5 kun oldin
It is bendable by design. LUL
That iPad is $2,100 dollars in my country
William Giakas
William Giakas 5 kun oldin
Buy a case for your expensive iPad Pro and eliminate the issue. Come on!
Siren 5 kun oldin
Stop hating on apple man.
The Almighty B1zznotch
Hey its apple people Expect this crap !!
Hadgerz 6 kun oldin
Apple customers: WE WANT THE THINNEST OF THIN DEVICES! AAPL: **makes device thinner** Apple customers: NO, THINNER! AAPL: **sacrifices structural integrity to shave that last possible millimetre as customers demanded** Apple customers: **START TO BEND THE DEVICES** Apple customers: *HOW CUD DIS HAPEN! :O*
Sam K
Sam K 5 kun oldin
there are other tablets that are as thin as Ipad and don't bend like that.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head 6 kun oldin
False the iPad Pro is not the best tablet out there the Microsoft Surface Pro line is the best as it has a desktop grade OS and desktop class software that kills mobile software and the mobile OS that Apple cripples. The Microsoft Surface Pro is really good for students it is pricey but if you need Windows OS with a more portable package then this is one of the best options. However if you're on a budget I have 2 options that I can think of off the top of my head and those are the Microsoft Surface Go and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 again if you need Windows OS then go with the Surface Go if you just need a tablet that can get done what you want it to check out the Galaxy Tab S4. Best thing to do is to go to a consumer electronics store and test out the products I mentioned that way you can see if they'll work for you.
Gonermois P
Gonermois P 6 kun oldin
OMG THATS WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO MY IPHONE 6! Ialways but it into my back pocket and would forget and sit on it. And THEN I got weird phantom touches! I had to replace my phone because they thought it was a virus.😡 I spent unneeded money to replace a phone on the company's fault. And that's the story of how I switched to Samsung.
Marc M.
Marc M. 6 kun oldin
Two monkeys talking
くんKishita 6 kun oldin
This turned to "Unboxing Therapy" to like "The Ellen Show Therapy"
Kervis Boston
Kervis Boston 6 kun oldin
@Unbox Therapy The next iPad will definitely have a solution to this issue. That may mean making the device thicker; however, the result of bend reduction will be worth the additional device thickness. Also, maybe Apple Inc. will introduce the quality expected at a modest premium price point. More customers would likely recycle their old device for the next iPad.
Isacco Tanghetti
Isacco Tanghetti 7 kun oldin
Guys, just stop buying apple products.
Sharan Raj Jaisingh
Hey lew Have you heard of any rumors of apple doing anything about the ipad bend problem...i am considering buying the new iPad Pro. Think I should get it or wait and see??? Thanks
Sumaiya Ripa
Sumaiya Ripa 7 kun oldin
Wow you most be really restarted what the hell is wrong with you
HaydenTheLegDude 7 kun oldin
10/10 camera work 100000000/10 dog
-CraftedXCX -
-CraftedXCX - 7 kun oldin
An apple fan here, but even tho i love apple the new ipads arent good enough just buy the older ones lmao
João Victor
João Victor 7 kun oldin
What's the diference between fold and bend? Fold is only for paper?
mrjinkorea 7 kun oldin
JerryRigEverything shows how easily this device breaks in half if you apply just a little pressure on it. Be careful and don't accidentally sit on it while it's on your bed or sofa. Beautiful device to be sure, but it's extremely fragile!!
Nz Heron
Nz Heron 7 kun oldin
Don Tundra
Don Tundra 8 kun oldin
I put my iPad Pro 12.9 in my backpack with the keyboard folio on and all seems to be good so far. Do you guys think I should spend another $30 or so on a hard shell sleeve to further protect it??
Daniel Eger
Daniel Eger 8 kun oldin
I honestly think you should invite Eminem to your show.
Athihrii Rex
Athihrii Rex 8 kun oldin
2017 Ipad pro 10.5 is the most durable ipad so far👍
Alexis Dominguez
Alexis Dominguez 8 kun oldin
Is the New LG G flex
暴力Hinsha 8 kun oldin
2:09,best part😊
MrSnowmanJoe 8 kun oldin
What's the point of a tablet that thin anyways?
Anand Mahesh
Anand Mahesh 8 kun oldin
Thinner devices cost more to make. I'd be happy with a thicker device. It would be cheaper stronger and have more room for a bigger battery
Roro Yo
Roro Yo 8 kun oldin
what a shill! Apple is shit just say it
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 8 kun oldin
It was nice to see Willy Do sit down and chat about tech. This is a nice format.
Alifya Faizee
Alifya Faizee 8 kun oldin
-Unbox- *Therapy*
Willis Orr
Willis Orr 8 kun oldin
nice nike hat!
robertsmith 8 kun oldin
There's metal that bend and goes back to normal same with plastics the Samsung tab S is a little thicker and the dell venue 7840 and 7000 has the same frame thickness and less bezel and I haven't test it if it bends but is not as big it's only 8 inches but there's a 10 inch one that has amoled well the point is why aren't those subjected to this kind of treatment? I guess they all bend if you try
Matt Gissentanna
Matt Gissentanna 8 kun oldin
Cut the music. Introduce yourselves. Occasionally Invite guests.Turn this into a talk show podcast.
Dillan Labrador
Dillan Labrador 8 kun oldin
i love the ending! hahahahahah..
Junior Sarpong
Junior Sarpong 8 kun oldin
People who think apple doesn’t care are simply idiots. You were offered apple care at purchase right? and you declined right? so just buy a damn new one (twice) like I did. -Lord2tree the wise one you damn idiot!
louville314 8 kun oldin
Did he say anything about this new format? I don't remember getting no type of warning or nuthin
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 8 kun oldin
All bias aside, I feel like it shouldn't be so easy to bend one's electronics in general, let alone one that costs so much.
Stampin Craze
Stampin Craze 8 kun oldin
I would never “throw” my iPad in a backpack, just like I never put my iPhone in my back pocket. None of my stuff bends!
Mr Sausage
Mr Sausage 8 kun oldin
just make with carbon body structure ... its superlight and super strong ... its 1000 ipad cmn apple lol
Xionous2988 8 kun oldin
Yeah these iPads are wayyy too slim. You’re asking for it to be broken if you even buy it😂
arno nabuurs
arno nabuurs 9 kun oldin
It did not screw up the digitizer...it cracked a solder joint from the TOUCH IC on the logic board, get your facts straight
Ali Agha
Ali Agha 9 kun oldin
Congratulations on your new studio It’s very cool😎
1LinkEdits 9 kun oldin
uhh..im still curious as to why you would want to buy an iPad if you already have an iPhone? Like.. iPads are getting smaller, and iPhones are getting bigger, like what exactly is the difference? There seems to be no benefits to buying an iPad other than size? They're essentially wide iPhones that cant make phone calls
Flex Box
Flex Box 9 kun oldin
It's normal and you're actually holding it wrong
Luke Deveraux
Luke Deveraux 9 kun oldin
IBSTAR82 PORTAGE 9 kun oldin
Should be called bow pad...
Jason C.
Jason C. 9 kun oldin
I could of designed a better ipad.
Michael Wiser
Michael Wiser 9 kun oldin
Ok Lew, what’s going on here? No introduction. Just bang, hers a new set and format. Maybe title it something: Tech Rehab... that’s just off the top of my head
Nyquil07 Na
Nyquil07 Na 9 kun oldin
Liked for the pup. Apple is shit peroid.
Kimball Yates
Kimball Yates 9 kun oldin
I don’t think people understand how *cheap* the ipad is, it’s $300 cheaper than the iphone
e1ixs_lk 9 kun oldin
nobody wants bent anything... *zooms in on bent bill cap*
Zhetao Wang
Zhetao Wang 9 kun oldin
"No one wants bent anything." I want a Bentley!
Reginald Coats
Reginald Coats 9 kun oldin
What happened to this channel I’ve been gone for a while
DoritozMilk Milk
DoritozMilk Milk 9 kun oldin
The rapist
Robert Middleton
Robert Middleton 9 kun oldin
As a cell phone repair technician bends make me nervous. I'm confident in my skills but when consumers think it's not a big deal and I repair their device that later down the road has a problem and becomes unrepairable I become the one to blame since I worked on it last.
TenzoG 9 kun oldin
Apple gets exposed over and over but people still buy their products like why?
TheCrippledNinja 9 kun oldin
My I phone 6 died prematurely because it bent on my FRONT pocket and the motherboard became unhinged making the screen unresponsive
Murcaroni Salad
Murcaroni Salad 9 kun oldin
Is it seriously surprising you people??? Apple is and has been a sham for such a long time
You Know Who I am
You Know Who I am 9 kun oldin
is this your new unbox studio?
TinaTissue28 9 kun oldin
I have a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet and it looks just as thin as the iPad Pro. Shoved it in my bag with my uni text books and it never bent. Maybe Apple needs to make a sturdier frame
Mikael S-P
Mikael S-P 9 kun oldin
But who the f*** bends their iPad
homegrowntwinkie 9 kun oldin
I truly think Will should have his own show.....Id watch that Shit.
Zach M
Zach M 9 kun oldin
Whats up with the casting couch? Future content?
Google Reviewer
Google Reviewer 9 kun oldin
Apple treat their customers like complete suckers.
Petros Petr
Petros Petr 9 kun oldin
I can't stand this crap anymore! BUILD GOOD DEVICES PEOPLE!!!
dat's a toilet
dat's a toilet 9 kun oldin
Wtf happens to this show
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho 9 kun oldin
Its a feature. :)
Yung Ghost
Yung Ghost 10 kun oldin
When did lou get a talk show Lol ?
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro 10 kun oldin
The company that made me is doing this cuz we wanna flex on how long it took us to make it that thin so stfu
ihonestytruthful 10 kun oldin
reneangulotrujillo 10 kun oldin
zeak anderson
zeak anderson 10 kun oldin
so why would you still buy apple products
Adam F
Adam F 10 kun oldin
Apple now is trash... I have an older Iphone that I never updated the os on and runs better than my wife's iphone that's two models newer and has been keeping up on updates..... its obvious what they are doing....
Raptor Swire
Raptor Swire 10 kun oldin
nope, it DOES NOT replace the laptop. Wake up. Watch what Linus Tech Tips has to say about it
Catt Man
Catt Man 10 kun oldin
Raygo BW
Raygo BW 10 kun oldin
Should have watched JerryRigEverything
Milind Dinesh
Milind Dinesh 10 kun oldin
2:07 ♥️
MOTUBUCS 10 kun oldin
ipad pro:lvl 1, crook jerryrigeverything: lvl 10, bender
stuart cole
stuart cole 10 kun oldin
Jobs will be spinning in his grave.
Toyo Masauce
Toyo Masauce 10 kun oldin
iPad pro users: "Apple your brand new product is bent out of the box!" Unboxed therapy: "I believe Apple will do the right thing." Apple doing the right thing: "You're using it wrong it was designed to be bent."
Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron O'Rourke Kun oldin
Lol, i ran my note 9 over with a car... Battery didnt expliode and somehow its still straight as a die... Admittedly it doesnt actually work anymore, but can you consider what any modern apple product would like after copping the same treatment?