Seven News. Black Apex Gang Member Fights Deportation.

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keeping it real
keeping it real 14 soat oldin
How are you not deported after your first charge period???????
The 15 soat oldin
Just take him for a ride but don't bring him back.
Nasty Bitch
Nasty Bitch Kun oldin
These diverse oppressed victims are fighting back against white supremecist racist misogynistic patriarchy!
keeping it real
keeping it real 13 soat oldin
Why didn't stay in there last opressed country where there was no whites to fight back against??? LMFAO
Seflino Kasonde
Seflino Kasonde 2 kun oldin
Australia have a big problem at hand. in order to understand these so called black youths (SUDANESE ) One must understand where they are coming from. They were born in a wars their parents were born in wars there grand parents were born in war their great grandparents wars. how can they stop they need soldiers to handle them. THAT WILL STOP EM.
Teddy Molnar
Teddy Molnar 3 kun oldin
Wish you could defend yourselves. But you let them take your guns. Now you know why they wanted them.
Anthony King
Anthony King 4 kun oldin
Can I feed him to my dog?
deng deng
deng deng Kun oldin
ill Feed u to my dick
Neil Stanley
Neil Stanley 3 kun oldin
Your dog would puke
Azim Musthapha
Azim Musthapha 5 kun oldin
Don't send him back exerquition is the way he will just fuck up other innersent people's lives 1 year jail sentence and then exerquition want to be a animal treat him like a animal when a animal attacks human we kill it should be the same for a human then the shit will stop believe me. don't be a pussy the criminals in your country show who boss.
Vaughan Cee
Vaughan Cee 8 kun oldin
TrumpMake AmericaGreatAgain
This was 2017 he never ended up getting deported
Bass Huntet
Bass Huntet 8 kun oldin
importing savages to Australia is insane. this is obviously a organized effort to make Australia black.
Flo A
Flo A 8 kun oldin
send him back he come here for happy life and no war then come here to start shit nop send him home
Neil Stanley
Neil Stanley 3 kun oldin
Yeah as deck freight on a submarine
justin bang
justin bang 9 kun oldin
polys maoris and sudanese/africans have violence in their blood. you dont see indians asians europeans causing this much havoc... They really can't integrate into society.
Deanoss Last
Deanoss Last 3 kun oldin
+Neil Stanley thatsnot a race thiugh, just a savage religion
Neil Stanley
Neil Stanley 3 kun oldin
you forgot the biggest threat to Aust no the world Muslims.
Deanoss Last
Deanoss Last 7 kun oldin
I wouldnt put Polynesian s in the same as africans
rolf s
rolf s 9 kun oldin
Filthy nigga
jo dirt
jo dirt 15 soat oldin
Racist cunt
Mal Barber
Mal Barber 9 kun oldin
We have enough crap of our own. No need to import it
Malcom Canning
Malcom Canning 9 kun oldin
seems to be going well ..mr politicians useless self serving pricks
jack dunne
jack dunne 9 kun oldin
Send these fuckers back to Africa!!
jo dirt
jo dirt 15 soat oldin
Send you back to Europe
kyle dekleva
kyle dekleva 12 kun oldin
Be like America start shooting
deng deng
deng deng Kun oldin
+TrumpMake AmericaGreatAgain shut your pink fat ass up
deng deng
deng deng Kun oldin
fat cunt
kyle dekleva
kyle dekleva 5 kun oldin
Well if you come to this country and be a cock head you deserve anything.
TrumpMake AmericaGreatAgain
I agree start shooting them blacks
Harriet idowu
Harriet idowu 9 kun oldin
It looks like you enjoy seeing blacks killed . What are you gaining? I didn’t support what he did and can be sent back and not killed! Will you want your mom, sisters, brothers or uncles killed ?
kyle dekleva
kyle dekleva 12 kun oldin
Send them all back home There a pest to Melbourne streets
Tom Melli
Tom Melli 12 kun oldin
The only LOOPHOLE this fucker should get is the kind that goes over your head and tightens around your neck...Give the talking monkey a choice. HANG OR BACK TO AFRICA . Done.
Bass Huntet
Bass Huntet 8 kun oldin
you are right tom....go to 1:39,that picture paints a thousand words
Tom Melli
Tom Melli 12 kun oldin
Ship this piece of garbage back to Africa. Deny him entry back into Australia until 3018.
MrOnyourbike 13 kun oldin
His sister aged badly if shes aged 9
MrOnyourbike 13 kun oldin
Surely the cops need to practice shooting
wassupzaf 13 kun oldin
He should be in hospital fighting for his life from a savage beating not fighting to stay here.
skate dd
skate dd 13 kun oldin
Over judge so good to treating this person was so much respect.. oh you must be a good judge.. oh I'm having a bad day. Maybe I should steal a judge's car Then I will get treated really good too.. free lawyer free food free place to live.. maybe sex as well.. thank you government for being so good to us
skate dd
skate dd 13 kun oldin
Over the criminals got all the rights.. they don't have to pay for lawyers they don't have to pay for anything... but the victim has to out of his own pocket.. Oh What a Wonderful government we have.. we're the victim is the criminal.. and the criminal is the victim.. thank you Australian government for being so good to us
skate dd
skate dd 13 kun oldin
Oh our government loves people like that that's the sort of people they want in Australia... so they can destroy the lives of citizens who were born here.. what a wonderful idea let violent criminals run around.. oh a government is so good to us.. what a wonderful country we live in... maybe we all should move to Somalia maybe it's safer there
Ken Barr
Ken Barr 13 kun oldin
The system is flawed, put him in jail for life if you are worried about what will happen to him if he is deported back to where he came from. It would be cheaper than the aftermath of his crimes and maybe send a message to his friends. Another example of failed immigration/ refugee intake. Better still, let him live with one of the politically correct do Gooders that support his type and let them deal with the problem. Wake up Australia, P.S Shame on the legals that try and get this vermin back on the streets to cause more mayhem.
Anton Maxwell
Anton Maxwell 14 kun oldin
I could re tread all my tires with that chimps Lips...damm!
M. Asquino
M. Asquino 14 kun oldin
Leftist politicians MUST be voted out worldwide
Michael Oh
Michael Oh 15 kun oldin
Obviously those who make troubles and commit crimes in Australia for whatever reason must be deported wherever country they came from. Australia generously accepted those people to give better life and opportunity to contribute to the society but if they don’t want to contribute and destroy the country then they don’t deserve to live in Australia.
Michael Hunziker
Michael Hunziker 17 kun oldin
Isn't diversity, just for the sake of diversity wonderful? Enjoy
bay dough
bay dough 15 kun oldin
do you think diversity is wonderful for all the countries the european has invaded in the last 400 yrs? i make you a deal. you get your lot outta our lands and we will gladly return home you asswipe
richieboy09 18 kun oldin
Wet his lips n stick him to the window bwahahahaha
richieboy09 17 kun oldin
+Michael Hunziker rumor has it, that he said to his girlfriend "id kiss you honey but your standing on my bottom lip"
Michael Hunziker
Michael Hunziker 17 kun oldin
He could be a human toilet plunger
Mark Novak
Mark Novak 21 kun oldin
The obvious solution to the black African problem is to bring thousands more of them to Australia and treat them like Lords. It must be the correct solution because that's what the government is doing, and they're going to keep on doing it no matter how many people tell them to stop. It's like the Forever War on (People Who Use) Drugs. The only way it'll ever stop is when the cunts waging it are dead.
ann lofipo
ann lofipo 21 kun oldin
and kiwis get kicked even if they are only suspected of doing something wrong, go figure
HansumRob100 21 kun oldin
Just put a bullet thru his skull..and throw body in the lion at the zoo..nice n simple... fuck with beaucrap...
ovid hughes
ovid hughes 21 kun oldin
What did you expect Australia.You let him into your country unvented.You got a lot more (in your country just like him.)All in the name of political correctness.I bet you are sorry now.
Chris Symes
Chris Symes 24 kun oldin
Bet if this prick had a patch and a Harley he'd be kicked out...nothing but scum
Age Bjj
Age Bjj 22 kun oldin
Yep its shit. But we will kick taxes payers out.
megamus 25 kun oldin
Black privilege at work again.
Rip X
Rip X 24 kun oldin
megamus there is but you don’t have to blame it on the black race because
megamus 24 kun oldin
+Rip X Well done I'm sure, but I still won't take the chance, its a bit late saying "fuck it I should have known" when you are boots up or in hospital. Do you reckon there's not a problem with black criminality?
Rip X
Rip X 24 kun oldin
megamus well I’m black and have never jumped or robbed anybody
megamus 24 kun oldin
+Rip X if you go out at night and you see blacks, go back, its the sensible thing to do knowing the crime stats.
Rip X
Rip X 24 kun oldin
megamus why are you bringing the black race in this it’s him who did it
Big j big j
Big j big j 27 kun oldin
The cunts are 30kg wet wearing boots
Talking Bull
Talking Bull 28 kun oldin
The filthy cunt never fled the horrors of his “cunt tree” the monkey fucker brought them with him, Apex Apes
MrOnyourbike 13 kun oldin
Emma Clowes
Emma Clowes 28 kun oldin
Send him back send send them all back. The public should be able to vote who they want in there country's we are the ones suffering , not the judge.
Shut the fuck up Hater
Emma Clowes I have never done this and I’m a sudo should I be deported you racist pig
Adam Walsh
Adam Walsh 29 kun oldin
Fuck here's an amazing idea !! Flog the putrid dieses riddled monkey jerker within inches of his life then punch a sawn off shotgun down the cunts throat making sure to take out most of its teeth in doing so! And make the Muppet beg for his life..... I hope... No no I prey one of you APEX FAGGOTS see this and I hope it agetats you BECAUSE your all a bunch off DOGS.....I give Ya all an invitation to come up Bush and play hide and go seek with me and the boys....
DavoInMelbourne 29 kun oldin
If you can't behave in civilised society, you don't belong here. He should be deported along with his entire family.
Such a racist
Such a racist Oy oldin
Ooooga Boooooooga gimme banana
Such a racist
Such a racist Oy oldin
Lawyers that stick up for primitive apes like this should be assinated
Doug Shiner
Doug Shiner Oy oldin
Deportation or deportation after detention! He has a choice.
iedanus Oy oldin
Just kick him out. Make an example of him. To get the message clear. Misbehaviour like that wil be rewarded with DEPORTATION.
John Hounslow-Robinson
If he is a youth I'll eat a banana.
These Fucking Barristers should be debarred representing these savages knowing full well they are criminals!Where the Hell is he getting money for a Criminal Lawyer??BS
Death sentence. Why can't we kill him? Anyone?
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family Oy oldin
"It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing immigrants that want to kill us is a good idea." Frank Gaffney. The first priority for any government must be the Safety and Security of its citizens. We still import 5,000 people PER WEEK whilst we have high unemployment, high housing costs, crowded schools, hospitals, and roads and yet our weak PC governments still import many criminals and welfare recipients. It's about time that the numbers were reduced, more thorough background checks were carried out and no individual was imported unless they had a needed qualification. Any Social Security payments must be repaid BEFORE citizenship could be applied for, after 5 years of criminal free residency. Unfortunately our weak PC governments are ruled by the "bleeding hearts" that can always find an excuse to take no definitive action and the average unarmed Australian pays the price in both money and pain.
Yvonne Bales
Yvonne Bales Oy oldin
Close all loophole ...that is why the government is there
Alexandra Snellgrove
I have an American friend who cant enter Australia even for holidays due to an extremely minor crime from when he was 16, hes now 25. Yet this guy has a 7 page long criminal history and might be able to stay? Get a grip Australia
Such a racist
Such a racist 26 kun oldin
kevin you’re a simple minded small brained retard. Its well over your head mate
kevin Oy oldin
why can't you do mental health checks on people so they don't shoot up schools
Mike Cruickshanks
How fitting, APE-X. He flees Sudan because of violence?, then proceeds to import that same violence to Australia? Kick the fucking ape out immediately.
steve chase
steve chase Oy oldin
Well, have they sent monkey lips back yet?
Such a racist
Such a racist Oy oldin
Henry Johnson Pretty much boong lips then
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson Oy oldin
Ever seen a monkey's lips Steve? They're very thin, like white people's.
K . J . Mudge
K . J . Mudge Oy oldin
Why dont we send a few dozen planes packed with young Aussie blokes to Sudan and the first thing they do after they step foot out of the airport is run a riot of epic proportions and see how long it takes before they are deported back here .
K . J . Mudge
K . J . Mudge Oy oldin
+Mindfulclarity I know that it was just to providing a point that they wouldn't stand for that behaviour over there and your absolutely right about our politicians .
K . J . Mudge Sudanese would kill them over there but our polititions are worthless corrupt weak pos and provide doormats for them.
mojo Oy oldin
Apex lmfao,, i heard they spend all their money on cock flavoured lollies
Eshay Bruvvv
Eshay Bruvvv Oy oldin
Send that black cunt home
May Shin
May Shin Oy oldin
scared of big black man
cazza Australia
Those lips are huge
casual Gamer
casual Gamer 20 kun oldin
+K . J . Mudge bruh 😂
Such a racist
Such a racist Oy oldin
Boong lips
K . J . Mudge
K . J . Mudge Oy oldin
Dont you know its a part of the Apex initiations is giving his Apex brothers blow jobs 😀
May Shin
May Shin Oy oldin
he is jay z
mark hayes
mark hayes Oy oldin
Thank the Greens for this.
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe Oy oldin
D E P O R T the ugly monkey (along with associated gang members) !!
richard satterthwaite
k k
k k Oy oldin
Camel lip motherfucker
Ronald Mitaxa
Ronald Mitaxa Oy oldin
Send this black thug back to the shithole from whence he came
Jose Meireles
Jose Meireles Oy oldin
bye bye...
Juul Clark
Juul Clark Oy oldin
Will these leftwing lawyers stop trying to stop this savage from leaving Australia! Barrister Michael Page you are a disgrace to try and keep him in this country! And that goes for the Judge presiding over this case! Deport him! He is a danger to Australian citizens. AND stop giving 'his escape from a war torn country' a reason to keep him here. He does not appreciate or is thankful to be out of Sudan and living in a civilised country as is obvious by his behaviour. Does someone need to die before the judges ruling in this savage's cases wakes up!
Curious Curiouser
This is what happens in a country which is run by self serving politicians (all parties) who don't care about their constituents. They are gutless and playing the "politically correct" game. We need someone who TRULY wants the best for the average aussie. ALL sides of politics need to stop fighting like bitchy, sly, cliquey little school girls and get together for the welfare of the taxpayers and their families.
tobagotb10 Oy oldin
Juul Clark It’s the same problem here in Canada. We had an Syrian refugee sponsored by the community to flee his war torn country, and after 17 months living in a safe country here in Canada, what does he do? He raped and murdered an innocent little girl in a park right next to her house. Despicable to say the least. What does our government do? Protect the evil doers! I have no words for it. Read below the events: www.google.ca/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/4437619/marrisa-shen-homicide-update-death/amp/
steve chase
steve chase Oy oldin
Go back to africa you piece o' s***!
young jezzy
young jezzy Oy oldin
Lols why you acting like white people dont do crimes too
Jake Patard
Jake Patard Oy oldin
Stab and deport these faggit cunts
deng deng
deng deng Kun oldin
ill finger your sister
deng deng
deng deng Kun oldin
shut your pink skin ugly mom headass
dumbo7429 Oy oldin
Im offering $1000 for names of public servants who bought this ape into our home.
White Male
White Male Oy oldin
Monkeys go home or die.
richard satterthwaite
Matt L
Matt L Oy oldin
He seems hungry for violence. Sudan is having a civil war tell him to go play in war. Deport now.
caps for dayz
caps for dayz 18 kun oldin
by buying their oil we are funding their wars...
Ibrahim alkoum
Ibrahim alkoum 29 kun oldin
Matt L say south sudan not sudan the violent culture is one of reasons we do not feel sorry for their sepration
richard satterthwaite
Hee Wa Tam Suen
Deport him he is a criminal...
richard satterthwaite
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks Oy oldin
Another quality import
Brett Mitchell
The answer to mass third world migration is mass deportations.
Jarno Saarinen
Such an ugly species! I cant look at this low down piece of ape spew's lips without seeing 2 tormented arseholes smack bang in the middle of its ugly ugly face!! Give the Africunt 2 choices; 1 deport it and all friends and relatives back to the Shithole Africa. 2; Throw it and all it's friends and relatives into a woodchipper and turn it into very low grade fertiliser!
K . J . Mudge
K . J . Mudge Oy oldin
Well said 😆
jon crawford
jon crawford Oy oldin
mr page watch you back we r coming for you
jon crawford
jon crawford Oy oldin
hang him
richard satterthwaite
jestione Oy oldin
Send his lawyer with him.
richard satterthwaite
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner Oy oldin
Get rid of the prick!
Shut the fuck up Hater
You can’t that victim in his thoughts were like try not to be racist
Shut the fuck up Hater
Tbh I’d rather have these people here than gays
cazza Australia
I'd keep the gays you can go to Sudan with big lips
micks Oy oldin
The child is attention seeking.
Nexusfast123 Oy oldin
The idiot politicians are the real problem with their anyone with a pulse arriving on a plane can stay in Australia. We in the wider community end up paying in terms of loss of quality of life but also loss of life via increased crime.
Jimeth Oy oldin
Just throw 'em in the fucken ocean
richard satterthwaite
mad ass
mad ass Oy oldin
Deport Deport Deport
richard satterthwaite
Leonard Carr
Leonard Carr Oy oldin
Gib ur phone and de monies.
FAR Q 2 Oy oldin
They turn their own country in to a Shithole, they love living in shit so they want to turn Australia into a shithole.
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma Oy oldin
These Sudanese are Matriarchal. No Fathers. Same as the ghettos in the US.Social Chaos for everyone.Good or bad.
Island life
Island life Oy oldin
Dunno why I keep coming back to these news clips- can't figure out why governments allow creatures like this into another country and unleash hell. Governments have to know that these vermin are dangerous and will not change- all they know is how to intimidate, steal and terrorise. Wake up ! Baffle the bleeding liberal heart milksops and leeching public defence lawyers- mumbos such as this primal retard should have to pay for legal services.See how long an appeal lasts then. No second chance for heinous crimes such as this- DEPORT- DEPORT- DEPORT ! !
Island life
Island life Oy oldin
You may !
Mark Landrebe
Mark Landrebe Oy oldin
May I add, in pieces ?!
Just kill them. What's the problem??
tho pham
tho pham Oy oldin
piece of shit...deport him now
Rick Lye
Rick Lye Oy oldin
Kick him out sick of hearing obout them nothing but trouble
Tez Wharton
Tez Wharton Oy oldin
Africa and middle east countries give the criminals a chose leave the country and there free to go, and bring there crime toi other countries that are daft enough to take them in.
Sarah B
Sarah B Oy oldin
Your grammar and spelling is appalling... Go back to school.
svatinek Oy oldin
Deport him and his barrister. His barrister is a fucking snake! I think his barrister needs to have a gun pointed at his face and deal with the crime his monkey customer commited...?
Earl Duke
Earl Duke Oy oldin
Cunt fled a horror to inflict horror on another person. Deport.
hell Bent
hell Bent Oy oldin
asslips needs to be sent back
cazza Australia
frank last
frank last Oy oldin
false profit
false profit Oy oldin
Fuck the lot of them and the poor donkeys they rode in on.
false profit
false profit Oy oldin
Two words! FUCK HIM
Jim Cockburn
Jim Cockburn Oy oldin
Any of these people that are taken in by the goodness of our nations heart and commit crimes and behave like brainless thugs need examples to be made or them by deporting the perpetrator along with the deportation of the perpetrators immediate family, this way any other members of these gangs will understand that those same heart that took them in can harden and perhaps harden beyond reason to protect our citizens, our infrastructure and our property.
Baboon lips on that nig eh.
Mark Hartley
Mark Hartley Oy oldin
Bloody muffler sucker should be deported..
SAINT FOX Oy oldin
Deport them all.
Katie Goes Viral
5 kun oldin