The iPad Pro Is Bending. I'm Not Happy.

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Is the iPad Pro too fragile? Did Apple sacrifice structural integrity in exchange for thinness? Several reports have emerged suggesting that may be the case. Some are claiming that their iPad Pro arrived bent in the box, others suggest the iPad Pro is not backpack friendly.
Reports -
Macworld - www.macworld.com/article/3329747/iphone-ipad/no-apple-bent-ipad-pros-are-not-acceptable.html
The Verge - www.theverge.com/2018/12/19/18148957/apple-ipad-bend-pro-2018-shipping-manufacturing-confirmed
Laptop Mag - www.laptopmag.com/articles/ipad-pro-bend-controversy
Macrumors - www.macrumors.com/2018/11/16/new-ipad-pro-bend-test/

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
In your opinion, should Apple replace the bent iPad Pros?
Unbox Therapy of course
Venusstar29 5 kun oldin
video songs
video songs Oy oldin
Protomorph 2 oy oldin
Q. Anyui
Q. Anyui 2 kun oldin
Imagine if iPhone X is bent. Then they said it was ship bent and it's normal
Jessie Aguilar
Jessie Aguilar 12 kun oldin
Apple died with Steve jobs these new iPad pros are junk
Preston J
Preston J 14 kun oldin
That dog makes this show way better.
Tot tota
Tot tota 15 kun oldin
The real question is how students have iPads and still use textbooks
Ashton Kee
Ashton Kee 16 kun oldin
Just sue Apple for shipping defective products to customers who had to pay lots of 💰 for it. It’s unacceptable.
Olivia Ural
Olivia Ural 21 kun oldin
If you want to still buy an iPad Pro, I would highly suggest a thick case to loosen the risk. Its not so pretty, but would you rather have a bent iPad or a slightly ugly case?
Johnathan Hampshire
Johnathan Hampshire 21 kun oldin
It's way more profitable for Apple Inc. to design their products to be more fragile, then for them to be more durable. I mean, come on, who on there right mind would design the full housing and back cover of there products to be super thin and use cheap quality materials. 😂
Nikita Zaycev
Nikita Zaycev 22 kun oldin
Bendgate 3.0 was finally released, enjoy it Maan, why they are still using that aluminum 6000 series in a 12.9" device which is not even reinforced on the inside?
7.756.935 23 kun oldin
*I guess that Tim Cook doesn't like straight things...😜*
Saravanan K
Saravanan K 24 kun oldin
2:00-2:05 jerryrigeverything 😎
Scott Cruz
Scott Cruz 24 kun oldin
My iPad bending had gotten worse and it’s now making scrolling and touch non responsive . I’m pissed I have to go to the “stupid bar” and waste a day of time because of this shit.. I’m calling warranty issue.
Mike Warner
Mike Warner 27 kun oldin
Anyone else see the dog playing with the toy and immediately say "Idc about the bent ipads anymore, i just wanna play with the dog."?
DubuOnew 28 kun oldin
Is that Haha from running man?
ShockingRBX Oy oldin
I have the old iPad Pro 12.9 and in my opinion, its better than the new one
Chris Davis
Chris Davis Oy oldin
Just sent my ipad pro LTE back to apple due to it bending on its own. they want to charge me $650 to repair it, they are NOT acknowledging this issue. So i pay $1300, it bends they want to charge me $650? come on Apple!!! this is insane, terrible engineering
Taha Saeed
Taha Saeed Oy oldin
Please make a video of Samsung galaxy tab s4
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson Oy oldin
I’ll keep my 10.5 Pro , headphone jack, fingerprint reader smaller side bezels. 300$ less basically the same power, it’s already blazingly fast and performs at the highest possible point within its iOS operating system. Why put the new chip in that goes faster when you won’t even be able to utilize that speed? Don’t be stupid.. get the 10.5 Pro and be happy your wallet will thank you plus it’s an amazing machine, just as light and powerful as the new one. Plus u get to keep you headphone jack and it’s more durable.
christian Christian
Apple is teaching us to be METAL BENDERS....
ironmatto3 Oy oldin
At the arse price point, they should be replaced. Also... the surface pro is the best tablet?
James Harding
James Harding Oy oldin
Who demands this much thinness and light weight? I miss the days of the Nokia N95 and N900. Even the Iphone 4S was better. The newest iphones are too light and too thin. They don't sit in your hand properly and are easy to drop. I have a Survivor case on my iPhone 6S just to give me some extra grip and if I do drop it, its protected.
Timothy West
Timothy West Oy oldin
If Steve Jobs this shit would never happen, it would take people more than five years to create something that thin that doesn’t bend, and Steve would push it to 1-2 years These new Apple CEOs dishing out unfinished products just for the dough
celebralbore Oy oldin
I mean just look at the Wallpaper Tv which bends under it's own weight... I like thin, but is thin what I want in exchange to quality? No, definitely not. I rather have a reasonably thick device which works.
joey eda
joey eda Oy oldin
Hey man just because apple doesn’t invite you to their events doesn’t mean you should highlight everything about apple in a negative way. Be like MKBHD as in be unbiased.
Mannan iqbal
Mannan iqbal Oy oldin
He praised the iPad Pro so much in his unboxing and review! He’s not being biased.
darkwear gt growtopia
2018 bend gate 2023 when you push the screen it will bend
gkc booth
gkc booth Oy oldin
Don’t try to break it and you’ll be fine. Unreal .
Dillon Roeland
Just got mine first day of having in my school bag it's bent AFTER ONE DAY
Mannan iqbal
Mannan iqbal Oy oldin
LegitMichel777 LM7
I have touch disease on my iPad. I’m not joking. There’s random taps and sometimes parts of the display just don’t work. Dropping it onto the ground fixes it temporarily. It’s annoying as hell
Nekra Krithei
Nekra Krithei Oy oldin
I had no clue iPad's have a bending problem like this. Get over wanting your device to be as thin as possible, these devices require some thickness for structural integrity.
Wyatt Massie
Wyatt Massie Oy oldin
Where can I get Will's hat?
Logic Is life
Logic Is life Oy oldin
I tried to bend mine, it didn’t bend.
Sasikumar p
Sasikumar p Oy oldin
it's apple man!!!!!!!
Dean The Queen
Mines is bent 😭
E102 Gamma
E102 Gamma Oy oldin
Well apple beat Samsung to make the 1st foldable tablet... good one apple...
Sasikumar p
Sasikumar p Oy oldin
man you are funny😂😂😂
Krallesmusic Oy oldin
Think about curved screens it could also be seen as bend screens
Farzana Aboobaker
Eric Mutembei
Eric Mutembei 2 oy oldin
Samsung is better than apple
Protomorph 2 oy oldin
$1000 for a flimsy tablet?
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri 2 oy oldin
I’ve been saving up to buy a new iPad since mine is well over 4 years old now and has started to not work. But after hearing about this I did some research and now I’m thinking about getting a different brand of tablet. Smh
David Huntley
David Huntley 28 kun oldin
I have the new iPad and the 12.9 iPad Pro. If you’re getting just the regular iPad its thick enough not to worry about. You’ll be fine. I have mine in a Logitech case and it’s good to go. The iPad Pro on the other hand feels a lot more fragile. The 11 inch not so much, but they are both super thin. To tell the truth, the regular iPad is so good that if I had to have only one of the two I would probably just keep that one.
J Y Kim
J Y Kim 2 oy oldin
So Apple is going to sue Samsung again.
Hung Le
Hung Le 2 oy oldin
Apple wants to charge me $600 to fix my bent iPad. I've been using it for less than 3 weeks with hard cover case and no physical damage to the device like scratch or dent. Their reply and I quote "bent iPad would not qualify for warranty coverage" I would love to understand but $600 to fix their defect in workmanship is just sad.
PumperWolf 2 oy oldin
Mac mini bendgate please
Umbro Khan
Umbro Khan 2 oy oldin
How come you didn't speak out when Google Nexus 6P got bend?
Manideep Pilot ROYALZ
My laptop bends so what
ZX 7493
ZX 7493 2 oy oldin
We need a new model
Discover New
Discover New 2 oy oldin
WTH it could be patched in the next software update XD
Ciara Dean
Ciara Dean 2 oy oldin
That dog is so cute
Prafull Gupta
Prafull Gupta 2 oy oldin
C'mon dude you need to do the rituals. You need to BEND it.
Amor Evora
Amor Evora 2 oy oldin
Make a vibranium ipad
BleakVision 2 oy oldin
Who the hell demands thinness?
Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron O'Rourke 2 oy oldin
Wont apple ever learn that pepople that dont want products that cant handle normal use? Just waiting for the apple sheep to tell me how apple products bending is somehow a good thing
Paul Godfrey
Paul Godfrey 2 oy oldin
ps never buy so called american products lmfao
Paul Godfrey
Paul Godfrey 2 oy oldin
ps get back to the usual not a reality show pmsl
Tom Nix
Tom Nix 2 oy oldin
I’m just about to swop from 5th gen iPad to pro 11” if I open my box to a bent iPad then I will be bending someone’s ear .... and they should replace any product that has a design flaw... it’s apple 🍏
Hosen Ebrahem
Hosen Ebrahem 2 oy oldin
انا احبك يا unbox therapy
The Muslim RC Racer
only an individual with psychological issues would actually buy this after knowing it bends after normal use
Dávid Mikula
Dávid Mikula 2 oy oldin
Every company should make 1-2 cm thick devices with 6K mah battery. Then no bent problem.
Hazza Brown
Hazza Brown 2 oy oldin
Bend it like beckham
Kareem Khan
Kareem Khan 2 oy oldin
They need to be officially recalled and replaced when they redesign/reproduction the 2018 IPad Pro the series 2 or redos should be built out of titanium alloy or at the very least reinforced steel if they wish for it to remain that thin and long This was asking to happen the phone can bend but it isn’t the biggest issue it’s a way shorter piece of aluminum and a tad thicker the iPad is bending straight out of the box and to me that is a recall
Victor Hazbun
Victor Hazbun 2 oy oldin
you don't need an IPad, buy a Macbook PRO/Air.
curbaczzz 20 kun oldin
Victor Hazbun or you can buy a refurbished last gen iPad Pro. I mainly use mine for notetaking in college, and occasionally other small tasks
ᖇᗩᑭTOᖇ ᖇᗩY
Guys should I buy an IPad Pro? Or save my ~$700 for later?!
Jarvis Rinklebaker
And jerryrigjackass doesn’t do bend tests on other tablets. Hmmm. A paid shill he is.
Hi Im APOP 2 oy oldin
Weird and worrying flex, but ok.
Robbie Rolfe
Robbie Rolfe 2 oy oldin
If Steve Jobs was here this shit would have never happened.
RandomRants 2 oy oldin
They should create a case that’s not too thick but strong enormous gg to prevent bending. I feel like that would be a easy fix and if they do do that then they also should replace as many bent iPads as possible. They should make the case hella cheap because it’s apples fault for the bending so at least they should make the case cheap!
Angel zhang
Angel zhang 2 oy oldin
If the iPad is bent from the factory, why don't they open the device in the store and make the employeers make sure it isn't bent
Uncle Live 69
Uncle Live 69 2 oy oldin
Why he always wear an hat ?
Stephen Cheung
Stephen Cheung 2 oy oldin
It is bendable by design. LUL
Silent Vlog
Silent Vlog 2 oy oldin
That iPad is $2,100 dollars in my country
William Giakas
William Giakas 2 oy oldin
Buy a case for your expensive iPad Pro and eliminate the issue. Come on!
Siren 2 oy oldin
Stop hating on apple man.
905 Gaming
905 Gaming 2 oy oldin
Hey its apple people Expect this crap !!
Hadgerz 2 oy oldin
Apple customers: WE WANT THE THINNEST OF THIN DEVICES! AAPL: **makes device thinner** Apple customers: NO, THINNER! AAPL: **sacrifices structural integrity to shave that last possible millimetre as customers demanded** Apple customers: **START TO BEND THE DEVICES** Apple customers: *HOW CUD DIS HAPEN! :O*
Sam K
Sam K 2 oy oldin
there are other tablets that are as thin as Ipad and don't bend like that.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head 2 oy oldin
False the iPad Pro is not the best tablet out there the Microsoft Surface Pro line is the best as it has a desktop grade OS and desktop class software that kills mobile software and the mobile OS that Apple cripples. The Microsoft Surface Pro is really good for students it is pricey but if you need Windows OS with a more portable package then this is one of the best options. However if you're on a budget I have 2 options that I can think of off the top of my head and those are the Microsoft Surface Go and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 again if you need Windows OS then go with the Surface Go if you just need a tablet that can get done what you want it to check out the Galaxy Tab S4. Best thing to do is to go to a consumer electronics store and test out the products I mentioned that way you can see if they'll work for you.
Gonermois P
Gonermois P 2 oy oldin
OMG THATS WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO MY IPHONE 6! Ialways but it into my back pocket and would forget and sit on it. And THEN I got weird phantom touches! I had to replace my phone because they thought it was a virus.😡 I spent unneeded money to replace a phone on the company's fault. And that's the story of how I switched to Samsung.
くんKishita 2 oy oldin
This turned to "Unboxing Therapy" to like "The Ellen Show Therapy"
Kervis Boston
Kervis Boston 2 oy oldin
@Unbox Therapy The next iPad will definitely have a solution to this issue. That may mean making the device thicker; however, the result of bend reduction will be worth the additional device thickness. Also, maybe Apple Inc. will introduce the quality expected at a modest premium price point. More customers would likely recycle their old device for the next iPad.
Isacco Tanghetti
Isacco Tanghetti 2 oy oldin
Guys, just stop buying apple products.
Sharan Raj Jaisingh
Hey lew Have you heard of any rumors of apple doing anything about the ipad bend problem...i am considering buying the new iPad Pro. Think I should get it or wait and see??? Thanks
Sumaiya Ripa
Sumaiya Ripa 2 oy oldin
Wow you most be really restarted what the hell is wrong with you
HaydenTheLegDude 2 oy oldin
10/10 camera work 100000000/10 dog
-CraftedXCX -
-CraftedXCX - 2 oy oldin
An apple fan here, but even tho i love apple the new ipads arent good enough just buy the older ones lmao
João Victor
João Victor 2 oy oldin
What's the diference between fold and bend? Fold is only for paper?
mrjinkorea 2 oy oldin
JerryRigEverything shows how easily this device breaks in half if you apply just a little pressure on it. Be careful and don't accidentally sit on it while it's on your bed or sofa. Beautiful device to be sure, but it's extremely fragile!!
Nz Heron
Nz Heron 2 oy oldin
Don Tundra
Don Tundra 2 oy oldin
I put my iPad Pro 12.9 in my backpack with the keyboard folio on and all seems to be good so far. Do you guys think I should spend another $30 or so on a hard shell sleeve to further protect it??
Daniel Eger
Daniel Eger 2 oy oldin
I honestly think you should invite Eminem to your show.
Athihrii Rex
Athihrii Rex 2 oy oldin
2017 Ipad pro 10.5 is the most durable ipad so far👍
vorewan alex
vorewan alex 2 oy oldin
Is the New LG G flex
暴力Hinsha 2 oy oldin
2:09,best part😊
MrSnowmanJoe 2 oy oldin
What's the point of a tablet that thin anyways?
Anand Mahesh
Anand Mahesh 2 oy oldin
Thinner devices cost more to make. I'd be happy with a thicker device. It would be cheaper stronger and have more room for a bigger battery
Roro Yo
Roro Yo 2 oy oldin
what a shill! Apple is shit just say it
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 2 oy oldin
It was nice to see Willy Do sit down and chat about tech. This is a nice format.
Alifya Faizee
Alifya Faizee 2 oy oldin
-Unbox- *Therapy*
Willis Orr
Willis Orr 2 oy oldin
nice nike hat!
robertsmith 2 oy oldin
There's metal that bend and goes back to normal same with plastics the Samsung tab S is a little thicker and the dell venue 7840 and 7000 has the same frame thickness and less bezel and I haven't test it if it bends but is not as big it's only 8 inches but there's a 10 inch one that has amoled well the point is why aren't those subjected to this kind of treatment? I guess they all bend if you try
Matt Gissentanna
Matt Gissentanna 2 oy oldin
Cut the music. Introduce yourselves. Occasionally Invite guests.Turn this into a talk show podcast.
Dillan Labrador
Dillan Labrador 2 oy oldin
i love the ending! hahahahahah..
Junior Sarpong
Junior Sarpong 2 oy oldin
People who think apple doesn’t care are simply idiots. You were offered apple care at purchase right? and you declined right? so just buy a damn new one (twice) like I did. -Lord2tree the wise one you damn idiot!
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