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The Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL will be shipping to customers shortly. In the meantime... Google, hear me out about this notch.
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11-Okt, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
moo man
moo man 5 kun oldin
There an app called nacho notch which does exactly what you wanted
Alejandro Serna
Alejandro Serna 28 kun oldin
@UnboxTherapy so be honest with me did I go wrong with the Google pixel 3xl, should I have stayed with Samsung and their note line
Richard Maroun
Samsung has the best overall hardware except for a few things. First off the ridiculously curved display makes cracks and breaks in the screen so much more its ridiculous. That's why there is such an influx of broken Samsungs on ebay with cracks on the edges. Phone cases can only provide so much protection to edge without completely covering it. It is eye candy for pictures of the phones, but not a very useful feature. Second, samsung UI is just overall terrible. It adds a few features that the pixel doesn't but the amount of time for updates is disturbingly long and unnecessary. Compare a pixel with a snapdragon a generation older than a samsung and it will still be faster based solely on the bloated software samsung provides. Third, Samsung's have the worst selfie camera ever in a phone. It just looks fuzzy and blurry and overall disgusting compared to any other flagship, they haven't done any significant updates to it in YEARS. And last, the bixby button is the most retarded crap I have ever seen a manufacturer pull off without causing a ginormous drop in sales. They do give you an option to disable it, but it only works if you just tap it. If you hold it for more than a second, it goes through this laggy animation that slows everything down. Also, the Pixels are compatible with all carriers and don't carrier specific bloatware such as being unable to do VoLTE on a verizon phone with the T Mobile Network. This is huge for compatibility since some carriers such as sprint force you to buy their specific version of the galaxy just to use it on the network. Overall Pixel is trying to create an iPhone like android with the limited options, unapologetic design moves and trying to specialize in a specific area - photos. While the lack of a headphone jack and microsd card are annoying, the quality and features of the camera are unrivaled. Also the Notch is dumb, samsung does better on that, as its the best option for screen realestate. I think pixel should just keep the speakers and shrink the bezels to the top like samsung while keeping the front facing speakers. So yeah, I have a Pixel 2 XL and it works amazing, like much smoother and more fluid than my S8.
HASAN AK 2 oy oldin
What is this notchsanity
Martin 095
Martin 095 2 oy oldin
Dan Holland
Dan Holland 20 soat oldin
I don't even think the notch is that bad 👌👌😊
Mason Harrison
Mason Harrison Kun oldin
Ik I'm probably late but go to play store and download nacho notch
Simba Johnson
Simba Johnson 2 kun oldin
There is an app called Nacho Notch that utilizes the notch space without loosing screen space.
Kaloyan Kurtev
Kaloyan Kurtev 5 kun oldin
I agree with the other aesthetic folks and I think the notch is absolutely awful.. besides I like the phone but it is so ugly that it puts me off and I’m not going to buy one ..
robin milford
robin milford 7 kun oldin
Dear Google! Just be Oxygen os
Eddie 8 kun oldin
EVERY FUCKING TIME you close up on the phone you cover it with the damn ribbon suggestions. AT LEAST 3 times now! Sorry I came. Won’t come back.
ave b
ave b 8 kun oldin
funny how we talking abt notch but nobody talks of their back cover?
Syafiq Kaiser
Syafiq Kaiser 9 kun oldin
If that is the look when notch is hide. Then it shouldn't have notch at first. Then with the forehead use it for bigger speaker and more sensor for example. I rather have a forehead on my phone than a bathtub notch.
Brendan Hickey
Brendan Hickey 9 kun oldin
An app Nocho Notch!! FIXES ALL OF THIS TO THE WAY YOU WANT IT haha! Just a fun FYI it can be done :)
James Barter
James Barter 9 kun oldin
I’m 9 and I’m getting the pixel 3
Donkey Man
Donkey Man 15 kun oldin
Just get the normal size one.
Sodikin Gross
Sodikin Gross 15 kun oldin
Trick or treat!
Derwisky Lerwisky
Derwisky Lerwisky 16 kun oldin
I don’t really care if there’s a notch
sufia khanom moni
sufia khanom moni 17 kun oldin
You could land a plane on it
Abdul Mume
Abdul Mume 21 kun oldin
I just got the XL, it's really not that bad if you are apprehensive of buying the XL don't change your opinions just because of the notch
CodyTheDoggo 21 kun oldin
What's the big deal with da notch
I know you're right, but
Funny thing is, Google makes fun of it and immediately follows the bunch. Lol
Eginhardt Schmitz
Eginhardt Schmitz 26 kun oldin
I have a pixel 3 I didn't want a notch
John Gamble
John Gamble 27 kun oldin
Yes there is Nacho notch does it
BALENCIAGA ! 29 kun oldin
That is the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen
Baha Lee
Baha Lee 29 kun oldin
Completely agree. Google should implement Oneplus 6 solution.
I'm watching this video on my Google pixel 3XL🤪
Muzi Tshabalala
Why did they mame it so big?
The Spann Report
nacho notch. Problem solved
Charlie Leivers
Download an app called nacho notch. It allows you to do what you want
hassan almorshedi
Is it just me or the pixel is really look sexier with the notch hide option?
Shankar S
Shankar S Oy oldin
It's notch a notch. It's a botch from Google
Tenderonies Oy oldin
dude this is android, there is a app for that
Kyle Cowden
Kyle Cowden Oy oldin
Honestly I don't mind notches even though notch memes are funny. But at the same time I'm not thrilled by it either. I just think in the meantime manufacturers should allow the hiding of the notch natively and also to allow for biometric technology in cameras and sensors in the notch like iPhone does.
planeshift Oy oldin
exactly the same problem with the nexus 7, was a bad ass tablet, screen res was killer - but the bezels were HUGE
Michael Lozito
So where’s your review of the Pixel 3?
mustang chevrolet
a super ugly phone.. there are no excuses for such a form factor ..that's all I have to say
Michael Esch
Michael Esch Oy oldin
100% agree about google utilizing the entire phone.
K. W.
K. W. Oy oldin
Are those options going to be available in Android pie?
Jay Lesley
Jay Lesley Oy oldin
I used to be pro Google pixel I have had soooooo many problems with the phone witch is why l am not buying the 3. You never talk about glitches with the phone...
Dave W. Shanahan
Download Nacho Notch on Android
Sophisticated Neanderthal
Black wallpaper. Problem solved.
Boris Ohayon
Boris Ohayon Oy oldin
I'm watching and enjoying your videos! Unfortunately, not part of the Pixel team :)
Skyisonfire Oy oldin
There is an app called Nacho Notch. I use that instead and it blacks out the side by the Notch but lets the clock, battery life, etc use that area up there. I love it.
Kavi 71324
Kavi 71324 Oy oldin
I was not much impressed by pixel 3 xl notch but at least it is better than a rain drop notch . What do you think guys please reply my friends
Matt Gabriel
Matt Gabriel Oy oldin
I have the Pixel 3XL and I love it. Best damn smartphone I've owned thus far and the notch doesn't bother me at all. It fades in the background as soon as I focus on the screen but I guess I'm the only person who didn't lose their mind over it.
Harin The Weeb And team
I only picked up the regular pixel 3 is because the xl had that notch
Enggar Pangestu
Yeah i dont agree to with the notch
Chris Campbell
I'm pretty sure the app Nacho Notch on the play store does exactly this. Would love to hear your thoughts!
dear Sal
dear Sal Oy oldin
I hate notch
Glux Odin
Glux Odin 2 oy oldin
Google sucks. This is the ugliest notch i have ever seen.can't believe how google genius design this incredible phone. Very disappointed
Harry Prater
Harry Prater 2 oy oldin
A friend of mine bought a Google phone. After 3 months it started falling apart. He hates his phone now.
Саша Бэрри
theres an app called nacho notch i think, or noche notch, it moves those icons up with black background
赵川煦 2 oy oldin
The worst design in 2018
Thomas Bob
Thomas Bob 2 oy oldin
0:19 voice crack
Angela kelland
Angela kelland 2 oy oldin
Was it apple that started with the notches?
Waffle Duck 2
Waffle Duck 2 2 oy oldin
**Wakes up** Which phone should I use? **looks at billions of phones** Ah! The Nokia Phone! Now, where is it?
Gabriel Mulligan
Gabriel Mulligan 2 oy oldin
@unboxtherapy please feature the Huawei Nova 3 and the Huawei mate 20 pro they are the best phones of the year I think check out the specs
aventador gallardo
And some more radios to trace you accurately .
The Anomity
The Anomity 2 oy oldin
Whoaa, if they put it like that, it would be srsly nice
AYYO✅ 2 oy oldin
For some reason,i think that Google should just leave the various battery and WiFi icons the way it is because it makes more sense to other users that don't want a notch at all and forget about the fact that they ever even had a notch......I feel like Google should've designed the phone that way in order to make that bezel on the top much more appreciated....other manufacturers should be doing what Google is doing by leaving those top icons at the bottom of that blacked out notch because it looks more as if the notch was never even their in the first place,and many people disagree to ever even have a notch and just make the bezel as thin as you could.but what Google has done with their pixel 3XL is naturally surprising just because of how super slick it is and I definitely would love Google to keep it that way.....I don't see what the big deal is about the icons situation because to me,that's just an opinion,and I feel that my opinion should be heard by everyone and let google keep their design the way it is....now look uncle Lew,I've been Ur subscribers for quite a long time and I have no grudge against the opinion you've made and I totally agree with you and that's just your opinion.i know you haven't said anything about people not having opinions and to you it makes more sense about that notch situation but who knows some people may be against the idea.....anyways,I hope you read my comment,I love you and your videos and I hope you become more successful and achieve way more in life.....love you uncle Lew ❤️❤️♥️♥️🤣🤣😂😂👍
Ryan sa
Ryan sa 2 oy oldin
Who gives a shit it's just a notch
Zach Fox 狐智
Zach Fox 狐智 2 oy oldin
yeah that screen looks gross
Alexander Dimitrov
Tha _Void
Tha _Void 2 oy oldin
Google didn't implement it right, think they are trying to mess with us
Bill Lee
Bill Lee 2 oy oldin
We are worried about a few Square millimeters of area on a screen. Hmmmmm. I think life's pretty good!
Aaron Self
Aaron Self 2 oy oldin
There's a ton of complaints, but the very nature of the Pixel means any issues will be either fixed by an update fairly soon, or someone somewhere will create a work around. Personally, I prefer this approach to creating a phone. Give us the hardware and let us as the consumer create what we find best for day to day use. Far better than some marketing campaign saying you know what people want? Our own web browser on their phone even though they're never going to use it because chrome exists. Or Opera, or whatever app you already use.
W. Brandon Heidel
Just got my pixel 3 xl. Still getting it set up, but I'll be candidly honest... After only a day and a half using it, I already don't notice the notch. I did not shut off the notch. I truly thought it would bug me, but I bought the phone anyways - the camera capabilities I couldn't ignore. Stop worrying about the notch so much, you get used to it, and eventually don't notice it at all. Also, an idea for upcoming videos: you are very animated, but it would be cool to see a counter part to you give another opinion, might make for some video geniousness! Take care man, keep rocking the vids!
x.mikiü 2 oy oldin
why have the copied iphone smhhhh
Roland K Tobler
Roland K Tobler 2 oy oldin
Yes!!! In complete agreement! Hidden notch / blacked out forehead with top icons moved up into that real estate.
John Kobbeman
John Kobbeman 2 oy oldin
Much rather have a notch than the stupid curved edges and worthless Bixby button on my Note8. Can't even grip the thing with out crap popping up.
Ma Living
Ma Living 2 oy oldin
that is smart af
Ravi Jain
Ravi Jain 2 oy oldin
Hi !! when are you doing the review of pixel 3? Will you please give your views about the camera (photo and video) vis a vis Galaxy S9?
Nguyễn Quang Phú
Fucking Google hateful notch made an new Nexus poop. They and Android violates the world tech rules. Don't use any Google anymore... use only China things, with better bloatwares everyday now better... Motherfucked Google.
NbaAndre 2 oy oldin
Does the notch really matter, stop complaining you spoiled kids... there are people with no money or homes and your complaining anout dual front facing cameras with 2x optical zoom compared to apple.
HASAN AK 2 oy oldin
What is this notchsanity!
milkmyoats 2 oy oldin
Why the notch a problem? I mean...it doesn't bother me?
science lab
science lab 2 oy oldin
I thought its a good phone at all bro
Sean Mcmillan
Sean Mcmillan 2 oy oldin
How much is the Google pixel 3 ?
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam 2 oy oldin
What was Google thinking man
pixel media
pixel media 2 oy oldin
so please review the xbox one s 1tb console & unboxing &set up witch pubg game clearly.
Medinas1831 X
Medinas1831 X 2 oy oldin
Imma be honest the iPhone X is 1000% better looking
Perplexer1 2 oy oldin
Yes! Exactly my thoughts as well.
Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs 2 oy oldin
Who gives a fuck about a notch!
William Teevans
William Teevans 2 oy oldin
Just download nacho notch
Alex McKinley
Alex McKinley 2 oy oldin
Nacho notch is a life saver
J 2 oy oldin
I've never owned a smart phone with a notch until this one and it hasn't bothered me one bit so I guess I'm fortunate I don't see it as hideous at all lmao
Joshua Roca
Joshua Roca 2 oy oldin
00:24 💀
Rohan Warake
Rohan Warake 2 oy oldin
I think google following apple footsteps removed headphone jack, notch, sim placement, next year no 3.5 mm dongle . Well in that case samsung is best at least not copying stupid apples design n stuff
Randall Newman
Randall Newman 2 oy oldin
Nacho Notch on the play store. My first install on this thing. I would have returned it otherwise.
Shekar Naidu
Shekar Naidu 2 oy oldin
Pixel has become iphone of androids just without any good stuff apple brings
danthetechguru 1
danthetechguru 1 2 oy oldin
Notch city bitch Notch Notch city bitch. Like this post if you agree.
Jon Hershey
Jon Hershey 2 oy oldin
Still waiting on the blacked out notch
marek dabrowski
marek dabrowski 2 oy oldin
Agree! More? Look at Meizu 16th or Mi Mix3. Do we really need owful notch?
E G 2 oy oldin
Death to the notch
Banana Pro
Banana Pro 2 oy oldin
Rather Buy Oneplus 6. Yeah I know Oneplus Has A Notch But The Notch Is Not To Big And You Can Disable It. And It Gives the wifi,battre,clock icon in the black thing. ONEPLUS DA BEAST YEAH SAMSUNG DA BEAST TO
Yaniv Rofé
Yaniv Rofé 2 oy oldin
Lewis have you heard back from Google on your suggestion? Let's get this done!!!
Mr.awesome/ Dasaka7
Ea will create a phone and when the notch is asked to be removed you have to pay 100 dollars extra This eliminates everything but 1 pixel on the screen.
JUST DO IT 2 oy oldin
APPLE:iphone x with notch GOOGLE:HOLD MY BEER, Pixel xl 3 lmao
rachadian hadiwibowo
Soo....just like apple?
JW Fan
JW Fan 2 oy oldin
Do you not understand what "developer options" are? They're for developing apps. Apps that need to fit all different shapes and sizes of displays. That's why all of those weird options exist. The reason the hidden notch doesn't shove the status bar up is because it's used to develop apps for screens that don't have a notch. The double notch is to test rotating a notched phone into landscape in either orientation. These modes are not for consumer use.
NabilRider555 Oy oldin
+Xathrid Demon because it's not all about looks?
Xathrid Demon
Xathrid Demon Oy oldin
Sumner Bob if you’re a pretentious fuck that hates he notch, why buy the phone that has one of the largest notches on the market?
Sumner Bob
Sumner Bob 2 oy oldin
but if you're a pretentious fuck that hates the notch then this is a viable option.
Ben Hawthorne
Ben Hawthorne 2 oy oldin
The reason that status icons and notifications don't get pushed into the black area is because the notch hiding feature is in the developer settings. Those options were placed there so developers can emulate devices with all the possible notch configurations and test them with their app. If that simple 'hide' setting did anything other than push all of the content down onto the regular screen, then it wouldn't be accurately emulating a notch-less phone.
emk704 2 oy oldin
The app Nacho Notch will do that for you. Exactly as you asked.