100s of Violent Sudanese Migrant Gang Members Run Amok in Sydney and Melbourne

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Multi-Kulti australia, and our Police are powerless to stop them due to the large numbers of african, asian and islander gang members .
more violence expected tonight from the peaceful loving migrants and refugees , who have now formed into large well organized gangs vying for power and turf . this is a sign of things to come thanks to the softcock policies of the left and the greens .
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13-Mar, 2016




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electric0jar 2 yil oldin
deport the cunts. why the fuck are they even here?
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum 3 oy oldin
We should have a heart and compassion. In stopping this black plague though euthanasia is fast and painless. Victorian Premier and his police minister should hang for letting this unwanted mess happening. More Sudanese parasites are coming every year in Vic because of those idiots’ labor and green politicians. Premier Daniel Andrews should give them a few machete and Kalashnikovs to make them feel at home.
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum 3 oy oldin
9 August 2018 - Monkeys on rampage again. www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/gang-of-youths-out-of-control-in-taylors-hill-melbourne/news-story/4e17434b28849ee2f2dba297014cc4ba
Jeff Caligari
Jeff Caligari 6 oy oldin
Thats what Iraq said. you know what you did to them right?
Jagger M
Jagger M 8 oy oldin
Scott Young <---- All Nazis must FU%$IN HANG! By piano wire.Nuremberg style.
Scott Young
Scott Young 8 oy oldin
SKUDUSKUR we whites built this country, so you fuck off back to your cesspool
jack dunne
jack dunne 23 kun oldin
Almost 3 years later and the problems are still happening
fucko the fox
fucko the fox Oy oldin
get the animals out and keep them out.
Creatrix Trodler
As soon as you let the blacks in they make a fucking zoo and jungle out of it.
Manley Nelson
Manley Nelson 2 oy oldin
politically correct , out of touch people our worried about nationalism but not tribalism?
Electric Ink
Electric Ink 2 oy oldin
where is animal control officers
Reasonable Guy
Reasonable Guy 3 oy oldin
This is an Australian Government announcement: There is NO problem with migrant gangs! Multiculturalism works very very well in Australia. There is no violence, and there never has been. Anyone caught questioning if African gangs exist, or questioning migrant intake, will be prosecuted and face a $100 000 fine per offence, and 10 years jail. That is all.
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 3 oy oldin
"It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing immigrants who want to kill us is a good idea." ( Frank Gaffney ). Perhaps the Politicians and Bureaucrats that approve and arrange the importation of these dangerous criminals can attend the next "event" and lend a hand to control the problems they inflict on the "average" Australian, in the defenceless community. "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap". Napoleon Bonaparte.
Džeko 11
Džeko 11 3 oy oldin
My favourite gangster is Carl Williams, followed closely by Gangiatano. I ❤️ Underbelly.
cine0 3 oy oldin
We let these people into our beautiful country. We need to round them up and ship them ALL out!
Fuck all U
Fuck all U 3 oy oldin
Who bring this black gorillas in to Australia? That politician should be jail for life. This black gorillas, never ever be parts of Australian society. They are not second class, but third class of this society. Kick all of them black to Africa.
Jeff Caligari
Jeff Caligari 6 oy oldin
Obamas administration. But then again you didnt put them in schools, not your problem? well they arent here to kill your village for an oil well. so it is your own doing. We have the footage, who wants to see that? Lots of car advertising in there and some news about the weather.
Scott Young
Scott Young 6 oy oldin
A message to Australia from hitler from the grave. "Bet you wished you fought on my side during World War Two now, Australia"
Uwe Reichelt
Uwe Reichelt 7 oy oldin
turn time back, put those baboons in chains and make them work till death. why the hell does australia let this scum on to this wonderful continent? why does western civilisation try so hard to destroy its self?
Houws Houlinou
Houws Houlinou 7 oy oldin
We have this in South Africa most days
k k
k k 8 oy oldin
Fuck this monkyface africunt.shoot the ugly motherfuckers.
Yacobus Fitri
Yacobus Fitri 8 oy oldin
Vote for Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party
Mark Austin
Mark Austin 8 oy oldin
Melbourne what a horrible place to be very dangerous.
aaron smith
aaron smith 9 oy oldin
I dreaming of a "white xmas" the way it used to be...👊
slade p
slade p 9 oy oldin
islander 23?
Beyond Duality
Beyond Duality 5 oy oldin
slade p 😂
New Zealand
New Zealand 9 oy oldin
I love to see the island boys rek these africans
ecce lux
ecce lux 9 oy oldin
Australia is being culturally enriched. Thank your leftist party for the diversity. And get ready for more because the left knows no boundaries or borders.
79tazman 9 oy oldin
Keep bringing these POS in these are animals that don't deserve to live in a free Country
Scott Young
Scott Young 10 oy oldin
Notice how we (the people) had a vote on gay marriage. Why didn't we have a vote on multiculturalism too? I bet if we were allowed to originally have our say on whether we want third world immigration into Australia, we'd have voted 'no' for it. But the gutless rich politicians just forced this multiculturalism onto us behind our backs. No politicians can be trusted. With the exception of Adolf hitler, politicians don't give two fucks about the people who voted them in
Karim 10 oy oldin
Deport all Pakistan and Afghanistan refugee cause they are terrorist
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough 10 oy oldin
Our government has imported a Sudanese Civil War .. here .. congratulations you fucking Scum 🖕🏼 the Police Chief is a joke 👎🏼
Malcom Canning
Malcom Canning 10 oy oldin
can't beat a good ole chimping. politicians are the dumbest cunts ever .
Scott Young
Scott Young 10 oy oldin
Australia it's your own fault. You fought on the wrong side during World War Two. You should have united with Germany.
carl byrne
carl byrne 10 oy oldin
whats amazing is even today Australians are defending these people on Facebook news posts
fohstick a
fohstick a 10 oy oldin
Beaujangles McJiggle
Cronulla will come to Melbourne.
parttimetourist 10 oy oldin
If the Australian Army came in and started mowing them down the madness would soon stop
parttimetourist 10 oy oldin
The old adage "you reap what you sow" is very true and this is a typical example of irresponsible immigration by an inept stupid Government in a mad rush to adopt multiculturalism who should realize that if you allow these savage barbarians who run around the jungles with machetes in their own country it will happen here also. Likewise with Middle Eastern Mudslimes Unfortunately, we don't have the death penalty so deportation is the only effective alternative and the sooner the better. In fact, this is a job for the Australian Army as the police are not properly trained and equipped to handle the task. The state of Victoria should be declared a state of martial law with curfew and shoot to kill orders for dangerous bastards until they are ALL deported. In addition, we need to replace the Government of this country and the state of Victoria with a responsible Government and stop ALL immigration immediately and permanently
Swind Pendulum
Swind Pendulum 10 oy oldin
Africans lovers as the Green and Labor voters are the one that want trashes from Africa. .Greens and labour voters do not want to have their monkey pets in their backyards or do not want to have monkeys as neighbors. The Victorian government and its Police force are protecting those parasites from Africa leaving people from Victoria on their own unsecured suburbs. To note, there is not a single place peaceful inside Africa or any other places in the world where Africans are present. Do not vote Labor, do not vote Green.
Harry Reich
Harry Reich 10 oy oldin
Sign this petition to sack this useless police minister!!! www.change.org/p/politicians-sack-the-police-minister
barney rubble
barney rubble 10 oy oldin
Two massive mistakes from both sides of politics in Australia.In the 1970,s Bob Hawke and the Labour Party bought over hordes of muslim Lebanese whom are into every crime imaginable and some that you are not imaginable and Howard and the Liberal Party bringing in the violent Sudanese,and the leftys and Marxists will continue to lie about this demographic until the military is bought in
Bud Buddy
Bud Buddy 10 oy oldin
The lost tribe of Israel. God's chosen people who arrived on earth in their flying pyramids the Dindu Nuffins!
Nic Jor'Wil
Nic Jor'Wil 8 oy oldin
Bud Buddy WE WUZ KANGz
hekktik Yil oldin
Thank you Greens, for this fucking mess
lee coates
lee coates Yil oldin
just shoot the fucking dogs
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh Yil oldin
Australian police should behave like American police to fix these ungrateful cunts.
Crow29Darkness Yil oldin
Any that are non-citizens should be deported.
John Smith
John Smith Yil oldin
There just refugees
Bourke Snap
Bourke Snap Yil oldin
unfortunately, sudanese youth are the filth of Melbourne.
PK P Yil oldin
white bogan a-holes
Na5iR11 Yil oldin
The description is racist. To think that white people don't do this also is crazy.
Nic Jor'Wil
Nic Jor'Wil 8 oy oldin
Slave Nation
Slave Nation Yil oldin
You should begin exterminating every moslem in the land and every politician who helps them right now, that is if you want to be free and survive what which will come if you don't. Your choice!
Steve Mac
Steve Mac Yil oldin
send the black fucks back to sudan
Andrew H
Andrew H Yil oldin
these fuckwits are weak as piss.they think they're hardcore ghetto homies.this is Australia cunts if u can't behave like a human fuck off back to the jungle
Slave Nation
Slave Nation Yil oldin
Australia is a police state and even with all those cameras violence is only getting worse! ....That's because the police state wants it to get worse and that's why they have imported turd-world moslem scum to live in Australia. ....Awake yet?
Slave Nation
Slave Nation Yil oldin
Well...what did Aussies expect when they got rid of the previous immigration policy that carefully selected immigrants so that this would never happen in Australia? You get what you ask for and the got the type of despotic government that you deserve! You've listened to degenerate leftist scum and now you've got moslem and turd world scum....You IDIOTS!
Kidlat432 Yil oldin
adam james
adam james Yil oldin
if i have to hear one more time how the white man stole it all ,stole what blackS since the beginning of time have never owned anything ,if one of you gutless little winning lefty faggets can name one black country that is not completely poverty ridden ill listen , you cant where ever in the world blacks live its violence and poverty,hey blame whitey but everyone one suckS on white mans welfare and statements if we did steal it means were superior to them ,nature says the strongest smartest will survive ,so to all you little sooky wimpy lefty faggets get ready times uP NEW WORLD ORDER COMING AND GOD BLESS TRUMP haha we win as white poeple will always win SUCK ON THAT
Nic Jor'Wil
Nic Jor'Wil 8 oy oldin
adam james wakanda propaganda..😂😂
Babikir Elmosbah
It's funny how "Australians" can say deport them with a straight face lol, you shouldn't be their either so when an aboriginal person says it I can respect it
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 3 oy oldin
Babikir Elmosbah, there would be no welfare for you if there were no white taxpayers.
KTB Raider 187
KTB Raider 187 Yil oldin
Slave Nation no, you're the one who should kill theyself
samgol dyt
samgol dyt Yil oldin
They had no laws, nobody was legal or illegal. They should be deported regardless, I'm fine with immigrants but not this lot.
Babikir Elmosbah
Slave Nation you morning haha, you don't belong anywhere you have no home you criminal idiot
Babikir Elmosbah
Slave Nation well well well, did that hit a nerve, your descended from criminals in a land that does not belong to you, go back to where you belong and stop chatting shit, retard
Jann Cee
Jann Cee Yil oldin
13 months later and the black africans are STILL terrorising people. The police arrest them, they go to court and the judges let them off, how frustrating this is for the police and the people on Melbourne and Sydney. These people break into peoples homes day and night, (every night to many homes but they rarely do a story on them through the news) , night time they break in and hold a knife to the sleeping home owners, they break into shop, jewellery shops, smash all glass displays with hammers, they bash people who simply go for walks, they carjack, again holding a knife to the driver, it never stops. This is NOT the Australia we all know, get those uncivilised, violent people out of our country!
Jack Wayne Official
this bleeding heart lefty wants these disgusting cunts deported
Weed man
Weed man Yil oldin
All this gangs doing is making it virtually impossible for innocent Africans to get w decent job
Nic Jor'Wil
Nic Jor'Wil 8 oy oldin
Weed man they can get a job in South Africa, since the government rubbed by blacks want to confiscate white farmers lands and rebels killing an rape these farmers... also they cannibalise elbinos...but that's been swept under the carpet and kept quiet...
Jayden Alquist
Jayden Alquist Yil oldin
Multiculturalism at it's very best
once encountered 5 African kids walking through Sydney cbd streets while smoking weed. These people have no regard for law, they think they can do whatever they want.
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 3 oy oldin
They can do whatever they want with PC Police and Politicians.
Wizard of Aus
Wizard of Aus Yil oldin
Migrants enriching our country
eddie100 Yil oldin
Commercial television trying to make a dollar out of anyone's right to protest, especially if they are young.
Big D
Big D Yil oldin
Australia fkn up Australia. Letting these black scum in to our country to run a muck on the Australian people. Selling our land to China. Australia is the best country in the world but Australia is fkn up Australia and it really is upsetting to see this in our beautiful Australia.
Slave Nation
Slave Nation Yil oldin
The government is doing it intentionally too!
NorthEast Lad
NorthEast Lad Yil oldin
Imagine being from the 3rd world and moving to a western country where you don't know the language, you have no connection to the land or civilisation that is clearly superior to your own. You have children and raise them as you would in your ancestral home. They feel the same thing and find it difficult to integrate because of their parents. They become frustrated at feeling like an outcast so they seek out other people (immigrants and 2nd gen) who understand what they're feeling. The process of isolation continues. They have no respect for the country, its laws and its people because it wasn't created by their ancestors or religion. Their hatrid manifests into crime and anti-social behaviour. They double down and turn their communities into the ones their parents ran away from. This is what is happening in every western country and yet we continue the process. The western media constantly tell us immigrant crime is low.... which is technically true because its the children of immigrants that are causing the most problems.... and because of our PC culture and multicultural propaganda we label the children of immigrants as nationals of the couintry they are in (British, Australian, Swedish etc). The BBC sums it prefectly when they describe muslims in Britain who go and fight in the middle east with ISIS and they label them 'British'. Imagine being a ethnically European born in Japan and imposing that the Japanese refer to you as not European but Japanese.... and then you go fight for a terroist group that targets Japanese people and still be labelled Japanese.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Yil oldin
Ah, anybody notice how many of the brawlers were native Aussies. Saw a lot of color out there. Good luck with immigration for USA. Don't listen to the liberals.
Moga Dishu
Moga Dishu Yil oldin
Deport the police back to England. Bring in Sudanese police... they know how to deal with these fu*kers...
Moga Dishu
Moga Dishu Yil oldin
Slave Nation
Slave Nation Yil oldin
Deport the AU government back to England!
Wise Words
Wise Words Yil oldin
Deport them all, cleanse Australia. They're like Trojan horse, ungrateful at all after all the help they received from Australia. Why should peace loving Austrians suffer from these imported criminals?They lack remorse and care for people, why even spend tax payers money to send them to prison here. Deport them straight away! No buts! They will just repeatedly do the same thing when they get out of jail anyway, or even worst. They can have the best rehabilitation back in their own war infested, famine country. They love war and chaos so much, its their rightful place to be forever.
Wise Words
Wise Words Yil oldin
Nah, Melbourne will be hailed as the most unliveable city in the world because of too lenient justice system and police force against these young violent migrants. They will be the future criminals in the making that all our children will have to deal and bear with in the future, do you want that to happen folks? Deport the whole family if they can't discipline their own minors, better that way than majority of the peaceful Australians will suffer. They seemed not to have empathy and remorse, that's dangerous!
Dave Chen
Dave Chen Yil oldin
Apex and islander23????? Please go to school and learn some new meaningful name!!!!!!
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Yil oldin
send these fucking degenerates back!
Twisten Tiger
Twisten Tiger Yil oldin
does this actually happen in Melbourne come on man what the fuk.
believeinNothing GuYy
seriously here , i strongly think this Australian police must go to China and learn and copy how the Chinese police deal with trouble maker like this cunts in this video ... Check out this sample video uzvid.com/video/video-grpNttPOxuI.html
* lkloading *
* lkloading * Yil oldin
Y'all serious stop acting like u own the soil Australians it belongs to Aboriginals and we love black people from Africa
* lkloading *
* lkloading * Yil oldin
Only one person didn't come by boat it's aboriginals Australian stop acting like u own this land I'm tired ICU gonna ship black people I think u should be shipped to UK
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family 3 oy oldin
Actually there were a pigmy people here before the Aboriginals, check your history.
Wouldn't happen in Texas
Jayson J
Jayson J Yil oldin
No more Sudanese refugees, they are nothing but trouble. They think car jacking, home invasion and robbery are normal. They should be deported back to Sudan.
Bepe Gabianni
Bepe Gabianni 10 oy oldin
nah, leave them here in landfills.....dead....good for the soil
Tiger Tough
Tiger Tough 10 oy oldin
Xperox Schwarnigger ..what Country? Sudan? Because your filth have done nothing for Australia 🇦🇺
Anomaly _
Anomaly _ Yil oldin
Andrew H Wow as a sudanese that really got to me are you even human I wonder if you even have morals I will defend my country till death and will do whatever it takes to defend it.
Andrew H
Andrew H Yil oldin
Jayson J fuck deportation try decapitation these filthy rock apes need a taste of their own medicine and I have no problem doing it
William James
William James Yil oldin
Jayson J I concur with you. Robbery seems to be the order of the day.
Kropivnya boy
Kropivnya boy Yil oldin
WARNING to black fuckers we deal with you in Russia now we deal with you in Australia , you scum cannot read or write maybe one of the white faggots may help you KKK is coming to this country look out for the tree branch which has you black name on it scum you belong in the tree in Africa not in white man country . look out for the Japanese knife named Galaxy cuts black throat so easy //
Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi Yil oldin
We're following Europe into violence. uzvid.com/video/video-ShuzJTvcBTQ.html
love2sing777 Yil oldin
Marko Sarich
Marko Sarich Yil oldin
It's so diverse.
expresscourier Yil oldin
Deport these filthy baboons to sahara before they destroy your nation. Also hang every elected scumbag responsible for this invasion.
Pódric o'Mír
Pódric o'Mír Yil oldin
I have a nice present waiting for them if they ever come into my house!
AllPeople (AP) Gifts
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *HERE IS A QUESTION TO PRESENT* *TO EVERY AFRICAN MIGRANT:* *How about YOU PEOPLE STOP INVADING...* Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Crete, France, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, UK, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, *the U.S., Canada,* Russia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, The Caribbean, Argentina, Peru, Holland, Turkey, Brussels, Jordan, Columbia, *Mexico ... and* *every other nation to which your ilk insist on* *seeking to scatter (like filthy-cockroaches)?* The GLOBE has KEPT YOU PEOPLE ALIVE -- FOR more than 70 YEARS (literally giving you EVERYTHING FOR FREE) -- and -- instead of your using that kindness as an opportunity to IMPROVE your OWN nations and cultures -- you simply sat on your fat-bums and lived like leeches (praising corruption, laziness and vice) -- THEN -- when you had (YET AGAIN) made your own "homes" (nations) almost totally UN-inhabitable (due to your corruption and refusal to sacrificially work or save anything on your own WITHOUT all the global-welfare) -- you decided to make the false-claim that you were "Refugees" _(which everyone on earth now_ _interprets as 'Welfare-Leeches' ... IF the person_ _is from an African or Muslim nation)_ and also even as "Students" _(which everyone on earth_ _now interprets as 'Prostitute' or 'Drug Dealer'_ _... IF the person is from an African nation)_ -- and NOW -- you _'Wonder-Why'_ it is that pretty much EVERY single NATION that is found on the entire globe HATES even the notion of YOUR ILK residing IN THEIR great NATION. . It is clear to the world that you people have given yourselves the GLOBAL REPUTATION of being ARROGANT, UNGRATEFUL, LAZY, SPONGING, EVER-LYING, EXPLOITATIVE, DELUSIONAL ... WASTRALS AND USERS. NO ONE WANTS OR NEEDS YOU -- AND -- THEY NEVER HAVE WANTED OR NEEDED YOU -- AND THEY ONLY LET YOU IN THEIR NATIONS OUT OF "PITY" (due to you people having proved to the world that most of you are NOT able to survive without the help of White and Asian nations to guide you in life). EVEN WORSE ... YOU PEOPLE _(i.e. African_ _Migrants)_ sit around in the First-World nations proudly-displaying EVERYTHING THAT 'WE' HAVE 'GIVEN' TO 'YOU' FOR "FREE" _(as you_ _people falsely-refer to it .... but we will state_ _the truth and tell you that ... it came from the_ _tax-dollars that were stolen from our people)_ -- DUE TO THE 'PITY' THAT WE (USED TO) HAVE FOR YOU (as you have proven to the globe just how stupid and inferior you people truly are) -- AND YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO EVEN REALIZE that all such bragging about your 'access' to "freebies" ... as you people mistakenly call them and think of them as being _(ex. education, housing, food, medical,_ _utilities, '7-Year Forgiveable' business and_ _housing and student "loans", transportation,_ _entertainment, and so forth)_ ONLY MAKE US generational-citizens of the First and Second World nations LOOK DOWN ON YOU _(for your being too stupid and lazy to_ _even realize that you are all seen as the_ _being the biggest bunch of worthless_ _'welfare-benefit scroungers' and bunch of_ _'criminal-vice incentive' people on earth)._ WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOUR BACKWARD ILK THAT YOU ARE SIMPLY TOO STUPID AND BACKWARD TO EVEN UNDERSTAND SOMETHING THAT IS JUST SO 'BASIC' TO THE REST OF HUMANITY? AND ... AGAIN ... THE *MAIN COMMENT* THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE OF THE 1st and 2nd NATIONS OF THE GLOBE ARE SAYING TO THEMSELVES (AND TO EACH OTHER) ... IS AS FOLLOWS: WHY DO the many AFRICAN MIGRANTS and African Nationals simply NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ... as long as all of these Africans are constantly (and proudly) 'on the lookout for' (and trying to arrange to target) some other nation to which they can Migrate and reside _... (in their backward mindset and life-goal_ _of "get-rich-quick" AND in their open disdain_ _of 'sacrificially working, contributing and also_ _saving' for what they want or need in life AND_ _in their open intention to 'take advantage of' /_ _'make demands at' the generational-citizens_ _of the nations which they have all targeted) ..._ NO ONE ON EARTH WILL EVER BE ABLE TO RESPECT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM? Throughout the globe .. the Africans are seen as nothing more than just a bunch of Migratory-Vagabonds who scattered (like cockroaches) out of their very own Toilet-Like nations and into more-advanced and better nations ... where they can all live as leeches off of all of the hard-working and ethical citizens who do not want them there. ONLY AFRICANS (and now also the Muslims, many of whom are also Africans) ARE SEEN IN THIS MATTER -- and this is due to the fact that ONLY AFRICANS make it their number one "LIFE GOAL" to escape from their own nation-of-origin and go to some other nation -- where they will insist on "clumping together" in order to create some sort of "little Africa" there. IF people wanted 'Nigeria' or 'Somalia' or 'Liberia' (or any other African nation) in their lands THEN they would Migrate to Africa -- AND -- IF these Africans have some desire to re-create 'Africa' (and it's "cultures") in other lands ... THEN they should simply have stayed in / go back to their very own nation-or-origin that's still located in Africa. . Just look at the damage that these African Migrants (and even many of the Caribbean Migrants) have done in America in less than a mere 50 years ... as they are truly awful: plus.google.com/b/102311719580461249997/102311719580461249997/posts/fBwJzw15xHo NO ONE ANYWHERE WANTS THEM AROUND -- FOR ANY REASON -- YET THEY CONVINCE EACH OTHER THAT THEY ARE 'both wanted and needed' IN OTHER (better) NATIONS GLOBALLY. THEY NEED TO 'GO BACK TO / STAY IN' AFRICA AND use the *trillions* of dollars that the United Nations has given them (by stealing from tax-paying citizens around the globe) to REPAIR THOSE BROKEN-TOILET looking and functioning NATIONS AND CULTURES OF THEIRS ... AND STOP using THEIR tactic of MIGRATION-INVASION into other lands ... where they are NOT needed, wanted or welcomed by most of it's citizens. . *ALSO ...* . *PLEASE SHARE THESE LINKS* *WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW.* plus.google.com/b/102311719580461249997/102311719580461249997/posts/LRfQvt3C1wt plus.google.com/b/102311719580461249997/102311719580461249997/posts/THHuhoFAHUF .
Mohammed Omer Sanad
Nothing to do with Sudan (they're Africans) we Sudanese more civilized peoples of the world, and the proof is that all Africans outside the country claiming to be Sudanese
Paul Carter
Paul Carter Yil oldin
Can't play nice in Australia then fuck off back to ya disease ridden county free loading maggots I'm not a racist I hate everyone equally
lollyroger Yil oldin
time yo all blame a politician..bit more incompetent management of immigration..
lollyroger Yil oldin
frig that get em
lasha1974 Yil oldin
Bix nood muh fuggah
kingfaggot Yil oldin
wow i love multicultralism!
michael collins
michael collins 2 yil oldin
obsession with multiculturalism and giving welfare to all immigrants sums it up
For Sure
For Sure 2 yil oldin
The African communities are refusing to identify the offenders and are just as much to blame so don't claim racism when you refuse to hand them over.
Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze 2 yil oldin
They are southern sudanese. It hurts me when people can't differentiate between Northen sudanese and Southern sudanese, it is like being unable to differentiate between northen korean and southern korean. Northen sudanese are educated people with alot of them with PHDs
Dwayne Aubrey
Dwayne Aubrey 2 yil oldin
Our politicians will never fix this because they will never have to live with it in there multi mullion dollar estates(which ordinary aussies have no chance of ever experiencing), it is us working class who feed the pig trough that politicians push there snout into and we get these thugs breaking into houses every night and committing violent acts so willing. We need the people to rise up, kick the politicians out who serve the globalists and get we the people into parliament and deport ANY migrant who commits these horrid acts. Had enough of the PC brigade, worked in prison and have seen the soft way these thugs are treated 'o its not there fault, its everything they have seen' BULLSHIT u come to auutralia for a better life, choose to act like this and go back to ur country because IF U ACT LIKE THIS WHEN NEW TO AUSTRALIA U ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN!
J Janaj
J Janaj 2 yil oldin
Yeah..Why don't we deport them to where they come from???...If we don't do anything this will get worse over time...European countries are just now realising the problems & damages they do, it is time we learn this humanitarian, multicultural & political correctness does not work!
Jay See
Jay See 2 yil oldin
Get out of Australia scum. If you can't behave here fuck off to Sudan.
Jay See
Jay See Yil oldin
+13TH PLA you are brave with your gang of 50 mates. Now tell me why you came to a white country to commit crime? Tell me how you make Australia a better place, since Australians helped you? Why do you take peoples help then do things like that? Answer me.
13TH PeakCityCG
13TH PeakCityCG Yil oldin
Jay See Shut up you white inbred we will carry on doing what we are doing. Come say this in rl if you are brave but you won't do shit because you know that white face will turn bright red
Jay See
Jay See Yil oldin
+13TH PLA​ why do you come to white countries? Whites invented nuclear weapons,you invented a stick. You do nothing for the country and people that took you in from your mud hut and gave you a better life. You spit on the people that pay for your house and food. What kind of person are you? No other countries would let you come in and act so disrespectful but white countries. You should be thankful for what you have been given, not accept the offer of kindness from strangers then start a violent gang in their country. You have no gratitude or redeeming qualities whatsoever. You cost Australians tax money to pay for you then do nothing but make Australia worse in return. You should be ashamed like any other normal human being would.
13TH PeakCityCG
13TH PeakCityCG Yil oldin
Jay See Whites wont do shit only bad behind screens big up the Apex gang
ExRhodesian Yil oldin
I bet your history teacher was a Jew, oh wait you did not go to school.
bubudew twarf
bubudew twarf 2 yil oldin
Who are the true Australians? The white man invaded australia like he does everywhere else.
Scott Young
Scott Young 10 oy oldin
bubudew twarf has white man invaded Africa? Has he invaded China/ Asia? Has he invaded the Middle East ? No. Africa has Africans. Asia has Asians. Middle East has Arabs. Yet the only countries in the world that are becoming multicultural are countries that the white man has founded and created (Europe, America, Australia). So it's actually the coloured races that are the parasites and invaders. Grow a brain you antifa piece of shit.
baits 2 yil oldin
do they have an IQ test on immigrants .
Lock&Load 77
Lock&Load 77 2 yil oldin
I think the case with the Sudanese might just be non- salvageable. We bought them to our beautiful county to help them out of a war zone. They repay us with mindless violence. They offend at 7x the society norm, they invade homes, car jack and riot. They are only running on limited intelligence - average IQ is ranked at 72 (right on the usual retard line) www.therichest.com/expensive-lifestyle/location/the-top-10-countries-with-the-lowest-population-iq/ and they clearly have a violent nature and a violent culture. In short the are viscous savages. We would be better off deporting them and spending the money building schools etc in their own country. War is over now. Lets send them back.
Nic Jor'Wil
Nic Jor'Wil 8 oy oldin
Lock&Load 77 well said, but the jews wouldn't want to loose their trump cards... ORDER OUT OF CHAOS... muahahaha... im gonna see where this goes...
Jiggajig Jones
Jiggajig Jones 2 yil oldin
79274333 2 yil oldin
third World people make a third world country
Jagger M
Jagger M 10 oy oldin
792 <----- fake Canuck alert!
daric nd
daric nd 2 yil oldin
Sudanese people are a goddamn shame!!!!! giving all blacks such a bad name.. i demand they all get deported
DonegalRaymie201 2 yil oldin
White people have built the best, safest, richest Nations all over the World that Africans are trying to get into, because Africans can't build shit or do shit for themselves, ffs!!! What have Africans EVER invented, eh boy??? Exactly.....................Lmfao!!!
daric nd
daric nd 2 yil oldin
+Bobby Ragusa are u dumb as fuck? all africans ? do u know that africa has over 50+ countries? i dont think u've met all 50+ countries and some blacks in australia are NOT refugees or africans.. the guys in this video are SUDANESE MEN and no other (they are very tall with dark grey looking skin colour)... whites are killing MILLIONS of innocent people in the middle east and in the east of congo as well as stealing their resources (oil, coltan-used to make iPhones, gold, diamonds etc..) Australia is a stolen land that was invaded by white europeans convicts that killed, tortured and raped aboriginals so do u think i should judge u based on the evilness of ur white people's action? so stop generalising
daric nd
daric nd 2 yil oldin
isn't there a way for the sudanese community to educate their youths on how to behave properly. I went to a party yesterday and they started breaking n throwing bottles everywhere hurting each other for no reason.. on the news, they stealing cars.. i am now being harassed at work by white people because to white people, they think we all look alike n are refugees even though I'm not a refugee n do NOT look sudanese.. They giving all blacks such a bad reputation in Australia. I hope someone in ur community does something about it..