Seven News. Black Apex Gang Member Fights Deportation.

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Seven News. Black Apex Gang Member Fights Deportation.



2-May, 2017



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paul hickman
paul hickman 8 daqiqa oldin
Send the asshole back!
willy watson
willy watson Kun oldin
It's all the same shit. If you say send him back your racist apparently but if you let him stay hell just abuse the system and like many of his counterparts they just take and take and take and give nothing back most of them are the same that's why their own countries are fucking shit holes but we can't say that because it's racist to some lefty bitch who would probaply get pack raped by him and his scum mates. Hang him from a noose and cut those fuken lips off! Hahahaha 😂. Psych!!!
Daniel S
Daniel S 6 kun oldin
Send him back to where he came from. We don't need this shit bags.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
LOOK AT THOSE LIPS,fuck me,he is so UGLY. He could defiantly suck a golf ball through a garden hose pipe.
Greg Ustler
Greg Ustler 8 kun oldin
His lips are disgusting
Henry Weaver
Henry Weaver 8 kun oldin
He’s a 19 year old man in detention youth center? Australia, you are living in another galaxy. Up is down, down is up....your drowning, your people.
Tarzan Ape King
Tarzan Ape King 8 kun oldin
Enjoy your diversity!! Hope you get what you idiots asked for.🤣🤣
Rodwell Ama
Rodwell Ama 8 kun oldin
Don't waste time ' send him bk end of story
Jack Campone Cuhz
Jack Campone Cuhz 10 kun oldin
I ain’t no racist and I say send the fuckwit crim back.
Peter McLauchlan
Peter McLauchlan 10 kun oldin
Tom SRB 11 kun oldin
No discussions. Ship him away to Sudan. I'm sure life is a treat there.
CJ Williams Technology
I bet we are paying his legal costs too.......get him gone....
archie lak
archie lak 11 kun oldin
Hey, there are some other people should be deported. But, police and government departments cover up their crimes. These people includes Irish backpackers and Eastern Europeans. I wonder why these stories not in any news.
k 11 soat oldin
archie lak Lol this is not your land White people made Australia to what it is to day with city’s and work also Centrelink For the abrogations life if it was left up to them we wouldn’t have money or house or family. Because abrogations were a bunches of dumb cunts which they still are and are good for nothing but to be 6 foot on the ground for garden soils.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 6 kun oldin
+archie lak Oh so that's you with da massive lips,can you suck a golf ball through a garden hose ?
archie lak
archie lak 7 kun oldin
John Bonnam Hey c.nt, What lot you are talking about? I am related to aborigine. You white convicts and colonial slaves should send back to Europe. Australia is not your land. Piss off to Europe, Africa or Asia. This is our land. Ask your genocidal queen queen to find a place in Europe. F.ck off to Europe or wherever you came from.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
Cos they are so petty it's not worth reporting, they don't hijack cars and kick peoples doors in while there at home,you lot are animals, nothing more.
walter kibbs
walter kibbs 11 kun oldin
This is him today. Share and subscribe. uzvid.com/video/video-v21ER2YyzwM.html
Norm 13 kun oldin
No loopholes for assholes like him.. He ain't Australian he shouldn't get any chances!! He'll only commit more crime... Send him back and his sister can join him if she wants to. Very least, she can flip the bill for Getcoots court costs and jail accommodation
james jones
james jones 13 kun oldin
That's one Ugly dude😄🤣😂
james jones
james jones 13 kun oldin
Send him back, deport immediately!
Brad Williams
Brad Williams 13 kun oldin
Assimilation or deportation. Vote one nation. When Australia opens it's arm's to welcome those immigrants in need of a better and safer life, then that generosity is abused, return to sender.
Norm 13 kun oldin
Hate one nation (Racist bastards aka Pauline pants down and Ffff'ucrazer anning) But agree with everything else. We welcome them and then they abuse the very people that took them in.
Ragnar Andersson
Ragnar Andersson 14 kun oldin
Send this criminal to zoo.he mama is gorilla.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
You got that right,he's so UGLY.
Agro Oo7
Agro Oo7 14 kun oldin
This is Gayby from Bruno all grown up
Loredo Mattoni
Loredo Mattoni 11 kun oldin
Left wing pussy run AUSTRALIA
Jason Deakin
Jason Deakin 14 kun oldin
Anyone involved in these gang activities should be deported no second chances if they are Australian born in that gang related activity regardless of race minimum of 10 years in jail once you start doing that I’m sure if you deport or sentenced them to a minimum of 10 years in a maximum security prison the rest of them might start and act like civil human beans regardless of what their nationality or background
Debra taggart
Debra taggart 14 kun oldin
I live in a community that has seen the Sudanese population growing rapidly. And it’s not a good place anymore.
Prakash Jha
Prakash Jha 14 kun oldin
I do not want to be respectful for any community but in my experience, at least, 90 out of 100 problems in Australia is caused by the African refugees. Almost a crime every month is done by them. They lack human values. Really aggressive and dangerous. They don't spare even the old people, autistic people and kids for their phone and money. I am really scared to stay in any suburb or close bu suburb where they live. Serious threat to society.
Loredo Mattoni
Loredo Mattoni 11 kun oldin
Welcome to America s problem
Mary Paris
Mary Paris 14 kun oldin
And if I wanted to move to Oz. Well I can't I'm an American. I don't have 2 million to get in
cam po
cam po 14 kun oldin
Hang him...
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
Best comment yet.
Preben S. E. Nielsen
All australias imported blackies are insane terrified beasties, and a guy like him should bot have been in prison, they should have shot him when seen, and one problem were solved. Only thing to do is that men in australia mans up and defend whats theirs, incl. women and children, and protecting their property against black and muslim crime who is so witldly out of proportions that eliminating the muslim communities everywhere that is not muslim, is the way forward for white race and people, and if, the white who want to protect the black race in a white country, must go same way, down the drain and end by the largest crocs down there, in usa their small alligators eat black people, so crocs do too, I guess, and one good thing, NOT ONE will miss them.
Basil Blue
Basil Blue 15 kun oldin
I don't live in Melbourne but I'd hate to think what these poor families have to endure when the APEX Apes get bored and wanna go assault innocent people and destroy any property they stumble across. I think it's long overdue that we haven't tackled this problem head on ! Clearly, the Vic police are under a direction to show powers of discretion that are way beyond neglection of duty purely for political purposes. No copper would let these thugs attack/assault/harass the poor people that make up the community they also live in. It goes against the grain of humanity and decency to not throw the book at these arseholes and let them be judged by their peers through the judicial system. The police have the power derived from several acts of parliament and under common law to stop, detain and arrest any affiliate of the apex movement based on the many witnessed crimes over the years. If I lived in this area of Melbourne I would be forming a group of people that are very capable and willing to retaliate with appropriate force and meet the apex gang at every opportunity to show them that we wont tolerate any of this crap anymore. Surely must be cheaper to deport them in body bags. The police cant do anything now because they created the situation in the first place with their "failure to act" to prevent the rights of any person being severely violated. If you dont cut the head off this snake now the nest will grow and it may be too big to handle then... I'm sure our MCGs would love to be involved 😊 CLOSE THE GATE AUSTRALIA, WE DONT NEED ANYMORE IMMIGRANTS THAT ONLY WANT TO COMMIT CRIMES AND INJURE OUR CITIZENS.
M4rk Kr0nst31n3r
M4rk Kr0nst31n3r 15 kun oldin
Looks like a Dried up 💩
Pingu Pinga
Pingu Pinga 16 kun oldin
nah you commit a crime, you're gone
Rusty Gold
Rusty Gold 16 kun oldin
Latest : last article I could find he was deported to Christmas Island during 2018 . But I heard as of April 2019 that was now empty . Need more evidence . But sadly the young man who was assaulted as part of his ICE enraged attack has taken his own life months after this story :(
Rusty Gold
Rusty Gold 11 kun oldin
+Norm yes ,
V Walt
V Walt 13 kun oldin
Rusty Gold nooo, did he really, that’s too sad. Obvs my Reply is to the last bit of your comment
Norm 13 kun oldin
Did Daniel commit suicide?
daniel spillett
daniel spillett 15 kun oldin
romz Tamz
romz Tamz 16 kun oldin
Why is it so difficult to deport this wanna be thug when it is simple to deport kiwis..Wake up Australia!! 😏😬
daniel spillett
daniel spillett 15 kun oldin
John Jones
John Jones 16 kun oldin
the brain of a monkey
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
The face of a gorilla.
Ros V
Ros V 22 kun oldin
NO !!! Irrespective of your colour or Ethnicity... if you “REFUSE” to make “POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS” to the society of the “KIND & PATIENT COUNTRY & IT’S PEOPLE” that have Taken you in...... and you instead choose to continue to commit CRIMES.... I’d say it’s “TIME TO GO BACK HOME” to your COUNTRY of ORIGIN. And “NO” it should “NOT” be allowed to go on for so long. We all need to get real and grow up.......
Wilky Abello
Wilky Abello 23 kun oldin
looks like a monkey, doesnt look aussie to me... lol
Pepi Os
Pepi Os 23 kun oldin
Why not hang him wtf Australia.
amor4ever frenly
amor4ever frenly 25 kun oldin
White women in the United states would love to adopt that poor black man ....
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
Why ?
mOejOe33 27 kun oldin
Having seen a palace, who would want to go back to a SHIT HOLE?
Barry Kemp
Barry Kemp 27 kun oldin
A. Creature. Who should not have been allowed out of Africa
Abdelkrim Chikhi
Abdelkrim Chikhi 29 kun oldin
They're born to shit anywhere.but some are very hard working people.these stupid kids doing stupid things.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
You call car jacking and armed robbery "a stupid thing", there terrible,vicious crimes,what shit hole did you come from ?
jon benson benson
jon benson benson 29 kun oldin
Id willingly put a knife into this fucker just for fun
jon holloway
jon holloway Oy oldin
Why can't we put people on a bond ,5 yrs or bust
Cheeky Aussie Fella
If we are deporting people that have no criminal record simply because the powers that be allege that you are part of a criminal organisation. Then why not deport him.
GIenys Wiseman
He looks like a fucking monkey, no purpose in life whatsoever. Fucking oxygen thief
perla hudson
perla hudson 14 kun oldin
I agree. They're obnoxious horrible people they should be all deported as they've no respect for the country who have given them a home.
Brumby 87
Brumby 87 Oy oldin
I often wonder how many of these black cunts will do something useful for the country they have chose.
Nick Kusmuk
Nick Kusmuk 28 kun oldin
+Brumby 87 After 'have' you are suppose to use a past participle verb. It's called present perfect tense. Also there is no need for full stops after question marks. It's not important, it's just funny because most of my students from other countries have better grammar skills than Australians.
Nick Kusmuk
Nick Kusmuk 28 kun oldin
+jon benson benson I'm German and you are a bogan. So...
Claudia r
Claudia r 28 kun oldin
Weird. Cause after that episode, I'm wondering how many fucking victims that dude is gonna have by the time he dies in Australia, if you weak-kneed idiots are handing out 14 month sentences for Armed Robbery to dindus. If you multiply the current dindu population over there averaging a handful of assaults, sprinkle in some robberies, a lil murder, and don't forget a lil rape rape. Averaged out by the hypoteneus of a triangle...... This just in.... I don't think you Aussies are gonna make it, mate.
jon benson benson
jon benson benson 29 kun oldin
+Nick Kusmuk ape
Brumby 87
Brumby 87 29 kun oldin
+Nick Kusmuk What should I fix?.
Brumby 87
Brumby 87 Oy oldin
Leave all this "hardship". Come to a good country, find you have to pitch in and work, the answer is to bring the same violence here that you were trying to leave. It is a stupid idea, we have enough of our own.
Mike Kerr
Mike Kerr Oy oldin
You can take a man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man.
Heavenly LUV777 Jolly
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
Without one.
Mike Kerr
Mike Kerr 28 kun oldin
What do you call a black man with no arms, and no legs? Trustworthy!
Claudia r
Claudia r 28 kun oldin
And don't forget his sister, too. For vouching for him......... And being a dindu.
GIenys Wiseman
Hopefully the parachute is made out of tissue paper
snake in the grass
Why waste a Parachute
jim63047 Oy oldin
amazing how society allows this to continue..............black chimps........
John H
John H Oy oldin
I say we get rid of jail altogether and send every cunt who breaks the law back to their ancestral homeland. Maggots
John H
John H 22 kun oldin
No we are talking about crims here or fuck off.
Claudia r
Claudia r 28 kun oldin
Why not just keep it simple, and do it by color? Easy peasy.
John H
John H Oy oldin
I like your thinking everyone's a Crim.Just like when it all kicked off 200+ years ago. Long as you don't slaughter or massacre or murder the 1st Australian your welcome to stay , but don't commit crime or you need to go.
Errr Oy oldin
That would mean the only demographic to be allowed to remain is AUS would be aboriginals, anglos sent back to England?
smack down76
smack down76 Oy oldin
If their going to kick out our NZ mate's then why are these disrespectful violent Aholes have any rights? We've already gave them the best chance they'll ever get by letting them come here in the first place! So if they do a crime no matter what it is they should be deported strate away no ifs no buts, GONE! Brought up in a country where violence has always been just a part of their life's what do you expect? The one strike rule your out! Set an example then they'd maybe think twice before committing a crime? And as for this barstard send him Back with all the bleeding hearts that want to give him another chance! Cause if he is aloud to walk again the next one to cross him might not be so lucky? You bleeding hearts have a lot to answer for even contemplating let this low life back on our streets! You never know the next one he meets might be your, sister, mother, brother or father?
romz Tamz
romz Tamz 16 kun oldin
Preach it 🙌👌
Tommy K
Tommy K Oy oldin
Send him to the U.S. i bet he'll change his ways😂😂
Paul Rhino
Paul Rhino Oy oldin
A shooter, at least a 10 rip in the UK
P Lavigne
P Lavigne Oy oldin
Deport 100%
Steve Kool
Steve Kool Oy oldin
Give him 12 months ...councelling hewill come good...FUCKEN GET OUT SCUM...WE HAD ACLEAN COUNTRY ...OUTTT....
pat c
pat c Oy oldin
we need to import more , not enough diversity in Europe & Australia. If you don't agree you are a racist Nazi !!!!!
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
+Big Guns let it live in your home then if you want it so badly.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
I'd rather be a racist Nazi than have this animal in our country.
mike hunt
mike hunt 17 kun oldin
he was being sarcastic +Big Guns
Big Guns
Big Guns Oy oldin
Did your mother drop you on your head when you were little?
snake in the grass
Very clever LOL.
cry han
cry han Oy oldin
Fleet the horrors but brings it to Australia that we have to deal with now
Wilhelm Borgstrom
Send him packing , these are professional criminals and will not re-pent
Terry Advice
Terry Advice Oy oldin
Australia is getting as Soft as the EU
omel7 Oy oldin
Give them some work programs. Teach them workable skills. As far as for this thug, he should be deported!
Jordan Ingerson
Jordan Ingerson 15 kun oldin
You can give these scumbags the best training out there but most of them won't do anything with it. You can't polish a turd
omel7 Oy oldin
Cry Han. I agree w you. But they’re already there. It’s either you kick all of them out or help them be a good and valuable member of their respected communities
cry han
cry han Oy oldin
Why should Australians have to pay for them. We have our own problems to sort out not other countries
dutch van der linde
i haven't watched the vid but kick him out..treat them like old school slaves..make or break them..humble them
omel7 Oy oldin
dutch van der linde “treat them like old school slaves”? “Humble them”? You’re a racist asshole
kieran hughes
kieran hughes Oy oldin
Fuck him deport the black cunt
Ryder 21
Ryder 21 Oy oldin
kieran hughes go to hell you racist fucking pig I hope you get shot by them
Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr
You aussies need to grow some balls. You need to throw up a rope and swing some of these kknnjjggrrzzz. It keeps them settled, worked in the USA from 1514 to 1964.
Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr
@ryder 21 Tell you what nnnggrrr. Give me your full name, address and a recent picture. My job gets me around a lot. You will never see me. Ex CAF CAR 2 Commando, worst sniper in my unit. I want to add a nnnggrr head to my “Big Five”.
Ryder 21
Ryder 21 Oy oldin
Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr say it to their face you racist pig
Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr
Holy banana lips.
James Bond
James Bond Oy oldin
His mother's vagina, rather.
Alwyn Dellow
Alwyn Dellow Oy oldin
This is a year old... what's the news on him ?? Deported??
Grouchy Dude
Grouchy Dude Oy oldin
Mark Kruger
Mark Kruger Oy oldin
there is no doubt in my mind.....you can put a black in any country.....somewhere.....somehow it is going to turn nasty.....send him back to his country and let him deal with his own kind.....fucking parasites.....all of them
Jeromie Rigo
Jeromie Rigo Oy oldin
Deport that pice of shit now
philip stallwood
import third world, become third world
JFenn Oy oldin
His sister is ugly as fuck too.
taylor eugene
taylor eugene Oy oldin
deported? why is this waste of blood still sucking air?
Joe M
Joe M Oy oldin
steve Ellis
steve Ellis Oy oldin
I think anyone who attacks another person for the fun of it or to steal things from them should be put in jail for a long time.If your a non citizen or citizen of the country should be deported, no matter your colour is . So deport the Auzzies back to the UK or Europe.Cause australia was a penal colony for the UK.
steve Ellis
steve Ellis Oy oldin
+768PP If the people come to any country and act like asses , kick their asses out .
768PP Oy oldin
+steve Ellis Well, you are right. Give 100s of years to these blacks in Australia and even they can claim that their ancestors fought for Australia and paid taxes in Australia. You cannot bring a guy to Australia yesterday and then say his ancestors did not fight for Australia. I believe that Australia is screwing this up for the long term. Why? because they are creating a history of animosity/oppression against blacks. Yes, there are problems but deal with them with care and compassion. Future generations of blacks are going to remember how their ancestors were mistreated and then you have a rift in races for eternity. The present-day Australians are creating a very dark future for themselves.
steve Ellis
steve Ellis Oy oldin
+Bradley Horsfall My logic is flawed? Really? Maybe you do more digging of the history of your country. Were up to 1980 any white men in Australia could shot a aboriginal, kill him and take his land but never go to jail. I can see how my logic is flawed. thank for helping understand better ;)
Bradley Horsfall
Exactly my ancestors came on first and second fleet. They did their time earnt their land fought and died in wars. Infact I have my grandfathers korean war record and his brothers fought in ww2 so why should i be deported to uk. My mums side are everinghams from hawksbury famous aboriginals im white. Nothings clean cut. Even if it is. Hes fled a war torn country where hed be tortured to come here and torture my people.. Australians. Your logics flawed
S Li
S Li Oy oldin
These scalawags in the comments sections below are saying they should Deport him out of Australia. How can you European Invaders telling people to deport someone when you are squatters yourself. 🤷‍♀️📣 _GO BACK TO BLACK PLAGUE EUROPE_
Ros V
Ros V 22 kun oldin
“YES” YOU ARE CORRECT !!!! ....the cradle of civilisation.... “EUROPE” WAS BUILT BY & DOES BELONG TO “EUROPEANS” !!!! Thank you !!! 😊 Just as every other Country or Nation BELONGS TO IT’S “OWN” ETHNICITY !!!! That being:- The ARABIAN Countries and Nations belong to ARABS, ISRAEL belong to ISRAELIS, CHINA belongs to CHINESE, ASIAN countries belongs to ASIANS, INDIA belongs to INDIANS, JAPAN belongs to the JAPANESE, RUSSIA belongs to RUSSIANS, LATINO AMERICA belongs to the LATINO AMERICANS, AFRICA belongs to the AFRICANS, PACFIC ISLANDS belong to it’s People...... AND The U.S.A which was FOUNDED, BUILT & BLEED by it’s FOREFATHERS (despite it’s ever so kind generosity to later arriving cultures) BELONGS to “It’s Forefather’s Constitutional Representative REPUBLICAN Rights”. This is the right of all other Nations and Countries throughout the world (despite the so called type of Government they may have) .....so everybody needs to LEARN to Keep Within Their “OWN” Borders & boundaries ..... And STOP CREATING unnecessary “CHAOS”. This will soon be an “INTERNATIONAL LAW”.... and this “CHAOS” will “NO” longer be tolerated... CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND which were likewise FOUNDED, BUILT & BLEED by their Forefathers (despite their ever so kind generosity To later arriving cultures) shall follow suit as U.S.A .... And continue to show great Fairness & Kindness To ALL Cultures. If you don’t like and cannot “ABIDE BY THE LAWS” of your new “ADOPTIVE COUNTRY”..... YOU NEED TO RETURN TO YOUR COUNTRY OF “ORIGIN”...... This is the “SAME LAW” that would be afforded “US” if “WE” went to “YOUR COUNTRY” of “ORIGIN”..... AND YOU KNOW IT ...
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Fuck off dickhead
Dominic Laporte
S Li You are mentally ill. It doesn't work that way.
John Howard
John Howard Oy oldin
We have white privilege you on the other hand are inferior and so have no right to talk about your betters
John Haley
John Haley Oy oldin
NUNT you are!!
William A
William A Oy oldin
Deport these bastards....Australia are you fucken stupid
billy bonk
billy bonk Oy oldin
Send all the black cunts back let them b fucking animals in there own country
Ryder 21
Ryder 21 Oy oldin
k m I’m white and I agree even if I get sent to Europe. My race is so fucking racist it ain’t funny
k m
k m Oy oldin
And send all the white cunts back to Europe and take all their diseases with them
Ken Masters
Ken Masters Oy oldin
Need to send it back to the zoo
JFenn Oy oldin
The size of the lips on that monkey. Lowest IQ rates in the world.
JFenn Oy oldin
+k m So not including Wakanda. What do black people do better than any other race in 2019 not including sports or "music"? The black man cannot even look after his own children and you are the laughing stock of the entire world.
k m
k m Oy oldin
The size of his lips..are the size which all these little white hoes wish they had..
taylor eugene
taylor eugene Oy oldin
+Wieu Kuot everything is racist according to the race pimps. google "is air racist?" milk, cars, science, math, clothes, pbj sandwiches, even google itself has articles why its raycyst. any word you can think of will come up with some race pimping negro saying it "waycyst!" when everything is racist, nothing is racist. good job race pimps, you've made the word meaningless!
Wieu Kuot
Wieu Kuot Oy oldin
Beerus, God of Destruction
If you can't see the difference between a human and an ape, you're the one with a low IQ.
sing fuzz
sing fuzz Oy oldin
send them all back where there come from before its too late... Why your Goverment keep this matter too long...
MrTastytae Oy oldin
So what's the epilogue? Did he got deported or was he given another chance?
B J I Oy oldin
Get yo ugly ass out our great country 🤜 🇦🇺
Smirking Revenge
Im an immigrant myself (from Europe) and I`m disgusted how the australian law system betrays its citizens. We australians can not defend ourselves against these criminals as we will be labelled racist, xenophobic and god knows what else by the leftard media while these extremely violent dickheads get away with a slap on the wrist. Time to take matters in our own hands.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
So what if your called a racist, better being called a name than robbed,beaten or raped or car jacked or etc etc.
Shannon Fleet
Shannon Fleet Oy oldin
Self defence is a wonderful right 😏
Yum Yum
Yum Yum Oy oldin
Stop immigration
oceej0 Oy oldin
If the victim had been shot and died of his injuries - the law would still be impotent. This is a serious crime that should be dealt with quickly and harshly. The sister should also be given a warning that if any member of her family that she brought to Australia 'steps out of line' - not only will they be deported, but she will have to leave also.
Grrr Grr
Grrr Grr Oy oldin
What r they waiting for? Someone to die before they make a decision? Shovel a shotgun into someone's face? C'mon.. sentence too hash?? Mr lawyer if someone shoveled a shotgun to ur wife would u defend him and say sentence is too hash?
Kaergaard Oy oldin
Thought australia had a strict policy on migrants - Why are there even africans in australia in the first place?
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
My nieces boyfriend (both from England) was not granted an extension on his work visa as they deemed him "too old", he was 33,and was made to return to the UK, which split them up. If a man is deported for being too old,which is not a crime,how does he get to stay for threatening to kill,it's all gone wrong in oz.
Paul Young
Paul Young Oy oldin
Send the savage home he doesn't deserve to live in Australia and send his family with then they might learn .
Edward Moran
Edward Moran Oy oldin
JC he shoved a SHOTGUN in a mans face trying to steal his car, he deserves 20 years hard labour then deportation.
John Bonnam
John Bonnam 7 kun oldin
Hang the cunt,with those gigantic lips.
EdStar Noneed
EdStar Noneed Oy oldin
Let these mother fuckers come to sydney and they will see how it's done!. Doesn't matter what Middle Eastern gang's did or do atleast you never see them do what these black fucking monkies do to civilians! Black people are cancer to our way of life and must be sent back home before you see Melbourne turning into NY or LA!. Where are all these Aussie pride gangsters in Melbourne? The gangsters with southern cross tattoos in hiding allowing these dog's rape and hurt their countrymen!?. You so called fucking biker's in hiding! All talk as always!.
SoulBrother Oy oldin
They are getting bashed. People are fighting them back. The black gang crime just gets more coverage. They attack only when it's 10 on 1 and use sucker punches. If 10 blacks met up with 10 asians/skinheads/wogs for a fight the blacks will die or run. Asians in melb don't fuck around.
Rony Adwan
Rony Adwan Oy oldin
Kill them fucking low life
Michael Shapiro
UPDATE? So that was May 2, 2017. Now March, 2018. WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? OUTGO? OR NO?
Michael Shapiro
1) Is he a CITIZEN? NO. 2) A CRIMINAL? YES. 3) A VIOLENT criminal? YES. 4) DID he have the SHOTGUN LEGALLY? NO. (Almost certainly, no.) 5) Has he THREATENED to KILL an Aussie Citizen? Depends if you think pointing a shotgun in someone's face to rob them is a threat to kill. (To me, it is.) 6) So what's your EFING PROBLEM, Australia? Now Want Ordure. From everywhere. Always. To destroy our well-ordered society.
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr Oy oldin
You would think that under the circumstances these people would be very grateful that we have taken them in and removed them from their previous situation. It seems to me that every time one of these criminals is facing deportation they always raise the "horrors" they experienced in their home country as some form of excuse for their criminal conduct. The time has come, we do not want these types of people living amongst us. Don't be fooled, we the tax payer are funding these court appearances and applications, enough is enough. Perhaps if more are sent packing others may think twice about pushing a shotgun into someone's face. However, the biggest stumbling block to the Government's push to remove these people from Australia has been the Administration Appeals Tribunal and some left leaning Magistrates. In many cases the AAT has overturned the Minister's directions and in some case Magistrates, despite the crime warranting a prison sentence have gone down an alternate road to negate the Minister from acting. Recent changes to the way in with the AAT functions may stop these situations, we can only hope. I am also at a loss to explain some of those within our communities that continually support these people through advocacy and protest. Perhaps they should do more than just virtue signal and start putting their money where their mouths are and go to the AAT and offer to house these people in their own homes. Will never happen for obvious reasons.
Umpa Lumpas
Umpa Lumpas Oy oldin
The black refugees are coming for 1 reason to kill and rape as many none blacks as they can , Farrakhan, Obama ,talked about this 6 years ago look it up
Liam o'Brien
Liam o'Brien Oy oldin
Who paid for the legal fees ?
N Levey
N Levey Oy oldin
The victims.
Edward Moran
Edward Moran Oy oldin
Tax payers of course
lucan 2
lucan 2 Oy oldin
Assuming you are Australian, you paid it! Sadly, if you don't do something about these people soon your Country is going to end up like mine pretty soon (UK).
Umpa Lumpas
Umpa Lumpas Oy oldin
The people that are actual citizens just like every other country does
Hulagu Mongke
Hulagu Mongke Oy oldin
Back in their own country, they are hang.Why are Australia NOT doing the same?
NPC TARD Oy oldin
Damn right he shudd be ejected from oz,to harsh!! He is a potential killer and a THREAT to Australians,he needs to go!
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh Oy oldin
5 things you can't give this idiot. 1>Black eye. 2>Fat lip. 3>Flat nose. 4>An education. 5>A job. Worthless asshole should be deported long ago.
Edward Moran
Edward Moran Oy oldin
Good work Ari m8
Umpa Lumpas
Umpa Lumpas Oy oldin
Give him a Velcro ceiling
Dale Mehana
Dale Mehana Oy oldin
And for now....a ticket home.
Gogo Chen
Gogo Chen Oy oldin
Gogo Chen
Gogo Chen Oy oldin
Racist Arab
badphroske Oy oldin
this might very well be something relevant in australia at the moment but nevertheless i refuse to believe anything channel 7 reports on. channel 7 is the equivalent of america's cnn with their fake news.
Ankit Pant
Ankit Pant Oy oldin
Honest hard working people are fighting to get visas and residency while these guys who are here have no respect for the privilege they already have
Lachlan Ryan
Lachlan Ryan Oy oldin
How the fuck is armed robbery with a deadly controlled weapon only worth 2 months in prison
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh Oy oldin
Oh I agree it is an outrage, he has a massive illegal past, guns are highly illegal and he threatens someone in a crime with it, if it were any average Aussie doing that we would be in jail for 5 years am sure.
Brendan Roberts
Deport deport deport.
idk akon
idk akon Oy oldin
mum soul you white people don't understand anything and how racists, you sound how would you feel if you were black and people keep saying bc about you. this isn't your country so I don't understand why you white people. it's not your country don't be telling people to leave it because they're black. or any colour. YOU WHITE PEOPLE ARE SICK IN THE HEAD NOTHING CAN HELP YOU, PEOPLE,,
Ii Itunes
Ii Itunes Oy oldin
🦍 🦍 🦍
Michael Shapiro
Wouldn't be because he's a violent CRIMINAL with a long history of same? F.U.
Bob Vagene
Bob Vagene Oy oldin
Go fuck yourself ya stunned bitch.
michael 02/28/1980
Fuck off home
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh Oy oldin
When you can name ONE single country with a black majority that provides a better life style than Australia we may listen to you, but since black people have low IQ 70-75 and fail at running advanced societies how about you shut your mouth, this loser is costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, detention and welfare, if you feel so strongly about it how about you offer to pay for his costs, you seem very quick to volunteer other people to continue supporting his worthless ass. Tax payers are fed up with it.
Tim’s Retired
Facts! Our governments open the door and bend over backwards for these cockroaches and society pays the price! Stop electing the fools into office that supports immigration of these subhuman animals.
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