Is The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet?

Unbox Therapy
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The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL appear to be prone to marking, especially the black version of the device. The matte portion of the device seems to be most susceptible. Is this enough to scare you away from the Pixel 3?
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24-Okt, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
What do you think? Is this a deal breaker?
V Hernandez
V Hernandez 15 kun oldin
No...so I have a serious question ... Can i have one of the left over phones? Lol jesus i wish i had the money to buy me one rigjt now...lol.
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 29 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy id rather have a small scratched on a phone then cracked screen and cracked back on iPhone
Christian Tinney
Christian Tinney 2 oy oldin
Buy a case is it really that hard
Jill Evans
Jill Evans 4 oy oldin
Im coming from iphone 7 plus due to divorce i need to buy a new phone im in new england us area... whats a good phone and service to get... im on a budget for sure or WOULD go back to verizon and iPhone etc looking to spend as less as possible i use my phone for t.v. movies email and internet and occasional calls n texts... whays best bang for my buck cheap
Yarrow Cox
Yarrow Cox 4 oy oldin
People should just put on a protective case anyway so Nah it's no big deal
Lemuel Reyes
Lemuel Reyes 12 soat oldin
You're some sort of psycho if you mix a naked phone with keys or change
Piston bro1
Piston bro1 Kun oldin
Not hating but who doesn’t put a case or a dbrand skin can’t be my friend (that is why I don’t have friends 😢)
Kameo the Zorua
Kameo the Zorua 6 kun oldin
Good old Lew finding faults about everything.
bostonhudson 6 kun oldin
Could you use real money for this test? 😂
Tom Falkiner
Tom Falkiner 7 kun oldin
Get a phone case
Driftblaze official
Jerry rig everything inspired ❤🙏
Xion Dion
Xion Dion 8 kun oldin
In the name of Phil Swift... *inhail* THATS A LOTA DAMAGE
TWO BRACKETS 8 kun oldin
Pixel 3 or pixel 3 xl? Im kinda towards the normal 3 but how is the batterylife?
Ashley D
Ashley D 4 kun oldin
I got the 3 last week, and I seem to have to charge it multiple times a day. I am a heavy phone user, but with my galaxy s9 I was good on one charge a day.
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 9 kun oldin
Laggy garbage
Fummy 10 kun oldin
Rubs off. Not a problem.
mustafa Qais tornado
Very nice follower of Iraq review beautiful and interesting Thank you dear
Tom de vries
Tom de vries 13 kun oldin
i actually like it lets me customise it
Gerggernaut 14 kun oldin
May I consider a case? Stop making such a big deal lmfao
beast mode
beast mode 14 kun oldin
You can draw like a blackboard on the back of your phone
SkyFox 14 kun oldin
I got a Pixel 3 on the way and I've got a Dbrand skin coming along anyway so it doesnt bother me. Who uses their phone without.a case/skin anyway
V Hernandez
V Hernandez 15 kun oldin
Can i jave one of your phones? Lol pleeease
bimal Sharma
bimal Sharma 17 kun oldin
Hahaha hahaha I am the lighter person by the way
BadBadger Hrhrffur
BadBadger Hrhrffur 18 kun oldin
Imma use my pixel as a tic tac toe board 😂
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez 21 kun oldin
WTH I got light scratches and doesn't come off Lol and it was the little metal things on the pocket
Julio Estavez
Julio Estavez 23 kun oldin
So it picks up marks lile glass backs pick yp fingerprints
Abhishek Bose
Abhishek Bose 24 kun oldin
Chalkboard mode
HuskyDoesGaming 25 kun oldin
Just slap a Dbrand skin
Mandie Adams
Mandie Adams 27 kun oldin
"equal gate opportunities" That made me spit out my drink haha The funny part is that my right side pocket is ALWAYS my phone pocket. The other pocket holds my wallet, my car keys, yada yada yada. For the very fact that I don't like things scratching my phone (even when it has a case), and i just know that when I reach into my pocket, I'm getting my phone and nothing else. Is that just me? Cool lol
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 28 kun oldin
Teachers will be using Pixels to write their equations on in the year 2079
Flying Zebra
Flying Zebra 28 kun oldin
How to fix this issue, android pay = no change Smart locks and Tesla model 3 = no keys Don't smoke = no lighter and you don't die In reality though I can't afford a Tesla and my bike key is like a magnet for my phone. Can't get a ice cold Dr pepper from my uni vending machine using Android pay. I smoke Still a great phone
It's Ritu
It's Ritu 28 kun oldin
Oh poor will 😂😂
Parker Smith
Parker Smith 29 kun oldin
Just buy a case
T M BHATTATHIRI 29 kun oldin
Then for what purpose is the cases???problem solved....use a transparent case😎😎😎😎😎
Kevin Dorr
Kevin Dorr 29 kun oldin
Wow I have a pixel 3 xl and it's so weird I had a case since day one hmmm don't have scratches yet
Rizki Rach M falein
Just slap a skin or a case and call it a day
Xx_Tielanr_xX Oy oldin
Just put a case on your phone ? I would never ever have a phone without a case and screen protector, protect your investments.
marvins channel
Im a big Pixel and iPhone fan
Gaurav Arya
Gaurav Arya Oy oldin
Better to use a Spigen case for pixel 3.
Racing&Beats Oy oldin
These are so funny any phone gets scratched without a case...buy a case, idiots. My iPhone 6 literally bent in half in my pocket I'd rather have a scratched phone any day
Matthew A
Matthew A Oy oldin
Just got my pixel 3 and loving it
Chris Doering
Chris Doering Oy oldin
Who puts a $700 phone in their pocket with keys or change?
KingRonin Oy oldin
Well you have to think how often you have to clean your Pixel 3
Coby Barbas
Coby Barbas Oy oldin
Get a fucking case
PincheBurrito Films
Right pocket is for phone and nothing else. Not even lint!!!
AM's Vlogs
AM's Vlogs Oy oldin
No bill gates...
Shaun Bon
Shaun Bon Oy oldin
Sweet. Just ordered one today.... Got it in white thank God.
Alex Jensen
Alex Jensen Oy oldin
Google wanted to cut corners on cost so they replicated the note 9 by putting a chalk board on the back of the pixel 3. So far I am enjoying this feature, especially on a $700 device.
Koch Oy oldin
Phones and keys like two best friends that hate each other
David Martinez
Y the Mexican coin
Andrew S
Andrew S Oy oldin
Stop being cunts and treating your phones like shit . Stupid as people bitching cuz they are toss rocks and phones in their pockets. Dumb fucks
Cholio •••
Cholio ••• 2 oy oldin
Science table technology
לירן צימר
When you release a video about whether its worth or not?
Eugenie Galaxy
Eugenie Galaxy 2 oy oldin
Carlos L
Carlos L 2 oy oldin
With all due respect why are bullshiting about this? There are these things call phone cases, a channel called unbox therapy reviews cases you should watch those videos to find out more about it. What’s next? Cars not running when they run out of gas?
Nate Frig
Nate Frig 2 oy oldin
its nice because then it makes you clean your smartphone, and we all know how dirty they are
Omar Elbayar
Omar Elbayar 2 oy oldin
I mean if ppl just immediately use a cover on the pixel 3 or pixel 3XL u dont have to deal with those "marks" in the first place personally I dont think that this is a bid deal at all
Adrian M
Adrian M 2 oy oldin
Why wont those people complaining just get a damn case for it!!! Duh!!!
Francisco Ventura
It's not a scratch back it's a note back phone to right notes with your car Keys 😉
Momo Master
Momo Master 2 oy oldin
Solution to this problem: Case
Dennis F
Dennis F 2 oy oldin
Willy Doo
Lughmani Tehreem
Lughmani Tehreem 2 oy oldin
Can use that to cheat on an exam👍.One swipe all evidence gone.
Colton Stokes
Colton Stokes 2 oy oldin
Modern America: “Hey, if I try to scratch something it gets all scratched up! How dare Google make a phone that can get scratched!”
Game of HAX
Game of HAX 2 oy oldin
Lou can you help me the side of my pixel 3 xl screen is scratched bad
Drake 2 oy oldin
There's something called a phone case...
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 2 oy oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please 🙏
Ken Pira Kriezis Spatas
He likes his phone. Don't touch it. Haha. Anyways, it happened to me as well, and I just rubbed it of with a damp cloth.
Red Comet
Red Comet 2 oy oldin
They have these wonderful things called cases. Fucking buy one you pleebs.
King Santana
King Santana 2 oy oldin
At the end of the day stop being dumb and putting things in the same pocket as your phone
Soy CraizyBoy
Soy CraizyBoy 2 oy oldin
Ain't nobody gonna give credit to the man Jerry for the test?
Aoidheann Lonergan
Instead of bringing copybook to school, just bring your Google pixel 3 (black). And also WHY DON'T PEOPLE PUT DAMN PHONE CASES ON THEIR PHONES LIKE
Aidan Noakes
Aidan Noakes 2 oy oldin
I think that the black stuff on the back is for writing notes maybe?
shashika madushan
so he cant find a pixel 3 to test that's weird 😒
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore 2 oy oldin
Who puts their keys in the same pocket as their phone?! Crazy!
broadwayjunk9247 2 oy oldin
Solution: phone case
JSY 2 oy oldin
Retarded shit. Any phone is going to scratch against a key. You have to be stupid not to put a phone in a case.
Youtube Admin
Youtube Admin 2 oy oldin
I've never been a fan of the larger version of phones I like my phone to fit nicely in my hand
DaChozenPoww 2 oy oldin
Wow.. That's a good school chalkboard...
HopOnPop the first
I would be worried, but my case works so well I don't care
LINK JOKER 2 oy oldin
Im not a pixel fan but Would it kill you guys to get a 1$ silicon case
Rick's Channel
Rick's Channel 2 oy oldin
who the hell would just throw their beautiful glass device in their pocket with keys and change...??
max nav
max nav 2 oy oldin
Great video :D
Aryan Prajapati
Aryan Prajapati 2 oy oldin
You are all idiots, the glass is frosted and acts like sandpaper so that's why the things are making "scratches".
my pop socket fell off
It's just deeper grooves at a level 7
Yellow 2 oy oldin
Google pixel 3=scratch magnet Samsung galaxy s6~note 9 & iPhone s8~iPhone xr=fingerprint magnet
Ivan Cervantes
Ivan Cervantes 2 oy oldin
None Ya
None Ya 2 oy oldin
The point is that you shouldn’t have to brush your phone. Terrible review, bruh.
Ritwik Sarker
Ritwik Sarker 2 oy oldin
Its a positive feature, lets say instead of scratch resistant they could easily go with " Self Healing " marketing gimmick and turned it into something positive. Also should have just used "Cure for the itch" for background music on this :P.
valerie nellessen
brb y’all gotta give my phone a bath
Z M 2 oy oldin
Scratchgate is real!
Barry Bants
Barry Bants 3 oy oldin
Week if people looked after the fucking phone's then they wouldn't get scratches and shit. Put a case and a screen protector on it
Anuradha Devi
Anuradha Devi 3 oy oldin
Sir i m from india ... can u gift me this google pixel 3
cameroonski 3 oy oldin
Word of advice: BUY A CASE.
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer 3 oy oldin
SOME iPhone Xs and Xs Max don’t start to charge when you plug in the cable (corrected by a software update) : *OMG IPHONE HAS A BIG PROBLEM APPLE IS TOTAL BULLCRAP FUCK APPLE TOTALLY UNWORTH A SHIT !!!* All Pixel 3 and 3XL have a very scratchable back (can’t be corrected) : Aah, you know, that’s not a huge issue as well...
Hunter Kennemer
Hunter Kennemer 3 oy oldin
Magic glass frosting
weirdly enough i like the fact that we would have to actually wash off the phone......shows the evolution plus people will start to get smart and actually write their names on the back and design it
ThePsychowizz 3 oy oldin
about the keys... if the glass is good it won't scratch... the keys aren't hard enough
Gunner Peterson
Gunner Peterson 3 oy oldin
or maybe just get one of those new and revolutionary phone cases haha
elhassan fagrouche
the poeple who put their phones with their keys . kill urself
Nadi Zahadi
Nadi Zahadi 3 oy oldin
Yo Louis, pls dont mention the iPhone gate ever again. It's fucking 3026 alrdy so pls
Ninja Ghost 32
Ninja Ghost 32 3 oy oldin
it looks like a chalk bored
MisK 3 oy oldin
People alwats do these vidros with a black back.. OBVIOUDLY WHITESHOWS ON BLACK
Erasmo Montijo
Erasmo Montijo 3 oy oldin
What kind of psychopath puts their brand new glass back device in a pocket full of change and keys? Do you only have the one pocket? I don't understand.
Vycka 3 oy oldin
It's not a bug, it's a feature
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