100s of Violent Sudanese Migrant Gang Members Run Amok in Sydney and Melbourne

Crusaders hu Akbar
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Multi-Kulti australia, and our Police are powerless to stop them due to the large numbers of african, asian and islander gang members .
more violence expected tonight from the peaceful loving migrants and refugees , who have now formed into large well organized gangs vying for power and turf . this is a sign of things to come thanks to the softcock policies of the left and the greens .
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13-Mar, 2016




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electric0jar 2 yil oldin
deport the cunts. why the fuck are they even here?
Yose Yoda
Yose Yoda 28 kun oldin
+SKUDUSKUR You're an idiot. Who's the ones causing troubles here?
richard stokes
electric0jar they are there because globalism cant exist along side nationalism
Ferdinand m
Ferdinand m Oy oldin
+Lock&Load 77 saved isn't the word to use
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum 5 oy oldin
We should have a heart and compassion. In stopping this black plague though euthanasia is fast and painless. Victorian Premier and his police minister should hang for letting this unwanted mess happening. More Sudanese parasites are coming every year in Vic because of those idiots’ labor and green politicians. Premier Daniel Andrews should give them a few machete and Kalashnikovs to make them feel at home.
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum 5 oy oldin
9 August 2018 - Monkeys on rampage again. www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/gang-of-youths-out-of-control-in-taylors-hill-melbourne/news-story/4e17434b28849ee2f2dba297014cc4ba
rigginglis inglissness
Let the white people have hand guns...
M Mindyourown
M Mindyourown 8 kun oldin
If the people hold the government responsible the government will remove the problem. Because they do not want the people to remove them.
C S 10 kun oldin
So on one side people say there are no South Sudanese gangs in Melbourne, then how do you explain this event? Give me a reason why Australian's should be up with this
desmond farrell
desmond farrell 12 kun oldin
Don’t keep saying you won’t tolerate this type of behaviour,fucking do something about it. You coppers are fucken useless when it comes to dealing with these uneducated antisocial black bastards.
Karthi Padayachee
Karthi Padayachee 13 kun oldin
That's what whites did to the aboriginals
Karthi Padayachee
Karthi Padayachee 13 kun oldin
Double standards, that's what whites did to the aboriginals
Crusaders hu Akbar
Crusaders hu Akbar 13 kun oldin
civilization , clothing, houses , sanitation , education, electricity, running water etc etc etc. lets talk about what islam gave to the Buddhists and hindu`s of India shall we
Vic Longdong
Vic Longdong 13 kun oldin
thanks leftists
crip tonga
crip tonga 21 kun oldin
Send those black ugly fucks where they came from niggas
Fuufnfr 21 kun oldin
Why is the government deporting kiwis so quick and easily but leave these african scum alone.
Vanilla Guerilla
Vanilla Guerilla 25 kun oldin
Import African and what you'll get is Africa lol
Vanilla Guerilla
Vanilla Guerilla 25 kun oldin
Multiculturalism is retarded Thru history it has only destroyed nations and empires
Vanilla Guerilla
Vanilla Guerilla 25 kun oldin
The people that let the Sudanese in should be tried for treason.
Johan Kotze
Johan Kotze 25 kun oldin
Never forget they are merely living out their ethnic culture.
The One
The One 26 kun oldin
"Vote Australian Liberty Alliance"???? The Party run by jews and which should be called the Australian Jew Liberty Alliance?! Jews whose globalist brothers promoted and then opened the floodgates of the West to the Third World???? Jews and jewish groups whose NGO's and even their Israeli government itself were/are actively engaged in ferrying and transferring third world invaders to Europe in particular? I don't think so!!! Thank you jews, but European Australian Nationalists don't need your kind to defend, or represent our interests!!! Do everyone a service and get out of our countries, yourselves included as well!!! You have a home now, called Israel! Home beckons!
Mark Novak
Mark Novak 27 kun oldin
You have to admit, the news has gotten a little more interesting since they imported these savages.
SCW 2 oy oldin
100s battling for 20 min and cops arrested only 4?
jack dunne
jack dunne 2 oy oldin
Almost 3 years later and the problems are still happening
fucko the fox
fucko the fox 3 oy oldin
get the animals out and keep them out.
Creatrix Trodler
Creatrix Trodler 3 oy oldin
As soon as you let the blacks in they make a fucking zoo and jungle out of it.
Manley Nelson
Manley Nelson 4 oy oldin
politically correct , out of touch people our worried about nationalism but not tribalism?
Electric Ink
Electric Ink 5 oy oldin
where is animal control officers
Reasonable Guy
Reasonable Guy 5 oy oldin
This is an Australian Government announcement: There is NO problem with migrant gangs! Multiculturalism works very very well in Australia. There is no violence, and there never has been. Anyone caught questioning if African gangs exist, or questioning migrant intake, will be prosecuted and face a $100 000 fine per offence, and 10 years jail. That is all.
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 5 oy oldin
"It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing immigrants who want to kill us is a good idea." ( Frank Gaffney ). Perhaps the Politicians and Bureaucrats that approve and arrange the importation of these dangerous criminals can attend the next "event" and lend a hand to control the problems they inflict on the "average" Australian, in the defenceless community. "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap". Napoleon Bonaparte.
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 5 oy oldin
My favourite gangster is Carl Williams, followed closely by Gangiatano. I ❤️ Underbelly.
cine0 5 oy oldin
We let these people into our beautiful country. We need to round them up and ship them ALL out!
Jeff Caligari
Jeff Caligari 8 oy oldin
Obamas administration. But then again you didnt put them in schools, not your problem? well they arent here to kill your village for an oil well. so it is your own doing. We have the footage, who wants to see that? Lots of car advertising in there and some news about the weather.
Scott Young
Scott Young 8 oy oldin
A message to Australia from hitler from the grave. "Bet you wished you fought on my side during World War Two now, Australia"
Houws Houlinou
Houws Houlinou 9 oy oldin
We have this in South Africa most days
k k
k k 10 oy oldin
Fuck this monkyface africunt.shoot the ugly motherfuckers.
Yacobus Fitri
Yacobus Fitri 10 oy oldin
Vote for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party
Mark Austin
Mark Austin 11 oy oldin
Melbourne what a horrible place to be very dangerous.
aaron smith
aaron smith 11 oy oldin
I dreaming of a "white xmas" the way it used to be...👊
slade p
slade p 11 oy oldin
islander 23?
Beyond Duality
Beyond Duality 8 oy oldin
slade p 😂
New Zealand
New Zealand 11 oy oldin
I love to see the island boys rek these africans
ecce lux
ecce lux 11 oy oldin
Australia is being culturally enriched. Thank your leftist party for the diversity. And get ready for more because the left knows no boundaries or borders.
79tazman Yil oldin
Keep bringing these POS in these are animals that don't deserve to live in a free Country
Scott Young
Scott Young Yil oldin
Notice how we (the people) had a vote on gay marriage. Why didn't we have a vote on multiculturalism too? I bet if we were allowed to originally have our say on whether we want third world immigration into Australia, we'd have voted 'no' for it. But the gutless rich politicians just forced this multiculturalism onto us behind our backs. No politicians can be trusted. With the exception of Adolf hitler, politicians don't give two fucks about the people who voted them in
Karim Yil oldin
Deport all Pakistan and Afghanistan refugee cause they are terrorist
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough Yil oldin
Our government has imported a Sudanese Civil War .. here .. congratulations you fucking Scum 🖕🏼 the Police Chief is a joke 👎🏼
Malcom Canning
Malcom Canning Yil oldin
can't beat a good ole chimping. politicians are the dumbest cunts ever .
Scott Young
Scott Young Yil oldin
Australia it's your own fault. You fought on the wrong side during World War Two. You should have united with Germany.
carl byrne
carl byrne Yil oldin
whats amazing is even today Australians are defending these people on Facebook news posts
fohstick a
fohstick a Yil oldin
Beaujangles McJiggle
Cronulla will come to Melbourne.
parttimetourist Yil oldin
If the Australian Army came in and started mowing them down the madness would soon stop
parttimetourist Yil oldin
The old adage "you reap what you sow" is very true and this is a typical example of irresponsible immigration by an inept stupid Government in a mad rush to adopt multiculturalism who should realize that if you allow these savage barbarians who run around the jungles with machetes in their own country it will happen here also. Likewise with Middle Eastern Mudslimes Unfortunately, we don't have the death penalty so deportation is the only effective alternative and the sooner the better. In fact, this is a job for the Australian Army as the police are not properly trained and equipped to handle the task. The state of Victoria should be declared a state of martial law with curfew and shoot to kill orders for dangerous bastards until they are ALL deported. In addition, we need to replace the Government of this country and the state of Victoria with a responsible Government and stop ALL immigration immediately and permanently
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum Yil oldin
Africans lovers as the Green and Labor voters are the one that want trashes from Africa. .Greens and labour voters do not want to have their monkey pets in their backyards or do not want to have monkeys as neighbors. The Victorian government and its Police force are protecting those parasites from Africa leaving people from Victoria on their own unsecured suburbs. To note, there is not a single place peaceful inside Africa or any other places in the world where Africans are present. Do not vote Labor, do not vote Green.
Harry Reich
Harry Reich Yil oldin
Sign this petition to sack this useless police minister!!! www.change.org/p/politicians-sack-the-police-minister
barney rubble
barney rubble Yil oldin
Two massive mistakes from both sides of politics in Australia.In the 1970,s Bob Hawke and the Labour Party bought over hordes of muslim Lebanese whom are into every crime imaginable and some that you are not imaginable and Howard and the Liberal Party bringing in the violent Sudanese,and the leftys and Marxists will continue to lie about this demographic until the military is bought in